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					                        Benewah Medical Center
                 Job Description/Performance Evaluation

I.     POSITION: Network Administrator - This is an exempt position, serving Indian
       and non-Indian patients/clientele/and users.
II.    QUALIFICATIONS: Minimum of five (5) years experience with Transport
       Communication (TCP)/Internet Protocol (IP) network architectures, design and
       deployment required. Knowledge and understanding of a variety of Wide Area
       Network (WAN), Wireless and Stored Area Network (SAN) technologies
       required. Knowledge and experience in configuring and maintain Cisco network
       devices (router, switches and PIX systems (or like system)) required. Cisco
       certification (e.g. CCDA, CCDP, CCSP or CCNA) preferred. Bachelor’s Degree
       in Computer Science or related field required. Five (5) years recent, relevant
       experience required.
          a. Strong knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server Administration and
             experience in SQL programming.
          b. Strong knowledge of Microsoft products and Windows 2003/2008 Server
             operating systems including Active Directory and Exchange 2003,
             security and file permissions.
          c. Ability to summarize analytical results graphically and numerically
             in Crystal Reports, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
          d. Proficient and demonstrated use of database reporting tools for data
             manipulation, data extraction, merging of large, complex data from variety
             of sources.
          e. Prior experience with health-related databases. (NextGen preferred)
          f. Experience with data storage, RAID configurations and backups using
             CommVault experience a plus.
          g. Exposure to Microsoft IIS, DNS, DHCP.
          h. Exposure to Cisco VPN, WLAN and Firewalls.
          i. HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and prior web site development
             experience a plus.
          j. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
          k. Strong problem-solving skills and flexibility to adapt to changing
                                  Benewah Medical Center
                           Job Description/Performance Evaluation

                     a. Possesses demonstrated ability to perform as a team player.
                     b. Maintains positive peer relationships and provides assistance in a friendly,
                        helpful manner to all patients, visitors and staff.
                     c. Possesses the ability to work independently, is detail oriented, organized, and
                        works under pressure. Meets deadlines.
                     d. Must have consistent work attendance record.
                     e. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity.
                     f. Ability to communicate orally and in writing in a professional, courteous
                        and effective manner both within and outside the Medical Center.
                     g. Understands and practices confidentiality.
       V.         SUPERVISION: The Network Administrator reports to the Information
                  Technology Manager.
             a. Hearing: within normal limits with or without use of corrective hearing devices.
             b. Vision: adequate to read 12-point type with or without use of corrective lenses.
             c. Must be able to verbally interact with staff, clients and public.
             d. Manual dexterity of hands/fingers for writing, computer input.
             e. Able to lift up to _50_ lbs.
             f. Standing _50__% of the day.
             g. Walking _50__% of the day.
             h. Pushing, up to __80__lbs.
             i. Pulling, up to _80__lbs.

Executive Director Approval:                                      Date:

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                                    Benewah Medical Center
                             Job Description/Performance Evaluation

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities outlined below are to be rated on a                   YES/NO
“Yes/No” scale; indicating meets/does not meet the outlined responsibility. Essential
responsibilities are evaluated at end of Introduction Period (initial 90 days) and annually on
employee’s anniversary date
Customer Service                     1. Maintains a positive peer relationship and performs as a
                                        team player.
                                     2. Plans and prioritizes to maintain a time and attendance
                                        record which complies with BMC policy.
                                     3. Provides excellent internal and external customer
                                        service assistance, providing knowledgeable and
                                        appropriate information to customers.
                                     4. Works independently in a very detail oriented manner,
                                        and meet deadlines.

Organizational Values: Employee      1.   Care and Compassion
Demonstrates the values of           2.   Respect
Benewah Medical Center and
                                     3.   Sharing
Wellness Center
                                     4.   Professionalism
                                     5.   Confidentiality
                                     6.   Collaboration and Teamwork
                                     7.   Progressiveness

Time and Attendance                  1. Employee reports to work timely
                                     2. Employee utilizes breaks and meal periods to
                                        care for personal business outside of the work
                                     3. Employee completes work assignments in a
                                        timely manner and appropriately exits the work
                                        area in a timely manner
                                     4. Employee appropriately utilizes Novatime Time
                                        and Attendance for clocking in and out;
                                        scheduling absences in advance when possible
                                     5. Employee is available for scheduled work shifts
                                        regularly and communicates absence to
  Revised 10-2011                               -3-
                                        Benewah Medical Center
                                 Job Description/Performance Evaluation
                                               supervisor in a timely manner if unavailable.

Licensure, Certification and              1. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
Employee Health and                       2. Hepatitis B
                                          3. TB Skin Test
                                          4. Influenza (optional)
                                          5. Tetanus (optional)
                                          6. License A (per position qualifications – please list)
                                          7. License B (per position qualifications – please list)
                                          8. Certification A (per position qualifications –
                                             please list)
                                          9. Certification B (per position qualifications –
                                              please list)

                  General Comments Regarding Performance of Essential Responsibilities:

 Major Duties and Responsibilities outlined below will be rated annually on the employee’s anniversary
  date. Ratings will be completed on a 1-5 scale, with the scale outlined below. Performance may be
     evaluated at the discretion of the supervisor of the position if necessary and/or appropriate.
                                      Rating Scale:
5=      Superior Performance – Performance consistently far exceeds expectations of the position.
        Almost all job related activities were done in an outstanding manner. (There should be very few
        individuals qualified for this rating.)

4=      Very Good Performance – Performance consistently meets and may exceed expectations.
        Consistently contributes more than his/her share.

3=      Satisfactory Performance – Satisfactory performance on all assigned responsibilities.
     Revised 10-2011                                  -4-
                                        Benewah Medical Center
                                 Job Description/Performance Evaluation
2=      Marginal Performance – Performance satisfactory, but not in all areas of major responsibilities.
        Needs further development and improvement to perform at satisfactory level.

1=      Poor Performance – Performance does not meet the requirements of the position. If
        performance does not improve after a reasonable period of time, the employee should be
        reassigned or terminated.

Assist Information Technology             1.       Works well with all departments to maintain
Manager with all responsibilities                  existing and future network needs and support
associated with Network                            individual business applications.

                                          2.       Provides expert and creative solutions to user
                                                   problems in a very small team environment.

                                          3.       Analyze and assess computer/network
                                                   architecture requirements and recommend
                                                   optimum cost-effective solutions to the IT

                                          4.       Setup hardware components and install
                                                   appropriate software on mobile devices and
                                                   staff computers.

                                          5.       Prepare infrastructure redesign for IT, present
                                                   and future growth

                                          6.       Implements upgrades to windows servers and
                                                   departmental communication interfaces.

                                          7.       Maintain and report HIPAA Security rules as
                                                   part of the Risk Analysis Project

                                          8.       Run SQL Server maintenance and create SQL
                                                   Programming change as needed.

                                          9.       Maintain Active Directory Structure and
                                                   associated security and file roles with Policies
                                                   when applicable.

                                          10.      Create analytical reports and update/maintain
                                                   all report functions associated to report server
                                                   and other data sources

                                          11.      Proven ability to deploy and support Electronic
                                                   Health Record database and updates

                                          12.      Create and maintain server backups and
                                                   redundancy ensuring stability and data integrity
                                                   are not compromised. Report to IT Manager if
                                                   a breach has been detected and take the
                                                   appropriate measures to resolve the intrusion.

                                          13.      Submit monthly reports to IT Manager with
     Revised 10-2011                                   -5-
                                 Benewah Medical Center
                          Job Description/Performance Evaluation
                                      detailing deadline delays and project status.

                                14.   Update Web Intranet/Internet and document
                                      changes as needed
                                15.   Abides by IT department policies for attendance
                                      and availability for schedule changes as needed

Customer Service                1.    Answer technical questions related to network or
                                      system by staff, members and/or patients.
                                2.    Interacts with staff, members and patients in a
                                      professional manner.

Policies and Procedures         1.    Abides by BMCWC Policies and Procedures; seeks
                                      answers to questions that may arise.

                                2.    Maintains knowledge of HIPAA standards and
                                      security requirements.

Other                           1.    Performs other duties that may be necessary in the
                                      best interest of the organization as directed by the
                                      Information Technology Manager.

  Revised 10-2011                        -6-
                                 Benewah Medical Center
                          Job Description/Performance Evaluation



I understand that by signing this review, I am not indicating agreement with the rating, but I am
acknowledging that my supervisor has reviewed and discussed this performance evaluation with me.

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