Oracle Joins the NoSQL Movement by ProQuest


NoSQL databases currently represent only a tiny fraction of enterprise database deployments. Nevertheless, Oracle has seen key customers adopt NoSQL solutions and clearly has strong motivation to provide its own NoSQL solution. Consequently, Oracle announced "Oracle NoSQL" at Oracle Open World in October.Oracle offers Oracle NoSQL as stand-alone software, or in the upcoming "big data appliance." The big data appliance is delivered as a rack of 18 servers, each with 12 cores, 12x2TB of disk, and 48GB of RAM. To save you the math, that's a total of 864TB of storage across 216 disk spindles, 216 cores, and 864GB of RAM. The big data appliance also includes a copy of Apache Hadoop, and I suspect that Hadoop - not Oracle NoSQL - will be the main market driver for With NoSQL at a fairly early level of maturity, it's typical for some key features to be absent in an initial release, and Oracle NoSQL is no exception. The most surprising limitation in the initial release is undoubtedly the fixed number of nodes. Unlike virtually every other distributed key-value store, Oracle NoSQL currently supports only a fixed number of nodes. You cannot add or remove nodes from your cluster.

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