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					Micro Focus

                                                                                                                         C a s e
Micro Focus rebuilt its application infrastructure using the Pivotal
CRM platform. With more than 450 users worldwide, the company
has significantly benefited from standardizing on a single application
platform across all business functions, including marketing, sales,

                                                                                                                         s t u d y
service, finance, distribution, and HR.
Company Overview                                         •	 Reduced sales cycles and increased revenues by
Founded in the United Kingdom in 1976, Micro                creating highly targeted leads for proactive selling
Focus provides world-class solutions for developing         through the tighter integration of marketing and
and deploying COBOL applications on contemporary            sales
platforms and architectures, ensuring that IT            •	 Increased customer satisfaction leading to
departments can make the most of their existing             increased customer retention rates
enterprise application systems. Supported by
a network of Micro Focus professional services           •	 Justified its investment in the Pivotal CRM system
expertise including partners, systems integrators,       Due to these early successes with the new system,
and in-house training, customers fully implement         Micro Focus intends to continue to expand its use
superior legacy development practices and optimize       of Pivotal CRM as the standard for its business
use of the Micro Focus solutions.                        applications platform.
Micro Focus International Ltd. is an independent,
privately held company with equity investment from
                                                         the Move to Pivotal CRM
Golden Gate Capital. The company has more than           In August 2001, Micro Focus needed to build a new
470 employees worldwide, with principal offices in       independent business applications infrastructure.
the United Kingdom, United States, and Japan.            This gave Micro Focus the opportunity to make
                                                         strategic decisions about exactly which areas of their
Analyst firm Gartner Inc. estimates that more than       business would benefit from the new infrastructure.
70 percent of computer code in the world is written
in a legacy application with an estimated 200 billion    The initial focus was on improving the way in which
lines of COBOL code. Micro Focus capitalizes on          the company managed its customer information, not
that figure to enable companies to unlock value from     purely through a contact management system, but
their existing technology investments by transforming    rather by enabling its business managers to more
and re-using legacy systems into Internet- and client/   effectively generate new business, manage existing
server-ready applications that lower costs, minimize     customers, and provide higher levels of customer
risk, and increase business agility.                     service.

                                                         What was quickly realized was that this new
summary                                                  applications infrastructure would need to touch all
In less than two years Micro Focus has completely        aspects of the Micro Focus business if it was to be
transformed its application infrastructure to, what      of real benefit to the company.
is today, a highly responsive, integrated and easy-
to-use set of business applications deployed             Whilst the company assessed the benefits of a
throughout the entire business. All areas of Micro       number of CRM vendors’ technologies, the decision
Focus are using Pivotal CRM applications including       to build the new infrastructure on the Pivotal CRM
marketing, sales, service, finance, distribution, and    platform was heavily driven by the following factors:
                                                         •	 Need to deploy within four months
As a result, the company has realized the following      •	 Requirement to customize applications in line with
benefits:                                                   specific business needs
•	 Reduced costs of handling customer enquiries          •	 Need to integrate with existing systems, including
                                                            System Union’s SUN accounting system for
•	 Reduced customer enquiry response times
                                                            finance, Teloquent CTi system for service and
•	 Increased employee satisfaction                          support, and Taxware, the companies tax
•	 Reduced employee turnover                                application; Pivotal CRM’s support for Visual
                                                            Basic, XML, and SOAP were key factors for
•	 Increased sales efficiencies through faster,             ensuring successful integration
   more accurate and extensive sales forecasting,
   opportunity management and prioritization

                                                                                              Pivotal CRM | Case Study
                 •	 Need to get users of the new applications trained, and up             •	 Human Resources - employee management including
                    and running as quickly as possible                                       employee change history and organizational chart
                 •	 Need to work with a proven provider of technology solutions
                    who would act as a true extension of the Micro Focus                  •	 Executive Team - business performance monitoring,
                    development team                                                         reporting and analysis, including CFO and CEO
                 Implementing the New Infrastructure
                 The Pivotal Professional Services team worked closely with the           Improving Customer service 24x7x365 around
                 in-house Micro Focus developers to assist with both technical            the World
                 training and the customization of the new system. The                    With a strong emphasis on improving the levels of service
                 in-house developers quickly became familiar with the power               provided to their customers, Micro Focus has used Pivotal
                 and flexibility of the Pivotal CRM platform, enabling Phase 1 of         CRM to help streamline their customer services department
                 the development project involving deployment to 150 users to             and improve efficiencies.
                 be completed within four months.
                                                                                          In particular, the worldwide technical support team is now able
                 Commenting on the success of Phase 1, Sanjeev Garg,                      to capture, manage and respond to support incidents through
                 Director of Worldwide Business Systems, Micro Focus                      the more efficient access to and presentation of customer
                 International Ltd., said, “Pivotal Professional Services were            information. This is achieved by linking serial numbers with
                 instrumental in getting Micro Focus up and running in a record           customer licence and support histories. In so doing, the
                 four months. The overall approach for the project was for the            support team have all the necessary information immediately
                 Pivotal CRM team to act as the technical lead working with our           available to them allowing them to more effectively manage
                 in-house team to assist with making the right customization              and resolve customer issues as they arise.
                                                                                          Furthermore, Micro Focus has made use of Pivotal CRM’s
                 Garg continued, “We needed to create a single, unified                   web-based, self-service functionality by developing a
                 database of customer information to underpin all our business            customer portal which provides a range of services including
                 functions. We knew that this approach would enable us to                 a knowledge base, incident logging & tracking facility, and
                 take the new applications infrastructure beyond pure CRM                 downloadable patches and fixes.
                 and place us in the strongest possible position to not only
                 extend the use of the new system beyond marketing, sales                 Conclusion
                 and service, but, more importantly to enable Micro Focus to              In less than two years, Micro Focus is now able to more cost
                 become a truly customer focused organization.”                           effectively and efficiently manage and respond to customer
                                                                                          enquiries and requests. Customer information is available
                 serving the Needs of Business on a                                       online throughout the organization and is accessible from
                 day-to-day Basis                                                         anywhere in the world.
                 Using Pivotal CRM to provide them with an end-to-end
                 business applications infrastructure has led Micro Focus to              Increased efficiencies have given rise to higher levels of
                 realise a range of business efficiencies. At the highest level,          employee satisfaction as employees are now able to focus on
                 the Pivotal CRM solution has not only enabled the company                the job at hand rather than finding themselves restricted by
                 to streamline and integrate its internal business functions, it          inflexible, cumbersome systems and applications.
                 has also helped to strengthen the company’s position in the              Business managers can now quickly and accurately forecast,
                 marketplace.                                                             manage, and prioritize sales on a global basis, which had
                 The following provides just a few examples of how the various            previously proved difficult.
                 different business functions within Micro Focus are using                By aligning their marketing and sales operations more closely
                 Pivotal CRM applications, together with CDC MarketFirst:                 through the use of a single, integrated system, the company
                 •	 Marketing - campaign and lead management                              is now able to generate highly targeted leads, which is helping
                                                                                          to drive increased revenues.
                 •	 Sales - opportunity management, forecasting, contact
                    management, day-to-day activity management                            In short, the investment in the Pivotal CRM solution has been
                 •	 Customer Support - incident logging, tracking and problem             cost-justified, enabling Micro Focus to improve its competitive
                    resolution                                                            standing and increase customer loyalty through improved
                                                                                          customer service.
                 •	 Finance - order processing, invoicing and revenue
                 •	 Distribution - product configuration, picking and packing,
                    shipping and distribution

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Description: In August 2001, Micro Focus needed to build a new independent business applications infrastructure. Whilst the company assessed the benefits of a number of CRM vendors’ technologies, the decision to build the new infrastructure on the Pivotal CRM platform was heavily driven