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									―Soup for Soul‖

  Providing different kinds of fresh and
     healthy soup with healthy food
Group 25

 Group members:
 Anna Ng, Wai Na (2001036109)
 Cheung Chun Kit (2001441201)
 Ng Tsz Lok Gary (2001048047)
 Cheng Wai Yeung Richard
Presentation Run Down
      Reasons for starting ―Soup for Soul‖
      Marketing research and result
      Existing market structure and
      Key success area
      Characteristic and uniqueness
      Target customers
      Set up procedure
Presentation Run Down
     5Ps Strategy: Product, Price, Place,
    Promotion, Position
     Daily operation
     SWOT Analysis
     Anticipated problem and possible
      Personal feeling and learning
      Q & A session

 Starting a business—”Soup for Soul”
 Supplying of a variety of healthy soup
 and other healthy food in a
 convenient way
Reasons for starting ―Soup for Soul‖

 We like drinking soup and cooking
 high quality and long hourly cooked
 soup and share with others
 Soup can be highly healthy, natural,
 with great variety
 Soup can make one to be relaxed
 Drinking soup is a traditional Chinese
 Culture and a cue to healthy body and
Reasons for starting ―Soup for Soul‖

 Hong Kong people like drinking soup
 and they are becoming health
 The working pace is fast, together
 with other reasons, which makes the
 habit of drinking soup is relatively less
 There is space for setting up “Soup
 for Soul”

 1. To provide a quick and convenient
 way for people to enjoy different kinds
 of healthy soup with high nitration
 2. To promote the habit of drinking
 soup regularly so as to have a healthy
 body and mind
Marketing Research

Aim of marketing research:
  Customers value and preference
  Giving relevant information on setting
  5 Ps
  Existing market structure vs. the
  feasibility of “Soup for Soul”
Research methodology
 Primary data
 •   Searching in the internet
 Secondary data
 • Questionnaires
 • By conducting telephone interviews and
   survey in the internet
 • Sample target: Our target customers—
   working population, aged range from 18-
 • Sample size: 100
Research result

 78% like drinking soup
 22 % do not like drinking soup
Factors that like and drink soup:

 Staying healthy (84%)
 Beneficial to health (87%)
 Tasty (40%)
 Personal preference (17%)
 As a habit when having meal (25%)
 Others (16%)
Factors that do not like and drink soup:

   Unhealthy (55%)
   Avoid being fat (56%)
   Inconvenient to cook soup (66%)
   Not tasty (43%)
   Personal preference (29%)
   Others (15%)
Favorite kinds of soup

  Vegetable soup (20%)
  Seafood soup (12%)
  Meat soup (8%)
  Soup for vegetarian (15%)
  Functional soup (with Chinese medical
  ingredient)/soup that has specific
  beneficial effects on bodies (45%)
Ideal soup

 Tasty (80%)
 Stay healthy and fit (76%)
 Beneficial to health (74%)
 Stay young and beautiful (80%)
 Improve sexual ability (32%)
 No MSG (92%)
 Others (12%)
Buying pattern

 39 % would like to buy soup if their
 ideal soup is available in the market
 61 % still consider other factors and
 do not sure whether they would buy
 soup if their ideal soup is available in
 the market
Factors to be considered to buy
take away soup
 Price—Reasonable, no huge difference
 between the price of ingredient and cost
 Kinds of soup –A variety kinds to be
 Convenient level—High and immediately
 Functions of soup—stay beautiful and
 young, improve mental state, beneficial to
 health, improve sexual ability etc.
 Nutrition level—High
 Ingredient—Healthy, no MSG
The existing market structure
 There 7 restaurants specialize in
 selling soup in Hong Kong
 There are 4 existing soup delivery
 services in Hong Kong since April
 There are no restaurant specialize in
 selling take away soup
 Some restaurants provide soup apart
 from other food
Source: www.yp.com.hk
Restaurants specialize in selling
soup in Hong Kong
1. Ah Yee Leng Tong阿二靚湯
   Location: Quarry Bay, Mong Kok,
   Causeway Bay, Shau Kei Wan
2. Tai Woo Soup Restaurant太湖靚湯小館
   Location: Shau Kei Wan
3. Ah Tai Rest阿大靚湯飯店
   Location: Tsim Sha Tsui
4. Han Nya Tou Robatayaki般若湯
   Location: Quarry Bay
Restaurants specialize in selling
soup in Hong Kong
 Soup specialized restaurants are less
 in Hong Kong
 Demand is much larger than supply
 Limited choices on the types of soup
 among the customers
 Result of our marketing research;
Soup delivery services

Day Day Soup 日日老火靚湯
Ah Suet Lan Tong 阿 雪 靚 湯
Smart Soup Workshop 靚湯工房
Soupdaily 靚湯日報
Soup delivery services
   Order is needed to be made before a day,
   no immediate order can be made.
   Need to pre-pay for the package of the
   soup and the delivery services
   collection of the bowl of soup next day
   Limited area for the delivery services
Source: http://www.daydaysoup.com
The feasibility of ―soul and soup‖
 There is business opportunities…
 Few restaurants specialize in providing
 soup in Hong Kong
 No restaurants specialize in providing a
 variety kinds of soup in Hong Kong
 High quality of soup is not easily and
 immediately available, especially in CBD
 There is huge space for starting ―soul and
 soup‖—A restaurant in CBD providing
 different kinds of long-hourly cooked and
 healthy soup
Key success area
 Reasonable price —Price set according to the
 price ingredient and types of soup
 Choices —10 different types of soup can be
 chosen by customers
 Taste —Delicious with different tastes
 Convenient level —Relatively high, the take away
 soup is immediately available
 Functions of soup —different soup has different
 beneficial functions to health: stay beautiful and
 young, improve mental state, beneficial to health,
 improve sexual ability etc.
 Nutrition level —High, natural and fresh ingredient
 is used for cooking, no MSG added
Characteristics and Uniqueness
 We emphasis on our product—different
 kinds of high quality, health and functional
 A shop which specializes in selling take
 away soup in CBD
 Caring both health and soul of our
 customers and potential customers
 All soup being cooked for long hours, using
 various kinds of natural ingredient with no
 MSG added
Characteristics and Uniqueness
 Conducting marketing research seasonally and
 make modification of the recipe and menu list
 Seasonally change of menu list and recipe
 Providing a variety kinds of soup, with different
 themes and functions seasonally
 Getting abreast of the taste of our customers and
 potential customers
 Employing experienced consultants and cooks to
 involve in our company
 Special and convenient packages for take away
Target customers

 White collar office workers
   Busy, think cooking soup is tedious and
   Could afford soup besides regular meal
   for lunch
   A taste of soups with style
   Want to stay healthy, pay attention to
Target customers

 Other auxiliary customers
   Willing to spend money for taste and
5Ps Strategy
5Ps :
 Product, Price, Place, Promotion,

 Primarily: Middle class, bourgeois
 (soups of $10 - 30)
 Also: Up market
 (for lavish soups ~$50)
Place: Address

 32, Wellington Street, Central, Hong

 Reason of the choice
   Branch of the Queen‘s Road Central
   Near the MTR station exits
     Flow of people is large
   Lots of commercial centers
     there are many white-collars in this area,
     which are our main target of customers
   the shops nearby also provided different
   kind of customers
   Only one sit-in soup restaurant in this
     Not too much competition
   Other kind of restaurant nearby
     The working population can enjoy a bowl of
     soup from our shop after their lunch
   Fitness Center nearby
     Our soup is a must!!!
Place: Location

Place: Our store

 Mainly focus on soup that beneficial
 to health and fitness
 Provide international style and taste
 to attract variety of customers
 Regular modification of the menu list
 will be made according to the
 marketing research
Product: Menu list
Product: Menu list
Product and Price

  Types of soup and price:
  Daily Family Slow-cooked Soup $10
  Soup for vegetarian $15
  Nourishing Soup $20
  Soup with International style and Taste $25
  Functional and fitness soup $30
  Luxury Soup $50

 After purchasing the soup, our
 customer can enjoy following by pay
 $2 more:
   Yam bundles
Logo and Package
  Use the name of our shop to
  create the Chinese word
  ‗soup 湯‘

 Distributing Leaflet on the street
 Human Advertising Plate
 Promotion Week
Setup procedures
Rent a shop
Application for licenses
Water, electricity and gas
Buy cooking utensils
Contact suppliers
Hire personnel
Application for licenses

 ―Business Registration‖ from Inland
 Revenue Department
 ―Food Factory License‖ from Food
 and Environmental Hygiene
 ―Environmental Permit‖ from
 Environmental Protection Department
   6 full times
     4 full time day shift
     2 full time night shift (1 chef, 1 worker)
   4 part times
   1 consultant oversees recipes
Staff structure

              Owners (4 full time day shift staff)

4 part time workers 1 night shift chef           1 consultant
                    1 night shift worker
        Startup expenses:
Rent (2 months deposit and 1 month prepayment)                 $225,000

Cooking utensils, installations and utilities                  $100,000

Equipments (e.g. cash registers, refrigerators) and fittings   $100,000

Contracts with suppliers                                        $20,000

Promotion and miscellaneous (e.g. licenses)                     $55,000

Total                                                          $500,000
  Monthly projected balance
                Revenues                                Expenses
Sales:                                  Packaging                     $10,000
Family                     $10 x 4800   Ingredients                   $72,000

Luxury                     $50 x 1200   Utilities                     $30,000
Nourishing                 $20 x 2880   Rent                          $75,000
Functional                 $30 x 2880   Miscellaneous                  $5,000

International              $25 x 2400   Salaries:

Vegetarian                 $15 x 1200   Consultant                    $10,000
Others                      $2 x 2400   Chef                          $20,000
                                        Night shift                   $10,000
                                        Part time                   $5,000 x 4
                                        Full time                  $10,000 x 4
Total:                      $334,800    Total:                       $292,000
Daily operations
Time            Remarks                Labour
09:00 – 10:00   Prepare for opening    Full time (Ft): 4,
                                       part time (pt): 0
10:00 – 11:00   Open at 10:00          Ft: 4, pt: 0

11:00 – 14:00   Lunch hour             Ft: 4, pt: 4

14:00 – 15:00   Prepare for tea time   Ft: 4, pt: 4

15:00 – 17:00   Tea                    Ft: 4, pt: 4

17:00 – 20:00   Off- office hour       Ft: 4, pt: 0

20:00 – 21:00   Cleaning and closing   Ft: 4, pt: 0

21:00 – 09:00   Overnight duty         Ft: 2,pt:0
SWOT Analysis

   Selling take away soups — innovative
   Customers can enjoy tasty, healthy and
   long hourly cooked soup in a relatively
   convenient way
   Seasonal change of menu list can keep
   abreast of the current taste of customers
   and further capture a larger share in the
SWOT Analysis

  Selling take away soup and healthy food
  only—may be difficult to build up
  customer loyalty
  Fluctuate flow of people in CBD--
  relatively less customers besides lunch
  time, tea time
  Hot soup maybe less popular in summer
SWOT Analysis

   People are becoming health conscious
   The working pace is fast in Central 
   convenience is the key
   Innovative soup and cold soup can be a
   new trend in HK
SWOT Analysis

   New entrance
   Competitions with the existing food
Anticipated problems & solutions

 Hygiene Issue  tidy packing, clean
 Image  promotions, corporate
 Customer loyalty discounts
 Current trend and taste of our
 customers  continues marketing
 Image building  popularity
 Chaining stores in CBDs
Personal feeling and learning
Anna Ng, Wai Na:
  A simple business is a complicated
  Many practical consideration and problems
  Starting a business need to plan from
  different perspectives
  Analysis the environmental factors and
  having a appropriate business ideology are
  Learning from planning and discussing
Personal feeling and learning
Cheung Chun Kit :
 Difficult, but interesting
 During the discussion, there will be some
 quarrels. We learn to solve the problem
 through rational discussion.
 The process of building up a business is
 much more complicated than imagination.
Personal feeling and learning
 Ng Tsz Lok Gary:
   Starting a business is challenging, but
   It‘s a valuable experience to combine
   different opinions together
   Personally, I prefer simple and I believe
   in simple business
Personal feeling and learning
Richard Cheng:
   Starting business always depends on
   We could think big but reality dictates
   after all
   Business styles of partners are crucial
Q & A session
 Thank you

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