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Program Revision Description 2


              Description                                                Grow Pittsburgh Responsibility    School Responsibility
TOOLKIT        Lesson Plans aligned to the state standards in Science    Develops and markets toolkit     Responsible for purchasing
                 and grouped into three seasonal units                    Lending library for schools        toolkit
                 o Two 45-minute lessons per week for 32 weeks              within Pittsburgh               Responsible for identifying
                 o The three units span an entire year, except            Provides seedlings and seeds       where garden programming
                     December and January                                 Updates planting schedules         will be housed (e.g. within
                      Unit 1: Patterns & Preparation (Sep thru Nov)      Restocks consumable                science) and amount of time
                      Unit 2: Soil and Technology (Feb thru Mar)           supplies?                         garden will be used (e.g. as
                      Unit 3: Food and Ecology (April thru June)                                             substitute for other modules
                 o All special garden tasks (e.g. preparing the soil,                                         or piecemeal to augment
                     planting seeds) are embedded into the units.                                             current modules)
               Videos                                                                                      Teachers teach the lessons
                 o Instructional Videos for Teachers
                 o Classroom Shorts to introduce new topic/activity
               Resource Guide
                 o Garnering support for the garden
                 o Specifications for a garden and how to install it
                 o Crop list and information on each crop
                 o Instructions for regular garden procedures (i.e.
                     weeding, watering, trellising, harvesting)
               A standardized set of tools (e.g. four spading forks,
                 four scuffle hoes, 25 transplanter/trowels)
               Updated Planting Schedules and Seed Lists
GARDEN         The Garden Coordinator performs these tasks:                Trains Garden Coordinator        Identifies Garden Coordinator
COORDINATOR      o Maintains communication between all parties               during Year One                  GC will need a corps of
                 o Organizes volunteers for ongoing maintenance             Consults regarding garden         volunteers to do much of the
                 o Facilitates whole-school and community events             procedures during Year Two        work (e.g. parents to care for
                 o Coordinates distribution of produce                                                         garden over summer)
               Est. hours per school per week (Mar – Oct): 6
               Could be a volunteer position across several schools
TEACHER        On-going Professional Development for pre-service           Provides all training and        Requires teachers to obtain
TRAINING         and in-service teachers                                     consultation                      Garden PD
                 o Year One: Regular PD and Classroom visits                Can be contracted for PD at
                 o Year Two: Occasional consultation                         retirement of teacher(s)

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