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									mummy used as medicine
We may have often heard the term mummy. The word 'mummy' is
used to portray abody of biscuits, hair, nails are still preserved even though hundreds or eventhousands
of old epidemic. Mummies can be formed by accident (naturalmummification) or was deliberately made with a
variety of ways, and not just in ancient Egypt, but also throughout the world,
ranging from South America toAustralia, China, and the Canary Islands.

Many reviews are interesting about the mummy, one of them is the fact that
themummy was never 'selling' mebuat used as raw material medicines, paints, andfertilizers. As
happened with the population Guanche mummies, from thousands ofmummies were found only the
remaining 20, due partly destroyed by the Spanishinvaders of the 1400s. The rest were sent to Europe, the
1500's to be used as medicine. The same thing happens to mummies from ancient
Egypt, powderedmummy believed to cure various diseases, so it is said even though it feels very
uncomfortable, sick people still drink it.

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