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									                               Innovative Uses of Facebook Analytics Tools

Social networking has been gaining the momentum for a while now with numerous social networking sites that
have been making their way, in the social media sphere. Facebook is one of the popular social networking forums
that many have capitalized on in order to promote online marketing and PR campaigns and many others. This
social networking forum is well equipped with certain purpose-built analytics tool that assists in evaluating and
maximizing the user’s online effectiveness. The portal offers its users an overall new platform for analyzing and
quantifying interactive marketing, broadening the overall reach, maximizing retention and generating greater

Today there are numerous service providers who have come up innovative social media analytics solutions to help
their users. They also specialize in applications that are combination of creative Facebook analytics and analytical
smarts solutions. The results are quick and is helpful in tracking web information, dissemination of the information
in real time, Facebook metrics, and attain instant feedback on the way the content is functioning for the users to
be able to optimize features, products, content, campaigns and other communications faster.

The solutions provide an “easy-to-use visualization interface” that offers drill-down capacities and trending views.
This in turn offers perceptive insights that allow users to make smarter, quicker operating decisions across the
social data. At the same time, it influences viral campaigns and understand the aspects that would keep the users
stay longer in a social site and discovers the aspects that influence revenue generation.

With the rapid growth of social media today, social analytics have a huge role to play. Service providers of social
media analytics solutions offer applications and programs that help the entrepreneurs to look at social networking
with a difference. Some of the beneficial features of these solutions are listed below:-

        Offers quick results for enterprises to keep a track on real-time social media behavior and attain fast
         feedback on the things that would work for the product

        Offers both drill-down and trending view capacities

        Helps in revenue acquisition

        Offers perceptive insights to make smarter and quicker operating decisions across huge social data

        Attain quicker insights into the main influences on viral campaigns

        Discovering the aspects that keeps the users engaged

Hence, the innovative Facebook analytics tools are helpful in social brand monitoring and also audits to offer
insightful data.

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