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					                 The Eagle                             Spring Issue 2006
                        NE-021 Bellevue East JROTC

April-               Future Leaders: calling off all doubts
26-Awards Night        I found myself, a day before my deadline, scrambling to please,
29-Worlds of Fun     entertain, and inform all in one headliner. Then it hit me —
May-                 thousands go through this everyday: the flawless act of turning
02-CG-Logan NHS      their life into one huge headliner.
05-Senior Picnic      So, this brings me to our Spring Edition. School will be ending
06-Prom              soon and you’ll have summer break, “Sweet Freedom.” While
10-Senior Last Day   you all are out there tanning, swimming, and playing video
                     games, remember: summer is a time to redefine yourself. JROTC
11-Bacaloriate       teaches you to be a leader, and summer gives you time. So don’t
13-Graduation        be like me and make your headline the day before. Form yourself,
18-Last Day!         be a leader. Make your life a true headline.
Index                Upcoming Events:
Headliner-pg 1        Worlds of Fun- So I hear there’s a new ride, “The Patriot.”
Events-pg 1          How appropriate for our yearly JROTC trip to this awesome place
Media-pg 1&2         to kick back and throw up your hands. “Worlds of Fun” has never
Drill Team-pg 1&2    failed us adrenalin junkies, and for you more mild mannered
World news-pg 2      cadets, I hear the shops are quite a relaxing stroll.
Humor-pg 2            Senior Picnic- Last year we threw pies. This year we’re
Overview-pg 2        gonna throw so much more: The best Senior Picnic ever!
                     Operations staff has so much in store for our wonderful bon
                     voyage to our current senior Cadets. While I’m sure all of you are
                     bustling around with your own summer plans, come and
                     celebrate, have a good time, and throw some things with your
                     fellow Cadets. Goodbye Class of ’06!
                     Media- It’s been five years since our country’s devastating
                     terrorist attack on 9-11-01. This Friday will release a movie that
                     pays tribute to the courageous flight that fought back . . .
                     More on page 2

                     Drill Team- Ever felt like if you just had that one chance to
                     prove yourself, you’d shine? Well here’s your open door; Cadets,
                     Drill Team takes competitiveness to a whole new level . . .
                     See “Have You Got What it Takes” on page 2
Humor:                                               How It Is: World News. Now I
A Capt. went to his Sgt. and said, “Sgt., Private    know not many of you are like me and turn on
Jones’s mom died. Can you tell him?” The Sgt.        CNN and read the paper every morning, so let’s
said sure and told his troops to line up. “Private   give you a brief (very brief) overview of what’s
Jones, your mom died.” And he left it at that.       going on in your world. Crime rates are at an all
The Capt. came back the next week and said,          time low in the U.S.; all time high in Europe.
“Sgt., Private Smith’s mom died. Can you tell        Guerilla Warfare has picked up again in the
him? And please try to have more tact.” The          Middle East with the building of the Anti-
Sgt. said sure and lined up his troops, “All         Terrorist fence in Israel. The Gaza Strip is back
Privates with a mom, step forward; not so fast,      in toss-up mode. Pres. Bush has said that the
Smith.”                                              end of the war is better left for another
                                                     President, and Illegal Immigration is the new
                                                     hot topic.
Cont. Media- The nation-wide film,                   Have You Got What it Takes?
United 93, stunningly shows the bravery of           Maybe you’re a freshman trying to make your
ordinary American Citizens and the heroism in        way into leadership, or you’re a tried and true
our country’s people. With the moral of flight       Drill Team Veteran; either way, it’s that time of
passengers sitting as individuals and standing       year again: tryouts and new routines. NE-021
in the face of death, united, this movie based       has stepped it up a notch this year, though.
around the 4th plane on Sept. 11 depicts its         Because of the wonderful Color Guard potential
losses with drama and the pride they deserve.        this year, we’ll have summer practices.
                                                     Hopefully other teams will follow suit. Good
                                                     luck to our new teams and their members.

Overview and Future Plans: Our Winter Season and our Summer Plans.
NE-021 started the winter season off with a bang, holding up a wonderful J.V. Color Guard team
that promises many shiny trophies in the upcoming Drill Season. Our usually creative Military
Ball hit new highs with the main tune “I like to move it, move it” and our always present honored
guests. We then moved to that Canned Food Drive, which gave us a run for our money at first,
but worked itself out with the well planned Sports Night. Our Special visitors from Lincoln were
impressed and are now starting their own JROTC unit to model NE-021. The General Inspection
went flawlessly, as usual, thanks to our prepared senior staff and the collective teamwork of our
leadership. Logistics moved and got situated, and is now entering its information into CIMS, its
amazing new database. Personnel got organized and is now working on getting caught up. We
can say, our seniors should be proud of themselves and the freshmen should be ecstatic that they
were left with such good terms and means.
This summer should boost morale for the Drill Team, bringing on a whole set of practice sessions
for Color Guard, as well as some very promising commanders. We’ll be saying goodbye to some
of the best leadership NE-021 has seen in a while, and be saying hello to some new potential.
Congrats, NE-021, now let’s get moving (and hopefully the Eagle will stay alive).

                                            Deputy – Eagle Editor- C/TSgt Kendra Jones
                                                     Proofed and Posted by: C/TSgt Nathaniel Lewiston

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