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					                       RATIO’s involvement with Mulberry
                       Fields began with the master planning
mulberry fields park

                       process we conducted in 2003. In 2006,
                       the construction of Mulberry Fields was
                       funded through a bond issue and RATIO
                       was selected to implement the master
                       plan. Design and additional public input
                       occurred from spring 2006 to early
                       2007, with construction in April 2007
                       and substantial completion in late spring
                       of 2008. The park features lighted rugby
                       and football fields, a sledding hill,
                       bioswales, a skate park, spray ground,
                       playground, basketball courts, hiking
                       and running trails, picnic shelters, a
                       rest room building, and large expanses
                       of upland and wet mesic native prairie.
                       The project was strategically bid in
                       four separate packages to generate as
                       much interest from the construction
                       community as possible, and the final
                       costs came in $900,000 under budget.

                       Town of Zionsville
                       Zionsville, in

                       Year:      2008

                       cOsts: $4,100,000

                       Al Smith

                       phOne: 317.733.2273

                       architecture / landscape architecture

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