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									Is Your Website as Profitable as it
            Can Be?

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Your website could be
doing the equivalent of
bleeding           potential
profitability if you're not
careful. What constitutes
bleeding      out    on     a
website?              Missed
opportunities. A few small
changes could make a
dramatic difference in
your profit levels. If you’re
not regularly analysing
your website you are probably missing opportunities to earn and improve traffic
and profitability. Read on for some enlightenment that could help you significantly.

Implement Permission-Based Marketing

Are you doing permission based marketing? When people arrive on your site they
may or may not have their credit card in hand. They may be doing some research
for a future purchase. Find a way to get them to opt in so you can market to them
in the future. Some sales cycles are a bit longer than others. A simple form on your
site that entices people to log in might not be enough. Incentives are better. Talk to
us about email and newsletter marketing. We can help.

Regularly Perform Traffic Analysis

Do you know which keywords are bringing people to your site? Does the text on
the page they land on really represent their query? If you’re not doing analysis of
your traffic, you’re losing out on an opportunity to convert more visitors into
customers. If someone lands on your page asking “How much does a widget
cost?” and you don’t have pricing on that page or a direct link to send people to
find out the pricing, they’ll probably bounce off your site. Missed opportunity. If you
have a site with loads of page views and zero conversions, someone needs to look
at that page and figure out how to get those visitors to act. (We do traffic analysis
as part of our research, systems, delivery approach!)

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Upselling and Repeat Selling

After a new customer buys, do you do any sort of follow up activities? You’ve
gotten over the enormous hump of convincing them to buy. If you don’t go back for
a second helping, you’re leaving money on the table. Implement a solid customer
relationship management strategy so that you can maximise the profitability of
each new relationship.

Consistent and Productive Online Activities

Do you have a business blog? It’s a great way to make sure your site’s traffic
continues to climb. It can do great things for your relationships, too. A blog needs
to be updated regularly (we offer monthly blog writing as part of
our SEO packages!) to help you succeed. If not, it could be limiting your success.
Are you updating your social media accounts? Have they been optimised for SEO?
Have you been analysing your blog traffic and keywords? Do you have a
Facebook fan page?

There are so many things that amount to great results without a great time or
money investment. Have you done a syndicated online press release for that
recent change to your business or new product you just released? If you’re not
doing these sorts of productive online activities, you’re missing out. If you’re not
doing these things because you don’t have time, get some help.

SEO, website analytics, and online marketing activities can be time consuming and
they are often complex. Hire an SEO company like Oracle Digital who serves many
Australian small and medium sized businesses with web design, SEO, and online
marketing services that make a big difference in helping you maximise the
profitability of your website. We help you capitalise on the traffic you’re getting,
help you get more traffic, assist you with marketing to your target customer, and we
regularly research results so we can fine tune. We help you capitalise on what is
working well and we help you continually improve in the areas of traffic, rankings,
and conversions. Let’s chat about your SEO strategy.

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