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C H I L D D E V E L O P M E N T I N S T I T U T E : A N N UA L R E P O RT 2 0 0 6

CARING...                                KNOWLEDGE...                          INNOVATION...

Our staff offers warmth, compassion      By evaluating our programs,           At Child Development Institute,
and dedication to support children       conducting research and sharing       we create innovative solutions that
and parents.We provide services that     our findings with others, we build    address the issues facing children and
address families’ needs and build        knowledge. Our commitment to          families in our diverse communities.
on their strengths.We promote            using approaches that are             We partner with other community
connections – parent to parent,          evidence-based means the families     organizations and academic institutions
parent to child, children to children,   we serve can feel good knowing that   to create new models of service
and families to communities.             our programs work.We give children    delivery that will ensure children
                                         and parents the opportunity to        and families find the help they need.
                                         develop new understanding, skills
                                         and confidence.

 Each year, Child Development Institute – our staff, Board, students and volunteers – helps
 close to 4,000 children and their families in Toronto.We also provide training and consulting
 across Canada, the United States and Europe. Some of our model programs have been
 adopted as far away as Norway and New Zealand.

OUR MISSION                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
Child Development Institute, in partnership with parents
                                                               MISSION/VISION/VALUES                 2
and communities, is committed to strengthening families
and promoting healthy child development by:                    YEAR IN REVIEW                        3

• Providing child development, early intervention, and         BOARD OF DIRECTORS AND STAFF          5
  family violence services for children under the age of
  12 and their families; and                                   PARTNERSHIPS AND SERVICE STANDARDS    9

• Building knowledge through research in child                 HEALTHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT SERVICES   11
  development, parenting, childhood aggression, children
  in conflict with the law, early childhood disorders, child   EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES          13

  abuse, woman abuse and related areas, and sharing
                                                               FAMILY VIOLENCE SERVICES             15
  this knowledge both locally and internationally.
                                                               AND PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT              17

OUR VISION                                                     CHILD DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE
                                                               IN THE MEDIA                         21

Child Development Institute will be a respected Centre
                                                               CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS               22
of Excellence providing outstanding services to children,
families and communities.We will be recognized for
                                                               LETTER FROM FOUNDATION PRESIDENT     23
responsive, seamless service, collaboration, embracing
diversity, and creating and disseminating leading edge         FRESH START SPONSORS/
child-centred research.                                        DONORS/SUPPORTERS                    24

                                                               OUR FUNDERS AND DONORS               27

OUR VALUES                                                     FUNDING INFORMATION                  31

                                                               PROGRAM LOCATIONS                    33
Service Excellence
Research and Evaluation
Sharing Knowledge
Social Justice

2005/2006 YEAR IN REVIEW

We are delighted to report on another         • We received funding for several          • Our Centre for Children Committing
strong year of results in building the          Innovation projects (Mothering             Offences continues to develop our
work of Child Development Institute.            After Trauma, Engaging Diverse             model programs through research and
This work is focused on supporting child        Communities and Enhancing Service          to disseminate these models. In the
development and parenting; it is about          Utilization). While these innovation       academic domain, a number of
delivering strong programs that are             projects are time-limited, each has        research papers have been completed
responsive to needs and that are making         made an impact on our programs             for publication. In the community
a measurable difference; and it is about        and services and how we work.              domain, we have worked in Ontario
developing model programs and                                                              to achieve a ‘community of practice’
disseminating new information. One            • Our Board has launched several             for agencies licensed to use SNAPTM.
year after the merger which spawned             committees – Governance, Marketing,        The international interest in our work
CDI, we are a strong organization that          Human Resources and Advocacy –to           continues to be very strong and an
is growing in many aspects and that is          ensure that the governance is on-track     example of this is that our programs
moving toward our vision of excellence.         and effective.                             have been selected for implementation
                                                                                           in Miami-Dade County (Florida) under
Looking back over the past year, we           • We are pleased to have been selected       rigorous evaluation. The implications
would like to highlight the following           as the child care operator for new         of this could be enormous in the future.
developments:                                   Best Start Early Learning Centres in
                                                two schools – Holy Family Catholic       • Youth violence in Toronto has been
• In preparation for an external                School and Maple Leaf Public School.       a major issue this past year and CDI
  accreditation review, we have now             Both programs will open in                 has been working to contribute to
  completed our work of harmonizing             September 2006.                            solutions. We have launched a
  policies and procedures. Change is                                                       focused strategy to assist identified
  gradual and takes time but we have                                                       priority and diverse communities
  taken a giant step forward and we salute                                                 by partnering with locally based
  the commitment of managers and staff                                                     on-the-ground agencies to deliver our
  to come together.

• We have now achieved an integrated
  intake process for our early intervention
  services resulting in improved access
  for children and families.

• We are delighted to have obtained
  funding for a number of new
  programs. This includes base funding
  to provide further school-based
  prevention and early intervention
  services and funding to expand our
  child care consultation team. Both of
  these programs puts CDI further into
  the community with programs
  delivered where children are.

  proven SNAPTM program. In this              These are highlights only and indeed, there is a great deal happening at
  initiative, we are very proud to work       Child Development Institute as we move our agency forward - focused
  with Jamaican Canadian Association,         on our vision and anchored in our mission and values. The flourishing
  Somali Youth Association of Toronto,        growth at CDI is in evidence in the numbers – our revenues for this year
  Doorsteps and Black Creek                   are 14 % higher than last year and in the two years since the merger, CDI
  Community Health Centre.                    has grown by 23 %.

• Our work in Family Violence broadened       While this has been a very positive year, CDI does provide service in a
  from the direct practice realm to work      world of policy that has been set by various levels of government and we
  in research and policy. We completed        do have some concerns. We hope that the Province, after 12 years of flat
  ‘action research’ in the published work     funding for core children’s mental services will recognize the increasing
  entitled ‘In Whose Best Interest?’, and     costs and restore services which have been cut. We are saddened by the
  presented this material at several          cancellation of the national child care plan by the federal government.
  international conferences and convened      This plan would have brought important early learning and care services
  a successful policy symposium.              to identified marginalized neighbourhoods in Toronto and would have
                                              increased the life chances for these children and provided support for
• Under the leadership of our                 parents. Given our commitment to child development, we will continue to
  Anti-Racism Committee, all programs         press for appropriate public policy and funding.
  at CDI underwent a self-scrutiny
  process using the ‘Achieving Cultural       We are grateful for the expertise and commitment of our Board of
  Competency’ toolkit. This program           Directors who are setting a strong direction and foundation for CDI.
  was developed at CDI for use in             We are very proud of the skill, commitment and excellence of our more
  Ontario Early Years Centres but has         than 175 staff members. Our many volunteers and students give generously
  now been funded for application in          of their time and add tremendous value to our programs. We work closely
  clinical environments as well. We have      with many partner agencies and organizations towards common goals.
  presented this program to wide interest     We deeply appreciate the contribution of our funders, sponsors and
  at several international conferences.       donors – thank you so much. Finally, CDI works because thousands of
                                              parents put their confidence in us on behalf of their families and children.
• In the area of fund development,            We will always work to do our very best with and for you.
  our signature event – FRESH STart –
  was more successful than ever; we
  launched annual giving through our
  ‘Circle of Friends’ campaign and are very
  pleased both by the first year results
  and the promise for the future.

• We have implemented new phone and
  IT systems to strengthen the linkages,
  communications and data management
  capacity of the agency.

                                              Tony Diniz,
                                              Executive Director
                                                                                  Nancy Hamm,
                                                                                  Board President

BOARD OF DIRECTORS (2005-2006)                   AGENCY LEADERSHIP GROUP                          We salute the amazing skills,
                                                 (As at May 15, 2006)
                                                                                                  dedication and innovation
                                                 Joyce Allen, Project Co-ordinator,               of our staff.
OFFICERS                                         Queen Victoria Partners for Early Learning
Ms. Nancy Hamm, President
Ms. Ricki Sharpe, Vice-President                 Cynthia Alutis, Manager,
Ms. K. Nadine Cannata, CA, Treasurer             Early Intervention Services                      EARLY INTERVENTION
Ms. Linda Pincott Kitchen, Secretary                                                              AND FAMILY VIOLENCE SERVICES
                                                 Loree Beniuk, CASAT Program Manager              (As at May 15, 2006)
                                                 Coralie Braithwaite, Director,
DIRECTORS                                        Parkdale Early Learning Centre
Ms. Lyn Baptist                                                                                   Child & Family Clinicians
Ms. Cindy Blakely                                Carolee Cain, Acting Director,                   Stephanie Ambert
Mr. Rocco Fabiano                                Wellesley Early Learning Centre                  Ena Burbano
Ms. Vanessa Grant                                John Carey, Manager, Under 12                    Laurie Charlton
Ms. Mimi Hollenberg                              Outreach Project and Start Right Social Skills   Kate Fraser
Ms. Nada Martel                                                                                   Louise Garfield
Ms. Lena Paniccia                                Ursula Cockburn, Human Resources Co-ordinator    Barb Granek-Gutstein
Ms. Gina Remy                                                                                     Brenda Hann
                                                 Linda Coombs, Director,                          Liz Henderson
Ms. Eleanor Shen
                                                 Annex Early Learning Centre                      Elsa Monteiro
Mr. Leon Smith
Mr. David Sterns                                 Catharine de Leeuw,                              Alison Robinette
                                                 Quality Assurance Co-ordinator                   Jennifer Viera
                                                                                                  Nancy Wong
                                                 Heather Evans, Manager, Human Resources
SENIOR MANAGEMENT                                                                                 Intake Co-ordinator (children 0-6)
(As at May 15, 2006)                             Christeen Frederick,                             Stan Allaby
                                                 Executive Assistant and Privacy Officer
Tony Diniz, Executive Director                                                                    Intake Worker (children 6-12)
                                                 Mariann Glynn, Controller                        Lina Catania
Kathy Levene, Associate Director and Director,
Early Intervention Services                      Ruta Jazokas, Director, Cabbagetown Early        Special Needs Resource Co-ordinator
                                                 Learning Centre                                  Theo Lax
Angelique Jenney, Director,
Family Violence Services                         Chris Koegl, CCCO Project Manager                Speech & Language Therapist
Bernice Cipparrone, Director,                                                                     Ruta Rosset
                                                 Kelly O’Gorman, Director,
Healthy Child Development Services               Wellesley Early Learning Centre                  Psychometrist
Dr. Leena Augimeri, Director,                                                                     Myrna Brown
                                                 Ricardo Olenewa, I.T. Manager
Program Development and Centre for Children                                                       Child Care Consultants
Committing Offences                              Erin Rajca, Co-ordinator, Girls Connection
                                                                                                  Becky Blackburn
Shanan Spencer-Brown, Director,                  Karen Sewell, Co-ordinator, Under 12             Constance Edwards
Planning & Development                           Outreach Project and Camp Wimodausis             Bethelene Hart DaCosta
                                                                                                  Charmaine Shallabi
Linda Levely, Director,                          Cathy Shurie, Manager, Residential Services
Finance & Administration                         and School-Treatment
                                                 Nicola Slater, CCCO Trainer-Co-ordinator
                                                 Margaret Walsh, Research Co-ordinator,
                                                 Girls Connection
                                                 Katina Watson, Manager,
                                                 Early Intervention Services
                                                 Rodelyn Wisco, Residential Co-ordinator
                                                 Manny Wong, Development Officer

Child & Community Workers               School Liaison Program Workers      Residential Relief Workers
Melissa Barth                           Damien Maldaver                     Sherry Alves
Rolando Carrillo                        Nancy Milne                         Vanessa Borges
Cindy Chan                                                                  Candies Clarke
                                        The Incredible Years Facilitators
Maria Correia                                                               Lynda Evans
                                        Irene Altimira
Levy Lum                                                                    Ari Hunter
                                        Gabriella Baldor
Jimmy Madeira                                                               Patty Kelly
                                        Kathryn Brown
Kathy Misetich                                                              John Lyons
                                        Dafna Izenberg
Rosa Panameno                                                               Melissa Mahoney
                                        Debbie Johnson
Carolee Parkes                                                              Fraser McDonald
                                        Mansureh Khatam
Crystal Robertson                                                           Erin Nesbitt
                                        Julie Markham
Jamie Sutherland                                                            Dawn Pusey
                                        Laurie Marshall
Ursula Ziegler                                                              Diana Scott
                                        Linda Martella
                                                                            Lisa Sequeira
Family Support Workers                  Vanessa McCracken
                                                                            Jennifer Tomic
Carole Green                            Vivienne Nelson
Marcia Lee                              Karen Webster                       Residential Family Worker
                                                                            Monique Verpoort
Special Education Teachers              Family & Child Workers
Joe Balazic                             Punam Auluck                        Maintenance Worker
Paula Berton                            Samanta Cumberbatch                 Labib Al-Salamony
Meri Brugnerotto                        Liz Di Caro
                                                                            Community Leadership Worker
                                        Melissa Diogo
Family Violence Services Co-ordinator                                       Tina Dal Bianco
                                        Gaela Mintz
Lisa Sura
                                        Julie Rizzo                         Parent Mentors
Here to Help Facilitators                                                   Susan Cada
                                        Overnight Residential Worker
Jennifer Bouskill                                                           Sandra Cristina
                                        Jermaine Spence
Rolando Carrillo                                                            Nicole Superville
Paula Duarte                            Residential Workers
                                                                            Activity Group Staff
CJ Edwards                              Graeme Hotchkiss
                                                                            Dizia Raposo-Ferreira
Daniel Garfinkel                        Paul Kotchapaw
                                                                            Kayla Raposo-Ferreira
Katrina Hofstra                         Che Latchford
                                                                            Rissa Raposo-Ferreira
Colin King                              Anthony Malcolm
                                                                            Elias McBean
Damian Maldaver                         Tamara Mizrachi
Nancy Milne                             Courtney Seddon                     Group Leader/Assistant Camp Director
Araceli Pimienta-Deli                   Ronald Stoddard                     Rolando Carrillo
Carolina Pizarro                        Teresa Terceros                     Abdi Mohamud
                                                                            Rick Rotchild
Here To Help Child Care Workers
Melissa Barth
Julianna Cho
Teresa Eramos


Group Leader Assistant                       HEALTHY CHILD DEVELOPMENT          Early Childhood Assistants
Adam Wright                                  SERVICES (As at May 15, 2006)      Hannah Andrews
                                                                                Samille Araujo
Researchers                                  Child Care Assistant Supervisors
                                                                                Joan Babb
Rhonda Couch, Researcher II, ORP             Marlyn Allicock
                                                                                Jane Exton
                                             Elizabeth Bui
Paola Ferrante, Researcher Assistant,                                           Helen Frederick
                                             Karen Ho
CCCO/ORP                                                                        Helen Gramozis
                                             Marlene Da Silva
                                                                                Jennifer Hirlehey
Daniel Stermac, Researcher Assistant, CCCO
                                             Early Childhood Educators          Alida Jazexhi
Research Scientists                          Jennifer Ageday                    Seema Kardam
Dr. Ramona Alaggia                           Selina Akhtar                      Sylvia Martin
Dr. Trisha Beuhring                          Shelly Alleyne                     Imelda Mata
Dr. David Farrington                         Nevan Andogan                      Sandra Medeiros
Dr. Depeng Jiang                             Desiree Armstrong                  Nelly Moreta
Dr. Ellen Lipman                             Sofrina Baon-Rampersad             Mbimba Nzolameso
Dr. Rolf Loeber                              Joanne Beazley                     Thuc Phan
Dr. Rob Muller                               Jacqueline Blair                   Jessica Quaile
Dr. Debra Pepler                             Erica Brodhurst                    Sheela Ravindrathas
Dr. Susan Stern                              April Chang                        Serkalen Zewdu
Dr. Christopher Webster                      Connie Choi                        Carol Zhang
                                             Carrie Crevier
Consultants                                                                     Aides
                                             Sophia Creary
Brenda Bolliger (Clinical Consultant)                                           Shana Cameron
                                             Bernadette Desalines
Geraldine Crisci (CASAT Consultant)                                             Juliana Cho
                                             Alisa Diokno
Dr. Melvyn Davine (Psychology)                                                  Jessica Lopez
                                             Paola Duarte
Dr. Mary Lilly (Psychiatry)                                                     Sharon Nash
                                             Jacqueline Fletcher
Dr. Rod McLeod (Psychiatry)                                                     Marie Oliveira
                                             Robert French
Dr. Ruth Stirtzinger (Psychiatry)                                               Lucia Vukic
                                             Josie Ann Holder
Administrative Support Staff                 Angela Jonas                       Parkdale-High Park Ontario
Mary Ng                                      Tharsha Manivasagar                Early Years Centre
Elaine Scott                                 Juvena Mata                        Joanie Klaas, Office Administrator
                                             Laverne Mayers                     Cynthia Lam, Family Support Worker
Office Administrators
                                             Goretti Medeiros                   Fernando Lusvarghi, Volunteer Co-ordinator
Lillian Scarpellino
                                             Xanet Murray                       Stacey Marley, Family Support Worker
Debbie Taylor
                                             Sheliza Pirani
                                                                                Queen Victoria Partners
Payroll Co-ordinator                         Dorrel Price
                                                                                for Early Learning
Giannina Ferrara                             Eliza Skrzypczak
                                                                                Karen Peturrsson, Parenting Worker
Development Officers                                                            Niluka Rutnatunge, Parenting Assistant
Victoria Houston                                                                Clair Silva, Parenting Worker
Manny Wong
                                                                                Reaching In…Reaching Out
                                                                                Dr. Darlene Hall, Project Co-ordinator

Student Placement Co-ordinator   Volunteers Make a Difference!
Louise Garfield
                                 We would like to express our gratitude to the more than 150 dedicated
Godwin Alfred-Guymour            Child Development Institute volunteers who made our programs possible
Paula Bianca                     over the past year. Speaking 28 languages, our volunteers helped make our
Xytoxha Brazil                   programs more accessible to our diverse community. They acted as tutors in
Jyllian Brennenman
Jennifer Clark
                                 our homework club; served meals and provided child care during our parent
Jaizel Del Santos                groups; and worked in our Ontario Early Years Centre and our Early
Deeyan Deonarine                 Learning Centres to read to and play with children and offer words of
Sarah Des Barres
                                 support and encouragement. Also in our Early Learning Centres, our Parent
Jill Dingwell
Jamella Francis                  Advisory Committee volunteers made an important contribution to the
Fantu Gabremichael               operations of each Centre. Parent mentors acted as co-facilitators in several
Stephanie Gageiro                parent groups, offering their personal experience and wisdom to
Jonina Gibson
Tanya Gonzales
                                 participants. Volunteers helped to run our girls’ and boys’ activity groups and
Crystal Gosyne                   they participated in our Individual Befriending program. We rely on
Katrina Hofstra                  volunteers at our Children’s Holiday party in December and our Spring
Kim Hyun Young                   Family Fun Day. We are also very grateful to our committed special event
Gheeta Joshi
Ashley Kennedy
                                 volunteers who made our signature fundraising event – FRESH STart –
Priscilla Lam                    a tremendous success. A final thank you to the dedicated Board of Directors
Jessica Liebster                 of Child Development Institute and our Foundation. These volunteers play a
Loretta McMullen
                                 critical role in helping us to do our work with children and families every day.
Liezl Mohametano
Sonya Molfenter
Christian Morgan                 A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you.
Jessica Neufeld
Dani Penic
Leah Potash
Nalini Ramroop
Diana Sibenik
Katrina Sumadchat
Melodie Vella
Sarah Williams

                                 A group from RBC takes part in the United Way Days           Gaela Mintz, Family and Child Worker (left)
                                 of Caring at our Euclid location                             with Diane Bracuk, recipient of our
                                                                                              2005 Volunteer of the Year

                                 We Remember…. Anna DeCosta (1949 – 2006)

                                 Anna, our much-admired receptionist at our Euclid location, passed away this year. Since starting
                                 at Child Development Institute in 1998, Anna became known for her warm heart, generosity and
                                 sense of humour. She eagerly helped her colleagues and greeted children and their parents with a
                                 smile. When not at work, Anna enjoyed sewing, eating sweets, travelling and spending time with
                                 her children and grandchildren. We will miss her.


At Child Development Institute, we extend              health centres, police services, public        Our work cannot be done alone. Child
our reach and improve the quality of                   health departments, community health           Development Institute is very grateful to
our services by partnering with other                  centres, hospitals, child care centres,        our partners. We are privileged to work
organizations dedicated to meeting the                 Ontario Early Years Centres, shelters,         with so many people who are committed
needs of children and families.                        organizations serving children with special    to improving the lives of children, youth
                                                       needs, other community agencies, and           and families and to strengthening our
Our programs and our research, consulting              colleges and universities.                     community as a whole.
and training activities would not be
possible without the collaboration of                  We are also proud to be part of a number
literally hundreds of organizations in the             of community-wide networks and coalitions
community – schools and school boards,                 which promote systems excellence and
child protection agencies, children’s mental           ensure a co-ordinated approach to serving
                                                       children and families.

Child Development Institute hosts an open house to welcome our community partners


We are accredited by Children's Mental                 and the City. Child Development Institute      procedures are implemented. The results
Health Ontario, which ensures that our                 is a United Way Member Agency and meets        and recommendations arising from these
government-funded treatment services                   their quality standards for performance        reports are reviewed by program staff and
have passed rigorous province-wide                     and accessibility.                             management on a regular basis.
standards. Our Residential Services are
licensed and monitored by the Province.                In keeping with Child Development              Child Development Institute complies with
Our Early Learning Centres provide                     Institute's commitment to continuous           all provincial and federal privacy legislation
licensed child care and meet the                       improvement in the services and treatment      regarding the collection, use and storage of
requirements of The Day Nurseries Act                  methods we offer, various quality assurance,   personal information.
and the standards set out by the Province              client feedback and program evaluation

Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006


We engage children in early             HOW WE HELP:                                     Dufferin Mall Family Place, operated by
learning activities which lay the       Through our network of four Early                Child Development Institute in partnership
                                        Learning Centres, Child Development              with several other local service providers
groundwork for developing
                                        Institute offers high quality licensed child     and the management of Dufferin Mall, is a
literacy, social skills and readiness   care, early learning activities, parent          drop-in program providing parenting and
for school. Parent support and          support and community development                child development information, outreach
education, including evidence-          programs for 243 children in Parkdale, the       and referral services for families of
based parent training groups,           Annex, St. Jamestown and Cabbagetown/            children 0-6.
give parents the knowledge and          Regent Park. The centres use a curriculum
                                        based on current research and best               Child Development Institute is the lead
confidence they need in their           practice. Our Early Learning Centres             agency of the Queen Victoria Partners
important role.                         enhance the neighbourhoods which they            for Early Learning project. This multi-year
                                        serve and provide parents with                   partnership project serving the Queen
Child Development Institute is          dependable, quality child care programs.         Victoria Public School neighbourhood in
committed to helping families                                                            Parkdale combines child care, kindergarten
                                        Child Development Institute and                  and parenting programs into one seamless
fully participate in our programs.
                                        St. Christopher House co-lead the                service system linked to health and other
We offer a range of flexible and        Parkdale-High Park Ontario Early                 community resources. This is a ‘cutting
accessible child development and        Years Centre (OEYC) in partnership               edge’ program which is applying new ways
parenting supports in neighbourhood     with many local agencies, parents and other      of providing integrated services while
locations across the city.              community partners. Funded by the                expanding the early years services to this
                                        provincial government, the Parkdale-High         community. While the program has a
                                        Park OEYC is a place for parents and             community-development and grassroots
                                        caregivers of children up to age 6 to            design, it is being implemented within a
                                        get information they need about their            context of substantial research and evaluation.
                                        children’s development and about services
                                        to support that development. The OEYC            Child Development Institute is a sustaining
                                        offers free services including: early learning   sponsor of Voices For Children, an
                                        and literacy programs for parents and their      organization dedicated to promoting the
                                        children; programs to support parents and        well-being of children and youth in Ontario
                                        caregivers in all aspects of early child         through the creation and dissemination of
                                        development and parenting; and links to          accessible information about parenting,
                                        other early years programs in the                healthy child development, and other
                                        community.                                       aspects of family life.

                                            Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006

• Close to 1,100 children and 875
  parents and caregivers participated in
  programs at the Parkdale-High Park
  Ontario Early Years Centre (OEYC).
  With more than 12,700 visits recorded
  over the last year, this vibrant Centre
  makes a significant contribution to
  the children and families living in
  this community.

• Child Development Institute was
  recently named the operator of two
  new Early Learning Centres for
  school-aged children. Lauched as part
  of the Ontario government’s Best
  Start child care program, one Centre
  is housed at Maple Leaf Public School,
  located in the Keele and Lawrence
  neighbourhood. This Centre will be
  licensed for 48 children. The second
  Centre, at Holy Family Catholic
  School, is located in close proximity
  to our Parkdale Early Learning
  Centre. It will serve 20 children as a
  satellite to our Parkdale Centre.


Many of the children we serve in         HOW WE HELP:
our Early Intervention programs          Our Family and Community                       In collaboration with the Toronto District
                                         Counselling program addresses concerns         School Board, Child Development Institute
have experienced some form of
                                         related to social, emotional, developmental    runs Start Right School-Based Services
trauma, family stress or isolation,      and/or behavioural challenges in young         for children 3-6 years of age who are
and other issues which impact on         children (aged 0-6). Through a variety of      experiencing social, emotional, or
children’s healthy development.          intervention approaches including individual   behavioural difficulties often coupled with
                                         and family counselling, play therapy,          other special needs. These services are
We offer a range of flexible             parenting support and child management         based out of several community schools
                                         training, families are given the opportunity   and include Section 20 day treatment
individual, family and group             to build on their strengths while acquiring    classes, family support, parent groups
counselling approaches, as well as       new knowledge and skills.                      and children’s social skills groups.
residential services, school-based
programs, children’s social skills       Our Intensive Services program offers          Through our Child Care Consultation
and anger management groups,             flexible, intensive and time-limited           and Special Needs Coordination,
                                         therapeutic services to families of            Child Development Institute provides
evidence-based parent education,
                                         pre-school children experiencing social,       consultation to child care centres and
and a summer camp. We support            emotional or behavioural difficulties.         licensed private home care providers who
parents to improve their relationship    Parents are offered the opportunity to         request assistance in developing plans for
with their children and we strive        build knowledge and learn new skills           caring for children with special needs.
to help children reach their             through group approaches, often coupled        Services include assessment, developing
potential by giving them tools and       with practical counselling and support in      program plans to address specific issues,
                                         their own home at times that are most          funding to temporarily achieve extra
opportunities to fully participate       convenient to them. Families are also          staffing needs, training for staff (in
in the life of their family, school or   connected to other supportive                  partnership with George Brown College),
child care centre, and community.        community resources.                           mediation and supportive counselling
                                                                                        with parents.
                                         Family Re-Connection Centre is a
                                         collaborative program serving women            The Under 12 Outreach Project (ORP)
                                         with a history of substance use who have       provides services to children under 12
                                         experienced challenges in parenting their      years of age who come into contact with
                                         young children. The goals of the program       police (for aggressive behaviour, theft,
                                         include supporting women in maintaining a      break and enter, vandalism, running away
                                         drug-free lifestyle and assisting them to      and arson). The boys in ORP participate in
                                         develop secure and healthy relationships       a 12 week anger management and problem
                                         with their preschool-aged children.            solving group where they learn how to use
                                         The goals for the children include assessing   SNAP™ (Stop Now And Plan™), a
                                         and monitoring their developmental needs       cognitive behavioural strategy. Their
                                         and progress and promoting their optimal       parents attend concurrent parent training
                                         development through opportunities for          groups. Other components of the ORP
                                         play, social interaction and learning. The     may include victim restitution, parent
                                         program operates through an intensive          support, leadership training, tutoring
                                         mutual aid model where parents support         or individual befriending.
                                         and learn from one another.

Our Residential Services provides a            NEW AND NOTABLE:                                 training and engaged in joint planning
short-term, live-in experience for boys        • Child Development Institute launched           with representatives from Doorsteps
(aged 5-11) with severe disruptive               new School Based Children’s                    Neighborhood Services and the Somali
disorders who are unable to live at home.        Mental Health Services, funded by              Youth Association of Toronto, along
Where possible, the boys remain in their         the Ministry of Children and Youth             with other representatives of those
home school or are enrolled in a local           Services and delivered in partnership with     communities (e.g. Settlement Services
public school. Those children who cannot         Central Toronto Youth Services, the            of Canada). We have recently started a
be enrolled in a community school attend         Toronto District School Board and the          partnership with the Black Creek
our on-site Residential Day Program              Catholic District School Board. Our            Community Health Centre, another
(Section 20 classroom). The Residence            focus is on children and youth with (i)        organization focused on the Jane-Finch
provides a highly structured, safe and           conduct problems, (ii) internalizing           area, who are also interested in delivering
predictable environment and promotes             issues (e.g. depression) and (iii)             SNAPTM in the community. This project
a partnership with families in all aspects       substance-abuse issues. The program            will evolve over the coming year to
of treatment.                                    has two main goals: to increase student        include other interested agency partners
                                                 and school personnel knowledge of              and community representatives.
The Girls Connection is the first reported       mental health problems and resources;
attempt to offer young girls (aged 6-12)         and address children and youth mental        • Through an Early Years Challenge Fund
with behaviour problems a family-focused,        health problems by providing effective,        grant, Child Development Institute
gender-specific, multifaceted intervention.      evidence-based clinical interventions. For     offered The Incredible Years, an
The girls participate in a 12 week anger         children and youth with anti-social or         evidence-based parent training
management and problem solving group             aggressive behaviour, we utilize SNAP™         program, through community
while their parents attend concurrent            (Stop Now And PlanTM) for latency-aged         partnerships with Woodgreen
parent training groups. After completing         children and ART (Aggression                   Community Centre, George Brown
these groups, girls (aged eight and up) and      Replacement Therapy) for adolescents.          College and Network Child Care.
their mothers attend Girls Growing Up            For mild to moderately depressed               Successfully completed in 2006, the
Healthy groups that focus on the girls'          children, a group approach based on            project served over 270 parents in
sexual development and the bonding               Cognitive Behavioural therapy is used          30 different child care sites. It increased
between them and their mothers.                  and for substance-abuse, a harm                the capacity of child care centres to
Other services include family counselling,       reduction model has been adopted.              continue to run this evidence-based
leader-in-training groups, tutoring,             One unique aspect of the program is            program by involving select staff and
individual befriending, and school support.      that we are providing our SNAP™                supervisors in the groups; by having key
                                                 model to whole classrooms where                staff participate in Incredible Years
Camp Wimodausis provides a therapeutic           children have been identified as having        training; and by providing each service
camping experience for disadvantaged             behaviour problems. We are currently           partner with ample program materials
children aged 6 to 11 whose behaviour            operating in eight schools.                    (e.g. manuals, videotapes, books).
would otherwise prevent them from                                                               Research was undertaken with the
attending a summer day camp. The camp is       • With the goal of preventing crime in           Faculty of Social Work at University
free for qualified campers. Campers exhibit      priority neighborhoods - those identified      of Toronto to assess the barriers and
a range of behaviour problems including          in United Way of Greater Toronto’s             opportunities for group facilitators to
hyperactivity, disobedience, impulsivity,        Strong Neighborhoods report - Child            properly implement the program in
and aggressiveness. Camp Wimodausis              Development Institute has launched             order to achieve anticipated results.
builds social skills and self-esteem in          an initiative to support local
campers through their participation in a         community organizations in these
highly structured, recreationally oriented       diverse neighborhoods to
therapeutic program.                             implement evidence-based
                                                 intervention programs (e.g.
As Child Development Institute is                SNAPTM) for children with
committed to a multi-disciplinary approach       aggression and conduct problems
in our Early Intervention Services, we offer     and their families. Recognizing the
additional services to help with the             shortage of services, particularly for
complex needs facing families including          early school-aged children in these com-
speech and language assessment                   munities, over the past year we have
and intervention, and psychological              developed relationships with colleagues
and psychiatric assessment and                   in various social service agencies in the
consultation.                                    Jamestown and Jane-Finch communities.
                                                 We provided consulting and SNAPTM


While it’s difficult to know exactly          downtown shelters who have experienced          with each child and his/her parent to
how many children are abused, it is           family violence and sexual abuse. We also       orient them to the school and serves as
                                              provide training and support to shelter         the link between the shelter, the child,
estimated that each year tens of
                                              staff to help them better understand the        his/her parent and the school.
thousands of Canadian children are            outcomes for children who have been
emotionally, physically or sexually           sexually abused or who have witnessed           NEW AND NOTABLE:
abused and more than 800,000                  woman abuse.                                    • CASAT has been working with York
Canadian children are exposed to                                                                University researchers and other local
woman abuse. Witnessing their                 In our Here T Help program, Child
                                                            o                                   sexual abuse treatment services
                                              Development Institute provides group              (SASAT, TALK, WESAT and Toronto
mother being abused negatively                counselling for children aged 4-16 who            Child Abuse Centre) to develop a
impacts children’s development,               were exposed to woman abuse and their             research project entitled Integrating
social and emotional health, and              mothers. Running concurrently, the                Evidence-Based Practice in Child and
academic performance.                         children’s and mothers’ groups provide an         Youth Trauma Treatment. This research
                                              opportunity for healing from the many             is structured upon a shared vision of
                                              effects of experiencing violence in the home.     ensuring that children and youth who
We offer individual and group
                                                                                                have experienced abuse and their
counselling for women and children            Child Development Institute has been a            families receive treatment services that
who have experienced family                   leader in developing and providing services       are based upon a sound foundation in
violence, including those living in           for young children who have been sexually         the empirical and clinical literature.
shelters. We also co-ordinate                 abused and their families. We offer               CASAT is taking the lead role in
treatment services for children and           assessment and treatment services                 coordinating the development of a
                                              for young children who have been                  Toronto-wide collaborative treatment
youth who have been sexually                  physically or sexually abused. This               team comprised of experienced
abused and their families and we              includes trauma assessment, play therapy,         clinicians. A progressive training and
provide training and support to               family therapy and group work.                    clinical consultation program is
professionals providing this                                                                    provided by recognized experts in
treatment. Reducing the sense of              Child Development Institute is proud to be        Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behaviour
                                              the sponsor for the activities and services       Therapy, a client-centred,
isolation, breaking the silence and
                                              of Central Agencies Sexual Abuse                  evidence-supported treatment for
shame surrounding abuse, identifying          Treatment (CASAT). This partnership               sexually abused and traumatized
and dealing with feelings, and                organization plays the lead role in the           children and youth.
enhancing safety and self-esteem…             co-ordination and development of services
these are just some of the goals              for children, youth and families affected by    • Child Development Institute recently
for children and families who                 sexual abuse in the South Quadrant                received an Innovation Grant from the
                                              (former City of Toronto and East York).           Province’s Children and Youth Mental
participate in our programs.                  A range of services are available including       Health Fund to develop and pilot a
                                              parent information and support, group             group program called “Mothering After
                                              counselling, and individual treatment.            Trauma” modeled after a program we
Child Development Institute’s Family
                                                                                                developed last year for mothers who
Violence Services are available to families
                                              The School Liaison Program meets the              have experienced violence. This new
of children up to age 18.
                                              school-day special needs of homeless              program for women and their young
                                              children and those escaping family violence       children will serve a particularly
Through our Family Violence Shelters
                                              who are residing in shelters by helping           vulnerable group of children – those who
Project, Child Development Institute
                                              them while they attend a local school.            have witnessed violence and/or are
provides highly accessible counselling
                                              The program currently operates at four            being parented by a mother with her
services to women and children living in
                                              Toronto shelters and associated public            own history of trauma.
                                              schools. The School Liaison Worker meets

Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006


Much of our research work is conducted         CCCO DEVELOPMENTS IN                             two projects that assessed the use and
through our Centre for Children                2005/2006                                        effectiveness of SNAP™ as a strategy
Committing Offences (CCCO). Established                                                         for dealing with children who display
in 2001 with initial funding from the J.W.     • Since last year, the CCCO has increased        aggressive and delinquent
McConnell Family Foundation, the                 its North American presence by                 behaviours. The first project examined
mandate of the CCCO is to advance                participating in a national demonstration      the effectiveness of the Under 12
evidence-based approaches for children           project sponsored by the United States         Outreach Project in relation to the
under the age of 12 who have had, or are         Department of Justice. As part of the          intensity of treatment actually received,
at risk of having, police contact resulting      Miami-Dade County Youth Crime Task             and the pattern of risk factors present
from their aggressive and/or delinquent          Force Project, members of the CCCO             within the family. Results indicated that
behaviour. With a Canadian focus, and            will be establishing a full replication of     high risk children can be reliably
international presence, the CCCO works           the Under 12 Outreach Project (ORP)            identified using existing assessment tools
collaboratively with researchers, policy         in Miami-Dade in partnership with the          such as the Early Assessment Risk Lists,
makers, clinicians and other professionals       Children’s Psychiatric Center and              and in doing so, services can be
to advance research and social policy.           Miami-Dade County Juvenile Services            allocated to maximize treatment
                                                 Department. Working with the                   outcomes. The second project took a
The CCCO’s key areas are:                        principal investigator Dr. Richard Dembo       wide look at our efforts at licensing
1) gender-specific programs that serve           from the University of South Florida and       organizations in the use of SNAP™ to
aggressive and antisocial children and           external evaluator Dr. Paul Frick from         explore the feasibility of establishing a
their families, 2) risk assessment guides        the University of New Orleans, the             SNAP™ Community of Practice in
that predict the risk of future antisocial       CCCO will be implementing SNAP™                Ontario. Results indicated that SNAP™
behaviour and the needs of young children,       (Stop Now And PlanTM) in an American           is the most widely used strategy in
and 3) police-community protocols that           setting to see whether the program can         Ontario for children with disruptive
ensure this population of children receive       produce the same positive changes that         behaviour problems and that a
timely and appropriate referrals to local        have been found in Canada. If successful,      significant proportion of service
service providers.                               it is possible that SNAP™ could be             providers thought it would be useful
                                                 replicated more broadly across the state       to establish a Community of Practice.
Training others in our approaches and            of Florida. In addition, the CCCO is
about child, family and community risk           continuing to work with the Juvenile         • Banyan Community Services in
factors that contribute to the development       Services Department in Miami-Dade              Hamilton, Ontario, underwent a
of antisocial behaviour in children is a key     County to train clinicians in the use of       stringent external evaluation by the
activity of the CCCO. Our goal is to foster      the Early Assessment Risk List (EARL)          Offord Centre for Child Studies under
evidence-based clinical assessment and           tools, developed by CDI for children           the direction of Dr. Ellen Lipman of its
treatment skills among professionals so          under the age of 12 who have been              full replication of the Under 12
that they can effectively reduce antisocial      charged by the police.                         Outreach Project. Results from this
behaviour among at-risk children.                                                               research indicated that the program
                                               • With support from the Provincial Centre        significantly reduced anti-social
                                                 of Excellence for Child and Youth              behaviour in children referred for a
                                                 Mental Health at the Children’s Hospital       range of delinquent and aggressive
                                                 of Eastern Ontario, the CCCO initiated         behaviours.

• The expertise of the CCCO in program                  We described steps that can be taken                       Child Development Institute is also
  evaluation is currently being exercised               to successfully engage the families over                   involved in research and systems
  through the “Partners for Success”                    the initial and later stages of their                      development work in the areas of woman
  Initiative. Though funding from the                   involvement and the level of productive                    abuse and children who have witnessed
  Ministry of Children and Youth Services,              collaboration that can be supported by                     family violence.
  the CCCO is providing research and                    such efforts.
  technical support to three organizations                                                                         • In 2005/06, we were the recipient of a
  – Youthlink, East Metro Youth Services             Other notable accomplishments                                   Social Research Grant from the United
  and Aisling Discoveries Child and Family           of the CCCO over the past year                                  Way of Greater Toronto. The research
  Centre – to evaluate a wide range of               include:                                                        project, conducted in partnership with
  mental health school-based services                                                                                the Faculty of Social Work at University
  offered to children and their families.            • Our presence at the American Society                          of Toronto, was entitled “In Whose Best
                                                       of Criminology meeting in November                            Interest?”. It explored the impact of
• The Ministry of Children and Youth                   2005 where researchers and clinicians                         child welfare policies on women and
  Services awarded three interconnected                from Child Development Institute                              helping professionals in cases of domestic
  Innovation grants to our agency from                 highlighted key accomplishments of the                        violence. The Participatory Action
  2004-2006 to study possible barriers to              CCCO and presented research findings                          Research framework was used to
  accessing services and premature                     about the effectiveness of two of our                         involve a range of stakeholders from
  disengagement from treatment. Through                evidence-based programs – the                                 various sectors – Violence Against
  a series of qualitative interviews, the              Girls Connection and the Under 12                             Women agencies, child welfare, health
  first study examined what happens                    Outreach Project – and a structured risk                      care, police, legal services, ethno-specific
  between the point at which a police                  assessment tool for adolescents who                           services, survivors of women abuse as
  officer recommends a referral to ORP                 have graduated from these programs.                           well as child witnesses. Individual
  and the family’s first contact with an                                                                             interviews and focus groups were held
  ORP worker. The second, related study              • The inclusion of our Early Assessment                         to gather the qualitative data.
  was an investigation of ethno-cultural               Risk List (EARL) Tools for Boys and
  barriers to accessing services in a                  Girls in Scotland’s Risk Management                           The research identified issues relating to:
  diverse, high needs neighborhood.                    Authority’s Risk Assessment Tools                             disclosure of abuse and reporting; the
  Recommendations stressed the                         Evaluation Directory published in April                       impact of the legislation itself; safety,
  importance of having trained                         2006. The directory contains an audit of                      accessibility and accountability; and
  community-based workers who                          risk assessment tools that statutory                          systemic service issues.
  practice outreach strategies that take               bodies must consider in relation to risk
  into account the specific needs of their             management procedures within                                  A community symposium was held on
  culture and community. Based on a                    Scotland. It is worth noting that the                         November 22, 2005, at the University
  thorough review of the literature, the               EARL tools were the only ones                                 of Toronto with 115 participants in
  purpose of the third study was to                    identified for use with children under                        attendance. The symposium was held to
  develop and implement a first contact,               the age of 12.                                                present the research findings but also to
  motivational interview for high risk                                                                               allow representatives from the various
  children and families who are not                  • The number of licenses granted to                             sectors to comment and reflect on the
  responding to standard attempts by                   individuals and organizations to use                          research and how it resonated with their
  clinicians to engage the family in                   SNAP™ was increased to 69 with                                own experiences. The “In Whose Best
  treatment.                                           another 7 additional sites in the                             Interest?” report was widely
                                                       process of being arranged.                                    disseminated and attracted attention
                                                                                                                     from professionals and media outlets
                                                                                                                     across the country.

Dr. Leena Augimeri accepts the 2005 National Award   Dr. Leena Augimeri (far left) and Nicola Slater (far right)
for Outstanding Research from Peter Dudding of the   with a group from the National Health Services,
Child Welfare League of Canada.                      Glascow, Scotland.


Dr. Leena Augimeri with leading U.S. researchers in the   CCCO team with Research Scientists Dr. Debra Pepler
areas of criminology and juvenile delinquency.            (fifth from right),York University, and Dr. David
                                                          Farrington (fourth from right), Cambridge.

The importance of the early years of                      Conference/Workshop Presentations
childhood is also one of our key research
interests at Child Development Institute.                 Child Development Institute is committed              • The “Achieving Cultural Competence
                                                          to sharing our knowledge with others.                   Assessment Tool” developed by the
• “Reaching In … Reaching Out:                            Over the past year, close to 2,000 people               Toronto Network of Ontario Early
  Promoting Resiliency in Young Children                  participated in training sessions or                    Years Centres Committee on Cultural
  in Child Care” is an exciting research                  conference workshops delivered by our                   Competence (led by Child Development
  project which takes emerging new                        staff. Along with the training activities of            Institute) was presented at a conference
  knowledge about the formation of                        the CCCO highlighted above, other Child                 of the Metro Association of Family
  resiliency and seeks ways of fostering                  Development Institute programs were                     Resource Centres, Toronto; the Infant
  this in children in early childhood                     presented at various conferences and                    Mental Health Promotion project
  programs. The potential impact of this                  workshops, including:                                   conference at the Hospital for Sick
  program is enormous. RIRO has now                                                                               Children, Toronto; and at the National
  completed the knowledge and program                     • Our Family Violence Services were                     Institute for Early Childhood
  development phase with funding support                    presented at: a conference of the Infant              Professional Development (sponsored
  from the federal government. With a                       Mental Health Promotion Project at the                by the National Association for the
  major new grant from the Ontario                          Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto; the              Education of Young Children), Miami.
  Trillium Foundation, RIRO is moving                       Pregnancy and Health Community
  forward with scaling the project up for                   Outreach Project, Thunder Bay; the                  • Child Development Institute staff
  broad dissemination. Reaching In …                        World Conference on Prevention of                     participated in a panel discussion on
  Reaching Out is supported by a                            Family Violence, Banff; and the                       building effective partnerships at the
  partnership of YMCA of Greater                            International Conference on Family                    “Safe Schools Forum” with the Toronto
  Toronto, University of Guelph,                            Violence, San Diego                                   District School Board and the Toronto
  George Brown College and Child                                                                                  Catholic District School Board.
  Development Institute.                                  • The Queen Victoria Partners for Early
                                                            Learning Project presented the                      • The experience of Child Development
                                                            “Healthy Child Screening” as a poster                 Institute was presented at a workshop
                                                            presentation at the Health Innovations                on “Not-For-Profit Mergers” for
                                                            Expo, Toronto.                                        senior-level executives and Board
                                                                                                                  members of local community agencies
                                                          • Family Re-Connection Centre staff                     and health care organizations.
                                                            presented a workshop called “Issues and
                                                            Approaches for Mothers and Children                 • Several Child Development Institute
                                                            Impacted by Substance Use” at a                       managers participated on United Way’s
                                                            conference in Thunder Bay called                      Speakers Bureau.
                                                            Violence and Substance Use: Values,
                                                            Attitudes and Beliefs.

Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006


This public interest included:                • Rogers Sportsnet produced a TV               CDI programs were also profiled in
                                                segment on behalf of Sport Chek’s            various publications this year:
• Two articles in the Toronto Star on           “The Power of Sports for Kids” program
  Camp Wimodausis and the Girls                 which profiled Child Development             • A book chapter co-written by Angelique
  Connection (the latter story was              Institute as the recipient of a large          Jenney, Director, Family Violence
  profiled on the front page of the             donation of sporting goods from the            Services, in “Cruel But Not Unusual:
  Saturday Star and included a full-page        retailer. The segment was broadcast            Violence in Canadian Families” (editors:
  spread in the front section).                 during Raptors and Blue Jays games on          Ramona Alaggia and Cathy Vine).
                                                Rogers Sportsnet and was played in
• TV Ontario invited a Child Development        Sport Chek stores across the province.       • The Girls Connection program was
  Institute staff member and client to talk                                                    lauded in a recent book called “See Jane
  about the Girls Connection on a live        • Child Development Institute’s new              Hit” by James Garbarino, Ph.D.,
  program called “More to Life”.                agency video won a “Telly” award this          Professor of Human Development at
                                                year for outstanding video/film produc-        Cornell University.
• CTV News also profiled the Girls              tion. The10 minute video, produced in
  Connection on the 11 p.m. national            DVD and CD formats and available on          • In New Zealand, an article was
  news with a segment called “Success           our Website, provides an overview of           published on a local SNAPTM project
  Stories” with Sandie Rinaldo.                 our programs and research initiatives          in an education journal distributed to
                                                along with interviews with staff, parents,     all schools.
• MOJO Radio invited Angelique Jenney,          children and community partners.
  Director, Family Violence Services, to                                                     • The Centre for Children Committing
  speak about the issue of children                                                            Offences and our SNAPTM program
  witnessing family violence.                                                                  were profiled in “Checkpoint”, the
                                                                                               e-bulletin of the Provincial Centre of
                                                                                               Excellence for Child and Youth Mental
                                                                                               Health at CHEO and in “Heads Up”,
                                                                                               a quarterly publication of Children’s
                                                                                               Mental Health Ontario.

                                                                                             Rob Faulds, from Rogers Sportsnet,
                                                                                             interviews Tony Diniz


This year, we were the beneficiary of a                 • As mentioned above, Sport Chek chose        • Interior design firm, Halina Catherine
number of projects sponsored by the                       Child Development Institute as the first      Design, hosted a lively Brazilian-themed
business community:                                       Ontario recipient of a huge donation of       Carnival fundraiser on behalf of the
                                                          sporting goods through their Power of         Girls Connection program. Halina and
• In September, KPMG held a successful                    Sports for Kids program. Sport Chek           a group of her friends and colleagues
  golf tournament on behalf of Child                      staff volunteered their time unloading        volunteered their time and engaged
  Development Institute. Golfers at the                   and assembling a truckload of sporting        various sponsors to provide exciting
  “Muskoka Client Golf Getaway” were                      goods including hockey equipment,             food, drinks, entertainment and a silent
  asked to make a donation to Child                       skateboards, basketballs, baseball            auction for the 150+ guests in
  Development Institute and all                           equipment and more.                           attendance. The party was profiled in
  contributions were matched by KPMG’s                                                                  the National Post. Halina and her friends
  Transaction Advisory practice.                        • Northwater Capital Management and a           hope to host an even bigger fundraising
                                                          number of groups from RBC participated        event next year.
• A group of employees from Accenture                     in our holiday family sponsorship
  joined us for a second year by rolling                  program at Christmas. Thirty-five           • Staff from the Dufferin Mall management
  up their sleeves and spending a day                     families received an array of toys, food,     office and mall owner, Oxford
  volunteering at our Parkdale-High Park                  clothing, household items, gift               Properties, designed and equipped at no
  Ontario Early Years Centre. They painted                certificates and entertainment packages       cost a new space for Dufferin Mall
  our kitchen and meeting room and they                   specially chosen for each child and           Family Place. This new location offers a
  catalogued over 600 toys and assembled                  his/her family. Cash donations were also      large play area, nursing mothers’ room,
  more than 175 early literacy kits. Beyond               provided by the two companies, whose          private adult/child washroom and a
  encouraging their employees to give us                  employees hosted fundraising events and       kitchen. It is a safe, attractive and
  some of their personal time, Accenture                  volunteered their time to shop for each       flexible space for this drop-in centre
  also provided a financial gift to purchase              sponsored family. This joint venture          providing programs for children 0-6
  a new computer, children’s books,                       between CDI and generous corporate            and their parents/caregivers.
  parent resources, and toys for the                      partners and community members
  lending library.                                        allowed families in need to celebrate
                                                          a joyous holiday season.                       We are extremely grateful to these
                                                                                                         generous individuals and companies for
                                                                                                         their commitment to supporting children
                                                                                                         and families in this community.

                                                                                                      A group from Accenture “spruces up” the
                                                                                                      Parkdale-High Park Ontario Early Years Centre

Haing fun with hockey equipment donated by Sport Chek

                                                                                                    197 Euclid Avenue,
 D E V E LO P M E N T I N S T I T U T E FO U N DAT I O N                                            Toronto, Ontario M6J 2J8

  In support of the mission and vision of Child Development Institute, the Foundation engages in fundraising, stewardship and
  granting activities. It gives me great pleasure to report on our activities and accomplishments over the past year. In 2005/06,
  our efforts have led to donations received in excess of $500,000, an amazing 120% increase in funds raised over the previous
  year! This was achieved with creativity and an inspired vision, through a combination of our individual annual giving
  program, the launch of a major gifts campaign, third-party fundraising events, and our signature special event, FRESH STart.

  In March, we hosted another successful FRESH STart at the Academy of Spherical Arts with the participation of over forty
  dedicated volunteers. Close to 600 guests and many corporate sponsors and donors helped us to raise a record-breaking
  $120,000 in support of the Girls Connection program. Another key fundraising initiative of the Foundation is our Circle of
  Friends, a group of donors who have made a commitment to provide a generous gift of $1,000 or more each year to our
  Annual Fund. Launched in 2005, over 80 donors have been named as part of our founding Circle of Friends.

  Other work in 2005/06 included the development of a comprehensive investment policy and a realignment of our approach
  to maximize our results while providing security of our invested funds. The Foundation has also been actively recruiting new
  members to the Board of Directors who can play a role in maintaining our success over the long-term. The Foundation Board
  is comprised of a committed group of individuals representing different sectors of our community. They bring diverse skills
  and experience along with a tireless enthusiasm for strengthening programs that help children and families in need. It has been
  my pleasure to serve with them and to collaborate with the dedicated Board of Directors and management of Child
  Development Institute on several fundraising initiatives.

  While the focus of the Foundation this year has been on raising funds to sustain the Girls Connection program and various
  research initiatives at Child Development Institute, we are also pleased to support Camp Wimodausis, Child Development
  Institute’s day camp for disadvantaged children with significant behaviour problems. This year, with the funding provided
  by the Foundation, over 120 girls and their families took part in the Girls Connection and 48 boys and girls had a summer
  of fun and learning at Camp Wimodausis. This is what our work is really all about.

  To all our donors, foundation partners and corporate sponsors, thank you for your continued generosity and support.

  David Feather
  Child Development Institute Foundation

                                                                                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR 2005-06
                                                                     David Feather, President                       Kim Race
                                                                     Lisa Power, Vice-President              Mercedeh Sanati
  Charitable Registration. No:                                       Stephen Gross, CA, Treasurer            Jennifer Wardrop
  88625-2105-RR0001                                                  Mark Farrell, Secretary                  Cate Woodward


Presenting Sponsors               In-Kind Donors                  FRESH STart 2006 Supporters
The Academy of Spherical Arts     The Academy of Spherical Arts   Warren Aarons                      Martin Bliss
Mackenzie Financial Corporation   Amsterdam Brewing Co.           Christie Acker                     Louise Bolduc
                                  Bau-Xi Gallery                  Vince and Lenore Aguanno           Sarah Booth
Lead Sponsors                     Camerons Brewing Co.            Paul Allan and Maggie Manion       Birks and Roselyn Bovaird
KPMG                              Elaine Charal                   L. Alexopoulos                     Christopher Bovaird and
Scotiabank Group                                                                                     Susan Jeffrey
                                  Denisons                        Denise Amram
Newport Partners
                                  Esprit Agency                   Robin Anthony                      James and Tony Bowland
Northern Rivers
                                  Gordon Food Service             Ariston Professional Corporation   Gayle Boxer Willson
                                  Tara Green                      Joanna Armstrong                   Kim Bradley
                                  Helen Griffiths                 Todd and Marianne Backman          Ted Bridgwater
Cassels Brock LLP                                                                                    and Debra Lawson
                                  Higgins Party Rentals           Kathy Badeau
CIBC Financial Planning                                                                              Andrew Brown and
                                  Ice Culture                     Michael Bannock
Coleford Investment Management                                                                       Shanan Spencer-Brown
                                  La Rocca                        George and Di Baptist
Environics Communications                                                                            Kevin and Linda Brown
                                  The Laura Lynn Band             Sandy and Lyn Baptist
Hunter Keilty Muntz and Beatty                                                                       Peter A. and Mary C. Brown
                                  Maxxium Canada                  Joseph Barbaro
Toronto Blue Jays                                                                                    Steve and Angela Brown
                                  Mill Street Brewery             Tom and Colette Barber
Rogers Sportsnet                                                                                     Tammy Brown
                                  Nouveau Taste de Cuisine        Elizabeth Bascom
                                                                                                     Nancy Browne
                                  PLM Group                       David Beldam
                                                                                                     Catrin Brunke
                                  Sharpe Blackmore EURO RSCG      Jennifer Bell
                                                                                                     Fran Brunton
                                  Sleeman Breweries               Karen Bell
                                                                                                     Jenifer Burbidge
                                  Survival of the Funniest        Susan Bell
                                                                                                     Jamie Burlie
                                  Sysco                           Swith Bell
                                                                                                     Bob and Maryska Bushnell
                                  Tai Foong International         Marla Berger
                                                                                                     Jackie Bryers
                                  Veggie Express                  Michael Berger
                                                                                                     Lynne Campkin
                                  Jim Wych                        Carol Bezaire
                                                                                                     Nadine Cannata
                                                                  Amar Bhalla
                                                                                                     Leslie Cappe
                                                                  Linda Bishop
                                                                                                     Noah Cappe
                                                                                                     Vivien Cappe

9                                                                                                                                 24

Tina Carbonara                    Peter Diniz                    Michael and Susan Gouinlock    Andrea Joyce
Joan Cardy                        Tony Diniz and Nory Siberry    Helen Graham                   Renee Kadey
Melanie Carr                      Brian and Shirley Domelle      Andrew and Suzanne Grant       Anne Kaye
Margaret Carr-Harris              Ann Doritty                    Vanessa Grant                  Kevin Kelly
Liz Carson                        David and Suzanne Drinkwater   Carol Gray                     Robert and Jennifer Kepes
Tim and Sheila Casgrain           Eric Drinkwater                Peter and Margaret Greenwood   Anne Kerr
Debbie Chant                      Reid and Shelagh Drury         Howard Gross and Cindy Np      Sue Kidd
Ginette Charette                  Marie Dudziak                  John Gross                     Robert Kilgour
Julie Cheesbrough                 Phil Dyment                    Steve Gross and Nancy Hunter   Olivia Kilroy
Jane Chisholm                     and Lorraine Housego-Dyment    Greg and Susan Guichon         Mark and Jill Kinney
Lily Chow                         Thomas and Patricia Dyson      Janet Guy                      Alek Kistajic
Peter Churchill-Smith             Nancy Eisenhauer               Glenn Hainey                   Angela Ko
CIBC                              Karen Elia                     Richard and Nancy Hamm         Susan Kololian
Chris and Pam Clark               George and Penny Elliott       Marie-Josee Hammill            Todd Krauser and Tonia Drevensek
Peggy Clinton                     Karen Engel                    Bob Hamill                     Dennis Krok
Marilyn Cochrane                  Mike and Tara Evens            Tom Hamza                      Daniella Laise
Margaret Cockerill                Rocco and Angela Fabiano       Ken and Leslie Hand            Wanda Lalonde
Barry Columb                      Catherine Fagnan               Sally Hannon                   Donald and Karen Lang
David and Kelly Connacher         Fred Farncomb                  Susan Harrington               Scott Lapstra
Jacqueline Corbett                Graham Farrell                 Anna Haveruk                   Robert Larmour and Cindy Curley
Brian Cott and Julie Murphy       Mark and Megan Farrell         Judy Higgins                   Holly Laskin
Flora Courteau                    Eileen Farrow                  Pam Hodgson                    Dan Law
Terry and Elizabeth Couttie       Angela Feldman                 Michael Hoeher                 Yvonne Lawson
Phil Cowperthwaite                Marion Ferguson                Byron and Andrea Holland       Jane Lay
and Sue Hunter                    Adrienne Fisher                Mimi Hollenberg                Randy and Linda Levely
John Craig and Virginia Griffin   Heather Floyd                  Mihkel and Kati Holmberg       Melanie Lewis
Kathleen Crook                    Carmen Ford                    Carolyn Homer                  John and Phyllis Lill
Caroline Cullen                   Helen Fotinos                  Robbie Hughes                  Patricia Linders
Audrey Davidson                   Jim Fraser                     Jane Humphreys                 Peggi Liswood
Carl De Vuono                     Kate Fraser                    Ari Hunter                     Pam Lloyd
James and Barbara Deeks           Dennis Freeman                 Jennifer Hunter                Sam Lloyd
Rockey and Heather Delfino        Thomas Galikowski              Alan and Lindsay Hutton        James Loewen
Mary Beth Denomy                  Ilona Gamble                   Katherine Ing                  William and Miriam Lott
David Dension                     Sarah Giacamelli               Scott and Heather Irwin        Colin Loudon and Carole Boivin
and Maureen Flanagan              Adriano Giordano               Susan Irwin                    Karynna Ma
Irene Devlin                      Nancy Glassco                  Donna Smith Ivey               Sheena Macaskill
Michael Devlin                    Elspeth Goad                   Charlotte Janssen              Tim and Bonnie Macdonald
Andrew Diamond and                Kenneth Goldberg and           Cathy Jeffrey                  Domenic and Anna Macera
Linda Pincott Kitchen             Virginia Edwards               Graeme and Laura Jewett        Stuart MacGregor
Allan Dick                        Geoffrey and Anne Gouinlock    Steve and Joyce Johnson        Doug and Heather Mackay
Ryan Dickey                       John and Patricia Gouinlock    Ann Johnston                   David Macnee

Jodi Macpherson                   Catherine Needham           Lindsay Richards              David and Joanne Thring
Lynn March                        Rob Neish                   Derek and Anne Riley          J. Tolkin
Susan Marshall                    Janet Newlands              Jennifer Ritchie              Vic Tonelli
Andrew Martin                     Greg Newton                 Iain Robb                     Kerry Tooth
Susan Matthews                    John Newton                 Jennifer Roberts              Tom Trenholme and Susan Morton
John May and Kathleen Leonard     Allan Ng                    Jack Robertson                Peggy Turcot
Bob and Carol McCabe              Sheila Norman               Gloria Robins                 Patrick Turgeon
Fraser Mcdonald                   Elisa Nuyten                Gregor Robinson               Candance Turtle
Aileen McGrath                    Brad Offman                 Hilary Robinson               Maris Uffelmann
Gail McGregor                     Diane O'Reggio              Marylou Rose                  Bernie and Joanne Uhlmann
Roderick and Gisele McIsaac       Michael and Marilyn Orr     Rhonnie Rossi                 Cathy Vine
Deb McKenzie                      Martha Osler                Jana Rozehnal                 Stephen and Jeannie Von Buttlar
Michael and Sally McLachlan       Helen O'Sullivan            Robert and Liz Schad          Clifford and Carol-Ann Walker
June McLean                       Charles Pal                 Steven and Ricki Sharpe       Peter and Kimberlee Wallace
Debby McLernon                    Katie Pal                   David and Martha Shaw         Sheilah Wallin
Peter and Diane McLernon          Stephanie Pal               Francis and Eleanor Shen      Holle Watts
Ian and Judy McMartin             Walter and Kathy Palmer     Tony Shen and Claudia Lopez   Michael Webster and
Keith and Juliana McMeekin        Deborah E. Palter           John Shields                  Wendy Thomson Webster
Brad and Karen Meredith           Anthony and Lena Paniccia   Angela Smith                  Lyn Wharton
Stephen Miao                      Susan Paterson              James P. Smith                Bill and Sandra Wilder
Irene Mihalik                     Joanne Pawlicki             Leon Smith                    Kelly Willis
Holy Miklas                       John and Alexandra Peck     Lorraine Smith                Cecily Wills
Patrick Mills and                 Liz Pelletier               Tenley Smith                  Sydney Wills
Margot Sainsbury-Mills            Barry and Geraldine Pike    Linda Sommerville             Marcus Woodley
Tony and Pat Minard               Liann Pincott               Tim and Nora Spence           Ruth Woods
Myles Mindham                     Michelle Popelas            Eric and Daphne Spindler      Charlene Yelavitch
John MacDonald and Diana Miotto   Megan Porter                Maureen Spitz                 John Yiokaris
Deborah Mitchell                  Chris and Susan Portner     Maureen Squibb                David Young and Lynn Eakin
Helena Mitchell                   Angela Potts                Diana Stapleton               Lisa Young
Ron Walker and Susan Montieth     Robert and Lisa Power       David Sterns                  Mary Yule
Joanne Moody                      Ted and Julia Price         E.E. Sterns                   Evan Zelden
Piera Morra                       Liam Price                  Robert and Jodi Stodgell      Shelley Zucchi
Graham Morris and                 Janet Purcell               Bob and Eileen Stuebing
Debbie Robertson                  Kimberley Race              M. Sullivan
Jerome Morse and                  Gary S. Raich               Dave and Sue Sutin
Catherine Lawrence
                                  Kirsten Rajca               Michael Svetkoff
Rosemary Morton
                                  Robert Reble and            Petra Swayze
Carolyn Muir                      Diana Cottingham            Mary Linda Tait
Tom and Judith Murray             Gina Remy                   Anne Marie Tate
Sarah Nadherny                    Sue Renihan                 Jennifer Thompson
Kerry Nadle                       Sally Reynolds              Susan Thompson

9                                                                                                                     26

Thank you to everyone who made financial or in-kind contributions, including those who gave
anonymously and those who directed their United Way donations to Child Development Institute.
We are very grateful for your support.
Your gifts made it possible for us to serve thousands of children and their families
in this community.

FUNDING PARTNERS                                  DONORS                                              Guardian $1,000 – $9,999
Appell Family Foundation                          Founder $50,000+                                    Accenture Inc.
Canadian Tire Foundation for Families             The Honourable Margaret N. McCain                   Sandy and Lyn Baptist
The Caring Foundation                             and Wallace G. McCain                               Simon Christian
Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation
                                                                                                      CIBC Corporate Donations
Child Development Institute Foundation            Leader $25,000+                                     Steve Gross and Nancy Hunter
CHUM Charitable Foundation                        Richard and Nancy Hamm                              Halina Catherine Skoryna and friends
CIBC World Markets Children's                     Cecil and Susan Hawkins                             KPMG
Miracle Foundation                                                                                    McLean Budden
                                                  Andrew and Valerie M. Pringle                       National Bank Financial
City of Toronto, Children’s Services
                                                  Ada W. Slaight                                      Northwater Capital Management
Dr. Scholl Foundation
                                                                                                      Riskcheck Inc.
F.K. Morrow Foundation                                                                                Silvercreek Management Inc.
Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation                       Mentor $10,000 - $24,999                            Nora Smith
Human Resources and Skills Development            Robert and Cindy Blakely                            Sotos Associates LLP
Canada                                                                                                Dennis and Deny Starritt
                                                  David Feather
J.W. McConnell Family Foundation                                                                      Survival of the Funniest
                                                  Eleanor and Francis Shen Family Foundation          Wrigley Canada
LaMarsh Centre for Research on Violence           at the Toronto Community Foundation
and Conflict Resolution
                                                  TD Canada Trust
Mackenzie Financial Charitable Foundation
                                                  TD Securities Employees
Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General
                                                  Underwriting Hope Fund
Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services
Ontario Ministry of Community
and Social Services
Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child
and Youth Mental Health at CHEO
Toronto Community Foundation
Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
                                                  Donation levels refer to gifts received during the past year. We have done our best to ensure
United Way of Greater Toronto                     the accuracy of this information. We apologize for any errors or omissions.

Caregiver $1 - $999                Andrew and Louise Dellio       Highview Plumbing and Heating      Cameron Norman and
                                   Sandra Deluca                  Ronald Hitti                       Angelique Jenney
Annex Lions Club
                                   F.P. Derling                   Sam and Ronna Hoffer               Carita Oest
Art Interiors
                                   Irene Devlin                   Mimi Hollenberg                    Mike and Lily Pace
Ariston Professional Corporation
                                   Dewson Street Public School    Dan Howat                          Leigh-Anne Palter
Brian and Christie Acker
                                   Iolanda Di Vincenzo            Al Hutchens                        Anthony and Lena Paniccia
Vince and Annette Alaimo
                                   Stephen and Karen Diamond      Susan Hylton                       Panco Plumbing Ltd.
                                   Allan Dick                     Richard and Maria Inamoto          Mary Paprocki
Karen Arbesman
                                   Dorbar Insurance Agency Inc.   Tim Irwin                          Paramount Pallet Inc.
Lauren Arnold
                                   Anne Dupre                     Janssen and Associates             Christos and Donna Paraschos
Dave Baker
                                   Kelly Dutton                   Steve Kampers                      Anthony Partipilo
Deborah Baldwin
                                   Philip Dyment and              Jonathan Kay                       Nicholas and Anne Pashley
Peter Ballantyne and
                                   Lorraine Housego-Dyment        Kevin Kelly                        Tim Patterson
Margot Howard
                                   Karen Elstone                  Sherman Ki                         Doug Patterson
Alex Baniczky
                                   Ernst and Young LLP            Richard Kinlough                   Lindsay Peerenboon
John and Elizabeth Bascom
                                   Rocco and Angela Fabiano       Margaret Kiszu                     Performance Solutions and Training
David Beaton
                                   Robert Fonn                    Robert Kizell                      Julia Perry
Wilna Behr
                                   Domenic Forbes                 Daniel Klass                       Carlo and Christina Picco
Ashli Belfour
                                   Phil Frances                   Herbert and Jill Koplowitz         Steven and Nadia Pietrobon
Stan Benda
                                   Trevor Francis                 Athina Kosmadakis                  Poole Milligan LLP
P. Bertozzi
                                   Joyce Frustaglio               Roger and Patricia Lace            PWC Canada Foundation
Justin Bleeden
                                   Dean Gaber                     Ron Lalonde and Jane Humphreys     Janette Quattrociocchi
Robert and Karen Bradeen
                                   Robert Gale                    Mark Lemmon                        John Quigley and
John Bradlow
                                   Michael Galita                 Susan Levesque                     Cathy M. Whiteside
Helen Braithwaite
                                   Patrick Garvey and             Judith Levkoe                      Gary S. Raich
Jenifer Burbidge
                                   Judith Hinchman                Michael Locke                      Lindy Rego
Jeff Burdon
                                   Jon Geist                      Rick Lomas                         Gina Remy
Ted and Esther Burnett
                                   Cynthia Gertsman               George Longley                     Glenn and Margaret Ringland
Danielle Bush
                                   Adriano Giordano               Ana Lopes                          Jacob Ritter
Brad Butcher
                                   Robert Gold                    Larry Lowenstein and Nina Lester   Riviera Electrical Contractor Inc.
Jeff Cabral
                                   Grace Goldberg                 Bart and Sandy MacDougall          Rotary Club of Parkdale - High Park
M. Campbell
                                   Helen Goldberg                 Doug Mackay                        Jane Rowe
Gillian Carpenter
                                   Kenneth Goldberg and           Mackenzie Financial Corporation    Joel Rubinovich
Garry Castator
                                   Virginia Edwards               Sharon Mah-Gin                     Mark and Nancy Schlein
Central Park Lodges
                                   Michael and Susan Gouinlock    Charles Malone                     Peter Scully
Robert J. Chadwick
                                   Sonya Gracs                    Michael Mann                       Jameel Sethi
Lawrence Clement
                                   Tony and Helen Graham          Bill Marks                         Shiseido Social Welfare Foundation
Peter Cockburn and
                                   Julia L. Grant                 Michael Mazan                      Mathew J. Shuber
Jacqueline Breault
                                   Ian and Christie Gray          Brian McDonough                    John Shuter
David Cobbold
                                   Marco Greco                    Lucy McInnes                       Anthony Sigel
Rob Collins
                                   Ken Grewal                     Doug McIntosh                      Marion Slate
Gary Colter
                                   Leigh-Ann Groombridge          Lois and William McKay             James Small
Lisa Corbo
                                   Arnie Gross                    Paul and Clara McKenzie            Leon Smith
Tony Cosentino
                                   Fritz and Lotti Grosskopf      Kelly Meighen                      Stephen Smith
David Cowling
                                   Richard Grudzinski             Lorraine Mellon                    April Solman
Mike Creber
                                   Andrew Guy                     Derek Melo                         Bob and Linda Sommerville
Kathleen Crook
                                   Marni Halter                   Michael Meth                       Tom Spragge
Mark and Ann Curry
                                   Deedee Taylor Hannah           Sharon Mimran                      Diana Stevenson-Moore
Jack Curtin and Beth Nowers
                                   Sally Hannon                   Richard Morawetz                   Amy Stewart
Murray D'Angelo
                                   Paul Harper                    Michael Morgan                     Brent Strasley
David Daum
                                   Anna and Lorne Haveruk         Elizabeth Murphy                   Frederick Sturm
Heather Davies
                                   Brian Hayhoe                   Newport Partners Inc.
Dr. Mel Davine
                                   Ewout Heersink                 Steve Nishimura


Caregiver $1 - $999 continued          Tim Thomas                         Catherine Vine                      Stephanie Wong
Mark Sturrock                          David and Joanne Thring            Craig Walter                        Tom Worrall and K. Akune
Jeff Sujitno                           Kathleen Timmins                   Jennifer Watt                       John Yiokaris
Brett Sullivan                         Laura Trachuk                      Christopher D. Webster              Barry Yontef
Helmut and Helen Swierkot              Richard Trevisan                   John C. Weiser                      David Young and Lynn Eakin
Shelagh Taylor                         Joe Tucker                         Lyn Wharton                         Victoria R. Young
Matt Tedford                           Robin Vaile                        Richard Williams                    Tony Zaspalis
The Fulcrum Investment Co. Ltd.        Chris Van Staveren                 Joan Winser                         Theresa Zizzi


For 2005/06, the members of our Circle of Friends are:

Rick Aaronson and Linda Loving                     David Feather                                   Roderick and Gisele McIsaac
Paul Allan and Maggie Manion                       Frank and Mary-Wynn Fini                        Deborah Mitchell
Todd and Marianne Backman                          Jim Fraser and Suzan Khan                       Graham Morris and Deborah Robertson
Sandy and Lyn Baptist                              John and Patricia Gouinlock                     Louise Morwick
Thomas and Colette Barber                          Carol Gray                                      Gordon and Janet Nixon
Michael Berger and Chitty Krishnappa               Brian Greenspan and Marla Berger                Sheila Norman
Suresh and Nutan Bhalla                            Steve Gross and Nancy Hunter                    Alan and Dagmar O'Hanlon
Robert and Cindy Blakely                           Greg and Susan Guichon                          Loudon Owen
Peter Braaten                                      Janette Hamm                                    Joseph and Lucie Pal
Peter and Mary Brown                               Richard and Nancy Hamm                          Linda Pincott Kitchen
Robert and Maryska Bushnell                        Patrick and Sara Handreke                       Robert and Lisa Power
Joan Cardy                                         Cecil and Susan Hawkins                         Tim and Frances Price
Guy and Margaret Carr-Harris                       Christopher and Pam Hodgson                     Andrew and Valerie Pringle
Robert Casper and Jennifer Wardrop                 Joseph Horvath                                  Mercedeh Sanati
Lily Chow                                          Wayne Hussey                                    John and Susan Schumacher
Greg and Linda Cochrane                            Alan and Lindsay Hutton                         Robert and Liz Shad
David and Kelly Conacher                           Paul and Catherine Hyde                         Steven and Ricki Sharpe
Phil and Eva Cunningham                            Chris and Karen Kelson                          Eleanor and Francis Shen
Tim and Carol Devlin                               Bob Kilgour and Sylvia Kemp                     Ada W. Slaight
Michael Devlin and Nadine Cannata                  John and Phyllis Lill                           Shanan Spencer-Brown
Tony Diniz                                         Dan Linardic and Kimberley Race                 Wayne and Maureen Squibb
Brian and Shirley Domelle                          Donald Livingstone and Melanie Carr             Dennis and Deny Starritt
Robert Dorrance and Gail Drummond                  Stuart MacGregor and Colleen Campbell           David Sterns and Rita Bilerman
John and Merrilyn Driscoll                         Walter and Katherine Macnee                     Philip Street and Vanessa Grant
George and Penny Elliott                           Derek and Lynn March                            Frederick Sturm
George and Doone Estey                             John McDonald and Diana Miotto                  Tom and Ruth Woods
Mark and Megan Farrell                             Robert and Cheryl McEwen                        Tony and Cate Woodward

Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006


                              Family Violence Services – 331

                                                                                           1349 – Healthy Child Development Services1

               Early Intervention Services – 1090
                                                                                                    1 As part of our Healthy Child Development Services,
                                                                                                    we participate in a number of community partnership projects
                                                                                                    (e.g. Dufferin Mall Family Place, Queen Victoria Partners for
                                                                                                    Early Learning). The number of children receiving services
                                                                                                    through these programs is not included in this chart.
                                                                                                    An estimated 1000+ additional children are served by our staff
                                                                                                    in these programs.


                                                                   4% – United Way
                           Donations/Foundation grants – 8%

                         Childcare Fees2 – 32%                                                  56% – Government1
                                                                                                        1 City of Toronto, Province of Ontario
                                                                                                        and Federal governments

                                                                                                        2 Includes City of Toronto Grants
                                                                                                        and Subsidies and Parent Fees

                                        Program Development – 3%    6% – Family Violence Services
                                      Administration – 8%

                                                                                              46% – Early Intervention Services

       Healthy Child Development Services –   37%

Statement of Financial Position                                               Statement of Operations
As at March 31, 2006                                                          For The Year Ended March 31, 2006

ASSETS                                                                        REVENUE
Current assets                                                                Grants                               6,632,939
Cash                                                          1,018,766       Childcare fees                       2,975,042
Short-term investments                                          350,473       United Way                            445,503
Accounts Receivable                                             286,778       Donations                             916,100
Prepaid expenses                                                     25,067   Interest                                 5,588
                                                              1,681,084                                           10,975,172

Property and equipment                                          356,081       EXPENSES
                                                                              Salaries                             7,184,699
                                                                              Employee benefits                    1,020,978
                                                                              Program                              1,128,177
                                                                              Building occupancy                    818,498
Current liabilities                                                           Administration                        640,855
Accounts payable                                                              Staff training and travel             157,230
and accrued liabilities                                         546,769
                                                                              Interest                                  815
Deferred revenue                                                658,600
                                                                              Amortization                           32,000
Bank loans – current portion                                         21,710
Due to CDI Foundation                                                60,646

Deferred capital grants                                         200,000
                                                                              EXCESS (DEFICIENCY) OF REVENUE
Bank loans payable                                                            OVER EXPENSES FOR THE YEAR          $ (8,080)
– long-term portion                                                  27,607


Net assets
Invested in property
and equipment                                                   156,081
Unrestricted                                                    365,752


Audited Financial Statements for Child Development Institute and
Child Development Institute Foundation are available upon request.

PROGRAM                                                                                           DON VALLEY

                                      4                EGLINTON

LOCATIONS                      YORK SOUTH
                                                       LAWRENCE                DON VALLEY WEST

                                                              ST. PAULíS
                                1                                                                  10

                               PARKDALE                          7         8       BROADVIEW
                               HIGH PARK               TRINITY                     GREENWOOD
                                                       SPADINA                                   BEACHES
                                                                                                 EAST YORK
                                 2 3                      6

                                                          TORONTO CENTRE

     1. PARKDALE-HIGH PARK ONTARIO                                                               6. HEAD OFFICE
        EARLY YEARS CENTRE                                                                          197 Euclid Avenue,
        2918 Dundas Street West,                                                                    Toronto, ON M6J 2J8
        Toronto, ON M6P 1Y8                                                                         T: 416-603-1827
        T: 416-762-3700                                                                             F: 416-603-6655
        F: 416-762-6644

     2. PARKDALE EARLY                                                                           7. ANNEX EARLY LEARNING CENTRE
        LEARNING CENTRE                                                                             161 Madison Avenue,
        119 Close Avenue,                                                                           Toronto, ON M5R 2S6
        Toronto, ON M6K 2V2                                                                         T: 416-924-0545
        T: 416-535-6116                                                                             F: 416-924-0461
        F: 416-535-6166

     3. HOLY FAMILY                                                                              8. WELLESLEY EARLY
        EARLY LEARNING CENTRE                                                                       LEARNING CENTRE
        141 Close Avenue,                                                                           495 Sherbourne Street,
        Toronto, ON M6K 2V6                                                                         Toronto, ON M4X 1K7
        (OPENING SEPT. 2006)                                                                        T: 416-928-9900
                                                                                                    F: 416-928-9924

     4. MAPLE LEAF                                                                               9. CABBAGETOWN EARLY
        EARLY LEARNING CENTRE                                                                       LEARNING CENTRE
        301 Culford Road,                                                                           162 Parliament Street,
                                                                                                    Toronto, ON M5A 2Z1
        Toronto, ON M6l 2V4
                                                                                                    T: 416-968-0990
        (OPENING SEPT. 2006)
                                                                                                    F: 416-504-6927

     5. 46 ST. CLAIR GARDENS                                                                     10. SECORD COMMUNITY CENTRE
        Toronto, ON M6E 3V4                                                                          91 Barrington Avenue,
        T: 416-603-1827                                                                              Toronto, ON M4C 4Y9
        F: 416-654-8996                                                                              T: 416-603-1827
                                                                                                     F: 416-694-0820

                                                                    Child Development Institute Annual Report 2006

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and Imaging Excellence (                                                              34
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