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					                                                  CPP Development

                                                                                                                                                                C a s e
                                                  Enhancing CRM to Build a Luxury Residential Market

Customer Details                                  CPP uses Pivotal CRM to support the creation of a new luxury

                                                                                                                                                                s t u d y
CPP Development Ltd                           residential market segment in the Czech Republic.
Country or Region                                 CPP is an affiliate of the Dutch investment       made it as user friendly as possible for the sales
Czech Republic                                    group Jaccor BV. Arriving on the Czech            representatives, who currently most use the
                                                  market in 2003, CPP is focused on building        system most,” commented Klára Pojerová, CPP
Czech Republic Partner                            a new residential quarter in Paruká ka, Prague,   Development’s Sales Director.
LLP Prague                                        bringing a new trend of luxury housing to
                                                  the city.                                         Highly Intuitive Browser-Based access
Industry                                                                                            CPP required a CRM system that could
Home Building & Real Estate                       Even before entering the Czech market,
                                                                                                    eventually be made accessible to both
                                                  CPP Development knew that because it was
Customer Profile                                                                                    employees and external partners, although
                                                  in essence creating a new segment in the
                                                                                                    in its initial phase it offers access only to
CPP Development is an affiliate of the Dutch      market, effectively managing and tracking
investment group, Jaccor BV, that entered the
                                                                                                    employees. CPP’s Pivotal CRM solution allows
                                                  prospective property investors and residents
Czech market in 2003 with a luxury housing                                                          all users to enter the CRM system using Internet
                                                  was vital to the success of the development.
development project.                                                                                Explorer, which means that CPP’s users—both
                                                  The firm recognised that it would require
                                                                                                    internal and external—do not need to have any
Business Situation                                a comprehensive customer relationship
                                                                                                    software installed locally to be able to access
                                                  management (CRM) system that could be
CPP had multiple legacy systems and no                                                              information. In addition, because of the prolific
effective CRM system for its sales force and      rapidly deployed, but that could also be
                                                                                                    use of Internet Explorer, almost all users are
management to use to track opportunities.         precisely tailored to meet the needs of the
                                                                                                    already familiar with the operating environment,
                                                  developer’s sales force.
                                                                                                    which makes navigating the system highly
                                                  Before deciding on a specific solution,           intuitive right from the beginning. When CPP
By selecting Pivotal CRM and using partner
LPP for implementation assistance, CPP has        CPP Development first evaluated the CRM           deploys the solution to external partners, this
put in place a system that allows its employees   system market, focusing on criteria such as       will also make access and training much faster
to track and manage prospective sales             the suitability of the solution for business      and simpler.
opportunities and that allows management to       development, the flexibility of the system
generate comprehensive reports surrounding        settings and modifications, and value in return   targeting and tracking
performance and activity.
                                                  for the investment.                               Communications
Benefits                                                                                            Pivotal CRM is built on and integrated with
                                                  CPP determined that a Pivotal CRM solution
•	 Provides CPP with a central database of                                                          Microsoft technologies. This has been of
                                                  from CDC Software was the best solution on
   existing and potential clients                                                                   particular benefit for CPP, whose sales
                                                  the market for their needs, and they looked
                                                                                                    representatives are able to update their
•	 Gives management increased visibility          to implementation partner LLP Prague to
   with the ability to rapidly generate reports                                                     calendars either in Microsoft Outlook or in the
                                                  provide speedy and smooth implementation
   on activities                                                                                    CRM system, with the systems synchronising
                                                  of the product.
                                                                                                    accordingly. In addition, managers can create
•	 Enables CPP to track property units and
                                                                                                    “bombing patterns” (calling plans) involving a
   related materials, providing the sales force
   with an up-to-the minute picture of the
                                                  Rapid, Phased deployment                          number of staff, and with the click of a button
   availability of remaining units                Full implementation of the Pivotal CRM solution   the activity assignments can be pushed out to
                                                  was completed in just eight weeks. “Go-live”      all of those individuals’ calendars.
•	 Enables users to evaluate demand for
   certain types of units
                                                  was carried out in phases, beginning with a
                                                  trial operation to iron out any wrinkles in the   An additional advantage of the Pivotal CRM
•	 Allows CPP to accurately calculate             implemented system and carry out further          system installed by CPP is that it allows the
   commissions for sales representatives          modifications to meet the developer’s needs,      user to click an alternative “send” button in their
   and external partners
                                                  including cosmetic modifications to forms for     Microsoft Outlook window that not only sends
                                                  entering data, ensuring the system was as user    the e-mail, but also saves it in the CRM system
                                                  friendly as possible.                             as a record of the client interaction in a single
                                                                                                    step. Similarly, incoming e-mail messages
                                                  “We had all items and sections of the Pivotal     can be exported to client records in the
                                                  CRM solution that we knew we would use            database. This makes it easy for the company
                  Central Park                    extensively customised to precisely match our     to maintain a thorough shared record of client
                  Praha                           requirements for monitoring specific cases.       communications and keep all team members
                                                  The system was interconnected in a way that       up to date and informed.

                  Central Park
                  Praha                                                                                                              Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                    Orientation and support Post-Implementation                               CPP has been able to use the Pivotal CRM system in a
                    The real estate firm has found LPP an excellent                           number of ways that are specific to its role as a development
                    implementation partner. “LLP explained the system to us the               firm. CPP uses Pivotal CRM to track property units and related
                    way we needed and set it up the way we wanted it; but we                  materials, providing the sales force with an up-to-the minute
                    are also reassured to know that it can be modified to suit our            picture of the availability of remaining units. They also use the
                    evolving needs moving forward. All our dealings with LPP                  system to evaluate demand for certain types of units and to
                    have been very professional, including comprehensive training             accurately calculate commissions for sales representatives
                    and consulting regarding the system settings and usage,”                  and external partners.
                    Pojerová says.
                                                                                              Integration and unification of systems

                                                                                              and stakeholders
    Pivotal CRM is a very user-friendly and stable system,                                    CPP has grown rapidly over recent years, and as the project
    which is quick to master, yet undemanding, making                                         progresses and the company expands, CPP’s requirements
    one’s work much easier.                                                                   are changing. The legacy IT systems in place before Pivotal

                                           ”                              Klára Pojerová
                                                         Sales Director, CPP Development
                                                                                              CRM had become too complex and complicated to maintain.
                                                                                              “Uniting our disparate databases within a single system—
                                                                                              Pivotal CRM—will allow for greatly expanded numbers of
                                                                                              users and greater feature usage,” explains Pojerová.
                    Since implementation, as expected, the most frequent users                This unification of systems is also essential to allowing CPP’s
                    of the system have been the company’s sales representatives,              external partners to use the system. By enabling many
                    who track their interactions with customers and monitor the               stakeholders connected to CPP to use a single system, the
                    entire business cycle in the Pivotal CRM system, from the                 developer will be able to expand the system’s value, usage,
                    first contact with the customer through all further discussions,          efficiencies, and partnerships. As the company continues to
                    including post-sales communications such as requested                     evolve and grow, the flexibility of the Pivotal CRM system will
                    modifications to the residential unit and setting payment                 enable CPP to continually adapt and remain competitive.
                    schedules prior to hand-over.
                                                                                              CPP is very happy with its Pivotal CRM implementation.
                    In addition to the daily benefits for users, CPP’s managers               “The Pivotal CRM solution has already more than met our
                    regularly use the system’s reporting and analytical features.             requirements, and we haven’t yet utilized it to its full potential.
                    “In principle, I could monitor the basic parameters using Excel.          As the number of users grows and the project progresses, the
                    But Pivotal CRM offers much more. In my opinion, Pivotal                  amount of functionality we are using within the CRM system
                    CRM’s reporting and analytical features offer us the greatest             is also increasing,” says Pojerová. “Pivotal CRM is a very
                    benefits, and I can use its various filters and other valuable            user-friendly and stable system, which is quick to master, yet
                    tools to efficiently process and generate the required report             undemanding, making one’s work much easier.”
                    in seconds. Pivotal CRM is really an excellent tool for gaining
                    comprehensive summaries and overviews,” adds Pojerová.

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Description: "CPP is an affiliate of the Dutch investment group Jaccor BV. The firm recognised that it would require a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) system that could be rapidly deployed, but that could also be precisely tailored to meet the needs of the developer’s sales force. CPP determined that a Pivotal CRM solution from CDC Software was the best solution on the market for their needs, and they looked to implementation partner LLP Prague to provide speedy and smooth implementation of the product."