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					                 Workshop on Ultrasound in Emergency and Critical Care Unit
                                  19th & 20th August 2011
                     Workshop Director: Dr Deepak Govil, Dr Luca Neri

                                     Venue: Medanta Medicity
                          Sector-38, Rajiv Chowk, Gurgaon, Haryana 122001
                                         Phone: 0124 4141414

Day 1: 19th August 2011
Time             Topic                                                               Faculty
                Registration & Pre-course Test

                Point-of-care US in Emergency and Critical Care: empowering life
                support protocols worldwide
                Critical ultrasound techniques: image, generation, acquisition,
                interpretation & administration.
                Assessment: Obstruction/atelectasia, tracheal displacement and
                lesions, emphysema, Prandial status.

                Procedures: ETT, crico-tyrodotomy, tracheo-tomy/-stomy.

                Management: Airways Protocols & Interactive Cases
                Assessment: Pleural effusion, alveolar consolidation, interstitial
                syndrome, pneumothorax. Diaphagm impairment.
                Procedures: Needle aspiration, thoraco-centesis, chest tube
                Management: Respiratory Protocols & Interactive Cases

                Tea / Coffee Break

                Assessment: Introduction to echocadiography, Cardiac and caval
                vein window.
                Assessment: Critical hemodynamic assessment: heart morphology/
                performance/filling state, pericardial effusion/tamponade, caval
                vein variations.

                Assessment: Thrombo-embolic discase: deep venous thrombosis,
                pulmonary embolysm.
                Management: Cardio-circulatory Protocols & Interactive Cases [
                FEEL, FATE, L/H/CV ]



                US HANDS-ON & SIMULATION:
                [ human models, phantoms & ultrasound simulator ]
                Machine orientation.
                Signs & patterns, sono-anatomy.
                Airways, Breaching, Circulation.
               Session Closure

DAY 2 20th August 2011

Time           Topic                                                             Faculty

               Review, Debriefing, Q/A

               Assessment: Peritoneal effusion: FAST window.

               Assessment: N/ retro-pcritoncal, parcnchymal and soft tissuc
               Assessment: Abdominal & thoracic aortic aneurysm: detection,
               measurement, N/ dissection and rupture.
               Assessment: O&G emergencies: ectopic vs intrauterine,
               retroplacentar haematoma, placenta previa.
               Fetus: movements heart beat, position, presentation
               Procedures: Defibrillation, TC & IV pacing.
               Pericardiocentesis, pleurocentsis.
               Paracentesis, DPL, laparotomy
               Procedures: Peripheral & central venous catheterization.
               Management: Cardio-circulatory protocols & Interactive Cases
               [FAST, EFAST, FAST-ABCDE, L/H/CV]
               Tea / Coffee Break
               Assessment: Optic nerve sheath/disc, pupil assessment (+midline
               cervical fracture, neonatal assessment).
               Management: Neurological Protocols & Interactive Cases [US-NEU]
               US ABCDE Primary Management:
               - US Trauma Life Support [US-TLS]
               - US Advanced Cardiac Life Support [US-ACLS]
               - US-Triage & US-EMS/HEMS
               Concepts on Head-to-Toes
               Secondary Management & Monitoring:
               - Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Limbs
               - Assessment, treatment, monitoring, and follow-up

               Ultrasound education and development:
               WINFOCUS global initiative for PHC, EM and CCM


               US HANDS-ON & SIMULATION:
               [human models, phantoms & ultrasound simulator]
               Circulation, Disability, Dyspnea, Shock, Coma
               US Trauma Life Support [US-TLS]
               US Advanced Cardiac Life Support [US-ACLS]
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