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					                                          MARCH 27th, 2011—THIRD SUNDAY OF LENT
                    BAPTISMS /          BAUTISMOS
Baptisms are celebrated twice monthly, once in English and once in Span-                              SAFE ENVIRONMENT
ish. Please see the bulletin for exact dates. Parents should make arrange-   Coordinator: Ms. Winnie Burke. Awareness education required
ments at the Rectory at least one month in advance and must present          for all volunteers who interact with minors.
child’s Birth Certificate and proof of residence within the parish.
                                                                                       CATHOLIC CEMETERIES / CEMENTERIOS
Los padres deben hacer los arreglos por lo menos un mes antes del Bauti-
smo es necessario presenter el Acta de Nacimiento y prueba de que viven                                CATOLICOS
dentro de la parroquia.                                                      For information and availability options, please call (718) 894-
                                                                             4888. Please remember that cremated remains should be in-
               BAPTISM SCHEDULE-—ENGLISH                                     terred in the same manner as bodies, out of respect for the
                                                                             human body.
WEDNESDAY                               SUNDAY
Conference 8:00 pm-Center               Ceremony 2:00 pm                                 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OF CHILDREN /
             NO BAPTISMS DURING LENT                                         For information about the program, please call our Director of Reli-
May 4                      May 8                                             gious Education at (718) 278-1881, Monday through Friday, from
June 8                     June 12                                           10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
July 6                     July 10
PLEASE NOTE JULY BAPTISM WILL BE AT 4:00PM                                   Favor de llamar a Zilia (718) 278-1881, Lunes hasta viernes,
                                                                             desde 10:00 am hasta 4:00 de la tarde.
August 10                  August 14
September 7                September 11
October 5                  October 9
PLEASE NOTE OCTOBER BAPTISM WILL BE AT 4:00 PM                               Favor de llamar a Zilia (718) 278-1881. Necesita que hacer
November 9                 November 13                                       sacramento de confirmation antes.
December 7                 December 11
                                                                                               PRE-ADMISSION ANOINTING
              HORARIO de BAUTISMOS—ESPANOL                                   If you know you will be entering the hospital for elective surgery, it
                                                                             is appropriate and recommended to received the sacrament of the
MIERCOLES                               DOMINGO                              Anointing of the Sick BEFORE entering the hospital. Simply ask
Charla 8:00 pm—Centro                   Bautimo 2:00 pm                      one of the parish priests to give you the sacrament before admis-
18 Mayo                     22 Mayo                                                         PASTORAL CARE OF THE SICK /
22 Junio                    26 Junio                                                      SACRAMENTOS PARA LOS ENFERMOS
20 Julio                    24 Julio                                         Call the Rectory to arrange for a Priest or Eucharistic Minister to bring
                                                                             Communion to the homebound. In case where one’s health is seriously
24 Agosto                   28 Agosto                                        impaired by sickness or old age, please contact one of the Priests to ad-
21 Septimbre                25 Septiembre                                    minister the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.
19 Octubre                  23 Octubre
23 Noviembre                27 Noviembre                                     Favor de llamar la oficina parroquial para los enfermos
14 Diciembre                18 Diciembre

                 MARRIAGES          /   MATRIMONIOS                              PARISH REGISTRATION/ INSCRIPCIÓN PARROQUIAL
Couples should make arrangements at least six months in advance.
                                                                               Please return this form in the collection or drop off at rec-
Los novios deben hacer los arreglos en la oficina parroquial, por lo menos
seis meses antes de la fecha propuesta. Las parejas preparando para el         tory. We will send you weekly collection envelopes every
sacramento se reunen cado otro martes en el centro., Salon Guadalupe.          two months.
                     DISABILITIES ADVOCATE                                     Favor de volver en la colecta o en la casa curial. Les
 In Memoriam: Mrs. Frances Peace. Please note that the north-west              enviamos los sobres semanales cada dos meses por el
church door close to the parking lot is handicapped-accessible (no steps).
All levels of the Parish Center are accessible by elevator.
                                                                               Family Name/ Apellido____________________________________

                                                                               Head of Household/Cabeza de familia_______________________
               SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT                                           Spouse/Esposo(a)_______________________________________
                 TODAY’S READINGS
                                                                               Address/Dirección donde vive_____________________________
    First Reading: Exodus 17:3-7
                                                                               Apartment_________       _Zip_Code/Código postal______________
    The people of the Lord put him to the test to see if he is with
    them or not.                                                               Telephone #/Telefono #___________________________________

    Second Reading: Romans 5:1-2, 5-8                                          E-mail/Dirección del Correo electrónico_______________________
    The greatest sign of God’s love for us is that Christ died for
                                                                               _______New Registration            _______Moving Out of Parish
    us while we were still sinners
                                                                               _______Change of Name/Address
    Gospel: John 4:5-42
    Jesus gives living water to those who believe in him.                      or use the online registration form at the parish website:
              MASS INTENTIONS                                          PRAY FOR THE SICK
                                                     If you have a family member you wish to be prayed for,
                THIS WEEK                            please let us know immediately and we will be happy to
         OUR LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL                    pray for them. The names will remain on the sick list for
                                                     three weeks and thereafter repeated as requested.
(Lenten Weekday)                                     Week 1:           Week 2:            Week 3:
  8:00 am Raffaele & Adele Iocco                     Mary Kerrigan     Tom Lucey          Michelina Rodeschini
                                                     Andre LaMorta     Sophie Assunta Caro Dulce Maria Sturup
  5:00 pm Joseph, Marianne & Charles Alaimo          Elsa Santacroce
                                                                                          Margaret O’Brien
SUNDAY, MARCH 27                                                                          Victor Bozzuffi
(Third Sunday of Lent)                                                                    Noreen Ryan
   8:00 am Dora Guerra                                                                    Bill Celio
   9:00 am Leonardo Randazzo
 10:00 am Marlene Anna Pervinich
 11:15 am Donna Jean
 12:30 pm Dora Correa                                 PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR RECENTLY DECEASED
  5:00 pm Parish Family                                          CATERINA CHERISI

                                                       MEMORIAL OPPORTUNITIES AT MT CARMEL
(Lenten Weekday)
                                                       The Tree of Life: gracing the east wall of the
 8:00 am Ivona Huszcza
Noon       George B. Pogue                             church vestibule. Gift categories include:
                                                              Silver Leaf: $500.00
TUESDAY, MARCH 29                                             Gold Leaf: $1,000.00
(Lenten Weekday)                                              Gold Rock at Base of Tree: $2,500.00
  8:00 am Mary Toscano                                 Announced Mass: $15.00
  Noon     Filippo & Margherita Sferrazza              Purgatorial Society: $10.00
                                                       Weekly Altar Flowers: $75.00
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30                                    Weekly Altar Bread and Wine: $35.00
(Lenten Weekday)                                       Weekly Sanctuary Lamp: $25.00
  8:00 am Lynn DelGrande                               Weekly Altar Candles: $15.00
  Noon     Edwin Gorski

THURSDAY, MARCH 31                                      DEDICATED OFFERINGS FOR THIS WEEK
(Lenten Weekday)
  8:00 am Mary A. Briody
  Noon     Anton Musklardin
                                                                               The Sanctuary Lamp is  
                                                                                    burning for  
(Lenten Wekday-First Friday)                                                     Our Parish Family 
 8:00 am Purgatorial Society
12:00 pm Marcella Viscovich and
             Maria & Albino Fermeglia                                            Altar Bread & Wine 
SATURDAY, APRIL 2                                                                  are Offered for  
(Lenten Weekday)                                                                 Our Parish Family 
  8:00 am Stefanie Zgalcic
  5:00 pm Charles Alaimo                                                  Altar Candles are Dedicated for 
                                                                             Dad, Ted and Uncle Ralph 
                                                                             This was requested by the 
                                                                            Levendos/Cusanelli Families 
          MASSES at St. Margaret Mary
 SUNDAY, MARCH 27th, 2011
 (3rd Sunday of Lent)                                                       Altar Flowers are Offered for  
 10:15am     Flavio Rivas                                                        Our Parish Family 

 **Please Note: 9:00am English Mass at SMM resumes       — Mass Intentions, Dedications & Offerings —
 on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.                                Please remember your loved ones by
                                                                  dedicating in their honor .
                          FAMILY MASS                                            WEEKLY EVENTS
Generally Second Sunday of every month at the 11:15 am
Mass. Check inside of bulletin for exact date. The parent-tot
group usually meets after that Mass                                 Sunday, March 27th:
                                                                     8:30am-10:30am-Spanish Adult Catechism-Fatima Room
                       YOUNG ADULT                                   10:30am-12:30pm-Cursillo-Guadalupe Room
3rd Sunday of every month—5:00 pm Mass.
                                                                     11:30pm-12:30pm-Czech Community-Lourdes Room
           GRUPO DE ORACION CARISMATICA                              1:30pm-2:30pm-Vietnamese Religious Ed-Fatima & Naz-
“Manatiales de Gracia”:   Todos los viernes 7:30 pm en la Igle-        areth
sia de abajo.
                                                                     2pm-4pm-Spanish Holy Week Practice-Guadalupe A & B
                ENGLISH PRAYER GROUP                                 3:30pm-5:00pm-RCIA Young Adult-Fatima Room
2nd and 4th Fridays at 7:30pm in the Lourdes Room.                   4:00pm-6:00pm– Vietnamese Council Meeting-Lourdes
                     ROSARY SOCIETY                                    Room
Rosary Society meets the first Sunday of each month after            4:00pm-7:00pm—Filipino Committee Reception—
attending the 10:00AM Mass. We have a brief meeting followed
by refreshments in the Lourdes Room. Come join us… we                  Guadalupe Room
warmly welcome new members.
                                                                     Monday, March 28th:
                       CHOIR / CORO
The Choir meets every Monday from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm in the          8am-5:15pm— YWLA
Lower Church. If you are interested in joining the choir, please     5pm-7:30pm—Religious Education-All Rooms
call the Rectory.                                                    5:15pm-10pm— CYO
Coro Español: Miercoles 7:30 pm en la iglesia abajo.                 7:30pm-9:00pm-English RCIA Fatima Rm

               CARMEL DIAMOND SENIORS                               Tuesday, March 29th:
Meet every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. in the Parish
                                                                     8am-5:15pm— YWLA
Center, Guadalupe Room. Coffee, Cake, Bingo. New members
are always welcome.                                                  5:15pm-10pm— CYO
                                                                     7:30pm-9:30pm-English Prayer Workshops-Guadalupe A
                     JORNADA YOUTH
Meet every Friday evening at 7:30 pm in the Parish Center—
Guadalupe Room.                                                     Wednesday, March 30th:
                                                                     8am-5:15pm— YWLA
                   JOVENES DE VALOR
Meet first three Saturdays of the month at 7:30pm at St. Marga-      4pm-7:30pm—Religious Education-All Rooms
ret Mary.                                                            6pm-10pm-YWLA Parent Meeting-Gym
On Tuesday evenings we will have the communal recitation of         Thursday, March 31st:
the Divine Mercy devotion in Spanish in the lower church starting    8am-1pm— YWLA
at 7:00 PM. All are welcome.                                         1pm-4pm—Carmel Diamond Seniors-Guadalupe Room
                                                                     4pm-10pm—CYO
Empezamos cada martes en la iglesia de abajo a las 7:00 de la        6pm-9pm-Mexican Dance Practice-Guadalupe B
noche, en espanol. Todos invitados.
                                                                    Friday, April 1st:
                  BECOME A CATHOLIC                                  8am-3:30pm—YWLA
Adults interested in becoming Catholic, or completing their
                                                                     3:30pm-10pm—CYO
First Communion and Confirmation, or general catechesis,
may enroll in the RCIA program. Please see one of the staff.         7pm-10pm– Jornada Spanish Youth—Guadalupe Room
(English or Spanish)
                                                                    Saturday, April 2nd:
 CATHOLIC CHARISMATIC PRAYER MEETING AND                             9:00am-12:00pm-AA Meeting-Guadalupe/Fatima Rooms
Please join us every second and fourth Friday of the                 9:00am-9:00pm-CY0
month from 7:30pm to 9:00 pm in the parish center,                   10:00am-12:00pm-Adult Faith Sharing-Lourdes Room
Lourdes room. Light refreshments will be served.                     3:30pm-6:00pm-Adult Sewing Group-Lourdes Room
                                                                     4:00pm-5:30pm-SIA Group-Fatima Room
             KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS:                                    5:30pm-7:00pm-Spanish Adult Catechesis-Fatima Room

Will meet the first and third Thursdays of each month
in the Parish Center basement at 7:30 PM. Open to
all men of the parish.
           The Sanctuary Lamp at St. Margaret Mary                 INCOME TAX PREPARATION AT:
                                                                           St. Margaret Mary
            will be burning in the month of March in 
                                                                     9-18 27 Ave. Astoria, NY 11102
                        loving memory of  
                          Rudolph Singh                           Federal and NY State Forms ($75)
           This was requested by his wife, Amy Singh        You may be eligible for earned income tax credit
                                                                          OBTAIN TAXPAYER
                                                                     IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS
        EVENTS FOR THE WEEK of                                           (APPLICATIONS $20)
                                                                      Call Denise for more info:
         MARCH 27th – APRIL 3rd                                              (718) 721-9020
                                                                     IMPUESTOS (INCOME TAX)
     ST. MARGARET MARY CHURCH                                            SE PREPARAN AQUÍ:
                                                         Santa Margarita María 9-18 27 Ave. Astoria, NY 11102
            SUNDAY, MARCH 27th                                Formulario Federal y Estatal de NY ($75)
   11:30 a.m. Spanish Faith Sharing Group                   Usted hasta pueda calificar para el crédito de los
   – (Hall)                                                               impuestos de salario
                                                         Obtenga su número de identificación de impuestos
   6 – 9 p.m. “Peregrinos de Cristo Jesús”                                 (Aplicaciones $20)
   Prayer Group – (Hall & Chapel)                             Llame a Denise para más información al:
                                                                             (718) 721-9020
         WEDNESDAY, MARCH 30th
   7:30 p.m. Spanish Prayer Group –
                                                                       Save the date:
          THURSDAY, MARCH 31st                                   NO COST MAMMOGRAPHY AT
                                                                        ST. MARGARET MARY
   6:00 p.m. Soccer Class – (Hall)                                9-18 27th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102
   7:30p.m. N.A. Step by Step Meeting –                                  Tuesday, April 19, 2011
                                                                               Guarde el día:
            SATURDAY, APRIL 2         nd

   9:30 a.m. St. Vincent de Paul Meeting –
                                                               Mamografía sin costo en la Iglesia
   (Rectory)                                                             Santa Margarita María
                                                                   9-18 27 Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102
           NEXT SUNDAY –APRIL 3rd                                        Martes, Abril 19, 2011
   11:30 a.m. Spanish Faith Sharing Group
   – (Hall)
   6 – 9 p.m. “Peregrinos de Cristo Jesús”                                  FOOD STAMP SCREENING
   Prayer Group – (Hall & Chapel)                          available at St. Margaret Mary Office, 9-18 27th Ave, Astoria,
                                                                                     NY 11102
                                                                     Call for an appointment (718) 721-9020.
                                                                 Walk-ins are welcome. Office hours 9 to 11 a.m.

                                                                   OUR PARISH IS NOW ON
     St. Margaret Mary Food Pantry News
                                                                 FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE
 In the month of February 2011 a total of
                                                            CHECK THEM OUT ON YOUR COMPUTER!
 1091 people were served. This number in-
 cluded; 471 Children, 447 Adults and 173               For our Parish YouTube channel, type in:
 A total of families served.
 For an appointment to our food pantry, please call     For our Facebook page, go to and type in:
 (718) 721-9020                                         Mount Carmel Church Astoria

For their own safety, small children should not be
allowed to go unattended to the rest rooms in            PLEASE REMEMBER ALWAYS TO                             SILENCE
church.                                                  YOUR CELL PHONES BEFORE MASS.
                         Support the 2011
                    ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL
                                              SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE
                                                SCHOLARSHIP ASSISTANCE
                    CATHOLIC CHARITIES              $1,500,000.00
                                                                       CATHOLIC MIGRATION SERVICES
                                                                            CATHOLIC MIGRATION SERVICES

               FAITH FORMATION                                           VOCATIONS SUPPORT
                  FAITH FORMATION
                   $1,500,000.                                               $1,600,000.
                                                           VOCATIONS SUPPORT
                                    CARE OF RETIRED PRIESTS $1,600,000.00
                                       CARE OF RETIRED PRIESTS

                               One Bread… One Body…                                                     2011
                              One Vibrant Church
                           2011 ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL PRAYER

  Almighty Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, we acknowledge your goodness and how much you have blessed us
                                             with your many gifts.

    In your loving kindness, bless the Diocese of Brooklyn and our Annual Catholic Appeal. Help us, your people,
   to respond generously to your goodness by returning to you a portion of what you have given to us through sac-
                                                     rificial giving.

     May the Holy Spirit give us the wisdom to discern our true needs and to recognize the many needs of those
                                                    around us.

                                May the results of this Appeal reflect our commitment
                           to fulfill the promises of our Baptism by living in unity of faith
                                           and by serving all who are in need.

    May it advance the mission of your Church here in Brooklyn and Queens and help us bring the good news of
                                          Jesus Christ to all the world.

                             For we are One Bread…One Body…One Vibrant Church.
 PARISH BULLETIN BOARD                                                        COMMUNITY NEWS & NOTES
                                                                                        CATHOLIC SCHOOLS
We will have Stations of the Cross every Friday after the
12:00 pm Mass during Lent.
                                                                             There are four Catholic Schools in our area. Below are
SECOND COLLECTION: There will be a second col-                               the names, addresses, phone numbers and open house
lection this week for Catholic Relief Services. Please be                    dates of the schools.
as generous as possible. Thank you.                                                                            Immaculate Conception
                                                                             St. Joseph School
                                                                                                               21-63 29th Street
                                                                             43-19 30th Avenue
A SPECIAL THANKS: A sincere thank you to all who                             Long Island City, NY 11103        Astoria, NY 11105
                                                                                                               Phone: (718) 728-1969
gave so generously to our collection for all those in Ja-                    Phone: (718) 278-1611
pan. We were able to raise over $3,000.00. Once                              Most Precious Blood               St. Francis of Assisi
again, thank you and God Bless You.                                          32-52 37th Street                 21-18 46th Street
                                                                             Long Island City, NY 11106        Astoria, NY 11105
ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL: This weekend, March 26/27 at                         Phone: (718) 278-4081             Phone: (718) 726-9405
OLMC and the following weekend, April 2/3 at SMM we are showing
the videos for this year's Annual Catholic Appeal. Many of you al-                           CATHOLIC SCHOOLS
ready received pledge cards in the mail. Everyone will have the
chance to participate. We ask all our parish members to prayerfully           A Catholic School education provides the strongest reli-
consider doing what they can to support our effort.
                                                                             gious, moral and academic education for your chil-
                                                                             dren. Now is the time to start preparing for the next
Campaña Anual Católica: En este fin de semana en OLMC y
                                                                             school year. We encourage the parents of children up to
3 Abril en SMM estamos mostrando los videos de Apelación
Católica Anual. Muchos de ustedes ya han recibido tarjetas de com-           Grade 7 to consider sending their children to one of the
promiso en el correo. Se les tendrán a todos la oportunidad de par-          neighboring Catholic elementary schools next Septem-
ticipar. Pedimos a todos los miembros de la parroquia a considerar           ber. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. See
en oración, haciendo lo que pueden para apoyar nuestro esfuerzo.             Sister Barbara in the Rectory for further information.

WALK DOWN MEMORY LANE: As part of our Parish 170th                                          ESCUELAS CATOLICAS
Anniversary Celebration, we are looking for old photos of the
interior of our Upper church before 1966 and the lower church                La educación en una escuela católica constituye la mejor
before 1984 (when it was renovated), as we have few or none                  educación religiosa, moral y académico de sus hijos.
of either. We hope to create a display for the Bishop's visit                Ahora es el tiempo de preparar para el ano nuevo esco-
here on July 16, the parish feast day. Please bring any pic-                 lar. Animamos a los padres de niños de hasta 7 º grado
tures to the pastor or the rectory.                                          de considerar a sus hijos en uno de los vecinos las es-
                                                                             cuelas primarias católicas el próximo mes de septiembre.
EVANGELIZATION WORKSHOP: Anyone interested in at-                            La ayuda financiera está disponible para aquellos que
tending this workshop for laypeople in early April should see                califiquen. Ver a la monja Hermana Bárbara en la rectoría
Msgr. Ogle soon in order to register.                                        para más información.

ADULT CONFIRMATION CLASS: Confirmation will be                                        LENT— SEASON OF THE CROSS
conferred by the pastor on the Vigil of Pentecost, Saturday June 12          The cross expresses the mystery of Jesus’ death out of love
at the 5 PM mass. Candidates should be baptized and practicing               for us and the failure of people like us, including his disci-
Catholics who receive communion regularly and, if married, are mar-          ples, to recognize who he was. The cross is a place of de-
ried in the Church. Classes begin several weeks in advance. Please
                                                                             feat and despair; yet a place of triumph, a tree of shame and
contact Msgr. Ogle as soon as possible for an initial conversation.
                                                                             a tree of life. Make the cross a Lenten symbol in your home
                                                                             to express your openness to conversion and rebirth.
ALUMNI NOTES: If you are a graduate of Our Lady of Mount
Carmel School and did not receive a letter in the mail within the past       Living Cross: Erect a cross of twigs or branches in a pot of
two weeks, please notify Sister Barbara, CSJ at the rectory.
                                                                             soil. Take a cutting from an ivy or other climbing vine and
                                                                             root it in the pot. As the plant grows, it will encircle and climb
Spiritual writers speak of Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as “the Mass   the cross—a living example of Jesus as the source of life
held in contemplation”. As a way of encouraging devotion to the Eucharist,   and of the cross as the tree of life.
we invite everyone to spend some time before the Blessed Sacrament each
First Friday of the month. Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacra-
ment will take place after the 8:00 am Mass until the 12 Noon Mass. Come     Loving Cross: Make a cross out of cardboard or stiff con-
join us in prayer.                                                           struction paper. Divide the cross into six sections—for the
                                                                             five weeks of Lent and Holy Week. Decide on a sign of love
  OUR NEW PURGATORIAL SOCIETY MEMBERS:                                       to perform each week; for example, refusing to complain,
Malachi Kenney                                                               giving us gossip, helping a sibling. Color in the section each
Maria Ortiz Collazo                      Mary Forchelli                      week after performing the action. By the conclusion of Lent,
Olga D’Amico                             Frances Peace                       you will have created a colorful mosaic of live, the perfect
                                         Christine Mooney                    sign of Easter joy.
Mary McDonnell
Michael Milcetic                         Joseph Segulic

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