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									                   Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
        Business-to-business solutions for e-government

David Bennett, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
 Cyclone Commerce Presentation

              Corporate Overview
              Market leadership
              Real customers with real solutions
              e-government solutions

                                      Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
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 Our Focus

           Cyclone is the leading provider of
           next generation Collaborative Commerce solutions

           •   Established in 1996, products in market since 1999
           •   Vision to “simply connect” businesses over the Internet
           •   Proven Fortune 500 leadership team
           •   Hundreds of enterprise customers, thousands of endpoints
           •   Nearly two dozen strategic partner alliances

                                          Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
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 Market Penetration

           Cyclone customers are industry leaders and influencers

                                       Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
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 Why is This Critical

       It Is a Non-Manageable Mess

                                                                                                                         At least 15 different means
                                                                                                                          by which companies
                                                                                                                          collaborate with other
                                                Financial Institutions
                             Carriers                                                    Shippers

           Portals                                                                                       Forwarders
                                                            IP VPN
                                                                                                                         No manageability or visibility

                            VAN1                                                 Internet
                                                                                                                         Cost to maintain disparate
                                                                                                                          infrastructure is millions
                                                                                 FTP          Web

  BtoB                                                                                                                   TCO per collaboration can
  Chaos               EDI          EDI          EDI
                                                           Application    Application
                                                                                               Manage-                    be significantly improved
                                                           Integration      Server

                     Financial                    Legacy                   CRM

                                   Legacy                      Ops                       DB

                                                                       Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
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 Centralized B2B Gateway is the Solution
      “1000’s of partners each with their own unique requirements …”

                                                              Financial Institutions

                                        Carriers                                                      Shippers

                  Portals                                                                                            Forwarders


                                                                         Application    Application
                             EDI             EDI             EDI                                           Manage-
                                                                         Integration      Server

                            Financial                           Legacy                   CRM

                                              Legacy                           Ops                    DB

                                                         Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
10/06/03                                               Proprietary and Confidential
 What the Market is Saying about Cyclone

           Cyclone is the recognized market leader

           •   "More than 100 enterprise interviews support the demand for inter-enterprise
               connection and collaboration, an emerging space for which Cyclone
               Commerce is the clear leader.“

           •   “Cyclone’s ambitious move to offer a management platform shows vision,
               and may generate revenue further distinguishing them from their competitors.
               Their rating is positive.”

           •   “Cyclone is a breath of fresh air for those trying to synchronize with their
               partners in the value chain.”

           •   “Scaling rapidly, and integrating disparate IT infrastructures remains a key
               roadblock to success. This is what Cyclone does well.”

                                           Cyclone Commerce, Inc.
10/06/03                                 Proprietary and Confidential
Real Customers, Real Challenges,
                  Real Solutions
Procter & Gamble – Customer-Driven Network
                             $115B multi-national conglomerate markets
                              250+ products to 5Billion consumers in 130

                             Chose Cyclone as its Collaborative Commerce
                              gateway to replace Connect Mailboxes with

                             Gained better control over its Value Chain;
                              saved $Millions in VAN/mailbox/infrastructure

                             Converted 20% of all trading partners to
                              Cyclone; represent 80% of their traffic flows
                              (over 2.5M transactions annually)

                             Transactions represent $25-$30 Billion in
                              annual revenues
DHL – Real-time Service Network
                            One of the world’s largest logistics and delivery

                            Up to 200K B2B transactions
                             per day

                            Consolidating all B2B strategies and
                             standardizing on Cyclone for TDN and Value
                             Chain Management Apps

                            Strategic goals are to –
                                 Become easiest to do business with;
                                 Increase customer self-service;
                                 Gain marketshare;
                                 Consolidate globally;
                                 Improve customer service

                            Migrating existing customers to Cyclone (5,000
                             +); migrating EDI VAN customers (300+);
                             mandating all new customers use Cyclone
HP – Real-Time Global Collaboration
                                  $45+B leading technology solutions
                                   provider for consumers and

                                  Compaq (HP) uses Cyclone as the
                                   backbone of their Transaction
                                   Delivery Network

                                  Connected first four partners in
                                   Taiwan in four days and saved $50K

                                  Achieved an ROI in less than 60 days
                                   and has saved $Millions in VAN

                                  Manages 10M+ collaborative
                                   transactions per year via the Cyclone

                                  Reduced order cycle times, improved
                                   flexibility for customers, and furthered
                                   RosettaNet initiatives
Owens & Minor – Value Chain Visibility

                               O&M is the largest distributor of name brand
                                medical/surgical equipment in the US

                               Chose Cyclone to cut VAN expenses and
                                further leverage collaborative relationships
                                with key suppliers and customers

                               Reduced VAN costs by over 90% for its
                                $7B+ in transactions

                               Converted majority of key
                                customers/partners; 100s more in
                                conversion process

                               Process and manage over 10M transactions
                                per year through its TDN gateway

                               Moving toward strategic visibility across the
                                Value Chain
McKesson – One McKesson
                         $50B+ company with extremely tight margins;
                          needed way to consolidate and control
                          collaborations across their Value Chain

                         Needed HIPAA and E-222 compliance

                         Using Cyclone to replace expensive VANs, plus
                          transfer administrative and clinical data between
                          trading partners

                         Standardizing and consolidating all B2B
                          strategies and operations around Cyclone’s

                         Connecting and controlling inter-divisional
                          collaborative transactions across all business

                         70K transactions per day
e-government solutions
e-government overview

   Capabilities
       e-submission for regulatory compliance
       Web services management
       e-authentication
       PKI and digital signature management framework
       Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
   Examples
       e-submissions by pharmaceutical manufacturers and
        other clinical trials participants to FDA, EMEA and
        Ministry of Health (Japan) via Cyclone Clinical Trials
        Lifecycle Management Solution
       Centralizing B2B Gateway for USPS using Cyclone
        Central and Cyclone Transaction Director
    Use Case: Regulatory Compliance

    EU and FDA Government Mandate
        Deliver Adverse Events Reports from pharma
         companies and test labs to government agencies
    EU Gateway built on Cyclone Central
    Routes from EMEA to each country’s health agency
        B2B interoperability, message-level security,
         content based routing, reliable messaging
        Required real-time message tracking, audit,
G2B Product Alignment

                      B2B Management Platform

                                                 Vertical Applications
                    Analytics and Intelligence
Event Management


                       Activity Monitoring

                     B2B Gateway Solutions

                   Trading Partner Management
Product Overview
B2B Gateway: Guided Community & Partner Management

        Easy access to all aspects of community and partner settings
            Contact Information
            Protocol, Integration Configuration Settings
            Message Routing Rules
            Security

       Community & Partner based
        collaboration rule management

       Context sensitive task & drill down
            Quickly navigate between
             configuration and activity
            Minimize training and
             support costs
            Remotely administer partner
             and community settings
    B2B Gateway: Flexible & Intuitive B2B Message Management
     Customizable Message Searching
         Configurable search criteria and results presentation
         Search criteria includes: Trading Partner, Time Span, Message Status
         User definable column selection and layout

    Context sensitive tasks &
     drill down navigation
           Drill down to specific
            message details
           Rapid issue
           Graphical
            representation of B2B
            message activity
Director: Transaction Lifecycle Visibility
   Customizable Transaction Lifecycle Searching & Analysis
       User specific search criteria and results presentation
       Search criteria includes user definable metadata such as: Trading Partner, Time Span, Message
       User definable column selection and layout

   Context sensitive task & drill
    down navigation
       Drill down to specific
        transaction details
       Rapid issue identification
       Graphical representation
        of transaction lifecycle
       Access transaction
        payload in a format that is
        appropriate for the user
Event Director: Advanced Alerting/Event
View Executive Dashboard for Hot Spots
Simplify Objective Management with “Test Firing”

View Operational Dashboard for Stocking Positions

Guide Analysis and Collaborate to Resolve
Early Access Technology: RFID In
a G2B Context

     Interchange                                                  Director
                           WSDL EPC
                                             Location               Director
       Business Doc           DB
                                             Services              BP-Aware        Portal
          Events            services

                                                                  (SIP UAC/S)
        Publisher                                                               Presentation
       (SIP UAC/S)

                                        Proxy                     Topic Mgmt
                                                                   & Access
                                       Services                     Services

  EPC Read    XML PC   Savant 1.0                   (SIP UAC/S)

 Warehouse shelf       plant    dock
Demonstration Use Case:
Item-level Tracking w/RFID

                                          Warehouse 19

                                                            15 17

                                              14 16
                                                                       18 20
                        Warehouse 12

                                                                                                    19 21 23 25   27
                             8 10 12
                                                         9 11 13       22 24 26


                Warehouse 12     Warehouse 19     Truck 915         Truck 397         Store 251
        Item                                      9. On carrier                                        Agency
                8. Depart                                                             23. Arrival
        1                                         22. Off carrier
        Item                                      11. On carrier
                10. Depart                                                            25.Arrival
        2                                         24. Off carrier
        Item                                      13. On carrier                      Item qty
                12. Depart
        3                                         26. Off carrier                     mismatch
        Item                                                        15. On carrier
                                 14. Depart                                           19. Arrival
        4                                                           18. Off carrier
        Item                                                        17. On carrier
                                 16. Depart                                           21. Arrival
        5                                                           20. Off carrier
Cyclone Director –
Lifecycle View for RFID Tracking
Thank you
   Cyclone Commerce, Inc.                 GSA Contract # GS35F0029L
    8388 E. Hartford Drive, Suite 100
    Scottsdale, AZ 85255
    480 627-1800 (main)
    480 627-1801 (fax)

   Contact: Dave Bennett
    480 627-1810

   Presenter: Lloyd Kurth
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