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					    Queenstown Lakes District Events Equipment 
                 Hire Catalogue                                                                            


    The following items owned Lakes Leisure Limited have been purchased on the Queenstown Lakes District Council behalf. All items are available for hire to 
                both Standard and Charitable users on a first come first served booking basis pending a hire agreement being signed by the hirer. 

                                There are two hire charge rates for all equipment. Standard and a 20% discounted Charitable rate. 

              1  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


8 x Portable Flushing Toilets  
    •   Two toilets per trailer 
    •   Flushing units with hand basin 
    •   Pick up and to be arranged by hirer 
    •   Toilets hire includes one post event clean.  
    •   Additional cleaning to be arranged with Lakes Leisure’s 
        nominated contractor will be at the hirers cost 
    •   Each trailer has current WOF and Registration.  They can be 
        towed on the road. 
    •   Trailer foot print = 4m (L) x 1.2m (W) x 2.6m (H) 
    •   Hire charges per trailer unit (2 toilets) 
        Per hire up to 7 days: 
                 Charitable: $120.00 + GST 
                 Standard: $150.00 + GST 


            2  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


1 x Portable Rapid Room – Commentary Box 
     •     Air conditioning 
     •     Black interior 
     •     Front windows on inward lean to minimize glare for filming 
     •     Vinyl floor with optional carpet covering 
     •     16amp single phase caravan style power plug and lead 
                o 4 double plugs 
                o 2 double data / phone outlets 
                o External data / phone feed access 
                o 2 double UV strip lights 
                o 1 external bulk head light 
                o Lockable                                                                                       
     •     Unit foot print = 6m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.8m (H) 
     •     Hire charges: 
           Per day charge excluding delivery and return transport* 
           Minimum Hire of 5 Days 
                    Charitable: $32.00 + GST 
                    Standard: $40.00 + GST                                                                   
*See further notes re arranging transport 


                3  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


1 x Portable Rapid Room – Commentary / Ticket Box 
     •     Air conditioning 
     •     Black interior 
     •     Front windows on inward lean to minimize glare for filming 
     •     5 vertical opening ticket windows 
     •     Vinyl floor with optional carpet covering 
     •     16amp single phase caravan style power plug and lead 
                o 5 double plugs 
                o 5 double data / phone outlets 
                o External data / phone feed access 
                o 2 double UV strip lights 
                o 1 external bulk head light                                                                 
                o Lockable 
     •     Unit foot print = 6m (L) x 3m (W) x 2.8m (H) 
     •     Hire charges: 
           Per day charge excluding delivery and return transport* 
           Minimum Hire of 5 Days 
                    Charitable: $32.00 + GST 
                    Standard: $40.00 + GST                                                                       
*See further notes re arranging transport 

                4  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


1 x 20ft Shipping Container Chiller Unit 
     •    Lockable 
     •    Double opening doors at one end 
     •    Aluminium draining floor 
     •    10amp single phase flat pin power supply needed 
     •    0° – 10° temperature controlled range  
     •    Unit foot print = 20ft (L) x 2.5m (W) x 2.5m (H) 
     •    Internal usable space = 4.3m (L) x 2.3m (W) x 2.3m (H) 
     •    Hire charges:                                                                                      
          Per day excluding delivery and return transport* 
                  Charitable: $40.00 + GST 
                  Standard: $50.00 + GST 
*See further notes re arranging transport    

                5  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


2 x 32amp 3phase power distribution boxes 
    •   Lifeguard 7 Model 
    •   32amp 3phase in 
            o 1 x 15amp single phase caravan style plug out 
            o 6 x 15amp single phase flat pin out 
    •   RCD protected 
    •   Hire charges: 
          Per day excluding delivery and return transport 
                         Charitable: $20.00 + GST 
                          Standard: $25.00 + GST 
2 x 20m 32amp 3phase power cables                                            
    •   Hire Charges  
        Per day excluding delivery and return transport 
                Charitable: $20.00 + GST 
                Standard: $25.00 + GST 

            6  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


3 x 82 seat portable seating units 
    •   82 seats per unit 
    •   Can be assembled from 20 seats – 246 seat configuration in 
        4 tier high sections with or without steps 
    •   Hire includes delivery within the Queenstown Lakes 
        District, installation and removal. 
    •   82 seat unit foot print = 10m (L) x 2.65m (W) x 2.44m (H) 
    •   Hire charges:                                                                                   
        Per hire up to 7 days per 82 seat unit 
                  Charitable: $650.00 + GST 
                  Standard: $820.00 + GST 



           7  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


700 x Plastic Chairs  
    •   325 Red  
    •   325 Green 
    •   Can be clipped together for keeping long lines of 
        chairs straight 
    •   Hire charges: 
        Per hire up to 7 days per seat excluding delivery 
                 Charitable: $4.00 + GST / Chair 
                 Standard: $5.00 + GST / Chair                                                               


            8  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


120 x Crowd Barriers  
    •   120 Steel Frames 
    •   60 Steel Feet 
    •   Free standing as individual units with two feet or 
        made into a fence when clipped together end on 
    •   830mm (W) x 1.96m (L) 
    •   Feet 590mm (W) 
    •   Insert = 1.8m (L) x 600mm (H) 
    •   Hire charges: 
        Per hire up to 7 days per unit excluding delivery 
        (there are not two feet per unit available) 
                Charitable: $4.00 + GST 
                Standard: $5.00 + GST 


            9  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


1,600 x Carpet Tiles                                                
    •   1m2 each (1,600 m2 total) 
    •   Grey carpet rubber backed 
    •   Lay edge to edge together on a flat surface 
    •   Hire charges: 
        Per hire up to 7 days per square excluding delivery 
                Charitable: $1.50 + GST 
                Standard: $2.00 + GST 


          10  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


Instructions for Hire 
To make a booking or for any further enquiries please contact Lakes Leisure Limited. 
Phone   0800 111 290 
Visit   Queenstown Events Centre 
        1 Joe O’Connell Drive 
    • To qualify for Charitable hire rates the use must be by a charitable organisation including 
        hire from (not for profit) incorporated societies, sports clubs and schools.  Proof of charitable 
        status of the event / organisation may be required. 
    • All bookings will require a copy of the attached hire agreement to be signed and adhered to. 
    • Bookings will be taken on a first come first served basis with confirmation after receipt of 
        the relevant deposit. 
    • Where transport is needed to be arranged for the delivery and return of hire equipment 
        suitable pick up and drop off time will need to be negotiated on a case by case basis with 
        Lakes Leisure Staff. 
    • For Rapid Room and Container transport Lakes Leisure Limited recommend using: 
        Remarkable Hiab Services 
    • For additional portable toilet cleaning services: 
        SJ Allen Wakatipu 
        Septic Tank Cleaning Services 

           11  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


Hire Agreement for Lakes Leisure Limited Managed Events


                             LAKES LEISURE LIMITED and



      12  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


Equipment Hire Agreement
Date:                                                                                                    2009


1.       LAKES LEISURE LIMITED (“Lakes Leisure”)

2.       _______________________ ("Hirer”)


Charitable – means events held by charitable organisations including hire from [not for
profit] incorporated societies, sports clubs and schools. Proof of charitable status of the
event / organisation may be required.

Standard – includes all other hire, including events held for private, profit or commercial gain
such as the promotion of products or services.

Lakes Leisure is a Council Controlled Organisation of the Queenstown Lakes District
Lakes Leisure is the council’s agent for the management, maintenance and hire of the
district’s Council owned Events Equipment.
The Hirer has agreed to enter into an agreement with Lakes Leisure to hire the Equipment
as set out in Appendix 1.
This agreement records the terms between Lakes Leisure and the Hirer.

Operative Part

1.       Equipment

1.1     In consideration of the Hirer paying the fee set out in Appendix 1 (the hire charge),
        Lakes Leisure authorises the Hirer to the use of the Equipment:
        a     for the purpose or event (together, event) set out in Appendix 1; and
        b     at the time(s) and date(s) set out in Appendix 1 (the hire period).

1.2      In consideration of the authorisation set out in clause 1.1, the Hirer agrees to comply
         with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

            13  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


2     Booking

2.2   Subject to clauses 7.1 and 7.2, a booking will not be confirmed by Lakes Leisure until
      the required deposit and/or bond (if any) is received by Lakes Leisure or a payment
      schedule is agreed by Lakes Leisure.

2.3   The Hirer must not use the Equipment outside the hire period and must ensure that
      the hire period covers all of the time needed by the Hirer for the event (e.g. set up
      and clear up) and to comply with its obligations under this Agreement. Where the
      Hirer uses the Equipment outside the hire period, Lakes Leisure may charge the
      Hirer an additional fee in respect of that further use of that Equipment.

3.    Bond, deposits, payment and access

3.1   A minimum Facility hire bond of $500.00 is payable by the Hirer for all Standard
      bookings or where Lakes Leisure believes (in its sole discretion) there is a particular
      risk to the Equipment. The bond must be paid at the time the booking is made and,
      where the booking is made less than 7 days prior to the event, must be paid by way
      of cash or credit card only. The bond is a form of security for Lakes Leisure in case
      the Hirer does not follow the terms of the Agreement. The bond will be refunded
      provided the Hirer has fully complied with the Agreement. Lakes Leisure may use
      the bond (without limit) towards payment of any unpaid amounts under this
      Agreement or damage to the Equipment. Damage will be charged at cost plus 25%.
      Any unused portion of the bond will be refunded to you.

3.2   Where a booking is made at least one month before the relevant event:
      a a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the booking charge must be paid to Lakes
         Leisure within seven days (7) of the booking being made; and
      b the balance of the booking charge (being the remaining 50% or outstanding
         balance) is due and payable seven days prior to commencement of the hire; and

3.3   Where a booking is made less than one month before the relevant event, then an
      invoice for the full amount of the booking charge will be issued at the time of the
      booking and payment is due and payable seven days (7) prior to commencement of

3.4   A booking in not deemed confirmed until the deposit or full payment has been

3.5   A key hire deposit of $50 must be paid for all bookings where a key is required to
      access the Equipment. Any keys required will be issued to the nominated key holder
      set out in Appendix One at the commencement of the hire. The key deposit will be
      refunded if the key is returned to Lakes Leisure at the time the Equipment is
      returned. The Hirer must ensure that the key is not provided to any other person. In
      the event that the key is not returned to Lakes Leisure within 3 days of the event, the
      key will be regarded as “LOST or STOLEN” and Lakes Leisure may enforce a lost
      key charge of $250.00.

3.6   The person making the booking for the Hirer must be at least eighteen (18) years of
      age and authorised to make the booking on behalf of the Hirer.

        14  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


4     Use of the Equipment

4.1   When using the Equipment, the Hirer must ensure that the Infrastrucutre are
      maintained in the same clean order, repair and condition as they were at on the start
      of the hire period and must, at the end of the hire period, yield up the Equipment in
      the like clean order, repair and condition, fair wear and tear excepted, and in
      accordance with any reinstatement checklist notified to the Hirer by Lakes Leisure,
      excluding the removal of sewage waste from the portable toilet units.

4.2   When using the Equipment, the Hirer must:
      a comply with all laws, including the Health and Safety in Employment Act Lakes
         Leisure’s reasonable directions; and
      a take all practicable steps to identify, reduce or eliminate the risk of harm to
         employees, contractors or members of the public using the Equipment; and
      b inform Lakes Leisure immediately of any hazard, accident, or incident that is
         identified or occurs that involves the use of the Equipment during the hire
         period; and
      c take all reasonable steps to protect the Equipment from damage and must not
         affix anything to any part of the Equipment that cannot be removed without

4.3   The Hirer:
      a may not sublet the Equipment;
      b is responsible for the security of the Equipment during the hire period;

4.4   Where the Hirer wishes to attach signage to any part of the Equipment the hire must
      insure the fixings are not permanent and do not in any way leave damage once the
      signage is removed.

4.4   Where a user of the Equipment during the hire period acts (or fails to act) in a
      manner that would breach this Agreement if the user was the Hirer, that act or failure
      to act is deemed to be a breach of this Agreement by the Hirer.

4.6   The Hirer indemnifies Lakes Leisure against any claim, liability, loss or expense
      (including legal fees on a solicitor own client basis) brought or threatened against, or
      incurred by, Lakes Leisure arising from or in connection with the Hirer’s use of the
      Equipment or the Hirer’s breach of this Agreement.

5     Cancellation by Hirer

5.1   The Hirer shall advise Lakes Leisure in writing (email is acceptable) of a cancellation
      as soon as it becomes aware that the relevant Equipment hire will not be required.

5.2   In the case of cancellation, the Hirer shall:
      a forfeit any deposit paid by it for the relevant booking; and
      b be liable to pay the balance of the booking charge if the Hirer cancels the
           booking within:
           i.   one month of the booking if the booking is a Standard booking; or
           ii.  10 days of the booking if the booking is a Charitable booking.

        15  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


6     Insurance

6.1   Lakes Leisure has arranged insurance for the Equipment; this insurance premium is
      covered in the Equipment hire fee. Where any claim has to be made resulting from
      the Hirer’s use of the Equipment the Hirer will be liable for the excess payment for
      that claim.

7     Lakes Leisure rights and obligations

7.1   Lakes Leisure has the right to cancel any booking under this Agreement or to
      reschedule that booking (in consultation with the Hirer), provided that Lakes Leisure
      notifies the Hirer no less than 60 days prior to the booking.

7.2   Despite clause 7.1, Lakes Leisure has the right to cancel the booking, or require the
      Hirer to immediately return or allow for collection of the Equipment, without notice, if
      Lakes Leisure:
      a or the Queenstown Lakes District Council’s Emergency Manager considers the
          Equipment is required for civil defense purposes or an emergency;
      b considers that the Equipment is unsafe or unusable for any reason including
          (without limit) as a result of adverse weather or other conditions; or
      c considers (acting reasonably) that the use of the Equipment by the Hirer
          breaches this Agreement or is objectionable.

7.3   Lakes Leisure accepts no responsibility, and shall not be liable to the Hirer or any
      third party, for personal injury to persons or damage to or loss of personal clothing,
      equipment, vehicles or any other property whilst the Hirer is using the Equipment.
      Despite the previous sentence, the Hirer must promptly notify Lakes Leisure of any
      injury, damage or loss of this nature.

7.4   Lakes Leisure may terminate this Agreement with immediate effect if the Hirer
      breaches any term of this Agreement. Without limiting Lakes Leisure’s other rights or
      remedies, where it terminates this Agreement, any deposit and/or bond paid by the
      Hirer shall be forfeited. In the event of termination under this clause, the Hirer must
      immediately return or allow for collection of the Equipment. Clauses which, by their
      nature, are intended to survive termination (including, without limit, clauses 4.1,
      4.3b.4.6, 7.3 and 7.4) continue after this Agreement is terminated.

SIGNED for and on behalf of                 )
LAKES LEISURE LIMITED                       )
by:                                         )
                                                       Print Full Name
                                                       Print Title

SIGNED for and on behalf of                )
[Insert full name of Hirer]                )
by:                                        )

        16  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            


                                                APPENDIX 1

                                        Details of the Agreement

            Item                                                Detail

  Equipment Hired
(Background section)

         Hire charge
        (clause 1.1.)

    Event / Use Location
       (clause 1.1a)

      The hire period
       (clause 1.1b)

Nominated key holder
    (clause 3.5)

                                                APPENDIX 2

                        General Hire Rules (as at the date of this Agreement)

>        No equipment is to be modified without Lakes Leisure’s knowledge and written
>        Any electrical equipment used in conjunction with any Equipment must have approved
         safety ratings, and where used outside, must be used with isolation transformers or
         earth leakage protector devices.
>        No fires shall be lit in or near any of the Equipment.
>        The Equipment with enclosed spaces is strictly NO SMOKING at all times.
>        Any damage, or fines incurred by the Hirer or its transport agent while the Equipment
         is in transit will be charged to the Hirer in accordance with 3.1.

             17  Queenstown Lakes District Event Hire Equipment Catalogue |                            



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