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									                      Dance Instruction Videos

When was the last time you let yourself go and just have fun? Well, I
found something I loved to do and mustered enough courage to try it
out. Here is the story of my love affair with dance instruction videos.

I know, you’ve already probably guessed it— I love to dance. I bet a lot
of you do too, or at least are interested in it since you’ve already
invested a few seconds in reading this article. So, what’s stopping you?
For me, it was because I was very shy and I thought it’s a little
embarrassing to be caught dancing. I mean, it’s fantastic if I was great
at it, but an adult fumbling about in heels and sexy samba music? I
don’t think so.

What made me change my mind? It’s funny but I was watching
television and I saw teenagers just having the time of their lives and I
thought— why not me? What is stopping me from enjoying my life?
Kids don’t worry too much on what other people are thinking. While
this is not necessarily a good thing, for me it was something to think
about. I had to live for myself and not for what others might think. If
that meant doing something as trivial as pursuing something I loved like
dance, then so be it.

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