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									                ORDER - ORDER OF FRIARS



                       Rome 2009

                       Curia generale dei Frati Minori
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                            OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                                          3


Acronyms and Abbreviations ...................................................................................... 5

1.     Introduction ......................................................................................................... 7

2      The basis for our commitment to JPIC .............................................................. 9

       2.1. How and why JPIC arose in the Church ...................................................... 9
            2.1.1. Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation: Biblical Values........... 9
            2.1.2. The Institution Justice and Peace,
                   Fruit of the Second Vatican Council ............................................... 10

       2.2     Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace: objectives and activities ............. 12
               2.2.1. Objectives and Mandate ................................................................ 12
               2.2.2. Activities ......................................................................................... 13
               2.2.3. Justice and Peace in the Religious Congregations ........................ 13

       2.3. The spirituality of Justice and Peace ......................................................... 14
            2.3.1. Eyes open ..................................................................................... 14
            2.3.2. A sensitive heart .......................................................................... 14
            2.3.3. A hand ready for the work of charity which the Church
                   is called to realize in the world........................................................ 15

3.     Franciscan JPIC Identity ................................................................................... 17

       3.1. JPIC in Franciscan spirituality, in the GGCC
            and in the Order of Friars Minor ................................................................. 17
            3.1.1 JPIC: a dimension of our charism, a way of life and mission .......... 17
            3.1.2 The History of JPIC in the Order .................................................... 15
            3.1.3. JPIC in the General Constitutions .................................................. 17
           The option for the poor and for justice .............................. 18
           Peace ............................................................................... 18
           The Integrity of Creation ................................................... 19
            3.1.4. JPIC and transverse values. The meaning of transversality .......... 20

       3.2     Integration of JPIC into evangelization and formation ............................... 21
               3.2.1 JPIC in Evangelization ................................................................... 21
              JPIC in the different areas of Evangelization.................... 22
              Specific JPIC projects ...................................................... 23
               3.2.2 JPIC in Formation .......................................................................... 24

       3.3     JPIC structures in the Order ....................................................................... 25
               3.3.1. General Organization of JPIC ........................................................ 25
               3.3.2. Goal of the General Office for JPIC ................................................ 25
               3.3.3. The Main Tasks of the General Office for JPIC: ............................. 25
               3.3.4. Areas of Animation for JPIC Office:................................................ 25
4                           GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

4.   The role of the JPIC animator ........................................................................... 27

     4.1     Criteria for naming a Provincial JPIC animator........................................... 27
     4.2     Profile of the JPIC animator and members of the commission .................. 28
     4.3     The mission of the JPIC animator and commission ................................... 29
     4.4     Some elements to keep in mind when doing animation work ..................... 30

5.   Methodology of JPIC work ............................................................................... 33

     5.1     Learning to read the signs of the times ...................................................... 33
     5.2     Promoting the spirituality of JPIC ............................................................... 34
     5.3     Collaboration with Secretariats for
             Formation/Studies and Evangelization/Mission ......................................... 36
     5.4     Collaboration with the Franciscan Family................................................... 37
     5.5     Collaboration with other Ecclesial and lay organizations ........................... 37
     5.6     Relationship with social movements .......................................................... 37
     5.7     Communication .......................................................................................... 37
     5.8     Sharing urgent action requests with Rome JPIC Office ............................. 38
     5.9     Suggestions for preparing a Provincial animation program ........................ 39
             5.9.1. The Context ................................................................................... 39
             5.9.2. Preparing the Program ................................................................... 40
     5.10 Best practices: ideas that have been successful for others ........................ 40
     5.11 Suggestions for JPIC animation in daily Fraternal life ................................ 41
     5.12 How to run a meeting ................................................................................. 42
     5.13 Resources .................................................................................................. 43

6.   APPENDICES ..................................................................................................... 45

     Appendix I:        the decalogue for JPIC animators ................................................. 45
     Appendix II: Model JPIC statutes for an Entity and for a Conference ............... 46
                  A: Model statutes for an Entity ....................................................... 46
                  B: Model JPIC statutes for a Conference ....................................... 47
     Appendix III: A model for social commitment...................................................... 50
     Appendix IV: Models for social analysis .............................................................. 52
     Appendix V: Glossary ........................................................................................ 55
                   OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                        5


Sacred Scripture
  Col        Colossians
  Dt         Deuteronomy
  Eph        Ephesians
  Ex         Exodus
  Gal        Galatians
  Heb        Hebrews
  Is         Isaiah
  Jn         The Gospel according to John
  Lk         The Gospel according to Luke
  Mk         The Gospel according to Mark
  Mt         The Gospel according to Matthew
  Phil       Philippians
  Ps         Psalms
  Rm         Romans

Documents of the Church
  CA        Centesimus Annus, Encyclical of John Paul II, 1991
  CCC       Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1992
  DCE       Deus Caritas Est, Encyclical of Benedict XVI, 2005
  EN        Evangelii Nuntiandi, Apostolic Exhortation of Paul VI, 1975
  GS        Gaudium et Spes, Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern
            World, 1965
  QA        Quadragesimo Anno, Encyclical of Pius XI, 1931
  RH        Redemptor Hominis, Encyclical of John Paul II, 1979
  SRS       Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, Encyclical of John Paul II, 1987

Franciscan Material
   ER       Regula non bullata (The Earlier Rule)
  FEGC      To Fill the Earth with the Gospel of Christ, The Minister General to the
            Friars Minor on Evangelization: From Tradition to Prophecy, Rome 1996.
  GGCC      General Constitutions of the Order of Friars Minor, Rome 2004
  GGSS      General Statutes of the Order of Friars Minor, Rome, 2004
  OFI       Our Franciscan Identity, General Secretariat for Formation and Studies,
            Rome 1993
  PPSS      Particular Statutes for JPIC, Rome 2005
  RFF       Ratio Formationis Franciscanae, Rome 2003
  RS        Ratio Studiorum OFM, Rome, 2001

Other Acronyms
  FI        Franciscans International
  JPIC      Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
  NGO       Non-Governmental Organization
  OFM       Order of Friars Minor
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                  7


          he values of Justice, Peace and          ues in our midst. Of course, at the entity
          Integrity of Creation are an essen-      level, it is the Provincial and his Definitory
          tial element of our Christian life.      who are responsible for animation of the fri-
The programmatic declaration of Jesus in           ars in all areas, including that of JPIC. Just
chapter 4 of Luke’s Gospel, taken from Isa-        as in other areas, however, the GGSS call
iah, underlines this idea: “The spirit of the      for nomination of JPIC Animators who will
Lord is upon me; therefore he has anointed         carry out this task more specifically in the
me. He has sent me to bring glad tidings           name of the Provincial and Definitory.
to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives,
recovery of sight to the blind and release             Formation of our Animators has been a
to prisoners, to announce a year of favor          priority of the JPIC Office in Rome since its
from the Lord.” The bishops declared that:         creation in 1980, and all of our meetings
“Action on behalf of justice and participa-        include a component of training and forma-
tion in the transformation of the world fully      tion. But Animators have also been asking
appear to us as a constitutive dimension           for something in writing, orientations for all
of the preaching of the Gospel” (Justice           those interested in JPIC, especially those
in the World, final document of the Synod          just beginning this work. The JPIC Office
of Bishops, 1971). The General Constitu-           made this a part of its program for 2003-
tions of the Order echo and reinforce this         2009, and the program was approved by
commitment: “The friars, as followers of           the General Defintory. Two years ago the
St. Francis, are bound to lead a radically         International JPIC Council entrusted the
evangelical life, namely: to live in a spirit of   task of preparing this material to the friars
prayer and devotion and in fraternal fellow-       of the Rome Office. For two years we have
ship; they are to offer a witness of penance       been working on the project, enlisting the
and minority; and, in charity towards all hu-      help of the Animation Committee, the Inter-
mankind, they are to announce the Gospel           national Council, and many individual Ani-
throughout the whole world and to preach           mators. The result is this booklet.
reconciliation, peace and justice by their
deeds; and to show respect for creation”              We have sought to present something
(GGCC 1,2).                                        that is both theoretical and practical. It in-
                                                   cludes the history of JPIC in the Church and
    These values cannot simply remain on           the Order, the basis of our commitment as
paper; they must be addressed in concrete          an Order to JPIC, reflections on the inte-
ways in our daily lives. The task becomes          gration of JPIC into all aspects of our life
more difficult in a world that is increasingly     and ministry, and the structures of JPIC in
complex and violent. The Order of Friars           the Order. In very practical terms it also
Minor has taken seriously the challenge to         deals with the role and mission of the JPIC
incarnate the values of JPIC. Our docu-            Animator, criteria for naming JPIC Anima-
ments speak repeatedly of the need to live         tors, and the methodology for doing the
this aspect of our vocation, and we have           work. The section on methodology covers
strong and comprehensive JPIC structures,          analysis of reality (reading the signs of the
at all levels, to support this effort. However,    times), promotion of JPIC spirituality, col-
all documents and structures depend on             laboration both inside and outside the Or-
the dedication, training and work of those         der, suggestions for preparing a provincial
responsible for the animation of these val-        JPIC plan and for animating the daily life

of the friars, practical ideas for running a    fundamental task of JPIC animation. Use
meeting, the need for effective communica-      this resource in the ways that can best help
tion, and an offering of resource materials.    you. Adapt it in ways that will best serve
The appendices offer concrete models for        your local reality. Share this material with
JPIC statutes in an entity, how to do social    the friars and with people of good will who
analysis and how to implement our values        seek a world characterized by the values
in a specific situation.                        of the Kingdom of God. May this resource
                                                booklet serve as a catalyst to help promote
   This booklet does not presume to be          Justice, Peace and Care for Creation.
comprehensive. We cannot include all the
tools necessary for JPIC work, nor can we
adequately address all the social and cul-                            Joe Rozansky, OFM
tural realities that are part of our interna-                         Vicente Felipe, OFM
tional Franciscan experience. We hope,                                  JPIC Office, Rome
however, that this book can serve as a foun-
dation for those who serve the Order in the        January, 2009

       “       Justice, Peace and the
               Integrity of Creation
               are above all values of
               the Kingdom of God.
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                   9


2.1.                                            close to His people. He reveals Himself as
HOW AND WHY JPIC                                the one who saves, who frees, who is just
AROSE IN THE CHURCH                             and merciful (cf. Ps 103), who protects the
                                                poor, the widow and the orphan (cf. Ps 72),

          efore considering the organization    who leads the people into a future of hope,
          of JPIC, one needs to understand      peace and reconciliation (cf. Is 2, 1-5). The
          that Justice, Peace and the           prophets stand out as the ones who reveal
Integrity of Creation are, first of all,        God’s plan.
biblical values. Secondly, they are an
ecclesial structure that seeks to promote            In Jesus Christ, God reveals His desire
in the Church, in each Christian, and in        to recreate humanity and all creation (cf.
all ecclesial organisms, a commitment to        Col 1, 15-20). In the mystery of the Incar-
these values.                                   nation, the minority of God shines forth, His
                                                condition as servant of humanity (cf. Phil
   2.1.1.                                       2, 6-8), His proximity to the poor and the
   Justice, Peace and the Integrity             little ones, His decision to be God-with-
   of Creation: Biblical Values                 us. In His programmatic discourse found
                                                in Luke’s Gospel, Jesus presents Himself
   Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Cre-     as the one who has been consecrated by
ation are above all values of the Kingdom       the Spirit to bring glad tidings to the poor,
of God. As such, God Himself is involved        to proclaim liberty to the oppressed and
in and committed to the task of making the      to captives, recovery of sight to the blind
world a place that is just and reconciled,      and to announce a year of favor from the
providing a dignified life to all creatures.    Lord (cf. Lk 4,16-19). These are signs of
Saint Francis was aware of God’s mis-           the Kingdom. In fact, the mission of Jesus
sion as Creator, Liberator and Redeemer.        is centered in the proclamation of and wit-
Through His most holy will, through the         ness to the Kingdom of God.
Son and through the Holy Spirit, God has
created all things and has made them in             The core of the Good News proclaimed by
His image and likeness. “We thank you           Jesus is salvation as a gift of God. It is salva-
for as through Your Son You created us,         tion from all oppression, especially from sin
so through Your holy love with which You        and evil. Kingdom and salvation are two key
loved us You brought about His birth as         words in the teaching of Jesus. He proclaims
true God and true man by the glorious, ev-      the Kingdom of God untiringly in His preach-
er-virgin, most blessed, holy Mary and You      ing, “a completely new teaching in a spirit
willed to redeem us captives through His        of authority” (Mk 1,27), and through many
cross and blood and death” (ER XXIII, 3).       signs. “…And among these signs there is the
                                                one to which he attaches great importance:
    Throughout biblical history, in the story   the humble and the poor are evangelized,
of the Exodus (cf. Ex 3, 7-12; Dt 26, 5-11),    become His disciples and gather together
in the celebration of the covenant between      in His name in the great community of those
God and the people (Ex 19, 3-6), in the         who believe in Him” (EN, 12).
actions and message of the prophets (cf.
Is 52,7-10; 55,1-3), in the return from ex-       Among the values of the Kingdom of
ile (cf. Is 9, 1-6; 45, 20-25), God appears     God, justice and peace receive a central

place. In the Beatitudes, the Magna Carta         service, of fidelity to the loving will of God.
of the Kingdom of God, Jesus declares that        The risen Christ is the paradigm of the new
those are blessed who hunger and thirst for       humanity. Whoever meets and welcomes
justice, and for those who are persecuted         Him, and believes that He can change
for this reason, “theirs is the Kingdom of        lives, experiences new life, receives His
Heaven” (Mt 5, 6.10). Equally blessed are         Spirit, becomes a child of God, enters into
the “peacemakers; they shall be called chil-      a new covenant, and becomes part of a
dren of God” (Mt 5,9). In another passage,        new community. This community is com-
Jesus clearly indicates what is important         posed of brothers and sisters who have
in Christian life: “Seek first the Kingdom        been redeemed, who are open to people of
of God, and His righteousness” (Mt 6,33).         all races, cultures and ethnicities.
Jesus Himself sought first the Kingdom of
God and His justice, and showed hunger                All of creation is included in the gift of
and thirst for justice and was persecuted         freedom offered by the Christ event: “…
because of it. He Himself was the source,         the whole created world eagerly awaits the
the giver and the cause of peace.                 revelation of the sons of God….the world
                                                  itself will be freed from its slavery to corrup-
     The salvation offered by Jesus involves      tion and share in the glorious freedom of the
all aspects of people’s lives. He saves and       children of God” (Rm 8,19-21). If all things
frees us in a holistic way. Like the Good         in heaven and earth were created in Christ,
Shepherd, He wants to share His life with         the firstborn of all creation, and if in Him they
us and put Himself at the service of life.        continue in being, then in His death and res-
He cures people physically and spiritually,       urrection Jesus Christ reconciles all things:
forgives sins, reintegrates people into the       the entire universe, everything in the heav-
community, practices table fellowship with        ens and on earth (cf. Col 1, 15-20).
sinners and those who are socially margin-
alized, encourages sharing, approaches
lepers and touches them, helps people to             2.1.2.
get on their feet, motivates them to be of           The Institution Justice and Peace,
service, denounces the contradictions of             Fruit of the Second Vatican Council
the powerful and of the religious and po-
litical authorities, values and gives dignity        It is no exaggeration to say that prior to
to women and children. He invites every-          Vatican II spirituality was generally inward
one to conversion, to have faith and trust in     looking, other worldly, and little influenced
God the Father, and to have compassion            by biblical scholarship. It exhibited the fol-
for the poor. He also invites them to hear        lowing characteristics:
the Word and to put it into practice, show-
ing love to all, including enemies.               •	 The world was seen as suspect, and
                                                     salvation was something that happened
    The justice practiced and proclaimed by          in the next life.
Jesus is linked to mercy. The peace He
offered is not of this world, and is the fruit    •	 Christian practice consisted of celebra-
of profound reconciliation. To propose jus-          tion of the sacraments, the liturgy and
tice and peace, to put them into practice            other religious observances.
with renewed efficacy, He chose the path
of love to the point of giving His own life. In   •	 At most, practice promoted local works
this way Jesus revealed that the God of the          of charity for the poor, done in a pater-
Kingdom is a God of love who offers Him-             nalistic way.
self to save, justify and reconcile the world.
The resurrection is confirmation of the sav-        Thus the great majority of Christians
ing power of the cross, of self-giving, of        were not concerned with the social and po-
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                              11

litical problems tied to questions of justice,    continues to grow and to open itself to the
peace and care for creation.                      following possibilities:

    Certainly, even before Vatican II, chang-     •	 Listening   to the world: reading the
es were underway in the area of spirituality.        signs of the times in the midst of the
Encouraged by the teaching found in docu-            world, participating in its joys and con-
ments like Rerum Novarum, many in the                cerns. This has caused many in the
Church were increasingly concerned with              Church to move towards the margins of
finding solutions to social and political prob-      society.
lems. But it was with Vatican II, especially
Gaudium et Spes, that a clear commitment          •	 Embracing the desires, values, cries
to social and political action became di-            and successes of the world: freedom,
rectly associated with the mission received          equality, participation, pluralism, de-
from Christ: “Christ did not bequeath to the         mocracy, and concern for justice.
Church a mission in the political, economic
or social order; the purpose he assigned          •	 Offering a gospel practice based on
to it was a religious one. But this religious        living witness, service, collaboration
mission can be the source of commitment,             and solidarity.
direction and vigor to establish and consol-
idate the human community according to            •	 Encouraging a concern to transform
the law of God” (GS 42).                             the world according to the values of the
    Among the many contributions of the
Council to the Church, one of the most                A number of theological developments
important and one that has already condi-         have sprung from the teaching of the Coun-
tioned and directed many others, is its at-       cil. One deals with the promotion of justice
titude towards the world, history and social      as an integral part of the Gospel (Synod of
issues. With impetus from biblical scholar-       Bishops, 1971). Another is the recognition
ship the Council succeeded in getting the         of the strong gospel and theological rela-
Church to turn her gaze towards the world         tionship that exists between evangelization
and towards history. In Gaudium et Spes           and human development: ”It is impossible
there is a positive evaluation of the world as    to accept that the work of evangelization
something that has been created by God,           could or should ignore the extremely grave
redeemed by Christ and called to fullness.        questions so much under discussion today
There is an appreciation for historical real-     which refer to justice, liberation, develop-
ity, the place where God reveals Himself as       ment and peace in the world. If that were to
the Redeemer of humankind. The Council            happen it would mean ignoring the teach-
directed the whole Church and every Chris-        ing of the Gospel concerning love of our
tian to serve the world by building the King-     neighbor who is suffering or in need” (EN
dom. This orientation is described in the         31). We need only recall the synods, social
famous opening statement of Gaudium et            encyclicals, and episcopal statements that
Spes: “The joys and the hopes, the griefs         have taken seriously the directive repeated
and the anxieties of the people of our time,      so many times by John Paul II: “Man in the
especially those who are poor or in any           full truth of his existence, of his personal
way afflicted, are the joys and the hopes         being and also of his community and social
the griefs and the anxieties of the followers     being...this man is the primary route that
of Christ” (GS 1). Through the Incarnation,       the Church must travel in fulfilling her mis-
the Kingdom of God and salvation become           sion” (RH,14).
associated with the transformation of his-
tory. In history the Kingdom of God, led by         The Council instilled in the Church a
the Spirit and with the Church at its service,    concern for the world. Consequently, Paul

VI established the Pontifical JUSTICE AND
PEACE Commission in 1967, as recom-              2.2.
mended in Gaudium et Spes: “Taking into          PONTIFICAL COUNCIL
account the immensity of the hardships           FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE:
which still afflict a large section of human-    OBJECTIVES AND ACTIVITIES
ity, and with a view to fostering everywhere
the justice and love of Christ for the poor,
the Council suggests that it would be most          2.2.1.
opportune to create some organization of            Objectives and Mandate
the universal Church whose task it would

be to arouse the Catholic community to                     astor Bonus, the Apostolic
promote the progress of areas which are                    Constitution of 1988, defined the
in want and foster social justice between                  objectives and mandate of the
nations” (GS 90).                                Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace in
                                                 the following terms:
   On 20 April 1967, Paul VI addressed the
recently appointed Pontifical Commission            “The Council will promote justice and
for Justice and Peace:                           peace in the world, in the light of the Gos-
    “You represent for us the realization of     pel and of the social teaching of the Church
   the last vote of the Council (GS 90). To-     (art. 142).
   day, as in the past, once the construc-       § 1. It will deepen the social doctrine of
   tion of a Church or bell tower is finished,   the Church and attempt to make it widely
   a rooster is placed on top as a symbol of     known and applied, both by individuals
   vigilance, for the faith and for the entire   and communities, especially as regards
   program of Christian life. In similar fash-   relations between workers and employ-
   ion, this Committee has been placed on        ers. These relations should be increasingly
   top of the spiritual building of the Coun-    marked by the spirit of the Gospel.
   cil, and its mission is none other than
   that of keeping the eyes of the Church        § 2. It will assemble and evaluate research
   open, its heart sensitive and its hand        on issues related to justice and peace, the
   prepared for the work of charity which it     development of peoples and violations of
   is called upon to realize in the world…”      human rights. When appropriate, it will in-
                                                 form Episcopal bodies of its conclusions.
   After a ten-year experimental period,         It will foster relations with all organizations
Paul VI gave the Commission its definitive       that are sincerely committed to the promo-
status with the Motu Proprio Justitiam et        tion of the values of justice and peace in the
Pacem of 10 December 1976. When the              world, whether they are Catholic or not.
Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus of 28
June 1988 reorganized the Roman Curia,           § 3. It will heighten awareness of the need to
Pope John Paul II changed its title from         promote peace, above all on the occasion of
Commission to Pontifical Council.                the World Day of Peace (art. 143).

“    The salvation offered by Jesus involves all aspects of people’s lives.
                          OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                    13

    2.2.2.                                                this ecclesial concern accompanied the
    Activities                                            growing concern shown by society. It was
                                                          very strong in the 1980s and reached a
    JUSTICE. The Pontifical Council for                   high point in 1992 at the Rio Summit on
Justice and Peace is concerned with all                   Ecology and Development. Important mo-
that touches upon social justice, including               ments in the Christian world include the
the world of work, international justice is-              first European Ecumenical Assembly in
sues, and problems associated with devel-                 Basil (1989) (its theme was “Peace with
opment, especially its social dimension. It               Justice,” and it issued an inspiring final
also promotes ethical reflection on the evo-              statement entitled “Peace with Justice for
lution of economic and financial systems,                 the Whole of Creation”); and the World
including their impact on the environment,                Ecumenical Assembly in Seoul (1990)
and the responsible use of the earth’s re-                entitled “Justice, Peace and the Integrity
sources.                                                  of Creation.” These two assemblies were
                                                          promoted principally by the World Coun-
    PEACE. The Pontifical Council reflects                cil of Churches, which linked ecological
on a broad range of questions related to                  problems with those of justice and peace.
war, disarmament and the arms trade, in-                  They helped to popularize the expression
ternational security, and violence in its vari-           “the integrity of creation,” which has since
ous and ever-changing forms (terrorism,                   been incorporated into the JPIC organ-
exaggerated nationalism etc.). It also con-               isms of Religious Congregations.
siders the question of political systems and
the role of Catholics in the political arena.
It is responsible for the promotion of the                     2.2.3.
World Day of Peace.                                            Justice and Peace
                                                               in the Religious Congregations
   HUMAN RIGHTS. This question has
assumed increasing importance in the mis-                     Once the Commission for JUSTICE
sion of the Church and consequently in the                AND PEACE was established, the Episco-
work of the Pontifical Council. Catholic So-              pal Conferences set about creating Com-
cial Teaching has highlighted the dignity of              missions in their respective countries. This
people as the basis for promotion and de-                 task has been accomplished in the majority
fense of their inalienable rights.                        of countries, and in many dioceses around
                                                          the world as well. Religious Orders and
    AND ECOLOGY? We can see that                          Congregations also established Justice and
in the beginning there was little concern                 Peace commissions, later renamed com-
for ecology. In 1967, however, the same                   missions for “Justice, Peace and the Integ-
could be said for society in general. The                 rity of Creation.” Their mission is patterned
first United Nations Conference on ecol-                  on that of the Pontifical Council.
ogy was held in Stockholm in 1972. The
book The Limits to Growth1 was published                       They seek:
in the same year, and raised a world-wide                 •	   To enlighten the People of God, as well
alarm. Yet the ecology theme was not                           as the members of the Congregation,
very evident in the pontificate of Paul VI.                    about issues of national and internation-
It was in the time of John Paul II that the                    al justice, development, human rights,
Church developed a greater sensitivity to                      peace and the integrity of creation.
the issue. In fact, John Paul II dealt ex-
tensively with ecology in his teaching, and               •	 To raise awareness among members of
                                                               the Congregation of the need to rethink
                                                               their style of life and mission in a world
1   D.H. MEADOWS et al., The Limits to Growth, Universe
    Books, 1972.
                                                               characterized by great injustice, vio-

     lence and poverty, in order to make their    cross (cf. Jn 6; Lk 22,14.20; Jn 13). And
     actions consistent with their beliefs.       we are all aware of those with whom Jesus
                                                  generally walked: the poor, the marginal-
•	 To foster a commitment on the part of          ized, those whom the system did not want
                                                  to survive, to possess things or to be em-
     religious, Christians, and all citizens in
     the area of socio-political and civic ac-    powered. This is the kénosis of Jesus, his
     tivities.                                    self-emptying, which we hear about in the
                                                  letter to the Philippians.
•	 To promote actions in favor of justice,            Franciscan minority is based on this kind
     peace and human rights, that would
     concretize the contribution of the Con-      of God. Minority is the Franciscan perspec-
     gregation in these areas.                    tive from which to view reality, to judge it
                                                  critically, and to participate in it. It is the real-
                                                  ity of those who are preferred by Jesus and
                                                  Francis: the poor, the destitute, the defense-
2.3.                                              less (cf. GGCC 97,2; RFF 143; 162; 180).

         aul VI said that the mission of             A sensitive heart
         Justice and Peace is that of
         “keeping the eyes of the Church             The work of seeing, becoming acquaint-
open, its heart sensitive and its hand            ed with and getting to know the reality and
prepared for the work of charity which it is      the suffering of the poor is not something
called upon to realize in the world.” This        indifferent, done from a distance or a desk.
phrase helps us understand the spirituality       For the knowledge of suffering to move us
of JPIC.                                          to work for its elimination, it must have an
                                                  effect upon us, it must reach down to the
                                                  depths of our being, to the heart, and move
     2.3.1.                                       us to compassion. We truly know only that
     Eyes open                                    which we endure or, better still, that which is
                                                  shared suffering. For the Christian the only
   Yes, and our ears as well, so we might         genuine knowledge is that which moves us
be truly present to the world. We are             to compassion. As I. Ellacuria would say:
called to be attentive to what is happening       that which moves us to take charge of and
around us, to hear the cries of the world in      to carry the suffering of the people.
which we live and to see life with the eyes
of God. We are called to take note of the             In order to maintain sensitivity of heart
action of the Spirit in our world, and lis-       and to keep compassion alive it is neces-
ten to the calls we receive from the world        sary to be in contact with the people who
around us so as to collaborate with this          suffer and their problems. Our social sta-
action of the Spirit.                             tus, our dwelling and our life style can con-
                                                  dition to a great extent our view of reality,
   We are called to be like our God, who is       even to the point of preventing our seeing it
attentive and present to all of life and cre-     and causing us to deserve the reproach of
ation. Our God is found principally in the        Jesus to his disciples: Do you still not un-
Incarnate Word, Jesus, the Son (cf. Heb           derstand, still not realize? Are your minds
1,1-4). We must find Him in and through           closed? Have you eyes and do not see,
the nativity and the manger (cf. Gal 4,4;         ears and do not hear? (Mk 8,17b-18). We
Rom 1,3; Lk 2,6-7), in and through the            Franciscans have a clear understanding
bread that is shared, in and through the          from Francis and our General Constitu-
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                                  15

tions (GGCC) about our social position and      •	 There is a charity that expresses itself
how we are called to exercise compassion.           in closer, interpersonal relationships.
We are called to live as minors among the           These are relationships where the “other”
poor and the weak (ER 9,2; cf. GGCC 66,1;           has a visible face: in the family, among
97,1), and to suffer the consequences of            friends and neighbors, in the commu-
that solidarity which may sometimes result          nity, among the poor (where charity is
in a lack of understanding and the suffering        expressed as social assistance).
of the cross (cf. GGCC 99).
                                                •	 There is also a charity that expresses
                                                    itself in social, structural or political rela-
   2.3.3.                                           tionships, so-called “political charity.”2 It
   A hand ready for the work of charity             is an active commitment, fruit of Chris-
   which the Church is called                       tian love for all men and women who are
   to realize in the world                          considered brothers and sisters. Its goal
                                                    is a world that is more just and more fra-
    Charity is the love of God which we are         ternal, where special attention is given
called to make present in the world. Wel-           to the needs of the poorest.
coming and experiencing God who is love
prompts us to place the love of God and of         JPIC is committed to promoting all ex-
people at the center of our Christian lives.    pressions of charity. It has a special call-
As noted in the First Letter of John, love of   ing, however, to promote political char-
neighbor is a sign of the love of God. This     ity, which seeks to eliminate the causes
charity or love, understood as a relation-      of poverty and violence. Its ready hand
ship of fraternity and solidarity among peo-    should foster the integral development of
ple, strives to make the “other” or “others”    those sectors of society that are weakest
greater, to help them posses life more fully    and most marginalized, and work to trans-
and ever more abundantly. It has different      form the existing “structures of sin” (cf. SRS
manifestations, depending on the kind of re-    36, 36b, 36c, 36f, 37c, 37d, 38f, 39g, 40d,
lationship that exists between people, and      46e) which impoverish the lives of so many
they can be classified in the following way:    people.

                                                2    PIUS XI, “Allocution to the directors of the Federation of
                                                    Italian Catholic University Students” 18 December 1927
                                                    (Discorsi di Pio XI, t.1, D. Bertetto Ed. Torino 1960, p. 743).
                                                    Cf. Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 210-

     “   The values of JPIC
         have been present in
         our Order since its
         beginning because
         they are values

         of the spirituality
         of Francis.
                        OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                17

                     FRANCISCAN JPIC IDENTITY

3.1.                                                  care for creation is not one activity among
JPIC IN FRANCISCAN                                    others: parishes, schools, youth ministry,
SPIRITUALITY, IN THE GGCC AND IN                      care for the Secular Franciscans and reli-
THE ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                             gious women, missions, etc.. Rather, it is
                                                      an essential dimension of our vocation,
                                                      like prayer, fraternity, minority and evange-
   3.1.1                                              lization. JPIC is a way of life and mission;
   JPIC: a dimension of our charism,                  through it we are challenged by the great
   a way of life and mission                          issues of humanity and committed to the
                                                      cause of all people, that all might live with

            o understand the structures of JPIC       dignity. Thus, JPIC embraces all our life;
            in the Order it is essential once again   it is a central axis which passes through
            to recall that Justice, Peace and the     all the dimensions of our religious and
Integrity of Creation are, above all, values;         Franciscan life: prayer, fraternity, for-
they are a spirituality. JPIC arises from a           mation, economics, vows, mission, etc..
spirituality centered in God’s plan of LIFE for       All friars, whatever their age or ministry,
all creation, and we are invited to collaborate       are called to integrate these dimensions in
in this project. It is nourished by discovery of      a balanced way throughout the course of
the compassionate and merciful face of the            their lives.
God of Jesus. This God is revealed in history
and encountered in the reality of the people
and things around us. It blossoms from a                 3.1.2
desire to follow Jesus with compassion, in               The History of JPIC in the Order
a world that is unjust, broken and violent. It
arises from the need to discern the signs of              The values of JPIC have been present
life that the Spirit is birthing today.               in our Order since its beginning because
                                                      they are values of the spirituality of Fran-
    While this is true for Christians in gen-         cis. But it is only since Vatican II that the
eral, for us as Franciscans JPIC is an ele-           Order has come to understand them in the
ment and dimension of our charism. This               more contemporary sense, as a dimension
is noted in Article 1,2 of our GGCC, which            of social reality. After the Council and the
reads as a condensed summary of the con-              revision of the GGCC in 1967, there was
stitutive elements of our way of life: “The fri-      a great effort on the part of the Order to
ars, as followers of St. Francis, are bound           understand our vocation in today’s world.
to lead a radically evangelical life, namely:         From that time until promulgation of the
to live in a spirit of prayer and devotion and        current GGCC, there has been a process
in fraternal fellowship, they are to offer a          of discernment in which the option for jus-
witness of penance and minority; and, in              tice, peace and the integrity of creation has
charity towards all mankind, they are to              become increasingly clear.
announce the Gospel throughout the
whole world, and to preach reconcilia-                    Key moments in the process have been
tion, peace and justice by their deeds,               the General Chapters and Plenary Coun-
and to show respect for creation.”                    cils of the Order, as well as establishment
                                                      of the Justice and Peace Office at the Gen-
  Living and preaching the Gospel through             eral Curia in 1980. A description of the
works of reconciliation, peace, justice and           process, along with the discussions from
18                             GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

Chapters and Plenary Councils, can be                     contribute to the coming of the King-
found in the third part of the JPIC Manual                dom (cf. GGCC 66,1).
“Instruments of Peace.” 3
                                                     4.   Living among the poor we learn from
                                                          them (cf. GGCC 93,1); we observe
     3.1.3.                                               current events and read the reality
     JPIC in the General Constitutions                    around us from their perspective (cf.
                                                          GGCC 97,2). In this way we can truly
   JPIC is a transverse dimension of our                  serve them, and “the friars are to ex-
vocation, and thus appears in all chapters                ert every effort so that the poor them-
of the Constitutions. However, it is treat-               selves become more fully conscious
ed most specifically in Chapters IV and V,                of their own human dignity and that
which deal with minority and evangeliza-                  they may safeguard and increase it”
tion.                                                     (GGCC 97,2).                                         5.   Once in communion with the poor we
     The option for the poor                              are also called to defend their rights
     and for justice                                      and to denounce everything that is
                                                          damaging to these rights (cf. GGCC
1.     Option for the poor is primarily present           69,1 and 2; 97,2).
       in the GGCC as an option for inser-
       tion, as noted in Article 66,1: In order      6.   The friars must defend the rights of the
       that they may follow more closely and              poor in a spirit of minority, renouncing
       express more clearly the self-empty-               all temptation to power and violent ac-
       ing of the Savior, the friars are to have          tion (cf. GGCC 69,1), and being sure
       the life and conditions of the little ones         to neither despise nor judge the pow-
       in society, always living among them               erful and the rich (cf. GGCC 98,1).
       as minors. In this social environment
       they are to work for the coming of the        7.   Solidarity with the poor should lead us
       Kingdom.”                                          to share our goods with them as well
                                                          (cf. GGCC 72,3).
2.     This option for the poor is based up-
       on our understanding of the way in            8.   The friars should devote themselves
       which God acts, and on our following               to establishing a society of justice,
       of Christ; it is an obligation for all fri-        liberty and peace, together with all
       ars: “After the example of Saint Fran-             people of good will. They should ana-
       cis, whom the Lord led among lepers,               lyze the causes of each problem, and
       each and every friar is to give prefer-            participate in international initiatives
       ence to the “marginalized,” to the poor            of charity, justice and solidarity (cf.
       and oppressed, to the afflicted and                GGCC 96,2).
       infirm; rejoicing when they live among
       them, they are to show them mercy”            9.   “(The friars) are also to work humbly and
       (GGCC 97,1).                                       staunchly in the bosom of the Church
                                                          and of the Order, so that the rights and
3.     From this social and spiritual per-                human dignity of all may be promoted
       spective, the friars can “display a pro-           and respected” (GGCC 96,3).
       phetic image by the example of their
       lives, in order to refute ’the false val-     10. To “those people who threaten life and
       ues’ of our age” (GGCC 67) and to                  liberty” the friars are “to offer them the
                                                          good news of reconciliation and con-
3         version” (GGCC 98,2).
                       OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                 19                                             titudes of respect and care for nature
     Peace                                               which is “threatened from all sides”
                                                         (GGCC 71).
   According to the Constitutions, our task
of proclaiming and promoting peace should    
have the following characteristics:                    The Integrity of Creation

1.    All the friars should be agents of peace          Article 71 of the GGCC states: “Follow-
      (cf. GGCC 68).                                ing in the footsteps of Saint Francis, the
                                                    friars are to maintain a reverent attitude to-
2.    In order to be peacemakers, the friars        wards nature, threatened from all sides to-
      must be peaceful, building on attitudes       day, in such a way that they may restore it
      of minority (cf. GGCC 68,2).                  completely to its condition of brother and to
                                                    its role of usefulness to all mankind for the
3.    The strength of peacemaking action            glory of God the Creator.” While the text is
      arises from one’s witness of life; for        short, it expresses an essential attitude we
      this reason the proclamation of peace         should have in regard to our sister-mother
      must be realized above all in our works       earth. It invites us to have “a reverent at-
      (cf. GGCC 1,2). Peace should be fos-          titude.”
      tered in the relations between the fri-
      ars (cf. GGCC 39) and those who work          1. An attitude of respect – Respect means
      in our fraternities must be treated with         to look at something attentively: to know
      justice (cf. GGCC 80,2).                         Nature, to admire it, to contemplate it, to
                                                       love it. It is an invitation to accept Na-
4.    In our evangelizing work it is essential to      ture and all its creatures as gift, to sing
      proclaim peace (cf. GGCC 68,2; 85).              to the Highest through all creatures, be-
                                                       cause all of them are an expression of
5.    In order to build the Kingdom, beside            the love of God. Respect leads us to
      proclaiming peace, the friars must de-           be critical of all forms of exploitation and
      nounce “every kind of warlike action             production that disrespect Nature, that
      and the arms race as a very serious              damage it in irreversible ways.
      calamity for the world and a very great
      injury to the poor” (GGCC 69,2).              2. To restore it to its condition of broth-
                                                       er – Humankind and Nature share a
6.    The promotion of justice and peace               common destiny in that they are both
      demands collaboration with “all peo-             creatures and saved (cf. Rom 8). Fran-
      ple of good will” in the construction            ciscanism is certainly a particular way of
      of a society of justice and dignity (cf.         seeing and relating to God, but it is also
      GGCC 96-98).                                     a concrete and specific way of being in
                                                       the world and of treating the creatures of
7.    In the establishment of peace, the               Nature: it is structured around the idea
      friars have a specific mission as “in-           of universal brotherhood, where plants,
      struments of reconciliation” (cf. GGCC           animals, all things become brother and
      1,2; 33,1; 70; 98,2).                            sister.

8.    Being Friars Minor, our work for peace        3. Its role of usefulness – Useful, but not
      leads us on the path of non-violence             utilitarian. It is not useful in the econom-
      (cf. GGCC 68,2; 69,1; 98,1).                     ic sense, where things and people can
                                                       be bought and sold and converted into a
9.    Our task of promoting reconciliation             quantity of money. Rather, we are deal-
      and universal brotherhood includes at-           ing with usefulness that promotes the
20                        GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

     integrity of individuals and of all people.     of our project, and to demonstrate our
     It is a usefulness that springs from love,      care for creation by promoting a simple
     the same love through which the Father          life style and an evangelical use of our
     desires that all have life in abundance.        goods. In the area of evangelization, liv-
     This all leads to the conclusion that hu-       ing JPIC values leads us to give priority
     man beings are the primary end of all           to personal and communal witness of
     that exists, and that no other interest         life which, according to the GGCC (Art
     can be placed above them. We need to            89,1), “is a kind of initial step and the
     find forms of production that foster indi-      first method of evangelization. It can
     vidual and collective liberty, along with       and must be given by all the friars…” In
     responsible creativity that promotes re-        order to offer an authentic evangelical
     spect for Creation. We must promote             witness of life, we must live in solidar-
     equitable relations between nations and         ity with the poor, and work for justice,
     continents, respect for cultural plurality,     peace and the integrity of creation. In
     and a search for those things that can          all of our ministries, it must be clear that
     unite us in peace and freedom.                  “…what is considered evangelization is
                                                     not only the explicit announcement of
                                                     the Christian Message, but also the au-
     3.1.4.                                          thentic promotion of man, the struggle
     JPIC and transverse values.                     for human rights, the commitment to jus-
     The meaning of transversality                   tice and peace…” (OFI, p. 89; cf. EN,
                                                     chapters II and III).
    JPIC is a dimension of our vocation, just
like prayer, fraternity, minority and evan-        •	 The other side of the coin is that JPIC
gelization. In the structuring of our life as        cannot be lived if it is not based on a
Friars Minor, all of these dimensions are            personal encounter with Jesus Christ,
decisive and transverse, and they are in-            and on listening to God in the Scrip-
timately related, interdependent, and each           tures, in the Church, in people (espe-
one of them demands the others.                      cially the poor), and in the events of our
                                                     world. JPIC cannot be the work of lon-
•	 Living JPIC values affects our prayer             ers who function outside the Fraternity,
     and fraternity, and also the way we see         but of friars dedicated to life in Fraternity
     reality, the economy, style of life and         and who are committed to communal
     mission. Living JPIC values makes               search and discernment in the develop-
     our prayer and our celebration of the           ment of a communal life project. The
     Eucharist more present to the realities         values of JPIC must be lived from the
     of our society and the world around us.         perspective of minority, adopting the life
     It encourages us to apply the Word to           and condition of the little ones in society
     these realities, to read Scripture from         (cf. GGCC 66,1), inserted into the reality
     the perspective of the poor, and to in-         of the world, practicing respect for cre-
     clude the poor in our homilies and cate-        ation, and walking the paths of non-vi-
     chesis. Living JPIC values encourages           olence and solidarity with the excluded.
     us to foster peace in our relationships         The work of transformation proposed
     with our brother friars, to learn to re-        by JPIC is not simply social work, but
     solve conflicts in non-violent ways, and        it is an evangelizing mission based on
     to live pardon and reconciliation. As we        the call we receive from the Lord Jesus
     prepare our Fraternal Life Project, it en-      to announce the Kingdom in word and
     courages us to analyze the signs of the         deed. It is the task of humanization and
     times, to make service to the poor part         of universal brotherhood.
                       OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                               21

                                                    •	 Beyond individual witness, there is also
3.2                                                   need for communal witness. The life
INTEGRATION OF JPIC INTO                              of the brothers must be lived radically,
EVANGELIZATION AND                                    so as to give it meaning, and so as to
FORMATION                                             provoke questions about God and the
                                                      Kingdom. This is the affirmation made
                                                      in Article 67 of the GGCC: “…the friars
   3.2.1                                              are to display a prophetic image by the
   JPIC in Evangelization                             example of their lives, in order to refute
                                                      ‘the false values’ of our age.”

     n specifying the methods of
     evangelization, the GGCC follow the            •	 Finally, evangelization “is not only the
     scheme proposed by Saint Francis in              explicit announcement of the Christian
the Earlier Rule, XVI: “As for the brothers           Message, but also the authentic pro-
who go, they can live spiritually…among               motion of man, the struggle for human
(them) in two ways. One way is not to                 rights, the commitment to justice and
engage in arguments or disputes but to be             peace…” (OFI, p. 89).
subject to every human creature for God’s
sake and to acknowledge that they are               a) From the perspective of life witness:
Christians. The other way is to announce
the Word of God, when they see it pleases             •	 Regarding fraternal life (cf. GGCC
the Lord…” (cf. GGCC 89):                                87) and minority (cf. GGCC 85);

•	 First of all, we seek to evangelize
                                                      •	 Living
                                                              that which we profess (cf.
                                                         GGCC 86);
   through the witness of our life lived as
   minors in fraternity, through the quality          •	 Showing love and support in fraternal
   of our evangelical choices, and through               relationships; practicing equality and
   our love for all, especially the most dis-            mutual service, with no discrimina-
   advantaged. This method of evangeli-                  tion between clerics and lay broth-
   zation is for all the friars.                         ers; excluding relationships of power,
                                                         and eliminating inequality in the use
•	 Second, we seek to evangelize through                 of economic resources between in-
   our witness to the Word or through ex-                dividuals, Fraternities and Provinces
   plicit proclamation, which Saint Francis              (cf. GGCC 38; 40; 41);
   considered a charism given to some but
   not to all friars.                                 •	 Doing the domestic work in our frater-
                                                         nities; and when others are needed
   This priority given to witness is a guiding           for this work, to treat them justly (cf.
principle of the GGCC and leads to various               GGCC 80);
                                                      •	 Dealing with conflict through dialogue
                                                         and not through power and manipu-
•	 All brothers must seek to recover the                 lation; not leaving aside those who
   evangelizing meaning of their lives and               are intellectually less gifted or those
   ministries. Being an evangelizer does                 who are physically weak, but caring
   not depend on Holy Orders, or on dedi-                for them lovingly (cf. GGCC 44);
   cation to preaching, or on participation in
   ecclesial pastoral institutions like a parish.     •	 Showing mercy in our judgments and
   Rather, fidelity to our mission demands a             attitudes toward drug addicts, those
   dynamic and open understanding of this                infected with AIDS, prostitutes, ho-
   process which places us among non-                    mosexuals, the divorced, foreigners,
   Christians and non-believers.                         etc;
22                         GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

     •	 Living simply (cf. GGCC 48,2; 67;                 Order and the Church (cf. GGCC
          72,2); encouraging in our daily lives           96,2-3);
          eco-friendly behaviors for the care of
          creation (cf. GGCC 71);                      •	 Making an option for the marginal-
                                                          ized, the poor, the afflicted and the
     •	   Welcoming the poor who come to our              infirm, living in communion with them,
          door (cf. GGCC 51; 52);                         and exerting every effort so that the
                                                          poor themselves become more fully
     •	 Being close to the poor and defend-               conscious of their own human dignity
          ing their rights (cf. GGCC 66; 69);             and that they may safeguard and in-
                                                          crease it (cf. GGCC 97,1-2);
     •	 Administering our goods in ethical and
          evangelical ways (cf. GGCC 53; 72,3;
                                                       •	 Humbly exhorting the rich and power-
                                                          ful, inviting them to practice solidarity
                                                          and justice, and calling to conversion
     •	 Denouncing war and the arms race                  those who threaten life and liberty (cf.
          (cf. GGCC 69);
                                                          GGCC 98, 1-2).
     •	 Being  agents of reconciliation (cf.
          GGCC 70).                          
                                                       JPIC in the different areas
                                                       of Evangelization
b) From the perspective of Chapter V of
     the GGCC, which deals most specifi-               The values of JPIC are to be present
     cally with evangelization:                     in all areas of Franciscan evangelization;
     •	 Renouncing all privileges, except that      they are transverse values, since they are
                                                    characteristic of our spirituality. They must
          of minority (cf. GGCC 91);
                                                    be first of all present in the Communal Life
     •	 Listening to and welcoming all, espe-       Project and in the witness of Fraternity that
          cially the poor (cf. GGCC 93,1-2);        is part of any evangelizing task. But they
                                                    must also be present in the specific work of
     •	 Promoting inculturation of the faith        parishes, schools, cultural activities or the
          and the evangelization of cultures,       mission ad gentes, just to mention some of
          which will foster development of truly    our more common evangelizing activities.
          human values and the eradication          The following are examples of how JPIC
          of all threats to human dignity (cf.      values can be promoted in our evangeliz-
          GGCC 92; 94);                             ing activities:
     •	 Promoting ecumenical and inter-reli- •	 All activities, both fraternal and pastoral,
        gious dialogue and collaboration (cf.          should be reviewed so as to eliminate
          GGCC 95,1-3);                                any hint of intolerance, division, exclu-
     •	 Critically   analyzing the social and          sion or lack of equality. Following Jesus
                                                       is authentic when we recognize the value
          cultural realities around us, and en-
          couraging awareness of Catholic So-          of each person, and when we practice
          cial Teaching, in order to be able to        mercy, reconciliation, forgiveness, etc..
          offer a Christian response to social
          problems (cf. GGCC 96,1);
                                                    •	 In parishes the transverse JPIC values
                                                       must appear in catechesis, in the liturgy
     •	 Promoting     collaboration with “all          and in the charitable action of the com-
          people of good will” in order to bring
          about “a society of justice, liberation
          and peace,” and fostering respect
                                                    •	 In both catechesis and schools, special
                                                       concern should be fostered for the poor
          for human rights, beginning with the         and for situations of social injustice;
                       OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                         23

   for peaceful resolution of conflict; for            of Catholic Social Teaching which form
   peace in families, in the Church and in             an integral part of the task of evangeli-
   the world; and for care of creation. Edu-           zation. The Church’s model for mission
   cational programs should be organized               has moved from one that is exclusive-
   about peace, human rights and the care              ly ecclesiocentric to one in which the
   of our environment.                                 Kingdom and its values (peace, justice,
                                                       universal brotherhood, unconditional re-
•	 Parishes and schools must be insert-                spect for life and creation) have become
   ed into the life of the people and the              the principal objectives of the mission
   neighborhood where they are situated,               of the Church. In this model, incultura-
   and should collaborate with other or-               tion has an important role (cf. GGCC 92;
   ganizations, movements and churches                 FEGC 134-142), along with dialogue.
   that promote life and human dignity (cf.            Dialogue is to be carried out with cul-
   GGCC 93,1; 95; 96,2).                               ture, with other Christians and with other
•	 In our various pastoral ministries, we              religions. In regard to inter-religious dia-
                                                       logue, we can all practice what is called
   should encourage collaboration be-
   tween friars and laity.                             the dialogue of life. That is, we can col-
                                                       laborate on all of those issues that deal
•	 Our ministries, in line with our spirituality       with promotion of the poor, defense of
   and tradition, and as fostered by Chapter           human rights and the environment, and
   V of the GGCC, should encourage social              peace building.
   ministry. To accomplish this we must
   promote awareness of Catholic Social            •	 Franciscan institutions of higher learn-
   Teaching in both initial and ongoing for-           ing and cultural centers should give spe-
   mation, and among the laity with whom               cial emphasis to programs that promote
   we work (cf. GGCC 96). Basic themes                 ecology and questions related to peace
   in the social teaching include human dig-           and active non-violence, as noted in the
   nity and human rights, the universal des-           proposals of the General Chapter of
   tination of goods, solidarity, subsidiarity         2003.4 We are challenged to develop
   and the common good, poverty and de-                a Franciscan theology that responds
   velopment, peace and ecology. Much of               to the challenges of our times, chal-
   what is written in the GGCC, however,               lenges that deal with the environment,
   especially in Chapters IV and V, and                poverty, human rights, peace, justice,
   in the Ratio Formationis (RFF), is not              ecumenism and respect for life (cf. RFF
   understood by the friars because they               227; RS 142).
   have not been formed in Catholic Social
   Teaching. And lack of understanding
                                                   •	 All of our ministries must become aware
                                                       of and highlight the importance of what
   makes it much more difficult to live these          has come to be called “environmen-
   principles. We need a formation that will           tal justice”; it refers to the crucial con-
   help us to understand better our social             nection that exists between ecological
   reality and its structures.                         questions and issues of poverty, peace
•	 Parishes and schools are places espe-               and justice.
   cially suitable for the creation of JPIC
   teams or committees. Composed of re-      
   ligious and laity, they can encourage the           Specific JPIC projects
   entire parish or educational community
   to work for and to live out the values of          While it is true that JPIC values are pres-
   JPIC.                                           ent as transverse values in all of our work,
                                                   the gravity and urgency of so many prob-
•	 Our mission ad gentes should also in-
   clude a commitment to realize the goals         4   Proposals of the General Chapter of 2003, 41.
24                             GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

lems having to do with poverty, violation of                 and for the forma vitae. The experience of
human rights, violence and ecological de-                    God as Father and the following of Christ
terioration should lead us to create specific                - whom he met in the San Damiano cross,
JPIC projects. These can include projects                    in the embrace of the leper, and in hear-
that are supported by the friars, like Bake-                 ing the Gospel (cf. RFF 36) – made Francis
tik in the Basque country of Spain,5 a cen-                  the brother of all people and of all creatures
ter for peace and the ethical resolution of                  (cf. RFF 37). It was a journey of ongoing
conflict; the Pace e Bene fraternity in Las                  conversion for him, allowing him “…to pass
Vegas (USA),6 dedicated to promoting                         from a life centered on self to a gradual
non-violence; and the Circles of Silence,7                   conformity with Christ” (RFF 38). And it is
promoted by the friars in France. But they                   exactly on this solid foundation that the in-
should also include fraternities that are                    tegration between Formation, Evangeliza-
created to respond preferentially to these                   tion and JPIC occurs. Growth in our forma
challenges, like the fraternities that live                  vitae so that we can proclaim the Gospel
with and accompany the landless in Brazil                    is possible only if the journey of ongoing
and the displaced in Colombia; the frater-                   conversion makes us people capable of
nity that promotes an Eco-Pastoral Project                   reconciliation, peace, justice and care for
in Indonesia, etc..                                          creation (cf. RFF 86). This is a manifesta-
                                                             tion of the original plan of God for creation,
                                                             a creation which is good in itself.
     JPIC in Formation                                           Between initial and ongoing formation
                                                             there is not only a connection, but there
    As we saw previously, JPIC values are                    is reciprocal and profound interaction. If
a transverse dimension of our forma vi-                      formation truly is “a continuous process of
tae (cf. GGCC 1,2; RFF 62), that is, they                    growth and conversion involving the whole
permeate all aspects of our life. They are                   of a person’s life” (RFF 2), and if Francis-
part of the essence of our charism, just like                can formation seeks to form friars in the to-
prayer, fraternity, minority and mission. We                 tality of our charism, then formation to JPIC
live these dimensions together, as a single                  values is an essential part of this process
piece. Friars can highlight one or another                   and of our entire Franciscan life. And this
dimension in different circumstances, but in                 occurs in the context of a Fraternity that
the life of the Friar Minor all elements must                lives in history and in the world.
be present. It is of the utmost importance
that we recognize and deepen the profound                        Formation to our total charism, includ-
unity of our forma vitae. From it flows an                   ing the values of JPIC, demands that we
authentic spirituality, integrated and incar-                apply the principles of Franciscan forma-
nated, which embraces: reconciliation and                    tion found in the RFF: it must be expe-
peace; sharing our life with the poor, living                riential, practical, inculturated and open
with them and like them; respect for cre-                    to new forms of life and service. It also
ation; and the hope for a new heaven and                     demands that we apply the spiritual and
a new earth.                                                 pedagogical principles of the RFF which
                                                             are key to a spirituality of JPIC: the fol-
  The Ratio Formationis Franciscanae                         lowing of the poor, humble and crucified
(RFF) seeks to form friars in the forma vitae                Christ, who is found in the Word, the Eu-
                                                             charist, the Church and the crucified of our
5    The webpage for Baketik is .     world; a practical and incarnated spiritual-
6    The webpage for Pace e Bene is http://paceebene.        ity; openness and fidelity to today’s world;
     org.                                                    insertion and inculturation; dialogue. It is
7    The webpage for the Circles of Silence is http://www.
                                                             clear that these principles, these key el-
     html.                                                   ements, have much to do with JPIC. If
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                             25

they are taken seriously, JPIC is assured      c) At the Entity level
a relevant role in the entire formative pro-
cess. If they are left aside, JPIC will also      •	 A Commission or Council, wherever
be left aside in formation, both initial and         possible (cf. GGSS Art. 42, 1);
                                                  •	 An Animator;
    It needs to be said, however, that if on      All Conferences and Entities should
the one hand JPIC provides initial and on-     draw up Particular Statutes for the ser-
going formation with essential elements for    vice of JPIC (cf. GGSS Art. 40, 2; 41, 1;
its task, on the other JPIC Animators and      42, 3).
the members of provincial JPIC Commis-
sions must also realize their need for fur-
ther formation to carry out their task well.      3.3.2.
Such formation is not restricted to specific      Goal of the General Office for JPIC
JPIC themes, but should include all dimen-
sions needed to live our forma vitae au-          “The General Office for Justice, Peace
thentically.                                   and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC) at
                                               the Curia of the Friars Minor assists the
                                               Minister General and his Definitorium by
                                               animating and coordinating all that which
                                               has to do with Justice, Peace and the In-
3.3                                            tegrity of Creation, in conformity with the
                                               General Constitutions, the General Stat-
                                               utes, and the decisions of General Chap-
                                               ters and Plenary Councils of the Order”
                                               (PPSS Art. 1).
   General Organization of JPIC

a) At the General level                           The Main Tasks of the
                                                  General Office for JPIC
   •	 The General Office for JPIC is com-
      posed of an Animator, an Assistant       a) “To ensure that JPIC becomes part of the
      and, “if it seems opportune, by a           life and service of the Order by collabo-
      general Definitor as a link with the        rating with the Secretariat for Formation
      General Government” (cf. PPSS Art.          and Studies as well as with the Secretar-
      3, 1);                                      iat for Evangelization, in cooperation with
                                                  the JPIC Animators and Commissions of
   •	 The International Council for JPIC          all levels” (GGSS Art. 39, 1).
      (cf. GGSS, Art. 40, 1);

   •	 The Animation Committee (cf. PPSS        b) “To instruct the Friars on matters regard-
      Art 3, 3).                                  ing JPIC” (GGSS Art. 39, 2)

b) At the Conference level                        3.3.4.
                                                  Areas of Animation for JPIC Office:
   •	 A JPIC Commission, composed of
      members from each Entity (cf. GGSS          The friars in the JPIC Office develop
      Art. 41, 1).                             activities in four principal areas: formation,
                                               coordination, communication and collabo-
   •	 A President (Coordinator or Delegate).   ration.

a) Formation:                                  d) Collaboration with:
     •	 Prepare resource materials;              •	 The   general Secretariats for For-
                                                    mation/Studies and for Evangeliza-
     •	 Publish the bulletin “Contact”;             tion (congresses, resource material,
                                                    courses, workshops, etc.);
b) Coordination:                                 •	 The Pontifical University Antonianum
                                                    (JPIC course).
     •	 Of International Congresses;
     •	 Of the meetings of the International     •	 Conferences and Entities in the plan-
                                                    ning and execution of courses and
        Council and the Animation Committee;

c) Communication with:                           •	 The Commission for Ecumenical and
                                                    Inter-religious Dialogue;
     •	 The General Government;                  •	 Other organisms of the Franciscan
     •	 The Presidents of the JPIC confer-          Family, the Church and society.

     •	 The JPIC Animators of the Entities;                                            •

          “         The values of JPIC
                    are to be present in all
                    areas of Franciscan
                    evangelization; they
                    are transverse values,
                    since they are

                    characteristic of our
                        OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                               27


4.1                                                •	 The      provincial government and the
CRITERIA FOR NAMING                                     JPIC Animator and Commission should
A PROVINCIAL JPIC ANIMATOR                              maintain frequent communication. In
                                                        order to accomplish this, especially in

          he primary animators of provin-               the provinces with a greater number
          cial life are the Provincial and his          of friars, a provincial Definitor might be
          Definitory. Their primary task is to          named to serve as liaison with JPIC; he
encourage the friars, and the Province as a             could participate in the meetings of the
whole, to live evermore faithfully our forma            Commission.
vitae, as expressed in the GGCC, General
Chapters and Plenary Councils. In this             •	 Since     JPIC is a dimension of our
case, the provincial JPIC Animator (along               charism that passes through all aspects
with the JPIC Commission) act as their del-             of our life and mission, the provincial
egate to animate this dimension of our life.            government should promote collabo-
The task of the animator is to encourage                ration between JPIC, Formation and
the implementation of the mandates of the               Evangelization.
GGCC and Chapters in regard to brother-
hood with all people and all of creation,             With the preceding ideas in mind, the
minority, solidarity with the poor, our mis-       provincial government should consider
sion of peace and reconciliation, and care         these criteria when naming a JPIC Anima-
for the environment. This is to be done in         tor:
such a way that these values are fully inte-       •	 Name a friar who is prepared, and who
grated into our life (prayer, fraternity, use         is well integrated into and esteemed by
of goods, exercise of authority, living the           the province.
vows, and daily life) and into our mission
(parishes, schools, mission ad gentes, so-         •	 Name      someone who loves the poor,
cial ministry, care of the Secular Francis-             and who is sensitive and committed to
cans, etc.).                                            the values of JPIC.

     This implies that:                            •	 Name someone who fits the profile indi-
•	   The Provincial and Definitory need to              cated above.
     choose one or more friars who will best
     be able to carry out this task. Friars        •	 The Animator should not be overly busy
     should not be named for this service               with other jobs; he should have time and
     simply to fulfill the letter of the law (as        institutional support to accomplish his
     found in the GGSS).                                work.

•	 The Provincial and Definitory need to be •	 It would be helpful to provide a JPIC
     actively involved in promoting JPIC val-           Commission to work with the Animator.
     ues, and thus should find time to reflect          Its members will enrich the work of the
     with the JPIC Animator about how best              Animator, making it more objective and
     to animate this dimension of our life.             more creative. Among the members of
                                                        the Commission, it would be good to
•	 The     Provincial and Definitory should             consider the presence of someone in-
     clearly support the work of the Animator           volved in Formation, as well as some-
     and the Commission.                                one involved in Evangelization.

•	 The    Animator should be named for            •	 Be promoters of a spirituality of disciple-
     a sufficient number of years, to help           ship, which seeks to continue the mis-
     guarantee continuity and stability in the       sion of Jesus: proclaiming the Good
     work.                                           News to the poor, releasing prisoners,
                                                     giving sight to the blind, freeing the op-
•	 The Animator should be encouraged to              pressed and proclaiming a year of favor
     participate in the formative experiences        from the Lord.
     offered by the Order and by the Confer-
     ence.                                        •	 Be brothers who live this task as gift and
                                                     mission. They should accept as a grace
                                                     the discovery of God’s plan which seeks
                                                     fullness of life for all His children and for
4.2                                                  all of creation. They should realize that
PROFILE OF THE                                       the first one involved in this task is God
JPIC ANIMATOR AND                                    Himself, through the Spirit, and that we
MEMBERS OF THE COMMISSION                            are all called to be humble collaborators
                                                     in this mission, which is basically the

        he following concerns should be              “mission of God.” Such an attitude will
        taken into account when naming               allow animators to carry out their task
        those who will work in the area of           without anxiety or gloominess.
JPIC. They should:
                                                  •	 Be on the lookout for new ways of un-
•	   Have calm and even temperaments;                derstanding that are not dominated by
     be enthusiastic and sensitive to JPIC           ambition or a desire for power or pres-
     themes.                                         tige; always remember the attitude of
                                                     Jesus who stripped Himself of glory to
•	 Have a clear sense of belonging to the            enter into solidarity with us, to make
     Order and Province.                             himself brother to all, including the mar-
                                                     ginalized. Animators must seek to live
•	 Be close to the friars of the local and           this attitude, putting themselves above
     provincial Fraternity, participating in         no one, and being with the little ones,
     the daily life of the local community and       the less important ones.
     Province. The task of the Animators
     is to be yeast in the dough, salt which      •	 Concern themselves constantly with the
     gives flavor. For this reason, they can-        process of ongoing conversion and for-
     not be seen as “foreign bodies” in the          mation, with clear reference to the poor
     life of the friars; such a situation would      and crucified Jesus, so that they will be
     gravely damage the noble cause they             aware of their current state and know
     believe in and for which they are work-         the changes that must be made in their
     ing.                                            own lives, in the reality around them-
                                                     selves, in the world. They should seek
•	 Be passionate for the God of Jesus and            the presence of this crucified Christ and
     for the God of the Kingdom. This God            find Him among the poor and crucified
     is passionate for the world and for all         of the world.
     people, and wants to bring them to full-
     ness. For this reason, Animators must        •	 Be able to work together with others as
     be dedicated to prayer.                         a team.
                        OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                 29

                                                       peace, human rights and the integrity
4.3                                                    of creation; to discover the causes
THE MISSION OF THE JPIC                                that generate these problems and the
ANIMATOR AND COMMISSION                                people implicated in them. This can be
                                                       done by offering them reflection ma-
    The mission is very worthwhile, but at             terial, especially from Catholic Social
the same time difficult due to its breadth             Teaching and our spirituality, which
and complexity. It will not always be grati-           will help them to develop Christian re-
fying. Many seeds need to be planted,                  sponses to these situations. This de-
and then there is need for patience and                mands a strong commitment on the
perseverance, respecting the processes                 part of Animators, because today’s
that never happen as quickly as we would               complex problems will not be solved by
like.                                                  naïve explanations. The reading and
                                                       interpretation of the signs of the times
    As noted earlier in this document in re-           is a demanding exercise, both from the
gard to the mission of the JPIC Office for             evangelical and spiritual perspective,
the Order, the basic mission of the JPIC               as well as from the socio-political and
Animator and Commission in a Province is               economic perspective.
to work so that the JPIC values which ap-
pear in the GGCC (especially Chapters IV             •	 To implant and maintain among the fri-
and V) become part of the life and mission             ars a concern for justice, peace and the
of the friars and the fraternities. This work          integrity of creation, encouraging them
should be done in collaboration with the               to live their religious consecration with
Secretariat for Formation/Studies, as well             prophetic determination. To animate all
as with the Secretariat for Evangelization             friars to live this dimension of our life: it
(cf. GGSS 39,1).                                       is not something for Animators and JPIC
                                                       Commissions alone (who are called to
     To this end, Animators must work:                 be animators and not exclusively activ-
•	   To help the friars see that JPIC is not           ists of JPIC). Once again, if JPIC is an
     one more theme among others. It is not            essential element of our charism, it must
     something optional, done on a voluntary           be made clear that this commitment is
     basis. The commitment to justice and              not optional; all friars have a responsi-
     peace arises from the core of our faith           bility to live these values. The work of
     in the God of the Bible, the God of Je-           “animation” requires a balance between
     sus. Animators should always make it              ad intra activities and ad extra activities.
     very clear that JPIC is a spirituality, a set     The former promote a greater aware-
     of transverse values that are part of our         ness of JPIC among the friars; the latter,
     being and of our actions.                         together with other people of good will,
                                                       promote justice, human rights, peace,
•	 To make friars aware of the reality of the          and the integrity of creation. The ad
     world around us, both near and far: of            extra activities make concrete our re-
     the great poverty that exists; of the in-         sponse to these issues.
     equalities and injustice; of the need to
     rethink our lifestyle and mission in light      •	 To encourage the friars and Fraternities
     of the Gospel, Catholic Social Teaching           to include JPIC values in the process
     and our charism. All of this needs to be          of creating or updating their personal
     done in order to find liberating respons-         or fraternal Life Project. To attempt, as
     es to the problems of the world.                  much as possible, to move from the the-
                                                       oretical to the practical in daily life: do
•	 To inform the friars and to form them on            this by keeping in mind JPIC values in
     all issues that have to do with justice,          regard to living the vows, in our manner

     of praying and living in community, and         change are present among the friars
     in our work of evangelization.                  and those with whom we collaborate?
                                                     The second deals with the reality of the
•	 To highlight all the positive things that         society in which the province is located.
     are already being done in the Province
     in regard to JPIC, both on the individual    •	 Consider    the characteristics that are
     and on the communal/institutional level.        common to the reality of different parts
                                                     of the Province, and which are judged to
•	 To    encourage these values in our               be important. They can help to promote
     shared mission with the laity, especially       a united effort and to overcome the dif-
     with the Secular Franciscans.                   ficulties usually associated with human
•	 To promote actions of solidarity and col-
     laboration, and campaigns dealing with       •	 Offer both theoretical and practical train-
     JPIC issues; to denounce unjust situa-          ing, promoting it for everyone at all lev-
     tions.                                          els, and taking advantage of opportuni-
                                                     ties that already exist (initial formation,
                                                     ongoing formation….). Where possible,
                                                     work to create both one-time activities
4.4                                                  and those which are more permanent.
SOME ELEMENTS TO KEEP IN MIND                        Here there is need for collaboration
WHEN DOING ANIMATION WORK                            between initial and ongoing formation.
                                                     An important place should be given to
•	 In the attempt to live our charism and            concrete experiences: situations of ex-
     identity, reflected in the GGCC and in          clusion, contact with committed eyewit-
     the history of the Order, there are many        nesses, solidarity projects.
     key elements that can help in the task
     of JPIC animation. For this reason it is     •	 Be aware of the human and material
     important to be conscious of the vision         resources that are already available to
     of the Order.                                   help accomplish our chosen tasks. If we
                                                     are not aware of them, we risk wasting
•	 The need to be in integrated into the dy-         our scarce resources.
     namic of the province, not functioning
     as a loner on the outside.                   •	 Begin by using language and practices
                                                     common to the majority, even if they
•	 Be respectful of diversity and the differ-        are not the best. Later proceed to more
     ences we find among people, commu-              complicated material.
     nities and life styles. It is much better
     to approach our work with this basic re-     •	 Begin with lower expectations for JPIC
     spect, allowing us to “connect” and to          actions, so as to guarantee viable re-
     be heard, rather than having friars feel        sponses. It is good that all actions have
     we are trying to impose something that          some sort of response and to this end
     they do not want, or which they feel is         it is important to offer viable proposals,
     not theirs.                                     without demand for overly strenuous
                                                     effort in the beginning. If not every-
•	 Do social analysis.       The process will        one responds to a proposal, we would
     help us to see more clearly the direction       like to involve at least those people to
     that our work and mission ought to take.        whom the proposal is most centrally ad-
     The analysis of reality has two aspects.        dressed.
     The first deals with the provincial real-
     ity: what desires for internal or external   •	 Promote proposals with small concrete
                    OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                               31

  steps. The journey to utopia happens              zation, Education, Parishes, Missions,
  in small steps with achievable goals.             etc.
  Achievability helps to maintain enthu-       •	   Communicate clearly and frequently.
  siasm and encourages progressively                Provide information in digestible doses,
  greater commitment. It allows for a               or you may produce the opposite ef-
  training process that moves people for-           fect from that desired. Let people know
  ward without causing them to become               about the positive undertakings that are
  discouraged.                                      going on, the advances. Provide a peri-
                                                    odic electronic bulletin, or a printed one
•	 Make sure your strategies move from              if it is more accessible. In appropriate
  the bottom up. They will normally begin           circumstances or on special dates, send
  from below, but it is important and nec-          simple materials that can help to raise
  essary to have the support of authority.          awareness, that can teach, that encour-
  Be sure to work at both ends. Keep the            age action. Distribute CONTACT (the
  provincial government well-informed               JPIC bulletin prepared in Rome) to the
  about what is going on, but collaborate           friars and lay collaborators.
  decidedly with the grassroots. They will
  give substance and continuity to the         •	 Choose      a small number of areas in
  work, along with other ideas for different        which you will work. Describe them
  approaches.                                       clearly and offer the reasons for choos-
                                                    ing them. Highlight their relationship to
•	 Collaborate closely with the provincial          our evangelical options, and to our reli-
  committees for Formation, Evangeli-               gious and Franciscan lives.

     “   Many seeds need
         to be planted,
         and then there is need
         for patience and
         perseverance, respecting
         the processes that never
         happen as quickly
         as we would like.
                          OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                    33

                   METHODOLOGY OF JPIC WORK

          he theory and structure of JPIC in               God of love and compassion, a God who
          the Order must be made concrete                  loves all peoples of the earth. Our JPIC
          in the day to day activities of the              values challenge us to promote this work,
animators. But such activity must be based                 and invite us to celebrate it as an impor-
on a solid awareness of the world in which                 tant part of the Pastoral Circle. The fifth
we live, the structures that provide the                   and final element of this process is evalu-
framework for our reality, the relationship                ation. Evaluation is necessary to appraise
of people to these structures and to one an-               and study the efficacy of our work, to make
other, and the social movements founded                    adjustments when necessary, and to make
by human actors in response to the world                   further plans based on the results attained.
in which they find themselves. To encour-                  In this way, the Pastoral Circle comes full
age such an awareness, JPIC has gener-                     circle, and the entire process is begun once
ally opted to use the methodology summa-                   again. We will take all five elements of the
rized in the verbs TO SEE, TO JUDGE and                    methodology into account as we consider
TO ACT.8 Reflection on the work of JPIC                    below some instruments that can help in
must foster an attitude that seeks to under-               these tasks.
stand deeply the reality in which we live,
to judge this reality well by use of the tools
we have at our disposal (social sciences,
Catholic Social Teaching, other theologi-                  5.1
cal reflections, our Franciscan tradition),                LEARNING TO READ
and to choose concrete plans of action that                THE SIGNS OF THE TIMES
address the issues identified in our study

of reality. Extended use of this methodol-                        n order to confront the problems of
ogy, however, has shown that two more                             our world we must first study them,
elements should be included to complete                           along with their causes and effects.
what has come to be known as the Pastoral                  In scientific terms, this demands an “anal-
Circle.9 They can be summarized by the                     ysis of reality.” When we add a theologi-
verbs: TO CELEBRATE and TO EVALU-                          cal perspective to this process, it is called
ATE. Our work is done in the context of the                “reading the signs of the times.” Such a
saving action of Jesus, which has always                   process involves the first two stages of the
been celebrated in word and sacrament.                     JPIC methodology: SEEING and JUDG-
JPIC is a set of values, a spirituality, which             ING. “Seeing” demands much more than
inspires us with the call of Jesus to share                a simple glance at the world. Rather, us-
with him the work of establishing God’s                    ing the scientific tools available to us, we
kingdom on earth. The God of Jesus is a                    are invited to conduct a rigorous analysis
                                                           of social conditions, their causes and the
8   The See, Judge, Act methodology has been accepted      effects they have on people, especially on
    in Catholic Social Teaching from Mater et Magistra     the poor and oppressed. After the analysis
    onward (cf. the document from the Congregation for     has been done, we are called to “judge” the
    Catholic Education, Guidelines for the Study and the
    Teaching of the Church’s Social Doctrine in the For-
                                                           situations described, making use of biblical
    mation of Priests, issued on December 30, 1988, and    insight, the tradition of the Church, theolog-
    found in Origins 19/11 of August 3, 1989).             ical reflection and the contemporary expe-
9   For more on the Pastoral Circle, see Building Parish   rience of the People of God who struggle to
    Justice and Peace Groups: A Training Manual, Ses-
    sion Four, pp. 31-32:
                                                           live their faith in justice. Reading the signs
    jpic/JPICparrEN.pdf .                                  of the times is not something that happens

automatically, but needs to be learned and        has been proposed by Donal Dorr in his
practiced. To assist in this process, two         book Spirituality and Justice (Orbis Books,
models of social analysis are available in        Maryknoll, 1984). Dorr says that we have
the appendix to this booklet. There is an-        need of a “balanced” spirituality, and bas-
other model for social analysis in the OFM        es his reflection on a passage from the
JPIC Resource Book, the “Manual,” pub-            prophet Micah, 6:8: “This is what Yahweh
lished in 1999. This resource can be found        asks of you, only this; that you act justly,
in the JPIC section of the OFM webpage,           that you love tenderly, that you walk hum- Friars should al-       bly with your God.” For Dorr, spirituality is
so be aware that it is necessary to read the      like a three-legged stool. It has three com-
signs of the times not only at the local level,   ponents, represented by the three parts of
but also at the global level. Many organi-        the passage from Micah. All three must
zations exist that can help us in this task,      be present, or we will fall over. And each
among them the United Nations, Caritas            component deals with a different conver-
Internationalis, Amnesty International, the       sion that is necessary in our life.
World Watch Institute and Franciscans In-
ternational.                                      a. He begins with the final phrase “walk
                                                     humbly with your God.” This speaks of
                                                     a religious conversion, which can also
                                                     be called a personal conversion. I have
5.2                                                  a one-on-one relationship with God who
PROMOTING                                            loves me deeply. This God has counted
THE SPIRITUALITY OF JPIC                             the hairs on my head, and holds me in
                                                     the palm of his hand. Like Jesus in the

           o understand the structures and           Gospels, who often went off alone to
           work of Justice, Peace and the In-        pray, we need to find time to nourish this
           tegrity of Creation in the Order, it      personal relationship with God.
is important to remember that JPIC is fun-
damentally and above all a spirituality, a        b. Dorr then speaks of the middle phrase,
set of values. JPIC is born from a spiritual-        “love tenderly.” This speaks of a moral
ity centered in God’s project of LIFE for all        conversion, which can also be called
of creation. We are invited to collaborate           an interpersonal conversion. I must be
in this project. JPIC is sustained through           concerned with the people that I see
our discovery of the compassionate and               face to face in my daily life, those with
merciful God of Jesus who is revealed in             whom I have direct contact: the friars of
history and encountered in the people and            my community; the people I work with
the happenings of the world around us. It            and serve; my family; the people I meet
springs from our desire to follow the Lord           on the street; and so on. Like Jesus, I
Jesus joyfully and with compassion, in a             need to put concern for these people, for
world that is unjust, fractured and violent.         others, at the center of my activity, and
JPIC animators must make it clear to all             must be willing to open myself in trust to
that this is the foundation of our work. Fur-        these people.
thermore, it is helpful to find an approach to
spirituality that challenges friars to reflect    c. Finally, Dorr speaks of the beginning of
on how JPIC is an integral element of all            the passage: “act justly.” This phrase
dimensions of our life. There is an ongo-            deals with what he calls political conver-
ing temptation to make spirituality a private        sion, that is, concern for moral matters
concern, something between me and God.               in public life, or working to change our
We need to widen our notion of spirituality          world into God’s kingdom. It demands
and to see it as did the apostle Paul, as            that we know our world and that we ask
LIFE IN THE SPIRIT. One such approach                questions about the way it is structured.
                           OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                  35

     Why are there so many poor people in                     ships of the people: with God, with one
     our world? Who benefits from the pres-                   another, with the social network, and
     ent world structures? What sectors of so-                even with creation itself. So God calls on
     ciety suffer most the effects of prejudice               creation to judge the people. To repair
     and exclusion? And many others. When                     the damaged relationships, the nation is
     we speak of political conversion, we are                 called to conversion in all areas, includ-
     not talking about party politics or of be-               ing an ecological conversion. For us to-
     coming involved in political campaigns                   day, this ecological conversion must be
     and elections (although these issues                     an important part of our relationship with
     might be included in our work). We are                   God, with one another, with nature and
     challenged to know our world intimately                  all of God’s creatures. In order to find
     and to work to make it a place where                     solutions to problems like that of climate
     the values of the kingdom are important,                 change, and diminishing resources, and
     where human dignity is respected, where                  piles of garbage, we must first change
     all people have the right to happiness                   our attitudes and our way of living in the
     and the necessities of life. Dorr com-                   world.
     ments that in the course of history, we
     have understood and developed the first                  A final consideration in regard to the
     two conversions, the personal and the                 spirituality of JPIC is our need to learn to
     interpersonal. We are not accustomed,                 read the Bible from the perspective of the
     however, to the third conversion, the                 poor. If we look at the Scriptures, we can
     political. It needs to become part of our             see that God has a dream for humanity and
     spirituality. Such an incarnated spiritual-           for the world, a dream of equality, of fra-
     ity will provoke us to live more like Jesus           ternity, of sharing. However, injustice and
     and Francis and will be a model for those             broken relationships impede realization
     who come in contact with us.                          of this dream. In the course of salvation
                                                           history God makes choices, opting for the
d. An added reflection on Dorr’s approach to               poor, the oppressed, the widow and the or-
     spirituality will help to make it even more           phan, all those who are deprived of their
     contemporary. Dorr wrote his book many                basic rights as human beings. God shows
     years ago, before the environmental cri-              a preferential solidarity with those who are
     sis had become so obvious. He speaks                  most in need. Jesus, in his Incarnation,
     about the three conversions necessary                 enters into solidarity with humankind, but
     for a balanced spirituality. Looking at               most especially with the poor and exclud-
     today’s problems, however, we need to                 ed, and such solidarity becomes the hori-
     add a fourth conversion, an “ecological               zon of his life and mission. Such a choice
     conversion.”10 This is especially true for            does not say that the poor are better than
     us as Franciscans. Such an addition is                others, or that they are more deserving. It
     not at all difficult. Dorr uses the passage           does say, however, that they have greater
     from Chapter 6 of Micah to develop his                need, and that their existence confirms the
     approach to spirituality. In the beginning            fact that the dream of God has not yet been
     of that chapter, God is calling upon the              realized. Reading the Bible from the per-
     mountains, the hills and the very foun-               spective of the poor means reading it with
     dations of the earth to stand in judgment             the eyes of God, and with the intention of
     against God’s people. The sins of the                 working to realize God’s dream of justice,
     nation have damaged all the relation-                 peace and the fullness of life for all people
                                                           and all creatures and the world itself.

10    Cf. John Paul II, General Audience, Wednesday, Ja-
     nuary 17, 2001, #4:
     ii_aud_20010117_en.html .
36                        GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

                                                   opment of the Franciscan charism among
5.3                                                all those who are imbued with the spirit of
COLLABORATION WITH                                 Saint Francis; they are to seize any oppor-
SECRETARIATS FOR                                   tunity to come together to offer assistance in
FORMATION/STUDIES AND                              common undertakings.”11 The international
EVANGELIZATION/MISSION                             directors for JPIC from the six branches of
                                                   the Franciscan Family meet on a regular

           t the General Curia in Rome, the        basis in Rome to find ways to collaborate
           administration of the Order has         on important issues like ecology and human
           made it clear that the office of        rights; called the Romans VI, the group can
JPIC should seek to collaborate with the           serve as a model for regional and national
two secretariats in the work of animating          cooperation in the Franciscan family. An-
the friars. The documents of all three ser-        other way to encourage this movement to-
vices for the Order call for programs that         ward communion is a commitment to com-
demand cooperation, but at times such co-          mon JPIC endeavors. Such collaboration
operation is made more difficult because           allows us to have a greater impact both
the concrete structures needed to foster           within our family and in society.
such collaboration do not exist. All JPIC
animators should seek to collaborate with             Some examples of such cooperation:
Formation and Evangelization, and to pro-
mote structures that will make such collab-        •	 Franciscans International.     The Fran-
oration an important part of their work.              ciscan Family has established a Non-
                                                      Governmental Organization (NGO) at
     Some examples of collaboration:                  the United Nations called Franciscans
•	   In the province of Our Lady of Guada-            International (FI).12 The objective of the
     lupe (Central America, Caribbean and             organization is to serve all Franciscans
     Haiti), the JPIC animator is an ex offi-         and the world community by bringing
     cio member of the provincial formation           Franciscan values and ethical principles
     team, along with the secretary for Evan-         to the various United Nations forums
     gelization.                                      and agendas. This is done through
                                                      work for justice, peace and the integrity
•	 In Brazil, JPIC at the conference level            of creation, and by promoting and pro-
     has sponsored a yearly 15-day retreat/           tecting human rights. At present, FI has
     workshop. This event is based on con-            offices in Geneva, New York and Asia
     tact with the people who live in the place       (Bangkok). Animators should become
     where the retreat is held. In this way           acquainted with the work of FI, and with
     it seeks to integrate all the different as-      the services offered to the Franciscan
     pects of our charism.                            Family by FI. These services include
                                                      the possibility of presenting cases of
•	 In many different entities, JPIC anima-            human rights abuse during the special
     tors provide workshops on JPIC values            sessions for Human Rights in Geneva.
     to the different levels of formation.            Animators should also seek to provide
                                                      FI with information about their country
                                                      and their region. Such information will
                                                      help FI in its mission.
WITH THE FRANCISCAN FAMILY                         11 On inter-Franciscan collaboration in JPIC work cf.
    Article 55,2 of our GGCC encourages               pp. 150-153.
                                                   12 The webpage for FI is http://www.franciscansinterna-
friars “to nourish and promote the full devel-
                            OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                     37

•	 The Franciscan Solidarity Seminar.
     The seminar has been jointly spon-                      5.6
     sored by Missionszentrale in Germany                    RELATIONSHIP
     and the OFM JPIC office in Rome. It is                  WITH SOCIAL MOVEMENTS
     held in conjunction with the World Social

     Forum, and is meant to bring the Fran-                             atholic Social Teaching and our
     ciscan family together to promote the                              own OFM documents make it
     World Social Forum theme that “a better                            clear that JPIC work needs to
     world is possible.”                                     give special emphasis to the poor and mar-
                                                             ginalized. Friars have been very good at
•	 Establishment of the Franciscan Action                    taking this recommendation literally and
     Network in the United States. The OFM                   looking for ways to feed the hungry, clothe
     friars in the US have worked with the rest              the naked, house the homeless, and so
     of the family to establish an advocacy                  on. However, we must also be aware that
     presence in Washington, DC. The deci-                   the poor and marginalized are not simply
     sion to create the network was made at a                objects of charity, but are also subjects of
     meeting in the city of Baltimore in March               their own history and important actors on
     2007, with 135 participants represent-                  the world scene. They have created many
     ing all branches of the family. The office              organizations to carry on their struggles
     opened in March 2008.                                   for social advancement and for human
                                                             dignity. The OFM International Council
•	 JPIC Office in Nairobi. This office of the                for JPIC, meeting in South Africa in 2004,
     Franciscan Family of Africa opened in the               proposed that all animators work with the
     capital of Kenya in November 2007.13 It                 social movements, and encourage their
     will serve as a resource for all those who              entities to do so as well. This will allow us
     work in activities related to JPIC.                     to be in the places of social fracture, where
                                                             we can share our Franciscan spirituality of
                                                             active nonviolence and reconciliation, and
                                                             give special importance to prophetic ges-
5.5                                                          tures of solidarity. In order to carry out this
COLLABORATION                                                task, JPIC Animators must identify in their
WITH OTHER ECCLESIAL                                         respective regions the movements of the
AND LAY ORGANIZATIONS                                        excluded, and the groups that work with
                                                             them and for them. Once identified, Ani-

           he principle of coming together as                mators should promote collaboration with
           a Franciscan Family can be ex-                    them. To assist in this task, Animators
           tended to cooperation with other                  should maintain contact with our interna-
ecclesial and lay organizations, which will                  tional bodies, like the Rome JPIC Office,
further strengthen efforts to create a more                  Franciscans International, and regional
just and a more peaceful world. Friars                       JPIC offices in Nairobi and Washington.
should make an effort to be aware of the or-
ganizations that already exist. Some pos-
sibilities might be national JPIC commis-
sions, organizations of international coop-                  5.7
eration sponsored by bishops, and Caritas                    COMMUNICATION
Internationalis. Such collaboration should
be sought at all levels (local, regional and                    One of the issues highlighted at all of our
international).                                              meetings is that of communication. Anima-
                                                             tors constantly ask for better communication
                                                             at all levels of our work, and they can foster
13   The webpage for the JPIC Office in Nairobi is http://   such communication in various ways: .
38                        GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

                                                    SHARING URGENT ACTION RE-
a. The JPIC bulletin CONTACT is pub-                QUESTS WITH ROME JPIC OFFICE
     lished every month. To make the bul-

     letin effective, however, Animators must                 t times, JPIC Animators are faced
     provide information about the work be-                   with situations that demand the
     ing done at the grassroots. Choose a                     support of friars and people of
     JPIC activity that is happening in your        good will around the world. If you would
     entity. Write a half-page summary of           like the office to send out your request for
     the activity, and send it to the office in     urgent help, we ask you to follow these
     Rome. It is best if it is written in one of    simple criteria.
     the official languages of the Order (Ital-
     ian, Spanish or English), but the friars in    •	 First, be sure to send us concise infor-
     the office will do their best to publish any      mation that will give us and others a
     material sent.                                    good idea of the situation. Do not send
                                                       large amounts of material, as the office
b. Once CONTACT has arrived, the Ani-                  is not able to process such a quantity of
     mator should distribute it to as many fri-        information. It is best if the information
     ars and contacts as possible. In some             is sent in Italian, Spanish or English.
     cases, this might demand translation of
     the bulletin. Such a task requires signif-     •	 Second, include a list of important in-
     icant work, but ability to use CONTACT            dividuals and organizations who sup-
     in the mother language of the region is           port your position; include as well the
     a good tool for animation.                        position of the local provincial and the
c. If the Rome Office is to serve as a clear-
     inghouse and center for JPIC, Anima-           •	 Finally, provide clear instructions as
     tors must share with the office all avail-        to what should be done. If addresses,
     able resources and information.                   phone numbers or fax numbers are nec-
                                                       essary, be sure they are correct.
d. Animators should send any changes in
     contact information (address, e-mail,
     phone, fax) to both the JPIC President
     of the Conference and to the JPIC of-          5.9
     fice in Rome. Incorrect or out-dated           SUGGESTIONS
     contact information is a cause for much        FOR PREPARING A PROVINCIAL ANI-
     lost time.                                     MATION PROGRAM

e. All Animators should make it a priority             5.9.1.
     to have good internet access. Most of             The Context
     our communication today is done elec-
     tronically, making access essential for        a. JPIC Animators carry out their work in
     good animation work. They should also             the name of the Provincial and the pro-
     encourage all friars of the entity to have        vincial administration. For this reason
     internet access, wherever possible.               it is imperative that Animators maintain
                                                       contact with the Provincial and Defini-
f. Each Animator should maintain contact               tory. Such contact will help animators
     with the Animators of the other Entities          understand the vision of the provincial
     of the Conference, as well as with the            administration and thus make it easier
     Conference JPIC president.                        to prepare a program that will further the
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                             39

  goals of the province from the perspec-         documents and statements of the Or-
  tive of JPIC.                                   der. The small booklet prepared by the
                                                  Rome JPIC Office, “JPIC Quotes,” pro-
b. The General Statutes of the Order (cf.         vides a handy compilation of the JPIC
  Art. 42,2) note that, where possible, a         references in the principal documents of
  JPIC Commission should be formed in             the Order. General Chapter and Provin-
  the entity. Experience shows that it is         cial Chapter decisions regarding JPIC
  difficult for an Animator to do the work        should also be consulted. How might
  alone. Animation is much more dy-               the provincial program for JPIC incorpo-
  namic when a team can come together             rate the various suggestions that come
  to discuss, implement and evaluate the          from these bodies?
  JPIC program for an entity. If an offi-
  cial team is not named by the entity, the     f. The General Statutes of the Order (Ar-
  JPIC Animator should look for appropri-         ticle 42) state that each entity should
  ate people with whom he can discuss             have Particular Statutes for JPIC. Does
  the JPIC work and program. The team             your entity have such Statutes? If not,
  should meet with the Animator to dis-           you should begin the process of creat-
  cuss their common vision for JPIC work,         ing them. If they do exist, do they need
  and to elaborate the provincial plan.           to be updated?
  These meetings should also serve as
  an opportunity for the ongoing formation      g. It is important that the JPIC Animator
  of the friars involved.                         take seriously the experience of the
                                                  friars. This can be done in a very fra-
c. Great care should be given to the issue        ternal way by arranging to visit the local
  of collaboration between the three ser-         friaries of the entity, perhaps in conjunc-
  vices of the Order at the provincial level:     tion with a survey that can be sent to all
  JPIC, Formation/Studies, and Evange-            of the friars. The Animator can share
  lization. Concrete ways to collaborate          the information collected with the friars,
  should be included in the provincial            which will in turn help him to discover
  program for JPIC. One possible way to           dynamic ways to promote JPIC values
  encourage collaboration is to include a         in the entity.
  friar from Formation on the JPIC team,
  along with a friar from Evangelization.       h. As noted above, good JPIC animation is
  All sectors should look for ways to fos-        based on a good analysis of the reality
  ter Ongoing Formation to the values of          in which we live and work. The JPIC An-
  JPIC.                                           imator should promote a serious analy-
                                                  sis of the reality of the entity and of the
d. One way to provide support and assis-          region. He can do this himself, or find
  tance to the JPIC Animator is by nomi-          others who specialize in this task. This
  nating local Animators throughout the           analysis should also include an aware-
  entity. They can serve as a point of com-       ness of the global reality in which all lo-
  munication with the other friars of the         cal and regional reality is embedded.
  entity, help to provide information about       The Animator can then study the results
  local conditions, and help to implement         together with other friars and collabora-
  the provincial program. Care should be          tors, and look for actions and projects
  taken to choose Animators who have              that can become part of the provincial
  some interest in the values of JPIC.            JPIC program.

e. In the process of preparing a provincial
  animation program, the Animator should
  become familiar with the appropriate
40                        GUIDELINES FOR THE ANIMATION OF JPIC

     5.9.2.                                        were attained and those that were not, with
     Preparing the Program                         the reasons for each of the results; strong
                                                   points and weak points of the program; the
a. The provincial plan should be prepared          methodology and tools employed.
     for three years, with objectives and a
     separate program for each of the three
     years. Care should be taken, however,
     not to lose sight of the OVERALL OB-          5.10
     JECTIVE of our work, which is that JPIC       BEST PRACTICES: IDEAS
     values continue to become part of the         THAT HAVE BEEN
     daily life and mission of the friars.         SUCCESSFUL FOR OTHERS

b. The first step in preparing a three-year        a. Prepare a form and distribute it to the
     program is to analyze the current situ-         veteran, successful JPIC Animators of
     ation of the province. The following            the entity. Ask them to describe the dif-
     questions/steps might be helpful for this       ferent activities they have undertaken,
     task:                                           and the methods they have used to
     •	 What steps have already been taken           share their work with fellow friars. How
        to integrate JPIC into the life and mis-     did they invite other friars to become in-
        sion of the province? Be as concrete         volved in JPIC issues?
        as possible in answering how this is
        happening in the life of individual fri-   a. Take seriously the experience of all the
        ars, in the Fraternities, in Formation,      friars. Visits to local friaries, phone calls
        and in the various provincial minis-         to individuals, or a provincial survey,
        tries: parishes, schools, etc..              can provide the Animator with good in-
     •	 What resistance has there been to            formation about friar activities that can
        these efforts? Why?                          be related to an overall approach to
                                                     JPIC. Charitable assistance can serve
c. In light of the reality of the province, the      as a first step to raising awareness of
     proposals of the Order, and the needs           the need for human promotion and for
     of the country and the world, elaborate         structural change in our societies.
     a program that is simple and realistic.
     Be sure that the program defines its          a. Include laity and other interested col-
     objectives clearly, and that all propos-        laborators in JPIC planning and proj-
     als for action include deadlines and the        ects. They can often provide expertise
     name(s) of the person or persons re-            that we friars do not possess. Ecumeni-
     sponsible.                                      cal cooperation can also be very effec-
                                                     tive for concrete projects and activities.
d. Present the program to the Definitory for
     approval and publication.                     a. Be sure to communicate with friars, of-
                                                     ten and well. Try to find simple and ef-
e. Find concrete ways to share the pro-              fective ways to share information with
     gram with the friars of the province, cre-      them, and to offer resources for their
     ating through the process opportunities         use. Share the successful activities of
     for providing information and promoting         friars and collaborators. Sharing prayer
     formation.                                      resources can also be helpful. Make
                                                     friars aware of special days and cel-
   It is essential to conduct an annual              ebrations (Earth Day, celebrations for
evaluation of the provincial JPIC work.              Peace, for Human Rights, etc.); prepare
The evaluation should include a look at              liturgies that they might use in their plac-
the overall process; the objectives that             es of ministry.
                             OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                     41

                                                                 ing special care and attention to the el-
5.11                                                             derly and infirm friars, by helping with
SUGGESTIONS FOR                                                  domestic chores, by eliminating any dis-
JPIC ANIMATION                                                   crimination against lay brothers, and by
IN DAILY FRATERNAL LIFE                                          treating all workers justly.

            s stated previously, Justice, Peace                d. Promote fraternal gatherings and cel-
            and the Integrity of Creation are                    ebrations, and share information about
            transverse values that are essen-                    “the good works” done by the brothers.
tial to our charism. JPIC is not a collection                    Such activities increase communion
of extraordinary actions, but rather the form                    and peace.
that our Franciscan religious life takes when
we seek to live universal brotherhood and                      e. When choosing themes for ongoing
minority. This life is reflected first of all in our             formation, be sure to include those
style of life, in the day to day actions of our                  that deal with the problems of society.
communal living. We offer here some sug-                         Learn how to resolve conflict in nonvio-
gestions for animating JPIC values in daily                      lent ways. These skills can be applied
fraternal life.14                                                in the fraternity, in our pastoral work, in
                                                                 the neighborhood. Learn how to prac-
a. In preparing our Fraternal Life Proj-                         tice forgiveness and reconciliation.
     ect. This is an important moment in the
     journey of a Fraternity. The Fraternal                    f. When preparing the Fraternal Life Proj-
     Project ought to take into account the                      ect, reflect on the need to promote re-
     principal dimensions of our Franciscan                      spect and care for Creation. Concrete
     forma vitae, which are found in the Rule                    ways of living this aspect of our lives
     and in the GGCC: prayer, fraternity, mi-                    might be: austerity in the use of goods,
     nority, evangelization. In this process,                    energy and water; recycling; resisting
     JPIC Animators should remind the broth-                     the “use it and throw it away” mentality;
     ers what Chapter IV of the GGCC says                        reducing the use of plastic; encourag-
     about minority, and what Chapter V says                     ing use of public transportation; using
     about promotion of justice and peace in                     products that contain little or no con-
     the task of evangelization (cf. GGCC 91;                    taminants.
     93,1-2; 95,1-3; 96,1-3; 97,1-2; 98,1-2).
     The friars should dialogue about all of                   g. Cultivate the virtues of welcoming and
     these aspects as they prepare the Fra-                      hospitality for all, but especially for
     ternal Life Project.                                        strangers or those of different cultures
                                                                 or religions.
b. The Fraternal Life Project should surely
     include an analysis of the reality sur-                   h. Remember in daily prayer and Eucharist
     rounding the fraternity. This will allow                    the life of the brothers and the fraternity,
     the friars to know the poor and what                        the life of the people of the parish, of the
     they suffer, and will lead the friars to find               neighborhood, of the country, and of
     ways to serve them. Concern for the                         the world. Highlight special dates like
     poor is a characteristic of Franciscan                      “Earth Day” or “Human Rights Day,” to
     fraternity.                                                 help remember the needs of society in
                                                                 our prayer.
c. Friars can live justice in daily life by giv-
                                                               i. In regard to evangelical witness, we
14   For further reflection on this topic see Instruments of     ought to consider our use of money and
     Peace: A Franciscan Resource Book (JPIC Manual),            goods. Gratitude, restitution and sharing
     Part Three, Chapter 5, “Daily Life.”                        are important values in our charism, and

     we can live them in diverse ways: des-         should be asked to provide dates when
     ignating a fixed percentage of income          they are available. The Animator should
     for the poor, in the form of projects for      send the agenda to participants for com-
     human development; looking for alterna-        ment and additions. Make arrange-
     tive investment opportunities, like ethi-      ments for logistics: a place for the meet-
     cal investment funds or ethical banks or       ing; meals and refreshments; lodging,
     micro-credit organizations, so as to give      if participants will be staying overnight.
     a greater social impact to our money; al-      If there is a fee for the meeting, inform
     lowing organizations that perform a so-        participants beforehand.
     cial function to occasionally use our fa-
     cilities for free, or at a reduced rate.     b. Begin and end the meeting with prayer.
                                                    At the beginning an appropriate song
j. In evangelization:                               can be sung, along with a reading from
     •	 Remember that in our evangelizing           Scripture, from Franciscan sources, or
        work we must give priority to witness       from the Social Teaching of the Church.
        of life, both personal and communal.        A prayer of thanksgiving can be offered
        For this reason, the suggestions listed     at the end. If possible, different par-
        above should be taken very seriously.       ticipants can be contacted before the
                                                    meeting to prepare the prayers. Dur-
     •	 Promote “social” charity as part of         ing the meeting itself, all should strive to
        our ministries and evangelizing work,       maintain a fraternal atmosphere, living
        including concern for the excluded,         among ourselves the values of dialogue,
        solidarity, human promotion, work for       conflict resolution and peace.
        peace and care for creation. Such
        concern should be given the same          c. Goals for the meeting should be clear.
        weight as catechesis and the sacra-         People can better prepare for a meet-
        ments (cf. DCE, 22, 25).                    ing if they are aware of its objectives.
                                                    Review the agenda at the beginning of
     •	 Promote collaboration between friars        the meeting and leave a time for partici-
        and laity in all aspects of the evange-     pants to add other topics they feel are
        lizing task, but especially in the area     important. Be sure you have scheduled
        of social ministry.                         enough meeting time to deal with all top-
                                                    ics thoroughly.
     •	 Encourage the creation of JPIC com-
        mittees or teams in parishes and          d. Along with good preparation, a meet-
        schools, so that they can promote JPIC      ing also needs good guidance and/or
        values in their respective settings.        facilitation. The Animator, or another
                                                    participant who is proficient, can man-
                                                    age the meeting. Care should be taken
                                                    that all topics are covered, without be-
5.12                                                coming bogged down in any one topic.
HOW TO RUN A MEETING                                If it is obvious that one topic will need
                                                    more extended discussion, participants

          ive elements are essential for a          should decide whether it is possible to
          productive meeting: good plan-            rearrange the meeting for such a discus-
          ning, a fraternal atmosphere, clar-       sion, or whether it should be scheduled
ity of purpose, good guidance/facilitation,         for a future meeting. If it is clear that a
and evaluation.                                     meeting will be very complicated, or if
                                                    it seems better that the meeting not be
a. Planning should take place well before           chaired by one of the participants, the
     the time of the meeting. Participants          Animator should consider inviting some-
                        OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                       43

   one who is skilled in facilitation of meet-           Among them are:
   ings. The Animator should also make                •	 “Instruments of Peace: Led by the Spir-
   sure that a secretary be designated to                it,” proceedings of the First International
   take the minutes of the meeting. Good                 Congress for JPIC, held in Vossenack,
   minutes are absolutely necessary to                   Germany, in October 2000 (General Cu-
   help implement decisions and to share                 ria, 2001).
   the content of the meeting with others.
                                                      •	 “Franciscan Nonviolence: Stories, Re-
e. A privileged time should be set aside                 flections, Principles, Practices and Re-
   at the end of the meeting to carry out                sources,” Pace e Bene Nonviolence
   a thorough evaluation of the proceed-                 Service (Las Vegas, 2003).
   ings. Evaluations will help to correct
   any problems that may arise, and will al-          •	 “Water for Life!: In Defense of our Sis-
                                                         ter Water,” prepared by the Ecology
   low participants a chance to shape the
                                                         working group of the JPIC promoters of
   content and process of future meetings.
                                                         Rome in June 2003.
   It also provides an opportunity to begin
   the planning for possible future meet-
   ings, especially regarding the choice of
                                                      •	 “Global Warming and Climate Change,”
                                                         prepared by the Global Warming work-
   appropriate dates.                                    ing group of the JPIC promoters of
                                                         Rome in March 2002.

                                                      •	 “The Lord Give You Peace: A New
5.13                                                     World is Possible,” a pamphlet to help
RESOURCES                                                implementation of the JPIC proposals
                                                         from Chapter 2003, prepared by the
a. The JPIC section of the OFM webpage15                 JPIC Office in Rome.
   is an important resource for all Animators.
   Most of the material produced by the JPIC          •	 “Embracing    the Excluded of Today,”
   Office in Rome, and material produced by              proceedings of the II International Con-
   many others as well, can be found in the              gress for JPIC, held in Uberlândia, Bra-
   “resources” section of the page.                      zil, in February 2006.

b. The Franciscan Resource Book, or the               •	 “JPIC Quotes,” a compilation of JPIC ci-
   “Manual,” entitled Instruments of Peace       16      tations from the principal documents of
   is a very useful tool for Animators. It               the Order, prepared by the JPIC Office
   contains reflections on the Franciscan                in Rome in 2006.17
   Vision of the Work for JPIC, including
   the relation of JPIC to Formation, Evan-           •	 “Breaking   with Business as Usual:
                                                         Achieving the Millennium Development
   gelization and Contemplation; specific
                                                         Goals,” prepared by a team of JPIC pro-
   themes of special interest (option for the
                                                         moters in Rome in 2007, together with
   poor, peacemaking, integrity of creation,
                                                         Caritas Internationalis.
   human rights, etc.); and a practical sec-
   tion on how to do JPIC work.
                                                      •	 “Building  Parish Justice and Peace
                                                         Groups: A Training Manual” Lumko In-
c. Numerous resource booklets exist to
                                                         stitute, South Africa.18
   help with your work. They can be found
   on the OFM website or in booklet form.
                                                      17 “JPIC Quotes” can be found at http://www.ofm.
                                                         org/01docum/jpic/jpicSUSSeng.pdf .
15 See .                     18 “Building Parish Justice and Peace Groups can be
16 See      found at
   .                                                     rEN.pdf .

   There are many people and organiza-          •	 Every country should have a Confer-
tions throughout the world who can help           ence for Religious, and that conference
with your JPIC work. The following should         should have a JPIC office with good in-
be able to provide information or names of        formation for you.
people who can give presentations:
                                                •	 The Bishops’ Conference of your coun-
•	 The JPIC Office in Rome.       The e-mail      try should also have a JPIC office which
     address for the office is,       can provide information and service.
     and the office phone number is +39-06-
     6849-1218.                                 •	 Organizations like Pax Christi, Francis-
                                                  cans International, Caritas Internationa-
•	 The JPIC President of your conference.         lis, Amnesty International, World Watch
     Each conference has a JPIC President         Institute, and many others also provide
     who should be able to help you with          much information to assist you in your
     names of people and organizations in         work. Their material is easily accessible
     your region that can provide information     through their web pages.
     and service.

         “         The justice practiced and
                   proclaimed by Jesus is
                   linked to mercy.
                   The peace He offered
                   is not of this world,
                   and is the fruit
                   of profound
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                          45


                                                      Collaboration with the Secretariats.
APPENDIX I:                                       He should collaborate intensely with the
THE DECALOGUE                                     Secretariats for Formation/Study and for
FOR JPIC ANIMATORS                                Evangelization in order to be able to reach
                                                  all the Friars. Only in this way will JPIC en-
    Closeness to the Fraternity. The Ani-         ter into their heart, life and mission.
mator should be very close to the friars of
the local and provincial fraternity and par-         Information to the Fraternity. He
ticipate in the everyday life of his fraternity   should inform the Minister Provincial, his
and province. His mission is to be leaven in      Definitory and all the friars of the activities
the dough, a grain of salt which gives taste.     planned and of those activities which he, as
To do this, the JPIC Animator should not          Delegate, intends to carry out, thus making
feel he is, or be seen to be, a “foreign body”    the Friars with responsibility for govern-
in the everyday life of the Friars, as this       ment participants in his own anxieties and
would gravely damage his work in favor of         hopes.
the noble cause in which he believes and
for which he works.                                  Preparation of Projects. He should
                                                  draw up a JPIC project, with its objectives
   Centered on Christ. The life of the Ani-       and means, in “communion” with the Fra-
mator should be centered in Christ and his        ternal Life Project of the province. The
heart turned to the Lord. He must pay at-         project should be evaluated periodically.
tention to all the essential elements of the      At the same time, the JPIC Animator ought
Franciscan charism. The JPIC Animator             to coordinate the activities in the area of
must be “impassioned” with God so as to           JPIC which are being carried out in the
be “impassioned” with humankind, like the         province.
prophets. He should transmit at all times
the beauty of following Christ according to          Animation of the Friars. He should ani-
the forma vitae which Francis left us.            mate the friars to participate in the activities
                                                  of JPIC programmed by the province, the
   Knowledge of Reality. He must pro-             Conference and the local Church.
foundly know (a superficial knowledge is
not enough for solid judgments) the reality          Collaboration with other Institutions.
of the different places of the world where        He should collaborate actively with the oth-
there is any kind of violence, in order to        er JPIC Animators of the Diocese, Confer-
keep the friars informed properly, judge sit-     ence, Franciscan Family and of other reli-
uations well, and create in this way a culture    gious congregations.
of peace, justice and integrity of creation.
                                                     Constant Conversion. He should feel
    Reflection with the Friars. He should         that he himself is in an on-going process of
create an atmosphere of reflection among          formation and conversion19.
the friars about situations of violence and
injustice, and offer them materials for for-
mation and reflection, based especially on
Catholic Social Teaching, so that Christian       19    Rodríguez C. José, The commitment of the Friars
responses can be given to such situations              Minor to Justice and Peace (II European Congress
                                                       for Delegates of Justice and Peace of the Franciscan
(cf. GGCC 96,1).                                       Order, Santiago de Compostela, 2004).


           A: MODEL STATUTES                         coordinated by the provincial Animator.
              FOR AN ENTITY                          He will be named soon after the Chapter
                                                     for a period of three years.
  FOR JUSTICE, PEACE AND THE IN-                  Article 4.
    TEGRITY OF CREATION (JPIC)                       The province will name a JPIC Commis-
       OF THE PROVINCE OF                            sion to assist the Animator in his task.
   ____________________________                      Members should include a representa-
                                                     tive from the secretariat of Formation/
                                                     Studies, a representative from the sec-
NATURE AND PURPOSE                                   retariat of Evangelization, friars from
                                                     different ministries of the province, and
Article 1.                                           lay people with whom we work. Where
   The Office for Justice, Peace and the             possible, the province will name local
   Integrity of Creation (JPIC) of the Prov-         JPIC Animators for its various friaries
   ince of _____________________, of-                and ministries.
   fers help and assistance to the Minister
   Provincial and his Definitory for promot-      Article 5.
   ing, animating and coordinating all that          The tasks of the Animator, with the as-
   concerns justice, peace and the integrity         sistance of the JPIC Commission, in-
   of creation, in conformity with the Gen-          clude:
   eral Constitutions, the General Statutes
   and the decisions of General Chapters             1. Inform the Minister Provincial and
   and Plenary Councils of the Order.                   his Definitory about all commitments
                                                        and activities of the Office. Pres-
Article 2.                                              ent, at the end of each year, a report
   The main tasks of the Office for Justice,            on the JPIC activities of the prov-
   Peace and the Integrity of Creation, in              ince and a detailed program for the
   dependence on the Minister Provincial,               coming year, to be approved by the
   are:                                                 Definitory.
   1. To assure that JPIC becomes a part
       of the life and service of the Province.      2. Coordinate the activities of the of-
       This should be done in collaboration             fice.
       with the Secretariat for Formation/
       Studies and the Secretariat for Evan-         3. Collaborate with all the services of
       gelization.                                      the province, especially with Forma-
                                                        tion/Studies and Evangelization, to
     2. To instruct the friars about ques-              ensure that JPIC become an impor-
       tions regarding JPIC (GGSS Art. 39,              tant element in the life and work of
       1-2).                                            the province.
                                                        •	 Prepare programs for the pos-
                                                           tulants, novices, temporary pro-
ORGANIZATION                                               fessed and Ongoing Formation.
                                                        •	 Prepare resource materials for
Article 3.                                                 the province on issues related to
   The JPIC service of the province will be                JPIC.
                        OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                               47

   4. Promote good communication:                      vincial treasurer about expenses every
      •	 With      the friars of the province.         six months.
           Visit the local fraternities; keep
           the friars informed about JPIC ac-
           tivities; distribute the JPIC bulletin
      •	   With the JPIC Office in Rome.                   B: MODEL JPIC STATUTES
      •	   With the JPIC Commission of the                    FOR A CONFERENCE

   5. Prioritize, organize and implement                    SPECIAL STATUTES
      the tasks proposed by the Order, the            FOR JUSTICE, PEACE AND THE IN-
      conference and the province.                      TEGRITY OF CREATION (JPIC)
                                                          OF THE CONFERENCE OF
   6. Propose to the Minister Provincial               ____________________________
      competent people for animation of
      specific JPIC projects.
                                                       In an Assembly held on ___________
   7. Collaborate with the Franciscan               in _____________, the Provincial Minis-
      Family, with the local Church and             ters and Custodes of the _____________
      with other organizations that have            Conference reviewed and approved these
      objectives similar to those of the            Particular Statutes for JPIC. They were
      JPIC office.                                  prepared by the JPIC Animators of the
   8. Redact and preserve the minutes of
      JPIC meetings.
                                                    NATURE AND OBJECTIVES
   9. Be aware of and participate in JPIC
      activities at the level of the confer-        Article 1.
      ence and the Order.                              The Justice, Peace and Integrity of Cre-
                                                       ation Commission of the Franciscan
                                                       Conference of ________ is an organiza-
FINANCES                                               tion of the same conference which ani-
                                                       mates, raises awareness and promotes
Article 6.                                             actions in regard to the issues of justice,
   The provincial JPIC service will be sup-            peace and ecology. This work is carried
   ported financially by the provincial bud-           out in both the fraternal life and the min-
   get.                                                istry of the Entities.

Article 7.                                          Article 2.
   The Animator, together with the Com-                The primary objectives of the JPIC Com-
   mission, will prepare an annual budget              mission are:
   and send it to the Minister Provincial and          1. Foster interprovincial collaboration
   the Definitory for study and approval.                  and participation of the Provinces in
                                                           issues related to justice, peace and
Article 8.                                                 the integrity of creation through com-
   The Animator will prepare an annual fi-                 mon projects.
   nancial report detailing the expenses for
   the various JPIC activities and submit it           2. Promote further study for the pro-
   to the Minister Provincial and the Defini-             vincial JPIC Animators in regard to
   tory. The Animator will inform the pro-                these issues.

     3. Help friars of the conference Entities       are to elect a President (coordinator) and
        understand the importance of the op-         a Secretary from among their members.
        tion for the poor, and of work in favor      These elections are to be confirmed
        of justice, peace and the integrity of       by the conference. The President and
        creation, as we seek to live out our         Secretary are elected for a three year
        Franciscan and Evangelical voca-             term; they can be re-elected for a sec-
        tion.                                        ond three-year term, but not for a third.
     4. Promote among the friars a style of
        life that reflects these Franciscan       Article 6.
        and evangelical values.                      The functions of the President are:
                                                     1. General coordination of the Com-
     5. Foster in our fraternities, parishes             mission, and serve as its representa-
        and schools a concern for JPIC is-               tive.
        sues through courses, by sending             2. Convoke and preside at meetings of
        information and catechetical/liturgi-            the Commission.
        cal materials, through solidarity cam-       3. Prepare, together with the Secretary,
        paigns and other activities.                     the agenda for meetings.
                                                     4. Encourage execution of the deci-
     6. Coordinate our activities with those             sions of the Commission.
        of the JPIC Office at the General Cu-        5. Participate in the meetings of the In-
        ria and with the International JPIC              ternational JPIC Council of the Or-
        Council of the Order.                            der.
                                                     6. Maintain contact with the JPIC Of-
     7. Collaborate with the JPIC Commis-                fice at the General Curia and with the
        sion of the Franciscan Family.                   JPIC Presidents (coordinators) of the
                                                         other OFM conferences.
     8. Collaborate with non-Franciscan or-
        ganizations which work on JPIC is-        Article 7.
        sues.                                        The functions of the Secretary are:
                                                     1. Keep the minutes of Commission
                                                          meetings and send them to Com-
ORGANIZATION OF THE                                       mission members and to the Gen-
COMMISSION AND ITS MEMBERS                                eral Secretary of the conference.
                                                     2. Keep the Archives in Order.
Article 3.                                           3. Keep the financial records of the
   The JPIC Commission of the ________                    Commission, and update Commis-
   Conference is formed by the JPIC Ani-                  sion members and the conference
   mators of each of the Entities of the                  on the economic situation of the
   Conference. (If it seems opportune, a                  Commission.
   Minister Provincial can be named as liai-         4. Help the President prepare the
   son to serve as a link between the Con-                agenda for Commission meetings.
   ference and the Commission.)                      5. In the absence of the President, the
                                                          Secretary assumes his responsibili-
Article 4.                                                ties.
   The members of the Commission will
   meet at least once a year in ordinary
   session, and in extraordinary session in       FINANCES
   case of necessity.
                                                  Article 8.
Article 5.                                           For conference meetings, travel ex-
   The members of the JPIC Commission                penses will be paid by each Entity, and
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                           49

   expenses for hospitality will be covered    Article 10.
   by the host Entity.                            The Secretary will present an annual
                                                  economic report to the members of the
Article 9.                                        Commission and to the Assembly of
   The Commission will prepare an annual          Provincial Ministers and Custodes of the
   budget, to be approved by the Confer-          conference.
   ence. The budget will include expenses
   of the JPIC President in his role as rep-
   resentative of the conference. These
   expenses will be shared by the Entities
   of the conference.                            Date of approval of Particular Statutes.

        “          JPIC is a dimension
                   of our vocation,
                   just like prayer,
                   fraternity, minority
                   and evangelization


         STRUGGLE IN DEFENSE                   ploration on Lembata since 1925, and the
         OF THE PEOPLE ON THE                  history of the agreement between the P.T.
          ISLAND OF LEMBATA                    Merukh Company and the government of
              (INDONESIA)                      Lembata; (3) the response of the people
                                               to the project; (4) the reasons given by the
   THE FACTS                                   people for rejecting the mining project; (5)

       n May 2007 the OFM JPIC Office of       recommendations. The document has
       Indonesia received a letter from the    been distributed among the friars, and has
       “Forum of Communication about the       also served to make the people aware of
problem of the Mines on Lembata” (a net-       the issue.
work of NGOs, among whom is included
the Divine Word congregation). The Fo-            The OFM JPIC service has, together
rum asked the JPIC Office to accompany         with other organizations, used mass media
and support the people of Lembata in the       (TV, newspapers, etc.) to publicize this situ-
struggle for defense of their economic and     ation. Another task they have undertaken,
social rights against the P.T. Merukh Com-     together with the Divine Word Missionar-
pany. Together with German transnational       ies and other local organizations, has been
corporations, Merukh wants to exploit the      to help the people understand the mining
minerals found on the island: copper, gold,    industry and its impact on life and the envi-
zinc, lead and tin.                            ronment, and to promote a nonviolent, pa-
                                               tient and peaceful struggle.
   Although the local government says that
the project will increase local income and          REFLECTION

better the lives of the people, it will more              e find in this story a series of
certainly endanger their way of life, since               elements that can serve as
they live by fishing and agriculture. Along               models for our JPIC work:
with the economic and social rights of the
people, it also threatens the ecosystem of     1.    First of all, the Provincial JPIC Office
the island, which in turn threatens the ex-          has a team formed by various reli-
istence of the people. For this reason, in           gious and lay people. One friar does
March 2007 all parish priests of Lembata             not work alone. This enriches the
signed a letter rejecting the project.               work and makes it more solid. It is a
                                                     shared ministry and includes both reli-
    The JPIC Office, after consulting the            gious and laity.
Provincial, sent two members of the JPIC
team, a friar and a layman, to investigate     2.    The JPIC Office is open to requests
the situation in June 2007. They were in             from the community and is able to dia-
Lembata for about two weeks and met with             logue and collaborate with other orga-
NGOs, the local government, the Regional             nizations, both religious and secular.
Assembly and some leaders of local as-
sociations. They analyzed the results of       3.    To begin work on an issue, the Office
their investigation, discussed them with the         contacted the Minister Provincial. In
JPIC team, and then the JPIC Office pub-             this way the work was done in com-
lished a document stating its position. The          munion with the Province.
document included: (1) a description of the
economic, social and ecological reality of     4.    The work began with a serious analy-
the island; (2) the time line of mineral ex-         sis of the situation in situ, and includ-
                     OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                             51

     ed listening to all parties involved,           same cause. This cooperation made
     but especially to the people affected.          them stronger. Working in network is
     The analysis covered the history and            essential for JPIC work.
     causes of the situation, and studied
     the different dimensions of the issue:     8.   They made sure to keep people in-
     economic, political, social, ecologi-           formed about the situation, its causes
     cal, etc.. The dignity of the people in-        and its consequences. Clear informa-
     volved was at the heart of the process,         tion, beyond the specific interest of
     and not economic greed.                         those presenting the information, is
                                                     key to raising people’s awareness of
5.   The analysis carried out by two mem-            the situation and to attracting support
     bers of the team was later studied by           for the cause.
     the entire JPIC team; a report was then
     prepared in which they presented their     9.   Another important element was the
     well-grounded opinion in regard to the          educational work that was undertak-
     issue. The report was distributed to            en, helping the people to analyze the
     the Province.                                   situation and understand the possible
                                                     consequences for their lives and for
6.   From this point the JPIC team began its         the environment.
     work in society, supporting what they
     had come to see as the just position:      10. Finally, the social struggle was under-
     defense of the rights of the people.            taken using nonviolent, peaceful and
                                                     patient means. Resolve and strength
7.   They worked together with other or-             are needed to promote justice, but
     ganizations that were defending the             without using violence of any type.

     “         The core of the Good News
               proclaimed by Jesus is
               salvation as a gift of God.
               It is salvation from all
               oppression, especially
               from sin and evil


     T                                         •	 What is our experience of this issue or
          he two models for Social Analysis
          found below are taken from the            problem? How does it affect us?
          book Faith Doing Justice by Elias
O. Opongo SJ and Agbonkhianmeghe E.
Orobator SJ (Paulines Publications Af-         Analysis:
rica, Nairobi, 2007). A third model can be     •	 What changes have occurred in the last
found in the third part of the JPIC Manual          5-10-20 years? What have been the
“Instruments of Peace” (http://www.ofm.             most significant changes?
                                               •	 What influence does money have on
                                                    this situation? Why?
         Model I: A Simple Format
                                               •	 Who makes the most important deci-
   You do not have to be an expert to do            sions here in relation to the situation or
social analysis. Sophisticated analytical           problem?
tools are sometimes required, but in a
pastoral setting you can work effectively      •	 What are the most important relation-
in small groups, by exploring a local situa-        ships among the people involved? Why
tion or problem, and going through the fol-         are they important?
lowing simple questions. The responses
you come up with will enable you to gain
                                               •	 What are the most important traditions of
                                                    the people? Why are they important?
a wider picture of the situation or problem,
and stimulate a desire for a deeper analy-     •	 What do the people value and desire
sis. The questions are presented in four            most in life? Why?
phases: conversion, clearing the ground;
description, getting relevant facts; analy-    •	 If the situation remains the same, what
sis: history, structure, people, values and         would things be like in the short, medi-
project; action plan: process, infrastruc-          um and long-term future?
ture, networking, sustainability and com-
prehensiveness. The questions:
                                               •	 Whose interest is served if the situation
                                                    remains unchanged? Who will benefit
                                                    from a total transformation of the situ-
Conversion:                                         ation?
•	Why are we interested in this issue
  or problem? Why does it matter to
  us? What factors have influenced our         Conclusions:
  choice of this issue or problem?             •	What are the fundamental/root causes
                                                 of the way things are today?
•	 What do we hope to gain or achieve by
     examining this issue or problem?          •	 What have we as a group learned from
                                                    this process of social analysis?
Description:                                   •	 What shall we do with the new under-
•	 What do we notice about the situation            standing we now have of the situation?
     here today? Who are the people in-
     volved and what are they experiencing?    •	 Where do we go from here?
•	 What is the issue at stake here?     What   •	 Organize an effective, comprehensive
     is the key issue?                              and sustainable plan of action.
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                             53

    In the process of answering the above            ings do not provide a very solid base
questions, participants should try to make           for engaging social issues. We need
links to both faith and justice.                     patience to stand back from the chaos
                                                     of experience or the particular situation
•	 Believers should seek to transform faith          in which we find ourselves, and cour-
  into action: “Whatsoever you do to the             age to move to another level.
  least of my brothers and sisters” (Mt 25);
  love of God and neighbor (Lk 10).             2. Understanding/Analysis – We seek to
                                                   understand the particular situation:
•	 Justice is one of the hallmarks of the
  Kingdom of God. It inspires participants        •	 Questions: What are the underlying
  to help ensure that minimum conditions             issues? Why is this situation unjust,
  for life are met, and to advocate for just         unacceptable? Who benefits from it?
  structures in society.                             Understanding the situation requires
                                                     critical analysis:

                                                  •	 Tasks: Identity the underlying issues,
 Model II: An Action-oriented Format                 the kind of resources required, the
          for Social Analysis                        objectives and goals.

    The four steps presented here to do           •	 Note:   Analysis is a combination of
Social Analysis seek to apply principles             data, information, careful listening, in-
of Catholic Social Teaching to the under-            tense study, concrete immersion and
standing of a particular situation with a            collective discernment concerning
view to change or transform it. It is pre-           the particular situations in which we
sented in this format for purposes of clar-          find ourselves. It is like Jesus telling
ity, but does not mean that the steps are            his disciples “don’t start a project that
to be followed mechanically. The differ-             you do not know how to complete.”
ent sections overlap. This model is more
action-oriented, and each stage calls up        3. Alternative Models:
the next:
                                                  •	 Questions: What would a more just
                                                     situation look like? What possibilities
1. Experience/Reactions – Choose a direct            and probabilities exist? What would
  or indirect experience/event/situation             God command us to do in this kind
  •	 Questions: What is going on here?               of situation? What would Jesus have
                                                     expected his followers to do in this
       What are the observable, most strik-
       ing features of this particular situa-        kind of situation? Analysis and dis-
       tion? The experience itself and the           cernment generate alternative mod-
       questions regarding the experience            els:
       should generate reactions:
                                                  •	 Tasks: Propose models of response
  •	 Reactions/questions: What feelings              drawing upon the resources of our
                                                     Christian faith, the tenets of our
       and emotions does this situation stir
       up in me – revolt, shock, fear, deter-        Scripture, principles of Catholic So-
       mination, indifference, etc.?                 cial Teaching, without neglecting the
                                                     vast resources of local knowledge,
  •	 Tasks: identify concrete, immediate             indigenous wisdom and traditional
       needs. Recognize and name our                 institutions.
       emotions and feelings.
                                                  •	 Note: This vision should be elaborat-
  •	   Note: experiencing immediate needs            ed with the active participation of all
       and recognizing our emotions and feel-        stakeholders, and that includes those

       who are most affected by the pres-       •	 Note: This does not mean the end of
       ent situation. The vision may well be      the process; the particular situation
       utopian. But crucially it needs to be      will evolve, and new situations will
       bold, workable and adaptable.              emerge. Therefore, the response of
                                                  today may need to be reviewed and
4. Translation/Response - translating vi-         adapted in order to remain relevant,
     sion into action:                            effective and transforming. The na-
                                                  ture of the response could be chari-
     •	 Questions: What action, project, min-     table; or structural, critical and radi-
       istry or program best embodies the         cal (a prophetic action, ministry, pro-
       vision? Developing models calls for        gram or project). It has a long-term
       implementation:                            objective of liberating people, and its
     •	 Tasks: Make a choice and a commit-        main component is empowerment for
       ment; opt for a response.

“          Welcoming
           and experiencing
           God who is love prompts us
           to place the love of God
           and of people at the center
           of our Christian lives. 2.1.3
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                  55


1.   Active Nonviolence: a process which              the essential elements of their funda-
     seeks to resolve conflict in a humane            mental life choice. In our life as friars, it
     and effective way; it seeks to break             refers to the task of holding up our core
     the spiral of violence and to create             Gospel beliefs, which are spelled out in
     options for a more human alterna-                more detail in the Rule and Constitu-
     tive. As used in contemporary ethical            tions, and challenging the friars to make
     thought, nonviolence is a philosophy             them concrete in day to day living. JPIC
     and strategy that involves an activist,          Animators are entrusted with the task of
     non lethal confrontation with evil that          doing this in the areas of Justice, Peace
     respects the personhood even of the              and Integrity of Creation.
     enemy, and therefore seeks both to
     end social evils such as oppression,        5.   Catholic Social Teaching: “the ac-
     injustice and invasion and to reconcile          curate formulation of the results of a
     the oppressor.                                   careful reflection on the complex reali-
                                                      ties of human existence, in society and
2.   Advocacy: the act of supporting a                in the international order, in the light of
     cause or proposal.                               faith and of the Church’s tradition. Its
     •	 In a political context: An ‘advocacy          main aim is to interpret these realities,
        group’ is an organized collection of          determining their conformity with or
        people who seek to influence po-              divergence from Gospel teaching on
        litical decisions and policy, without         humanity and its vocation, a vocation
        seeking election to public office.            which is at once earthly and transcen-
     •	 In a social context: The act of in-           dent; its aim is thus to guide Christian
        fluencing a person’s or a group’s             behavior” (SRS 41). For further infor-
        attitude towards a particular issue.          mation consult the following site: http://
3.   Agrofuels (Biofuels): fuels derived              tifical_councils/justpeace/documents/
     from recently dead biological material,          rc_pc_justpeace_doc_20060526_
     from products of the land. The two               compendio-dott-soc_en.html .
     most common forms are: 1) bioetha-
     nol, produced by the sugar fermenta-        6.   Charity: one of the three theological
     tion process, and obtained from corn,            virtues, along with faith and hope. Tra-
     sorghum, sugar cane and sugar beets;             ditionally, charity called for practice of
     2) biodiesel, derived from vegetable             the corporal works of mercy (feeding
     oils, and obtained from plants like soy-         the hungry, clothing the naked, giving
     beans and canola. Some people pre-               shelter to the homeless). Today, char-
     fer to use the prefix “agro” rather than         ity is seen to include a social, structur-
     “bio” for these fuels; “bio” means life,         al or political component as well. Be-
     and these products threaten the lives            yond concern for the corporal works
     of communities and peoples because               of mercy, charity is also an active and
     they are diverting food crops for use            operative commitment to work for a
     as fuel. Mass production of agrofuels            world that is more just and fraternal,
     threatens food sovereignty.                      with special concern for the needs of
                                                      the poorest.
4.   Animate – Animation: the work of an-
     imation is a commitment to encourage        7.   Common Good: the sum total of so-
     people to live faithfully and effectively        cial conditions which allow people, ei-

     ther as groups or individuals, to reach     12. Ecology: the science of the relation-
     their fulfillment more fully and more           ships between organisms and their en-
     easily (GS 26). Common good presup-             vironments, and the branch of sociolo-
     poses respect for the person; requires          gy that is concerned with studying the
     the social well being and development           relationships between human groups
     of the group itself; and requires peace,        and their physical and social environ-
     which is the stability and security of a        ments. It is also seen as the study of
     just order (GS 26; CCC 1906-1909).              the detrimental effects of modern civili-
                                                     zation on the environment, with a view
8.   Community Investments: a subset                 toward prevention or reversal.
     of socially responsible investments
     that allow investors to help a commu-       13. Environmental Justice: this phrase
     nity in need while making a return on           links the concepts of ecology and social
     their investment. (A common miscon-             justice. It highlights the strong relation-
     ception is that these investments are           ship that exists between the ecological
     donations, but this is not the case.)           question, and the issues of justice,
     Many community investments are                  peace and the defense of the rights
     put toward community development                of individuals and peoples. It calls for
     banks in developing countries or in             the fair treatment of all races, cultures,
     lower-income areas of developed                 income classes and educational levels
     countries for affordable housing and            with respect to the development and
     for venture capital.                            enforcement of environmental laws,
                                                     regulations, and policies. Fair treat-
9.   Conflict Resolution: a way or method            ment implies that no population should
     to resolve or to end conflict which takes       be forced to shoulder a disproportion-
     place within an atmosphere of love and          ate share of exposure to the negative
     trust where both parties know that there        effects of pollution due to lack of po-
     will be no winners or losers but each           litical or economic strength. The world-
     is respected for his or her own value.          wide attack on ecology has become,
     There is an opportunity for personal            in reality, an assault on the poor and a
     growth and mutual understanding which           form of environmental racism.
     then enhance peace between parties.
                                                 14. Ethical Bank: a banking institution
10. Ecological Conversion: a call for                which offers its clients regular banking
     conversion not only from sins against           services, but which chooses to oper-
     God and neighbor, but against nature            ate in the financial market according to
     (ecology) as well; the sins include ex-         ethical and social principles. It applies
     ploitation, manipulation and destruc-           these principles in its choice of invest-
     tion of nature/ecology as a manifesta-          ments and its use of savings. Some
     tion of human greed and egoism.                 ethical banks also function in the area
                                                     of micro-credit, providing small loans
11. Ecological Footprint: a resource                 at low interest to needy customers
     management tool that measures how               who would normally have difficulty in
     much land and water area a human                obtaining funds from traditional banks.
     population requires to produce the re-          Ethical banks also offer clients maxi-
     sources it consumes and to absorb its           mum transparency in regard to where
     wastes under prevailing technology.             their money is being invested and how
     Its fundamental objective is to evalu-          it is being managed.
     ate the impact that a specific way of
     living has on the planet, and conse-        15. Ethical Investment Funds: they are
     quently its degree of sustainability.           socially responsible mutual funds that
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                                  57

    hold securities in companies that ad-           20. Inculturation: the insertion of new val-
    here to social, moral, religious or en-             ues into one’s heritage and worldview.
    vironmental beliefs. To ensure that                 This process applies to all human di-
    the stocks chosen coincide with the                 mensions of life and development.
    fund’s beliefs, companies undergo a                 Within contemporary Christianity, in-
    careful screening process. A socially               culturation signifies the movement
    responsible mutual fund will only hold              which takes local cultures and their
    securities in companies that adhere                 values as the basic instrument and a
    to high standards of good corporate                 powerful means for presenting, refor-
    citizenship. Their goal is to promote               mulating and living Christianity. Within
    better conditions of life in society and            this process effective dialogue be-
    the sustainable development of the                  tween Christianity and local cultures
    planet.                                             takes place, and it becomes the hon-
                                                        est attempt to make Christ and his
16. Fair Trade: a movement born in the                  liberating message better understood
    1960s at a conference sponsored by                  by people of every culture, locality and
    the United Nations; its theme was                   time.
    Trade not Aid. The style of trade pro-
    moted by this movement facilitates              21. Integral Development: development
    access of producers from the South                  which includes all aspects of the per-
    to the markets of the North. It guar-               son, avoiding the priority of economic
    antees payment of a fair price for the              development over other human values
    goods, and conditions of equity and                 and dimensions such as the social,
    solidarity for workers.                             cultural, political and religious.

17. Human Rights: the basic rights and              22. Integral Evangelization: evangeliza-
    freedoms to which all humans are enti-              tion which addresses all dimensions
    tled, often held to include the right to life       of the human person. Implies that an
    and liberty, freedom of thought and ex-             activity of evangelization should touch
    pression, and equality before the law.              all aspects of human life such as reli-
                                                        gious, social, economic, political and
18. Ideology: The body of ideas reflect-                spiritual.
    ing the social needs and aspirations of
    an individual, group, class, culture or         23. Integrity of Creation: a vision that
    epoch.                                              sees creation as an interconnected
                                                        existence whereby created entities
    •	   An orientation that characterizes              are not separated from one another,
         the thinking of a group or nation.             but united in a complementary way.
    •	   Seen negatively, it is thinking that           Integrity of creation also means that all
         confuses reality with appearances,             species are inter-dependent, so that
         the particular with the universal. In          the destruction of one created entity
         this context it has generated totali-          affects the integrity of another created
         tarian regimes that have been re-              entity, ultimately resulting in all of cre-
         sponsible for genocide and many                ation being adversely affected.
         other injustices.
                                                    24. Interculturation: a dynamic process
19. Incarnated Spirituality: a spirituality             by which people from different cultures
    that guides people to be fully involved             interact to learn about and question
    in human and worldly affairs as a con-              their own and each other’s cultures.
    crete sign of commitment to building                Over time this may lead to cultural
    the Kingdom of God.                                 change. It recognizes the inequali-

     ties at work in society and the need to         ing concept behind restorative justice
     overcome them. It is a process which            is the restoration of relationships.
     requires mutual respect and acknowl-
     edges human rights.                         30. Social Commitment: a firm pledge
                                                     to apply Gospel values to the task of
25. Lobby: activity aimed at influencing             living in the world, becoming fully in-
     public officials, especially members            volved in human and worldly affairs
     of a legislative body, to accept certain        as a concrete sign of commitment to
     laws or projects. Activity to influence         work for a society that is more just and
     acceptance of a desired goal. Many              fraternal, with special concern for the
     activists for social justice have come          needs of the poorest and the most
     to see the importance of work to influ-         marginalized.
     ence government policies in regard to
     specific JPIC issues.                       31. Social Justice: justice that regulates
                                                     social relationships according to the
26. Reciprocity: a reciprocal condition or           criterion of observance of the law.
     relationship. A mutual or cooperative           Social justice concerns the social, po-
     interchange of favors or privileges, es-        litical and economic aspects of soci-
     pecially the exchange of rights or privi-       ety. Above all it is concerned with the
     leges of trade between nations.                 structural dimension of problems and
                                                     their solutions.
27. Responsible Consumer: a person
     conscious of the fact that behind the       32. Socially Responsible Investment:
     act of consumption there exists a               investments that combine traditional
     complex system of production and                criteria with social and ecological
     distribution, and that the very act of          criteria in the choice of investment
     consumption can promote or extend               opportunities. The criteria are tied
     certain inequalities. A responsible             to issues of social justice, economic
     consumer employs a series of ethical            development, peace and the environ-
     criteria in deciding to purchase goods,         ment. It is also an instrument used
     and takes into account the social value         to channel savings into productive ac-
     of that which is being bought.                  tivities in sectors that have marginal
                                                     access to credit (the struggle against
28. Restitutive Justice: a form of com-              poverty, fostering micro-enterprise
     mutative justice by which the rights            and small businesses, environmental
     of the injured person are restored, or          protection, etc.).
     reparation is made by giving an equiv-
     alent or compensation for loss, dam-        33. Solidarity: “a firm and persevering
     age or injury caused.                           determination to commit oneself to
                                                     the common good” (SRS 38). A com-
29. Restorative Justice: is defined in               mitment to stand with an individual,
     a number of ways. On the abstract               group or cause. Solidarity occurs at
     level, restorative justice is fundamen-         both the interpersonal and the struc-
     tally concerned with restoring relation-        tural levels.
     ships, with establishing or re-estab-
     lishing social equality in relationships.   34. Subsidiarity: stipulates that “a com-
     On a more concrete level, restorative           munity of a higher order should not in-
     justice involves the victim, the offend-        terfere in the internal life of a commu-
     er and the community in a search for            nity of a lower order, depriving the lat-
     solutions which promise repair, recon-          ter of its functions, but rather support it
     ciliation and reassurance. The unify-           in case of need and help to coordinate
                      OFFICE FOR JPIC - ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR                              59

    its activities with the rest of society, al-   36. World: the earth with its inhabitants
    ways with a view to the common good”               and all things upon it. It is the vital
    (CA 48; cf. QA 184-186).                           space where human beings develop
                                                       their relationships with God, with
35. Sustainable Development: develop-                  one another, with nature and with
    ment that meets the needs of the pres-             themselves. In the moral sense, in-
    ent without compromising the ability of            fluenced by platonic and Manichean
    future generations to meet their own               doctrines, world can mean “sin,” as in
    needs. It respects the limited capacity            the theology of John.

    of an ecosystem to absorb the impact
    of human activities.

“        JPIC is committed to promoting all
         expressions of charity. It has a special
         calling, however, to promote political charity,
         which seeks to eliminate the causes of
         poverty and violence. Its ready hand should
         foster the integral development of those
         sectors of society that are weakest and most

         marginalized, and work to transform the
         existing “structures of sin” which impoverish
         the lives of so many people. 2.3.3

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