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									  7722 N. Allen Rd.      Church of Christ Northwest
   P.O. Box 3272
                             Where Friends Learn
                                                       July 03, 2011
  Peoria, IL 61612
Phone: (309) 693-2426         to Live Like Jesus         Bulletin

                                                                             Our Vision
            OVER ITS ENEMIES.                                               is to glorify and
                                                                            honor our Lord
                                                                             and God with
                                                                               our lives, by
                                                                            bringing people
                                                                              to Christ and
                                                                            membership in
                                                                             His family and
                                                                             by helping to
                                                                            develop Christ-
                                                                            like maturity in
                                                                             each member,
                                                                            equipping them
                                                                           for service in the
                                                                             church and in
                                                                                the world.

                                                                             July 06, 2011

                                                                             Jay DeFrees

                                                                             1, 2, 3 John
               LET’S THANK OUR CREATOR.

Email:        “In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will
 Website:                sprout wings and fly away like an eagle.”
    Fax: (309) 693-0266                           Proverbs 23:5 (NLT)
Page 2                                                                                       Church of Christ Northwest

FREEDOM COST by David W. Spillman
Have you ever heard of Richard Stockton? Searching your brain but cannot recall this
name anywhere, even in the deepest recesses of your mind? I had never heard of him
either, until a couple of days ago when I read an article about him. It seems he was
financially wealthy, owned a lot of land, and was a top lawyer in his day. He had a
wonderful wife and family, making life sweet! That is, until he put his name on a
document. What document? It was The Declaration of Independence. Because of his
support for the freedom of this country, Stockton lost everything! His house was
ransacked and burned to the ground. He was then thrown into prison where he faced
very cruel and harsh treatment, thus robbing him of his health. When he died at the age
of 51, he was broke and alone. Wow! What a price to pay for freedom! It’s really sad to
think I never knew his story until just a few days ago.

"So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don't get tied up
again in slavery to the law" Galatians 5:1 (NLT). I sometimes wonder if, like having heard
the story of Richard Stockton, do we sometimes take our freedom for granted? Have we
heard the story of Jesus so often that we forget the price He paid for our freedom from
sin, death, and the troubles of this world? Am I truly thankful every day for the freedom
that Jesus gives me to genuinely live? Why not re-familiarize ourselves with our Hero,         Let freedom freely ring!!!
Jesus, and bask in the salvation He has given us through His life, death, and

Have a wonderful and safe Fourth of July as we celebrate our freedom and the price that was paid to give us the lives we
now live in this great country called America! And, everyday, celebrate the eternal freedom that only Christ gives!


                                                    LIVES ARE BEING CHANGED
               Our first shipment of shoes left Peoria on June 29th. Northwest — you have changed the lives of 161
               people !! Keep up the good work! We are not finished helping provide shoes until we have no more shoes
G              to give!! So, if you haven’t yet, please bring in those shoes that are just begging to be
               worn again. You may save the soles of some very grateful souls!!

I       H      To date, we have boxed and shipped 161 pairs of shoes. Remember, the shoes should
               still have wear left in them and be without mud or soil caked in the soles. The
               SOLES4SOULS collection box (red) is in the classroom hallway.
V       O
                                 Aluminum cans are being collected to help pay for vitamins for the Zambian children. If
I       P                        you have any you want to donate, please bag them and drop them off outside by the
                                 downstairs door. Be sure to let the office know, so we can get them to the recycling
                                 center. Keep ‘em comin’.
N       E
G                                              HELP PROVIDE AN EDUCATION
               Time is running out, as the offer to match any student donations will expire this July. If you
               have a heart for helping provide an education for the five students we now sponsor, please
               make your donation as soon as possible. The five students we sponsor have one more
               year left, in order to complete their high school studies.
               You can make your check payable to the church and note that it’s for “Zambia student”.

         9:30 A.M. Bible Study (all ages)—Sunday
           10:30 A.M. Worship Service—Sunday                               Special Ministry — Food Pantry
         6:00 P.M. Small Group Study (as scheduled)                  (2nd Tuesday of each month, 1:00—2:30 P.M. )
             6:30 P.M. Bible Classes—Wednesday                            Want to help? See Joan McWhirter
Vol.    8,   Issue   26     THOSE        NEEDING      PRAYER                      THIS AND THAT                              Page 3

Cheryl Quine as she heals from her head wound.                     A big Yee Haw & Thanks                        all
                                                                   the cowpokes who lent a hand, making Wild Wild West VBS a
Julie Grant and Family in the loss of her expectant twins.
                                                                   success this year!! The creative juices that flow from our
The Schwarz Family as Andreas and Janet seek work.                 members is a sight to behold! Thanks to our colorful cast of
Johnny and Cindy Robinson (Zambia Medical                          characters (under the direction of Joyce Grant), the parables of
Missionaries) as Johnny receives medical treatment for the         Jesus came alive for the children each evening. They learned
removal of a brain tumor (2nd time) and as Cindy cares for         important life-lessons such as "Love your neighbor as
him.                                                               yourself," "Seek and you will find," and "God is not willing that
                                                                   any should be lost." The characters became so popular that
Marissa Carlson (granddaughter of Dave & Connie
                                                                   Rowdy Rattlesnake (Sam Hipp) and Spitfire Annie (Heather
Carlson) suffering with extreme pain from scoliosis.
                                                                   Spillman) were even signing autographs on the last night!
Timothy Pinzen (6-yr. old cousin of Heidi Wolven) is
missing.                                                   One of the goals of hosting a VBS is Community
VBS 2011.                                                  Outreach. To that end, the children collected 705 lbs of non-
                                                           perishable food items for our Food Pantry! Way to go,
The Victims of recent natural disasters.                   cowpokes! Also, nearly 50% of the 80-plus children served
Our Military who unselfishly serve throughout the world.   were non-members! Let's be sure to reach out to the
2011 Zambia Medical Mission and Missionaries (Lyle families who may return to worship with us!
and Mary Britt, Terry Grant, Terry Hargrove, Josh Judkins,
and Marge Kagels).                                         Thanks again to all those who came to workdays, organized
                                                           crafts / games / rodeo / stories, decorated, assembled
Our body at Northwest as they serve God.                   props, prepared and served at the Chuckwagon Dinner, tore
                                                           down props on the last night, corralled children, participated in
              EXTENDED PRAYER LIST                         skits, wrote articles, and more. You know who you are, and
                                                           we appreciate you SO MUCH! By all accounts, this was a
  Barb Anderson       C. Carlson’s niece    Brain Cancer   successful endeavor because of YOU! Thank ya kindly,
   Elma Atwell      K. Muehring’s mother     Leukemia      pardners!

         Chris             K.Montgomery’s       Stomach & Colon                                       Editor’s Note: THANK YOU
                               Sister               Cancer                                            Aaron and Kristin Campbell for
                                                                                                      taking on the responsibility of all
   Dane Garner            Vicki Garner’s son        Coping
                                                                                                      that VBS entails! You were a true
  Kendall Haines          Wendelle’s brother      Lou Gehrig’s                                        joy to work with! We thank God for
  Louise Haines              “ sister-in law      Lung Cancer
                                                                                                      you and your willingness to teach
                                                                                                      children about Jesus. We applaud
       Pat Haines              Member            Surgery/Stroke                                       you!!
   Julie Heppe            Pat Haines’ niece     Terminal Cancer
  Charles Herbst          C. Carlson’s cousin     Lung Cancer      Editor’s Note: There will be
         Jason        J. Romanowicz friend         In a Coma       more pictures for all of us to
                                                                   enjoy. So, watch for them to
 Laura Massingill         Zambia Missionary         Cancer
                                                                   appear on or website very
   June McKee                  Member           Health Concerns    shortly.
 Joan McWhirter                Member            Back Surgery
                                                                   VBS 2011 WAS G-R-E-A-T!
   Helen Moore                 Member           Various Ailments
  Nolan Pledger              Meta’s Uncle         Brain Caner
  Dorothy Price                Member             Alzheimer’s
Rebecca Prichard               Member            Fibromyalgia                       Jul 03 Elson Rasbury
   Evlyn Prucha           B. Wilke’s g.mother     Lung Cancer                     Jul 05 Rachel Gardner
                                                                       Jul 07 Isaac Montgomery, Jamie Romanowicz
  T. & D. Riddle               Members           Their Marriage
                                                                                   Jul 08 Ellery Gardner
Tommy Rittenbury           Wayne’s brother       Broken Bones
 Jessica Strange           Marge’s friend’s          Lupus
                            granddaughter                                           HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
  Robert Wittmer                                Connie’s job was
                               Members                                             Jul 03 Dean & Meta Kennedy
     Family                                       eliminated
                                                                                  July 04 Gene & Karel Muehring
  Leah Whittaker            D.& K. Routh’s       Stage 4 Liver                   Jul 07 Wayne & Tana Rittenberry
                              classmate             Cancer                        Jul 08 Dale & Kim Montgomery
    SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE STUDY CLASSES                                                          ORDER OF WORSHIP
         July 3rd / COMBINED AUDITORIUM                                                     Worship Leader: Alan Moreland

                       Robert Windell                                                         Song: Step by Step (pg. 15)

                                                                                                Prayer: Matthew Bohm
             Loving the Imperfect Church
                    1 Corinthians                                                           Songs: Blue Skies and Rainbows
                                                                                                   Shout to the Lord
        July 10th / COMBINED AUDITORIUM                                                            Lord, Reign In Me
                                                                                             Our God, He Is Alive (pg. 23)
                       Matthew Bohm                                                         The Old Rugged Cross (pg. 313)

                   Church Unity Myths                                                     Communion: Archie Simmons
                      Acts 2:42-47                                                      Don Lee, Terry Grant, Rick Meyers

                       ELDERS’ NOTES                                                                     Offering

Your elders meet together on the last Sunday                                           Song: Unto Thee, O Lord (pg. 794)
of each month at 1:30 P.M. Any member is
welcome to meet with us at that time. Also,                                                   Sermon: Phil Gardner
any member should feel free to request a                                                Paul’s Profit and Loss Statement
meeting with any or all of us at another time.
You can schedule that time through the office                                  Song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus (pg. 800)
or contact one of us directly.
                                                                                                    Shepherd’s Time
           WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU !!!
We received a few more completed Involvement Forms.                                             Greeter: Meta Kennedy
PLEASE take the time to give us yours, if you haven’t already
done so. It would be so good to have 100% participation.                                       Facilitator: Dean Kennedy
Even if you are not able to be involved, complete the form by                         Nursery Attendant: Delores Simmons
filling in your name and leaving all else blank. Need a form —
see Betty or Meta !!! We are now begging—can you tell????                     IMPORTANT DATES FOR YOUR CALENDAR

           STATISTICALLY SPEAKING                                    Jul 02-10 Youth Mission Trip
                                                                     Jul 04 Independence Day—Office Closed
                                       Last Wk.         Year-to-Date Jul  12 Pantry 1:00-2:30 P.M.
                                                                     Jul 24 Elders’ Meeting 1:30 P.M.
              Budget             $         5,277 $            137,202
              Contribution       $         1,509 $            142,068     Aug 06 Congregational Meeting 6 P.M.
                 Attendance                                    Jun 26            David on vacation July 3 through July 8th.
                                                                                 Betty on vacation July 1 through July 11th.
                 Bible Study                                        91
                                                                                   Office Closed on July 4th, 5th and 7th.
  G              10:30 Worship Service                             194

  I              EEM Bibles To Date                $           13,586
  V              Cambodia Kids’ Education Kits $                    30                          Deacons           Ministers
  I      H       Zambia Children’s Vitamins        $              486        Elders           Lee DenBraber
                                                                                              Tom Flanagan    David W. Spillman      Assistants
                 ($8,300 needed, $6,000 sent)                                                                 PH: 309-693-2426
  N      O                                                                   Joe Cotter
                                                                            Phil Gardner
                                                                                               Terry Grant
                                                                                               Bob Judkins    Cell: 309-219-2860     Meta Kennedy
                 Bergner’s Booklets                $            3,044                                                                    (MWF)
  G      P                                                                 Dean Kennedy
                                                                          Terry McWhirter
                                                                                               Rick Meyers
                                                                                                               Greg Summers          Betty Meyers
                                                                                              Gene Muehring
                 Zambia Orphans’ Education         $            1,219     Archie Simmons                      PH: 309-693-2426            (TT)
         E       ($1,500/student/for 2011)             (5 paid in full)
                                                                                               Allen Neese
                                                                                                Mike Quine
                                                                                                              Cell: 325-439-8961   PH: 309-693-2426

                 Haiti Earthquake Relief           $              400

  Challenge Pray daily for our entire church family (by name).
                                                                                              NO SMALL GROUP STUDY
Acknowledgement: Some clipart/photo images may have been taken from
                                                                                                   TONIGHT !!!
                   "Images (c)".

YOUTH CORNER— We're in Philadelphia!! We'll keep everyone updated on what we're doing, learning, etc. through
Greg's Facebook page. Keep your eyes open; the first update should be up tomorrow night!

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