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Cycling Ulster AGM Reports

                 Marian Lamb
                                            Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010
Business of the Annual General Meeting – 1st October 2011 – Quinns Corner, Ballygawley

Chairman’s Address – Tommy Lamb

Ordinary Business
    1. To consider the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 30 th October 2010
    2. To receive the Treasurer’s Report and consider the Certified Accounts April 2010 – March
        2011 – Mr. Oliver Hunter will present this report
    3. To make an amendment to the Cycling Ulster Constitution.
         Cycling Ulster propose that Article 8 (a) below
     a. Cycling Ulster's financial year shall end on the 31st day of March in every year (in line with
         Sport NI Financial year), to which day the accounts of Cycling Ulster shall be balanced.
Is amended to read as follows

   a. Cycling Ulster's financial year shall end on the 31st day of December in every year (in line
      with Cycling Ireland’s Financial year), to which day the accounts of Cycling Ulster shall be

  4. To fix the Cycling Ulster membership levy for 2011.
           Cycling Ulster propose that the membership levy remain at €10 per senior rider.
  5. To fix the rider levy on events both competitive and non-competitive events
           Cycling Ulster propose that the levy for competitive events remain at £1 per senior
           Cycling Ulster propose that the levy for Leisure events remains at 50p per senior
              rider with a cap on the maximum payable set at £300.
  6. Reports
           General Financial Report – Marian Lamb
           Secretarial Report – Marian Lamb
           Safeguarding – Patrick McAleavey
           Road Commission – Ryan Connor
           Youth Commission – George Boyd
           MTB – Ciara MacManus
           Track – Anthony Mitchell
           Technical – Martin Lees
           Social Media – John Bann Lavery
           Time Trial Report – Marian Lamb
                      Patrick Withers (Admin Officer)
                      Anthony Mitchell (Part-time Talent Development Officer)
                      Marian Lamb (Part-time Club Development Officer)
   7. To elect 4 Officers to the Executive
   8. Motions
   9. To announce the Club of the Year for 2011
   10. AOB
   Annual Report of David McCall Foundation

Close of Annual General Meeting
                                           Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010

Ordinary Business of 2011 AGM
  1. To consider the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 30th October 2010

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Cycling Ulster – 2010 Scully’s Restaurant, Kildress,
Co. Tyrone

Saturday 30th October 2010 – 1.30pm

Present: Tommy Lamb, Marian Lamb, Oliver Hunter and Anthony Mitchell
Apologies: Patrick McAleavey, Mickey McKenna, Ryan Connor, Ciara MacManus and Geoff Liffey

Tommy Lamb opened the meeting by welcoming all of the delegates. He said all of those present
were clearly interested in improving the sport of Ulster and thanked them and their clubs for
sending representation to the AGM. He then requested a minute’s silence for past members and
also for Mickey McKenna’s (Cycling Ulster Youth Commission Chair) mother, whose funeral had
taken place earlier in the day. He remarked that it will be the first AGM Mickey has missed in many

Chairman’s Address
Tommy Lamb began by commenting on the medal success of the Northern Ireland riders at the
Commonwealth Games, stating that the success in Delhi was evidence that riders in Ulster could
compete with the best in the World and could achieve more if they had access to an indoor
velodrome at home. He also made reference to the continued growth of membership and clubs, in
particular on the leisure side of the sport. He said that Cycling Ulster had become much of a
business type organisation in recent years and commended the hard work of the Executive
members and the part-time employees. He also thanked the various supporters of Cycling Ulster
including the David McCall Foundation, Sport NI as well as the Cycling Ireland board and staff.

Ordinary Business
To consider the minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 17 th October 2009.
The minutes were adopted as a true and accurate account of the 2009 AGM.
Proposed for Acceptance – Michael Murray, Seconded – Maurice McAllister
No Matters Arising

 Treasurer’s Report – Mr. Oliver Hunter
Oliver Hunter provided an overview and a breakdown of the accounts for the previous year. There
was some discussion on the different areas in which money had been spent in 2010, particularly in
reference to the different disciplines. Marian Lamb apologised that a General Finance report had
been left out and stated this would appear on the Cycling Ulster website in a few days. She also
stated that the Executive had tried to have an equal amount spent on the development of men’s
and women’s teams and that Cycling Ulster had entered more teams into races during the 2010
season and provided more support for riders in those races than they had for a number of years.
In relation to Off Road there was financial support given by the paying of the licence fee for access
to the Forests to the Forestry Commission.

Stephen McKenna also asked if there was any planned allocation of financial resources for 2011
yet. Marian Lamb stated that this would be discussed at upcoming Executive meetings and
remarked that going forward while money would be continued to be spent supporting teams and
rider development that there needed also to be more investment in marketing for Cycling Ulster.
Proposed – Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Anthony Mitchell
                                          Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010
To fix the Cycling Ulster membership levy for 2011
    1. Membership levy should remain at €10 per senior member
Proposed Marian Lamb, Seconded – Stephen McKenna

To fix the Cycling Ulster rider levy on competitive and non competitive events
    1. Rider levy should remain at £1 per senior rider at open events
Tommy Lamb pointed out to race organisers that Juniors are not included in the levy and
therefore their race entry fee should reflect this.
Proposed - Dany Blondeel, Seconded - Stephen McKenna

   2. Rider levy should remain at £0.50 for leisure events
      Tommy Lamb commented that leisure events had gained higher interest because of
      publicity they had received on the Cycling Ulster website.
Proposed - Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Maurice McAllister

   3. Cycling Ulster propose that for larger events that a cap is placed on the total levy due for
      that event at £300.

Tommy Lamb congratulated clubs who run many leisure events for charity. To facilitate clubs he
proposed that a cap of £300 be placed on events which attract large numbers.
Proposed by Tommy Lamb, Seconded – Dany Blondeel

Secretary’s Report – Marian Lamb
Marian Lamb began by commenting on the various Executive meetings that had taken place
during the year and remarked that discussions took place following meetings on matters arising by
phone and e-mail. She then provided an overview of the current membership numbers and spoke
about its continued growth. She highlighted Donegal as a prime example where new clubs were
forming on a regular basis.

The area of events was also covered and she said there were many successful events organised in
the province during the year in the different competitive disciplines and in leisure cycling. She
mentioned that due to a lack of support for the Four Masters and North Pole National Classic
League events that these event were now off the calendar for 2011. Jack Watson commented that
the Cycling Ireland Board had recognised the financial loss by some clubs who had promoted a
National Classic League event and had offered €500 to those clubs. They need to apply to Cycling
Ireland to be reimbursed.
She also informed delegates that the SNI re-audit of Cycling Ulster was scheduled to take place in
January 2011.

PRO Report – Marian Lamb
Marian Lamb said that the Cycling Ulster website continued to be a successful resource for
members and stakeholders. She also mentioned that a more modern and interactive website was
under construction and would hopefully come online in 2011. The use of social media as a
marketing tool was also stated as being vital for Cycling Ulster in the future and could be used to
interact with current members and attract further members. She said that a Communication
Strategy had been developed by Admin Officer Patrick Withers and that John Bann Lavery had
agreed to help support Cycling Ulster with social media by acting as Communications Officer.
Proposed – Tommy Lamb, Seconded – Oliver Hunter
                                           Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010
Time Trial Report – Marian Lamb
Marian Lamb said the various Time Trial Leagues and Championships had attracted many
competitors during 2010. She stressed that there was a need for more support to be offered and
that the Dave Kane League continued to be run by a small band of volunteers which was
unsustainable in the long term. The various volunteers and in particular the time keeping stalwart,
Billy Smyth were thanked for their work by Stephen McKenna. Marian Lamb also thanked those
who had come forward to help at various time trials during the year, notably West Down
Wheelers, Ballymena and some Phoenix members. The two clubs (Island Wheelers & East Tyrone)
who promote the Super Six Series were also mentioned.
It was also stated that in 2011 the Veteran’s League was unlikely to be included in the Dave Kane
Proposed – Stephen McKenna, Seconded – Maurice McAllister

Track Commission Report – Anthony Mitchell
The report highlighted the many successes achieved by Ulster riders in competition in 2010 as well
as some issues that continued to exist in relation to access of the Orangefield Track for
competition and training. It was also said that the Track Commission needed more volunteers for
its continued success and growth and it was expressed that this would hopefully be the case in
Proposed – Oliver Hunter, Seconded – Carmel Ann Hunter

Youth Commission Report – Mickey McKenna
Mickey McKenna had sent his apologies for not attending the meeting due to his mother’s passing.
Tommy Lamb stated that if there were any questions on the Youth Commission Report, he or any
of the other Executive members would attempt to answer them or that they be forwarded by e-
mail for future consideration. Island Wheelers and Clann Éireann CC were praised for their
successful promotion of the All Ireland Youth Road Championships as were Dromara CC for their
hosting of the Ulster Youth Road Championships.
Proposed – Anthony Mitchell, Seconded – Jack Watson

Road Commission Report – Ryan Connor
Ryan Connor had sent his apologies for not being present due to work commitments. Tommy
Lamb congratulated Ryan on his work with the various Road teams in 2010 and highlighted the
successes mentioned in Ryan’s report, including Philip Lavery’s win at the Tour of the North
against international opposition.

There was some discussion on whether the Road Commission Chair had the final say in relation to
the selection of teams. Tommy Lamb said that selection criteria was in place for the majority of
Ulster teams but that it was not always possible when Cycling Ulster received invitations to events
at short notice. It was also said that there had been consultation by Ryan with several people in his
Commission and on the Executive in relation to the selection of teams during the year.
Proposed – Maurice McAllister, Seconded – Dany Blondeel

Technical Officer’s Report – Martin Lees
There were apologies from Martin Lees who was unable to attend the AGM due to prior
commitments. It was said that there was a continued need for the recruitment of Commissaires to
cover events and it was hoped that a course for new Commissaires would take place early in 2011.
Tommy Lamb said he would like to see several Commissaires in Ulster be upgraded to Grade A in
the future.
Proposed – Martin Grimley, Seconded – Jack Watson
                                          Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010
Coaching Report – None

Safeguarding Officer’s Report – Patrick McAleavey
Marian Lamb read the Safeguarding report in the designated officer’s absence; Patrick had sent his
apologies that he was unable to be present due to work commitments. She highlighted a number
of points in the report including the increase in vetted members from 120-290 during 2010. She
said clubs needed to be proactive in their approach to safeguarding and should have a designated
Safeguarding Officer. Jack Watson commented that the Cycling Ireland Board were looking into
this being one of the designated positions that clubs would be required to appoint a person to
when affiliating for 2012.
Proposed – Anthony Mitchell, Seconded – Oliver Hunter

Off Road Commission Report – Ciara MacManus
Ciara MacManus had also sent her apologies that she could not be present due to work
commitments. Martin Grimley who had been working with Ciara on the Commission in 2010 read
her report and offered to answer any questions. He provided an overview of what the Off Road
Commission had done in 2010, pointing out that they had attempted to provide a structure to the
events being run by organising them into Cross Country and Cyclo-cross leagues. The successful re-
introduction of events in the Forests was highlighted as a successful feature of the work carried
out by the Off Road Commission.
Proposed – Carmel Ann Hunter, Seconded – Anthony Mitchell

Communication Officer’s Report – John Bann Lavery
An overview was given on the various social media now being used by Cycling Ulster including
Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It was reported that since these outlets were a key way of
marketing the sport to a wide audience and that it would also be looked upon favourably by
sponsors and supporters of Cycling Ulster who would gain exposure to a wider audience.
Proposed – Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Maurice McAllister
Ulster Women’s Association Report – Louise Fullerton
Tommy Lamb said that their continued to be growth in Women’s cycling as could be seen in the
report. On the competitive front, the UWA RR and TT Leagues had proved to be a success and a
key way of developing riders and getting more women racing. Tommy Lamb also commented on
the success of Ulster riders in Rás na mBan and wished Caroline Patterson who had crashed in the
race a speedy recovery.
Proposed – Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Maurice McAllister

Employee Reports
Admin Officer’s Report – Patrick Withers
An overview was provided on the various work assignments he had carried out in his position
during 2010. He highlighted the key areas such as modernisation which had involved drawing up a
Coach Database, recording data on Sport NI’s Performance Information and Monitoring System,
and updating or creating policies such as the Communication Strategy. He also stated the number
of general administration tasks he had taken on in his capacity such as updating the Cycling Ulster
and Cycling Ireland websites and forwarding information for inclusion on other national sites on a
regular basis, admin in relation to the Commonwealth Games and the admin support provided to
the various Cycling Ulster Executive members and Commissions.
Proposed – Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Maurice McAllister

Talent Development Officer’s Report – Anthony Mitchell
Anthony had left the AGM due to prior commitments at this stage and was unable to read his
report or answer questions. A discussion followed in which it was pointed out by delegates that it
                                          Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010
was very disappointing that an employee of Cycling Ulster was unable to be present for at least
the duration of the AGM. Tommy Lamb said he understood the position the delegates were
coming from but moved that the report should be accepted and any questions on the report
should be forwarded to Anthony.
Proposed – Dany Blondeel, Seconded – Darrell Erwin

Club Development Officer’s Report – Marian Lamb
A comprehensive report was given on the area of Club Development. An outline on her various
work areas and the continued growth of clubs in the province was the main theme. She
commented that clubs needed to continue to develop their structures to attract new members
and retain current members. In relation to Youth Development she mentioned the success of
some clubs in gaining a large Youth section and her role in providing information for these clubs.
An area linked to this that she has also been working on is the Club Accreditation Programme for
Sport NI. She mentioned the Audit that had been carried out by Access NI and how Cycling Ulster
had been successful approved to act as an Umbrella Organisation for affiliated clubs.

She also reflected her work with under-represented groups such as Women and Disability groups.
This had led to successes on the competitive front with the continued growth and rising of
standard in the Ulster Women’s Association races and several Hand cyclists gaining selection to
the national squad. She stressed however there was a need for more pilots to come forward for
blind cyclists at both leisure and competitive levels.

The law in relation to road racing on the public highway was also highlighted as an area which she
had been working on during the year. She said that feedback indicated that there may be a change
in the law to allow for an increase in the number of participants for some road races as early as
2011. She also mentioned the need for continuing safety awareness and her work with Cycling
Ireland on getting insurance for Motorbike marshals at events.
Proposed – Maurice McAllister, Seconded – Dany Blondeel

Anthony Mitchell withdrew his nomination for the Executive prior to the election. Patrick
McAleavey was the only nomination for Safeguarding Officer and was thus duly elected to that
position. Five people had been nominated for the four other positions. Gary McKeegan failed to be
elected following a vote. The following people were therefore elected to serve on the Executive;
     Mickey McKenna
     Martin Lees
     Ryan Connor
     Ciara MacManus

Safety Committee Discussion
Maurice McAllister was nominated to take the lead on putting a Safety Committee together.

2010 Club of the Year
Carn Wheelers and Errigal CC had both been nominated for the award. The clubs had also been
mentioned several times at Executive meetings for the work they were doing. As the Executive felt
that both clubs were promoting youth and women’s development, organising new events and
working hard to increase membership it was difficult to separate them. The Executive took the
decision to Award Club of Year status to both clubs on this occasion. Both clubs were
congratulated on their hard innovative work in promoting cycling during 2010. They will receive a
cheque for €150 each toward the cost of club affiliation for 2011.
                                          Cycling Ulster AGM Minutes 2010

Girls Prizes in Youth & Junior Races
There was a discussion on the above. Tommy Lamb said Cycling Ulster would be introducing girls
prizes for Ulster Youth Championships in 2011 and would be proactive in getting Cycling Ireland to
do the same for all National Championships.

Problems in Contacting CI Office
This was brought up by a number of delegates. Tommy Lamb agreed that there were problems in
getting in contact with the Cycling Ireland Officer at certain times and said he had already spoken
to Geoff Liffey (CEO CI) on the issue. Tommy Lamb said that communication with the Office was an
important area for members and that the Executive would continue to work on this.

The meeting closed at 5.30pm.

Patrick Withers Admin Officer

   2. To receive the Treasurer’s Report and consider the Certified Accounts April 2010 – March
      2011 – Mr. Oliver Hunter will present this report
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
   3. To make an amendment to the Cycling Ulster Constitution.
      Cycling Ulster propose that Article 8 (a) below

    b. Cycling Ulster's financial year shall end on the 31st day of March in every year (in line with
       Sport NI Financial year), to which day the accounts of Cycling Ulster shall be balanced.
Is amended to read as follows

   b. Cycling Ulster's financial year shall end on the 31st day of December in every year (in line
      with Cycling Ireland’s Financial year), to which day the accounts of Cycling Ulster shall be

   4. To fix the Cycling Ulster membership levy for 2011.
           Cycling Ulster propose that the membership levy remain at €10 per senior rider.

   5. To fix the rider levy on events both competitive and non-competitive events
           Cycling Ulster propose that the levy for competitive events remain at £1 per senior
           Cycling Ulster propose that the levy for Leisure events remains at 50p per senior
              rider with a cap on the maximum payable set at £300.

   6. Reports
         a. General Financial Report – Marian Lamb

General Financial Report 2011

A detailed Financial Report has already been supplied by our hard working Treasurer, Mr Oliver
Hunter, so this report is just a brief overview for your information.

Sport NI Funding 2010 – 2011

2010-2011 was Year 2 of the SportNI Investment in Performance Sport Funding Programme (IIPS)
awarded to Cycling Ulster as a result of its submitted Business Plan of 2009-2013. While many
sports received a cut in funding for this period Cycling Ulster was only cut by 3% as we were seen
to be delivering on our plan. The breakdown of Funding allocated for this period can be viewed

In addition to the agreed funding of £116,426.00, a further £4800 was awarded to Cycling Ulster
in mid March 2011 to be spent by 31st March 2011 bringing the total to £121,226.00. This funding
had to spent on quite specific items/areas and it was a difficult task to manage in the time

However Cycling Ulster is pleased to announce that once all claims had finally been processed that
there was a 0% decommittment of funding and that all the money allocated had been spent and
paid out by Sport NI.
               Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

Cycling Ulster- Annex 1

SNI Priority Areas For Investment      SNI funding rec.    SNI %


Admin Officer Salary                   12,000              100

Office costs                           3,000               100

On Costs                               1,440               100

SUB-TOTAL                                         16,440

Participation Development

Club Development Officer Salary        13,333              100

On Costs                               2,660               100

Expenses                               1,000               100

Office costs                           1,000               100

SUB-TOTAL                                         17,993

Talent Identification & Development

Talent ID Co-ordinator Salary          13,333              100

On costs                               2,660               100

Expenses                               1,000               100

Office costs                           1,000               100

Programme Costs                        9,000               100

SUB-TOTAL                                         26,993

High Performance Athlete Development

High Performance                       55,000              100

SUB-TOTAL                                         55,000

TOTALS                                          116,426
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Cycling Ulster has traditionally operated a Financial Year in line with that of Sport NI which is from
1st April – 31st March as we were the recognised funded organisation. However our main business
takes place from January each year when membership levies start to come in and the event
season kicks off. Also our parent body Cycling Ireland operate their financial affairs based on a
normal calendar year. We have requested an amendment to the constitution at this year’s AGM to
allow us to change our financial year to the 1st January – 31st December each year.

We are able to do this as a change has occurred this year in our dealings with SportNI. Following
meetings with SportNI, Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster, Cycling Ulster has agreed to allow
Cycling Ireland to act as the Funded Organisation for the remaining two years of the current
Business Plan (2011-2013) although Cycling Ulster will be involved in an annual review with
SportNI and Cycling Ireland. Cycling Ireland had effectively been managing much of the Financial
business of the agreed Investing in Performance Sport Programme as they managed the
employees and High Performance Element of the Plan. The only areas over which Cycling Ulster
had control was with the £9000 allocated to the Talent Development Programme and £2000 for
general admin and office costs. However ensuring that this money was all spent approved by Sport
NI required many hours of work and repeated submissions of claims and their rules regarding
quotes for all goods and services of £250 + made things difficult when quick decisions needed to
be made.


      We can close the two bank accounts which we held specifically for the two areas of Sport
       NI Investment namely the IIPS Bank Account and the Lottery Account for the Athlete
       Investment Programme which effectively was holding bank for the funds allocated to
       performance athletes supported by SNI.
      Rationalise our other accounts
      Plan a budget based on our normal year of operation
      Free up money which was held as a Reserve Account to meet SNI obligations
      No more volunteer time wasted in claim submissions and chasing up additional

SNI Audit

Cycling Ulster underwent the long awaited re-audit process in February 2011. This involved many
hours of work and the submission of several files of policies, financial files as well as a meeting
with the auditors which was attended by Oliver Hunter, Tommy Lamb, Geoff Liffey and me. The
Provisional Audit report was sent out in late May 2011. Despite scoring highly across the board,
SNI allocated a Limited Assurance rating to Cycling Ulster. The Executive meeting in June 2011
which was attended by Geoff Liffey of Cycling Ireland discussed the report. There are inaccuracies
and misunderstandings in the report and a response to the document will be made to SNI.
However the decision was made that it was not worth spending any more volunteer time on this
matter as with the new arrangements re funding any further audits carried out will be of Cycling

Cycling Ulster Accounts

Membership and capitation levies are paid by Cycling Ireland into our Euro Account. Apart from
some competitive opportunities such as the Tain Tour, The Junior Tour of Ireland and Rás na mBan
which are paid through this account, it has largely been left as the Reserve Account. Going
forward, while we will still maintain a reserve in accordance with good business practice, we will
now be able to free up some of this money for worthwhile projects.
                      Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

The Cycling Ulster Ordinary account is that which we use for most of our day to day business. The
general breakdown of income and expenditure in this account for the period January 2011 to
September 2011 can be viewed below.

Outgoings January 2011 - September 2011                 Income January 2011 - September 2011

Executive Travel/Venue Hire Etc    £ 1,288.91           Levies                        £     5,439.00

Coaching                           £ 2,982.59           Participant Fees              £     2,140.00

Volunteer Development              £    441.97          Donations and Sponsorship     £     2,010.00

Competitive Opportunities          £ 9,057.40           Radio Hire                    £      500.00

Marketing                          £    350.00          Total                         £   10,089.00

Prizes and Awards                  £ 2,020.65

Professional Services              £ 2,373.00

Website and Social Media           £ 1,877.21

Total                              £ 20,391.73

We have under spent on certain areas of our budget this year to date due to circumstances
beyond our control but hope that some of these will be rectified by the end of the year. Among
these are the following

       Marketing particularly in the areas of information leaflets, safety posters and information
       Cycling Ulster Kit
       Leisure clothing and corporate branding for teams and volunteers

We have supported Youth, Junior, U23 and Women’s Teams in competitive opportunities not only
financially, as outlined above, but also with such items as kit bags, Leisure clothing and volunteer
support eg managers/mechanics. Cycling Ulster has fielded representative teams in most major
events throughout 2011.

Going Forward

With certain restrictions now lifted on how we manage our affairs Cycling Ulster will be
considering investment in the following areas over the next year.
    Kit replacement
    Event Safety
    Marketing
    Website Upgrade to provide additional resources for clubs and development
    Youth Academies and Youth Development Opportunities
    Motorbike Marshall Training
    Regional Seminars
    Volunteer Training
    Commissaire Courses
    Club Development Packs

Marian Lamb Secretary
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Secretary’s Report 2011

Following the 2010 AGM the Executive co-opted two new members to the Executive – namely
Brian Cardy for Track and George Boyd for Youth. Both proved to be valuable members and
worked hard in their areas. Unfortunately both Brian and George are stepping down for 2011 as
work and family commitments makes it very difficult for them to put in the time and effort they
feel necessary in the fulfilment of their respective roles. We would like to thank Brian and George
for their work throughout 2011 and their contribution to the Executive.

Cycling Ulster held seven full Executive meetings since the last Annual General Meeting with
breaks in December, January, July and August. In compliance with our obligations as a Provincial
Executive copies of the minutes and Employee reports were forwarded to Cycling Ireland following
each meeting.

During December and January there were additional meetings with key Officers in preparation for
the submission of the SNI Modernisation Audit. A lengthy Pre-Audit questionnaire was submitted
to Sport NI in January with the Audit meeting taking place with SNI in February. Tommy Lamb,
Oliver Hunter, Geoff Liffey and I met with the auditors and answered questions on various aspects
of Cycling Ulster general organisation and financial controls. A preliminary report was supposed to
be available in March however it was June before this was available. Despite scoring highly in
many areas of the audit the overall scoring placed Cycling Ulster in the Limited Assurance bracket.
The Executive was unhappy with this result and with the inaccuracies in the report. The matter
was discussed with Geoff Liffey (CEO Cycling Ireland) at a special meeting in June. A response is
currently being prepared for SNI.

Throughout 2011 I have represented Cycling Ulster at many meetings with key stakeholders such
as Cycling Ireland, Sport NI, the NSPCC, the PSNI and local councils to name but a few. Tommy and
I regularly attend meetings with the David McCall Cycling Foundation where we represent Cycling

Membership continues to grow and this year has once again seen a dramatic rise in numbers.
Figures now stand at 3500 which is a 25% increase on last year’s membership. We now have 68
clubs throughout the Province with Donegal continuing to be the most active area for new clubs.
Cycling Ulster would like to welcome all these new clubs on board and hope that they prosper in
the 2012 season.

Currently there are a ten clubs with over 100 members.

Phoenix CC                       191
Dromara Cycling Club             189
North Down CC                    148
Banbridge CC                     124
Omagh St. Endas CC               123
Ballymena Road Club              117
Tir Chonaill Gap CC              110
Carn Wheelers                    106
Errigal Cycling Club             105
Foyle CC                         105
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

Participation levels continue to grow with increasing interest in Leisure, Touring and Sportive
events. Cycling Ireland revamped their Leisure Guidelines and fees for non-members participating
in leisure events. However many clubs still used the old structure of applying 10% to such riders.
The A3 sign-on sheet must be submitted to Cycling Ireland. The Cycling Ulster levy of 50p per
Senior rider should also be paid to Cycling Ulster and in general terms most clubs have done so.
The total payable is capped at £300 following last year’s AGM. A reminder letter has been sent to
those who have not paid. Unfortunately due to the growth of cycling many outside agencies are
now organising cycle events many of which are profit making initiatives and not charity events.
Cycling Ulster has no control over such events and they often impact on leisure tours organised by
our clubs. Riders should check that they are covered by insurance while participating in such

Currently I am working as Ulster’s calendar co-ordinator. With new clubs on board, the
coordination of the calendar is difficult and some clubs have may have to accept second or third
preference dates to avoid major clashes. Cycling Ireland has introduced a change to the calendar
this year to reflect the growth of cycling. For 2012 there will be a National calendar listing all
Championships, National League events and major tours while each Province will have their own
calendar. It is no longer possible to avoid clashes with events in neighbouring Provinces and
Cycling Ulster would urge riders to support events in Ulster as it is a costly experience for
promoting clubs and they rely on full fields to make the event viable.

The Leisure calendar is continually growing and clashes are difficult to avoid. Where possible I will
try to keep these to a minimum.

Applications are also invited for all Ulster Championship events for 2012. The closing date for
events is 26th October. Events not received by that time will have to go to Cycling Ireland and are
unlikely to be included in the calendar.

Roe Valley’s promotion of the All Ireland Youth Championships was well received and the club
pulled out all the stops to make it a great weekend. Following on from the 2010 AGM
Championship medals were awarded to both boys and girls. This recognition of young female
participation is also being promoted by the Ulster Off Road Commission where there are separate
prizes for girls. We hope that these initiatives will encourage more girls to come into cycling.

Phoenix CC hosted the Ulster Road Race Championship on a new course which was highly
successful and our thanks go to them and to Newry Wheelers who promoted the Ulster CX
Championships. Apollo CT promoted the Ulster XC Championship for 2011 and was supported by
members of neighbouring clubs. This was another well organised event. Many thanks to all clubs
who took on the Ulster Championship events in 2011.

I would also like to congratulate Ciara MacManus, Martin Grimley and the Ulster Off Road
Commission for the highly successful XC league. It was heartening to see the large number of
Youth Riders taking part and I have no doubt that the CX League will be just as successful. There
were the usual difficulties with the Forestry Service and Cycling Ulster once again acted as the
agent and paid £1160 for the use of three forest venues to enable events to be held. Another
highly successful initiative organised by the Off Road Commission was the five event Youth Camp
Programme held in various venues throughout the summer. These training camps were well
organised and attendance was good. Many thanks to those who gave of their time to make this
                      Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Again the track programme at Orangefield was well supported throughout the year despite
numerous problems. Many thanks must go to Brian Cardy, Anthony Mitchell and Nicola Oldham
for their dedicated coaching throughout the year.

The Youth Commission worked hard this year to promote the Ulster Youth League, Fun Days at
Blessingbourne and supported riders in the Mayo Youth Tour. Support for many of these events
also came from the David McCall Foundation. Many thanks to George Boyd, Ronnie Ogilby and
Nicola Oldham for their hard work throughout the year. We would also like to thanks those clubs
who supported the David McCall Ulster Youth League. Going forward all Youth events must have
adequate toilet and changing facilities. We would also like to initiate a BAR programme whereby
youth riders will awarded points in different disciplines to encourage our young riders to
participate in the various cycling disciplines.

The Police and Fire Games will be hosted by Belfast in 2013 and Anthony Mitchell has been
appointed by them as the Sports Co-ordinator. Cycling Ulster will promote and organise the cycling
aspects of these Games which will include both road and off road events. The Games are held
every two years and are rated as the third largest multi sports event in the world attracting over
10,000 people.

If at any time members require further clarification on any issue I will be only too happy to help if I

The 2011 AGM reports will be available for download on the Download section of However if anyone requires a hard copy I will endeavour to provide

The Cycling Ulster Awards night will take place on the 14 th January 2012 in the Moyola Golf Club in

In conclusion I would like to thank the members of the Executive and those volunteers who have
worked so hard in helping to move Cycling Ulster forward. I would also like to thank SportNI for
their continued involvement with our sport and the support they offer to us.

Marian Lamb – Secretary

Safeguarding Officer’s Report 2011

As an organisation we have a fundamental commitment to safeguard our youth and Vulnerable
Adults in our sport.

Over the last year we have increased our vetted members to 330 through Access N.I. If any clubs
are taking Youth members to an event in the North of Ireland or to Britain for more than 24 hours
they need to be vetted by Access N.I. This includes any National Team Managers, staff or
volunteers. It is now illegal to take Youth or Vulnerable Adults to North of Ireland or to Britain if
you are not Access NI checked. It is now law that those who are involved with young people less
than 18 years and vulnerable adults and have not been vetted could face fines up to £5000 and a
criminal record. The club which allows them to do so will also face criminal charges.

While Clubs in Donegal, Monaghan and Cavan may have their members vetted through the Garda
vetting system we would prefer that they also go through the AccessNI check as they are within
Ulster and it enables us to provide a comprehensive list of vetted Ulster members. All members
who go through this process will receive a Certificate from AccessNI which should keep in case
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
they are asked to produce it when managing teams in Britain. The UK School Games insist on
seeing copies of the Certificate for all those involved with managing teams in the Games.

All members vetted can be seen on the download section of This
list is updated on a regular basis. You can also download the access N.I form from this section.

Process for Application

   1. Go to and enter the Download Section on the left
   2. Click on ONLINE ACCESSNI APPLICATION FORM and the following screen will appear

   3. Click on Enhanced/Standard Applications
   4. Either Download the form and complete by hand in BLACK INK ONLY or fillin online and
       save to your desktop for printing
   5. Only complete pages 2,3 and 4. The other pages will be completed by the Designated
   6. In Section C1 page 2 Click NO for applying for registration with ISA and move on.
   7. All volunteers and Staff require an Enhanced Application
   8. Remember to sign the application before forwarding to the Designated Signatories
       (Contact Details at the end of the report)
   9. Do not send any ID. All ID should be checked by a member of the Club Management
       Committee who can complete an ID Validation Form which should be submitted with the
       application. The ID Validation Form can be found in the Download Section of the Cycling
       Ulster Website.
   10. There is no cost for volunteers as Cycling Ulster is the recognised Umbrella Body for
       Cycling. Employee applications cost £30 which is paid by Cycling Ulster or Cycling Ireland.
   11. Then post on to me or Marian to complete to pass on to Access N.I

In January of this year we were Audited By Access N.I.And we got the results on the 25th March
2011 in which we were found to be compliant with the Access N.I code of practice.

Cycling Ulster’s next step is to run out more safeguarding workshops to its clubs. Marian Lamb and
I have completed a tutor's course run by NSPCC and SNI. Cycling Ulster will be running workshops
over the next year throughout Ulster. Dates and venues will be posted on Cycling Ulster web site.

Those who complete the course will receive a certificate from Sport NI. Clubs seeking local
authority grants generally find that attendance at such courses is a requirement before
consideration for a grant.
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Clubs who have not got any members vetted please consider taking steps to have members
vetted. It is good practice and by putting in safeguarding procedures it is helping your club and our
sport by ensuring that keeping child protection issues from coming into our sport.

I hope to see more clubs putting these steps into place over the next 12 months. If any club needs
any help putting these steps in place please contact me or Marian

Patrick McAleavey –Lead Safeguarding Officer

Designated signatories for Access NI

Lead Safeguarding Officer                                    Club Development officer

Patrick McAleavey                                             Marian Lamb

74 Hunters Hill Park                                          16 Camlin Park

Hunters Hill                                                  Crumlin

BT63 6TA                                                      BT29 4HE

CoArmagh                                                     Tele:028 94453203

Mobile 07739552566                                            Mobile 07920132135                        

Road Commission Report - 2011

Back at the start of the year I added Maurice and Steven McAllister along with David Dougan to
join the Road Commission Committee and they proved invaluable with early season selection.
More into the year Sean McNicholl started to help out and did a great job at numerous events
always making himself available for the riders and doing more for them than was necessary and I
am very much indebted to him for his help throughout the year.

The plan at the start of the season was to focus more on the juniors as for the first time in a long
time we had a good number of them. The plan was to enter 3 riders into each Slane Cycles league
event so that they could get to know each other, then when it came to a stage race we could set
our targets higher. Unfortunately we lost some under 23’s this year, Johnny Cole to injury and for
most of the season Phillip Lavery moved on in his career, however he still helped us out at the
Tour of Ulster.

Once again this season Cycling Ulster squads excelled themselves in races and notable successes
include, Peter Hawkins winning the KOM at the Tour of the North, Phillip Lavery won the best
under 23 rider at the Tour of Ulster and Martyn Irvine won the KOM also at the Tour of Ulster with
the Cycling Ulster team being 2nd in the team classification and once again the Juniors won the
best team award at Rás Dhun na nGall. Matthew Adair also had a magnificent win at this event.

All the riders’ hard work paid off, and for the Junior Tour of Ireland 3 of the 4 juniors on the
National squad were from Ulster and each of the three, Matthew Adair, Conor McIllwaine and
Cormac Clarke contributed greatly to helping the Irish team finish as the best team overall. Such
was the depth of talent this year we were able to lose 3 juniors to the Irish team for the Junior
Tour but we were still able to put a 6 man Ulster team in the race and to complete the list Kyle
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Cole made the Irish development team. A special mention again goes to Sean McNicholl for all his
hard work looking after the Ulster team at the Junior Tour.

Throughout the year another rider deserves extra praise and that is Jack Wilson as he won
numerous races riding abroad in Belgium and got himself selected for the World Championships,
everyone in the Road Commission wishes Jack well at the World Championships.

Ryan Connor Road Commission Chair

Cycling Ulster Youth Commission Report 2011


We had a really late start this year. I was co-opted into the position of Youth Chair in March/ April
to fill a void left through the winter of 2010/2011 in the absence of Micky McKenna who filled this
role for many years.

A small band of Nicola Oldham, Ronnie Ogilby, Phil Holland and myself were pulled together to try
and sort things out to give our youth something to go for in 2011. This group represented the
different disciplines of cycling with support from Phil Holland of the David McCall Foundation.

Getting the Commission going for 2011 from a dead stop at such a late stage meant that we had to
play catch-up very quickly to get things back on track, but we did this and had a reasonable year.
However, it did limit our opportunities for innovation.


Thankfully the track and MTB leagues were already in place and progressing well without a Youth
Commission so we only had to establish events for the road league to fill the gaps. We would like
to thank promoting clubs, Patrick Withers and the David McCall Foundation for making it possible
at short notice.

I was delighted we were able to take 4 x Under 14 and 8 x Under 16 Ulster riders to the Mayo
Youth Tour and see them perform strongly, and love doing it. Their pride in competing for Ulster
was enormous and cannot be underestimated. I believe that strong leagues are necessary to
provide opportunities for our riders to compete, build skills and more importantly friendships to
be able to take the best of these opportunities across all disciplines.

Skills and Fun

Having fun and learning to love cycling is key to bringing young people into cycling. Making friends
is really important and it has to be fun. Only when the love is there does the hard work, sacrifice
and pain that comes later make sense. We were delighted to have an MTB Youth Fun Day based
at Blessingbourne Estate in late August. There was a multitude of activities and a superb
barbeque and the youth riders had a great day. We need events like this.


Girls are coming into cycling and then being lost again quickly. Bottom line is we need to hold on
to them! Having spoken to a few of them some of the issues previously concerning them were:-
Inappropriate changing and toilet facilities at events, lack of prizes compared with the boys and a
general lack of recognition. They feel second class!
                      Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
This is unacceptable. This year the David McCall League issued equal prize lists across boys and
girls, as did the Ulster Youth TT and RR Championships. Cycling Ulster is to be commended for
providing toilets at Ulster TT Championships, rewarded with record numbers of women
competing. Also every promoting club in the David McCall League ensured good standard facilities
were available for all youth. Thanks to these changes all we had prize winners to win all medals
across all school girl categories for the first time. Feedback is now much better.

General concerns

An apparent lack of youth development within clubs. Patrick Withers has sent a questionnaire to
all clubs to obtain feedback and suggestions for the Youth Commission.

A severe lack of commitment and coordination for Youth Cycling from Cycling Ireland. However
we now have two Cycling Ulster members on the Cycling Ireland Youth Commission to steer us
forward in the future. Patrick Clarke and Darren Crawford can now take the Cycling Ulster Youth
Commission forward into 2012.


I will not be standing for election for 2012 but I am delighted to have been involved in 2011 and to
have got to know our youth riders so much better. My time spent with them has just confirmed to
me what a terrific asset they are, what a great bunch of people they are and that they are terrific
ambassadors’ for Cycling Ulster.

I would like to thank everyone who helped out this year, but particularly Nicola and Ronnie for
their substantial contribution and to the David McCall Foundation for their continuing support.

George Boyd Youth Commission Chair

Off Road Report 2011

2011 was again a very successful year in terms of development of off road racing in Ulster with the
promotion of the Ulster Cross Country league which culminated in the Ulster Cross Country
Championships on 12th September. The 2010 Ulster Cyclocross league is now l under way with the
first event being held by Apollo CC on the 2nd October at Lurgan Park.

CU Women’s Association MTB Group: The Cycling Ulster Women’s Association has continued to
build upon the success of its formation in 2009 both on and off road. The format of the summer
group rides remained the same with 5 – 10 women meeting up every fortnight Tuesday evening
from April – October. From October through the winter we moved our focus to fortnightly
weekend rides at various venues around Co. Down so that the women would be able to
experience more varied types of MTB terrain of differing levels of difficulty and to hone their skills.
These weekend rides also allowed for numbers to be bolstered by those who weren’t able to make
evenings with as many as fifteen women meeting up. These organised events have also allowed
the women to become more independently involved in MTB’ing often with extra curricular MTB
rides being organised between themselves.

The Women’s Association MTB Group rides have been aimed at promoting women in the sport
and to try and encourage more to take up competition. This has continued with some success,
although numbers have been lower at those rounds which were solely Ulster league. The
introduction of the new Senior 1 – 3 categories aimed at promoting competition based upon
ability has proven successful, but has also had the effect of diluting the women’s category.
Rounds 1 to 3 were the best attended with on average 10 women women competing, up slightly
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
from last year, but bolstered by the fact that these were national events and promotion from the
southern clubs has seen an increase in female participation throughout. The success of the
introduction of the women’s category and their enjoyment of competition has seen a number of
the women encouraged to take part in other cycle sport events such as the Belfast – Dublin Mara
cycle, the Cooley Thriller MTB marathon race, and the CLEC.

A number of the MTB women have expressed an interest in further training camps aimed at
helping them develop their skills and knowledge of training techniques in order for them to
develop and build upon the success of their 2010 season and to help them grow competitively. It
may therefore be worthwhile to aim to provide another 1 or 2 training camps/sessions for the
MTB women in conjunction with the Women’s Association as a whole.

CU MTB Cross Country League & Ulster Champs:

The Ulster Cross Country league which was re-introduced in 2010 continued again in 2011 with the
aid of Martin Grimley (Dromara CC) as web designer and press officer. Communication of league
calendar, results and photos is through a dedicated website (, facebook page
and twitter as well as through the Cycling Ulster website.

The organisation of the league stemmed from ongoing consultation with the Northern Ireland
Forestry Service (FS) as to the legal and financial requirements of holding a competitive MTB event
on their properties. The aim was to hold a sufficient number of events in FS land so as to avail of a
bulk cost rate for holding races. Initial FS liaison and management plan design was carried out by
myself while the physical running of the events was managed by the respective clubs.

The league consisted of a total of 6 races held at various venues including three FS venues, 2
parkland venues, Magheramorne Quarry and Dunmore Mountain. Four of the races also doubled
up as National XC Series races, attesting to the high level of course design and organisation by
Ulster clubs, while the final race of the season at Craigavon Lakes was held as the Ulster XC
Championship race.

Participant numbers varied from 225 - 251 entrants at four of the rounds which were also National
Series races, numbers being bolstered by riders from around the country. While the two Ulster
rounds at Magheramourne and Dunmore attracted a local attendance of 98 and 122 respectively.
It would appear that Ulster participation has remained fairly static for 2011, while the numbers
partaking in XC racing nationally has increased considerably, with overall number for the Ulster
League including NPS rounds increasing by approximately 39% between 2010 – 2011.

2011 also saw the introduction of the new ability based category system, favoured over the
traditional age based categories as allowing more competition between the riders. This has led to
the development of 4 senior categories, S1 – S4, the former being the highest ranked category for
men and three categories, S1 – S3 for women. Junior riders and younger categories remained
unchanged for 2011. In previous years the breakdown of rider participation was weighted
towards the sports category, similar to the new S4, something which was interpreted as being
evidence of the development of grass roots level racing. The introduction of the new categories
sees the S4 category roughly similar in participation levels as the S3, perhaps indicating that the
“grass root” riders have developed upwards from 2010. What is interesting is that the proportion
of S4 riders is larger for those races which were solely Ulster league races indicating a regional or
local interest in racing remaining at the grass roots level. The under 14 age group and younger still
remain the second largest participation group representing on average one third of the overall
numbers at each race.
                           Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Junior category and the higher level S1 categories remain a small proportion of the overall race
attendance perhaps indicating the requirement for further development of high performance
riders overall, while female participation remains relatively low at between 4 – 5 % overall.

 Race                Davagh Lady                          Magheramorne
 Category                   Dixon           Tollymore                          Dunmore Castlewellan

 S1 men              8.0        9.9         9.7           2.0                  9.0              8.9

 S2 men              16.3       11.5        15.6          12.2                 6.6              12.0

 S3 men              19.9       20.2        21.1          15.3                 9.8              18.2

 S4 men              21.1       15.9        14.8          19.4                 21.3             17.3

 S1 women            0.4        0.0         0.8           0.0                  1.6              0.4

 S2 women            2.0        2.0         2.1           2.0                  0.8              0.9

 S3 women            2.4        2.0         2.1           2.0                  2.5              2.7

 Junior males        0.8        0.4         1.3           1.0                  0.0              2.2

 females             0.4        0.4         0.0           0.0                  0.0              0.4

 Under 16            3.6        4.0         3.0           5.1                  5.7              4.4

 Under 14            6.0        5.6         5.5           8.2                  5.7              5.3

 Under 12            5.6        4.8         5.1           9.2                  7.4              6.7

 Under 10            6.4        8.7         8.0           11.2                 12.3             8.9

 Under 8             7.2        14.7        11.0          12.2                 17.2             11.6

                                  Breakdown of rider participation per category



                                                                                                       S1 men
    15.0                                                                                               S2 men
                                                                                                       S3 men
                                                                                                       S4 men
                                                                                                       S1 women
    10.0                                                                                               S2 women
                                                                                                       S3 women
                                                                                                       Junior males
     5.0                                                                                               Junior females
                                                                                                       Under 16
                                                                                                       Under 14
                                                                                                       Under 12
                                                                                                       Under 10
            Davagh          Lady Dixon    Tollymore   Magheramorne   Dunmore          Castlewellan
                                                                                                       Under 8
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
It is also good to see that the Under 16 category also shows consistent numbers attending races,
participation of which may be considered proportional to the number of overall categories.
Hopefully this represents a good depth of field whereby the younger riders can be encouraged and
developed through to junior category and beyond.

The Cycling Ulster MTB Championships were held at the beginning of September at Craigavon
Lakes. In line with championship events the UCI age based categories were re-introduced for this
particular race. The race was run by Apollo CT and was well attended by all categories.

Congratulations to the winners of the Cycling Ulster MTB League and those Ulster MTB
Champions. Medals are to be awarded at the Cycling Ulster Awards Night in January.

CU MTB Development: Cycling Ulster Development has remained largely the same as in 2010 the
main focus of the MTB Commission being the development of the MTB league through which to
begin rider development. This has been a successful year for youth rider participation in the
league with a regular attendance of between 8 – 26 young riders competing on a regular basis.

XMTB MTB Club as part of youth development hold a Spring XC league between February and
March aimed primarily at youth riders, with an open adult event as a means of introducing new
riders to MTB racing. This league proves to be a great success being held in Ormeau Park which is
a non-technical fun course to introduce both young and old to racing. The league regularly sees
numbers close to that of the summer Ulster XC league with attendance up between 10% - 12%
between 2010 and 2011, and between 50% - 60% of the riders being under 16 and younger.

As part of the development of Junior and Under 16 rides Cycling Ulster funded a team to compete
in Round 5 of the Scottish XC Series in Perth at the end of July. The team consisted of a squad of
five riders – Juniors Matthew Adair and Claire Oakley, Under 16 riders David Montgomery and
Chris Oakley, and youth riders Shannon Buller and James Curry. The event proved a successful trip
for the squad with Matthew Adair easily winning the Junior men’s race, Claire Oakley and David
Montgomery taking 2nd place in each of their races, with Chris Oakley placing 13 th. The two
youngest riders, James and Shannon faired well in their first event outside of Northern Ireland
placing 4th and 5th respectively.

Again in 2011 a small number of junior and senior riders supported by parent/club members to
continue racing at more competitive British and Scottish races. Both Matthew Adair and Claire
Oakley have been particularly successful competing in UK National league races with Matthew
coming 6th in the first round of the British series and 3rd in the final round. Claire Oakley who also
took 3rd place in the final round of the British MTB Series, placing 4 th in the league overall. It is
worth noting that both of these riders have been part of the Cycling Ireland MTB development
squad which saw them travel to the final round of the British Series at the end of September.

Given the success of the Ulster league we now have a firm basis upon which to build youth and
junior development within Cycling Ulster with the league playing an important focus. While there
was a National MTB Squad and associated training camps aimed at developmental riders at a
national level, run by Ciara MacManus, it would be ideal for Cycling Ulster to provide MTB
development on a regional basis through which to feed talented riders into the national Squad. To
that end Ronnie Ogilby has been appointed development manager for Cycling Ulster.

Cyclocross – The Cyclo cross season in 2011 saw the running of a six round league culminating in
the National Championships which was run in Lurgan Park by both Banbridge and Dromara CC.
Participation in the cyclocross events averaged around 95 riders, being a combination of both pure
cyclcross racing and the support MTB events. The inclusion of the support MTB events is to
attempt to promote the sport to those riders who are unsure of the cyclocross format and to
encourage future participation in the main cross races.
                    Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
The 2012 Cyclocross season will commence on the 3rd October in Lurgan park and will follow much
the same format as 2010. The CU CX league will entail 6 rounds being held between now and
January and is being actively organised and promoted by Martin Grimley of Dromara CC with its
own website ( and facebook page.

2011 Cycling Ulster MTB Championships Results

Elite Men            Espoir Men              Expert Men               Junior Men

1. Gareth Mc Kee     1. Marc Potts           1. Michael Holland       1. Matthew Adair

2. Marthinus Esmeyer 2. Graham Boyd                                   2. Stuart Ballentine

3. Mark Mc Killop    3. William Boyd

Masters                     Vets                    Elite Women              Junior Women

1. Cahill Doyle      1. Paul McMenamin 1. Adrea Harrower              1. Claire Oakley

2. Kevin Lynch       2. Eamonn McConvey                               2. Aimee Olgiby

3. Stephen Kelly     3. Andrew Burns

Senior 4 Men         Senior 3 Women          Under 16

1. Darren Hughes     1. Kathryn Bell         1. Matthew Taggart

2. Jason Wilson                              2. Daniel Runcimun

3. Ronnie Olgiby                             3. Aaron Donnelly

Under 14             Under 12                Under 10                 Under 8

1. Arron Swan        1. John Buller          1. Mark Buller           1. Christopher Curry

2. Ryan Orr          2. Max Anderson         2. Drew Armstrong        2. Fraser Harrower

3. Gareth Kerr       3. Max Melville         3. Jack Baird            3. Neil Kelso

Under 14 Girls              Under 12 Girls          Under 10 Girls           Under 8 Girls

1. Shannon Buller           1. Kathryn Doyle        1. Niamh McKiverigan 1. Charley Dunlop

2. Shenna McKiverigan       2. Rebekah Olgiby       2. Kelly Wilson          2. Sophie Neil
                            3. Emma Elder           3. Ellie Kelso           3. Eva Gordon
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
2011 Cycling Ulster MTB League Overall Results

Senior 1 Men           Senior 2 Men            Senior 3 Men             Senior 4 Men

1. Gareth McKee        1. Simon Curry          1. Paul Talbot           1. Ryan Walsh

2. William Mulligan    2. Brendan Doherty      2. Barry Kellet          2. Stephen Kelly

3. Paul McMenamin 3. Eamonn McConvey 3. David Neil                      3. Stephen Law

Junior Men

1. Matthew Adair

2. Craig Rea

3. Jack Shannon

Senior 1 Women         Senior 2 Women          Senior 3 Women           Junior Women

1. Ciara MacManus      1. Gill Smyth           1. Kerry Ann Hughes 1. Claire Oakley

                       2. Julie Rea            2. Dianne Keys

                       3. Val O’Neil           3. Roisin Hughes

Under 16 Boys                 Under 14 Boys                      Under 12 Boys           Under 10 Boys

1. David Montgomery           1. Joseph Baird                    1. John Buller          1. Mark Buller

2. Chris Oakley               2. James Curry                     2. Craig McCarthy       2. Cahir Doyle

3. Jonathan Collins           3. Richard Baird                   3. Max Anderson         3.Drew

Under 8 Boys

1. Christopher Curry

2. Shea O’Kane

3. Fraser Harrower

Under 14 Girls                Under 12 Girls          Under 10 Girls              Under 8 Girls

1. Shannon Buller             1. Catherine Doyle      1. Niamh McKiveragan               1. Charlie Dunlop

2. Shenna McKiverigan         2.Rebekah Olgiby        2. Sarah Elder              2. Eva Gordon

                              3. Emma Elder           3. Ellie Kelso              3. Aisling Dalton
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Ulster Track Commission Report 2011.

Track Commission personnel –
Chairman – Brian Cardy
Secretary/Treasurer – Anthony Mitchell
Nicola Oldham
Gary McKeegan
Terry Mackin
Rachel Mitchell

Once again the track discipline of our sport had another successful year in 2011, with Ulster riders
active in all track disciplines, taking national medals and gaining places on national development

With changes to the national development structure in 2011, Ulster Track Coach Brian Cardy
became National Track Development Coach, which saw him divide his time between Ulster track
coaching and National matters, including organising national track development camps, managing
the National Junior and Under-23 European track squad and Women’s Development trip to

Locally the track scene in Ulster enjoyed another successful competition year; however numbers
attending the track were down on previous years, possibly due to the disappointing news at the
start of the year that the much anticipated indoor velodrome project has been cancelled.

Ulster riders competed regularly and successfully at various track events throughout the year
including the Duane Delaney memorial meeting, Dublin International meeting, Edinburgh Grand
Prix, Reading Festival GP and National Championships.

At national level we took 6 National titles, 8 Silver medals and 4 Bronze medals, and at youth level
we won back the coveted Youth Inter-Provincial title from our Leinster neighbours, in what is
always a close fought competition.

Once again we are indebted to Ronnie McKeegan of Madigan Pro-Bike Centre for his continued
support of the Ulster Track League. This popular Tuesday evening series continues through the
summer months from May until August, and again provided some close and entertaining racing
throughout its duration.

Looking ahead, the indoor facility in Dublin is planned to come on-line in mid 2012, and our closest
indoor 250metre velodrome, at Glasgow, due to open late next year.

Both facilities will greatly enhance track cycling opportunities for Ulster riders, and we plan to
upskill our existing coaching personnel to enable them to coach at these venues when they
become available.

We continue to work with Belfast City Council regarding the use and upkeep of the facility at
Orangefield, and negotiations are ongoing with Bloomfield FC, the Council and ourselves to allow
us best use of this facility.

Plans are currently in place to commence Autumn/Winter training sessions at Orangefield, with
indoor velodrome trips also planned over the coming months.
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
We will shortly be publicising details of the Autumn/Winter programme, and welcome enquiries
from anyone wishing to come along to the track, whether it is for their first time, or to enhance
their winter training programme.

Anthony Mitchell for the Ulster Track Commission

Cycling Ulster Technical Officers Report 2011

As Technical officer for the province I would like to thank all the commissaires who gave up their
time during the season, to ensure that we had commissaires at over 95% of the season’s road
events, however additional commissaires are still required at both road and off road. With the
hope of running an upgrade course in the off season I have been tracking the previous events
covered by several commissaires.

In connection with the appointment of commissaires, I would ask that if a club has a preference
for a Commissaire, I would ask that they contact the technical officer in plenty of time so that
there is not a clash of commissaires at any event.

In 2010 we were putting both a road and an off road Commissaire into the cyclo x events and
would hope to continue to do so in the forthcoming events.

I am continuing to collate medal winners for the presentation dinner, and at present am working
on the dinner to be held in the Moyola Park Golf Club in January.

Should I be re-elected I would ask that all Commissaire reports be sent to

Or posted to

Martin Lees, 19 Moylena Meadows, Antrim, BT41 4AF

Reports should also be carbon copied to Marian Lamb as the
Provincial Secretary.

Finally I would just like to thank all those with whom I worked with over the past year and who
treated me with courtesy and respect. I am particularly grateful to the Executive who supported
me in my endeavours

Martin Lees – Technical Officer

Online Social Media Report

Background and rationale for Cycling Ulster’s Social Media

The coordination of Cycling Ulster’s online communications has been limited to the website in the past. While the website is highly effective and attracts
significant traffic, there was no online social media activity until a year ago.

A structured approach to managing Cycling Ulster’s presence on online social media was needed,
in order to keep up with the surge in social media use and harness the benefits of these emerging
communications platforms. It is an important way to meet the information needs of members,
potential members, sponsors and stakeholders and to help Cycling Ulster meets its overall
strategic objectives.
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

Facebook currently has over half a million users in Northern Ireland, and more than half of these
people log on every single day. Thousands of people in Northern Ireland have a Twitter account,
and tens of thousands of people here use YouTube on a regular basis for both entertainment and

Communications Strategy

The 2011 Online Communications Strategy aimed to develop a following of 1,000 Facebook users
and 500 Twitter followers, and post an average of at least two online videos per month on the
YouTube channel, showcasing different aspects of the sport.

Progress towards meeting objectives of the Strategy

To date, the Facebook target has been far exceeded with 1,065 users. This compares with 10,000
users following the Irish Football Association (IFA), showing that cycling here has a Facebook
following one tenth of size of the following of association football – which is a much more popular

The Twitter channel has 499 followers to date this year, just one less than the target for the year.
The Twitter users following Cycling Ulster include mainstream local sports news channels and

Cycling Ulster’s YouTube channel now includes nearly 60 videos, and it has been viewed over
36,000 times. Videos of open road racing, time trial, track cycling and cyclo-cross events are on the
channel, showcasing the sport to a wide audience including existing members, potential members,
sponsors and stakeholders. Nigel Sudlow continues to dedicate considerable time and effort to
producing high quality videos for the channel. McConvey Cycles have kindly sponsored the
YouTube channel until the end of 2011.

Future plans

Many followers of Cycling Ulster on online social media appear to be from existing clubs, as well as
people who are not in any way associated with structured cycling activities. The potential is there
to communicate with these non-associated cyclists to encourage them to join in and participate in
Cycling Ulster events.

Plans for online social media include a compilation video, showing all aspects of the sport of
cycling in Ulster, and promoting Cycling Ulster to non-affiliated cyclists of all ages with a view to
attracting them into the sports structures.

Facebook advertising is another tactic which will be used to attract non-affiliated cyclists into the
Cycling Ulster club and events structure.

John Bann-Lavery Communications Officer

Time Trial Report 2011

Time Trial events in 2011 were well supported and many new riders appeared on the scene. Time
trials are ideal for riders who want to move on from pure leisure cycling to something more
competitive and each rider can gain something every week and set new targets and goals which is
why we must continue to ensure that our calendar has sufficient events to meet the demands.
East Tyrone and Island Wheelers continued their Super Six 10 mile League dedicated to the
memory of Ernie Magwood.
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

The organisers of the Dave Kane Cycling Ulster Veterans Time Trial League were very conscious of
the need to improve safety and to reduce the workload on a few volunteers. As a result an appeal
went out to the clubs to help out with the regular Thursday evening events. We were very
grateful to the clubs who responded to our request and took on the task of organising particular
events. Phoenix CC, Banbridge CC, West Down Wheelers, Carn Wheelers, Spires CC, Clann Eireann,
Bikeworks, Team Madigan and Ballymoney CC are to be thanked for their support in continuing
this league in 2011. These clubs greatly added to the safety of the events with marshalls at
roundabouts and junctions and plenty of warning signs as well as providing manpower to help
with the general organisation. Tommy Lamb, Martin Lees and I continued to collate results and
post them on

With different clubs organising the events new venues also appeared which added variety to the
courses. Woodgreen remains the most popular choice for testers but Cycling Ulster has to work
with the PSNI to ensure that this course is not over used. Events run on the course must have the
approval of Cycling Ulster.

In addition to the safety measures supplied by the promoting clubs, the organisers introduced the
compulsory use of working red lights for the time trial events which had been piloted in 2010. A
number of other clubs followed this example for club time trials and others are planning to do so
in 2012. The PSNI are very much in favour of this and have supplied several clubs with sets of lights
which they can lend to riders who arrive without one. This will continue in 2012. Ideally Cycling
Ulster would like to see all clubs make it compulsory and also ensure that riders not wearing a light
are not allowed to compete. The PSNI still have some lights to distribute but Cycling Ulster will also
purchase some if needs be to support clubs in this area.

                    Dave Kane Cycles has sponsored the league for many years and provides a
                    time trial frame for the overall winner. We would like to thank Dave Kane for
                    his loyalty to the League over many years. Dave Kane was one of Ulster’s top
                    cyclists for many years and has a great interest in helping to promote cycling in

There were also four Ulster Time Trial Championship events held for the ‘10’, ‘25’, ‘50’ and ‘100’
mile distances. Maryland Wheelers once again promoted the Tommy Givan 50 Mile Championship
while Bann Wheelers took on the ‘100’ for the third year in a row. Both clubs are to be
congratulated for their organisation of these events. Cycling Ulster organised the ‘10’ and ‘25’
Championships. We would like to thank the commissaries who covered these events. I would also
like to thank our Admin Officer Patrick Withers who was a great support in organising the pre-
registration for the ’10’.

               Martin Birney of SportActive has continued to support the Ulster Time Trial
               Championships and we would like to thank Martin for his support of our
               Championships. In a spirit of Equality there are cups for both men and women in
               the main age brackets as well as for the best U16 girl in the ’10’. The provision of
portaloos at the ‘10’ and ‘25’ also helps to encourage women to compete but the initiative is also
welcomed by the men.

Special mention must be made of Eamon Burns Snr and Eamon Burns Jnr of Phoenix who were
stalwarts when we required help. Gordon Parker stood in as an additional timekeeper on several
occasions while Joan McCullough provided medical cover for the ‘10’ and ‘25’.

The Prizes for the Dave Kane League will be presented at the Awards Dinner in Moyola Golf Club
on 14th January 2012. Final overall standings are currently being worked out by Martin Lees with
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Cormac McCann doing the Age Standard winners. We would like to thank both of them for taking
the time to sort this out for us. Due to the new organisation of the League overall takings are
down on previous years and this will be reflected in the prizes awarded.

Going forward for 2012 the current organisation of the league is no longer possible. With new
Cycling Ireland safety guidelines for all open events in relation to signage, medical support,
informing the general public etc there is currently not sufficient man power to operate the league
safely as it currently stands. Our long standing timekeeper, Billy ‘Timelord’ Smyth is stepping down
this year as official timekeeper. We would like to pay particular tribute to Billy for his endless
patience, great timekeeping and dedication to the league over many years.

Thursday night dates will be included in the 2012 Ulster calendar for time trial events but the
league itself is now finished. We will be issuing notice of this shortly and inviting applications for
clubs to take on one or more events. It is unlikely that there will be an overall prize fund at the end
of the year but prizes will be awarded for each event. All such details will have to be ironed out in
the coming weeks. We would also like to continue to have a record of the times recorded.
Currently all the Dave Kane League events from 2003 are to be found on the Cycling Ulster
Website. This is a great resource to have and we would like to continue this for many years to

Ulster Women’s Association TT League

                                  Ballymena Scott Tiles supported the Ulster Women’s Association
                                  Time Trial League by allowing the women to compete at their
                                  club TT’s. This was a great way for the women to improve their
                                  overall times and skills. Thanks to Bikeworks who sponsored the
overall prize for this series.

Marian Lamb TT Representative

                      Provisional Time Trial League Financial Report
 14/04/2011           Nutts Corner Circuit     44 @£5       £      220.00
 21/04/2011           Toome                    57 @ £5      £      285.00
 05/05/2011           Ballyboguey              18 @ £5      £       90.00
 12/05/2011           Woodgreen                38 @ £5      £      190.00
 19/05/2011           Airport Rd               28 @£5       £      140.00
 26/05/2011           Templepatrick                         £           -
 02/06/2011           Eric Maxwell             Levy only    £       66.00
 09/06/2011           Glenshane                29 @ £5      £      145.00
 16/06/2011           The Birches              24 @ £5      £      120.00
 30/06/2011           Ballydonaghy             17 @ £1      £       17.00
                                               29 @ £5      £      145.00
 07/07/2011           Woodgreen                30 @ £5      £      150.00
 28/07/2011           Ballybogey               19 @ £5      £       95.00
 04/08/2011           Glenshane                30 @ £5      £      150.00
 11/08/2011           Banbridge                24 @ £5      £      120.00
 18/08/2011           D McCall Event                        £           -
 25/08/2011           The Birches              22 @ £5      £      110.00
                                               4 @ £2       £        8.00
                      Woodgreen            10
 28/08/2011           Champs                   74 @ £5      £      370.00
                 Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
                                         9 @ £3    £      27.00
                Woodgreen           25
11/09/2011      Champs                   40@£5     £     200.00
                Subtotal                           £   2,648.00

                 Timekeepers                       £     270.00
                 First Aid                         £     100.00
                 Helpers                           £      33.00
                 Commissaires                      £      40.00

                 Subtotal                          £     443.00

                Other Expenses
                Portaloos         '10'
                Champs                             £     114.00
                Portaloos         '28'
                Champs                             £     114.00
                Subtotal                           £     228.00
                Portaloos paid By Cycling Ulster

                 Income Less Expenses
                 Income                            £   2,648.00
                 Expenses                          £     443.00
                 Cycling    Ulster
                Levy                               £     580.00

                 Total Prize Fund                  £   1,625.00

                 Dave Kane League Prizes
Dave Kane Contribution             £350 DK         £     350.00
Income from League                 £825 to DK      £     825.00
                                   Total           £   1,175.00

1st                                 TT Frame       £          -
2nd                                 DK Voucher     £     130.00
3rd                                 DK Voucher     £     110.00
4th                                 DK Voucher     £     100.00
5th                                 DK Voucher     £      90.00
6th                                 DK Voucher     £      75.00
7th                                 DK Voucher     £      70.00
8th                                 DK Voucher     £      60.00
9th                                 DK Voucher     £      55.00
10th                                DK Voucher     £      50.00
11th                                DK Voucher     £      50.00
12th                                DK Voucher     £      45.00
1st Woman                           DK Voucher     £      70.00
2nd Woman                           DK Voucher     £      50.00
1st Junior                          DK Voucher     £      70.00
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
2nd Junior                               DK Voucher        £        50.00
Paracyclist                              DK Voucher        £        50.00
Paracyclist                              DK Voucher        £        50.00
                                         Total             £     1,175.00

                    Vets on Age Standard Prize Fund       2011
                                                          £       800.00

 1st                                                       £      130.00
 2nd                                                       £      110.00
 3rd                                                       £      100.00
 4th                                                       £       90.00
 5th                                                       £       80.00
 6th                                                       £       70.00
 7th                                                       £       60.00
 8th                                                       £       60.00
 9th                                                       £       50.00
 10th                                                      £       50.00
                    Total                                  £      800.00

 Breakdown of Spend
                 Ulster Vets Cash Prizes                   £       800.00
                 DK League Vouchers from income            £       825.00
                 Dave Kane Voucher Contribution            £       350.00
                 Total                                     £     1,975.00

Admin Officer’s 2011 Report
One of my regular tasks is to update Sport NI’s Performance Information and Monitoring System, a
database which is used for governing bodies such as Cycling Ulster to provide feedback in
particular areas such as participation levels. This includes updating details of registered clubs,
activities, participants and coaches as well as with representation gained by Ulster riders on
national teams.
Through my work with Executive members and their commissions as well as liaising with those on
national commissions I have booked venues and provided administrative support for events and
squads. This included the national development training camp held in Ulster at the beginning of
the year, provincial teams and acting as registration officer for the Ulster 10 miles time trial
championships in September.
I have worked closely with Youth Commission Chair, George Boyd throughout the year in a
number of areas. This began with work on the David McCall Foundation Ulster Youth League,
including correspondence with clubs who promoted the various rounds and updating the league
rankings. I also created a youth questionnaire for clubs which was sent out during the summer,
while the feedback so far was from a small percentage of clubs I hope the report and findings from
this which I am currently working on will be of good use for the Youth Commission in the future.
In my role to support the Executive I have been present at their meetings and offered my help to
carryout various tasks. As well as general administrative tasks I have also submitted revised copies
of the Cycling Ulster squad members handbook and managers code of conduct for review by the
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
I have also been liaising and working with the Cycling Ireland office in a number of areas in relation
to membership management, processing of licences, membership queries and on the provincial
and national road rankings. I have also attended several meetings with other staff members of
Cycling Ireland during the year.
I have responded to clubs and individual members when asked to provide information and answer
queries. I also attended the first meeting of a newly affiliated club to answer questions in relation
to registering with Cycling Ireland. I have updated the Cycling Ulster and Cycling Ireland websites
with notices and reports on events and performances by Ulster riders throughout the year.
I would like to thank the Cycling Ulster Executive and those in the Cycling Ireland office for their
continued support and advice during the year. Finally I wish to thank the Cycling Ulster
membership and the volunteers at club level who have been very helpful and supported me in my
work during the past year.
Patrick Withers Admin Officer

Talent Development Officers Report 2011.

2011 has been a busy and varied year for the various aspects of the sport which has brought
numerous successes for Ulster riders across all disciplines.

I have attended numerous events, regional and national, across all disciplines; regional and
national training camps; schools tests; Sport NI seminars talent workshops; meetings with various
stakeholders and managers, and managed Ulster teams at certain events.

The schools testing programme, piloted in 2010, is begun to bear fruit in 2011, with one rider from
the Banbridge area taking up a track training programme and consequently representing Ulster at
the Youth Inter-Provincial series, where he helped us win back the title this year. This young
novice has great potential and I expect to see his name regularly in the Under 14 results in 2012.

A revised schools testing programme is currently being devised, and will be put in place in October
2011, which will hopefully see further success in the future.

I currently oversee our developmental athletes in the Sport NI Performer Development Centres
around the province, where our talented athletes (Jonny Cole, Marcus Christie, Peter Lilley, Claire
Oakley, Thomas Martin and Conor McAllister) continue to benefit from weekly strength and
conditioning training along with medical and physio access. I am due to meet with Sport NI later
this month to review the programme for 2012, with the new athlete intake due to begin in

I have attended various training camps, both regional and national for Youth, Junior, Under23 and
Women in an effort to ensure Ulster riders are well represented and are given the best
opportunities to progress on a talent pathway ultimately leading to the Cycling Ireland High
Performance programme.

I Wattbike tested the majority of Ulster riders identified for National Development Squads from
the Omagh road camp at the beginning of the year, and am working with Cycling Ireland on a
Winter & Spring test programme for Ulster riders.
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
At domestic level we continue to see Ulster riders take a good share of national titles, medals and
records, with 2011 no exception.

 In 2011 we had at least 14 National titles, 16 Silver and 18 Bronze medals, as well as
representation at Commonwealth, European and World level, which indicates that Ulster’s cyclists
are among the top in the country and that our talent coaches and programmes are effective.

The volunteer Talent Coaches have been particularly effective throughout the year in assisting
with delivering programmes and reporting back on activities in their area or on their specialist
discipline, and I am hoping to assist with a professional development programme for these
coaches, starting with the Pedal Fever coaching seminar in Dublin next month, as well as
investigating further coaching opportunities for all involved.

My remit sees me involved with all disciplines across the sport in helping to develop riders and
administering a Sport NI Talent Budget to help with the sports development.

The talent budget has supported numerous activities across the board in 2011, including the
Sainsbury’s UK School Games (MTB); Commonwealth Youth Games (Road); various training camps;
Coach Education programmes; equipment purchase, as well as the Talent Identification
programme in schools.

I will shortly be engaging with the relevant Ulster commissions to plan a winter programme of
camps, testing and early season racing opportunities

It is perhaps worth reiterating that the role of Talent Development Officer for Ulster is a part-time
role covering 18 hours per week.

There are different perceptions as to what this entails, however I always endeavour to work within
the guidelines of my contract; the guidelines of my annual work programme (reviewed every 3
months with Sport NI & Cycling Ireland), and to achieve the best outcomes for Ulster and Ulster

My work pattern allows me to be available during week days to attend Schools and various other
meetings etc, however it does not allow me to be available every weekend to attend more events,
which on occasion means I am unable to attend what are viewed as `key` races; however by
utilising and relying on the network of Talent Coaches I am able to keep abreast of developments
and emerging riders within the region.

As mentioned above, my work pattern means I am not available every weekend, and this weekend
(Sat 1st October) is one such example, and therefore I tender my apologies for not being able to
attend this AGM.

Anthony Mitchell Talent Development Officer
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
Club Development Officer’s Report 2011

The Club Development Officer post is funded by Sport NI and is a part-time post of 17 hours per
week. As such a work programme is drawn up annually and approved by SportNI, Cycling Ireland
and Cycling Ulster. Currently my line manager is the CEO of Cycling Ireland, Geoff Liffey. The main
areas of my work programme are as follows:-

      Attend meetings with SportNI, Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster as requested and when
      Highlight successes and achievements of clubs and individuals and to disseminate good
       sports practice to clubs in a variety of ways
      Target under-represented groups particularly women and disability groups
      Target potential new clubs, increase membership and help foster new clubs in areas where
       they currently do not exist and increase participation levels.
      Develop, implement and promote a Club Accreditation Programme
      Work as a Designated Officer for AccessNI, increase the number of vetted leaders, inform
       members of the legislation and work with SNI and the NSPCC regarding Good Practice in
      Promote cycling to external agencies and strengthen links with existing organisations
       particularly in relation to under-represented groups and club development.
      Continue with ongoing Professional Development
      Provide monthly reports for Cycling Ulster and my line manager, complete quarterly
       reports for SportNI and complete an End of Year Report for SNI.
      Carry out tasks assigned by and with the approval of Cycling Ulster which may be necessary
       from time to time for the furtherance of Cycling Ulster’s aims.

Contractual Duties

During 2011 I have attended and provided reports for Executive Meetings, 100 Day Reviews with
Sport NI, Quarterly Evaluations for SNI and an End of Year Report in April for SNI. I continue to
liaise closely with SNI, Cycling Ireland and Cycling Ulster.

Club Development

Club Development continues to be a major aspect of my work and I have worked closely with
many clubs to provide information on a range of developmental issues such as event safety, youth
development, promotion and recruitment and retention. I continue to highlight good practice on
the website and provide feedback to clubs. Going forward to 2012, Health and Safety of events
will be a major issue for all clubs. Cycling Ireland has produced a comprehensive document to help
clubs identify risks and a written risk assessment must be carried out for all events. While the use
of radios is not mandatory, the majority of clubs are now making use of the Cycling Ulster radios
for their events. These can be hired from Cycling Ulster at a cost of £50. The use of radio
communication has enhanced not only event safety but also communication with marshalls,
managers, race officials and commissaries.

It is pleasing to see that clubs are taking safety issues on board and making it an item on their Club
Agenda. West Down Wheelers for example are in the process of thoroughly updating all their
safety measures for events in 2012 and providing additional signage, radios etc.

I continue to work with the PSNI on general event safety and on the major events to which the
PSNI provide motorbike escorts. Following an initiative trialled by the Dave Kane Time Trial League
the use of red lights during time trials is becoming more widespread and many clubs have or are
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
considering making it compulsory for club TT’s. The PSNI have provided lights for those clubs
which have done so and Cycling Ulster will also financially back this initiative.

I am currently working with the PSNI on a joint PSNI/Cycling Ulster press release on Safe Cycling
which will provide both motorists and cyclist with some general guidelines as to how to treat each
other and improve cycling safely. Over the winter months I hope to liaise with our
Communications Officer and those involved in the Safety Committee to design and print Safety
Posters and leaflets to distribute around the country.


The Cycling Ulster Club Accreditation Pack is almost complete and I will meeting with SNI in the
coming weeks to finalise it and get it signed off by them. While a pilot club was initially identified
for the programme there were a number of problems in proceeding not least being the lack of a
recognised Youth Coaching Programme. The Sprocket Rocket programme had been released in the
South but due to franchising problems the sponsors would not allow it to be used in the North.
Over the past year I have worked with SportNI and Cycling Ireland to resolve this problem and
thanks to some additional funding by SNI we were in a position to rebrand the programme this
year. The first tutor training programme for Sprocket Rocket in the North will be held in Belfast
later this month. This programme is an ideal starting point for those interested in starting a Youth
Development Programme in their clubs and I am hopeful; that there will be a good uptake for the

Under-Represented Groups

Disability programmes continue to expand with a number of clubs now becoming more involved
with various aspects of paracycling. The success of the Irish Paracyclists recently, which included
our own Andrew Fitzgerald has been phenomenal and we are delighted for all the squad. High
Performance paracycling is the remit of Cycling Ireland but we should help to try and guide
suitable athletes in that direction. To this end we need more willing pilots and clubs willing to
provide training opportunities for disabled athletes. I have been in contact with Frank O’Leary who
is Cycling Ireland’s Development Coach for paracycling and we would like to see the development
of competitive opportunities for athletes here which could develop to the stage where we could
invite international competitors.

I also work closely with Disability Sport NI in the furtherance of opportunities in Sport for disabled

Darrell Erwin of the Ulster Handcycling Association has been actively involved and following his
successful application for funding has been able to provide a number of handcycles for training
and ‘Try it Out’ Purposes. Unfortunately Darrell had hoped to be with us today but a paracycling
day was arranged in Dublin which he felt he should attend. See below a brief report from Darrell.

Report From Darrell Erwin.

At the end of April the Ulster Handcycling Association organised an open day at the Antrim Forum
where around 20 people attended. They had the opportunity to try out the different handcycles.
The Association also attended the Back Up Trust sailing/ handcycling day at Craigavon Lakes,
which gives people with recent spinal injuries a chance to try out sailing and handcycling. This was
well attended with some handcyclists bringing their own bikes and going around the lakes with
Davy Kerr and me. Davy and I continue to go and meet people on a one to one basis to let them try
out the handcycles.
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
The David McCall Foundation also ran a very successful Tandem only event in Lisburn earlier in the
year and Lisburn City Council is now very keen to promote opportunities for disabled athletes in
the area. The Time Trial League also provided opportunities for paracyclists to compete in main
stream events.

I organised a women’s training weekend in March in Donegal which was very well attended. The
venture was supported by Cycling Ulster and Sport NI and was designed to encourage
participation among women in cycling. Opportunities were also provided for those who wished to
compete with the SportActive Ulster Women’s Road Race League and the BikeWorks Time Trial
League. A number of women’s teams were supported by Cycling Ulster in the Tain Team Tour, The
Jersey Town Centre events and Rás na mBan among others. There is a growth in participation
among women in cycling and I will continue to work with the Executive to support those women
who wish to develop their cycling.

Specific Competitive Events for over 50’s was piloted this year and proved to be very successful.
Initial problems with Cycling Ireland’s Rules and Regulations were dealt with and a new motion
will be put forward to the Cycling Ireland AGM in November to facilitate the continuance f these
events. Currently many of the race applications I have received from clubs include events in 2012
for over 50’s.

Target New Clubs

Throughout the year I have been closely involved with those wishing to set up new clubs. I
attended a meeting in Ardara earlier this year and as a result the Tir Chonnaill GAP club was
formed. This new club is continuing to build its membership and is proving very popular. In total
eight new clubs were founded in 2011. I am also meeting with a potential new club tomorrow in
Co Down and am arranging meetings with a further four potential clubs in the next few weeks.

I continue to support new clubs with advice and feedback when necessary.

Promote cycling to external agencies

 Disability Sport NI Meetings
 Belfast City Council – Working with Tim Edgar on Youth Development and Adrian Daltan on
  Urban Sports.
 Working with Liam Lynch and Matthew Gillespie re Belfast Urban Sports Group (BMX) who are
  preparing to affiliate to Cycling Ireland
 David McCall Foundation supporting the Development of Youth, Disabled and women athletes
 PSNI - Several meetings with and email/phone communications with the PSNI regarding club
  development and safety in sport. Joint Press Release to be issued soon.
 Stormont Management and Marie Curie re event at Stormont

Professional Development

 Attended Social Media Conference in House of Sport April 2011
 Development Trip to Jersey to meet with the Jersey Youth Academy Officers and the Jersey
  Women’s Association.

Result of Development Trip to Jersey

Following on from the Development Trip to Jersey I would be keen to move forward with piloting
Regional Youth Academies which will provide young riders with a holistic approach to cycling. I will
be discussing the matter further with Cycling Ulster but it is likely that should we manage to
                     Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
develop this programme that Cycling Ulster will support any pilot areas financially. I am hoping to
arrange a number of regional seminars to discuss potential Youth Academies among other things.

Regional and Volunteer Seminars

Over the next six months it is my intention to try and organise some training for volunteers. Items
which have been requested by clubs so far are such things as training and advice for marshalls,
event safety and completing risk assessment forms, Facebook Etiquette, Safeguarding updates and
Safeguarding workshops.

Regional Seminars are also being planned with Donegal likely to be the first targeted area as it
remains the most active in terms of new members. If possible I hope to have input or
representation for some of these seminars from Cycling Ireland. Topics will include

Potential Regional Youth Academies
Event Safety
Awareness of the Technical Rules and Regulations
Insurance Queries
Role of Commissaires
General Club Development
Recruitment and retention of new members

AccessNI and Safeguarding

 Continued to liaise with Patrick McAleavey (Lead Safeguarding Officer) act as Designated
  Signatory for Access NI Checks and submitted forms as necessary.
 Receive up to date information on relevant legislation and guidance supplied by NSPCC and SNI
 Provided information to clubs and individuals re above through phone calls, emails and website
 Record of Vetted Leaders is updated regularly and posted on the website through articles and
  additional information.
 Up-to-date Database made available to members on Download Section of
 Regular emails and phone calls to individual members and club secretaries re AccessNI and
 Approximately 330 members have now been checked through AccessNI
 Working with Cycling Ireland to ensure National Managers and staff go through Access Checks
  as well as Garda checks.
 Targeting members from the South who are likely to be in Northern Ireland with Young People
  and Vulnerable Adults in the 2011 season in order to have them vetted in line with current
 Continue to work with Paul Stephenson(NSPCC) on Safeguarding Issues
 Dealt with sensitive issues regarding Young People and the use of Facebook

I continue to attend as many events as I can and get to know many of the younger riders in the
sport. When I see young riders developing and improving I will inform the relevant personnel such
as Ryan Connor(Road Commission), Youth Officers and Talent Officer.

Marian Lamb Club Development Officer
                        Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
    7. To elect 4 Officers to the Executive

        Nominations have been received for the following Officers
        Martin Lees
        Ciara MacManus
        Ryan Connor
As no other nominations have been submitted the above are duly elected to the Executive.

To fulfil the Executive quota of eight officers there will be a co-option following the first meeting of the
new Executive.

    8. Motions
       Three motions have been received. They are as follows

Motion 1:
Clann Eireann CC calls on Cycling Ulster to ensure that there is greater transparency in the selection
processes of representative teams picked by Cycling Ulster (or its agents); specifically Clann Eireann CC calls
on the Executive of Cycling Ulster, or any sub committees so mandated, to publish by the 1st of March each
year or at the start of each season or as soon as reasonably practicable, a list of all races, across all
disciplines and all categories, and the selection criteria for each race to which Cycling Ulster intends to send
a team in that year.

Motion 2:
Clann Eireann Cycling Club calls on Cycling Ulster to establish a series of Expert selection panels¹ to assist
the Executive of Cycling Ulster and its sub-committees, in the confirmation of the selection of
representative teams/riders picked by Cycling Ulster (or its agents); specifically the expert panels should
consist of a minimum of three people, no more than one of whom should be serving member of the Cycling
Ulster Executive, and at least one of whom should be conversant with the standard of local riders in the
category/discipline for which they are picking the team/individuals.

Motion 3:
Clann Eireann calls on the Executive of Cycling Ulster to recommend to all clubs and event promoters in
Ulster that for the 2012 season and in light of the current economic climate, they exercise restraint in the
entry fees charged for events; Clann Eireann calls on the Executive to recommend to these clubs/promoters
that the entry fees to one day events are capped at £10 (12euro) (excluding CU levies, online charges and
one day licence costs)for a one day event/race with pro-rata fees for multi days events/races.

   9. To announce the Club of the Year for 2011
Two nominations have been received by Cycling Ulster. They are as follows.

Ballymoney CC proposed by Dromara CC
Ballymoney CC has shown a great passion for cycling with some strong riders at the open-road races. This
recently rejuvenated club is catering for all levels of cycling especially with their youth. Also of note is the
off-road side of the club which is being well highlighted on their message board and on Facebook. All of
this combines to show a club moving in the right direction. We believe they deserve to be “Cycling Ulster’s
Club of the Year”.

Roe Valley CC proposed by Clann Eireann
Clann Eireann CC wish to nominate Roe Valley CC in recognition of their outstanding promotion of the 2011
Cycling Ulster Youth Championships. Clann Eireann CC believe that the club brought a standard of
professionalism, safety and enjoyment to the event that has set a new benchmark for future promotions of
this event. In paying tribute to the work of the whole club, Clann Eireann CC would like to particularly
acknowledge the sterling work done by Mary & George Boyd.

10. AOB
Close of Annual General Meeting
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

The Foundation was established in September 2008 following the tragic death of
Davy McCall at a club race on 12th August. Maryland Wheelers Cycling Club set
up the Foundation with the active support of Phoenix Cycling Club and the David McCall family.
The objectives of the Foundation are to maintain the name of David McCall in cycling circles as a tribute to
the great contribution that Davy made to cycling in his lifetime; to raise funds and to use these funds to
support cycling in Ulster in a way that Davy would have wanted.

A steering committee was established to manage the affairs of the Foundation:
One Representative from David McCall family:                      Emma McCall
One representative from Phoenix cycling club:                     Eamon Burns
One representative from Cycling Ulster:                           Marian/Tommy Lamb
Four representatives from Maryland Wheelers:                      Mark Greer (Chairman)
                                                                  Brian McCourt (Treasurer)
                                                                  Phil Holland
                                                                  Claire Jeffers
 All decisions on raising and allocation of funds have been taken by this committee.

                                          PROGRESS TO DATE
Davy’s name has continued to feature regularly on the Cycling Ulster web site with the articles repeated
and stored on the Foundation section of the Maryland Wheelers web site (see
Davy’s name has also been associated with three events organised and run by Maryland Wheelers during
    1. David McCall Ulster Grand Prix-A unique cycle road racing event held on the closed roads of
        Dundrod Motorcycle circuit on 13th August.
    2. The David McCall ‘Bun Run’ organised by Phil Holland during the July holiday period.
    3. David McCall Sportive on 25th September organised by Gerry Lundy. (The main fund raising event
        for the Foundation)
The Committee took the decision early this year to allocate funds to the following main groups:
    1. Cycling Ulster Youth program
    2. Women in cycling
    3. Cycling for Disabled (hand cycling and cycling for blind /partially sighted)

                                        FINANCIAL SUMMARY.

        Opening balance                            £5,705
        Income for 2010                            £3,411
        Expenditure for 2010                       £2,000
        Closing Balance                            £7,116
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011
The Foundation has raised over £20k in its first three years. Thanks are due to many people during the
current year and in particular:
    - Maryland Wheelers Cycling Club
    - Cycling Ulster
    - Phoenix Cycling Club
    - Roe Valley Cycling Club
    - North Down Cycling Club
    - Dromara Cycling Club
    - Seamus Downey his family and friends

Again this year Marian and Tommy Lamb have been extremely supportive of the Foundation in terms of
time, enthusiasm, coverage on the web site and ideas.

Support for Women’s Cycling in Ulster
The Foundation provided financial support for a very well planned and executed women’s training weekend
organised by Cycling Ulster. The training camp was held from the 11th – 13th March and based at the
Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Donegal.
Organised cycling training runs were ran with full back up and support staff. Women’s cycling needs were
further facilitated through short skills sessions and informative presentations.
The Foundation supported an Ulster Women’s team who travelled to Jersey to take part in the prestigious
International Crit in St Helier during the month of May. This was a unique opportunity to compete on a
closed circuit in an international arena. Julie Mulligan finished a very creditable 12th place overall.

Cycling Ulster Youth Program
Support for Cycling Ulster’s Youth program was a key objective of the David McCall Foundation. The
steering committee had identified and awarded financial support towards the youth development
program for the incoming year.
However, with the resignation of the Youth Commission Chairman Mickey McKenna and the late
appointment of the inward Chairman George Boyd, it made identifying where the foundation could
meet specific needs difficult.
After sound discussions with George Boyd it was agreed that the foundation would continue to
support the David McCall Foundation Ulster Youth League, hoping to build upon its success of 2010.
Each of the events which made up the youth league was well support by riders in all categories across
the board. The youth season and league came to a close after the very successful organisation and
running of the Ulster Youth Championships in Limavady, hosted by Roe Valley C.C. Phil Holland was
invited to present the prizes on behalf of David McCall Foundation.
Cycling Ulster Youth Commission Chair, George Boyd said “We would like to thank the Foundation for its
continued support of youth cycling, which undoubtedly led to great Ulster results in the Mayo Youth tour
and in great performances here today in the Ulster Championships.”

Support for Disabled Cycling in Ulster
On the 4th June 2011 Maryland Wheelers organised a Tandem only event; the main objective being to
encourage more pilots to come forward so that more blind/partially sighted people could have the
opportunity to ride a Tandem.
The event proved a resounding success and a large amount of the credit must be given to the hard work
and commitment of Maryland Chairman Hamilton Topping and Maryland club members.
Thanks should be extended to Lisburn City Council and the Royal National institute for the Blind for the
significant support they provided for the event.
                       Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

Funding for Mayo Youth Tour Team
The Cycling Ulster-David McCall Foundation youth teams took some excellent results in the Mayo Youth
Tour during the month of July. The race enables Irish youth riders to compete against riders from across
Europe and other parts of the World.

Over 90 riders signed on in the under 16 yrs category competition which included three road race stages
and a time trial. There was a great team spirit which inspired and produced some creditable individual
performances. Aiden Noone finished 7th overall and was the 2nd placed Irish based rider on GC. Matthew
Taggert occupied 5th overall in the under 15's and 6th best Irish rider.

The under 14 yrs age group was a very competitive and closely fought encounter with over 50 riders signing
taking part. Only 38 secs separated the top ten on GC. The Cycling Ulster - DMcC team occupied three of
the top six places, Aaron Swann, Cathal Clarke and Jake Gray finished in 3rd, 5th and 6th places
respectively. Jake won the under 13 division and the CU - DMcC unit secured the team prize.

The foundation was delighted to be linked to the success of these young riders in such a prestigious
competition. Our thanks goes out to the efforts of these ambitious individuals and is extended to the
management of George and Mary Boyd and Cycling Ulster, we will endeavour to assist with youth
development in the future, so they may build on their success.

MTB Blessingbourne Fun Day

On 28th august the David McCall foundation supported a day out for cycling Ulster’s youth at the all new
purposely created mountain bike trials of Blessingbourne Estate, Fivemiltown. The emphasis of the day was
on having fun and getting away from the pressures of cycling competition.

The young riders had the opportunity to take on specially designed courses which would test and improve
their bike handling skills. The kids were then introduced to orienteering on a MTB were they navigated their
way around a route via a series of clues. Afterwards everyone was treated to a BBQ prepared by the staff at
Blessingbourne. The venue and facilities received great reviews from the kids, parents and organisers.

We would also welcome comments and suggestions regarding the operation of the Foundation. Email
suggestions may be sent to or to any committee member.
Mark Greer (Chairman)

                          INCOME – LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS 2009/10

Seamus & Sean Downey - Event to celebrate success of N I Commonwealth Cyclists
Maryland Wheelers CC - Tandem Event
Phoenix CC
Roe Valley CC
North Down CC
Dromara CC & Mark Greer - Trailquest Hillsborough
David McCall ‘BUN RUN’
Billy Smyth
Sale of Deepa Man-Kler Cyclist Print
Sale of drinks bottles
Cash Collection boxes
Maryland Wheelers/David McCall Cycling Foundation Sportive
Maryland Wheelers Ulster Grand Prix Road Races
Total income for year:                                       £3,411
                      Cycling Ulster AGM Business and Reports 2011

                            EXPENDITURE - PROJECTS SUPPORTED

Placement of Foundation Logo on Phoenix CC Team Car     £250
Cycling Ulster Ladies training camp                              £500
D McCall Foundation Cycling Ulster Jersey Ladies Team   £500
Mayo Youth Tour Team                                    £500
D McCall Foundation - Cycling Ulster Youth League                £200

Total expenditure                                                £1,950
Balance in hand                                         £7,166
Brian McCourt
30th September 2011
Cycling Ulster AGM Agenda 2011

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