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                                                           corporate, investment & banking systems
 Development and Project Services
 cibsys is a provider of IT and business process expertise specialising in the support of branches
 and subsidiaries for the financial markets and corporate customers.
 Drawing on pan-European expertise cibsys provides high quality and cost effective business and
 IT solutions. Our services cover all forms of business process design, systems implementation
 and IT Infrastructures.
 cibsys is providing among the most cost efficient development services throughout Europe.
 We can help you if you are:
               ƒ Struggling to fit all the development projects in your budget.
               ƒ Paying more than you should for projects.
               ƒ Suffering with long distance communications to far-shore providers.
               ƒ Finding it hard to complete projects on time and in budget.
               ƒ In need of an expert partner that is large enough to service you but small enough to care.

                                                  Our Methods
                                                  All our projects are run using agile and rapid application development
                                                  methods, as speed of delivery at high quality is expected by our clients.
                                                  Iterative creation of design, code, test plans and technical documentation,
                                                  in fast short releases, ensures regular visibility on progress to customers.
                                                  Our on-site business analysts and project leaders are backed by our near-
                                                  shore off-site delivery teams, to ensure both high quality of service and
                                                  optimum cost for the client. Using the near-shore off-site delivery model
                                                  can halve costs for clients compared to having the whole team on-site.
                                                  “Compared to far-shore vendors we found the proximity of the cibsys
                                                  teams provided higher quality and faster results.”
                                                                      Project Manager, Banking Systems Implementation

 Development Experts
 The company provides expert resources in a wide range of technologies, but with a special expertise in web-based
 workflow and reporting solutions. We use rapid, agile development techniques.
 Software can be developed in either the Microsoft tool set, c#/.NET/MS SQL Server, or in the Open tool set based on Java/
 JSP/PHP with MySQL, Oracle or Sybase and Unix/Linux.
 Creativity of web and report design are critical success factors on projects. High attention is also applied to documentation,
 testing and interfaces.


    UK: No.1, 2 Greystoke Place                DE: Im Prüfling 8                           ES: Edificio Pinar
           London                                     Hinterhaus                                  Calle Pinar 6 Bis, 2°G
           EC4A 1GP                                   60389 Frankfurt                             28006 Madrid
           +44 845 3711 510                           +49 69 4800 5433                            +34 915 636 469
           info@cibsys.com                            info@cibsys.com                             info@cibsys.com
                                                           corporate, investment & banking systems

 cibsys works from its offices in London, Frankfurt and Madrid to provide services throughout Europe. Our companies have
 been working since 2002 to provide development services to a wide range of clients. Unlike some vendors we are happy
 to undertake small scale outsourcing of projects and we can provide our customers with a tailored service.
 cibsys can provide fast and effective service for:

 ƒ Project initiation and scoping                                ƒ Rapid coding of prototypes and final systems
 ƒ Specification and design, of workflows and systems            ƒ Accurate testing of both programs and systems
 ƒ Design of databases, screens and reports                      ƒ Implementation, maintenance and tuning

 By using near-shore project teams with an on-site project leader, we minimise costs and overheads for the client.

 Corporate Sector Success Story                                    Investment & Banking Success Story
 We are a Gold certified partner of Microsoft. We have             cibsys has a special focus on the workflow process linking
 special expertise in the development of Sharepoint and            the sales and revenue driven processes to the back office
 .NET based solutions and are recommended for our                  support functions, especially in risk, finance, operations
 expertise and experience in these products.                       and related cost driven departments.
  A number of the existing clients of cibsys have benefitted       The cibsys teams and founders all have extensive
 from projects to rationalise their web presence both              experience of working with financial systems and
 internally and externally.                                        companies. We are specialists in the systems supporting
 For example, we successfully reorganised all the                  international banking and bank branches.
 applications and databases used by a legal partnership.           For example, we successfully implemented the regulatory
 Prior to our project the firm had difficulty locating the         reporting systems for a foreign bank branch against a
 right information quickly, slowing down the processing            very tight external deadline. The systems were interfaced
 of cases. By building organised web databases we                  to the operational systems of the bank, and we provided
 accelerated their information retrieval and cut the time to       an architecture that now reduces the cost of ongoing
 prepare legal briefs.                                             maintenance and changes.
                                                                   “Having had bad experience of development projects
 “Our intranet was a mess before the experts at cibsys             with far shore companies in Asia, we were pleasantly
 overhauled the infrastructure and re-implemented it. Now          surprised at how much more efficient it was working with
 we can find what we need when we need it!”                        near-shore cibsys teams.”
                       Partner, Spanish Legal Partnership                    Project Manager, Financial Services Company

                                      The group companies are now working with customers across Europe to provide IT
                                      infrastructure and development services to their branches including: Dresdner Bank,
                                      Aspro Ocio, Ambers &Co., Arab Bank, Dexia Equities and the Body Shop.
                                      Our outsourcing services are highly competitive and have saved our customers
                                      significant time and money in supporting their branches and subsidiaries with


    UK: No.1, 2 Greystoke Place                DE: Im Prüfling 8                         ES: Edificio Pinar
           London                                     Hinterhaus                                Calle Pinar 6 Bis, 2°G
           EC4A 1GP                                   60389 Frankfurt                           28006 Madrid
           +44 845 3711 510                           +49 69 4800 5433                          +34 915 636 469
           info@cibsys.com                            info@cibsys.com                           info@cibsys.com

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