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					Rawia Sadek is Visual artist, translator from French and English into Arabic and
journalist at the Middle East News Agency (MENA).

Institutional affiliation: Cairo Atelier /syndicate of journalists.

Solo exhibitions

- The twenties of the last century, New Cairo atelier, (Nashwa art store now) April, 2010

- Chasing Beit el Oma's memories (Saad Zaghloul project 2); an interactive exhibition on
Time and Space notions), Saad Zaghloul cultural Center (fall 2009).

- The sea, Cairo Atelier, may, 2008.

-Paths, Gallery Cairo Atelier, 1999.

-One artist show for one night, the International book fare, January 1994. From an open
window, Mashrabia Gallery, 1993.

- Daly rhythms, Mashrabia Gallery, 1991.

- (Without title), The Gallery of the Netherlands Institute of Archaeology, 1990.

-(Without title)The Abdol Moneaam El Sawi Gallery, Nasr city, 1990.

- Celebrating people, Cairo Atelier, 1989.

- Beginnings #1, at the library of "Dar el Thakafa El Jadida/the new culture" publishing
house, 1988.

Group & workshop exhibitions

- Deram carpet (Serpentine Gallery), Sawa's collection, London, jun 2009.

- Prayer Flags around the world, (Artists over the frontiers), hanged bibbers like Tibetan
prayer flags against the war, France, May 2009.

- All what you need, (billboard workshop at the factory), Sawa workshop, March 2009.

- 1est International artist book, (Saad Zaghloul project's draft Artist book), Cairo Atelier,
December 2008.

- The 2nd graffiti festival, Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum, November 2008.

- Fashion and Identity show, (workshop).Goethe Institute &"Sawa" workshops,
November 2008.
- Two artists & the sea New Cairo Atelier, November 2008.

- Groom and bride, "Wekalet El Balah", (Sawa" workshops), August 2008.

- The celebration of the second anniversary of New Cairo Atelier, October 2008.

- On Gunther Ucker's exhibition, workshop at the Town House Gallery (from October 12
to November 1est.

- "Protect the sea environnement", (workshop) El Balakaa gallery, Akabaa (Jordan,
september 2008).

- The 56th Salon's Cairo Atelier, May 2008.

- Ceramic, workshop [Sawa(together)generation] at Nathan Doss atelier, El Fostat city,
May 2008.

- Wood cut, sawa generation workshops, April, 2008.

- "The city- Collage", (Sawa generation workshops), February 16 - March15, 2008.

- Dwayer's International Workshop for Women, Alexandria Atelier, January 25- February
8, 2008.

- The Origami Japanese paper, workshop with the Japanese artist Kyoko Ibe, El Nafeza,
(2 days) 2007.

- "El Hakiba"/Baggage, (workshop) Alexandria Atelier, mars 2007.

- Cairo/Alexandria (workshop running parallel to Imagining the Book# 2), Alexandrina
Atelier, 2005.

- Form through Light# 2, Palace of Art, Gezira, Cairo, december 2005.

- Imagining the Book# 1, Bibliotheca Alexandrina and Alexandria Atelier, 2002.

- Palm, my sister, Mashrabia Gallery, 2000.

- Original design for T-shirt, Mashrabia Gallery, 1997.

- New creativities, the 29th International Fare Book, 1997.

- Chairs, Chairs, Mashrabia Gallery, 1996. - Drawings, Mashrabia Gallery, 19995.
- First exhibition for the solidarity with the publishing of Eye review, Mashrabia Gallery,

- Heliogram Annual exhibition, Centre Fran� de Culture ET de Cooperation (CCF),
1993 & 1992.

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