HOW TO TIE NECKTIE by alicejenny


									      How to knot a bow tie?
This is pretty much like tying your shoe lace.
In general we don’t recommend a bow tie for
      business attire. It makes a fashion
statement that seems to suggest a whimsical

                                                                                                                        HOW TO TIE
     and unpredictable nature – traits not
           often valued in business.

          1. Start with end in right hand,
             extending 1.5 inch below
                                                                                                                         A NECKTIE
             that in left hand.

           2. Cross longer end over                          CAREER SERVICES
              shorter and pass up through        Bank of America Career Services Center
              loop.                                The Pennsylvania State University
                                                    University Park, PA 16802-2121
          3. Form front loop of bow by
             doubling up shorter end
             (hanging) end placing
             across collar points.
                                                              Monday through Friday,
           4. Hold this front loop with
                                                               8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
              thumb and forefinger of
              right hand. Drop long end
                                                          Drop-in assistance available
              down over front.
                                                            beginning at 8:30 a.m.
                                                 (Tuesdays during fall/spring semesters until 7:00p.m.)
           5. Place left forefinger
              pointing up on bottom half
              of hanging part. Pass up
              behind front loop and...                                                                                  Information from

           6. Poke resulting loop though
              knot behind front loop (see
              illustration). Even ends and
                                                   Career Services | Division of Student Affairs
              tighten.                         | 814.865.2377
                                                   This publication is available in alternative media upon request.
                                                 Penn State is committed to affirmative action, equal opportunity and
                                                           the diversity of its workforce. U. Ed. STA 10-80
   How to tie a Windsor Knot?                   How to tie a Half Windsor Knot?                   How to tie a Four in Hand Knot?
This is sometimes called a “Full Windsor.” It        The Half-Windsor produces a small             This is the most commonly used knot. It is
 produces a perfectly symmetrical knot but      symmetrical knot and uses less of the length        easy to tie but produces an asymmetrical
  also a rather bulky knot that may not be         of the tie than either the Full Windsor or     knot. The Four in Hand knot is smaller than
 desirable if your tie is made of heavy cloth     the Four in Hand. You may wish to use a             the Full Windsor but larger than the
or if your shirt collar has a narrow opening.   half-Windsor if your necktie is short or if you                Half-Windsor in size.
                                                want a small knot. The Half-Windsor is often
                                                preferred with very narrow ties (less than two
                                                                inches in width).                           1. Start with wide end of the
          1. Start with wide end of the                                                                        tie on your right and
             tie on your right and                                                                             extending a foot below
             extending a foot below                        1. Start with wide end of the                       narrow end.
             narrow end.                                      tie on your right and
                                                              extending a foot below                         2. Cross wide end over
          2. Cross wide end over                              narrow end.                                       narrow and back
             narrow and bring up                                                                                underneath.
             through loop.                                 2. Cross wide end over narrow
                                                              and turn back underneath.
                                                                                                            3. Continue around passing
          3. Cross wide end over                                                                               wide end across front of
             narrow and bring up                                                                               narrow once more.
             through loop.                                 3. Bring up and turn down
                                                              through loop.
           4. Then put down through                                                                          4. Pass side end up through
              loop and around across                                                                            loop.
              narrow as shown.                             4. Pass wide end around front
                                                              from left to right.
                                                                                                             5. Holding front of knot loose
          5. Turn and pass up through                                                                           with index finger, pass wide
              loop and...                                                                                       end down through loop in
                                                           5. Then up through loop...                           front.

                                                                                                            6. Remove finger and tighten
           6. Complete by slipping down
                                                                                                               knot carefully. Draw up tight
              through the knot in front.
                                                           6. And down through know in                         to collar by holding narrow
              Tighten and draw up snug
                                                              front. Tighten carefully and                     end and sliding knot snug.
              to the collar.
                                                              draw up to collar

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