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Microbes   Bacteria   Viruses   Defenses   Taking Action

Q $100      Q $100     Q $100    Q $100     Q $100

Q $200      Q $200     Q $200    Q $200     Q $200

Q $300      Q $300    Q $300    Q $300      Q $300

                                           Final Jeopardy
$100 Question from H1

How many microbes are there?
$100 Answer from H1

$200 Question from H1

Name 2 microbes we discussed.
$200 Answer from H1

Bacteria & Viruses
$300 Question from H1
$300 Answer from H1
$100 Question from H2

What is bacteria?
$100 Answer from H2

Can grow and multiply best in
environments like: the human body,
warm, dark, moist, and nutrient-rich
places. They do best in wounds,
where medicines can’t reach them.
Ordinary soap makes bacteria
slippery so it is easy to wash off with
$200 Question from H2

When is it necessary to get a tetanus
$200 Answer from H2

What is stepping on a nail.
       $300 Question from H2

Name two other bacteria’s that are harmful if
not treated by doctors.
    $300 Answer from H2

What is tuberculosis, and lyme disease
$100 Question from H3

Mainly bits of a genetic material that
can invade living cells-even bacterial
$100 Answer from H3

What is a virus.
$200 Question from H3

What is an example of a reoccurring
$200 Answer from H3

What is Chicken pox-shingles
$300 Question from H3

Name other pathogens to viruses.
$300 Answer from H3

 Fungi (yeasts, molds)-athletes
 foot; Protozoa-single celled
 creatures that cause diarrhea &
 other illnesses; Pinworms (infect
 intestines of young children) and
 head lice are also common and
 easily cured.
$100 Question from H4

White cells help fight off infection.
What is their scientific name?
$100 Answer from H4

$200 Question from H4

What produces salt and acid & what
barrier is more defensive-skin or body
    $200 Answer from H4

What is skin. What is body membrane.
$300 Question from H4

Name 5 of the body’s defenses.
$300 Answer from H4

What is
•The Body’s Membranes
•Components of the Immune System
•How the Immune System Fights Back
$100 Question from H5

What are some ways you can
take action to prevent infectious
      $100 Answer from H5

What is
•Keep immunizations up to date.
•Take care of your immune system
•Balanced diet
•Alcohol & other drugs are toxic to immune system,
weakening resistance.
•Less stress
$200 Question from H5

What are symptoms of food
$200 Answer from H5

If you have abdominal cramps,
headache, vomiting, diarrhea,
and a fever
$300 Question from H5

What are 3 rules how your food
should be prepared.
     $300 Answer from H5
1. Keep hot food hot; if foods have been standing at room
   temperature for a long time they are probably spoiled.
2. Keep cold food cold; 2hrs or more is too long for cold
   foods to sit out.
3. Eat only foods that have been prepared and served on
   clean surfaces and clean hands. Avoid foods served
   with utensils that previously touched raw meats or are
   dirty from others.
                Final Jeopardy
Describe how your body fights off infection.

*hint* There was a specific slide that talked about certain cells
sending and receiving messages etc….
Final Jeopardy Answer

If an enemy is spot the T cells sends out an alert-
your B cells respond by making antibodies to
destroy the invader. There are other antibodies
we call scavenger cells that will eat the rest of the
invader. Memory cells will ‘remember’ the
invader for next time so it will be quickly


• atherosclerosis
                          Column 5 300

• Name three diseases affected by cholesterol

• Atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart
  attack, stroke
                          Column 5 400

• Substances that can cause cancer

• carcinogens
                         Column 5 500

• Two ways to reduce your chance of getting
  a non-comm. disease

• Regular exercise, avoid excess sunlight,
  healthful habits, balanced diet, avoid
  tobacco products
          Here is your chance to

           double your money.
  You can bet it all or any part of it.
       If you you have less than a
     thousand dollars you may bet
 up to one thousand. But be careful,
  if you answer incorrectly you will
lose the amount which you wagered.
 Fire   The Body Haz-mat   Brush   Potpourri

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400 400 400 400 400
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