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                         A guide to the
                    historic Magruder Road
                                              The Magrude
                                              Road Corrido

              95                                               SELW

          To Grangeville                        285

                Elk City                  3
         14                               µ           5           1
              r Red River
                Ranger Station                 4      µ         11c
                           1          2        c      6        10c
                                  c                       7
                                                              8 9





                                      FRANK CHURCH-RIVER OF NO

Page 1
er                               To Hamilton

or                                         Darby

                  A HO


                                                         To Lost

                                                        Trail Pass
                                             r     West Fork
                                                 Ranger Station
          15                        22
       c                            c
  6223                   468
       c14                      c21               473
     c13                 20
c 18
                                                  To Shoup, ID
c c17 224
                               How to Use This Brochure
     16                    This brochure is designed to encourage
                           travelers to stop and visit, or read about the
               19          sites along the corridor. The numbered sites
                           on pages 3 through 12 correspond with this
               µ           locator map. Pages 13 and 14 are for notes.
                             A forest visitor map is a useful tool to ac-
                           company this brochure and can be purchased
                           at your local Forest Service office.

                                                                 Page 2
Introduction                      enjoy will remain intact for fu-
  The 101-mile primitive          ture generations.
Magruder Corridor Road winds           Another safeguard is the use
through a vast undeveloped area,  of weed-seed-free-feed prod-
offering solitude and pristine    ucts. Since 1996, all feed used
beauty as well as expansive       on national forest lands in Idaho
mountain views.                   and Montana must be certified
  The landscape is much the       weed-seed-free. It is encouraged
same as when the Nez Perce        to feed weed-seed-free feed to
Indians and other early travelers stock at least 72 hours before
                                  visiting a national forest.
crossed the area.
                                      Remember the use of motor-
  The road has changed little     ized or mechanized equipment
since its construction by the     or vehicles is not permitted in a
Civilian Conservation Corps       designated wilderness.
(CCC) in the 1930s. It has also
been known as the Southern Nez    Fire on the Landscape
Perce Trail, Elk City to Darby        Throughout the Magruder
                                  Corridor you will see effects
Road, Montana Road and the        of natural fire, some from very
Parker Trail.                     large fires and some from small
                                  creeping fires. The larger fires
Wilderness                        occurred in 1996 in the upper
  The corridor was created in     Selway drainage, in 2000 most
19801when the Central Idaho
 Page                             visibly through the Observation
Wilderness Act was passed, leav- Point/Salmon Mountain area,
ing a unique road that enables    in 2005 in the Horse Heaven
a traveler to drive between two   area, in 2007 in the Magruder
wildernesses: the 1.2- million-   Mountain area and many more
acre Selway-Bitterroot Wil-       smaller fires.
derness to the north, and the         In 1973, the Bitterroot
2.3-million-acre Frank Church-    National Forest began testing
River of No Return Wilderness     the Wilderness Fire Policy when
to the south.                     a lightning-caused fire was
                                  allowed to burn naturally in the
  Together, they represent the    White Cap drainage. Over 30
largest unroaded block of land    years of successful wilderness
in the lower 48 states and are    fire management in the Selway-
nearly twice as large as the      Bitterroot Wilderness followed,
combined states of Delaware and leading the way for wildland
Rhode Island.                     fire management. By carefully
   To help safeguard the natural- choosing which fires to suppress
ness of wilderness, practice      and which to actively manage for
“leave no trace” techniques to    resource benefit, managers can
ensure the country you came to    return forests to a more natural,
                                  resilient and healthy condition.
Page 3
                                      Travel Time
Fire experts and research               Travel time varies, but it takes
findings agree that fire has          eight to ten hours to travel from
played a crucial role in shaping      Red River to Darby without rest
our wildlands for thousands of        stops. The average speed will be
years and is vital for the survival   12-15 miles per hour. A two-day
of many plants and animals.           trip is ideal with an overnight
Road Conditions                       stay at one of the dispersed or
  This primitive one-lane road is     primitive campsite locations.
rough, steep and winding, with           Take your time, absorb the sol-
few turnouts for passing oncom-       itude and enjoy the remoteness
ing vehicles. It is suitable for      far from the hassles of crowded
high clearance vehicles, pickup       highways.
trucks, motorcycles and moun-
tain bikes. The Forest Service        Camping
does not recommend towing              When camping at primitive
trailers because there are several    locations, please follow these
hairpin turns along the route.        guidelines:
Motor homes with low clearance          • Choose a site 200 feet from
                                          trails and water.
should not travel the road.
                                        • Use existing fire grates and
  Snow begins to fall in early Oc-        fire rings when building camp-
tober and persists into July; how-        fires.
ever, snowstorms are possible at
                                        • When going to the bathroom,
any time. Four-wheel-drive is             do as a cat: dig a hole and
recommended when the road is              bury human waste. Maintain a
snow covered or muddy.                    distance of 200 feet from water
  Remember you are traveling              and trails.
through an extensive undevel-           • Make sure your campfire is
oped area with no services for            dead out when you leave.
117 miles. Be sure you start            • Pack out all trash, both yours
with a vehicle in good operat-            and that of others.
ing condition, a full tank of gas       • Leave no trace of your stay.
and a spare tire. At all times be
alert for other traffic, washouts,    Drinking Water
fallen trees and other debris on       Water from springs, lakes,
the road.                             ponds and streams should not be
    The road is becoming more         consumed without proper treat-
popular for ATV travel during         ment (boiling for more than five
the summer months and can             minutes or using a water filter)
be very busy during the Idaho         as giardia could be present. It is
hunting season (mid-September         a good idea to carry extra water.
through mid-November).
                                                                Page 4
    Red River Ranger Station to Granite Springs
 Elk City Ranger Station         #2 - Granite Springs Campground
   Visitors are encouraged to     Granite Springs Campground
stop at the Elk City Ranger Sta-  lies on both sides of the road. It
tion on the Red River Ranger      has drinking water, pit toilets,
District in Elk City and ask      picnic tables, stock facilities and
questions about maps, road con- water for stock.
ditions, weather and any other       The Southern Nez Perce
concerns. After office hours,     Trail parallels a portion of the
visitors can obtain limited       Magruder Corridor Road. The
information at an interpretive    Nez Perce Indians found a practi-
sign at the old Red River Rang-   cal hunting/gathering route that
er Station (now closed) that      followed the South Fork of the
briefly describes the southern    Clearwater River to the rolling
Nez Perce Trail. It is located    country and lush meadows near
just south of the ranger station  Elk City and the upper Red River
along with an RV dump station.    drainage. The trail went south
Magruder Road #468 begins on      of the extremely difficult terrain
the left side of Road #222. The   of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilder-
first eight miles are a steady    ness, and also avoided the more
climb. Oregon Butte Lookout       rugged portion of the deep, nar-
and Buffalo Hump are visible to row Salmon River canyon.
the west.
#1 - Mountain Meadows
  The headwaters of Meadow
Creek lie directly north of the
road. Visitors will find the
Mountain Meadows campsite in
this vicinity.
  At 14-Mile Tree, the trail-
head begins for Trails 501 and
580, which lead into the Frank
Church-River of No Return
Wilderness. There is an infor-
mation board, registration box
                                      Green Mountain Lookout
and toilet. Stock facilities in-
clude a feeding rack and hitch-
ing rails.

Page 5
     Elk Mountain Road to Burnt Knob Lookout
#3 - Elk Mountain Road #285             There are many smaller mam-
  The road continues to climb        mals, such as badger, wolverine,
from the Granite Springs             pine marten, mink and weasels,
Campground. Elk Mountain             but count yourself lucky if you
Road #285 branches to the            see one.
northeast, a driveable 4-miles to       However, you’ll see ground
the Green Mountain Lookout,           squirrels, golden-mantle squir-
with views of the Red River           rels, red squirrels and two kinds
drainage. From the #285 junc-         of chipmunks. You can dif-
tion, the Magruder Road winds         ferentiate between chipmunks
steeply down into Bargamin            and golden-mantle squirrels, as
Creek. Drive slowly and watch         the chipmunk’s white stripes
for brakes heating up.                extend onto its head. Be alert
                                      while traveling to increase your
#4 - Poet Creek Campground            chances of seeing wildlife.
   Poet Creek Campground lies
north of the Magruder Road.
It has four camping units with
tables, fireplaces, parking spurs,
and pit toilets. There is no de-
veloped water source. Because
stock is not permitted in the
campground, four mangers are
located south of the road.
   Here in the Magruder Cor-
ridor and adjacent wildernesses,
diverse plant communities fill
habitat needs for a variety of               Ground Squirrel
mammals, birds, reptiles and
amphibians.                          #5 - Burnt Knob Lookout Road
   Large mammals include black         From Poet Creek Camp-
bear, sheep, goats and four deer     ground, the road climbs steeply
family members - whitetail           for eight miles with a few sharp
and mule deer, elk and moose.        curves. Burnt Knob #468-
Deer are the most commonly           C branches off to the north.
seen animals.                        This road is recommended for
   Wolves were introduced into       4-wheel-drive only and ends at
Idaho in 1995 and may be seen        the historic Burnt Knob Look-
or heard throughout the corri-       out. Three Prong Trail #539,
dor. This is also mountain lion      which starts in the saddle below
territory and they could possi-      the lookout, accesses McArthur,
bly be sighted.                      Stillman and Burnt Knob lakes.
                                                               Page 6
   Dry Saddle Trailhead to Horse Heaven Saddle
#6 - Dry Saddle Trailhead           #8 - Horse Heaven Saddle
   Dry Saddle Trailhead lies          Horse Heaven is named for its
both north and south of the road    lush grazing grasses. Elevation
and has pit toilets, a loading      at the saddle is 7070 feet.
ramp and graveled parking             Horse Heaven Cabin was built
area. Elevation at the trailhead    in 1939 at a CCC Camp near
is 7920 feet. It provides access    Darby, MT. It was then dissas-
to many high mountain lakes         sembled and transported more
along Sheep Hill Trail #575. It     than 60 miles west where it
is a ten-mile hike to Sheep Hill    once functioned as a firefighter's
fire lookout tower.                 cabin.
#7 - Sabe Vista                       The cabin is south of the road
  From Dry Saddle, the rough        on the spur road marked for
and winding road drops down         Trail #028. The one-room log
to Sabe Saddle and then climbs      cabin is on the Forest Service
back up again to Sabe Vista,        cabin rental program and will
which offers many scenic            accommodate four people.
views. Elevation is 7490 feet       Reservations are made through
at the vista. This portion of the Informa-
road is very narrow and some-       tion is available at the West
times very steep. There are few     Fork Ranger Station.
places to pass another vehicle.
A large burn, which was part
of the Ladder Creek
Fire complex, is vis-
ible at Sabe Vista. In
1988, three lightning
strikes started three
different fires, which
eventually merged
into one fire. Nearly
70,000 acres were
burned in three Na-
tional Forests (Nez
Perce, Bitterroot and
Payette). Fire is a
natural force which
rejuvenates the envi-                    Horse Heaven Cabin

Page 7
     Salmon Mountain Area to Observation Point
#9 - Salmon Mountain Area
   The Old Salmon Mountain
Ranger Station site was estab-
lished in 1911. Nearby is the
Salmon Mountain base camp,
a very popular trailhead during
hunting season. It has stock
facilities. A one-mile trail leads
to the Salmon Mountain lookout
tower which is staffed by vol-
unteers during fire season. The
elevation is 8944 feet. Moun-
tain goats are often seen on the
rocky crags and talus slopes of
Salmon Mountain.
   This area is one of the few
places in America where you
can see the subalpine larch.             Fireweed is abundant on the
The larch is the only deciduous           landscape after a wildfire
coniferous tree, meaning that its
needles turn yellow and drop off
in the fall.                           Near the peak of the mountain
   "Ribbon forests" are visible      are “banner” or “flag” trees and
on the slopes in this area. These    stunted trees called “krumm-
are elongated narrow forest          holz,” which are often hundreds
strips growing perpendicular to      of years old and only two feet
prevailing wind directions and       high.
alternating with narrow bands        #10 - Observation Point
of moist-wet subalpine mead-           Observation Point Camp-
ows called “snow glades.”            ground has nice camping spots
  Also, you can find good            and toilet. The elevation is 7620
examples of “ghost” trees on         feet and visitors can view the
the mountain. These whitebark        southern portion of the Bitterroot
pines were killed by a combi-        Mountain Range, especially El
nation of mountain pine beetle       Capitan. The point also offers
and blister rust attacks. They       breathtaking vistas of subalpine/
became bleached from the sum-        alpine wilderness.
mer sun, giving them a ghost-
white appearance.

                                                             Page 8
                      Magruder Crossing
#11 - Magruder Crossing Bridge
                                      A few days later, the travelers
   The only place in the upper     attacked, murdered and robbed
Selway drainage you can drive      Magruder and his companions in
across the Selway River is at      the dark of the night.
Magruder crossing. This steel
pony-truss bridge was built by        The murderers rolled the dead
CCCs in 1935.                       men over a cliff, burned and
   The campground has picnic        buried the remaining evidence
tables, a toilet, stock facilities  of their crime and fled to San
and water for stock.                Francisco with their stolen
                                    booty. Hill Beachey, Magrud-
#12 - Magruder Massacre Site        er’s friend, pursued the murder-
   Gold was discovered near Elk ers and brought them back to
City, Idaho, in 1861 and near       stand trial in Lewiston, Idaho.
Bannack, Montana, in 1862.          Three of the men were found
Many miners and traders used       guilty and were hung on the 4th
the Southern Nez Perce Trail       of March, 1864.
as the most direct route from          Lloyd Magruder had been a
Elk City, Idaho, to Bannack or     successful California merchant.
Virginia City, Montana.            He was a well respected man
  In 1863 Lloyd Magruder and       and had many friends. Prior to
companions were returning          his ill-fated trip, he had agreed to
along this route from Virginia     represent the Idaho Territory in
City after making a handsome       Congress.
profit of gold dust from selling      As a result of this event, many
supplies to miners. Four other     places bear the name “Magrud-
travelers joined the Magruder      er,” among them the road on
group.                             which you are traveling.

                       Beargrass along the corridor
 Page 9
                 Paradise Road to Paradise
Paradise Road #6223                  in the Selway River. Chinook
  Travelers on this narrow one-      salmon are found throughout
lane road will enjoy a pleasant      the Selway River, however,
12-mile drive along the Wild         they are usually seen during
and Scenic Selway River. The         peak spawning activity in late
river flows through a deep,          August and early September.
beautiful canyon with some
stands of western red cedar          #15 - Paradise
along its banks. There is a            The elevation at Paradise is
pack bridge for the trail to Spot    3067 feet. A launch site for
Mountain Lookout.                    river rafting is located near the
#13 - Raven Creek Campground         end of Paradise Road. Permits
  Raven Creek is a primitive         are required from May 15 to
campground with two sites and        July 31 to float the 47-mile sec-
a pit toilet right along the road.   tion of the Selway River from
                                     Paradise to Selway Falls. Infor-
#14 - Indian Creek Hatchery          mation can be obtained from the
  Visitors at the primitive In-      West Fork Ranger Station.
dian Creek Campground may              Paradise Campground is 1/4
walk to the Indian Creek Hatch-      mile up White Cap Creek road.
ery site.                            The campground has eleven
  The Indian Creek hatching          sites, with toilets, picnic tables,
channel was constructed in           stock facilities and meat racks.
1964 so that spring chinook          This is a very heavily used trail-
salmon eggs could be planted         head during hunting season.
in the Selway River drainage.           A Forest Service administra-
Fish had been unable to reach        tive site is adjacent to the Para-
the Selway since the construc-       dise Campground with a cabin,
tion of the Lewiston Dam in          barn and corrals.
  A total of approximately two
million eggs were planted each
year from 1965 to 1981 and
again in 1985. In the spring the
emerging fry were trapped and
distributed in the upper Selway
by vehicle, stock and aircraft.
  This supplemented the natu-
rally spawning chinook salmon

                                              Rafters at Paradise
                                                                 Page 10
     Magruder Ranger Station to Hells Half Acre
#16 -Magruder Ranger Station        ployee. The CCC constructed
  The Magruder Ranger Station       the barn, corral and woodshed.
is located 1/2 mile from Road           The station is eligible for
#468. The elevation is 4100         nomination to the National
                                          Register of Historic Places.
                                          The structures are excel-
                                          lent examples of rustic log
                                          construction and interior
                                            The Ranger's House is
                                          on the Forest Service cabin
                                          rental program. More infor-
                                          mation about the house can
                                          be obtained from the West
                                          Fork Ranger Station, with
                                          reservations being made
                                          through www.recreation.
   Magruder Ranger Station Office
                                     Deep Creek Bridge
feet. Potable water is avail-
able here, but no other services        The Deep Creek bridge is a
are available at the unstaffed       beautiful example of arched na-
remote station. Feel free to take    tive cut-stone construction. It
photos and imagine yourself          was built by Lithuanian stone
living at this beautiful remote      masons who were assisted by
location, but leave everything as    CCC enrollees in the 1930’s.
you find it.
                                    #17 - Deep Creek Campground
   After the widespread for-           The campground has three
est fires of 1910 and 1919, the     sites with picnic tables, toilets
Forest Service built many low-
standard roads into the area.       and stock facilities.
The road along Deep Creek was
first surveyed in 1919-1920 and     #18 - CCC Camp
the road was constructed to the       This was a spike camp used by
newly established tent camp         the CCC enrollees during con-
known as Deep Creek Ranger          struction of the road. The stone
Station. The name was later         water fountain, an incinerator
changed to Magruder.                and several rock foundations,
                                    remnants of the camp, are still
   The CCC improved the origi-      visible along both sides of Deep
nal road in 1936 and finished       Creek.
constructing a one-lane road
from the station to Elk City.        #19 - Hells Half Acre Rd.#224
   The office and residence and        The road to Hells Half Acre
ranger's house were built by Ole    Lookout is 11 miles long and ex-
Tangen, a forest Service em-        tremely steep, narrow and rocky.
 Page 11
      Nez Perce Pass to West Fork Ranger Station

                                      #21 - Fales Flat Campground
                                        This campground is named
                                      for Wesley Fales, a trapper,
                                      woodsman and early Forest
                                      Service employee, who located
                                      a homestead on the flat around
                                      1914. He built a cabin there
                                      which burned about 1940.
                                      Since he did not complete the
                                      patent process on his home-
                                      stead, the entry was cancelled in
   Water Fountain Built by CCCs       June, 1929. Fales Flat was also
The lookout is staffed during fire    the site of a CCC camp in 1933.
season. The West Fork and Red         #22-Little West Fk. Campground
River Districts can contact the
tower by radio for permission to        The elevation is 4580 feet.
visit.                                Segments of the original CCC
                                      road are often visible about 25
Paved Road                            feet north of the present day
  Before the 1980 Central Idaho       road. Remnants of the historic
Wilderness Act was passed,            bridges are visible at Watchtow-
some of the area was prepared         er Creek and Little West Fork
for timber sales. This 14-mile        Creek. In the winter, this is a
section of the road was paved         parking lot for snowmobilers.
in the 1970’s in anticipation of
those sales. If you are hiking in    West Fork Ranger Station
the area, you may notice trees          Visitors are encouraged to
marked for cutting. Timber har- stop and ask questions about
vest is not allowed in designated maps, road conditions, weather
wilderness areas.                    and any other concerns. After
#20 - Nez Perce Pass                 office hours, a map is available
  The elevation at Nez Perce         outside the office.
Pass is 6598 feet. An informa-
tion board at the pass interprets
the history of the area and
provides visitors with general
information about this spectacu-
lar area. There is a large parking
area, toilet and stock facilities.
  A helicopter landing site is lo-
cated at the pass. Please do not
park on the landing zone.          Castle Rock located east of Nez Perce Pass
                                                                   Page 12
          Travel Notes

Page 13
Travel Notes

               Page 14
For More Information
Nez Perce National Forest
104 Airport Road
Grangeville, ID 83530
(208) 983-1950

Red River Ranger District
Elk City Ranger Station
300 American River Road
Elk City, ID 83525
                                  The U. S. Department of
(208) 842-2245                    Agriculture (USDA) pro-
                                  hibits discrimination in all
                                  its programs and activities
Bitterroot National Forest        on the basis of race, color,
                                  national origin, gender,
1801 North 1st Street             religion, age, disability,
Hamilton, MT 59840                political beliefs, sexual
                                  orientation and marital
(406) 363-7100                    or family status. (Not all
                                  prohibited bases apply to
Website:   all programs.) Persons with
                                  disabilities who require
                                  alternative means for com-
West Fork Ranger District         munication of program
                                  information (Braille, large
6735 West Fork Road               print, audiotape, etc.)
Darby, MT 59829                   should contact USDA’s
                                  TARGET Center at 202-
                                  720-2600 (voice and TDD).
                                  To file a complaint of
                                  discrimination, write
                                  USDA, Director, Office of
                                  Civil Rights, Room 326-W,
                                  Whitten Building, 14th and
                                  Independence Avenue, SW,
                                  Washington, DC 20250-
                                  9410, or call 202-720-5964
                                  (voice and TDD). USDA is
                                  an equal opportunity
                                  provider and employer.


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