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Abdulian, D. H., and Sherrod, T. R.                                       Barbiturates, see Pentobarbital
     Atrolactamide : Its absorption,                      die             Bardhanabaedya,   S., see Green, H. D., 11&
     tribution and excretion, 439                                         Baker, J. M., see Baker, W. W., 132
Abstracts,     Charlottesville           meeting,    1                    Baker, W. W., and Baker, J. M. Effects of
Acetate, fluoro-, see Fluoroacetate                                           epinephrine, norepinephrine, and acetyl
Acetylcholine, effect of, on electrogram of                                   choline on the electrogram of the iso
    frog heart, 132                                                               lated    frog heart,             132
Adrenergic drugs, effects of, on blood flow                               BAL, see Dimercaprol
    before and after adrenergic blockade,                                 Behavior, use of pigeon pecking performance
    115                                                                       to determine changes induced by drugs,
Alcohol, see Ethanol                                                          393
Aldous, R. A., see Loewe, S., 475                                         Bioassay,         of diuretics,           140
Amides, metabolism of, by serum, 272                                      Bishop, J. G., see Richardson,                            A. W., 200
Aminophylline, bioassay of diuretic potency                               Boniface,        K. J., Brown,                 J. M., and Kronen,
    in congestive failure, 140                                                    P. 5. Influence of some inhalation
Analgesic     drugs, distribution          of C-14 labeled                        anesthetic   agents on the contractile
     codeine, methadone and morphine, 283                                         force of the heart, 64
Anesthetics,      general,       effect on myocardial                     Bonnycastle,                D. D., see Costa,                P. J., 310
     contractility, 64                                                    Boyd, C. E., see Boyd, E. M., 299
  local, irritation by, anterior chamber in                               Boyd, E. M., Cassell, W. A., Boyd, C. E.,
       jection s test  for,421                                                and Miller, J. K. Inhibition     of the
  local, see Procaine                                                         apomorphine-induced     vomiting   syn
Antemetics, antihistamines as, 299                                            drome by antihistaminic agents, 299
Anticholinesterase    drugs, congeners                         of         Brodie, B. B., see Burns, J. J., 481
     neostigmine as, 206                                                    see Shore, P. A., 192
Anticonvulsant          drugs , atrolactamide,            fate            Bromide,            sodium, effect on audiogenic
     of in body, 439                                                          seizures, 58
  combinations,             phenobarbital           and        di         Brown, B. T., Ranger, D., and Wright, S. E.
        phenylhydantoin,      tests of, 359                                   Excretory   products  of lanatoside   C and
  effect on audiogenic      seizures, 58                                      digitoxin in the rat, 383
Antidiuresis,     morphine-produced,        physi                         Brown, J. M., see Boniface,     K. J., 64
     ology of, 431                                                        Burns, J. J., Rose, R. K., Goodwin, S.,
Antihistamines       , as epinephrine           sensitizers,                  Reichenthal,   J., Horning,    E., and
     228                                                                      Brodie, B. B. Metabolic fate of phenyl
  inhibition       of     vomiting        by,    review        of             butazone (Butazolidin) in man, 481
       series, 299                                                        Butanediol,                1,4-,2,3-diethyl,             effects   of on
  pharmacology            of a series,    72                                      succinoxidase system, 401
Apomorphine-induced       vomiting, inhibition                            Butazolidin, see Phenylbutazone
     of, by antihistamines, 299                                           Butler, T. C. Metabolic demethylation        of
Arfonad,     renal hemodynamic        response                                3,5 - dimethyl-5-ethyl 2,4 - oxazolidine
     after, 383                                                                   dione     (paramethadione,                 Paradione),          178
Arora, R. B., see Krayer, 0., 446                                         —¿,   and     Waddell,            W.     J.    Pharmacological

Arterenol, effect of, on blood flow, before                                       comparison              of the optical                isomers     of
     and during adrenergic blockade, 115                                          5-ethyl-S-methyl-2,4-oxazolidinedione
  effect of, on electrogram of frog heart, 132                                    and of 3, 5-dimethyl-5-ethyl-2,                            4-oxa
Atrolactamide, absorption, distribution and                                       zolidinedione (paramethadione,                              Para
     excretion of, 439                                                            dione), 238
Atropine, tachyphylaxis to, in intestine, 319
Audiogenic seizures, effect on, of anticon                                Cardiac glycosides, see Glycosides, cardiac
    vulsant      drugs,     58                                            Cardiac pharmacology,     action of ethanol
Axelrod, J., see Shore, P. A., 192                                            on coronary circulation of dog, 414
492                                                                   INDEX

   action     of veratramine             on impulse         genera        Curry, J. H., Jr., see Okita, G. T., 376
        tion in dog heart, 446                                            Cyclopropane,   effect on myocardial con
   anti-arrhythmic action of new SC corn                                        tractility, 64
        pounds, 402
   blood levels of C―-digitoxinin patients                              Deal, C. P., Jr., see Green, H. D., 115
           with     cardiac      failure,    376                          Dearborn,        E. H., see White, C. W., Jr., 470
   cardiac effects of N-(4-rnethoxybenzyl)-                               Denison,     A. B., Jr., see Green,     H. D., 115
           isoquinolinium            chloride,       125                  Dews, P. B. Studies on behavior. I. Differ
   effect of anesthetics on contractile force                                   ential sensitivity to pentobarbital of
        of heart, 64                                                            pecking performance    in pigeons de
   effects of epinephrine,     arterenol   and                                  pending on the schedule of reward, 393
        acetylcholine on electrogram of frog                              Digitoxin,       C'4 labeled,   blood   levels   of in
        heart, 132                                                              patients with cardiac failure, 376
   mechanism       of vasomotor     action   of                              excretory products of, in rat, 353
       veratrurn alkaloids, 100                                           Dilantin, see Diphenyihydantoin
   periodic activity of SA node produced by                               Dimercaprol, effect of, on action of mer
       veratramine, 460                                                        curial diuretics, 256
Caasell,     W. A., see Boyd,               E. M., 299                    3, 5-Dimethyl-5-ethyl-2,     4-oxazolidinedione,
Central        nervous          system,          action     on,      of        see Paramethadione
      veratrurn alkaloids, 89                                             DiPalma,     J. R. Pharmacology          of N-(4-
   EEG       picture         in isolated         cerebral    cortex            methoxybenzyl)-isoquinolinium            chlo
     of dog poisoned with fluoro-fatty                                         ride, WIN 2173, with particular refer
     aside, 160                                                                ence to its cardiac effects, 125
Chemotherapy,   of poliornyelitis virus,                                  Diphenhydramine,         sensitization     by, to
   phenolic compounds and, 262                                                 epinephrine, 228
Chenoweth, M. B., see Hendershot, L. C.,                                  Diphenylhydantoin,        effect on audiogenic
      160                                                                       seizures, 58
Chloroform,            effect        on myocardial                con         in combination      with phenobarbital,      tests
      tractifity,       64                                                      of, 359
Chlorprophenpyridamine,   pharmacology of,                                Diuresis, anti-, physiology of morphine
    72                                                                        produced, 431
Chlortrimeton,    see Chlorprophenpyrida                                  Diuretics,  mercurial, bioassay of meral
      mine                                                                    luride, 140
Cholinesterases,             inhibition      of, by congenere               mercurial, effect of, on urinary sodium
      of neostigmine, 206                                                          and urine volume, 256
Citrate,     levels     of, in isolated          cerebral    cortex           mercurial,       polarographic       study       of
      of dog poisoned with fluoroacetate, 160                                      mersalyl, 241
Clark, B.              see Levine, R. M., 272                               potency of, bioassay, 140
Codeine, labeled with C-14, distribution of,                              Dripps, R. D., see Spencer, R. W., 421
      283                                                                 Dromoran, metabolism of, in dog, and
Corn, M., Lester, D., and Greenberg, L. A.                                      secretion into gastric juice, 192
      Inhibiting effects of certain drugs on                                  observations on with antagonists, 332
      audiogenic seizures in the rat, 58
Coronary circulation, action on, of ethanol,                              Eckenhoff, J. E., Heirich, M., Hege, M. J.
    in dog, 414                                                                 D., and Jones, R. E. Combination               of
Costa, P. J., and Bonnycastle,                      D. D. Effect                opiate antagonists and opiates for the
      of levallorphan                tartrate,         nalorphine              prevention  of respiratory   depression,
      HC1 and WIN 7681 (1-allyl-4-phenyl-4-                                    332
      carbethoxypiperidine)                   on      respiratory         Elliott, H. W., see Miller, J. W., 283
      depression         and analgesia               induced        by    Emesis, inhibition of, by antihistamines,
      some active analgetics, 310                                               299
Crawford,           J. D.,     and    Pinkharn,         B. Physi          Epinephrine, effect of, on blood flow, be
    ology of morphine antidiuresis, 431                                       fore and during adrenergic blockade,
Curare, action of, see $-Erythroidine                                         115
                                                                          INDEX                                                            493

  effect of, on electrogram of frog heart, 132                                      ischemia         on the blood flow and pe
  sensitization to, by antihistamines,   228                                        ripheral         resistance           of   the       canine
Erythroidine,       d
                 @9, erivatives of, action on                                       mesenteric           vascular        bed    before      and
     neuroeffectors, 212                                                           during adrenergic blockade, 115
Esters, hydrolysis of, in serum, 272                                           Greenberg, L. A., see Corn, M., 58
Ethanol,            effect    of, on coronary               circulation        Greenberg, L. J., see Neufeld, H. A., 401
    of dog, 414                               Greiner, T., Gold, H., Palumbo,   F., War
Ether, effect on myocardial contractility, 64     shaw, L., McGowan, T., Weaver, J.,
5-Ethyl-5-methyl-2,4-oxazolidinedione, and Otto, H. Bioassay of the diuretic
    method for determination in plasma, 178       potency of xanthines and the organic
  production of from paramethadione,      178     mercurials in patients with congestive
     resolution,            178                                                     failure,     140
                                                                               Grossman,        R. G., see Wang, S. C., 100
Farah, A., and Koda, F. Action of mercurial
          diuretics on urinary sodium concentra                                Haley, T. J., and McCormick, W. G. Study
          tion and urine volume, 256                                               of the pharmacological           effects of
—¿â€˜   Koda,       F.,     and     Frazer,         M.     Action       of
                                                                                   Tetrophan     (3 , 4-dihydro-1 , 2-benzacri
          fluoroacetate             on the p-aminohippurate                        dine-5-carboxylic acid), 371
    uptake by renal slices of the dog, 169                                     Handley, C. A., see Moyer, J. H., 383
Fenton, K. J., see Peters, L., 148                                             Hege, M. J. D., see Eckenhoff, J. E., 332
Fluorine,           vasodepressor               action of, 200                 Helrich, M., see Eckenhoff, J. E., 332
Fluoroacetate,                action of, on PAH uptake                         Hemmer, M. L., see Winbury, M. M., 402
       by renal slices of dog, 169                                             Hendershot, L. C., and Chenoweth, M. B.
     convulsions by, in cerebral cortex of dog,                                     Fluoroacetate  and fluorobutyrate   con
                                                                                    vulsions in the isolated cerebral cortex
Fluorobutyrate,                   convulsions by, 160                               of the dog, 160
Ford, L., see Hunter,                    F. E., Jr., 186                       Hepatectomy,            effect     on procaine        distribu
Fox, S. R., see Loewe, S., 475                                                    tion, in dog, 470
Frazer, M., see Farah, A., 169                                                 Hexamethonium, renal hemodynamic re
                                                                                   sponse after, 483
Ganglionic    blockade, by                            congeners           of   Hogben, C. A. M., see Shore, P. A., 192
   $-erythroidine, 212                                                         Horning, E., see Burns, J. J., 481
 renal hemodynamic response to, 383                                            Hunter, F. E., Jr., and Ford, L. Nitrite
Gardocki, J. F., see Hutcheon, D. E., 341                                           formation          by       enzymatic      reaction         of
Geiling, E. M. K., see Okita, G. T., 376                                            mannitol         hexanitrate         with glutathione,
Germerine, vasomotor action of, mecha                                               186
          nism, 100                                                            Hutcheon, D. E., P'an, S. Y., Gardocki,
Germitrine, vasomotor action of, mecha                                             J. F., and Jaeger,                   D. A. Sympatho
    nism, 100                                                                       mimetic          and        other     pharmacological
Glycosides, cardiac, digitoxin, blood levels                                        properties of d12-(l ,2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-l-
          of in patients            with        cardiac     failure,   by           naphthyl)-imidazoline                   (Tetrahydrozo
          C'4 technique, 376                                                       line), 341
    cardiac,         excretory         products            of digitoxin
                                                                               Imidazoline derivatives,    pharmacology of
      and Lanatoside C in rat, 353
                                                                                   tetrahydrozoline,   341
Gold, H., see Greiner, T., 140
                                                                               Isobols, of dose-effect, in drug combina
Goodman, L. S., see Weaver, L. C., 359
                                                                                   tions,      475
Goodwin, S., see Burns, J. J., 481
                                                                               Isopropylarterenol, effect of, on blood flow,
Gray, G. W., and Seevers, M. H. In vivo                                            before and during adrenergic blockade,
          observations on the nature of atropine
          tachyphylaxis  exhibited by intestinal
                                                                               Isoquinolinium,  N-(4-methoxybenzyl)-,
    smooth muscle, 319
                                                                                   pharmacology of, 125
Green, H. D., Deal, C. P., Jr., Bardhana
    baedya, S., and Denison, A. B., Jr.                                        Jaeger, D. A., see Hutcheon, D. E., 34!
    Effects of adrenergic substances and                                       Jandorf,     B. J., see Levin, A. P., 206
    494                                                                    INDEX

    Johnson,       D. G., see Loewe,           S., 475                         Mannitol        hexanitrate,       reaction        with gluta
    Jones,             J. E.,332                                                   thione, 186
                                                                               Matallana, A., see Kosterlitz,                    H. W., 460
    Kandel, A., see Peters, L., 148                                            McCormick,            W. G., see Haley,           T. J., 371
    Killam, K. F., see La.sker, N., 414                                        McGowan, T., see Greiner, T., 140
    Koda, F., see Farah, A., 169, 256                                          Megirian, D., Leary, D. E., and Slater,
    Kost,erlitz, H. W., Krayer, 0., and Matal                                      I. H. Action of some derivatives  of
        lana, A. Studies on veratrum alkaloids.                                    beta-erythroidine  on peripheral                      neuro
          XXII.     Periodic           activity of the               sino          effector systems, 212
          auricular    node           of the denervated                 cat    Meilman, E., see Krayer, 0., 446
          heart caused by veratramine,                        460              Meralluride, synergism with xanthines as
    Kramer, P. E., Robbins, M. L., and Smith,                                      diuretics, 140
       P. K. Phenolic compounds as chemo                                       Mercurial diuretics , see Diuretics , mercurial
          therapeutic          agents against          poliomyelitis           Mersalyl, polarographic      study of -thiol
          virus     in tissue      culture,      262                               complexes and excretory products, 241
    Krayer,        0., Arora, H. B., and Meilman, E.                           Methadone,        labeled       with C-14, distribution
          Studies on veratrum alkaloids. XXI.                                      of, 283
          The action of veratramine upon im                                    N'-methylnicotinamide,   inhibition of renal
          pulse generation            in the dog heart,              446           tubular excretion of, by a basic cyanine
      see Kosterlitz,            H. W., 460                                          dye, 148
    Kronen, P. S., see Boniface, K. J., 64                                     Metrazol,       see Pentylenetetrazole
    Kuriaki, K., and Uchida, T. Antihista                                      Miller, J. K., see Boyd, E. M., 299
          minics         as epinephrine        sensitizers,         228        Miller, J. W., and Elliott, H. W. Rat tissue
                                                                                     levels of carbon-14 labeled analgetics
    LaBelle, A., and Tislow, R. Studies on                                        as related to pharmacological activity,
          prophenpyridamine      (Trimeton)     and                               283
          chlorprophenpyridamine     (Chlor-Trime                              Monoacetin, protection by, against fluoro
          ton), 72                                                                   acetate     poisoning,       160
    Lanatoside C, excretory                     products            of, in     Morphinan     compounds , see                      Levorphan,
        rat, 353                                                                   Levallorphan
    Lasker,        N.,     Sherrod,       T.   R.,     and     Killam,         Morphine,        antidiuresis       by, study          of, 431
@         K. F. Alcohol on the coronary circula                                    effect on audiogenic seizures, 58
          tion of the dog, 414                                                     labeled with C-14, distribution of, 283
    Leary, D. E., see Megirian, D., 212                                       Moyer, J. H., and Handley, C. A. Renal
    Lester, D., see Corn, M., 58                                                 and cardiovascular  hemodynamic  re
    Levallorphan,              effect of, on respiratory                         sponse to ganglionic blockade with
         depression            and analgesia induced     by                          pendiomide          and      a      comparison        with
          some analgetics, 310                                                   hexamethonium and Arfonad, 383
    Levallorphan, observations                    on, singly and              Muhier, J. C., see Richardson, A. W., 200
        in combination, 332                                                   Muller, 0. H., see Weiner, I. M., 241
      respiratory effect of, 250                                              Muscle, smooth, intestinal                  tachyphylaxis         to
    Levin, A. P., and Jandorf,                   B. J. Inactiva                  atropine, 319
         tion of cholinesterase                  by compounds
        related to neostigmine,                  206                           Nalorphine, effect of, on respiratory depres
    Levine, R. M., and Clark,                    B. B. Relation                    sion and analgesia induced by some
        ship between structure                     and in vitro
                                                                                   analgetics, 310
          metabolism of various esters and amides
                                                                               Neogermitrine, vasomotor action of, mecha
        in human serum, 272
                                                                                     nism,     100
    Levorphan, observations on with antago
         nists, 332                                                            Neostigmine,            congeners         of,     as    anticho
      respiratory effect of, 250                                                     linesterases,      206
    Liver, procaine destruction by, and uptake                                 Neufeld, H. A., Greenberg, L. J., and
          by, in dog, 470                                                            Slater,      I.   H.      Effects      of    2,2-diethyl
    Local anesthetics, irritation of, 421                                               3-propanediol            and      2, 3-diethyl          1,4
                                                                   INDEX                                                            495

     l)utanediol           on     the   succinoxidase            sys    Procaine,       distribution           in      normal        and
     tern, 401                                                               hepatectomized dog, 470
Neuromuscular      blockade, by congeners of                               in dog plasma, 470
    $-erythroidine, 212                                                 Procaine amide, anti-arrhythmie                      action of,
Ngai, S. H., see Wang, S. C., 100                                            402
Nicotinamide,     N'-methyl-,  renal tubular                            Propanediol,        1 ,3-, 2,2-diethyl,          effects   of on
    excretion of, inhibition by basic cyanine                               succinoxidase system, 401
    dye, 148                                                            Prophenpyridamine,   pharmacology                       of, 72
Nitrates,           enzymatic      reactions      of, 186               Protoveratrine,          vasomotor      action       of, mecha
Nitrite,        formation          from    mannitol          hexa            nism, 100
    nitrate,    186
Norepinephrine,     see Arterenol                                       Quinidine,      anti-arrhythmic             action     of, 402

()kita, G. T., Talso, P. J., Curry, J. H., Jr.,                         Ranger, D., see Brown, B. T., 353
      Smith, F. D., Jr., and Geiling, E. M. K.                          Reichenthal,        J., see Burns,          J. J., 481
      Blood level studies of C'4-digitoxin in                           Renal pharmacology, action of fluoroacetate
      human subjects with cardiac failure, 376                              on PAH uptake of renal slices of dog,
Otto, H., see Greiner, T., 140                                              169
2, 4-Oxazolidinedione, 3, 5-dimethyl-5-ethyl,                              hemodynamic            response       after       ganglionic
     comparison            of optical     isomers,         238                 blockade,         383
  5-ethyl-S-methyl,                comparison         of optical        Renal tubular     excretion  of N'-methyl
           isomers,       238                                               nicotinamide, inhibition of by a basic
Palumbo, F., see Greiner, T., 140                                       Respiration,        effect     on, of morphinan            corn
P'an, S. Y., see Hutcheon, D. E., 341                                        pounds,       250
Paradione, see Paramethadione                                           Respiratory         depression       , levallorphan          and
Paraldehyde , effect on audiogenic seizures,                                  nalorphine         in, 310
     58                                                                 Richardson,   A. W., Muhier, J. C., and
Paramethadione    , comparison                        of    optical         Bishop, J. G. Vasodepressor response of
     isomers, 238                                                           fluorine administered   orally to dogs, 200
  demethylation,   178                                                  Robbins,    M. L., see Kramer,    P. E., 262
Pendiomide, renal hemodynamic response                                  Rose, R. K., see Burns, J. J., 481
    after, 383
Pentobarbital,    effect of, on pigeon, using
                                                                        Salyrgan,  see Mersalyl
    pecking performance as tool, 393
                                                                        Scheie, H. G., see Spencer, IL W., 421
Pentylenetetrazole , dose-effect , in combina
                                                                        Sedamyl,  effect on audiogenic   seizures, 58
      tion with          trimethadione,         475
                                                                        Sedative drugs, effect on audiogenic seizures,
Perkins, W., see Loewe, S., 475
Peters, L., Fenton, K. J., Wolf, M. L. and
                                                                        Seevers, i@1. ., see Gray, G. W., 319
     Kandel, A. Inhibition    of the renal
                                                                        Seizures, audiogenic,    effect of anticon
     tubular excretion of N'-methylnicotin
                                                                             vulsant drugs,           58
    amide (NMN) by small doses of a basic
                                                                        Serum, metabolism              by, of compounds,            SAR
    cyanine dye, 148
                                                                             and, 272
Phenobarbital, effect on audiogenic seizures,
                                                                        Sherrod, T. R., see Abdulian,                    D. H., 439
                                                                          seeLasker, N.,414
   in combination                with diphenylhydantoin,
                                                                        Shore, P. A., Axeirod, J., Hogben, C. A. M.,
            tests     of, 359
                                                                             and Brodie, B. B. Fate of Dromoran   in
Phenolic            compounds , as chemotherapeutic
                                                                             the dog and its secretion     into the
      agents          against     poliomyelitis        virus,     262
                                                                              gastric   juice,       192
Phenylbutazone,                 metabolites       of, 481
   metabolic           fate in man,       481                           Slater, I. H., see Megirian, D., 212
Pinkham,             B., see Crawford, J. D., 431                          see Neufeld,  H. A., 401
Poliomyelitis   virus,             phenolic compounds              as   Smith, F. D., Jr., see Okita, G. T., 376
     chemotherapeutic                 agents, 262                       Smith, P. K., see Kramer,    P. E., 262
496                                                             INDEX

Sodium, urinary, effect on, of mercurial                            Veratramine, action of, on impulse genera
      diuretics,     256                                                tion in dog heart, 446
Spencer,       R. W., Scheie,       H. G., and Dripps,              Veratramine, periodic activity of SA node
      R. D. Anterior chamber injection in the                             caused by, 460
      rabbit       as a method          for determining                 vasomotor       action of, mechanism,           100
      irritancy      of local    anesthetics,       421             Veratridine, vasomotor action of, mecha
Succinoxidase         system,      effects on, of DEP                   nism, 100
      and DEB, 401                                                  Veratrum alkaloids, action of, on central
Swinyard,         E. A., see Weaver,        L. C., 359                    nervous      system,     89
Swiss, E. D., see White, C. W., Jr., 470                                mechanism       of vasomotor           action of, 100
Sympathomimetic     activity,   tetrahydro                          Vinethene, effect on myocardial contract
    zoline and, 341                                                      ility,   64
                                                                    Vomiting, see Emesis
Tachyphylaxis,           to atropine,           in intestine,
    319                                                             Waddell,      W. J., see Butler,           T. C., 238
Talso, P. J., see Okita, G. T., 376                                 Wang, S. C., Ngai, S. H., and Grossman,
Tanaka, K. Studies on veratrum alkaloids.                              R. G. Mechanism of vasomotor action
      XX.      Actions       of veratrum            alkaloids          of veratrum alkaloids : extravagal sites
      upon the central nervous system of                                 of action of veriloid, protoveratrine,
   mice, 89                                                              germitrine,          neogermitrine,        germerine,
Tenney, S. M., see Thomas, D. V., 250                                    veratridine and veratramine, 100
Tetrahydrozoline, pharmacology of, 341                              Warshaw,        L., see Greiner,       T., 140
Tetrophan, pharmacologic actions of, 371                            Weaver, J., see Greiner, T., 140
Themisone,         see Atrolactamide                                Weaver, L. C., Swinyard, E. A., Woodbury,
Theophylline, bioassay of diuretic potency                               L. A., and Goodman,              L. S. Studies on
      in congestive                                                      anticonvulsant  drug combinations:
                                                                         Phenobarbital and diphenylhydantoin,
Thiol       derivatives,        of mersalyl, polarog
      raphy of, 241                                                 Weiner, I. M., and Muller, 0. H. Polaro
Thomas,      D. V., and Tenney,           S. M. Effect      of           graphic study of salyrgan-thiol   com
      levorphan        and      levallorphan         on   the            plexes and of the excreted products of
      respiratory mechanism of normal man,                               salyrgan,      241
      250                                                           White, C. W., Jr., Dearborn, E. H., and
Tislow,     R., see LaBelle,          A., 72                           Swiss, E. D. Role of the liver in the
Tolserol, effect on audiogenic seizures, 58                              disposition      of procaine      in the dog, 470
Tridione, see Trimethadione                                         Winbury, M. M., and Hemmer, M. L. Action
Trimethadione,         dose-effect,      in combination                  of quinidine,procaineamideand other
      with pentylenetetrazole, 475                                       compounds on experimental atrial and
Trimeton,       see Prophenpyridamine                                    ventricular arrhythmias in the dog, 402
Tyzine, see Tetrahydrozoline                                        Wolf, M. L., see Peters, L., 148
                                                                    Woodbury, L. A., see Weaver, L. C., 359
Uchida,     T., see Kuriaki,          K., 228
                                                                   Wright, S. E., see Brown, B. T., 353
Urine volume, effect on, of mercurial                              Xanthines,        bioassay of diuretic           potency      in
     diuretics,      256                                                 congestive failure, 140

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