Enterprise by alicejenny


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The Enterprise is like a giant spinning wheel that soars its passengers upside
down as it spins in a circular motion. Let's all hope that it holds together for
another ride. Have fun but don't throw up on the person in front of you!!

Fright factor: Rate your experience on the Enterprise.

Biological Data: There are many exciting and challenging rides at Valleyfair.
Many create physiological and psychological symptoms with your body
mechanics. For example, your breathing and pulse rate may be affected by
the experience and excitement of the ride. Record your breathing and pulse
rate before the ride. (It gives you something to do while you wait in line!)
Then record your breathing and pulse rate after the ride. Compare your
results with your friends.

How did your data compare with your friends?
Suggested Procedure: Concentrate only on how forceful you are
“pushed” down in the seat, or “lifted” against the retaining bar while
you are on the ride. If you can, try this with your eyes closed for the
entire ride!

             L = LARGE M = MEDIUM S = SMALL N = NEUTRAL

 Where you are
                          Into the seat        Or            Against the bar

  At the top          L        M          S    N         S         M           L

   Half way           L        M          S    N         S         M           L

At the bottom         L        M          S    N         S         M           L

OBJECTIVE: To determine the speed of the ride.

SUGGESTED PROCEDURE: Pace or measure a distance near the ride that is
the same distance as the radius of the circular path made by the ride at full
speed. Calculate the length of the path followed by each of the cars and
time a complete revolution (called the Period ).

APPARATUS: Stopwatch, known pace or tape-measure.

DATA:             Radius of path of ride:                    __________ m
            Time of one complete revolution:                 __________ s

         v = 2∏R / T             v = speed    R=Radius       T = Period

                          RESULTS: Speed of cars:            __________ m/s.

Question: Does gravity add or subtract from the force you feel due to the
centripetal acceleration?
1. As the Enterprise speeds up, the pod you ride in swings:
              a. up and out.
              b. down and in.

2. Why do you feel pushed up against the seat as the the ride spins?

3. Estimate the maximum angle that the spinning wheel is tipped from its
horizontal resting position:

4. How high off the ground is the highest part of the Enterprise during the
ride? (Estimate since you don’t have a meter stick!):

5. Estimate the maximum rotational speed in revolutions per minute (rpm):
(Hint: how many times does it go around in a minute?)

6. What class of lever (first, second, or third?) does the mechanical
tilting mechanism of the Enterprise represent?

7. Estimate the radius of the enterprise wheel [in meters]:

8. Suggest a method for indirectly determining the height of the Enterprise
when it is in vertical mode.

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