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					Laser Spine Institute Job Description
Position Title: Registered Nurse                        Dept Name: 110 Facility Surgical Operations

Reports To: Director of Nursing                         FLSA Status: Non-Exempt

                                                        Supervises: Medical Assistants, others as assigned

Position Summary: The Registered Nurse is responsible for assessing, planning, implementing and
evaluating patient care throughout the peri-operative process. Responsible for acting as the patient
advocate and ensuring safer and effective care. The peri-operative nurse provides planned and highly
skilled nursing care for the immediate pre-operative and post-operative patients. Through continuous
patient surveillance, allows for early recognition of medical or surgical complications which may arise in any
patient. The circulating nurse is directly responsible for coordinating intra-operative care of the patient and
indirectly responsible through coordination and information sharing of both pre- and post-operative care.

Responsibilities: Peri-operative Nurse

1.      Must possess demonstrated communication skills which indicate the ability to be successful at
        counseling and teaching.

2.      Must display comprehensive and current knowledge of general nursing theory and practice
        including basic disciplines relating to nursing such as bio-, psycho, social and medical sciences
        and their application to nursing and patient care.

3.      Adequate understanding of operative procedures, required patient preparations and expected post-
        operative course.

4.      Must display knowledge of the underlying principles of treatment and nursing procedures.

5.      Complete knowledge and understanding of peri-operative nursing care in the freestanding
        ambulatory surgery unit.

6.      Adequate understanding of a wide variety of medical/surgical pathophysiology and terminology.

7.      Awareness of symptoms and possible complications of surgery and anesthesia and initial
        treatment and subsequent nursing interventions.

8.      Knowledge should be up-to-date on the actions of all pharmaceuticals and anesthetic agents.

9.      Have a working knowledge of fluid and electrolyte balance.

10.     Able to perform accurate and complete patient assessments throughout the peri-operative period.
        Skilled in patient population age-based competencies, to include fluid and nutritional requirements,
        skin care and body organ status, hearing and sight alterations and limitations, mobility status,

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        comprehension and cognitive skills, temperature, medication vulnerability, healing restrictions and
        psycho-social needs.

11.     The nurse should be competent in technical skills, to include intravenous therapy, catheterization,
        artificial ventilation and CPR.

12.     Able to recognize and report hazardous equipment.

13.     Knowledge of the mission, policies, procedures, philosophies, standards, goals and objectives of
        the center and especially those pertaining to the preoperative and recovery areas as well as the
        organization’s plan for improvement.

14.     Trains and instructs new personnel

15.     Includes the patient’s care person in the teaching to ensure adequate home care.

16.     Participates in budgetary, marketing, utilization, cost containment and reduction activities.

17.     Practices economy in the use of time, equipment and supplies.

18.     Assists in organizing and developing policies and procedures.

19.     Develops effective communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

20.     Participates in QI activities.

21.     Utilizes supervisory chain of command.

Responsibilities: Circulating Nurse

(1-21 above, and the following)

1.      Acts as nursing team leader during the procedure.

2.      Assists with pre- and/or post-operative patient assessments, care and teaching.

3.      Helps prepare room each AM. Assists in the preparation and maintenance of the sterile

4.      Assists in the proper preparation of supplies, medication, equipment and instrumentation involved
        in patient care.

5.      Identifies patient by using at least two identifiers, verbally and by checking ID bracelet and offers a
        brief explanation of health team members’ roles.

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           6.      Verifies operative site with pre-op nurse, patient, patient’s care person, consent and physician.
                   Assures correct site is effectively and accurately marked by the physician and patient.

           7.      Serves as patients’ advocate. Assures patient safety. Maintains environment.

           8.      Performs aseptic surgical prep, assists with draping if appropriate.

           9.      Maintains a constant vigilance on activities, observing for breaks in aseptic technique or safety

           10.     Supervises and participates in sponge, needle and instrument counts as applicable and documents
                   on the operative record.

           11.     Keeps supervisor, physician and care person informed of patient’s needs and progress.

           12.     Documents activities and care provided. Assess nursing care and goals and patient outcome.

           13..    Assists with room clean-up, turn-over and stocking, checking OR equipment to include all
                   emergency equipment.

           14.     Other duties as may be periodically assigned by senior management.


                   Required: Must have graduated from an accredited program for nursing. Associates degree—
                   Diploma or Associates Degree accepted


                   Required: Active RN state license, CPR, ACLS

           Experience & Skills:

                   Required: Prefer previous peri-operative or general medical-surgical nursing experience

                                         Essential Physical and Mental Requirements

                                                         Continuous           Frequent           Occasional             Rarely
Physical Demands
                                                          Over 70%            40%-69%             15%-39%              Up to 15%
Standing                                                      X
Walking                                                       X
Climbing                                                                                                                  X

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Bending                                                                                      X
Crouching                                                                                    X
Pushing/Pulling                                                                              X
Carrying                                                                                                       X
Lifting/Lowering                         1-15 lbs.                         X
                                        15-30 lbs.                                                             X
                                        30-50 lbs.                                                             X
                                       Over 50 lbs.                                                            X
Fine Hand/Eye Coordination                                                 X
Color Discrimination                                     X
Hearing Acuity                                                             X

                                                      Continuous        Frequent         Occasional        Rarely
Mental Demands
                                                      Over 70%          40%-69%           15%-39%        Up to 15%
Concentration on Detail                                   X
Attention Span of 1+ hours on a task                      X
Ability to Remember multiple tasks                        X
Oral Communication                                        X
Written Communication                                     X

                                                      Continuous        Frequent         Occasional        Rarely
Working Conditions
                                                      Over 70%          40%-69%           15%-39%        Up to 15%
Exposure to blood and body fluids                         X
Exposure to toxins, cytotoxins, poisons                                     X
Exposure to extreme heat, cold, temp fluctuations                                            X
Exposure to hazardous chemicals                                                                                X
Exposure to radiation                                     X
NA                                                                          X

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Date Revised: May 2010                                        Human Resources Review: Kellie Brady
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