Drivers for BUS RUNS 2011 - 2012

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					                Magoffin County Schools - Transportation Department
                        Jeff Carpenter, Director - - - Jennifer Wireman, Secretary
                                       Telephone (606)349-8201

                              Magoffin County Schools - Bus Routes
                                    2011 - 2012 School Year
                        *** Preliminary Listing - Subject to Change ***
                                    Date: August 8, 2011
     "Have a Safe and Happy School Year - Practice School Bus Safety Everyday"

1.              102                                             Bus Rt./Location
            Bailey, Joe                                      On Rt. 7 - Long Creek,
              Start @                                      Buck Cr., Whitley, Bull Mare
           South Magoffin                                   Rt. 404 (Howard's Branch)
                Only                                            & Sulphur Springs.

2.            103                                               Bus Rt./Location
             Minix,                                         Oakley - Rt. Fork, Carver,
            Robinette                                       Tip Top, Danny Porter Rd,
              Start @                                          Calla Howard Rd.,
             SME Only                                         Eve: Also to Bee Tree

3.             104                                              Bus Rt./Location
           Salyer, Judy                                         Off Rt. 7 - Salt Lick
           Start @ HWMS,                                    Rt. 7 from Salt Lick to SME
          to MCHS & SME

4.            105                                               Bus Rt./Location
           Hansen, Jim                                         Off Rt. 40 - Litteral,
          Start SGS 3rd Run                                     On Rt. 40 from the
             to HWMS,                                           Mouth of White Lick
             MCHS, NME                                             to Mash Fork

5.             106                                              Bus Rt./Location
         Shepherd, Angela                                     Oakley - Lakeville Rd.
         Start @ HWMS,

          MCHS, SME

6.           201                 Bus Rt./Location
      Blankenship, Teresa   Mash Fork, Burton, F-Child,
        Start SGS 2nd Run   Rt. 460 to Johnson Co. Line
        to HWMS, MCHS

7.           220                 Bus Rt./Location
        Minix, Deanna                Gun Creek
         Start @ HWMS,
          MCHS, SME

8.            218                Bus Rt./Location
         Watkins, Jeff       Grape Creek, White Oak,
         Start @ HWMS,      Lykins Sub-Div., 460 to NME

9.            211                Bus Rt./Location
        Miller, Marvin       Stamper Br. - Lefthand Fk.,
            Start @           Long Branch - Johnson,
           NME Only            Cow Creek, Laurel Br.,
                              Watson Br., Cripple Ck.,
                               Long Branch - Rt. 460
                                    Paddle Fork

10.          206                 Bus Rt./Location
        Hiner, Michelle       White Oak, Coffee Br.,
         Start @ HWMS,                Rt. 1081
         MCHS to NME

11.         207                  Bus Rt./Location
        Helton, Lonja       Helton Br., Bloomington Br.,
            Start @             Lick Ck., Whitt Br.,
           NME Only           Bloomington Sub-Div.,
                                    Bear Branch

12.           209                Bus Rt./Location
       Gipson, Mike         Will May Br., Pleasant Hill,
       Start @ SGS, HWMS,     May Br., Holderby Hollow,
          MCHS, NME             Broadway St., Allen Dr.

13.         210                  Bus Rt./Location
      Brickey, Carter            On Middle Fork:
           Start @            Puncheon, Scott's Br.,
         NME Only                and Lick Branch

14.        711                   Bus Rt./Location
      Shepherd, Annis       Up the River: Straight Fk.,
           Start @              Spruce Pine, Bull,
          SME Only

15.         212                  Bus Rt./Location
       Salyer, Ricky            On Middle Fork:
           Start @                Harkin's Fork,
         NME Only              Bear Br., Arnett Br.,
                                     Carty Br.,

16.        213
      Howard, Wanda              Bus Rt./Location
           Start @           Tick Lick, Marshall Rd.,
         NME Only                 Crace Hollow

17.         214                  Bus Rt./Location
         Howard,              On Elk Creek: Brushy,
          Larry D,                Gullett Road,
       Start @ HWMS,              Combs Branch
       MCHS to NME                Superior Road

18.        215                   Bus Rt./Location
       Carty, Royal          On Lakeville: Patton Br.,
       Start @ NME, to          Bear Branch Hill,
      SGS, HWMS, MCHS         Tin Can, Flynt Branch

19.          216                 Bus Rt./Location
        Hale, Janice        Rt. 542 Trace, Rt. 1502,
        Start @ HWMS,         Jake Wireman Fork
        MCHS, to SME

20.          217               Bus Rt./Location
       Russell, Patricia    Coon Creek, Flat Fork,
        Start @ SGS to     Rt. 40 from the Mouth of
        MCHS to NME        Mine Fork to White Lick

21.         911                Bus Rt./Location
      Bolen, Denenne         Buffalo, Gambill Br.,
       Start: SGS, HWMS,       Head of Brushy,
         MCHS, NME            From Brushy down
                               Elk Creek to NME

22.          219               Bus Rt./Location
      Williams, Debbie           Johnson Fork
       Start @ HWMS to
        to MCHS, NME

23.         811                Bus Rt./Location
      Howard, Kimberly        Pricey, Ben Branch,
           Start @         On Lick Creek from Pricey
          NME Only             Mouth of Buffalo

24.         221                Bus Rt./Location
        Montgomery,           Rt. 460 - Head of
           Linda           Rockhouse, Old R-House,
         Start @ SGS,           Limestone and
        HWMS, MCHS          Calvin Cain Trailer Park
25.        222                 Bus Rt./Location
      Howard, Clayton          Rt. 542 Trace to
        Start @ HWMS,       Magoffin/Breathitt Line
         MCHS to SME        On Rt. 7 - pick up from
                               Trace to Salt Lick

26.         223                Bus Rt./Location
         Back, Justin       On Rt. 30: Craft Creek,
         Start: HWMS,      Board Tree & Stable Branch
        MCHS, to NME

27.         224                 Bus Rt./Location
         Bauer, Bart         On Rt. 30: Rt. 378 to
       Start: SGS, HWMS,    Town Flats, Back Branch
         MCHS, NME

28.          225                Bus Rt./Location
      Montgomery, Kathy    Gun Creek side of Burning
       Start: SGS, HWMS,    Fork, On Burning Fork:
            MCHS              Dotson Branch and
                                  Birch Branch

29.         226                 Bus Rt./Location
       Shepherd, Jodi            Royalton Area
            Start @         Meadows, 1st & 2nd St.,
           SME Only            Post Office Road,
                           Sand Bottom, Wireman Rd.

30.         828                 Bus Rt./Location
       Lyon, Jeanette           Rockhouse Road
        Start: Old M.H.    Hammond Fork, Phipps Fk.,
         Meet Bus 937       Improvement Strip Job,
                               Lee Howard Road

31.          830                Bus Rt./Location
       Jenkins, Mark            Jellico, Lacy and
        Start @ HWMS,            Brown's Fork
           to MCHS

32.         831                 Bus Rt./Location
      Shepherd, Nola             Up the River:
         Start: HWMS,          Brushy Fork to the
          MCHS to             Magoffin/Floyd Line
             SME              On Main Rt. 7 down
                               to Rt. 542 (Trace)
33.        832                                     Bus Rt./Location
       Cain, Wesley                                Burning Fork Area
         Start: SGS to                             Jim Arnett Branch
         HWMS, MCHS                                  Patton Branch

34.                  *** Bus 833 - Handicap Run - Go where needed ***
      Prater, Brenda
      Start: SGS, HWMS,
        MCHS, NME

35.         934                                    Bus Rt./Location
      Russell, Sharon                          Scaffold Branch, Mud Lick,
        Start @ NME                                 Caudill Branch

36.        935                                     Bus Rt./Location
      Watson, Sherry                               Rt. 7 - Puncheon
           Start @
         SME Only

37.        936                                     Bus Rt./Location
       Blankenship,                              Burning Fork: Adams
          William                              Subdivision, Old Burning
        Start: SGS to                            Fork Road, Rt. 114 to
       HWMS, MCHS                                Magoffin/Floyd Line
38.        937                                     Bus Rt./Location
      Helton, Darrell                          Rockhouse, Improvement,
       Start @ HWMS,                            Coon Creek to Rt. 460,
       MCHS to NME                             Rockhouse, Improvement,
                                               On Rt. 460 pick up from
                                                Old M.H. School to the
                                                Mouth of Johnson Fork

39.        938                                     Bus Rt./Location
      Back, Manuel                                On Rt. 30: Rt. 378,
       Start: SGS, HWMS,    Rt. 3337 & Mill Branch
         MCHS, NME
40.         964                 Bus Rt./Location
      Whitaker, Rodney       Town: Coal Branch,
       Start: SGS, HWMS,     Dixie and Allen Drive
           to MCHS
41.         981                 Bus Rt./Location
       Jenkins, Jason        Painter's Lick, Burton,
            Start @           Van Borders Road,
          NME Only                 HorsePen,

42.         982                 Bus Rt./Location
       Perkins, Becky        Rt. 114 toward P-Burg:
          Start: SGS to       Big Lick, Dry Bread,
        HWMS, MCHS               Kelly Branch,
                               Road behind the
                              Pete Shepherd Bldg.
43.          984                Bus Rt./Location
       Fletcher, Esther    Off Rt. 7 - Half Mountain
        Start @ HWMS,      Rt. 7 from Oakley to town
         MCHS to SME

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