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									                              Checking Out Eschol Park

The name of this Sydney suburb is actually a misnomer, the original spelling of the name
being changed through confusion and given permanent status by the Geographical Names
Board. It was originally spelled Eshcol by the owner of the land at the time after a biblical
location. Once an area of vineyards it was devastated by a disease that brought an end to
the wine making industry and dairy cattle became the main focus of the area. This
continued until the 1970’s when housing developments required land and the beginning of a
suburb emerged. Due to its early winemaking history the streets have been named after
different wines.

This Sydney suburb is located 60 km south west of the city CBD, and was established in
1978 and has a population of nearly 3,000 residents. In the early 1980s a sports complex
was opened in the area followed by a primary school in 1985. The main house of the old
estate, named Eschol Park House, is now heritage listed and used as a venue for weddings
and business functions. It is a grand old building surrounded by landscaped gardens and
neatly manicured lawns, a popular setting for newlyweds to be and a prime piece of real
estate Liverpool. As well as the primary school, Eschol Park has its own kindergarten and
child care centre with others located close by in neighbouring suburbs. It also has a wine
shop for those who like a nightcap.

Medical care can be found in neighbouring suburbs clinics, and you will have to venture
there for veterinary care as well. Happily the suburbs are all close by so it is only a short
drive. Rail transport is available in neighbouring suburbs and can be reached by car or bus.
Not a lot of infrastructure is to be found in this suburb and this is not surprising as it is
another of the younger additions to Sydney. As time moves on and people move in this of
course will all change. If you are thinking of moving to this area then check with a real
estate Sydney agency to get an idea of what there is that meets your needs.

Together with the sports complex there are a couple of parks, (called reserves), that can be
set as your weekend destination, depending on whether you wish to be active or just chill
out and enjoy a quiet picnic. In time to come there is sure to be more information about
this suburb listed online for all to see.

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