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The Intermountain Northwest
     Safety Conference
              “Focus on Prevention”

              May 15, 16, 17, 2008

         Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort
         West Yellowstone, Montana

   Sponsored by the American Society of Safety Engineers
                     Big Sky Chapter
Welcome to the Intermountain Northwest Safety Conference and to West Yellowstone,
Montana! We hope you enjoy the conference and your stay in one of the most beautiful parts of
the w orld.

Several individuals and organizations combined their time and resources to making this
Conference possible. Many hours were contributed by the following members of the Organizing
•  Darrel Storey, Cincinnati Insurance Company, and Big Sky Chapter President- Elect
•  Lance Vallone, BNSF, and Big Sky Chapter Secretary
•  Tina Smollack, Montana State Dept. of Labor & Industry Safety Bureau, and Big Sky
   Chapter Treasurer
•  Marilyn Cameron, Montana Tech, and Big Sky Chapter President and conference co-chair
•  Roger Jensen, Montana Tech, and Big Sky Chapter Past- President and conference co-
•  Sherry Green, Montana Tech, Big Sky Student Section
•  Sally Bardsley, Montana Tech, Assistant Professor
•  Brie Meyer, Portage Environmental
•  Marie Felice- Luebeck, Montana Tech, Big Sky Student Section

Invaluable financial contributions were generously provided by the follow ing:
    Silver Level Sponsors:
    •    Montana State Fund
    •    Barrick Gold Corporation
    •    Washington Division of URS

    Bronze Level Sponsors
    •   Snake River Chapter of ASSE, Boise, Idaho
    •   Montana Crane Services

Special thanks to Montana Tech, Portage Environmental, Cincinnati Insurance Co., and BNSF
for permitting their employees to use duty hours to plan the conference. The smooth operation
of the conference was greatly facilitated by volunteers from the ASSE Big Sky Student Section.

Special thanks to the companies that donated prizes.
 A&M Fire and Safety, Butte
 Portage Environmental, Inc., Butte
 DXP Safety Master, Billings
 Montana Tech Bookstore, Butte
 Copper Kettle Chocolates and Gem Gallery, Butte

We w ould also ask you to support our exhibitors for this conference.
Montana Tech                        Rocky Mountain Dist Council of Labors
BC Sales                            Department of Labor and Industry
OSHA                                Rocky Mountain Education Center
Philips Medical                     Headw aters Rehabilitation Counseling
ASSE                                Pr ofessional Physical Therapy Inc.

On behalf of all the Sponsors, Committee Members, and ASSE, welcome to the Intermountain
Northw est Safety Conference and West Yellowstone!

Roger Jensen and Marilyn Cameron, Conference Co- Chairs
  About the Conference
General         Conference, sponsored by the Big Sky Chapter of ASSE, is designed to provide an
                experience of knowledge, networking, and exhibits displaying the latest in safety
                and health products. This year’s conference provides a new venue at the Holiday
                Inn Sunspree Resort, West Yellowstone, Montana, on May 14-16, 2008.

                Registration is $200 in advance or $250 after April 30th. ASSE members receive a
Registration    $25 discount. The cost of the conference includes a continental breakfast on
                Thursday and Friday mornings, lunch on Wednesday and Thursday and a social on
                Wednesday evening.

                Mike Melnik is a nationally known keynote speaker and will present during
Keynote         Wednesday’s lunch - “Batteries Not Included: Energized Approach for Achieving a
Mike Melnik     Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace. ” He will also present his popular “From
                Knowing to Doing” during a breakout session on Thursday morning.

Lt. Gov. John   We are privileged to have Lt. Gov. Bohlinger as the keynote during Thursday’s

Prize           Play vendor bingo to get your name in the drawing for prizes to be given away
Drawings        Friday morning after the sessions are completed. Increase your chances in the prize
                drawing by completing the session evaluations.
                           Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
11:30 a.m.              Luncheon Buffet
12:00 – 1:20 p.m.       Keynote: Mike Melnik- “Batteries Not Included: Energized Approach for Achieving a
                        Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace”
1:20 – 1:30 p.m.        Break

For more detailed information on the speakers and presentations, see “About the Sessions” and “About the
Speakers” sections below.
                               Breakout Sessions 1:30-5:20 p.m.
Time           Management Systems       Safety & Health Hazards                          Construction
1:30- 2:15    Mgmt Systems: ANSI Z10        OSHA update                         OSHA 10-hr
              Scott Collingwood             Ross Yeager                         Intro to OSHA
2:15- 3:00                                  MSHA update                         Darrel Storey
                                            Curt Petty                                                    1.5 hr
3:00-3:20     Break                         Break                               Break
3:20- 5:20    Mgmt Continued                NFPA 70E                            OSHA 10-hr
                                            Ross Yeager                         Electrical Safety & Forensics
                                                                                Ernie Harper               2.0 hr

5:30- 7:00 p.m.         Vendor Social

                         Thursday Morning, May 15th

7:00 – 7:50 a.m.        ASSE Chapter Meeting (get your breakfast and come to the meeting!)
                              Breakout Sessions 8:00-11:50 a.m.
  Time         Management Systems      Safety & Health Hazards                           Construction
8:00- 8:50    From Knowing to Doing         Ethics in Safety & IH               OSHA 10-hr
              Mike Melnik                   Trish Ennis                         Health Issues in Construction
8:50- 9:40                                  Keeping Your Costs Down with MSHA   Tiffany Ott              1.5 hr
                                            Curt Petty
9:40- break   Break                         Break                               Break
  10:00-      Courageous Leadership         Treating Your Own Back Injuries     OSHA 10-hr
   10:50      Lance Steilman                Peter Guske, PT                     Fall Protection
  11:00-      Risk Reduction Strategies                                         Mark Rosenleaf
   11:50      Roger Jensen                                                                                2.0 hr
12:00 p.m.              Luncheon buffet
12:30-1:20 p.m.         Speaker- Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger

                      Thursday Afternoon, May 15th
  Time         Management Systems              Safety & Health Hazards                   Construction
              Building Safety into Design   Aerosols Measuring & Monitoring     OSHA 10-hr
1:30- 2:50    Mike Kalsher                  Scott Collingwood                   Excavation & Trenching
                                                                                Kirk Smith                 1.5hr
3:00-3:20     Break                         Break                               Break
  3:20        Building Safety, Continued    Aerosols, Continued                 OSHA 10-hr
                                                                                Excavation & Trenching
                                                                                Kirk Smith                 2.0hr
                           Friday Morning, May 16th
7:00 a.m. - Continental Breakfast

                                         Breakout Sessions 8:00-11:50 a.m.
Time          Management Systems                Safety & Health Hazards
8:00- 8:50   Make Safety Fun                 Libby Asbestos project
             Linda Tapp                      Julie Hart
8:50- 9:40                                   New Meth Law
                                             Deb Grimm
9:40-10:00   Break                           Break
10:00-       Who is Your Client?             Hex Chrome
10:50        Bruce Kirby                     Ashley Kunz
11:00-       Montana Safety Initiative
11:50-       Closing comments and prize give-away
         About the Sessions
Batteries Not Included: Energized Approach for Achieving a Safe, Healthy and Productive Workplace

Mike Melnik
Companies introduce numerous programs to employees with great concern over how they’ll be received. Existing
programs fall short of expectations and end up in the program graveyard and “new and improved” programs are
introduced. The problem usually isn’t with the programs; the problem is the environment into which these programs are
introduced and the methods used to develop, implement and support these programs. “Batteries Not Included” offers a
time-tested approach that increases the success of new programs by energizing the work environment with participants
who are motivated, receptive and involved.

Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger
Lt. Governor John Bohlinger will address the Montana Safety Culture Act, which created Montana’s workplace safety
philosophy, and promotes safety programs to meet specific workplace needs. The Montana Safety Culture Act will be
updated in 2009. The Lt. Governor will also speak on the issue of the Montana injury rate which has gone up while the
national rate has gone down; the WorkSafeMT program which encourages employee and employer involvement; and
Early Return to Work issues.

Objective: Attendees will understand advanced management approaches for enhancing safety and health programs

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems: ANSI Z10 – Scott Collingwood

Promoting health and safety in the workplace is important. In many countries, implementing health and safety
management systems is required (ISO 14000, OHSAS 18000). Using the new ANSI/AIHA Z10 standard as a guide, this
short course will visit the fundamentals of occupational health and safety management systems and their implementation
in the workplace. Implementing an effective health and safety management system can help you reduce risk, litigation or
downtime in your organization. This short course is designed to enable companies to move beyond compliance of
regulatory standards to continual improvement with regards to occupational health and safety. At the end of the course,
attendees will be familiar with the common ingredients of health and safety management systems and the specific
components to the Z10 standard including implementation and registration. Dr. Scott Collingwood brings practical
experience to this overview as Scott was the change agent for the successful implementation and registration of an
environmental, health and safety management system for a large consumer products manufacturer. He also has practical
experience with assisting a number of smaller companies initiating health and safety management systems.

From Knowing to Doing: Getting the Maximum Return on Investment from Your Safety Training Efforts
Mike Melnik
For years, the delivery of information has been the method of choice for influencing employee behavior. Unfortunately it
has become abundantly clear that there is a huge difference between what we know and what we do. While information
certainly has value, its impact is influenced not only by the value of the content, but also by how the content is developed,
packaged, delivered and supported. This fun, high energy se ssion will take a humorous look at training and offer insights
and strategies for training that not only influences what your participants know, but also what they do.

Courageous Leadership – Lance Steilman
What does it take to make a difference, to change the culture and to believe that “zero” is achievable? Courageous
Leadership is proving to be the difference within our organization and our contractors.
Courageous Leadership is having a Safety Vision, everyone believing in the Vision and holding everyone accountable to
the Vision. Learn the tools needed in becoming an Effective Courageous Leader.
Risk Reduction Strategies – Roger Jensen
Risk assessments consist of processes to identify hazards, assess risks, reduce risks, and document the results. T his
presentation is about the options for reducing risk. It is based on Professor Jensen’s article entitled Risk Reduction
Strategies (Professional Safety, Jan. 2007). The article received the 2007 first-place Professional Paper Award from
ASSE. It describes nine strategies for reducing risks associated with all kinds of occupational hazards. One strategy is for
eliminating the hazard and eight are for mitigating risks associated with the hazard. Each strategy is illustrated by
examples of familiar hazard control tactics. Attendees will receive a copy of the paper and take away a deeper
understanding of the fundamental processes for reducing risks associated with occupational safety and health hazards.

Building Safety into Design – Mike Kalsher
Technology plays a critical role in modern life by providing many benefits ranging from dramatic increases in human
performance and work productivity to enhanced quality of life. However, incorporating technology into products and
environments can be potentially dangerous, particularly when people’s physical and cognitive limitations are not key
design considerations. In this interactive session, we will: (1) discuss human factors principles that help to ensure a
match between new technology and the people who use it with the goal of ensuring personal safety; and (2) consider
examples of “good” and “poor” interface design to highlight these principles. The overall goal is to convey practical
information that attendees can apply to enhance safety in their own work settings.

Make Safety Fun – Linda Tapp
Learn about using games and activities to make training great!

Attendees will learn:
-    why they should incorporate interactive activities into their safety training classes
-    how to effectively use games and activities
-    ten (or more) different activities that can be used immediately back on the job

Who Is Your Client? – Bruce Kirby
In this presentation, Bruce will identify types of clients and how you can better recognize them, and in turn better serve
them; point out our moral obligation as professionals; and help you see who your job was created to serve. The goal is
that after this session we will all see our employment, job or company, as it relates to our clients in a different and broader
light. We will be able to analyze and identify situations and make quicker, better choices to serve everyone.
As always; safety first and doing the right thing makes simpler choices.

Safety & Health Hazards
Objective: Attendees will learn about recent developments in occupational safety and health technology, regulatory
activities, research, and professional ethics.

OSHA Update – Where is OSHA Heading in 2008? – Ross Yeager
Topics to include:
   • Hexavalent Chromium
   • NFPA 70E
   • Site Specific Targeting 2007
   • The Combustible Dust Emphasis Program
   • Voluntary Protection Programs
   • Partnerships, and Alliances

MSHA Update– Curt Petty
Several events have taken place over the last three years in the mining industry which have resulted in substantial
changes in enforcement procedures and agency policy/procedures.
Increase awareness and training at the inspector level for enforcement purposes; changes in assessments, the Miners
Act, the marked increase in fines and most recent legislation.

NFPA 70E – Ross Yeager
Effective August 13, 2007, OSHA has adopted several provisions of NFPA 70E into the newly revised Subpart S
standards. Requirements now exist for the evaluation and control of arc flash hazards. Employers are required to assess
the potential for arc flash hazards in their workplace and determine what level of protection is needed to prevent serious
injury. In this presentation, learn why arc flash hazards are dangerous, what is required to help prevent their occurrence.
Ethics in Safety & IH – Trish Ennis
In this session, Trish will define ethics, look at why we need an ethical code, and will cover the fundamental canons and
code of ethics for safety professionals.

Keeping Your Costs Down with MSHA– Curt Petty
An in depth look at how the inspection process impacts assessments ($) via pattern of violations, flagrant violations and
by the number and type of standards being used and cited (Top cited violations) - How to eliminate the loss of income.

Treating Your Own Back Injuries – Peter Guske
This is the only presentation which actually demonstrates to attendees how they themselves can put their own back, "back
in", after they have "put their back out.” Peter Guske PT, in the myth-shattering and highly non-traditional manner that has
become his trademark, continues to impress results-oriented safety personnel as well as success-oriented company
managers all over the country with these unique, engaging and highly successful techniques. In what is considered a
record for the industry, his company out of Orlando, in just the last 4 years has instructed over 14,000 employees
nationwide with the only techniques which will actually demonstrate to you how you can put your own back, "back in".

Aerosols Measuring & Monitoring: Modern Instrumentation, Evaluation Tools and Practical Applications
Scott Collingwood

Aerosol measuring and monitoring has gotten increased attention in recent years due to a number of factors including the
development of effective direct reading instrumentation for aerosol measurement, the use of nano-materials in more
facets of manufacturing as well as the recent movement to more conservative occupational exposures for common
aerosols (silica, diesel particulate matter, chrome VI etc.,). In this session, we’ll gain a fundamental understanding of
aerosol physics, measurement and examine some novel methods of turning aerosol data into useful information for the
Health & Safety professional. Practical examples from construction and mining will be discussed in detail.

Libby Asbestos Projects – Julie Hart
From about 1920 until 1990, the leading source of vermiculite ore was from a mine near Libby, Montana (Horton et al.,
2006), which produced nearly 70% of the world’s supply of vermiculite. In addition to the beneficial uses of the Libby
vermiculite, it was also contaminated with a toxic form of naturally-occurring fibrous and asbestiform amphibole in veins
throughout the deposit (Pardee and Larsen, 1929). Today, areas surrounding the abandoned vermiculite
processing/mining facilities and much of the town of Libby are contaminated with these amphibole fibers. This
contamination has contributed to a health epidemic in Libby, with much of the population affected by asbestos-related

It was recently discovered that trees near the former vermiculite mine were contaminated with Libby amphiboles. Tree
bark samples that were collected within United States Forest Service (USFS) property near the abandoned mine revealed
contamination upwards of 260 million asbestos fibers/cm 2 bark surface area (Ward, Spear, Hart et al., 2006). In an effort
to evaluate the human exposure potential to amphiboles from tree reservoirs, a firewood harvesting simulation study was
conducted in the EPA restricted zone near the former vermiculite mine (Hart, Ward, Spear, et al., 2007). Personal
breathing zone and Tyvek® wipe samples collected in this study revealed that amphibole fibers were released from tree
reservoirs during firewood-harvesting activities and that a potential for exposure exists during such activities.

In an effort to further evaluate potential human exposure to amphiboles from tree reservoirs, a combustion study and
United States Forest Service occupational exposure assessment are currently being conducted.

New Meth Law – Deb Grimm
DEQ administers the Methamphetamine Cleanup Program made law in 2005. The law requires communication between
governmental agencies as well as landlords, tenants, and prospective purchasers of former meth labs. It includes
reporting requirements and cleanup standards.

Ms. Grimm will explain how to detect a meth lab property. Properties containing meth labs are posted on the DEQ
website, Ms. Grimm will include the responsibilities of meth lab property owners, where they can get
help, and problems they can expect to encounter.
Hex Chrome – Ashley Kunz
This program is designed to inform attendees of key safety and health issues regarding hexavalent chromium. Program
issues range from hexavalent chromium basics (i.e. what is hexavalent chromium? Where/how is it produced?) to OSHA
compliance, industrial hygiene sampling strategy, and health effects.

In addition, a project case study will be examined to address compliance and sampling development issues.
Supplemental information regarding welding risk potential and worst-case scenario data will also be included.

Objective: Attendees will learn the major safety and health requirements for construction work. Individuals who attend all
ten hours of training will be awarded a certificate attesting to completion of the OSHA 10-hour Construction Course.

OSHA 10 Hr – Intro to OSHA – Darrel Storey
During this session we will cover what to expect if OSHA comes knocking on your door, from the opening to the walk
through to the closing conference. We will cover briefly OSHA recordkeeping, the importance of safety and health and
begin covering the elements of a Safety and Health program.

OSHA 10 Hr– Electrical Safety & Forensics – Ernie Harper
This session will cover advanced electrical safety presented in an understandable format providing the attendee with a
good grasp of the physiological effects and causes of electrical shock utilizing real world photos. Electrical hazard
recognition including most frequently violated codes and examples of contributing human error will be shown along with
helpful forensic factors to help you avoid injury while on or off the job. Arc blast hazards, power lines, LO/TO issues will
be addressed at various levels to assist the attendee in gaining a greater understanding and control over many
electrically -related worksite hazards. Some fatalities will be discussed as lessons learned periodically throughout this fast-
paced presentation.

After completing this module, you will be able to:
• Describe the type and nature of injuries that can result from contact with electricity
• Identify the warning signs that suggest an electrical hazard exists
• Identify or list common electrical hazards found at construction sites
• Identify methods to protect against electrical hazards

OSHA 10 HR – Safety & Health Hazards on the Construction Site – Tiffany Ott
This section of the OSHA 10 hour will cover health issues in the construction industry.
Topics covered will include exposure to lead, silica, asbestos, noise, and vibration. The key points of these hazards will be
covered including how workers are exposed and what health effects are related to these hazards.

OSHA 10 HR– Fall Protection – Mark Rosenleaf
Mark will discuss fall protection and walking/working surface issues such as ladders, guardrails, floor holes, scaffolds and
rescue plans. He will also discuss some of the issues that he sees in his everyday experience on jobsites as a safety

OSHA 10 HR – Trenching & Excavation – Kirk Smith
This presentation will address OSHA's trenching and excavation current standard requirements, and outlines the roll and
qualifications of the Competent Person. Topics include shoring and sloping techniques and requirements, inspections,
related equipment most commonly used to provide a safe trench and/or excavation and how to prepare for OSHA
inspections when excavating.
         About the Speakers
Mike Melnik
Michael Melnik is an occupational therapist with a master’s degree in exercise physiology. He is owner and president of
Prevention Plus, a company that focuses on the prevention of work injuries. Over the last 17 years he has delivered his
message to over a quarter of a million participants in many of the largest companies in the U.S. He is the author and
talent in several award-winning videos that are in distribution throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia and utilized by
numerous fortune 1000 companies. Some of his clients include Best Buy, Wells Fargo, Northwest Airlines, The Home
Depot, General Mills, Wal-Mart and many others. His goal is to work with companies that want to create a safe, healthy,
and productive workplace and want to enjoy the process of making it happen.

Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger
John was born in Bozeman on April 21, 1936, to parents John and Aileen Bohlinger. In 1941, John, his sister Tina, and
their parents moved from Bozeman to Billings. His parents opened a women's apparel store called Aileen's, which would
become a beloved fixture of downtown Billings.

John attended Billings Senior High School, and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve during his senior year.
After graduation, he attended the University of Montana, but was called to active duty in the Marines between his
sophomore and junior year. John completed his service in the Marines with an honorable discharge, returned to the
University of Montana, and earned a degree in business.

John returned to Billings and went to work in his family business. He married Bette Cobetto, and together they raised a
family of six children.

During his 33-year career as a small businessman, John also worked for many community organizations in the Billings
area. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Billings Chamber of Commerce, First Interstate Bank West,
Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch, and the Billings Studio Theater. John served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of
the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the St. Patrick's Catholic Church Parish Council. He also has served as president of
the Board of Directors of the Yellowstone Art Museum and president of the Billings Symphony. He is currently a member
of the Helena Rotary and Helena Cathedral.

John is also a veteran of the Montana legislature. First elected in 1992, John was elected to three terms in the house and
recently resigned his seat in the Senate to serve as Lt. Governor in January, 2005.

SPEAKERS: In Alphabetical Order
Scott Collingwood
Dr. Scott Collingwood is an Assistant Professor at the University of Utah—Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational &
Environmental Health (RMCOEH). Scott teaches graduate courses in Industrial Hygiene and allied occupational health
and safety topics. In addition, he is an instructor for a variety of RMCOEH Continuing Education core courses reaching
working professionals in Utah, the West and Nationwide. Scott’s research interests are centered on aerosol
measurement/evaluation, engineering controls and ergonomics. Scott worked in business and industry for a decade
before returning to school for graduate training in Occupational & Environmental Health culminating with his earning a
Doctorate focusing on Industrial Hygiene from The University of Iowa.

Trish Ennis, CSP, ARM
Trish has 19 years experience in Safety and Loss Control. Her employment includes work as a Safety Manager for a
multistate utility contractor, Loss Control Specialist for an insurance carrier, and serves currently as Vice President, West
region Risk Control Manager for HRH. She is also currently serving on the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
Board of Directors as the Region II Vice President.
Trish is a frequent trainer for the Denver Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) and the The Associated General
Contractors (AGC). She is an active member on the AGC Safety Committee and is Past President of the ASSE Colorado
Chapter. In 2003, she was recognized as the Safety Professional of the Year by the Colorado Chapter of the ASSE.
Mrs. Ennis is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and has her Associate in Risk Management (ARM). She has a B.A.
from The Evergreen Sate College in Olympia, Washington.

Deborah A. Grimm, CIH
Deborah A. Grimm works for the Montana Department of Environmental Quality as the Program Manager for the
Methamphetamine Cleanup Program. She was certified by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene as a Certified
Industrial Hygienist in 1993. Prior to working for the State of Montana, Deborah managed an environmental analytical
laboratory and was the corporate safety officer for a large company. Deborah has more than 30 years experience in the
safety and environmental fields.

Peter Guske, PT
Peter Guske PT is a licensed physical therapist with over 20 years clinical experience treating back injuries. Mr Guske
opened his own rehabilitation clinic in Florida in 1988 and has gone on to build "The Back Saver System", a national
company which provides employers with cost -effective on-site back injury prevention programs. Clients include Wyoming
Mineral Mining, New Jersey Williams/Transco, Western Kentucky Energy, BP Offshore Oil Rigs, City of Cheyenne WY,
Southern Liquid Natural Gas, Cargill Feed, General Electric, Las Vegas Gas, Texas National Guard, El Paso Energy, and
many others.

Earnest F. Harper, CSP, DABFE, DACFET, CFC
“Ernie” has recently retired after 40 years as HP’s Senior Safety & Forensics Engineer where he was considered th e
Corporations leading electrical safety expert. In addition to his CSP, Ernie holds the prestigious Certificates of Diplomate
of the American Board of Forensic Examiners, Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Engineering and Technology
and is a Board Certified Forensics Consultant. In 2001, Ernie received the Society Fellow Award from the American
Society of Safety Engineers, its highest honor. In 1994 he was awarded Fellow of the American College Of Forensic
Examiners. He is a Professional Member of the Society and the National Fire Protection Association. He is a retired Naval
Officer and Veteran, earning three Safety Billet Classifications during his service years. Concurrent experience includes 25
years in construction both as a Navy CB and a Safety Professional.

He is the sole proprietor of Industrial Safety Consulting Service and has over 20 years experience as an Expert Witness
for both Plaintiff and Defense. Considered an expert in multiple fields including Electrical Safety, Loss Prevention, most
major codes, product and facility safety design, human factors engineering and accident reconstruction, he has lectured
on the national level including ASSE’s Professional Development Conference (PDC), regional and local conferences
including, by invitation, Boston’s Harvard School of Medicine.

Ernie has served as an ASSE Chapter President in 1986- 1987 and 2007-2008, as a Chapter Delegate for the last 16 of 17
years, is currently an Assistant Region II VP (GA) and has created and produces the prestigious Region II Quarterly

Julie Hart, CIH
Julie F. Hart is a faculty member in the Safety, Health and Industrial Hygiene Department at Montana Tech. She teaches
several undergraduate and graduate classes in the program. She is board certified in the comprehensive practice of
industrial hygiene. In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Julie is a part-time doctoral student in Toxicology at the
University of Montana. Julie’s dissertation research interests are associated with Libby amphiboles. Julie’s presentation
will focus on trees serving as reservoirs for Libby amphiboles and the potential for human exposure.

Roger Jensen, Ph.D., CSP, CPE
Dr. Roger Jensen is a Professor at Montana Tech. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in occupational safety,
systems safety, and ergonomics. Prior to this academic appointment, Dr. Jensen spent 7 years as the Senior Ergonomist for a
technical services company, and 22 years in research and management positions with the National Institute for Occupational
Safety and Health. He is a Certified Professional Ergonomist, a Certified Safety Professional, and a Registered Professional
Engineer in Ohio. His education includes law (J.D.) and industrial engineering (B.S., M.S.E., and Ph.D.).
Mike Kalsher, Ph.D.
Michael J. Kalsher (Ph.D., Virginia Tech, 1988) is Associate Professor of Psychology and Cognitive Science at
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Kalsher served as Chair of the Department of Cognitive Science at Rensselaer from
1997 through 2002. He is a member of both the American Psychological Society and American Psychological
Association. He is also a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society for which he currently serves as Chair
of the Forensic Professional Group and Chair of the Arnold M. Small Safety Lecture series. Professor Kalsher is co -
author of a currently popular introductory psychology text entitled Psychology: From Science to Practice and he has
published more than eighty articles in professional journals, numerous chapters in edited books, and he has given more
than one-hundred presentations at national and international professional meetings. Professor Kalsher’s current research
interests focus on human factors issues, including development and evaluation of warnings, symbols and instructions;
allocation of responsibility for consumer product injuries, and the use of emerging technologies to enhance safety in a
wide range of civilian and military settings.

Bruce (Jabek) Kirby
Mr. Kirby was born in a small Midwestern town in rural Minnesota. Over the years he has been employed in many professions
from construction and food service, to teaching and speaking. He has helped design and evaluate management training
programs and was engaged by a college to develop a student supplemental services program. Mr. Kirby has started and
owned many businesses. Some of the successful ventures have been in the areas of; sales, property management,
restaurant management, retail store owner, home inspection services, consulting services and YMCA lifeguard training.
Mr. Kirby is presently serving as Western States Director and Inspectors' Consultant for InterNACHI (International Association
of Certified Home Inspectors). He is also a member of InterNACHI's Ethics Committee.

His main objective is to serve others by providing informative conferences, consulting and motivational speaking. He currently
resides (since 1999) in Northwest Montana on a remote off-the-grid property.

Ashley Kunz
Ashley is a graduate of Montana Tech, where she earned a Master of Science in Industrial Hygiene. Currently, she works
for the Washington Division of URS Corporation (formerly Washington Group International), as an environmental, safety,
and health specialist and industrial hygienist. Ashley has completed safety and industrial hygiene on several company
projects. Most recently, she completed industrial hygiene monitoring and sampling for hexavalent chromium and has
aided in the Washington Division corporate hexavalent chromium procedure development.

Tiffany Ott
Tiffany Ott is the industrial hygienist for Resources for Environmental and Occupational Health (REOH). She is a graduate
of Montana Tech of the University of Montana with a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health and an M.S. in Industrial
Hygiene. She has conducted numerous safety inspections and indoor air quality evaluations. She has over 2500 hours of
teaching experience and instructs numerous safety courses for general contractors, private employers, realtors, and
safety professionals.

Curt Petty
Curt Petty has over 35 years of “Actively Caring for People”, 12 years of mining (open pit, milling and underground), 5
years as federal mine inspector, 5 years as Helena field office supervisor, and 13 years as a deputy sheriff. He is currently
employed by the Department of Labor and Industry, Mine Safety and Health Administration.

Mark Rosenleaf
Mark has been with Montana State Fund since April of 2002 and is currently assigned to the Bozeman area and
southwest Montana. Mark is certified by the International Risk Management Institute as a Construction Risk & Insurance
Specialist. He recently completed the Associate in Risk Management (ARM) Course 54. He plans to earn the ARM
degree by the winter of 2008.

Prior to coming to Montana State Fund, Mark was a Safety Engineer at the Idaho National Engineering & Environmental
Laboratory (INEEL) near Idaho Falls for three years. While living in Idaho, Mark earned his Masters of Science in
Industrial Technology from the University of Idaho.

Mark graduated from Montana Tech of the University of Montana in December of 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in
Occupational Safety & Health. While at Montana Tech, he worked for a year in the mining industry for Luzenac America
in Three Forks, MT and Barrick GoldStrike Mine in Elko, NV. Mark believes that the best way to avoid injury is to get
employees involved in safety at every level – from helping create a written safety program, identifying training and tool
needs, to the training itself – employees should be involved.
Kirk Smith
Kirk Smith has been a Safety and Health Specialist/Consultant with the Occupational Safety and Health Bureau, MT Dept.
of Labor and Industry for the last eleven years. He is an instructor with the Montana Occupational Safety and Health
Training Institute. His current curriculum includes the Institute’s Trenching and Excavation Requirements, OSHA 10-Hr
Construction Course and Scaffold Safety courses. He retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1996 after a 20-year career, the
last six a s a safety specialist. He has an Associate Degree in Safety from the Community College of the Air Force.

Lance Steilman, CSP
Mr. Steilman earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Montana Tech and is a
Certified Safety Professional. He is also a Certified TapRoot® Accident Analysis Instructor and Investigator, an MSHA (IS)
Certified Surface Instructor, an MSHA (IU) Certified Underground Instructor, a Certified Occupational Hearing
Conservationist (CAOHC), is certified in National Safety Council’s Principles of Occupational Safety & Health (POSH) and
holds an Advanced Safety Certificate from the National Safety Council.

Mr. Steilman is currently employed at Barrick Goldstrike Mines located near Elko, Nevada and holds the position of Safety
and Health Superintendent. He manages all technical, operational and compliance efforts site wide, including MSHA and
State of Nevada compliance, Open Pit/Underground/Wet Mill/Autoclave/Roaster/ safety, Safety & Health Training
functions and health programs.

Darrel Storey, CHST
Darrel graduated from Montana Tech in 1998. Since then he has been employed by several companies, including Bechtel
Construction, working as a Safety Specialist on the Yucca Mountain project. He then worked at the Nevada Test Site, and
then for Barrick Goldstrike Mines as an Industrial Hygienist. Darrel worked as the Safety Director for a Montana
Contractor before taking his current position as a Loss Control Consultant for Cincinnati Insurance which covers Montana,
Idaho, Utah, and Eastern Washington.

Linda Tapp, CSP
Linda Tapp is the Author of “SafetyFUNdamentals: 77 Games and Activities to Make Training Great!” She has taught
over 1000 safety and health professionals to make their training classes better by making their classes more interactive.
She has 20 years of experience in safety and health and is very active in various safety organizations. Linda was awarded
the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 Award for 2004 which is given to rising stars in the Philadelphia area,
selected for their professional accomplishments and community involvement. In 2006 she was named Safety
Professional of the Year by the Council of Practices and Standards of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)
She was named the Edward Monsanto Queeny Safety Professional of the Year for 2007 by the American Society of
Safety Engineers. She is also the current Secretary/Treasurer on the Board of Certified Safety Professionals where she is
serving her fourth year as a Director.

Ross Yeager
Ross has worked 23 years with OSHA in Montana, beginning in 1985. He worked as a compliance officer for 15 years and
was the lead inspector for all fatality investigations and all investigations involving fire and explosion. He started as
Compliance Assistance Specialist in 2000 and worked for two years; during that time he established the first partnership
in the nation with the National Park Service. Mr. Yeager became the Area Director for Montana in 2006. He has
established partnerships with Worker's Compensation Insurers and is an Ad Hoc member of the Governor's Labor
Management Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation.
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