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     to help you
     get started!
What is Prewriting?

• First step of the writing process
• Helps get ideas onto paper so
  you can organize them
• A chance to explore ALL your
  ideas on a topic, even if you
  don’t use them all
Why should I prewrite?

• How do you get somewhere
  you’ve never been before if you
  don’t have any directions? You’ll
  get lost!
  Prewriting is your map!
Types of Prewriting
•   Brainstorming
•   Listing
•   Freewriting
•   Clustering
•   Mapping
•   Drawing

• A way to capture all your ideas,
  idea fragments, and thoughts on
  a piece of paper
• Often looks like a list
• Get as many ideas down on your
  paper as you can
Brainstorming Example

Winter Break
• Snowball fights    • A week and a
• Sleeping in!         half off school
• no homework        • New Year’s Eve
• Visiting friends   • Shoveling snow?
• Presents?          • Sledding
• Relaxing!          • Go to the mall
• Seeing family      • FUN!

• Looks a lot like Brainstorming
• Write as many ideas as you can,
  even if you think you might not
  use them
• Look at your list for similarities
  or opposites or ideas you like
• Write a new list, adding details
  this time
Example of Listing
Breakfast (List 1)    Details (List 2)
• Eggs and toast      • Crispy bacon, not
• Bacon                 limp, that’s gross
• Orange juice        • Imp. b/c gets your
• Oatmeal               brain going
• Cereal              • Imp. b/c helps burn
• Most imp. meal of     calories all day
  the day             • Imp. b/c helps you
                        wake up
                      • Best cereal is Rice
                        Chex! Not too

• Often looks like a paragraph
• Write everything that comes into
  your head about your topic, even if it
  doesn’t seem to make sense
• Write for a set amount of time (5-10
• Don’t worry about spelling, grammar
  or punctuation
Example of Freewriting

I have to write about the common
  cold. I hate having a cold! Your nose
  runs, you get a fever and a cough,
  you ache all over. Sometimes you
  throw up. That’s the worst part,
  throwing up. It tastes bad and feels
  worse! No one wants to be around
  you because they don’t want to get
  sick. It’s lonely and not fun.

• Like a Web
• Start with your topic in a circle
  in the middle of your paper
• Draw lines to other circles with
  sub topics and ideas on your
  main idea
• Group like information together
  to keep yourself organized
   Example of Clustering
           Don’t                                                                  Different
                                                                                   teams              New friends
           do it              Don’t like
                                                              Friends                                                   Mordica
                                                                                              Cool Teachers
                                                                          7-3!                                              Cole

                   Too much                                                                                   Lots of
Need to                                                                                                        notes
 do it                                                                                                                          grades
                                       Homework                                    Classes

                Helps to
                                                                                                              Tests and
                 study                                        School                                           projects
                                                                                                                              Hard work

     exercise           Sports                                                                      Homework

              Priority                      Extracurricular
                                                                         Lunch!                                           Hard to get
               AFTER                           Activities                                                                 through the
            schoolwork                                                                             Too short                  line

                           My choice                                                                                    Can’t finish
                                           Fun                                                                           the food
                                                               Friends            LOUD!            Snack bar

• A lot like a Cluster or Web
• Way to organize ideas by
  importance or order
• Shows Main topic, sub topics,
  and support
 Example of Mapping

                               No School Uniforms

                                  No individuality
       Too Expensive                                                   Ugly
                                   for students

                                                                          Not attractive
                                            Have to be
Have to have                Not allowed                    These are            on
                 Clothing                        like
2 wardrobes –                    to                         out of         some bodies
                  prices                     everyone
  School and                   show                          style         would make
                  are up                    else instead
  non-school                 Creativity                                      students
                                            of like ME
                                                                             feel ugly

• A visual image
• Can show spatial relationships
• Visual description of a place
  like a floor plan
Example of Drawing

• Don’t worry about spelling or
  grammar or punctuation while
  prewriting, just get your ideas
• Write as much as you can think
  of initially. Choose what you use
  AFTER your prewrite.

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