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									                                                    Sussex Enterprise
                                                    Bringing Government Agencies Together to Boost

                                                                                                                                                                   C a s e
                                                    Sussex Business

Sussex Enterprise                                   acting as a hub for local government agencies, sussex enterprise

                                                                                                                                                                   s t u d y
                                                    is using the CdC software suite to forge ahead in helping small
Country or Region                                   businesses in sussex grow by providing support.
United Kingdom

Industry                                            Sussex Enterprise is a not-for-profit              of Commerce and Business Link, but other
Public Sector                                       organisation that helps businesses in the          information collected and stored by Business
                                                    UK grow and become more profitable. The            Link teams is highly sensitive financial and
Customer Profile                                    organisation has two key functions, the first of   strategic information that enables the advisors
Sussex Enterprise serves two major groups: its      which is “Business Link,” which provides the       to assist these businesses. The CDC Software
27,000 Business Link customers and its almost       information, advice, and support businesses        professional services team created a multi-
3,000 Chamber of Commerce members.                  need to start, maintain, and grow a business.      level security feature that limited access to this
Business Situation                                  The Business Link function provides information    sensitive information.
                                                    and advice to help more than 27,000 customers
Given Sussex Enterprise’s complicated
structure, they needed a system that could          make the most of their opportunities.              adopting Best-Practice technologies
provide Business Link with the functionality                                                           The second challenge was to drive
                                                    The Business Link service is a crucial part of
and depth of detail they needed, while at the                                                          membership numbers in the Chamber of
same time allowing the Chamber of Commerce          the government’s efforts to promote enterprise
                                                                                                       Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce
to be able to see a certain level of appropriate    and to make the UK the best place in the world
                                                                                                       network has been around for a long time,
information as well.                                to start and grow a business. It is primarily
                                                                                                       serving the business community. But as the
                                                    funded by the Department for Business,
Solution                                                                                               business world is changing with unprecedented
                                                    Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, supported
CDC Software has provided Sussex Enterprise                                                            speed, so too must the Chamber of Commerce
                                                    by a number of other government departments,
with a suite of solutions that addresses the                                                           system. Sussex Enterprise is leading the
                                                    agencies, and local authorities.
organisation’s requirements and tailored the                                                           way by adopting new practices and new
solution to comply with Sussex Enterprise’s         Sussex Enterprise also supports and                technologies in order to be able to best serve
multi-level security access needs. The suite        represents businesses in Sussex in its chamber     the next generation of businessmen and women.
includes Pivotal CRM for customer relationship
                                                    of commerce function, in which it has become
management, Pivotal Analytics for reporting                                                            A major part of this change is in the form of
and data analysis, and CDC MarketFirst for          the second-fastest-growing chamber of
                                                                                                       communications. No longer do people have
marketing automation.                               commerce in the country and the largest in
                                                                                                       the time to RSVP by mail. Sussex Enterprise
                                                    Sussex. More than 2,500 businesses of all sizes
Benefits                                                                                               recognised that most of their contacts use
                                                    and industry sectors benefit from the practical
                                                                                                       e-mail as their main communication medium
•	 An increase in membership retention rates        business support, training, information, and
   to 85%
                                                                                                       and therefore put CDC Software’s CDC
                                                    advice that the organisation provides.
                                                                                                       MarketFirst marketing automation system in
•	 A tenfold increase in the level of response to                                                      place. The results were immediate and clearly
                                                    Performing the functions of both Business
   event invitations
                                                    Link and the Chamber of Commerce, Sussex           validated the move to install the system. In
•	 Gave team members greater capacity               Enterprise has faced a number of challenges as     promoting an event that would historically
•	 Ministerial-level acknowledgement of             they have continued to grow larger and stronger.   secure 20-25 attendees, CDC MarketFirst
   best practice                                                                                       significantly increased attendance to 200
                                                    Leveraging Resources                               people—a tenfold increase.
•	 Made Sussex Enterprise a leader in the UK
   for bringing together government agencies        The first challenge Sussex Enterprise was          Gill Edinburgh, Sussex Enterprise’s Board
                                                    facing was the need for the team of just 50        Director, commented, “This was a result of
                                                    people to manage relationships with almost         communicating in a way that the market clearly
                                                    30,000 people, of which more than 3,000 are        likes to be communicated with that also ties
                                                    serviced on an intensive daily basis. By putting   in well with our need for efficiency. Everybody
                                                    CDC Software’s Pivotal CRM in place for            is busy these days and asking them to RSVP
                                                    customer relationship management, the team         via mail is an added hassle for them and
                                                    has been able to free up a significant amount      more time-consuming and expensive for our
                                                    of resources, enable the staff to use their time   organization. CDC MarketFirst allows us to
                                                    more effectively, and ultimately get more done.    communicate in a more efficient and cost
                                                    In addition to this, Pivotal CRM was tailored      effective way.” She continued, “Eventually we
                                                    to Sussex Enterprise’s complex operating           will use CDC MarketFirst to manage our entire
                                                    structure. The first requirement was that the      marketing campaign.”
                                                    CRM system should have internal security—          .
                                                    some of the information held on companies is
                                                    relevant and appropriate for both the Chamber

                                                                                                                                       CDC Software | Case Study
                    addressing accountability                                                 a Hub for Local Government agencies—Raised
                    Sussex Enterprise’s third and final challenge was to meet                 at Ministerial Level
                    government objectives by putting in place a system that                   The most recent success for Sussex Enterprise is that
                    allowed them to produce detailed reports and analysis                     Business Link has taken the lead among local government
                    on the actions and interactions provided to Business Link                 agencies by allowing them access to the Sussex Enterprise
                    customers. Sussex Enterprise implemented Pivotal Analytics,               system. This allows everyone from local authorities through
                    which enabled the team to generate reports demonstrating                  to further education colleges to see central customer files
                    that specific targets set by the central government—such                  through the Pivotal CRM ePartner system, eliminating the
                    as the number of intensive interactions achieved with small               situation in the past in which Business Link customers would
                    companies—were being met, as well as providing detail                     have been inundated with calls from all of these government
                    regarding the structure of a particular member company.                   agencies collecting similar information. It also allows the
                                                                                              various agencies to join up services and provides public-

   “    We are extremely proud of our government hub
        initiative. This is truly leading the way in the UK—
                                                                                              sector partners with the ability to run analytical reports—for
                                                                                              example, on the make-up of the business community in
                                                                                              Sussex—and allows them to then take that information and
        our success has been raised at ministerial level as                                   use it in economic planning and forecasting.

        being best-practice.
                                                                                              This programme has been such a success that it has been
                                                                                              referenced at ministerial level as best practice.
                                                                          Gill Edinburgh
                                                        Board Director, Sussex Enterprise     Edinburgh said, “We are extremely proud of our government
                                                                                              hub initiative. This is truly leading the way in the UK—our
                    Edinburgh said, “Once we saw what Pivotal Analytics could                 success has been raised at ministerial level as
                    do, the management team was able to gain a great deal                     being best-practice.”
                    of in-depth visibility over what was being done in the field,
                    the time taken to deliver on actions, and the level of activity
                    conducted by each team member.”

                    enviable Results
                    The system has brought about significant changes for Sussex
                    Enterprise. The Chamber of Commerce has increased
                    membership retention rates to 85%—much higher than
                    the majority of other chambers around the country. Sussex
                    Enterprise is now among the fastest-growing chambers of
                    commerce in the United Kingdom.

                    The analytics software enables Sussex Enterprise to
                    demonstrate the value it is delivering to key stakeholders.
                    It has demonstrated, for example, that Sussex Enterprise
                    produces the most intensive interactions of any of the
                    Business Link organisations in the UK. Additionally, “It
                    has also allowed us to develop products that we know the
                    customers want to use,” said Edinburgh.

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