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“Our mission is the New Dream“. - C.I.

•Our mission is the New Dream. It is a commitment for the people by the
people. It stands for vision, hope, faith, belief, determination, and an
embracing of agape love for thy neighbor. “ This is the New Dream.”

•The New Dream is to bring displaced families back to their normal activities of
daily living in their birthright home, New Orleans.

•Family strength will be the focus of the community in developing strong
families. When educators, faith community, youth organizations law
enforcement, business leaders and local government authorities lead by
example, they teach the value of strong families.
The vision, a greater New Orleans. To redevelop a greater New Orleans, TTP (The Thomas Plan) will
provide grants to assess and identify where the people of New Orleans are throughout the United States.
Satellite offices will be established in key cities to locate those who have immediate needs and what the
costs are for their return. With careful consideration in regards to housing, jobs, education and medical
needs, the grants will also allow provisions for New Orleans citizens to return home with their basic
needs addressed. These services for the initial transition will be provided for a three year period.
The goal of The Thomas Plan is to identify core leaders. It is the belief of the TTP that once you
identify individuals that are leaders, you create a positive regenerative cycle that will create sustained
We have adapted Plato’s best-known work, Allegory of the Cave, as our blueprint for New Orleans
Utopia. Plato believed that one can only learn through dialectic reasoning and open-mindedness.
Humans had to travel from the visible realm of image-making and objects of sense, to the intelligible, or
invisible, realm of reasoning and understanding to those in a lower realm. This blueprint requires us to
create a path of enlightenment for all people and to identify and assist the individuals that rapidly excel
and to encourage them to encourage others to follow the path of success. The idea is that knowledge
cannot be transferred from teacher to student, but rather that education consists in directing the student’s
mind toward what is real and important, and then allowing them to apprehend it for themselves.

The main objective of the NODA restoration plan is prevention, intervention and implementation for the
restoration of the people and the community.
 “Restoring The Economic Culture
beyond what was, to what could be”
Since 1986, Dr. Thomas has trained and served as a pastor, teacher, motivational speaker, radio and television talk show
host, professional counselor, real estate developer and consultant. His vast business experience has led him to move into
sharing what he has learned with those who can most benefit from it. He is currently writing for publication several
volumes of work on faith-based community economic development and has given numerous presentations on the subject.

Dr. Thomas has lived much of his life in New Orleans and has a passion for the welfare of the city and its people. Over
the past several years, as Pastor of Christian Faith Ministries and founder of the 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Community
Development Corporation and Community Housing Development Organization, The New Orleans Center for Successful
Living, Inc., Dr. Thomas has spearheaded the organization’s work in revitalizing the New Orleans East community
through housing development, human development and economic development projects. Christian Faith Ministries,
through NOCSL has provided professional and successful training programs for women and other individuals, families,
small businesses and corporate employers alike. Through its innovative employment training, computer training and job
development programs, NOCSL is engaged in empowering welfare recipients and others to make a successful transition
into the workforce and maintain family sustaining employment. Many of NOCSL’s programs are geared to the elevation
of the quality of life for families.

Under Dr. Thomas’ guidance, NOCSL has received housing development awards for excellence in property
redevelopment, management and social service program coordination in residential facilities. One of the projects for
which he gives thanks and praise to God is the redevelopment of Windsor Village Apartments in New Orleans East. His
dedication to God’s vision for the transformation of the blighted GreenTree Apartments into Windsor Village, a 520 unit
market rate $13.5 million apartment community was an awesome work that taught him much of what he has to share
with pastors and other organizations involved in faith-based community development. An integral part of that vision is
the Family Development Center at Windsor Village. This multi-use family services center is designed to meet the needs
of children, parents, and low-income families desiring a positive change in life.
               A Humanitarian Effort
The goals of Dr Thomas are to be an active contributor to the well-being, economic
and otherwise, of the communities in which he lives and does business.

To assist in the growth of upstart companies.

To build lifelong relationships with investors, businesses, the church and

Commit to develop a model city (New Orleans) which will become a world wide
model of excellence efficiency and innovation.,

His primary goal is to provide investors with a high rate of return on their
investment, because without them, the new dream will not be possible.

After full capitalization, the plan is to give the investors their original investment
back plus 10% on their investment.
        A Humanitarian Effort

The New Orleans Center for Successful Living a faith-based 501(c) 3
organization, organized in 1992 NOCSL is an award-winning faith
based non- profit organization sponsored by Christian faith ministers
to destroy systemic poverty by addressing the social economic issues
of third and fourth world communities.

“Every man should have the right to a decent home, the right to an
education, the right to adequate medical care, the right to a
worthwhile job, the right to an equal share in the making of the
public decisions through the ballot, and the right to a fair trial in a
fair court”. - Harry S. Truman
               A Humanitarian Effort
1. “Jubilee Housing Development”

a. Temporary Housing - We will purchase apartments buildings, hotels, motels,
warehouses and other building that can be immediately renovated for the purposes
of providing housing for members of the redevelopment work force that are
returning from the repair cities across the country. Upon completion of the
renovated properties, the units will be used as housing for transitioning families
that have already secured steady employment.

b. Rental Housing- NOCSL (New Orleans Center for Successful Living) is
developing housing for families who are not able to purchase a home at this time.
The association will assist each head of household to establishing sustainable
employment with benefits. The ultimate goal is to create the path to home

c. Homeownership – We are currently working with homeowners to provide
financial resources for and rebuilding of their homes. We offer first time home
buyer courses to destroy the myths and barriers to home ownership. And to
provide down payment assistance.
              A Humanitarian Effort
NOCSL has created the program Final Touch Home Completion Service. Final
Touch implemented this program to assist families that were only able to complete
85% to 95% of the work on their homes due to the depletion of funds. The concept
with Final Touch is to assist in the fast track of development completion within 7 to
10 working days. Home development that requires less than a budget of $3,500.00 in
labor material cost will receive our Micro Home Completion Grant.

d .Lease to Own- Will utilize Section 8 with the idea of building doubles with one
side for rental and the other side for homeownership. It is our goal to also utilize
HUD 202 for seniors. The ideal concept is that these properties will be owned by the

e. Land Banking- Properties located in near neighboring church sites will be
acquired to establish Jubilee Churches. The major intent is to assist Churches in
bringing their congregations back to their neighborhoods.

 f. Insurance- A grant will be established to allow all property owners to pay for
their insurance for at least 3 to 5 years in advance. (Preferably using the Trust Debit
Card to finance the cost of Insurance)
         A Humanitarian Effort
Emergency Family Housing

As a preventive measure, we have established our Adopt a Family Program,
In the event that families become displaced due to the resolve of FEMA or
other emergency causes. This faith-based program will allow church
members around the country to participate in sponsoring these families.

2. Isaiah Project for the Homeless is a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit
human services organization that will serve over 2500 men, women, and
children each day. Services offered will include affordable transitional and
permanent housing, on-site substance abuse treatment, supportive living for
people with special needs, it will extend basic and emergency services,
transportation assistance, mental health counseling, employment training, day
care provisions, job training and job placement, emergency shelter,
HIV/AIDS outreach education and prevention using the support of
community services. Until the Jubilee Project has obtained its non-profit
status, the organization will operate under the faith-based 501(C)(3)
organization the New Orleans Center for Successful Living. We will
contract with agencies and organizations already involved in providing
services to families in need.
              A Humanitarian Effort
Temporary Housing Solutions and Services: We will acquire Schools and other
properties that have been declared surplus, blighted, foreclosed etc… by the New
Orleans Parish School Board, the city or others in neighborhoods where families
have not returned. Our plan is to:
•Redevelop schools, warehouses, abandoned and blighted properties into
Transitional Residential Housing and Community Centers.
•To include showers and bath rooms, activity and game rooms.
•Play ground equipment, and fitness gym
•Day Care
•Job Training
•Medical Clinic
•Office for administrative, human and social services
                A Humanitarian Effort
3. Jubilee City Transitional Housing for the Homeless. This program consists of
five phases. All head of households will enroll into our first-time Homeownership
and Financial Literacy program that was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Job
training and job placement opportunities will be provided to every citizen
contributing and transitioning to the recovery of plan.
 Phase one - We will acquire Homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.
Houses that are blighted and adjudicated by the city of New Orleans and NORA
(New Orleans Recovery Association)
Homes that have been sold to the Road Home.
Homes owned by HUD.
Homes of those who desire to sell their home at market rate or desire to partner with
Turn Key Housing Solutions.
 Evaluate the cost to rehab all properties by appraising the value of the homes once
                        A Humanitarian Effort
Phase two - Personal Belongings Storage
Self storage. For a very small fee, each family will be allowed to secure their belongings. Self
storage will consist of a warehouse chain linked fencing, electronic surveillance and security
Home Store. TTP will also open the Home Store, which will provide everything necessary to
complete the home furnishings. Each family will be able to purchase home furnishings,
electronics, flatware, appliances, and receive 15% to 70% off of the list price. Employees that
have perfect attendance will receive greater discount coupons that will be provided by employers
and TTP as earned credit for contributing to the success of the rebuilding effort.
Phase three - Decide on matching grants needed from TTP to finance the rehab cost and the
amount to be donated for each family. (The Public can adopt a home to stop homelessness)
Phase four - Plan to allow each family to live in the home for $650.00 to $700.00 dollars per
month. As the family contributes to the growth of the community, they become eligible for
discount coupons up to 100% of the monthly rent freeing cash that may be used at the Home
Store or to purchase transportation.
Head of household must show leadership in seeking and finding a job.
Partner with NGO inc. to identify Jobs in growth industry area.
Partner with the Chamber of Commerce
Partner with growth Industries (health care, ship building, hospitality, etc.)
                      A Humanitarian Effort
Phase five - The cost of home rental fees will be in the range of $650.00 to $700.00 dollars per month.
With the motivated individual who has not missed a note after one year will be in a position to pay
$1,300 to $1,700 per month for mortgage and will be offered the opportunity to move to new (TTP)
Trust developments within the city limits of New Orleans. This method would be used as an incentive
to developing pride of ownership.

4. Turn-Key Housing Solutions: Is a private Affordable Housing Solution using Corporate Apartment
Concepts for families devastated and affected by National Disasters. “Your Future is Home” www.T-
 Turn-Key Housing Solutions - provides upscale housing at affordable prices. T-KHS is a futuristic
 Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) housing concept. T-KHS uses the most advanced building technologies
 known to man. Some of the benefits of purchasing and owning a T-KHS home are the following:
 1. Environmentally Safe
 2. Second and Third World Friendly
 3. Mold Proof
 4. Termite Proof
 5. Hurricane and Tornado Proof up to 350MPM
 6 .Energy Efficient
 7. Earthquake Resistance
                             A Humanitarian Effort
T-KHS concept was created with the concerns of those who were devastated by Hurricane Katrina and other
natural disasters. As a matter of fact, a T-KHS home can be pre-cut, bar-coded, and stored in containers or
warehoused ready in advance to be shipped to any area in the USA and other countries. Just imagine, instead of
having to wait several days or even months, local and federal governments could have T-KHS homes shipped to
devastated locations within days, assembled in hours and completely furnished.

5.Job Development and Placement: TTP will create the first 500 to 1,000 jobs to develop the infrastructure
necessary to execute this project expeditiously and in accordance with our charter. Thirty percent of these new
jobs will be directly linked to fortune five hundred corporations that have shown true leadership and dedication in
their participation successful return of the citizens to the City of New Orleans.

6.Micro Grants For Small Businesses: These small grants are designed to assist local entrepreneurs obtain
additional workers. TTP will pay the initial salaries for 30 days for part-time workers with the potential of
extending the program 60 days to allow the business to reach a sustainable level of income that will cover the
employees salaries. TTP will also assist in providing health care benefits.

Job Placement Opportunities

Installation Plus: The primary function of this business is to install all equipment, tables, electronics, computers,
and the assembling of furniture for NOCSL and other identified companies and organizations in New Orleans and
the surrounding communities. The experiences and skills gained at this job will be useful in transitioning to
flagship companies such as Home Depot, Office Depot, Wal Mart, etc. These hourly jobs will employ upwards of
30 people.

Paint and Drywall Services: These NOCSL jobs will be worked by 200 to 300 internal employees that will be
given an opportunity to transfer to other businesses seeking skilled employees.
                   A Humanitarian Effort
Warehouse Management and Inventory Control: A centralized staging warehouse facility will
be structured to hold all necessary material. This facility will create several jobs including
shipping and receiving, inventory control, security, transportation, and delivery. This job will offer
opportunities for cold storage, forklift and many other warehouse related positions.

Appraisers and Assessors: Personnel skilled in this area shall receive all necessary equipment,
digital camera and wireless laptops. The team members will be assigned to create an online photo
database of properties under NOCSL that will be accessible to management assisting them in the
status of neighborhoods, conditions and help implement the master plan and also monitor progress.

Summer Jobs Program: We will create 400 summer jobs for teens to curb crime, and
delinquency. We will provide work permit orientation an after school training program 30 days
prior to the end of the school year. This will help students prepare for their new work experience.
We will also request the schools to give credit for the work experience.

Business Development
a. Partnering with Greater New Orleans, Inc.
b .Partnering with New Orleans Chamber of Commerce
c. Partnering with Corporations in Metro New Orleans
d. Bring new industries into the city
e.Build an High Tech / Green Tech Companies
             A Humanitarian Effort
f.   Pre-Employment Training
g.   Job Training in specific Industries
1.   Partnering with Business Access
2.   Partnering with Pikes Peak Learning

Human Development and Training
a. Internet access (partner with Sprint for User Contract)
b. Create a job placement agency
c. Provide Online Training / Broadband and SBS Interactive
1. Industry Specific (Business Access & Pikes Peak)
2. Pre-employment training
3. Life skill training for Youth (Pikes Peaks)
4. Seminars on demand for the family
5. Church Services
6. Group life coaching sessions
       A Humanitarian Effort
7. Great Joy in the City Leadership Development: Capacity Building (Sustainability)
A series of courses to help build the capacity and strengthen the leadership of the faith, non-
profit and business community of New Orleans. All participants will learn to create a
business plan that outlines their vision. All business plans to be funded by the TTP. Trust
must show how their plans are working in partnership or collaboration with others working
with the recovery efforts. All courses will have a choice to be accredited through Christian
Faith Bible College. All of the following will be eligible to participate:
a. Small Businesses
b. Churches
c. Non-Profit Organizations

8. One Church New Orleans Incubator and Conference Center
 Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the various members of congregations of all
denominations were scattered throughout the country. In order to allow Pastors to gather
their flock, a central location with adequate capacity will be made available. Because
several denominations will be housed in the same incubator it will recommended that the
GJIC (Great Joy In the City) workshop be mandatory. Therefore, we are to build a Church
Incubator to give churches a place of worship, whether they need seating capacity of 25 or
125 members.
        A Humanitarian Effort
9. Famous Foods of New Orleans - A New Orleans Food Incubator.
Many of the finest New Orleans chefs and restaurateurs were displaced
due to Katrina. As a result, TTP will provide a commercial kitchen for
individuals who are in need of this type of facility to service the clients
requesting their cuisine. They will lease the kitchen only for the time
period necessary. Famous Foods of New Orleans will nurture food
entrepreneurs. A cooking show will be produced; a café, and commissary
will be brought online.
       A Humanitarian Effort
10. Eagle’s Nest Business Incubator - This Incubator will assess the
needs of small business continue to assist in the hatching or birthing
of small businesses through out the city of New Orleans. Every
entrepreneur will have access to training through Christian Faith Bible
college “Great Joy in The City’s” training for small and emerging
Businesses. Each person will have administrative support such as
access to computers, someone to answer their telephone, mail service,
individual office, bookkeeping, Internet access, etc.

11. Urban Youth Music and Business Institute - Many of our youth
are extremely talented. We all have seen how our youth have been
exploited in the music business. This institute will provide a place for
our youth to learn the Business of Music from A to Z. There will be a
state of the art Music Studio with equipment for production
packaging, and distribution.
            A Humanitarian Effort
12. Project Great Joy in the City - Our dream is to purchase bank land
residential and commercial land, and existing churches in the surrounding
areas of the Greater New Orleans Metropolitan area. The vision with the
purchase of the land is to brick by brick rebuild a community at a time. We
will begin to rebuild our communities by establishing a foundation of the
churches. We believe when members of the faith community effectively live
their faith and get involved, communities have much more help in areas of
volunteers dollars moral and spiritual direction. Faith leadership works with
communities to meet needs that may otherwise go unmet.
         A Humanitarian Effort

In order to bring the residents of New Orleans back, the faith
community must create a humanitarian fund. This fund will provide
grants to identify where the people of New Orleans are throughout the
United States. Secondly, funds will be used to host meetings in key
cities. The purpose of these meetings will be to conduct an assessment
of the residents’ immediate needs and the cost to return. This plan will
take the following needs into consideration: 1) housing, 2)employment,
3) education, 4) health care, 5) mental health, etc. Once these needs
have been assessed, the fund will provide grants to allow residents to
return to New Orleans with their assessed needs covered for 6 – 12
        A Humanitarian Effort
GEMA - Global Emergency Management Agency

Description of Key People Skills and Responsibilities:
President: Thomas Ashley: Certified Life/Safety Service, Implement policy and procedures,
Key Presentation Speaker, Police Officer, Sheriff Deputy, FBI Special Agent, Self-Defense
Instructor, Los Angeles Unified School District Adult Education/Vocational Teacher, Physical
Security Specialist, AS Degree in Electronics Engineering, BA Degree in Business
Administration, MS Degree in Education and DoD Clearance. 20 years of education,
experience, and expertise of the aforementioned.
Assistant Director: Captain Terry Wortham (Los Angeles Fire Department). Fire Captain
for the Los Angeles Fire Department and over 33 years of education, experience, and expertise
of the aforementioned. This includes Los Angeles Fire Inspector, Captain and Commander for
Fire Prevention, Fire Station Captain, and Captain for the Los Angeles Fire and Education
Unit. Captain Worthham is also authorized to certify Emergency Response/Occupant Plans.

GEMA will initially hire and train people who resides in the City of New Orleans as
Emergency Preparedness Professionals (EPP). Once they obtain experience and training from
GEMA as EPPs, they will then be transitioned into being EPP Consultants/Subcontractors as
presentation instructors, plan implementers, certification personnel, security
assessment/survey personnel, fire alarm testing personnel, and first aid/CPR personnel.
Lastly, providing New Orleans with a City’s certification regarding Emergency Response for
all buildings and facilities within the city limits.
     A Humanitarian Effort

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