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									Learn How To Make Thousands of Gold Everyday! Learn How To Level Your WoW Characters With Insane Speed! Discover Which Warcraft Guides Will Give YOU The Best Results! We know choosing among the World of Warcraft guides found on internet can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Which ones are good, updated and worth the money? Which ones are pure scams, outdated or just waste of time & money? Our team of experienced wow addicts has put countless hours into testing and sorting out the top wow guides that give the best result for you. Even if you are just starting out in the world of Azeroth or consider yourself a more advanced player, you will find any of these top WoW guides worth every penny. Zygor 1-80 WoW Leveling Guide Review Zygor Guides was created by a professional WoW player named John Cook. John spent 6 long months doing nothing but trying different routes and level patterns. The result of all of his effort is without question one of the best guides on the internet. His Lvl. 1-70 guide was good but with the redesign of the new Wrath of the lich king compatible version he has turned it into a completely new fresh WoW Leveling Guide. The improved in game quest helping features are spectacular. It does not matter what race and class you are, it has the quests listed in order and exactly what you need to do for each one. This in-game guide has actually completely removed the need for a print guide. Zygor 1-80 Horde & Alliance Leveling Guides features the following: Amazing 1-80 Step-by-step detailed 1-80 speed leveling Automated Quest Tracking Functionality Extremely Detailed Quest Information Both Horde & Alliance Optimized Guides Available Starter & Class Quest Guides for each race 24 Hour Technical Support Access to community forums where you can get a lot of tips Free Lifetime Updates Bonuses like Talent Build Guide, Nether Drake Mount Guide, Death Knight Class Guide  Limited access bonuses: Inscription Profession Leveling Guide          Want to Power Level like a Pro WoW Player and Get to Level 80 in under 8 Days? If Zygor's WoW Leveling Guide is not speedy and effective at leveling then I truly don't know what is! I hope you can imagine how extremely effective and time saving

a In-game mod like this are and for now I think that there is no faster option than that. Most leveling guides have a in-game quest mod nowadays, but this one is one of the best. It is like your own leveling guru in a little mod window just showing you the way to level 80 without any delays. Your friends will be amazed how quickly your character gains levels. The Zygor WoW Leveling Guide simply offer the best tools and features to get your toon up to level 80 extremely fast. The in-game instructions are better than any other guide out there in terms of detail and preciseness. It does not matter what race or class you are; there are instructions for every situation. Whether you are Horde or Alliance does not matter at all either. Both these guides are equally good. Zygors Guides are no grinding guides that you can find for free everywhere. It’s a proven, well tested, most optimized way of earning experience through questing. Visit Zygors site & Download the Leveling Guides Now

Warcraft Millionaire Guide Review Dubbed "The Blueprint to One Million Gold", the Warcraft Millionaire guide to making a whole lot of gold in World of Warcraft provides an easy to follow knowledge base full of useful tips and tricks, as well as breakthrough methods that anyone can easily and effortlessly duplicate. The author pulls information from his own experience that span years, and he puts it all on display in this guide. I would definitely put my trust in the hands of a player who reached the gold cap on multiple characters. The WoW Guide doesn't just tell you how to make gold, it also lets you understand the fundamental aspects of the in-game economy and how it all works. You will also learn which real world economic theories apply to World of Warcraft. It's a really engaging learning process and experience for both novice and advanced players alike. Warcraft Millionaire Guide features:        1-60 Gold Making Guide 60-70 Gold Making Guide 70-80 Gold Making Guide Daily Quest Guide Grinding Location Guide 100% Legal. You will NOT get banned Free lifetime updates

Aside from the basics, the strategies in this guide are unique. No rehashed strategies from forum boards and other guides here. This is also not an instant way to be rich in World of Warcraft. The WoW Guide requires some patience, practice, and hard work. It does not require you to play the game all day though. More importantly, this guide will not require you to make use of bots, cheats, hacks, and exploits. You get guided through leveling from 1 to 60. The usual learning curves get debunked and the experimental phase gets eliminated, making you level up at a much faster pace. You get to discover popular items within minutes. You also get to skip spending a lot of time in the auction house by talking to the right people and training the right professions to access top dollar items without spending any more time or money than absolutely necessary. After level 60, you get more guidance with leveling from 61 to 80. You will get information about where to farm, what to farm on, and what hot items are being sold in the auction house. This will also introduce you to new items, new objectives, and new locations that came into play after the Wrath of the Lich King. You will learn which items are essential, eliminating the need for you to grind for items you would not be using. In addition to this extensive guide to making more gold from levels 1 to 70, you will also get Warcraft Basics, a WoW Guide for beginners that features information about essential aspects of the game. This will get you started the right way. Visit Warcraft Millionaire's site and Download the Gold Making Guide Now

Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide Review This Horde and Alliance WoW Leveling Guide is written by a team of Elite WoW Players who wanted to create the ultimate World of Warcraft guide. Their result? A guide that combines both an Alliance & Horde leveling guide, with a gold making guide and lots of other essential guides thrown in as well. If you never played World of Warcraft before, the included 85 page beginners guide is a great way to quickly get the hang of it before you move on to the more advanced strategies. The Ultimate WoW Guide includes both Alliance & Horde Lvl. 1-80 guides, though not as comprehensive as Nyhm's Warcraft Guides, they are of high quality and well worth the money for this guide.

Ultimate World of Warcraft features:               Beginners guide for newbies 1-80 Leveling guides for both Horde & Alliance Instant map & guide - Detailed maps of instances & MOBS Powerlevel professions 1-450 Guide Level 40 Gold Guide for mount Level 80 Gold Guide - 200G/Hour Ultimate Gold guide - Optimize gold making 100% Legal. You will NOT get banned Free lifetime updates Class Guide - PVP/PVE Talents Class Loot list V2.0 Macro Guide Exploits list Great customer suppot Lifetime Free updates

It is not easy to find a good, working and updated word of warcraft gold earning guide. But in this case the content and quality is really surprising. Earning money for epic mount for Lvl. 80 is easily done using the working gold making tips in this guide. We actually managed to get the 200 gold per hour promised after a while. There are lots of other goodies in this huge ultimate guide such as: A reputation guide for the different factions A Class guide containing talent builds for PVP, PVE or balanced. Where and how to find the best gear for your class in the class loot list Macro making guide and some exploits that can be used to your advantage The Ultimate Guide can take you from newbie to advanced player in no time! The guide is a great all around guide for the average player that doesn’t need to just level up as fast as possible. Well put together with lots of quality updated information for both beginner and advanced players. The only all-in-one WoW Guide we found worth the money. Visit WoW Ultimate Guide and Download their Guide Now

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