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					                                                    AUTUMN 2007 · ISSUE 58

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                         F O R   T H E   A S B E S T O S   M A N A G E M E N T   I N D U S T R Y

HSE looks into
Construction Better
Health Scheme with
asbestos industry

New Guidance issued
for working with
textured coatings

ARCA Chairman reflects
on two years in office
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     chief executives comment

                                                    size matters
                                                    but appropriate safeguards are required
                                                         The industry has recently seen a       Centre as a state of the art training
                                                     number of major acquisitions by ARCA       venue. We have developed our worker
                                                     members which has resulted in a group      registration scheme and introduced a
                                                     structure of these companies being         new membership package to full
                                                     able to offer a one stop shop solution     members which includes discounted
                                                     to asbestos abatement problems. It is      training from localised training centres
                                                     anticipated by the Council of the          around the country.
                                                     Association that this is a trend which         At the AGM, our current Chairman,
                                                     many others may follow in the future.      Tony Darsey hands over to incoming
                                                         HSE advise us that there are some      Chairman Steve Watts and can be
                                                     450 active licensed contractors in the     extremely proud of what he has
                                                     UK and we may see in the coming            achieved during his two year term of
                                                     years that number reduced significantly    office. As highlighted with the recent
                                                     with the acquisitions of the smaller       trend in acquisitions, Steve will
                                                     licensed contracting operations. With      undoubtedly take the Association into
                                                     the high cost of training, medicals,       a new era and play his part in
        Welcome to Issue 58 of ARCA News.            insurance and other related services,      establishing ARCA’s strategy for the
         All Member companies can submit             the overhead costs of running an           future.
        articles for inclusion in the publication    asbestos removal operation in the UK is        I take the opportunity to thank Tony
      and all articles will be considered. We are    high compared to other industries, and     personally for his dedication and
      hoping to run a ‘Letters Page’ in the next     with market size unlikely to increase in   commitment to the Association and
      issue so if you do have a burning issue to     the coming years, some companies will      look forward to giving Steve Watts the
      raise with the industry, please put pen to     find it difficult to compete with the      full backing of ARCA and its team at
       paper to the ARCA News Editor at the          larger national groups. The Association    ARCA House.
                    address below.                   has recently established a strategy
        Kirstie Colledge, ARCA News Editor,          working group to look at this trend and
               Simply MarComms Ltd.,                 hopefully take the appropriate action
         18 Generator Hall, Electric Wharf,          to safeguard the interests of all of our
                  Coventry CV1 4JL.                  members in the future.                         T G Jago
                 Tel: 0870 1994044.                      October sees the Association’s             Chief Executive
                 Fax: 0870 7774360.                  AGM, where again a very satisfactory
       Email:           year will be reported to members. We
                                                     have established Rayleigh Training

04   arca & atac news
                                                                                      asbestos in the news
                                           An unknown number of employees             their health, but because no official
                                      at Woodhouse Close Leisure Complex,             monitoring records were kept, it is unclear
                                      in Bishop Auckland, were allowed to             how many people have been affected.
                                      work unprotected for five years after                 Mr Easton said employees will only
                                      inspectors discovered the substance.            be able to sue the council if they fall ill
                                           The sports centre's owner, Wear            with an asbestos-related disease, and that
                                      Valley District Council, was fined £18,000      no action can be taken for stress caused
                                      after it admitted six breaches of health        by the knowledge that they may have
                                      and safety law.                                 been affected.
                                           The Health and Safety Executive                  He said: "People in this situation are
                                      described the case as one of the worst          understandably incredibly worried about

  Asbestos                            breaches committed in the region.
                                           High levels of exposure to asbestos
                                                                                      the future, but the Court of Appeal
                                                                                      decided last year that if there has been no

                                      can cause deadly diseases including lung        disability caused, then they cannot get
                                      cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma.            compensation.
                                           Daniel Easton, a solicitor at litigation         "One claim was rejected from a man

  may cost                            specialist Leigh Day and Co, said people
                                      who contracted industrial diseases
                                      because of their employer's negligence
                                                                                      who was even diagnosed with a
                                                                                      psychiatric disorder because he was so

 millions in                          can expect to receive up to £400,000 in
                                           He said: "People with these diseases
                                                                                            Roger Maddocks, an industrial
                                                                                      disease specialist at Newcastle law firm
                                                                                      Irwin Mitchell, described the £18,000 fine

      claims                          go through 18 months of hell, and then
                                           "Damages can be anything from
                                                                                      imposed on the council as surprisingly
                                                                                            He said: "The fine is surprisingly small
       Northern Echo 4/09/2007        £100,000 upwards. The last couple of            considering the length of time that passed
                                      cases I have dealt with ranged from             between the discovery of asbestos and its
                                      £100,000 to £400,000."                          removal.
          A COUNCIL that                   The council was told about asbestos              "There is no doubt that the council's
 knowingly exposed staff              at Woodhouse Close's boiler room in             failure to act exposed the employees
                                      2001, but inspection reports were ignored       concerned to the risk of developing a
     at a sports centre to            until January last year, when worker Jim        serious asbestos-related condition in later
                                      Dawson made an official complaint               life. Because of the North-East's industrial
asbestos may have to pay
                                      against the council.                            history, there is a strong awareness here of
 out millions of pounds in                 At least three people are known to         the effects that asbestos can have, and it
                                      have worked full-time in the room during        makes it even more surprising that action
     compensation, legal              that period.                                    was not taken sooner."
            experts warn.                  The men have been warned that the                Wear Valley District Council declined
                                      exposure will pose a significant risk to        to comment

                    The introduction of the Control of Asbestos        employ to carry out maintenance of their HEPA
                 Regulations 2006 (CAR 2006) brought in a new          filtered appliances holds an ancillary licence
                 category of licence holder. Now companies who         issued by the HSE for this type of work. The
                 carry out maintenance of air extraction               HSE have allowed no grace period for
                 equipment, such as negative pressure units and        maintenance companies to obtain these licences.
                 vacuums are required to hold an ancillary licence. If the maintenance company does not currently
                 HSE have stated that at their licence visits and      hold a licence and they carry out work
                 routine site inspections they will be checking        maintaining HEPA filtered appliances they are in
                 that a licence holder has been used to maintain       breach of Regulation 8 of the Control of
                 the equipment.                                        Asbestos Regulations 2006 and therefore liable
                    ARCA are therefore strongly urging                 to receive a Prohibition Notice or be prosecuted.
                 contractors to ensure that the company they

                                                                                                                  arca & atac news     05
     asbestos in the news

     Shock figures                                       seen but can be inhaled. The fibres are
                                                         dangerous only if they become airborne and
                                                         are breathed in. All types of asbestos can be
                                                                                                             Malcolm Bruce said: "While these figures are
                                                                                                             not welcomed, they are not surprising
                                                                                                             because most school buildings currently in
      reveal scale of asbestos                           dangerous, although most people are exposed         use in the north-east were built at a time
           in north-east                                 to low levels of the mineral in the atmosphere
                                                         with no ill effects. It generally poses a danger
                                                                                                             where asbestos was commonly used in
                                                                                                             building materials.
         Scotland schools                                only to those disturbing it, such as tradesmen.         "The north-east is in need of a
        This is North Scotland – 20 August, 2007             Aberdeenshire Council said: "The asbestos       substantial investment in its schools and this
                                                         within our schools is managed by                    figure reinforces the fact this needs to be
          Three-quarters of the schools in               professionally qualified asbestos surveyors with    brought forward as quickly as possible," he
      Aberdeenshire and half the schools in              a programme to remove asbestos identified as        added.
      Aberdeen have asbestos in them, it has             high risk."                                             The full extent of disrepair and
      emerged.                                               Aberdeen City Council said: "Of the 79          overcrowding in north-east schools was
          Figures obtained by the Press and              school properties surveyed, 42 were identified      revealed last month, with just one in five of
      Journal under freedom of information               as having asbestos-containing materials             them across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire
      legislation show that most schools in the          (ACMs) present. Of these 42 properties,             deemed to be up to standard.
      north-east are affected. All asbestos found        removal of all or some of the ACMs was                  Only 26 of the 171 school buildings in
      in schools is monitored closely by councils        recommended in 26. "The risk assessment in          Aberdeenshire and 21 in Aberdeen were
      but an MP called last night for urgent             the other 16 recommended either treatment of        rated "good" or "satisfactory" in a national
      investment in school buildings.                    all or some of the ACMs to reduce the risk and      survey by the Scottish Executive.
          Of the 171 educational buildings in            a regime of regular monitoring of the                   The shire had 132 primaries and 13
      Aberdeenshire, 115 are on the council's            condition of the ACM to ensure the identified       secondaries ranked "poor" or "bad", while
      asbestos register, while 37 of Aberdeen's 79       risk has not changed.                               the city had 35 primaries and 11 secondaries
      school buildings were found to have                    "Where the risk has changed, then an            in these categories.
      asbestos of some kind in them.                     amended management decision is taken to                 None of Aberdeen's secondaries was
          Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral      address noted changes. At present, a phased         "good", while only one, St Machar
      that was used in a range of building               programme of works to encapsulate or remove         Academy, was "satisfactory". Aberdeenshire
      materials to make them more rigid and              asbestos-containing materials, where                had 25 overcrowded schools. Shire schools
      resistant to fire. It was used extensively as a    recommended, is ongoing and monitoring is           rated "poor" or "bad" included Alford,
      building material in Britain from the 50s to       currently being undertaken on an annual             Kemnay, Inverurie, Ellon and Banff
      the mid-80s.                                       basis."                                             academies
          The thin fibres can break down into                So far, asbestos has been removed from
      much smaller, thinner fibres that cannot be        five of the properties identified. Lib Dem MP

         241 lives lost is unacceptable
                                                                       Health and Safety Executive (National) – 26 July, 2007
          Launching the latest work related fatal        year. Although a long-term downward trend is        are putting the lives of their workforce at risk
      injury statistics today Health and Safety          still clear, the rate of decrease has slowed        should know that HSE takes this very
      Commission (HSC) Chair Sir Bill Callaghan          over the last 15 years and there has been very      seriously. In the past year we have approved
      said the loss of 241 lives is unacceptable         little change in the overall rate over the last     25% more prosecutions than the year before
      and issued a fresh challenge to industry           five years.                                         and our inspectors have served 1000 more
      to place safety at the top of its priorities            Of the main industrial sectors, construction   enforcement notices. No one should believe
      and do more to protect the work force.             has the highest total of fatal injuries and         that they can get away with serious breaches
          Sir Bill said, "It is disappointing to see     accounts for 31% of all fatal injuries to           of health and safety."
      that the overall number of deaths has risen.       workers. Other industries such as agriculture,           At the end of a briefing event today Sir
      We have worked hard with industry and              waste and recycling and issues such as              Bill reiterated his message, "I have to
      trade unions over the past few years to            protection of vulnerable workers, particularly      remind you that safety is ultimately the
      bring the number down. Behind every one            migrant workers also pose significant               responsibility of those who manage and
      of these numbers was a man or a woman,             challenges.                                         direct companies and those who work for
      with a life, friends and family. Despite all the        HSE's internal monitoring systems had          them. Today's statistics are disappointing
      negative stories written and told about            signaled an increase in fatalities in               and distressing but improvements can still
      over-bureaucracy and banning 'fun', in             construction and so the unvalidated statistics      be made. They must be made. HSC/E is
      reality trying to stop the tragedies we are        collected through the year has led to plans to      taking action. The ball now lies firmly in the
      talking about today is what health and             address the areas of concern. To tackle the         industry's court."
      safety is all about."                              level of fatalities in the construction sector           In many areas there have been some real
          The latest statistics presented today          HSE today confirmed continuing focus on its         improvements compared with statistics from
      suggest that the provisional figure for the        inspection programme targeting the                  last year, and despite the figures announced
      number of workers fatally injured in 2006/07       refurbishment and repair sectors as these           today, the long term fatal-injury trends are
      is 241, and corresponds to a rate of fatal         sectors in particular have seen an increase in      still downward. However, the real challenge
      injury of 0.80 per 100 000 workers. In             fatal injuries. HSE will also be working very       for HSE and the industry now is to move on
      2005/06, the finalised figures were 217 and        closely with stakeholders to address the            from the plateau of the last five years, and
      0.72 respectively; these were the lowest           problem to rising fatalities.                       to renew our efforts and revive the major
      annual figures on record. This indicates an             HSE Chief Executive Geoffrey Podger            gains made in previous years.
      overall increase of 11 per cent since the last     added to this message saying, "Those who

06   arca & atac news
     asbestos in the news

                        HSE PLAN TO REISSUE THE LEAFLET

                                             HSE are revising the current leaflet entitled "Managing asbestos: Your
                                          new legal duties". This leaflet is a jointly badged publication with ATAC,
                                          RICS, FSB and HSE. A copy of the current version can be downloaded
                                          from the HSE website (
                                                The current leaflet is now          HSE would therefore like to revise the
                                           rather out-of-date - the duty is      leaflet retaining the joint badging.
                                            no longer "new" and the              However, in revising the leaflet HSE plan
                                            leaflet refers to the old 2002       to do a bit more than just correcting the
                                            Regulations and to further           out-of-date references. HSE believe the
                                             information which is out-of-        guidance in the current leaflet could be
                                             date. HSE nevertheless              improved on - in particular, by providing
                                              believe that a leaflet of this     some clear basic information on the
                                              sort is important in helping       various types of asbestos containing
                                              communicating concisely to         materials and where they might be
                                              dutyholders (particularly in       found; and by setting out more clearly
                                               small and medium sized            the steps dutyholders need to take in
                                               enterprises) the nature of the    order to comply with the duty. ATAC
                                               duty, why it is needed and        have been asked to comment on the
                                                the basics of what               new leaflet and once again allow their
                                                dutyholders need to do to        logo to be used on the leaflet, which of
                                                 comply. An important            course we will be more than happy to
                                                 aspect of this for the HSE is   do.
                                                 the fact that the leaflet is       HSE would like to have a revised
                                                  jointly-badged. This means     version published and available for some
                                                  that as well as HSE, the       campaigns they are planning to run in
                                                   leaflet has the approval of   February 2008. These campaigns will be
                                 other organisations with a key stake in         mainly aimed at maintenance and repair
                                 trying to get these messages through to         workers, and they will also seek to raise
                                 dutyholders and that they can use their         awareness of the duty to manage. HSE
                                 own channels for distributing the               would like to have a revised leaflet
                                 guidance.                                       available in time to support this.

             DRAFT HSE                               The HSE are currently compiling “Asbestos: the Non-Licensed
                                                     Contractors’ Guide” to accompany the current publication

            UNLICENSED                               “Asbestos: the Licensed Contractors Guide” and “Asbestos: the
                                                     Analysts Guide for sampling analysis and clearance procedures.

          CONTRACTORS                                The first draft of the document was sent out for limited
                                                     consultation and both the ARCA and ATAC Technical

                 GUIDE                               Committee’s commented upon the document. The comments
                                                     were compiled and sent back to the HSE to meet the deadline
                                                     for the consultation of the 7th of September. It is fully expected
           RELEASED FOR LIMITED                      that the second draft of the document will be similarly circulated
                  CONSULTATION                       for consultation in the near future.

08   arca & atac news

       arca & atac news   09
     arca news
                                                                                                                          certificate of reoccupation is not necessary,
                                                                                                                          a statement signed by the person
                                                                                                                          completing the visual inspection should be
                                                                                                                        • TDC removal would only require
                                                                                                                          notification to the enforcing authority 14
                                                                                                                          days in advance if the Control Limit of 0.1
                                                                                                                          f/cm3 (or the STEL of 0.6 f/cm3 over 10
                                                                                                                          minutes) is likely to be exceeded.
                                                                                                                         ARCA recommended best practice if you
                                                                                                                     employ anyone to carry out this type of work is
                                                                                                                     that firstly you should ensure they are adequately
         ARCA issue new guidance note                                                                                insured. Clients should ensure that contractors
                                                                                                                     engaged in this type of work have the appropriate
                                                                                                                     insurance cover relating to asbestos. All licensed
         Recommended Guidelines for                                                                                  contractors will have Public Liability Insurance
                                                                                                                     which provides specific cover for the removal of
         Working with Asbestos-Containing                                                                            asbestos containing materials. The client should
                                                                                                                     make the appropriate checks in order to ensure
         Textured Decorative Coatings.                                                                               that they are adequately protected from any
                                                                                                                     future claims arising out of the work. These
                                                                                                                     claims could either be for asbestos related health
         The ARCA Technical Committee has revised                    spread of asbestos                              problems or for contaminated property.
     their guidance on working with asbestos                       • A work method which demonstrates                    In addition It is ARCA’s opinion that the
     –containing textured decorative coatings. The                   exposure is to be kept as low as reasonably     revised minimum control measures are not
     revision has been issued in response to the                     practicable and that Control Limit or STEL      sufficient to provide adequate reassurance to
     Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006 (CAR 2006)                 will not be exceeded                            those intending to reoccupy the premises
     no longer requiring asbestos containing textured              • Adequate procedures to ensure visual            following TDC removal work. ARCA therefore
     decorative coatings (TDC) removal work to be                    cleanliness on completion of the work           suggest that the following best practice advice is
     carried out solely by contractors licensed by the             • Provision for waste carriage and disposal in    adopted by both clients and contractors when
     Health and Safety Executive (HSE), unless the                   accordance with the Hazardous Waste             planning or undertaking this type of work.
     Control Limit or the Short Term Exposure Limit                  Regulations 2005                                   • Provision of a decontamination unit to
     (STEL) is likely to be exceeded. The guidance                  Work with TDC may also fall within the scope          ensure that operatives adequately
     note has been prepared to provide best practice            of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health          decontaminate themselves. Under
     advice to anyone planning, organising or                   Regulations 2002, and the Construction (Design            Regulations 9, 13 and 22 of CDM 2007
     intending to carry out removal of TDC. The main            and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM 2007),              duties are placed on the client, contractor,
     points of the new guidance note are summarised             as there is a need to control general dust, for           and principal contractor to ensure that
     in this article.                                           example during the removal of lath and plaster            welfare facilities are provided in accordance
         CAR 2006 significantly changed the asbestos            ceilings. Welfare facilities including showers            with schedule 2 of the Regulations. In
     licensing requirements regarding TDC. The                  should be provided if the nature of the work is           essence Schedule 2 states that there has to
     Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) which                     particularly dirty or dusty.                              be suitable and sufficient washing facilities,
     accompanies CAR 2006 states “work with TDC                     The ACoP which accompanies CAR 2006                   including showers if required by the nature
     would not normally need to be carried out by a             states the measures that should be employed to            of the work. In terms of welfare facilities,
     person licensed to work with asbestos as work              help contain and prevent the spread of asbestos           what is required will depend upon the work
     with this material will usually fulfil the condition for   fibres and other materials during all but the most        being undertaken. The HSE have said that
     Regulation 3(2)” i.e.                                      minor work with TDC. The following is a summary           shower facilities are likely to be appropriate
         • The work will not exceed the Control Limit,          of those measures.                                        for TDC removal. This is in line with what
           which is now 0.1 fibres / cm3 when                                                                             would be expected for any other similarly
                                                                   • Suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment
           measured over 4 hours                                                                                          “dirty” construction work.
                                                                     (RPE) should always be worn such as ori
         • The work will not exceed the STEL which is                                                                   • A 3 stage airlock should be provided
                                                                     nasal respirators with P3 filters.
           0.6 fibres / cm3 when measured over any                                                                      • Work methods should be chosen to
                                                                   • Suitable Personal Protective Equipment
           10 minute period.                                                                                              minimise the amount of dust created
                                                                     (PPE) should be worn
         • The work involves materials in which the                                                                     • Due to difficulty in carrying out adequate
                                                                   • Where work is being carried out in areas
           asbestos fibres are firmly linked into a                                                                       dust suppression during removal of TDC, it
                                                                     where water, fire or other damage has
           matrix, which includes TDC.                                                                                    is recommended that full polythene
                                                                     occurred pre cleaning of the area may be
                                                                                                                          enclosures are provided under negative
         All work with TDC must be carried out by                    necessary
                                                                                                                          pressure in order to prevent the spread of
     competent persons in accordance with CAR 2006.                • The work area should be segregated using
     This includes:                                                  the existing room or a purpose built
                                                                     enclosure                                           The person planning the job should consider
         • A suitable and sufficient risk assessment.
                                                                   • Access to the enclosure should be               how reassurance can be given that the job has
           All work on TDC must be undertaken by
                                                                     regulated through a two stage airlock           been completed to a satisfactory standard. In all
           trained workers in accordance with a plan
                                                                   • The inappropriate use of power tools or         cases a thorough visual inspection should be
           of work aimed at controlling exposure to
                                                                     the use of dry abrasive processes should be     carried out to ensure that the work area has been
           asbestos dust as far as reasonably
                                                                     avoided                                         thoroughly cleaned and that no visible traces of
           practicable by appropriate methods of
                                                                   • Workers should decontaminate in the             dust and debris remain. Where work is carried out
                                                                     airlock using a class H vacuum cleaner          in areas which are to be reoccupied, air testing
         • Correctly serviced and maintained class H
                                                                   • RPE and PPE should be removed in the            should be considered. This may take the form of
           vacuum cleaner
                                                                     outer stage of the airlock                      a 4 stage clearance or reassurance air test
         • Provision of adequate Personal Protective
                                                                   • The area should be thoroughly cleaned and       performed by an organisation accredited to ISO
           Equipment (PPE)
                                                                     a visual inspection carried out before it is    17025 by UKAS.
         • Provision of suitable Respiratory Protective
                                                                     returned to the occupier                            A full copy of the Recommended Guidelines
           Equipment (RPE) for which face fit testing
                                                                   • Clearance air monitoring is not necessary       for Working with Asbestos-Containing Textured
           has been carried out for each user
                                                                   • Whilst an independently provided                Decorative Coatings can be downloaded from
         • Adequate control measures to prevent the
                                                                                                                     the ARCA website at

10   arca & atac news

       arca & atac news   11
12   arca & atac news
                                                                                                            insurance news

Miles Smith
                                                                           Continuity of cover and security of insurers are very important
                                                                       issues within the asbestos industry due to the long-tail nature of
                                                                       disease risks. Miles Smith have been recommended insurance
                                                                       brokers of ARCA for many years. During this time Miles Smith have
                                                                       always maintained a liability insurance market for the benefit and

arca’s long-term                                                       protection of asbestos contractors. This was so even during the
                                                                       very restrictive insurance market conditions following 2001. During

                                                                       this period until last year no other brokers were able to obtain
                                                                       liability cover for asbestos contractors outside of Miles Smith’s
                                                                       arrangements. Whilst the market has “eased” during the last few

partner                                                                months it should be remembered that Miles Smith have a proven
                                                                       long term commitment to providing protection to the asbestos
                                                                          There are many benefits to insurance with Miles Smith including:
"Recognising the need to audit                                            • Market leaders in Asbestos insurance - Experienced/
ARCA's contracting members,                                                 knowledgeable staff – trained to “know your industry”
Miles Smith continue to sponsor                                           • Claims handling facilities at no additional cost – with
the Association's Site Audit                                                extensive connections to other claims professionals
Accreditation Scheme.                                                       experienced in asbestos claims
They acknowledge the                                                      • Discounts for ARCA members
professionalism of ARCA                                                   • Site Audit accreditation
members which has enabled                                                 • Low Claims discount – recognises proven safety/claims
them to offer appropriate discounts       David Barton – Miles Smith
based on independent auditing and                                         • ARCA membership discount
resulting low claims".                                                    • Good security of Insurers - “A” rated insurers used to
Terry Jago, Chief Executive, ARCA                                           ensure protection is there in the future
                                                                          • Market leading Policy - Accepted & recognised by ARCA/
 As always any member wishing to discuss these or any other                 employers/ main contractors
 insurance matters should contact David Barton or John Madden on          • Longevity - Scheme in existence for over 25 years.
 0207 283 0040 or or
                                                                           A small reminder about Health & Safety
 Miles Smith are an independent Insurance Broker based in the City         At Miles Smith, we have had a not insignificant number of HSE
 of London with direct and immediate access into Lloyd’s and all       letters referred to us by member and non member companies. As
 other major underwriters and insurers.                                we all know, the HSE’s interpretation of regulations and guidance
                                                                       notes can vary across the regions and often companies are called to
                                                                       hearings following site visits. If you should be unfortunate enough
                                                                       to receive such correspondence, contact your Insurers immediately.
                                                                            As part of your liability insurance (with most reputable insurers)
                                                                       you will be given advice on how to handle the proceedings. If
                                                                       there is a likelihood of third party action against you independent
                                                                       of the HSE investigation, insurers will normally provide legal
                                                                       representation for you at meetings with the HSE.
                                                                           DO NOT spend money appointing your own legal
                                                                       representation before you have spoken to your insurers. Firstly, this
                                                                       is a waste of your money and secondly if you do not involve your
                                                                       insurers at the time of first notification, you may prejudice their
                                                                       ability to defend any claim and therefore breach the policy terms
                                                                       and conditions. This is standard insurance practice but often
                                                                       overlooked by companies who feel they are doing the correct thing
                                                                       by appointing their own company solicitors.
                                                                           So your liability insurers are here to help when you have a
                                                                       potential claim for third party bodily injury or property damage or
                                                                       injury to an employee. What happens if you are being prosecuted
                                                                       for breaches of HSE Regulations and restrictions to or withdrawal of
                                                                       your licence is a possibility? Liability policies will not provide legal
                                                                       costs cover to defend licence issues. This is often the most worrying
                                                                       aspect of a HSE investigation. A fine is one thing but loss of a
                                                                       licence is a whole different issue. Call your insurance broker to
                                                                       establish the best course of action.
                                                                            Furthermore Miles Smith offers additional Legal Expenses
                                                                       Insurance as an extension to our insurance portfolio. Clients who
                                                                       arrange their insurances via local brokers may also have this cover
                                                                       at their broker’s request. This provides you with legal cover up to
                                                                       certain limits to fund, amongst other things, defense costs for
                                                                       license issues.
                                                                           So to reiterate, you must instruct insurers immediately you
                                                                       receive notice of a problem and before you make any
                                                                       communication with other parties. Despite the common myth – we
                                                                       are here to help.

                                                                                                                               arca & atac news   13
     legal news

          ACT 2007
      by Fiona Gill, Partner, Davies Arnold Cooper, Solicitors               exposed to prosecution. Requests for interviews should always be
                                                                             treated with caution and assurances sought as to whether the
                                                                             witness is also a suspect.
       The Act finally received Royal Assent on 26 July 2007 and will
     come into force on 6 April 2008, with the exception of certain             Penalties
     provisions in relation to deaths in custody. The government                A convicted organisation will face an unlimited fine and when
     decided to change the law as very few companies have been               considering the appropriate level the Court will take account of the
     successfully prosecuted for manslaughter.                               company’s pre tax profits. It is not possible to insure against fines,
                                                                             although insurance policies may cover the company’s or an
        New offence
                                                                             individual’s legal defence costs. Transco was fined £15m by a
        The Act creates a new criminal offence of corporate manslaughter
                                                                             Scottish court following a gas explosion which killed 4 members of
     (or corporate homicide in Scotland). The new offence will apply to
                                                                             the same family in 1999. This stands as the largest fine imposed for
     companies and other organisations, including partnerships. It will
                                                                             health and safety offences and may set the benchmark for a
     not apply to individuals and safety campaigners have criticised the
                                                                             conviction for corporate manslaughter in order to reflect public
     absence of any new safety duties for directors. Individuals may still
     be charged with the common law offence of manslaughter or with
                                                                                The Act also provides for additional penalties including remedial
     health and safety offences. The number of individual prosecutions
                                                                             orders, requiring the organisation to remedy the safety breaches.
     has increased in recent years.
                                                                                The Court may also impose a publicity order, a practice which is
       When is the offence committed?                                        common in Australia where organisations are forced to publish
       An organisation will be guilty of the new offence if the way in       details of their convictions in the press. This may result in
     which its activities are managed or organised:                          reputational damage and put companies at a competitive
       - causes a person’s death and                                         disadvantage when tendering for new work.
       - amounts to a gross breach of a relevant duty of care owed to
                                                                                Be prepared
       that person.
                                                                                On the same day the Act gained Royal Assent, the Health and
       For the first time, the jury will be asked to consider evidence
                                                                             Safety Commission announced that 241 workers were killed in the
     about the organisation’s safety culture and attitude to safety
                                                                             UK in 2006/07, a significant increase on the previous year when 217
                                                                             workers died. There were 77 fatalities on building sites, a five-year
       Duty of care                                                          high. A recent spate of fatalities over the traditionally safer summer
       Whilst the Act will not create any new safety obligations, a          months has led to concerns that the number of fatalities will
     “relevant duty of care” is defined by being owed by an                  continue to increase. The Work and Pensions Secretary, Peter Hain
     organisation:                                                           is holding a safety summit on 17 September to address the rising
       - to its employees                                                    number of construction related fatalities.
       - as an occupier of premises                                             The government has said that the new offence will not lead to a
       - in connection with the supply of goods or services                  significant increase in the number of prosecutions for corporate
       - in connection with the carrying on of any construction or           manslaughter. However, we can expect the Police to take a greater
       maintenance operations, or any other activity on a                    interest in work related deaths from April 2008 and an increase in
       commercial basis.                                                     the number of criminal investigations. The effects on the
       The conduct of individuals                                            organisations and individuals involved will be significant.
       Culpability at senior management level is a significant element of       Organisations should be reviewing and if necessary, updating
     the new offence. The Police will investigate possible manslaughter      safety management policies and procedures to ensure that they are
     cases although the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions is    compliant with legislation. As the conduct of senior management is
     required before a prosecution is brought. The focus on                  a significant element of the new offence it is important that directors
     management conduct and attitudes to safety will lead to the Police      and managers are aware of their responsibilities and, if necessary,
     seeking evidence from directors and managers who may also be            receive additional training.

14   arca & atac news

new guidance                    ON DIRECTORS’ RESPONSIBILITIES
                                                                                                    management. Internal systems will depend on
                                                                                                    the size and resources of the organisation.
                                                                                                    Health and safety is already a corporate
                                                                                                    governance issue for listed companies.
                                                                                                      The IoD is not proposing the creation of a
                                FOR HEALTH AND SAFETY                                               new statutory offence, but breach of the
                                                                                                    guidance can be used as evidence in criminal
   At the request of the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) the Institute of Directors              proceedings under the existing legislation.
(IoD) has produced new authoritative guidance. Subject to HSC approval the guidance will
be launched by the IoD on 29th October.                                                                Corporate Manslaughter
                                                                                                       Despite sustained lobbying from safety
   What are directors’ responsibilities for        to provide evidence often in the form of an      campaigners, the government rejected the
safety?                                            interview under caution, conducted under the     inclusion of new safety duties for directors in
   Directors have responsibilities to              Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Legal          the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate
employees, customers and others who could          proceedings are usually started by the laying    Homicide Act 2007, in force from April 2008.
be affected by the company’s activities. If a      of information in the Magistrates Court and         However, the conduct of “senior
health and safety offence is committed with        the Court issuing summonses setting out the      management” is a key element of the new
the consent or connivance of, or is attributable   offences. The Magistrates Court has power to     offence of corporate manslaughter. The
to any neglect on the part of a director,          impose a maximum fine of £20,000. Many           offence will be investigated by the Police who
manager, secretary or other similar officer of     serious cases end up in the Crown Court which    may require directors to make statements,
the company, then he (as well as the company)      can impose an unlimited fine. Fines can be in    often under caution.
can be prosecuted under Section 37 of the          excess of £1 million and are often calculated
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.                on the basis of the company’s pre-tax profits.      Detailed guidance
   Directors can also be prosecuted for            Fines are not insured although insurers may         The IoD guidance recommends that
manslaughter where there is evidence of gross      provide cover for legal defence costs. It is     directors should review the company’s safety
negligence.                                        illegal for a company to agree to indemnify a    management systems and, if necessary, seek
                                                   director in respect of any fines.                external advice and training on health and
   What are the available sanctions?                                                                safety responsibilities.
   Convicted directors are liable for fines and,      What is the IoD proposing?                       Directors should also look outside the
in some cases, a prison sentence. The Court           The IoD guidance is intended to help create   organisation at the health and safety
has power to disqualify a director convicted of    a safety culture within organisations where      arrangements of key suppliers and others
a health and safety offence (Section 2(1)          none exists and to improve attitudes to safety   whose performance could adversely affect the
Company Directors Disqualification Act).           and behaviour at management level. It will       company.
   Where will the case be heard?                   apply to Board members including non-               The Board should receive regular
   The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and,      executive directors.                             information about health and safety and
increasingly, the Police will investigate a work      Directors are encouraged to become            conduct a full health and safety performance
related death. They may require the director       actively involved in health and safety           review at least annually.

                                                                                                                                  arca & atac news    15
     HSE news

      Explore Possibility
      of Fitness for Work
      Certificates in
      Conjunction with
      Asbestos Medical

                        The Asbestos Industry Forum, the       The possibility of the introduction of a Fitness for Work
                                                            element, to be added to the existing asbestos medical
                    Asbestos Liaison Group (ALG), which     examination as part of the proposed Construction Better Health
               comprises of members from The Health         (CBH) scheme, was explored and a working group was
                                                            established to look at whether the existing asbestos medical
                 and Safety Executive (HSE), ARCA and       could be adapted to incorporate the requirements of the
                  ATAC along with representatives from      Construction Better Health Scheme. It should be noted that
                                                            CBH are also in discussion with Construction Skills Certification
               other Trade Associations and interested      Scheme (CSCS) regarding the FFW being included as part of
            parties met for the 20th time on the 24th       the CSCS card requirements.

                        May 2007. During this meeting a        The requirement for asbestos medicals arose from the desire
                                                            to collate epidemiological data on the affects of exposure to
                           presentation was given by the    asbestos rather than to provide medical information that would
          Construction Better Health Team who have          be useful to an employer or an employee. Ionising radiation
                                                            medicals for work in the nuclear industry include a Fitness for
             piloted a Fitness for Work (FFW) medical       Work (FFW) element and the risks in that industry are similar.
             in the construction industry recently. The         Recent research has suggested that lower levels of asbestos
                                                            exposure may cause a longer latency period which, linked with
          CBH team stated that during the pilot they
                                                            longer life expectancy, may actually increase the likelihood of
             had examined 1724 construction workers         people exposed to asbestos going on to develop asbestos
            and a third of those examined had had to        related diseases. Therefore asbestos workers are now more
                                                            likely to live long enough to develop an asbestos illness despite
            be referred to their doctor for one reason      being exposed to lower levels of asbestos fibres.
              or another, but mainly due to conditions         The CBH and HSE are proposing that the FFW element be
                                                            added to Regulation 22 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations
                             such as high blood pressure.   2006. The current medical examination includes a questionnaire
                                                            on family history, lifestyle and asbestos exposure, respiratory
                                                            and lung function, chest examination (X-Ray’s are no longer

16   arca & atac news

used unless a clinical need can be identified) and a check for
finger clubbing.
    The FFW element would include checks on the
cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal and neurological
systems; a health questionnaire (smoking, lifestyle, etc);
audiometry, vision, mental health (i.e. phobias such as fear of
heights, claustrophobia); urine test, body mass index and
check for finger clubbing. The Doctor would then be able to
issue a certificate that would state whether a person was ‘Fit’,
‘Fit with exemptions’, ‘Temporarily unfit with exemptions’ or
‘Unfit’ (permanently unfit for that task). The employer would be
told the category of the result of the FFW but not the reason
as to why that person would be deemed ‘unfit’. Section 7 of
the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 requires
employees to cooperate with their employers on Health and
Safety matters to allow them to fulfil their obligations and
duties as an employer.

The potential benefits of the new combined medical would be:
   • Better value for money
   • Reduced risk of workers suffering a medical
     emergency whilst working in an enclosure
   • Reduced absences from work due to non-asbestos
     illness if it is detected earlier
   • Possible reductions in insurance costs

  The costs envisaged for the combined medical are
expected to be in the region of £150-£160 per person.

                                                                          arca & atac news   17
     chairman’s reflections
                                                                                   Ultimately of course the textured
                                                                             coatings debate has been the headline
                                                                             grabbing issue of Tony’s tenure. He
                                                                             believes that the Association conducted
                                                                             its campaign well, and despite the result
                                                                             it has benefited ARCA members. “It’s
                                                                             definitely raised the profile of ARCA,” he
                                                                             says. “We’d have been criticised if we’d
                                                                             sat back and done nothing, but in the
                                                                             end we had no option in the matter. We
                                                                             were trying to maintain standards of the
                                                                             members’ work” Tony voiced his opinion
                                                                             of the HSE’s handling of the Textured
                                                                             Coatings debate: “I believe that the
                                                                             HSE’s consultation to industry was a lip
                                                                             service exercise and the decision had
                                                                             already been made on the issue. The
                                                                             HSE were incredibly short-sighted in their
                                                                             approach, the result being a two-tiered
                                                                             removal process for removing textured
                                                                             coatings”. He went on to say that the
                                                                             majority of his own company’s clients are
                                                                             still using licensed removal contactors for
                                                                             removing textured coatings and ARCA
                                                                             has had similar reports from other
                                                                             Member firms. “The Association will
                                                                             continue to urge clients to adopt best
                                                                             practice when buildings are to be

                                                                             reoccupied. The ARCA Technical
                                                                             Committee, which does excellent work
                                                                             for the Association have produced a best
                                                                             practice Guidance Note which is available
                                                                             from the Association’s website” said Tony.
                                                                             The Association has subsequently taken

      from the Chairman
                                                                             its concerns regarding the
                                                                             implementation of the Asbestos Worker
                                                                             Protection Directive to the European
                                                                             parliament due to its concerns on the
                                ARCA Chairman Tony Darsey                    amended wording when implementing
                                                                             the Directive into UK legislation. The
                              finishes his two years in office
                                                                             Association is still awaiting the appeal
                                     in October. Tony talks to               decision.
                                                                                 Raising standards within the Industry is
                                       ARCA NEWS about the                   one of ARCA’s core objectives; “I’d like to
                                      exciting events and the                think that ARCA members are the most
                                                                             professional in the industry,” says Tony.
                                challenges he has faced over                 “I take pride in the fact that the smaller
                                          the past two years.                Member companies are encouraged to
                                                                             play as active a role in the Association as
                                                                             the larger member firms” The
                                   Tony Darsey, ARCA chairman and            Association currently represents around
                               managing director of demolition,              40 per cent of the industry in terms of
                               remediation and asbestos removal              number of companies. Tony is keen to
                               specialist Erith Group, has certainly had a   ensure that standards are maintained in
                               busy time during his Chairmanship. The        the future, it is very much a quality not
                               first year involved the campaign to keep      quantity issue. He believes that this
                               textured coatings licensable under the        approach is paying dividends, both with
                               new asbestos regulations, the                 clients and with organisations such as the
                               introduction of NIACS, the worker             HSE. “The site audit accreditation
                               registration scheme and the opening of        scheme is recognised by the HSE, though
                               additional training facilities for ARCA       I would have liked to have seen a bit
                               Members. The second year saw the              more endorsement from the HSE
                               Association introduce a compulsory new        especially with regard to the worker
                               training initiative for ARCA’s Member         registration schemes and the NIACS
                               firms.                                        Scheme. Tony believes the Asbestos

18   arca & atac news
Workers Registration Scheme should be
endorsed by the HSE and even made a
mandatory part of licensing. “This would
stop the amount of forged certificates
that we currently see in the marketplace”
he says.
    Ultimately Tony would like to see the
Association take more of a pro-active role
in policing the industry. “Clients like the
ARCA site audit accreditation scheme
(SAAS) as it demonstrates the continuing
standard of work expected from ARCA
    To keep standards high, Tony has also
introduced a mandatory new training
scheme for ARCA Members. The
Association has recently invested in new
training facilities, including it’s flagship
training facility in Rayleigh and a new                                                     Tony Darsey surveys the damage caused by fire
Centre opened last month in Manchester.
This brings the total number of training
Centres to seven across the UK.                under Chairman John Horsfall,” he says.              Tony said of his own valued Team at
    “With the investment in state-of-art           Tony went on to thank all the ARCA          Erith:
Training facilities and the opening of the     Governing Council Members for all their              “I can’t thank them enough. The
new flagship training Centre, we now           efforts and support over the last two           whole company pulled together after the
have excellent geographical coverage,”         years and also to thank Terry Jago, ARCA        fire, we all had to carry on and that’s what
says Tony. It hasn’t been easy for the         Chief Executive and the ARCA Team for           everyone did. I would just like to say that
Association, the new Asbestos Training         all their hard work.                            our staff, suppliers and even competitors
Providers Working Group has meant                  The two years have been eventful for        were extremely supportive of us (Erith)
increased competition within the asbestos      Tony’s own company Erith too. Their             since the fire, for which we are very
training market but ARCA still leads the       main offices and workshops caught fire          grateful.”
industry a testament to the Training           last year and burned to the ground,                  Tony plans to continue his involvement
Committee chaired by Tim Clifford.             taking three of the company’s eight-wheel       with the Association and its Governing
    ARCA has also continued to fight the       tippers with them. The company has risen        Council. He wishes incoming Chairman
insurance cause over the past few years.       to the challenge of this set back though,       Steve Watts from Blues Consultants all
The Association has managed to attract         last week, the Mayor of Bexley unveiled         the best for his term in office.
additional insurance brokers and               their new head quarters building, and                So a challenging time, but a satisfying
underwriters to the asbestos market,           earlier on in the year they scooped the         one none the less. ARCA continues to go
which has resulted in a dramatic drop in       33rd position in the prestigious Sunday         from strength to strength and Tony is
many members’ premiums, by up to 30            Times Top 100 (Best Small Companies to          confident that this will continue under
per cent in some cases. “We are getting        Work For) Award 2007. This was one of a         Steve’s Chairmanship. “It’s a very
more competitive insurance premiums            host of industry safety awards received by      proactive Association,” he says. “I think
now” said Tony.                                Erith during the last two years. Erith has      it’s something to be proud of.”
    He is also happy with the changes          also been heavily involved in the Olympic
being made internally to boost the             Park Demolition project over the last few          Tony can be contacted at Erith’s
structure of ATAC, which now has its own       months and they celebrated their 40th           offices on 0870-950 8800,
subcommittees and a revised                    Anniversary in September.             
management structure. I’m extremely
pleased with the way ATAC is shaping up

                                                                               Erith’s new offices were officially opened in September 2007

                                                                                                                              arca & atac news   19
     atac news

     HSE REVIEW OF                                                                                 The all inclusive scheme is to include
                                                                                                cover for Public Liability, Employers
                                                                                                Liability, Professional Indemnity, Fleet

     REGULATION 4                                                                               Insurance, Directors and Officers
                                                                                                insurance, Office and Contents and
                                                                                                Travel Insurance.

     DUTY TO MANAGE                                                                                ATAC have continued to raise our
                                                                                                members concerns over the delay

                                                                                                between the examination and provision
                                                                                                of results from BOHS. This issue has
                                                                                                been discussed by the association’s
                                                       Representing atac, I have contributed    Governing Council and approval has
                                                   to the HSE working group on the review       been given to provide members with
                                                   of Type 3 asbestos surveys. I expect to      alternatives to the BOHS Proficiency
                                                   see the first drafting of the revised        Certificates. I will be in a position to
                                                   guidance towards the end of this year.       provide members with more information
                                                   My view is that this cannot come soon        on this shortly.
                                                   enough. I hope that the revision places         The recent acquisitions and mergers
                                                   equal emphasis on the client’s               of licensed asbestos removal contractors
                                                   responsibility to provide information and    and UKAS accredited asbestos
                                                   assistance to the surveying organisation     laboratories requires careful review. In
                                                   much in the way that the Construction        the wrong hands this could put our
                                                   (Design and Management) Regulations          industry back many years. We fought
                                                   2007 are applied.                            long and hard for the issues of
                                                       ATAC development continues to            independence and impartiality between
                                                   move forward, progress has been made         contractors to be recognised and
                                                   on the provision of Project and Contract     implemented. This had the benefit of
                                                   Management training courses, these will      improved standards and the positive
                                                   be available shortly. In addition atac are   effect on the health of the removal
                                                   in the process of appointing an insurance    operatives, client employees and the
                                                   broker to offer a bespoke ATAC               public. I have requested Governing
                                                   insurance package. The objectives of         Council to write to the HSE Licensing
                                                   the scheme are:                              Unit, the HSE and UKAS to obtain their
                                                                                                written position on this. The responses
      The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)         • Sponsorship of an audit scheme to         will be circulated to members when
     are well underway with their review of           encompass office audits and site          received.
        the implementation of Regulation 4,           audits of type 3 surveys and 4               The main thrust for ATAC is to
        the duty to manage asbestos in non            stage clearance testing                   encourage dialogue and involvement of
         domestic premises. As part of their        • A profit share between ATAC and           the members in the association. This
     review Inspectors have been trained to           the insurers, dependent upon              involvement does not necessarily have to
                                                      overall profitability of the scheme       come from management, every one of
           review the suitability of premises
                                                    • Automatically higher limits and           our organisations has someone within it
            asbestos audits and action plans.
                                                      policy extensions                         who has an opinion an idea as to how
       Essentially the Inspectors will seek to      • On-line facility for policy               this industry could improve. Please
     see evidence of the implementation of            preparation, contract checking etc.       encourage these people to come
       these processes. From my experience          • Highly competitive premiums with a        forward and contribute.
         very few premises managers will be           price match facility
                   able to demonstrate these        • Customised documentation and                John Horsfall
       requirements. It is important for our          wordings “exclusive” to                     Managing Director OHS and
                                                      membership                                  Chairman of ATAC
         members that they ensure that the
                                                    • Significantly discounted instalment
     client is advised of their responsibilities
      and I would go further to say that this       • Low claims rebate between
        should be in writing should there be          individual ATAC members and
       any doubt “after the Inspector calls".         insurers
                                                    • Quarterly newsletter for members
                                                      including legal updates
                                                    • Sponsorship of ATAC open meetings

20   arca & atac news

                                                                                DECIDE TO PULL
                                                                                 OUT OF NIACS
                                                                                JOINT VENTURE
                                                                                   A NIACS Directors meeting was
                                                                                held on the 6th of June at ARCA
                                                                                House in Burton upon Trent. As
                                                                                NIACS is a joint venture between the
                                                                                RICS and ARCA representatives from
                                                                                both organisations were present at
                                                                                the meeting.
                                                                                   The RICS informed ARCA that
                                                                                they wished to pull out of the joint
                                                                                venture as the scheme was not being
                                                                                taken up by their members. It was
                                                                                agreed at the meeting that the RICS
                                                                                would leave the joint venture as of
                                                                                the 31st July 2007 with the 50% of
                                                                                the NIACS shares held by the RICS
                                                                                being transferred to ARCA for a
                                                                                nominal fee. At the time of going to
                                                                                press we have been informed by the

REVISED UKAS PUBLICATION                                                        RICS that the share transfer deed
                                                                                has been prepared along with the

“LAB 30”
                                                                                resignations of the RICS Directors,
                                                                                and that the transfer of the shares
                                                                                should take place soon.
                                                                                   ARCA intend to continue to
                                                                                maintain and administer the NIACS
                                                                                scheme for the foreseeable future
   UKAS announced in August that the much anticipated draft revision of LAB     and ensure that exiting NIACS
 30, Application of ISO/IEC 17025 for Asbestos Sampling and Testing, would be   members, and those that wish to
 available for download for consultation purposes from the UKAS website,        become NIACS members in the At the time of going to press UKAS were anticipating the         future, can gain UKAS accredited
 document being available from the start of October. All ATAC members are       certification to ISO 17024 for
 urged to download a copy and comment on the document where necessary.          conducting asbestos inspections.
   The consultation period for UKAS publications is normally one month.

                                                                                                          arca & atac news   21
     member news

      From left to right: Gary McCormack, Operations Director, Life Environmental Services, Steve Watts, Managing Director, Life Environmental Services,
      Jason Davy, Managing Director, Lexia, Andrew Thornbur, Group Financial Director, Lexia and Richard Collins, Group Commercial Director, Lexia.

                  Yorkshire based Lexia                     Life Environmental Services is the                     Formed in 2007, Life Environmental
                                                         holding company for four companies:                   Services, now a wholly owned subsidiary of
              Solutions Group recently
                                                         Blues Consultants Ltd, Crossways,                     Lexia Solutions Group, will continue to have
     announced the acquisition of Life                   Crossways Labs and Envacs Data Ltd.                   its head office in Bishop’s Stortford,
      Environmental Services Ltd. and                       The acquisition of Life Environmental              Hertfordshire.
                                                         Services, will take Lexia Solutions Group’s               The company will become the specialist
         its four specialist companies,
                                                         annual turnover to £50 million and will               health and safety division of Lexia Solutions
     making it one of the UK’s leading                   increase staff numbers to 475. Life                   Group of companies. The subsidiaries of
       environmental solutions groups                    Environmental Services and its four                   Life Environmental Services, and now Lexia,
                                                         specialist environmental solutions                    is:
             for all aspects of asbestos
                                                         companies will also add new and diverse                   Blues Consultants - is an asbestos
       abatement, demolition, project                    capabilities to Lexia.                                    management consultancy, providing
                 management, training,                      Jason Davy, managing director of Lexia                 surveys, re-inspections, bulk sampling
                                                         Solutions Group, said: “Today’s acquisitions              analysis and air monitoring.
                  consultancy, property
                                                         present a significant and exciting new                    Crossways - provides project
                reinstatement and land                   chapter in our growth. Working with an                    management, professional advice,
                      remediation work.                  industry leader like Life Environmental                   asbestos management, sampling and
                                                         Services and its four subsidiaries will enable            risk assessments.
                                                         the group to provide a first class, one-stop-
                                                                                                                   Crossways Labs - provides consultancy
                                                         shop range of solutions in a variety of
                                                                                                                   and air monitoring services.
                                                         challenging environments.
                                                            “The management teams within these                     Envacs Data Ltd. - provides asbestos
                                                         companies will remain unchanged and will                  monitoring software for managing
                                                         continue to be operated under the same                    asbestos in domestic and commercial
                                                         brands. The only change will be that their                properties.
                                                         customers will now be able to benefit from
                                                         the additional range of services and                      For further information visit
                                                         products available through the Lexia            
                                                         Solutions Group.”

22   arca & atac news

          S I L V E R D E L L                                                                           P L C

  up their game    in Setting Industry Standards
    Silverdell, leading nationwide
supplier of asbestos removal and
consultancy services to both the private
and public sectors announced the
acquisition of ARCA Member company
Kitsons in July. Silverdell was initially
listed on AIM as Bow Lane Capital Plc in
April 2006. In July 2006 it acquired
Silverdell (UK) Limited for £22.2m,
changing its name to Silverdell Plc. The
Company acquired Redhill Analysts
Limited, a provider of asbestos
consultancy, survey, air monitoring and
contract management services, in
December 2006 for up to £10m.

    Silverdell employs nearly 600 dedicated
staff operating from 15 offices across the
UK. This certainly contributed to them
scooping the Specialist Contractor of the
Year (Asbestos Removal) at Construction
News Awards in both 2006 and 2007.
    The Kitson’s acquisition has further
strengthened the emerging success story
that is Silverdell Plc, ensuring that a
seamless service offering within this
specialist industry shines through above      power and the local sourcing of labour.             The Acquisition further strengthens the
the rest.                                     The Directors believe there are also            Company’s service offering by combining
                                              significant cross selling opportunities         three leading brands in the asbestos
Expanding on industry sectors                 through leveraging new and existing             services industry: removal and remediation
   Kitsons provides asbestos removal,         customer relationships between the three        in the commercial (Silverdell (UK) Ltd) and
insulation and scaffolding services to the    businesses, which management of                 industrial (Kitsons) sectors; and asbestos
nuclear, petrochemical and retail sectors,    Silverdell intend to focus on particularly.     consulting and air monitoring (Redhill
among others. Kitsons’s blue chip                                                             Analysts). Following the Acquisition,
customer base includes an oil major,              Danny Spicer, Chief Executive,              Silverdell has achieved its key strategic
leading UK utilities, major building          Silverdell PLC, commented:                      goal of nationwide capability which
contractors as well as local authorities. A       “This is a very exciting acquisition for    includes a presence in high growth,
great compliment to Silverdell Plc.           Silverdell as it enhances our capabilities as   specialist industrial sectors such as nuclear.
   Kitsons has an experienced operational     the UK’s leading, nationwide asbestos
management team led by Andy Watson,           services provider as well as giving us             Further details can be found at
who will be responsible for the day to day    access to high growth, industrial markets.
management of Kitsons and for growing         In addition, the Company continues to
and developing the business. Peter Dolan,     execute on its strategy to consolidate the
the vendor, will remain with Kitsons on a     fragmented asbestos services market.
consultancy basis.                            Kitsons is an excellent business with
   The Plc will see great benefits from a     exciting growth prospects and we look
number of cost synergies including the        forward to welcoming its staff into the
sharing of resources, combined purchasing     business.”

                                                                                                                           arca & atac news    23
     member news

      Martin Chivers Signs for Blues
           Blues Consultants in conjuction with ARCA Member
       company ADAS, is pleased to announce it has appointed
       ex-Tottenham star Martin Chivers as Business
       Development Manager.
           Martin renowned for his legendary football career will
       begin his stint at Blues effective immediately, signing for
       Tottenham Hotspur back in 1968 with a record transfer fee,
       Martin went on to see the club secure the football Leagues
       Cup twice and the UEFA cup in 1973, during his ten year
       stint on the squad. Debuting for England in 1971, he picked
       up 24 caps, scoring an impressive 13 goals, with his final
       appearance for the international team in 1973.
           “I am delighted to have been appointed Business
       Development Manager for Blues Consultants, these are
       exciting times for the company and I am looking forward to
       the challenges that lie ahead” Said Martin Chivers, Blues
           “It's important that we have a broad range of experience,
       knowledge and expertise at Blues,” said Steve Watts,
       Managing Director, Blues Consultants “Martin will not only
       prove invaluable as the company continues to grow and
       strive for success, but will play an essential role in helping us
       to score our business goals”                                        Sampling & Testing and Certificate of Re-occupation.
           Blues offer complete coverage throughout the UK                 Additional services include Asbestos Project Management,
       providing solutions to the management of asbestos in                Asbestos Awareness Training and tailored IT based asbestos
       buildings, for more information on their following services:        management solution, please visit
       Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Bulk Sampling, Asbestos Air              or

                                                                            Euro Environmental are celebrating another successful
                                                                            inspection by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service.
                                                                            The visit comes following the recent move of the Head
                                                                            Office to new premises housing custom built state of the
                                                                            art Microscopy and laboratory facilities in Doncaster,
                                                                            South Yorkshire. This consolidates the companies previous
                                                                            offices in Sheffield and Rotherham.

                                                                            “Everyone is very excited by the move which was
                                                                            essential to facilitate the continued growth and expansion
                                                                            of the company” said Lee Hall Managing Director.

                                                                            Euro Environmental now operates from Doncaster and

        Euro Environmental                                                  Coventry offering specialist services Nationwide in the
                                                                            fields of Asbestos, COSHH, Noise & Vibration and
        Head Office Gets                                                    Legionella.

        Quality Seal Of                                                     For more info visit

        Approval                                                            Picture shows:
                                                                            Euro Environmental’s Quality Team (From Left to Right: Helen Beamish
                                                                            Tech Manager, Lee Hall Man Director, Chris Senior Sales Director)

24   arca & atac news

       arca & atac news   25
     member news

      Silverdell UK

      In SAFE hands
         To further establish and develop the        delivered to Silverdell’s clients’ staff and     to work with Silverdell through their
     SAFE (Silverdell Academy for Excellence)        those groups based off-site who, as              approved supply chain.
     training concept, Silverdell (UK) Limited       detailed in the Control of Asbestos                   ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors
     have purchased a mobile training suite          Regulations 2006, are required to receive        Association) has attended a series of
     providing the ability to deliver site-based     asbestos awareness training.                     meetings with Silverdell and fully supports
     operational training in a working                   This degree of flexibility, coupled with     the SAFE initiative as they continue to 'lead
     environment. Site-based training is more        the ability to tailor the asbestos awareness     the way' in the provision and delivery of
     commonly delivered in an ad-hoc way,            training to reflect individual site conditions   training for the asbestos industry. These
     using facilities not suited to either           will help the Construction Industry as a         initial meetings were warmly welcomed by
     delivering or receiving instruction and         whole. This will raise awareness amongst         ARCA, who immediately saw the benefits of
     training. The SAFE Mobile training suite        Construction Industry Operatives with            the programme and realised the
     is a pioneering training facility that will     regard to asbestos and the mandatory             importance of their input.
     change the face of training within the          legislation that surrounds it.                       Terry Jago – Chief Executive, ARCA
     asbestos management and construction                John Hanley, ESH Director, Mace Ltd          commented “Training at all levels is of
     industry.                                       said;                                            paramount importance in the asbestos
          The Trainer can now attend site with           ‘The introduction of this rigorous and       abatement industry. This has been
     this facility giving a degree of flexibility    credible training will benefit the               recognised by Silverdell, one of ARCA’s
     which enables the training to be tailored to    construction industry as a whole; we all         leading full contracting members in the
     reflect ‘actual’ site conditions. On a          appreciate the inherent risks associated         development of the SAFE mobile training
     commercial level, the ability to deliver        with the removal of asbestos, and look to        unit. It will obviously reduce the down-time
     training at the ‘coalface’ reduces the impact   specialists like Silverdell (UK) Limited to      spent by site staff having to visit external
     on both costs and programme, which              provide us with a highly skilled and             training centres and will therefore be of
     benefits all Silverdell’s clients.              technically knowledgeable workforce. The         benefit to both the client and those
         This not only provides a highly-trained,    further launch of Silverdell’s mobile training   trained.”
     competent and motivated specialist              facility gives a new and flexible approach to        The addition of the SAFE Mobile
     workforce, but assists in ensuring the          the delivery of asbestos awareness training,     Training Suite has taken the SAFE initiative
     project is delivered as programmed.             where it’s needed. When it’s needed and          on a step further, providing fantastic degree
          The additional benefits of SAFE mean       delivered to those who need it most’.            of flexibility. In alliance with their colleagues
     that asbestos awareness training can be             He went on to say;                           at Redhill-Analysts, Silverdell has developed
                                                         ‘We are proud to be one of the first of      an effective platform to deliver asbestos
                                                     Silverdell’s clients to adopt the service for    awareness training to those wishing to

       “     The introduction of
         this rigorous and
         credible training will
         benefit the construction
                                                     our projects and supply chain.’
                                                          The initial concept of SAFE was in
                                                     response to the growing demands for
                                                     raising the standards within the industry as
                                                     a whole. Silverdell has developed a well
                                                                                                      comply with Regulation 10 of the Control of
                                                                                                      Asbestos Regulations 2006 (CAR 2006).
                                                                                                           Should you wish to discuss the
                                                                                                      provision of asbestos awareness training for
                                                                                                      your staff or supply chain, please contact
         industry as a whole

                                                     structured, thorough and exhaustive              Marc Smith, Silverdell (UK) Limited. Group
                                                     training programme, where all of their           Health and Safety Director (0208) 591 6677
      JOHN HANLEY, ESH DIRECTOR, MACE LTD            Operatives and Supervisors are required to           Further information can be found at
                                                     attend. This is in addition to those wishing

26   arca & atac news

                building a new

empire       Empire Asbestos Supplies       a trading division of Empire Tapes Plc announce their
             latest expansion plans and unveil their new purpose built offices in Doncaster.
                                                            Celebrating fifteen years in business would be an opportunity
                                                        for any company to sit back and reflect, but not at Empire, it
                                                        signifies new beginnings and exciting future expansion. The
                                                        company has opened its doors to its new 8,000sq ft unit which is
                                                        dedicated to stocking the widest range of asbestos consumables,
                                                        plant and testing facilities available in the UK today. Empire are
                                                        now recognised as the leading supplier to the asbestos abatement
                                                        industry and this new purpose built office will also generate a
                                                        further five new jobs.
                                                            Mark Stanley, Sales Director of Empire said,’ We have always
                                                        lived by the philosophy that our customers are the most important
                                                        part of our business and we have focused our efforts over the last
                                                        fifteen years to develop a business that supports the most
                                                        demanding needs of the contractors within the Asbestos Industry.
                                                        It was obvious that we would always be the most competitive
                                                        company in the UK for adhesive tapes because we manufacture
                                                        and convert adhesive tapes within the group so the most
                                                        challenging aspect has been to identify suppliers worldwide that
                                                        could offer us the most competitive prices and quality for all other
                                                        allied consumables. Over the last fifteen years we believe we have
                                                        achieved and surpassed those targets we had set ourselves. The
                                                        benefit to contractors all over the UK is that we now offer the most
                                                        comprehensive portfolio of consumables, plant and testing
                                                            A central location within the UK was of paramount importance
                                                        to Empire when the decision to build the new Asbestos Division
                                                        offices in Doncaster was taken. A fleet of over ten vehicles ensures
                                                        that products and testing services are on site anywhere in the UK
                                                        when the customer requires and more importantly the vast stocks
                                                        within the new building will ensure customers continue to enjoy the
                                                        highest standards of service which over the years loyal customers

                                                        have come to expect.
                                                            Mark Stanley added ’Having a dedicated Asbestos Supplies Unit
                                                        was an obvious progression for our company. Our trained
                                                        engineers and dedicated sales staff are now concentrating all their
                                                        efforts to maintain and drive us forward as the number one
                                                        company all contractors can trust to satisfy all their needs. Quite
charity presentation                                    simply, we won’t be beaten on price, quality or service and this
                                                        new purpose built factory we believe indicates our continued
   Grant Beglan, Aspect Contracts Managing Director     commitment to the Asbestos Abatement Industry. I would like to
and ARCA Past Chairman recently presented a cheque      personally thank all our clients for their support over the years, we
for £11,000 to the Corbets Tey School.                  have built many long term alliances and partnerships and we look
                                                        forward to adding new customers on board who I am sure will
   Corbets Tey School is a forward looking school for
                                                        enjoy the benefits we have been delivering to our existing
pupils with Complex Learning Needs. It currently
                                                        customers each and every day !’.
supports over 100 children and young people aged 4 -
                                                            Empire are now licensed by the HSE to perform maintenance
16. The school has a very warm but purposeful
                                                        and testing.
atmosphere and a highly committed staff. Pupils come        Empire Tapes PLC
to the school from the London Boroughs of Havering,         Asbestos & Consumables Division
and Barking and Dagenham, and occasionally other            Unit 10 Denaby Lane Ind Est,
areas.                                                      Denaby Main, Doncaster DN12 4LH
   Grant Beglan from Aspect Contracts presented the         Tel: 0845 055 2177 Fax: 0845 055 2157
cheque from ARCA to the pupils at Corbets Tey School.       Email:

                                                                                                              arca & atac news   27
     member news

     golf day
                                                                                    teed off in a shotgun start to face the 18
                                                                                    hole course.
                                                                                        Our thanks go to the members that
                                                                                    provided sponsorship on the day,
                                                                                    particularly to Safety Industries who once
                                                                                    again provided the golf balls, to Regency
                                                                                    International who sponsored the hole in

                        at the Belfry                                               one event, and to Windsor Waste
                                                                                    Management Ltd who provided each
                                                                                    player with a souvenir golf towel and
                                                                                    sponsored the half way house for the first
                                On the 29th September 2007 the ARCA                 time, ensuring that everyone was suitably
                             national golf day finally went ahead, following        refreshed before embarking upon the
                             the postponement of the event in June due to           legendary 10th hole of the Belfry’s
                             the unseasonal torrential down pour, and the           Brabazon Course.
                             Belfry taking the unprecedented decision to                A prize giving dinner was held in the
                             close the Brabazon course on the original date         Warwickshire Room in the evening and
                             of the ARCA golf day.                                  thanks to the generosity of the
                                The 29th September turned out to be a               association’s members we were able to
                             glorious day for playing golf, the weather was         provide an excellent prize table for the
                                                      warm and dry and the          winners. Prizes were awarded for the
                                                      groundskeepers had            nearest the pin competition, the longest
                                                      done an excellent job in      drive competition, winning team, winning
                                                      returning the course to its   guest and winning member.
                                                      former glory following the        All golfers and guests agreed that the
                                                      wet summer.                   day had been yet another first class
                                                         Approximately 109          ARCA golf day and we look forward to
                                                      golfers took part in the      next year’s event being equally
                                                      Stapleford event and          successful.

28   arca & atac news

latest appointments & promotions
  NEW STARTERS                                                  Dave Harrison - Joined Silverdell (UK)
                                                              Ltd from Mansell Construction Services as
  Satish Patel - Joins ARCA as Training Manager from          Commercial Manager
the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board). Satish
can be contacted at ARCA on 01283 531126 or email               Chris Bowen - Newly appointed                                      contracts manager for the Cuddy Group.
                                                                                  Chris has been
  Andy Harwood - Joins Tradeslink Asbestos Services                               brought in to
Ltd as Southern Regional Manager as Tradeslink                                    manage the
announce the opening of a new regional office in                                  tendering process                 Dave Harrison
Rayleigh, Essex. Andy brings 20 years of asbestos                                  for all major house-building
removal experience to the company after starting as an                             contracts, and run the whole residential
operative and working his way up to senior management                               side of Cuddy’s civil division.
level. Andy will be responsible for generating business
                      from new clients and providing a
                       local and quality labour solution to                  Chris Bowen

                       all southern based contractors.
                         Lucy Hutchins - Joins Silverdell
                       (UK) Ltd as Office Manager from          Donna Hewitt - Promoted to Contracts
                       within the Industry.                   Manager at Silverdell UK Ltd. Donna has
                                                              been with Silverdell for 16 Years.

                                                                Marc Smith - Silverdell (UK) Ltd has
                                                              been promoted to Group Health &
       Lucy Hutchins                                          Safety Director for Silverdell PLC.
                                                                                                                 Donna Hewitt

                                                                                                                 arca & atac news   29
     recruitment & classified

                                             Job Opportunities at

                                             Noble are one of the largest Asbestos Consultancy’s in the South
                                             West of England. Due to the continuing expansion of the Company,
                                             Noble are looking to recruit the following positions:

                                             Contracts Manager

      recruitment                            Are you BOHS P402 qualified with a good working knowledge of the
                                             asbestos analytical, surveying and consultancy industry?
                                             Noble are looking for an experienced Contracts Manager with a
                                             minimum of 5 years in the industry to work alongside their Operations

      & classified                           Manager in the sunny South West of England. Noble hold UKAS
                                             accreditation for surveying, air testing, bulk analysis and 4SC and the
                                             ideal candidate will have a proven track record in all these areas.
                                             Salary will be dependant on experience plus vehicle

      If you have a recruitment              Asbestos Surveyor
                                             Are you BOHS P402 qualified with at least one years experience in
      advertisement or a classified item     carrying out type 2 surveys in Social Housing and Commercial
      for sale or wish to sell a business,
                                             Noble are looking for an Asbestos Surveyor to compliment their
      you can reach the asbestos             Asbestos Surveying Team. Experience of working within an UKAS
                                             accredited Company would be advantageous but not essential. Noble
      management industry through
                                             are committed to developing their staff and the ideal candidate will be
      placing an advert in ARCA News.        given the opportunity to progress.

      Please contact ARCA News on            Salary will be dependant on experience plus vehicle
                                             For a full Job Description please contact Julie Rae on
      0870 1994044 for advertising and       0870 850 4439 or e-mail / send your CV to
      media information or email   
                                             Mrs Julie Rae, Noble, 13 Barn Close,           Langage Business Park, Plymouth. PL7 5HQ

30   arca & atac news
                                                                                                                                 product news
    A       D       V       E      R       T       I    S      E       M       E      N       T             F        E      A      T      U       R      E

                                                       The latest Protector PPR2000
                                                       for arduous environments
   Based on the Protector                                  COMFORT WITH MANAGED AIRFLOWS                            PHANTOM BATTERY ENHANCEMENT
Phantom, Scott Health and Safety                           In accordance with latest international                  In order to maintain Scott Health and
now offer the PPR2000 power                            requirements for asbestos stripping, the                 Safety’s pole position as the operatives first
assisted full face mask, the latest                    Protector PPR2000 features a power                       choice in power assisted respirators for the
Protector respirator designed for                      management system that provides a                        removal of asbestos, enhancements have been
use in the most arduous of                             guaranteed minimum 160 litre per minute flow             made to the electronic battery pack. As
environments. It is designed to                        throughout an 8-hour shift. This offers wearers          industry demands increase and showering
                                                       significantly higher protection than traditionally       during contamination has become more
meet the latest performance
                                                       designed respirators where the airflow                   frequent and intense, this has resulted in
criteria and recommendations of                        decreases through the charge life of the                 product being exposed to high ambient levels
national and international bodies.                     battery.                                                 of humidity and moisture laden air. Therefore,
   The combination of comfort,                             In addition the Protector PPR2000                    Scott has made several changes to the
high performance, reliability and                      breathing resistance, including the filter, is           PPR/Batt/Alarm to ensure total reliability and
economic through life costs                            extremely low, minimising negative pressure              avoid compromising full shift operation, whilst
makes the PPR2000 the obvious                          within the mask, even at very high work rates,           providing long service life.
choice for applications as diverse                         The injection moulded, non-dermatitic,                   To improve resistance to water vapour and
as asbestos stripping, lead oxide                      hypoallergenic facepiece is soft and supple to           facilitate cleaning with a damp cloth, Scott
removal and even applications in                       ensure wearer comfort - particularly during              Health and Safety introduced a silicone string
                                                       long-period use. Incorporating a reverted                seal inserted in between the case neck parts
the pharmaceutical and nuclear
                                                       edge face-seal, the Protector PPR2000 offers             before welding; plus sealing of key
industries.                                            high integrity face fit and superb levels of             components and coating of the circuit board
                                                       protection.                                              to protect from moisture ingress.
                                                           Protector’s unique design requires no inner              The latest improvements also feature a
                                                       ori-nasal mask. Air is directed over the visor to        visual and audible warning of a discharged
       ABOUT SCOTT                                     both minimise misting and provide cooling to             battery, which instigates a red flashing LED
    H E A LT H & S A F E T Y                           the wearer at a high work rate. Visibility is also       and an audible beeper sounding an alert to
Scott Health & Safety, a business unit of Tyco         improved and feelings of claustrophobia from             attract the wearers attention.
International, are innovative specialists in the       wearing the mask for extended periods are                    The I S PHANTOM VARIANT (PPR/3) is
manufacture and design of respiratory, head            minimised.                                               designed for use in potentially explosive
 and sensory personal protective equipment                 The Protector PPR2000 weighs only 1.5kg              environments and both the battery and motor
   and other safety devices for fire & rescue          with over half of this being the belt mounted            is coloured black for instant identification. The
 services, industrial workers, police, military        battery. The connection from the battery is via          minimum design flow rate is 120 litres per
  and civil defence organisations around the           an extending coiled cable to maximise wearer             minute, but by adding a heavy duty 9 metre
                     world.                            mobility and decrease the inconvenience from             hose extension the PPR/3 can be converted to
   With five global manufacturing locations,           cumbersome hoses.                                        a fresh air breathing apparatus conforming to
     Scott produces products that protect                  The PPR2000 has been designed to enable              EWN138
    thousands of individuals each day from             the wearer to maintain their respiratory                     With long and proven tradition of
     hazards including smoke, toxic fumes,             protection during post-operation                         understanding the specific needs of the
     combustible gases, falling objects and            decontaminating and showering. For cleaning              asbestos market, Scott Health & Safety will
     contaminants. The Scott product line              and disinfecting, the filter and blower can be           continue to constantly refine and improve its
      includes Compressed Air Breathing                simply removed from the facemask - without               wide range of respiratory protective devices
Apparatus, Air-Purifying Respirators, Thermal          the need for any tools.                                  according to industry demands, supporting
  Imaging instruments, Head, Face, Eye and                                                                      with technical details and advice on
              Hearing protection.                                                                               applications product selection.


                                                                                                                                              arca & atac news      31
     training news

     new                                                   The centre situated 15 minutes from Manchester airport was
                                                       opened after discussions with members to provide training on a
                                                       more consistent and regionalised basis. The Carrington centre is
                                                       able to ensure that members from the North West regions will now

                                                       have access to asbetos training through ARCA.
                                                           “I see Carrington making a big impact in the North West, it’s
                                                       location and facilities are flexible enough to provide the quality and
                                                       standard of training that ARCA members expect us to deliver” said
                                                       Terry Jago, Chief Executive, ARCA.

                                                           Providing both practical and theory based training courses the
                                                       fully equipped centre also caters for those wishing to attend
                                                       supervisor and management courses.
                                                           Satish Patel, Training Manager, ARCA, said, “We’ve already
                                                       delivered our first course here at Carrington and the feedback we’ve
                                                       received not only from the delegates but our trainers has proved
                                                       that Carrington is a great location to provide training now and into
     FOR THE NORTH WEST                                the future”.
                                                           ARCA is now host to eight training centres nationwide; along
                                                       with the new Carrington facility ARCA also opened a training facility
     On September 10th, ARCA                           in Rayleigh in March this year.
                                                           ARCA is able to provide a range of practical asbestos training
     opened its latest training facility               through it’s own facilities. Which are all equipped to provide hands-
     based in Carrington and has since                 on practical training. Additionally, members who require in-house
                                                       training should contact ARCA as alternate arrangements can be
     successfully delivered its first                  made if required.
     courses.                                              For a comprehensive list of all ARCA’s courses, turn to page
                                                       33 for training costs and dates.


             for 2006 media information list contact
               Kirstie Colledge on 0870 199 4044
             or email

32   arca & atac news
                                                                                                                                                      training dates
Asbestos Removal Industry Courses                                                          Asbestos Surveying and Consultancy Courses (cont)
New Operative                                        Course Fees (excl VAT)                Supervisory Licence Holders Update                         Course Fees (excl VAT)

                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam                           Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Burton                  15-17      12-14     10-12    £425.00             £475.00    -     Burton                                                      £155.00            £175.00         -
Rayleigh                 1-3        5-7       3-5     £425.00             £475.00    -     Rayleigh                11                                  £155.00            £175.00         -
Wakefield               24-26                         £425.00             £475.00    -     Wakefield                                                   £155.00            £175.00         -
Manchester                         19-21              £425.00             £475.00    -     Manchester                                                  £155.00            £175.00         -
Bristol                 8-10                          £425.00             £475.00    -     Bristol                                                     £155.00            £175.00         -
Middlesbrough           8-10                          £425.00             £475.00    -
East Anglia                                           £425.00             £475.00    -
                                                                                           BOHS P402 Buildings Surveys & Bulk Sampling for Asbestos   Course Fees (excl VAT)
Glasgow                                               £425.00             £475.00    -
                                                                                                                   Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Operative Refresher                                  Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                                                                           Burton                                                      £445.00            £475.00      £100.00
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam   Rayleigh              15-17                                 £445.00            £475.00      £100.00
Burton                  18,29        15       13      £155.00            £175.00     -     Wakefield                                                   £445.00            £475.00      £100.00
Rayleigh               4,12,16,   8,16,27    6,13                                          Manchester                                                  £445.00            £475.00      £100.00
                       23,25,30                       £155.00            £175.00     -
Wakefield                 31            29            £155.00            £175.00     -     NIACS RSPH Level 3 Certificate in Asbestos Inspection      Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                                                                           Procedures (P402 Conversion)
Manchester               2,24           22     4      £155.00            £175.00     -
Bristol                   11            13            £155.00            £175.00     -                             Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Middlesbrough             11                          £155.00            £175.00     -     Burton                                 20-23                £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
East Anglia                                           £155.00            £175.00     -     Rayleigh                                                    £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
Glasgow                                 1             £155.00            £175.00     -     Wakefield                              20-23                £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
                                                                                           Manchester                                                  £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
New Supervisor                                       Course Fees (excl VAT)                Bristol                                20-23                £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
                                                                                           Middlesbrough                          20-23                £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam
                                                                                           East Anglia                                                 £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
Burton                   1-3                          £425.00             £475.00    -     Glasgow                                                     £625.00            £655.00      £65.00
Rayleigh                           12-14              £425.00             £475.00    -
Wakefield                                             £425.00             £475.00    -
                                                                                           NIACS RSPH Level 3 Certificate in Asbestos Inspection      Course Fees (excl VAT)
Manchester                                            £425.00             £475.00    -     Procedures
Bristol                  3-5                          £425.00             £475.00    -
                                                                                                                   Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Middlesbrough                       5-7               £425.00             £475.00    -
East Anglia                                           £425.00             £475.00    -     Burton                                 19-23                £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
Glasgow                                               £425.00             £475.00    -     Rayleigh                               19-23                £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
                                                                                           Wakefield                              19-23                £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
Supervisor Refresher                                 Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                                                                           Manchester                                                  £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
                                                                                           Bristol                                19-23                £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam   Middlesbrough                          19-23                £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
                                                                                           East Anglia                                                 £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
Burton                    4          16        6      £210.00             £230.00    -
                                                                                           Glasgow                                                     £755.00            £805.00      £65.00
Rayleigh               11,18,24   9,15,28     14      £210.00             £230.00    -
Wakefield                  3         28               £210.00             £230.00    -
Manchester                25         23               £210.00             £230.00    -
Bristol                   12                          £210.00             £230.00    -     Client Management & Industry Awareness Courses
Middlesbrough                                         £210.00             £230.00    -
East Anglia                                           £210.00             £230.00    -
                                                                                           Client Management                                          Course Fees (excl VAT)
Glasgow                  31                           £210.00             £230.00    -
                                                                                                                   Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Licensed Contractor Management                       Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                                                                           Burton                11-12                                 £295.00            £365.00         -
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam   Rayleigh                             15-16                  £295.00            £365.00         -
                                                                                           Wakefield                                                   £295.00            £365.00         -
Burton                                                £295.00             £365.00    -
                                                                                           Manchester             3-4                                  £295.00            £365.00         -
Rayleigh                                     4-5      £295.00             £365.00    -
                                                                                           Bristol                                                     £295.00            £365.00         -

Licensed Contractor Management Update                Course Fees (excl VAT)
                                                                                           Client Management Update                                   Course Fees (excl VAT)
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam
Burton              9                                 £155.00            £175.00     -                             Oct            Nov          Dec      Member          Non Member      Exam
Rayleigh           17                                 £155.00            £175.00     -     Burton                   9                                  £155.00            £175.00         -
Wakefield                                             £155.00            £175.00     -     Rayleigh                                 26                 £155.00            £175.00         -
Manchester                                            £155.00            £175.00     -     Wakefield                                                   £155.00            £175.00         -
Bristol                                               £155.00            £175.00     -     Manchester               5                                  £155.00            £175.00         -
Middlesbrough                                         £155.00            £175.00     -     Bristol                                                     £155.00            £175.00         -
East Anglia                                           £155.00            £175.00     -
Glasgow                                               £155.00            £175.00     -     HSE Licensed Scaffolders -                                 Course Fees (excl VAT)
Pennine Manor - Huddersfield24                        £155.00            £175.00     -     All half day courses run from 9.00am to 1.00pm

                                                                                                                   Oct            Nov          Dec              Prices on Application

Asbestos Surveying and Consultancy Courses                                                 Burton
 Supervisory Licence Holders                         Course Fees (excl VAT)                Manchester
                         Oct       Nov        Dec      Member          Non Member   Exam   Middlesbrough
Burton                                                £425.00             £475.00    -     East Anglia
Rayleigh                8-10                          £425.00             £475.00    -     Glasgow
Wakefield                           7-9               £425.00             £475.00    -
Manchester                                            £425.00             £475.00    -     Asbestos Awareness for the Construction Industry                         Call for details
Bristol                                               £425.00             £475.00    -
     member update

         diary                                       ARCA AGM:
                                                     5th October

                                                     ARCA Regional
                                                                       Annual General Meeting

                                                                                                                       London Zoo

        dates                                        10th October
                                                     17th October
                                                     24th October
                                                     25th October
                                                     30th October
                                                                      Midland Regional Meeting
                                                                      South East Regional Meeting
                                                                      Northern Regional Meeting
                                                                      South West & Wales Meeting
                                                                      East Anglia Regional Meeting
                                                                                                                       ARCA House
                                                                                                                       Thurrock Hotel
                                                                                                                       Carrington Training Centre
                                                                                                                       Almondsbury Hotel
                                                                                                                       Gonville Hotel
                 Please visit        13th November    Scottish Regional Meeting           10.30am      Normandy Hotel
                for meeting dates and venues
                                                     ARCA Governing Council Meetings:
                                                     13th November                                        10.30am      Naval Club
                                                     18th December                                        10.30am      Naval Club

                                                     ARCA Technical    Meetings:
                                                     11th October      Technical Meeting                  10.30am      Naval Club
                                                     8th November      Technical Meeting                  10.30am      Naval Club
                                                     13th December     Technical Meeting                  10.30am      Naval Club

                                                     ATAC Meetings
                                                     13th November Technical & Quality
                                                                   Sub-Committee Meeting                  10.00am      ARCA House
                                                     4th December  ATAC Management
                                                                   Committee Meeting                      10.00am      ARCA House
                                                     4th December  ATAC Training
                                                                   Sub-Committee Meeting                  10.00am      ARCA House

                                                     24th November                           ARCA Winter Ball          The Beaumont House Hotel,
                                                                                                                       Near Windsor

                        Association Membership Update
      New Full Members                                New Individual Surveyor Members                   New ATaC Members

      Chris Dale                                      Sharon Spencer                                    Stuart Dowding
      Envirocor Group Services Ltd                    The Gatehouse, Lower Wheathead                    Merryhill Asbestos Testing & Consulting,
      Unit 3A Waterside Business Park,                Lumb Rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 9NE              Merryhill House, Budds Lane, Romsey,
      Wheelhouse Road,                                T: 01706 210591                                   Hampshire, SO51 0HA
      Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 1LJ                E:                   T: 01794 515848
      T: 01889 574300                                                                                   F: 01794 524386
      F: 01889 574200                                 Sarah Lipp                                        E:
      E:                   1 Sheepwalk Close, Potton,                        W:
      W:                 Bedford, SG19 2XX
                                                      T: 01767 261582                                   Nathan Holloway
      Andrew Grocock                                                                                    White Young Green Environmental,
      CMEC Demolition Ltd                                                                               4 Bedford Park, Croydon, CR0 2AP
      Williams Issac Building,                        New Associate Members                             T: 0208 649 6600
      Gibbons Street, Sunkirk, Nottingham, NG7 2SB                                                      F: 0208 649 6629
      T: 0115 942 0600                                Daryl Pearce                                      E:
      F: 0115 942 0500                                UAC Recruitment Ltd, Unit 6 Home Farm,            W:
                                                      Luton Hoo Estate, Luton, LU1 3TD
      Paul Fuller                                     T: 01582 732112
      AIR Contracts Ltd                                                                                   The following companies are no longer
                                                      F: 01582 732046                                     members of the Association:
      Unit 11 Britannia Court                         E:
      Basildon, Essex SS13 1EU                        W:
      T: 01268 725484                                                                                     Full Members:
      F: 01268 725474                                                                                     Toolbase Environmental Ltd
                                                      Mark Johnstone
      E:                                                                     Clarence Industrial Services
                                                      JSP Ltd, Worsham Mill,
      W:                       Minster Lovell, Oxon, OX29 0TA                      Associate Members:
                                                      T: 01993 824000                                     Active Asbestos Management
                                                      F: 01993 824411                                     KRD Consulting
                                                                                                          Action Products Ltd
                                                                                                          ATAC Members:
                                                                                                          Global Safety & Environmental

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