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					                                                Prayer Request
                                              September 14, 2011

 Missions/Missionaries/Other Ministries:
  Paulo & Heather Rehn & Family, Susu People (West Africa), Persecuted Churches, Richard Shipp (England),
  Robert Puckett Jr. (Guam)

 Unchurched: (Nashville) Berrien County

 Hospital: Peggy Marion (Bonnie Clark’s friend—SGMC—has lupus; fell & broke her leg in seven places), Emily
   Warren (daughter of Eric & Alisha Warren—Emory Hospital in Atlanta; may have leukemia) (from Misty
   Guest), Paul Wilfork (Silas’ brother—Thomasville), Johnny Hall (Tift Regional—pancreatitis), Brandon (friend
   of Michele Adair’s brother, Adam—Shepard Center in Atlanta; he now has some feeling back in his legs; still
   has a long way to go but what a great God we have to work this miracle after 3 weeks of nothing; also remember
   Adam—he is having a very hard time dealing with seeing his friend this way and not knowing if he caused more
   injury by pulling him out and doing CPR), Judah Bouyer (from Barbette Hagood—ICU at Riley’s Children’s
   Hospitalin Indianapolis—born Sept. 2, 2011; has some kind of infection; liver & kidneys are no longer
   functioning; has new unknown lesions on his body; blood pressure is dropping to scary low numbers; pray that
   he can fight this infection that is taking over his little body; also pray that parents can get into the Ronald
   McDonald House; they live over 2 hours away from the hospital)

 Health Problems: Randy Epps (broke his hand), Pat Guin (bad head cold), Haylee Tuttle, Jerry Wilson (incision
   is healing; has to be careful until Friday; no lifting over 5 lbs.), Gail Wilson (will get results of foot x-ray
   today),Tiffany Weaver (recovering from gallbladder surgery), Gary Schofill (back), Janice Ethridge, Tim
   Roberts (had a stroke), Bob Hinkle (test), Joyce Lancaster, Danny Hendley (recuperating from shoulder surgery),
   Dave Gallman (recuperating from neck surgery), Charlotte Dillard (foot problems), Michelle Burke (Bonnie
   Clark’s daughter), Buie Griner, Sue Flanders (blood pressure), Tommy Tuttle, Demie Tuttle, Sally Griffin, James
   May (kidney problems), Ann Barton (please pray for relief from pain), Nancy May (COPD, heart), Julia Murray
   (hip & back pain), Linda McGill (back & leg problems), Courtney Nelms

   Family and Others Requests and Needs: John Henry Schofill (Gary’s uncle—has leukemia; 2 months to live;
    wife, Vera, passed away), Dwayne Gaskins (Janie Budington’s brother—cancer has returned), Barbara Joiner
    (unspoken), Inell (friend of Addie Boyd), Chip Wideman (from Gail Wilson—37 years old and has colon cancer;
    to have surgery today), Dougie Plumberg (David & Nancy Yeoman’s grandson—is scheduled to have test/biopsy
    done on September 16th at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta; will be going through his esophagus and intestines up
    to his colon looking for eosinophils, a type of white blood cell, bleeding, & inflammation; Dougie has FPIES
    {food protine induced entercolitis syndrome} and EGID {an auto-immune disorder}),Will Wheeler (Charlie
    Grant’s great grandson), Glenda Davis, Betty Bishop (Joy Spires’ sister—throat problems; MRI), Delores Vickers
    (bronchitis), Tommy Hurst & sister, Lisa (at Feedshack; horse injury), Rob Puckett (Bob Puckett’s son), Gerald
    Roberts, Billy & Angela Tyson, Michelle Spring (from Earl Miles), Mary Bailey (Michele Adair’s mother),
    Wanda Craig (Robert Van Avery’s mother—has colon cancer), Mike Boston, Inell Rowe (cancer treatments),
    Martha Chambers, Sharon Webb (The Flower Shop), Ian Moody (son of Barbette Hagood’s friend), Millie
    Freeman (Billy Cartwright’s mother), Charles Hayes (friend of Bonnie Clark), Phares Keppley (Donna
    Wetherington’s father), Beverly Spencer’s two sisters, Leta Hendley (cancer), Darrell, Abby, & Mac Griffin,
    Regina Lane (friend of Patti Gallman), Jason King (Misty Guest), Doyle Kirby (Nancy Yeoman’s brother—on
    liver transplant list), Tammy Rutland (Becky Phillips’ daughter—46 years old; cancer), Juan Velazquez (Zenia
    Livingston’s father), Mr. & Mrs. Paul Griner, Ed Prickett (cancer), Russell Smith (Gail Wilson’s son’s (Dain
    Smith) grandfather—prostate cancer), Doyle Collier (Ailon Browning’s friend—unspoken), Nicole Burke
    (Bonnie Clark’s daughter), Nancy Kirby (Nancy Yeoman’s mother), Rebekah Gaskins (Gail Wilson’s co-
    worker’s niece), Penfield, Bobby Jewell (Michelle Dowdy’s brother—kidneys), Janet Powell (Bonnie Clark’s
    friend—back pain), Norma Trembley (Bonnie Clark’s mother-in-law—health issues), Irene Redding (friend of
    Misty Guest), Mr. & Mrs. Paul Griner, Bobbie Charlton (cancer behind eye), Diane Carter (Michelle Dowdy—
    colon cancer), Sandord Carter (Michelle Dowdy—colon cancer), Dawn Hancock (strength), Deb Tyson (for
    strength), Martha Willis (co-worker of Naomi Hendricks—lympth node cancer), Don Simmons (Gideon—final
    stages of Alzheimer’s), Our Church, Churches w/o Pastors in Assoc., The Caring Place, lost people, Karol
    Mulligan (friend of Barbette Hagood)
 Nursing Home: Kay Hughes (BC), Jamie Hutto (BC), Laura Spencer (BC), Grace Holt (BC), Emma Jean Bryant
   (BC), David Holmes (Macon), Carol Ann Brogdon (BC), Ernie Mae Spires (Adel), Mytrice Lewis (BC) Willie
   Luke (BC), Mel Booth (BC), Rex Nelms (BC), Ruby Hamilton (Patti Gallman & Deb Tyson’s mama—BC),
   Bro. Fred & Florrie Hester (BC), Beth Purdy (Bro. Ray’s stepmother—in an assisted living facility in Ocala),
   Lavenia Thompson (BC), Tammy Rutland (BC), Bro. Jack & Eileen Harris (BC), Sara Kathryn Watson (BC),
   Verma Robinette (BC—has cancer), Delores Griner Ray (BC), Patricia Kirkland (BC), Mary Mathis (Faye
   Calvin’s mother—Lakehaven)

 Military: Support your military by praying for them all and add a special prayer for those who are facing other
  problems as well as the unique military ones. Military married to Military members also have special prayer
  needs. Our Country, Our Service Men & Women, Our President & Cabinet, Brent Browning, James Spencer,
  Amy Spencer, Chad Mercer, Rob Puckett III (Guam Reserves), Brandon Morrow, David Baxter, Billy
  Germaine (Japan), Jeremy Spires, Ben Flowers, Robert & Amy Jeaton, William Weaver, Billy Dean, Jr.,
  Johnny Flowers, Jason Heresy, Moody Personnel, Justin(Bay)Conely, Billy Cartwright, Shawn Smith, Jeremy
  White, Brandon Livingston (Afghanistan), Jackie Adair, Thomas Gray (Iraq), Jeremy Wetherington, Adam
  Wilson (Camp LeJeune), Andrew Isaacson (Barbette Hagood’s nephew), Becky Jesup & family (Alaska),
  Courtney May, Sam Mann (Alaska), Jamie Brannon, Tony (son of Gail Wilson’s co-worker—Afghanistan),
  Andrew Browning (Air Force boot camp in Texas)

 Deaths: The Family of Vera Schofill (Gary’s aunt), The Rex Nelms Family

 Salvation: Charles & Madeline Young, Fred Stephenson

 Baptisms/New Members:

 Praise: Chris & Alyssa Bailey (Michele Adair’s brother & sister-in-law) are expecting their first child. They
   have been trying for 6 years; been on fertility drugs for awhile.

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