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                                                                                                          WINTER 2005

  Pet Haven Ink
When a Pet Is Sick
 by Anne Heller
                                                                                                            Inside this issue:
We’ve all taken a sick pet to the vet, but a
gravely sick animal may require more                                                                       When A Pet Is Sick 1-2
aggressive attention than a general vet can
give. My experience may be an example.                                                                     Call For Help         2
In June 2003, my cat Maisie vomited a hairball.
Cats do that, but this was the largest hairball I’d                                                        Ask The Vet           3
seen. The next evening she vomited again
without a hairball. The state of the catfood and
                                                                                                           If A Dog Was Teacher 3
water dishes told me she hadn’t eaten or drunk
for at least 24 hours. When she still hadn’t eaten
or drunk by morning, I tried giving her water                                                              Fido Fashion 101      4
through a syringe. She vomited that, too, so I
knew I needed to get to her vet, Dr. Barb, that                                                            Paw Talk              4
morning, a Saturday.
Dr. Barb determined that Maisie was                   drink. First thing Tuesday, I was on the phone       Skijoring             4
constipated, probably with an enormous amount         with Dr. Barb playing drama queen. Maisie was
of hair. She gave Maisie a shot to help,              seriously sick and needed immediate attention,       “Park” Your Dog       5
showed me how to determine dehydration, and           again becoming dehydrated.
sent us home with a lubricant to be given twice
                                                      Dr. Barb asked that I bring Maisie so we could       Assisted Activity     5
daily to help pass the hair. Maisie couldn’t keep                                                          and Therapy Pets
                                                      discuss possible diagnoses, tests, and
the lubricant down and didn’t eat, drink, or sleep
                                                      treatments. One test couldn’t be done in her         Happy Endings         6
the rest of the day.
                                                      clinic for nearly a month. She suggested
By Sunday morning she was still vomiting;             possible admission to the University of
                                                                                                           New Committee         7
hadn’t eaten, drunk, or had a BM; and was             Minnesota Small Animal Hospital, cautioning          Needs Members
becoming dehydrated. I rushed her to the              any tests done in her clinic would be repeated at
emergency vet who concurred with the                  the University. She said all necessary               Adoptable Pets      7
                                                                                                           Are On The Web
constipation problem and was suspicious of an         equipment needed for imaging and tests is
underlying problem. Maisie stayed there 24            available at the University. Maisie could get        Thank You             7
hours for rehydration and other tests and             immediate attention there rather than a slow
treatment. She vomited more while there and           succession of tests over days. I chose the           Mark Your Calendars! 7
wouldn’t eat or drink. When I picked her up           University, Dr. Barb scheduled us, and two
Monday, the vet counseled that both he and            hours later we were there.
Sunday’s vet suspected something more                                                                      Pet Haven Donors      7
                                                      After I registered Maisie, a student ushered us
serious and advised seeing Dr. Barb that day.
                                                      into a room, asked about Maisie’s symptoms,
                                                                                                           About Pet Haven       8
Maisie spent Monday at Dr. Barb’s clinic,             and examined her. Because the Small Animal
hissing and spitting like her normal self.            Hospital is a teaching hospital, a student is
Because of this “normal” behavior and no              sometimes assigned to a patient. Dr. Reeder, the
vomiting, they decided she just needed to             DVM assigned to Maisie’s case, asked more
recover at home from the weekend’s trauma.            questions, examined her, and named some
Over the next 12 hours, however, Maisie               diagnostic tests they would do. Before I left
vomited several more times and wouldn’t eat or        Maisie in their hand!s, I was given a cost
                                                                                  continued on page 2
Page 2                                                                                                  Pet Haven Ink

When a Pet is Sick continued
                                                        Call For Help
estimate for tests and hospitalization.                 by Mary Ann Cameron and Kris Lawson
While Dr. Reeder faithfully called every few            We know our Pet Haven members are among the most
hours with updates on tests and results, he hadn’t      soft-hearted and generous people around, but this story
explained about visiting hours and being able to        will really tug at your heartstrings.
see a pet in the hospital. In my worried distress
when I brought Maisie in, I didn’t notice signs in      In the early morning hours of January 25, 2005, a deadly
the lobby regarding visiting hours. Poor Maisie         fire ripped through an animal shelter run by the Chippewa
thought she’d been abandoned to serious torture.        County Humane Society in Chippewa Falls, WI. Twenty
Over the next two days, Maisie had an upper             dogs and 59 cats died from smoke inhalation. The 10
GI series, ultrasound, blood tests, and more.           dogs who survived also suffered from smoke inhalation.
When completed, tests still yielded no definitive       They were treated with antibiotics and closely monitored
diagnosis. As in human hospitals, the veterinary        for any signs of secondary infections; sadly, one dog has
hospital has twice daily rounds during which            died since its initial rescue.
Maisie was repeatedly discussed. Dr. Hardy,             Some of these cats and dogs had been waiting for homes
internal medicine professor, concluded that subtle
                                                        since last summer; some of them were even scheduled to
shadows appearing around the pancreas on all
imaging indicated possible pancreatitis, which is       come to Pet Haven for fostering and placement. Workers
particularly difficult to diagnose in cats and can be   and volunteers with the shelter became very attached to
fatal if untreated. He also diagnosed food              these companion animals, showering them with love and
aversion and recommended placement of a                 compassion as they waited for new owners to come
nasoesophageal tube for liquid feedings to              along. It is hard to imagine how grief-stricken these
normalize digestive enzymes. She wore an E              people are and what can be done to help them.
collar to squelch her inclination to pull the tube.     Although the Chippewa County Humane Society already
Maisie was discharged after five days, one day          has a new building under construction, it won't be ready
after I finally learned I could visit her. Over the     until March 1. In the meantime, they are scrambling to try
next five weeks I fed Maisie through the tube at        to make arrangements to accept strays, owner surrenders
all hours. During that time, Dr. Reeder called          and animals that must be impounded.
frequently for updates and to advise on
reacclimating her to oral food and water as tube If you would like to help, Pet Haven will accept donations
feedings tapered.                                   of clean, lightly-used towels, blankets, fleece and
                                                        comforters to help replace those lost in the fire. If you can
What did I learn from all this? I know my pet
better than anyone and am quick to notice a             donate any of these items, please plan on bringing them
change in her behavior. I learned to persist in         to the cat and dog adoptions taking place in March. A
getting a diagnosis. I learned that tuna water is a     Pet Haven volunteer will store and help get these items on
magic elixir for cats—the potion that made Maisie       their way to WI when the shelter is ready for them.
drink on her own again. I learned that while Dr.        If you have questions, you can contact the Pet Haven Cat
Barb is extremely capable, knowledgeable, and           Volunteer voicemail line at 952-831-3825. Monetary
instructive, her little clinic has limitations.         donations of any amount can also be made by sending
Because she is a graduate of the University of
                                                        checks made out to the Chippewa County Humane
Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, she
recommended the facility for its vast resources. I      Association to:
learned one can go to the Small Animal Hospital         Northwestern Bank
without referral for emergency, extraordinary, or       202 North Bridge Street
routine veterinary care. Because the facility is far    Chippewa Falls, WI 54729
from me, I continue with Dr. Barb but have
learned of an exceptional resource that offers          Several businesses in the area have agreed to match
some of Minnesota’s best minds and technology           funds up to a certain amount.
in veterinary medicine.
Winter 2005                                                                                                      Page 3

Ask the Vet                                                          exam for parasites. If your pet has fleas, ticks, mites or
by Deb Cameron, DVM, and Kris Lawson                                 heartworm, those should be treated right away. Ask about
                                                                     preventive treatment for parasites. Did you know that some
Why are annual veterinary exams necessary for pets? How parasites can be harmful to people too?
often should my pet receive vaccinations?
                                                                     ✓ Changes in behavior.
An annual exam is one of the most important things you can do Has your pet’s personality changed recently?
for your pet. According the VCA Animal Hospitals, your pet’s Have you noticed new and excessive vocalization?
body ages much faster than yours—four to five times as fast.
                                                                     Have you noticed a rise in the number of “accidents” your pet
The “nose to tail” exam is exactly what it sounds like: your vet has?
will examine your pet’s entire body for any signs of pain or
illness. The vet can detect early signs of potentially dangerous ✓ Changes in appearance.
conditions and begin treating them right away. Early treatment for Has your pet been losing more hair or getting mats in its coat?
many health problems can save owners a lot of worry—and a lot Has your pet been scratching itself more?
of money in some cases, when preventive or early treatment Have you noticed any lumps on the skin or changes in skin or
saves you from bringing your pet in for emergency aid. Here’s a hair color?
checklist of pet health issues. Ask your veterinarian about any of Has your pet had problems with its toenails?
these that apply to your pet.                                        Next issue: When should my pet be treated for
✓ Dental maintenance.                                                heartworm and other parasites?
Does your pet have bad breath or mouth pain?                         Note to readers: If you would like to Ask the Vet a
How often does your pet get its teeth cleaned?                       question, please send an e-mail to
✓ Nutritional maintenance.                                           or write a note to: Pet Haven, Inc. of Minnesota, P.O.
Is your pet eating the right kind and amount of food for optimal Box 19105, Minneapolis, MN 55419, Attention:
health?                                                              newsletter editor. Thank you!
Are treats bad for your pet?                                          If a dog were the teacher, we would learn stuff like:
Have you noticed any changes in your pet’s food or water
                                                                     * When loved ones come home, always r u n
                                                                          to greet them.
✓ Overall health.                                                    * Never pass up the opportunity to go for
Has your pet been neutered?                                               a joyride.
If you have an older pet, a pet with a medical condition or one that
                                                                     * Allow the experience of fresh air and
receives regular medication, a regular blood test is a good idea.
                                                                          the wind in your face to be pure
Blood tests can help your vet spot conditions such as diabetes
and kidney disease.                                                       ecstasy.
Does your pet vomit or have diarrhea?                                * Let others know when they’ve invaded
Does your pet have gas or constipation?                                   your territory.
Has your pet been coughing or seem short of breath?                  * Take naps and stretch before rising.
Has your pet been sneezing or had any nasal discharge?               * Thrive on attention and let people
Has your pet been scratching its ears or rubbing its eyes?                touch you.
Is there any redness or discharge from your pet’s ears and eyes? * Avoid biting when a simple growl will
Has your pet had any difficulties with urination?                         do.
Have you noticed any discharge from your pet’s urogenital area? * On warm days, stop to lie on your back
Have you noticed any changes in your pet’s mammary glands?                in the grass.
✓ Exercise and movement.                                             * On hot days, drink lots of water and lie
Is your pet overweight?                                                   under a shady tree.
How much exercise does your pet get?                                 * When you’re happy, dance around and
Has anything changed recently about your pet’s exercise?                  wag your entire body.
Has your pet been limping?                                           * No matter how often you’re scolded,
Does it seem weak or listless?                                            don’t buy into that guilt thing and
✓ Vaccinations and parasite treatment/prevention.                         pout, run right back and make friends.
Your pet will probably need a rabies vaccination, depending on * Eat with gusto and enthusiasm. Stop
your local ordinances. Every year your pet should have a fecal            when you’ve had enough.
Page 4                                                                                                                 Pet Haven Ink

Fido Fashion 101 by Tish Cavalier
First off, I must confess to not having a dog. Or a dog does not   more than a minute or so, or your pupster will chill down – and so
have me. Whatever the semantics here, I know that if I did have    will you.
a dog, and if the would-be dog wore clothes, I would want the      Where do you get your duds: Pet stores, Internet, and/or crafty
pooch to look absolutely fabulous. And I’m sure the would-be          friends. Check out Lion Brand Yarns website for a nice
mutt would too. Make no bones about it, you need to up the              knitting or crochet pattern. Know that your pooch is also
ante, too, and not schlep around in mismatched socks,                    sensitive to handmade gifts. This makes it easier for handy
tacky clothing, or last-year’s garage sale finds. So here are           friends, or you, to give your dog a gift of love.
a few tidbits to consider before you go out for your long
winter’s walk:                                                                   Designer or practical: Your call here. Man’s best friend
                                                                                  prefers to have coordinating attire, something that
Type of breed/size - Dogs who could benefit from an extra                         looks good with their fur. Wool and Polar Fleece (or
layer include toy and small breeds, and lean dogs –                              the equivalent) are good fiber choices since they wick
especially those with very short coats,– i.e.                                    moisture away and hold in body warmth. This holds
greyhound, viszla, boxers, etc. Older dogs also                                 true for humans too. If you knit, try Superwash wool
benefit from vests.                                                          yarn since it’s machine washable. Also, older dogs benefit
Activity – This depends on how cold it is and how long you’re      from something that is easy to put on; Velcro closures work great
out. If you are snowshoeing, your pup will tire more quickly       for this.
than you, and s/he will sink. Bowser and Co. will also chill       Now that it’s nice and chilly outside, you can gear up and walk
quickly since much of their bodies are in contact with the snow.   down the block stylish and warm. Happy trails. Or would that be
If you’re running and bump into a friend, don’t stop to chat for   happy tails?

                                     PAW TAWK                                    Skijoring: It's Gone to the Dogs
                                     by Bernie (and Becky Sheldon)               by Tish Cavalier
                            What did you say, Momma?                             Who knows how long Skijoring has been around.
                            What do you mean, we can't                           This is a "sport" where your dog pulls you while
                            go outside? What about the                           you glide merrily along on your cross-country skis.
                            time Greta and Amber got the                         You may even unwittingly do a variant of this while
                            door open and made a run for
                            it?    Momma chased them,                            you walk your dog on icy sidewalks.
                            they went under the porch                            There is a well-researched article about this in the
and she tossed pine cones at them until they went back                           January 2005 issue of "Plymouth Magazine",
back in the house--that was pretty funny!
                                                                                 published by the City of Plymouth. If you can't get
But ever since Momma saw the coyote trotting across the                          your hands on the article (try calling 952-767-2600
yard right here in Bloomington, close to the Mall of                             and asking for a copy), it lays out some basics. You
America, she has another reason to keep us inside. Now                           need: Cross country skis, a leash or harness, a
when we whine to go out, Momma tells us she loves us
                                                                                 healthy dog or two.
too much to let us roam. She says we could tangle with a
car, another cat, dog or a wild animal--and now she has to Head to a flat trail and let the dogs do their work. A
add coyotes to that list! She also says people do not want word or two about the hounds - they should be the
us chasing birds or pooping in their gardens and that      larger breeds who are capable of a good aerobic
some people do not like cats at all and would do us harm. I
guess Momma is right, she just wants to protect us.        workout. A puppy has the exuberance but lacks the
Guess I'll stop my whining and go take a nap. Maybe she    size and stamina needed. A German Shepherd is a
will forget by tomorrow and I can try again.               good choice. A Chihuahua is out of the question.
                                                           And don't even think about asking the cats - that is a
Bernie's Momma suggests the following for keeping the
kitty kids occupied in the house. Lots of toys, scratching bad idea on many fronts.
pad or post, fresh grass, a window with bird feeders If you are looking to make winter fun, and have a
nearby and of course a comfy bed for a nice nap.               dog, leash, and some skis, give it a try. Or you can
PS: With all the talk of coyote sightings, little dogs like my just go out like the rest of us non-dog owners and ski
buddy Timmy need to be careful too when they go out.           on your own. That is, if we had some snow!
Winter 2005                                                                                                                  Page 5

“Park” Your Dog
by Tish Cavalier
The hippest way to introduce your dog to other pups is to hit the dog parks, with a grande turtle mocha lattechino in hand. What a great
way for Rover to get some exercise, socialize with his peers, socialize yourself, and do some early training for a summer Frisbee
                  marathon! If your dog has good manners, plays well with others (dogs, adults, kids), and is not aggressive,
               consider ambling to a dog park near you. Or far from you – there are dozens to choose from.
    Responsible Owners of Mannerly Pets (ROMP) has a dynamite website dedicated to, well, socially conscious pets with
   well-heeled owners. They cover topics such as Hound Housing, Small Dogs, News and Events, and most pointedly, Dog
   Parks. There are close to two dozen parks dedicated to the needs and desires of your dog, and this site details each location, along
   with emerging dog parks.
   ROMP’s website also has Tips for New Visitors, which includes everything from what you should do to what to expect of your
     dog the first few times. Some parks require permits, and all require you to bring along a little plastic bag for you-know-what.
             Go to for a wealth of information. Then go “park” your dog.
Assisted Activity and Therapy Pets
by Nancy Dardis
We have all seen articles about animals alerting their owners to medical conditions, helping them live a more normal life by retrieving
articles, and becoming the owners’ ears or eyes. These are Service animals – with a capital ‘S’. These animals are selected at birth,
trained and matched to a lucky recipient. However, there are other levels of interaction in which pet owners can participate:
Animal-Assisted Activities (AAA) - Volunteers bring their pets to visit hospitals, nursing homes, day care programs to socialize with
the residents.
Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) - Volunteers and certified therapists use the pet in an individualized treatment plan.
Using your pet as a therapy animal is not as simple as calling up your local nursing home to see if you can stop by “once in a while.”
It is essential that your pet likes people, is controllable, trained, well mannered, and have a stable personality. You must be able to
work quietly and gently and understand your pet’s signs of stress. An untrained animal could have negative impact on residents.
Health screening and grooming are also vital to prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases.
You and your pet should also be evaluated by, and registered with, a national organization such as Therapy Dogs
[], Therapy Dogs International, Inc [], or Delta Society Pet Partners (many kinds of animals)
This evaluation gives provides scenarios to familiarize your pet to situations they may encounter. Strange surroundings and unusual
noises can cause animals to act very out of character. The certification also provides:
* Free liability insurance coverage for volunteers
* A way to network with other people involved in this activity
* Places to obtain helpful ideas via newsletters or training programs on handling various situations
* Some credibility when talking with a facility about bringing your pet to visit them.
Note: Unlike Service animals, this certification does NOT provide the ability to take your pet into any areas where pets are prohibited.
How Do I Get Involved? The easiest way in our area is to contact the Animal Humane Society and ask about their Animal
Abassadors program. For dogs, you must first pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen test (see for more information).
Your dog must accept a friendly stranger, sit politely for petting, allowing a stranger to brush or examine them, walk on a loose leash,
walk calmly through a crowd (including other dogs), sit and lie down on command, stay in place, come when called, behave politely
to other dogs, resist distractions (no sniffing, barking, panic at a loud noise), allow the handler to be out of view for up to three minutes.
Other pets are also used as Ambassadors. The Animal Humane Society can assist you with evaluation of any animal (for example
cat, rabbit or hamster) for Animal Assisted Activities.
Remember: This is not just a fun activity. This is a commitment of service for you and your pet. Staff and patients anticipate your
visits. You can set up a schedule that meets your needs. You can also join a group of individuals with pets who visit on a regular
basis. In any case, you’ll find out quickly that humans aren’t the only ones looking forward to the visits.
Page 6                                                                                                                   Pet Haven Ink

M o l l y is a lucky                                                   Missy was abandoned in the country north of the cities. She
Dalmatian. By eight                                                    survived for over a year with no human help but was discovered
months of age she had                                                  this summer with a litter of kittens. She and her kittens were fed
already lived a rough                                                  and loved and
life. She had behavior                                                 brought in to Pet
problems and an                                                        Haven, from where
extreme distrust of                                                    they were all
men. But her foster                                                    placed except for
family fell in love with                                               one kitten, Sarah.
her and adopted her. Now their compassion and care have                Missy is a queen
turned her around. Molly smiles all of the time, loves to go for       in her new home
walks, and is just wonderful. She is now seven years old and a         with another cat for
true success story.                                                    a companion.

                                                                       Nic the cat was living the street life in Minneapolis, surviving by
                                       Mylo and Oliver.
                                                                       “dumpster diving” outside several apartment buildings until he
                                       These two handsome              was taken in. He has found a home with a dog (he loves every
                                       Yorkies have it made. The       dog he has met!) and a couple of cats. Nic was a scrapper when
                                       same family adopted both        on the streets but has decided that the pampered life he leads now
                                       dogs from Pet Haven.            is better than chasing others away from the scraps he used to
                                       Mylo has been with them         live on.
                                       for about four years, and
                                       Oliver just joined the family   A year ago Selby came to Pet Haven after being hit by a car.
                                       this past fall. Each one
                                       has selected their own          Her pelvis was badly broken, and
                                       favorite family member to       Selby had become very thin and
whom they are very attached. Mylo and Oliver would like to             dehydrated—even after hydration,
report that they had a great holiday with lots of presents.            she barely weighed four pounds. It
                                                                       was touch-and-go for awhile
Sparky (formerly known as Pete) came to Pet Haven very                 whether Selby would lose one of
                                                                       her rear legs, but now she can use
scared and needy. His new family adores Italian Greyhounds             it very well, even though she will
and found a place in their hearts and home for him. They gave          always have a limp. Selby and
him a new name and a fresh                                             her new family live in Duluth,
start in life. After attending                                         where they report she enjoys sitting
obedience classes, Sparky                                              “court” on a bookcase as she
gained confidence and found his                                        snubs the English Bulldog who just wants to be friends. She
forever home! His new owners                                           loves to sneak up on the dog and torment her. Selby also loves
call him “quite a character” and                                       to sleep between her new owners and wake them up if she
report that he enjoys frolicking                                       needs a toy or some petting. She’s a lucky girl—her new
with the other two Italian                                             owners say “We are very lucky to be owned by her, that's the
Greyhounds that they own.                                              way it should be.”

The Harley Gang: Road King, Electra and Fat Boy. The rough-and-tumble members of the Harley gang, Road King,
Electra and Fat Boy, have all found homes. These kittens were all found under some steps with no mom in the vicinity and were
raised in a foster home from about four weeks of age until they were old enough to place.

                         Fat Boy is greeting all the dogs and cats who come in as patients at the
                         vet clinic where he lives. He keeps careful watch over those animals
                         recovering from surgery or who are
                         having blood drawn. Most often he
                         goes home with a staff member for
                         the weekend—and as a
                         consequence of that, he got to help
                         with Christmas tree decorating in
                         several homes. Electra has an
         Roadie          older cat in her home, and four                                                            Fat Boy
                        people to love her and spoil her.
Roadie was adopted with another slightly younger kitten and                Electra
they are happy to greet all the folks who visit their home.
Winter 2005                                                                                                            Page 7

                                                                                           Mark Your Calendars!
                                                                                On Saturday, April 30, 2005, Pet Haven's Board
                                                                                of Directors will be holding the Annual Meeting
                                                                                for all Pet Haven members. All Pet Haven
                     Salesmen Welcome,                                          members have a vote at the annual meeting and
                                                                                are encouraged to attend. Business will include
                         Dog Food is                                            the election of three Directors. The board will
                                                                                mail out an official notice and agenda in late
                         Expensive!                                             March.
                                                                                Need info? Call us at 952-831-3825 (press 44)
                                                                                or If you are a member
                                                                                you have a vote at the meeting. If you are not
                                                                                yet a member, join by March 16 and you will be
                                                                                eligible to vote.

                             Thank You                                          Pet Haven thanks the following
A very special thank-you goes out to Anne Vareka and Mary                       donors who contributed in honor
Gulbrandson. These two volunteers do the brunt of hauling the generous          or in memory of a special person
amounts of donated material from Target stores, as well as dispensing it to     or pet.
the people who need it. Anne and Mary check in with Target volunteers
Deb (Minneapolis), Judy (Brooklyn Park) and Kathy and Bill (Blaine)             Laura A. Carpenter, In memory of Charlie
every 10-14 days and usually come away with large sacks of cat litter           Melanie A. Clement, In honor of Tessa
and dog and cat food. This much-needed but heavy and bulky material             Paul and Diane Close, In memory of Pepper
goes many places, including Pet Haven fosters, other rescue groups and          Kimberly C. Cooney, In honor of Kayla
farms that have rescued animals. Sally Morton, Sue Simon and Mary               Louise Dahlgren, In memory of Margaret Berger
Ann Cameron help them coordinate and shuttle the material onwards, but          Mary M. Daniels, In honor of Matthew Downs
Anne and Mary have really taken on a big task and performed it superbly.        Barbara A. Davis, In memory of Daisy and Zack
Thank you, ladies!                                                              Kevin and Virginia Day and Scott, In loving memory of
                                                                                     Lucky, adopted from Pet Haven 10-1/2 years ago
           Adoptable Pets Are On the Web!                                       June Griepp, In memory of Patches and in honor of Nita
Pet Haven lists all of the cats, dogs, kittens and puppies available            Eleanor J. Hadfield, In memory of Snickers, my cat
for adoption at a web site provided by PetFinder. The internet address is       Jan Harvey, In memory of Mikki Photographs and narratives describe               Marge Heinz, In memory of Scruffy
the pet's temperament and home requirements. Upcoming adoption                  Allianz Life Insurance Co., In honor of Cathy Alstadt
events are also listed. Please check it out!                                    Helen Krisko, In honor of all homeless pets
                                                                                Sandra J. Kuschel, In memory of Billie and Muffin
                                                                                Roxanne E. Montebello, In memory of Tiffany
      New Committee Needs Members                                               Brandon and Stephanie Nienow, In memory of Sully
                                                                                James O. Olson, In honor of Prowler
Pet Haven's Board of Directors is requesting applications from anyone           Mary Ellen Olson, In memory of Diva Noreen
interested in serving on our new Volunteer Management Committee. We             Denita Palmer, In honor of Lady and Maxine
need people with HR, technical writing, interviewing, volunteer                 Caroline Sabo, In memory of Geo. Jamie Loyd
recruitment, database and clerical skills to either serve on the committee,     Sherri Sidwell, In memory of my beloved cat,
which will be an ongoing effort, or on shorter-term Task Forces.                "     D.J.Jordan
The mission of the Volunteer Management Committee and Task Forces               Evelyn H. Smith, In memory of Pandy, my cat
will be to develop and maintain a program to recruit, select, train, evaluate   Barbara Stillman, In memory of my two dogs,
and recognize a corps of competent and dedicated volunteers. Pet Haven          Charlie and Sheba
is an all-volunteer organization and building and retaining our volunteer
base is critical to meeting our mission. People interested in helping can
get more information about the duties of the committee members and the
Task Forces by visiting our website at
Page 8

  Pet Haven Inc. of Minnesota
P.O. Box 19105
Minneapolis, MN 55419
Phone: (952)831-3825
Cat Email:
Dog Email:

  A Non-Profit, All Volunteer
     Organization Helping
  Homeless Pets For Over 50

  Pet Haven Board of Directors                            About Pet Haven
President . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sally Morton    Pet Haven’s vision is to be a             and to treating each other and
Vice President . . . . . . . . . . . Keith Lenaburg       rewarding place to volunteer, to find     animals with respect. We will keep
                                                          a quality home for each animal, to        faith with the public through
Corresponding Secretary . . . . . . Carol Palaia          encourage      a   community       of     efficient,    cost-effective   and
Recording Secretary . . . . . . . . Frieda Wilson         responsible companion animal              compassionate stewardship of
Treasurer . . . . . . . . . . . . . Janice Anderson       guardians, to eliminate the               resources. We are mindful that our
Cat Division Chair . . . . . Mary Ann Cameron             community’s need to euthanize dogs        mission is accomplished through the
Dog Division Chair . . . . . . . . . . Sue Simons         and cats as a means of population         generosity of others.
                                                          control, and to encourage a society
Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Eldora Anderson                                              We value input from volunteers,
                                                          where animals become more valued.
Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Debbie Smith                                             donors and members. Volunteers
                                                          Pet Haven has a voting membership.        are always needed and there are a
                                                          Membership dues are $10 per year          variety of ways you can help. We
               Pet Haven Ink                              per person. A nine member Board of        are committed to Pet Haven’s foster
A quarterly newsletter for Pet Haven Inc. of MN           Directors elected by the membership       home sheltering program and to
                                                          governs Pet Haven. The Board              no-kill companion animal rescue.
Articles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Deb Cameron      elects the organization's officers. The
"     . . . . . . . . . . . .Mary Ann Cameron                                                       We currently have a tremendous
                                                          current Board and officers were
                                                                                                    need for foster homes. Pet Haven
"     . . . . . . . .Tish Cavalier                        elected at the annual meeting on
                                                                                                    provides every foster home with
"     . . . . . . . . . . . Nancy Dardis                  May 8, 2004.
                                                                                                    needed supplies, food and
"     . . . . . . . . . . . .Anne Heller                  Pet Haven has no staff. Volunteers        veterinary care. The foster family
"     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sally Morton    do all of the organization's work.        provides a safe and caring
"     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Becky Sheldon         Veterinary, bookkeeping and               temporary home for the pet awaiting
"     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Sue Simons     IRS/Attorney General filing services      adoption. The more foster homes
                                                          are provided by independent               we have, the more animals we can
                                                          professionals for a fee.                  help. Call us at (952)831-3825 to
Newsletter layout/design . . . . Amisa Pollard
                                                          We are committed to conducting
Newsletter editor . . . . . . . . . . Kris Lawson         ourselves in a professional manner

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