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                                                 From Victorian to Virtual

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Customer Details                                 Pivotal CRM has helped savills achieve dynamic growth through the
                                                 delivery of highly personalized services and become one of the world’s
                                                 major providers of global property services.
Country or Region
                                                 Pivotal CRM solutions touch every aspect of         as a means to not only reduce IT operating and
Industry                                         Savills' business, including marketing, sales,      management costs but, more importantly, to
Property and real estate services                service, HR and finance across its residential,     drive improved customer service at a time when
                                                 commercial and private finance divisions. Since     both the commercial and residential property
Customer Profile                                 1998, the company has pursued a strategy to         markets were experiencing considerable
Savills is the trading name for the principal    centralize its IT systems, including all contact    growth. The board recognized that offering a
property services subsidiaries of Savills        management and CRM systems. As a result,            highly personalized and responsive service to
plc, a UK company with a full listing on the     Savills has achieved dynamic growth by placing      their clients would place the company in a very
London Stock Exchange. Founded in 1855,          themselves in a strong position to offer a highly   strong position to capitalize upon this market
the business is one of the leading firms of
                                                 personalized service to both its residential and    growth across all aspects of the business.
international property consultants and real
estate agents in the world.                      commercial clients around the world.
                                                                                                     Such a business objective could not be
With offices and associates throughout the       Much of this success can be attributed to the       achieved using the company’s existing IT
UK, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, the USA, and   successful development and deployment of            infrastructures, which differed from division
Canada, Savills plc holds a powerful global      Pivotal CRM solutions. As well as achieving         to division. The aim was to transition from
position employing 14,500 people worldwide,      increases in customer attainment and                diverse and disparate systems across
of which 2,500 are based in the UK. In 2004,     service levels, the company has also realized       multiple locations to a suite of consistent,
the company reported revenues of £327.97
                                                 significant increases in employee satisfaction      single applications from which all employees
                                                 leading to reduced employee turnover.               could quickly derive benefit, to be controlled
                                                 Furthermore, operating costs have been              and managed by a Group IT function. The
                                                 significantly reduced and revenues increased        approach was therefore one of consolidation
                                                 by gaining a unified view of all clients across     and centralization and, most importantly, rapid
                                                 their entire business, enabling stronger up-sell    development of new systems and applications
                                                 and cross-sell opportunities to be identified.      in order to meet aggressive timescales.
                                                 Having achieved success with the use of Pivotal     During the same timeframe, Savills Private
                                                 CRM solutions in the UK and Europe, the             Finance was searching the IT market for a
                                                 company is now entering a new phase aimed           specialist property contact management and
                                                 at centralizing their core business systems to      mortgage quoting system driven by the need
                                                 include the Asia-Pacific regions. As part of this   to become both PIA (Personal Investment
                                                 new phase, the company has adopted Pivotal          Authority) and Y2K compliant.
                                                 5.7, which offers tighter integration between
                                                                                                     Within six months, SPF was required to prove
                                                 functional modules as well as improved user
                                                                                                     that they could show a full audit trail on all
                                                 interface and customization capabilities.
                                                                                                     mortgage services provided to their clients.
                                                 Future plans for the continued development          This, coupled with the drive to achieve Y2K
                                                 of Pivotal CRM solutions also include the use       compliance, meant that speed and flexibility
                                                 of CDC MarketFirst for the company’s client         were of the essence.
                                                 communications, as a means to sustain brand
                                                                                                     SPF assessed the benefits of both specialist
                                                 integrity by implementing fully co-ordinated,
                                                                                                     industry solutions as well as CRM solutions,
                                                 consistent and cost-effective electronic
                                                                                                     including Siebel. Neither route was pursued.
                                                 communications across the group.
                                                                                                     Either the applications were too focused on the
                                                                                                     residential side of property management and
                                                                                                     therefore would not be of use to the company’s
                                                 the Business decision                               commercial division, or, as was the case for
                                                 In the late ‘90s, the Savills plc board took the    the CRM solutions, were considered to be
                                                 strategic decision to centralize all IT systems     too inflexible, cumbersome, expensive and

                                                                                                                                    Pivotal CRM | Case Study
          time-consuming to deploy. Confidence in meeting regulatory           improved customer service through highly responsive,
          standards and Y2K deadlines could not be assured.                    personalized communications.

          the Introduction to Pivotal CRM                                      Integration is Key
          Introduced by an external consultant, SPF made the decision          Historically, the estate agency and property management
          to develop a customized contact management and mortgage              industry has been slow to realize the value of the Internet as
          solution based upon Pivotal CRM. Directly as a result of             a significant sales and marketing channel. Savills recognized
          the success, in terms of speed of deployment and flexibility         the importance of being able to integrate the traditional estate
          to develop customized applications, Savills plc made the             agency business with their online business.
          strategic decision to standardize on the Pivotal CRM platform
                                                                               Digital assets such as floor plans, photographs, and
          to meet the business needs of all divisions of the company.
                                                                               unstructured text are stored in Alchemy Gold, which integrates
          As part of this centralized approach, Savills plc now                seamlessly with Pivotal CRM. This approach enables users
          standardizes on the Microsoft platform using Citrix and MS           to select standard templates within Pivotal CRM applications,
          Windows Terminal Server connecting over WANs to virtual              and use a single system to create property details once and
          desktops. As a key element of this infrastructure, Pivotal           directly publish these across multiple channels in multiple
          CRM delivers the single database and related business                formats, including printed brochures, web and e-mail.
          applications for users across marketing, sales, service,
                                                                               Pivotal CRM is also used to populate the company’s web site
          finance and HR. More than 2,000 users currently use the
                                                                               with relevant structured text and images, as well as associate
          Pivotal CRM system across the UK and Europe with future
                                                                               property portal sites, including www.primelocation.com. In
          plans to increase the user base across both geographic
                                                                               addition, Pivotal CRM directly feeds printers online with text
          locations and business divisions.
                                                                               and high-resolution graphics for next-day delivery of printed
                                                                               By leveraging the power of the Pivotal CRM system,

                                                                               Savills can now automatically match new property details
Our Pivotal CRM applications have become the                                   with potential buyers contained within the Pivotal CRM
metaphorical dashboard and engine for our entire                               contact management system and more effectively market
                                                                               the properties via the buyer’s preferred communication
business. We are now in a far stronger position to                             channel—e-mail, phone, or regular mail.
drive our business forward into the next phase of                              Throughout the entire selling process, the Pivotal CRM
growth. Pivotal CRM has taken Savills from Victorian                           system is used to manage all costs and disbursements
to virtual!                                                                    associated with each individual transaction and, once the

         ”                                               Richard Coleman
                                                          Group IT Director
                                                                               sale is completed, Pivotal CRM is used to feed the company’s
                                                                               financial systems to invoice vendors. As part of this process,
                                                                               Pivotal CRM produces documents with Crystal Reports
                                                                 Savills plc   and automates the workflow behind the entire approval
                                                                               process from front to back-office. Equally, final payment and
                                                                               settlement transactions are also automatically recorded within
                                                                               Pivotal CRM.
          Running the Business day-to-day
          The first priority was to develop a fully integrated suite of
          applications to underpin the needs of the residential property       More effective Communications through
          sales and management division. The resulting system called           CdC MarketFirst
          SpiKE (Savills Property Information & Knowledge Exchange)            Having acquired FPD in the Asia-Pacific region and formed
          has been developed entirely using Pivotal CRM technologies.          a strategic alliance with Trammell Crow Company, one of
          The primary focus for the new system was to establish                the USA’s top full service real estate advisory companies,
          a single contact management system for the division.                 it was extremely important for the company to uphold its
          Previously, client information existed in multiple formats,          brand name and identity and deliver consistent, co-ordinated
          systems and locations, including MS Access databases,                communications to its clients across each of its divisions.
          spreadsheets, manual systems, and legacy systems.                    Driven by these business reasons, in January 2003, Savills
          Due to the speed and flexibility with which Savills has been         bought CDC MarketFirst as a communications solution for its
          able to use Pivotal CRM to develop and implement new                 marketing function, which would not only help its marketers to
          business modules, the company has not only been able to              more effectively plan and manage their marketing campaigns,
          centralize its core client information, but has now been able        but would also ensure brand and messaging consistency.
          to automate its business processes and more effectively              Having undergone a two-week period of training and
          manage all aspects of property sale and management.                  implementation, CDC MarketFirst was up and running seven
          As a result, the company has witnessed improved sales                days later. As an integral module within the standard Pivotal
          closure rates, reduced sales cycles, increased new client
          acquisitions, a growth in up-selling and cross-selling and
              CRM suite of applications, Savills has used CDC MarketFirst           Pivotal CRM’s research & development team in Vancouver,
              for a number of initiatives including:                                B.C., Canada, on an as-needed basis.
              •	 Personalized customer news service, including content              In the words of Richard Coleman, Group IT Director, “We
                 directly in line with buyers’ property specifications to which     rarely get an error message relating to a Pivotal CRM
                 over 9,000 clients subscribe                                       application itself. In effect, the system is self-managing.”
              •	 Distribution of research information by the valuation
                                                                                    Savills has now established a mature end-user training
                 department, which has led to increased sales
                                                                                    program for their Pivotal CRM-based applications. Training
              •	 Conversion of printed documents to e-mail content by               on Pivotal CRM is an integral element of the company’s
                 research department                                                employee induction program, where only after employees
              •	 Control, monitoring, and tracking of all e-mail marketing,         have successfully completed their training programe are they
                 including the creation of banners and content by the web           given full access to the system.
                 services department                                                By adopting this approach, Savills has ensured 100% user
              With an initial focus on the UK, it is planned to rollout CDC         acceptance as well as maintaining the correct standards
              MarketFirst across further Savills geographies in line with the       of system usage. As one new employee commented, “The
              overall consolidation of systems and applications.                    systems are fantastic in comparison to our competitors.”

                                                                                    In effect, Pivotal CRM is used to make the lives of the

                                                                                    company’s negotiators, property managers, and estate agents
    Using Pivotal CRM, we are now able to manage the                                easier such that they are able to focus on the business of
                                                                                    selling and managing properties rather than be burdened by
    complete process of selling properties through a                                administrative paperwork and procedures.
    single system. From attracting vendors, marketing
    properties and matching to prospective buyers,
    managing expense claims and invoicing vendors,
                                                                                    Since 1998, Savills has made extensive use of the Pivotal
    Pivotal CRM underpins our entire business on a day-                             CRM system, taking it far beyond the functionality of pure
    to-day basis.
                                                                                    CRM. The secret of their success lies in the unique application
                                                                                    of sound business knowledge to the development of
                                                              Richard Coleman       applications using a highly flexible, customizable and open
                                                               Group IT Director    system that has enabled the company to quickly develop
                                                                      Savills plc
                                                                                    applications that directly meet their business needs.

                                                                                    According to Coleman, “Our Pivotal CRM applications have
                                                                                    become the metaphorical dashboard and engine for our entire
              the Future Goes Mobile                                                business. We are now in a far stronger position to drive our
              In order to meet the business requirements of the company’s           business forward into the next phase of growth. Pivotal CRM
              commercial division, Savills is drawing on the power of the           has taken Savills from Victorian to virtual!”
              Pivotal CRM platform to support mobile and wireless devices,
              including PDAs and smartphones. Accessing the commercial
              division’s property management and contact management
              system on the move will enable the company’s property
              managers to respond to their clients’ needs instantly. In this
              way, the company will be providing superior levels of service
              to their commercial clients.

              the Value of a Flexible, Highly Customizable,
              Modular system
              During the six-year relationship with Pivotal CRM, Savills has
              made extensive use of the Pivotal Toolkit to develop more
              than 80 different business modules using their in-house
              development teams. Having received initial administration and
              customization training on the Pivotal CRM system from Pivotal
              Professional Services, Savills now develops and maintains
              all of its applications in-house. The company’s Pivotal CRM
              development team maintains a direct communication with
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Description: Pivotal CRM has helped Ssavills achieve dynamic growth through the delivery of highly personalized services and become one of the world’s major providers of global property services. Pivotal CRM solutions touch every aspect of Savills' business, including marketing, sales, service, HR and finance across its residential, commercial and private finance divisions.