Noble Drilling by ghkgkyyt


									 OFFSHORE AND ONSHORE NEWS                                                                            WINTER 2005 - 2006

                                                    Noble Drilling

The Noble Charles Copeland arrived in Sharjah in early October     In addition the accommodation will be upgraded during this stay
2005 primarily for an accommodation extension and mud pit          and the Lamprell team will render support to the Noble crew in
expansion. As often occurs various other scopes that fit the       carrying out repairs on the legs and shaker house areas.
Noble standard were developed during the stay.
                                                                   The Kenneth Delaney is scheduled to be completed by the middle
A tight time program was maintained throughout even with a         of February 2006.
scope of work that continued to grow. With the resources avail-
able to hand and a positive attitude demonstrated by our Client
the Lamprell team managed to complete all the assigned work
and the Rig departed Sharjah ten days ahead of its original

The departure was immediately followed by the arrival of the
Noble Kenneth Delaney. Once again a challenging schedule
and scope of work has been developed to include the complete
re-power of the five main engines, installation of an additional
mud pump and the inspection/overhaul of the three onboard            Lamprell Energy Ltd, Oil and               Read more on page 12.
cranes.                                                            Gas contractor of the year 2005.
                            STEVEN D. LAMPRELL
    As we enter a new year we can look back on 2005 as being a           This has been recognized most recently
    landmark year in terms of growth, technical development and in       in our Company being awarded the
    the sheer volume of business that has been carried out by all of     Lloyds List Middle East/India Oil and
    our divisions throughout this past 12 months.                        Gas Contractor Of The Year Award for
    With a regular work force currently in the region of four thousand
    employees, the Company has been operating at full capacity           Such an accolade from within the Oil
    throughout the year to achieve what has been one of our most         and Gas community is a further endorsement of how far we have
    successful periods on record. As with all things the larger we       progressed as a Company in the past few years and it acts as a
    grow the more we must continue to re-invest to sustain the long      stimulus for further improvement in the period ahead. All of these
    term stability of the Company. We had one of the highest levels      factors combine to give me the highest level of confidence in
    of re-investment we have ever witnessed in 2005 and we are           pushing forward with further investments for the long term future
    already planning to double that level with further investment in     of our organization.
                                                                         I would also like to take this opportunity to express my thanks
    As we enter this New Year we already have a full order book          and appreciation to all of our clients who continue to support
    taking us well into the third quarter of 2006. We look forward       our Company and who show their satisfaction by continuing to
    to yet another successful year to maintain the continuity achieved   give us return business year on year. We in turn try to show
    in our 2005 results.                                                 our appreciation and awareness of their support by continuous
                                                                         improvements to the standard and the quality of the services we
    Our confidence in re-investment and further development stems        provide to our valued clientele.
    largely from the continued outstanding performance of the entire
    workforce, staff and management in delivering excellent results      As we enter this New Year I would like to once again take this
    not just from a commercial standpoint, but also the quality of       opportunity to wish all of our clients, friends, management, and
    the finished product, client satisfaction and not least the envi-    staff my very best wishes for a safe, prosperous and Happy New
    able safety record that has been sustained throughout 2005.          Year.

                                             Transocean Trident VIII
The Trident VIII arrived in late October via Dock Wise heavy lift
ship the Tern, to start a 90 day refurbishment program.

Five distinctive scopes of work have been developed that incor-
porate all of the Mechanical, Piping, Painting and Architectural
requirements of the project.

As a direct benefit, the spud can repairs were done en route,
avoiding the need to dry dock and UWILD survey the Rig on
arrival in the Emirates. This work is progressing well and the Rig
is expected to leave on schedule despite a significant growth in

The in-situ surveys aided the production of over 75% of the
required drawings prior to arrival at the Sharjah quay. The main

scopes of works where clearly defined and major items such
as the extension to the existing accommodation, high pressure
pipe work, raw water and a complete process area were all
approved for pre-fabrication well in advanced of docking.

The Rig will require 200t of structural steel replacement in the
hull, new pipe rack decking, driller’s cabin and BOP trolley
beams. In addition Lamprell will undertake Jack house and leg
bracing repairs.

A third mud pump is currently being installed along with a fifth
engine. The Rig will also have a new water maker, sewage treat-
ment plant and raw water tower.

The Rigs leg jacking system has now been inspected and
repaired and the original mud pumps have been removed for
overhaul by our Lamprell Oilfield Engineering Group.

All HP/LP process piping, sea water, bilge and fire pipe-work has
now been replaced, as have the piping systems in the accommo-
dation block.

The Rig is undergoing a complete accommodation refit that
includes the installation of a new HVAC system. New flooring is       Transocean Project Manager Tom Dalton and his support staff
being installed throughout, with re-lamination of the existing pan-   who where a great help whilst the pre mob activities were con-
eling. The Transocean VIII will also feature a brand new galley,      ducted in Africa, during the tow, and subsequently in the Lamprell
new cold rooms and an additional office complex.                      yard.

A special word of thanks goes to the whole team who have              This has been a positive experience for all involved and a model
worked extremely well together as a unit and in particular,           for future refurbishment initiatives.

                                                 Maersk Guardian
Presenting Lamprell with yet another overseas challenge, Maersk
Contractors retained Lamprell to complete a high profile, time
sensitive scope of work on the Maersk Guardian before deploy-
ment to the Otway Gas project offshore Australia for Woodside

The Guardian is the preferred choice for the installation of the
Otway’s platform, topsides and jacket, but the Rig needed a
15ft extension to the existing cantilever. The project time frame
allowed a window of 34 days only to complete the scope, this
plan being based on the use of temporary yard facilities in
Limassol, Cyprus.

Prior to mobilization of our team, prefabrication of the following
key structures took place in the Sharjah facility:

• Cantilever extension beams – segmented for containerized
• Cantilever skidding racks
• Transverse skidding extension beams
• Skidding jack claws and pedestals

In addition specialised items of equipment designed specifi-
cally by Technip for the topsides installations role were built by
Lamprell to include:

• 400t pad eye
• Aft support structure for cantilever beams
• 2 x 25t winch base roller boxes
• 2 x anchor fairleads, jacket lateral support frame
• 2 x ROV support frames
• Aft A frame and slips table installation
• Pile, laad out cradles, landing platform & monorail.
• Drill floor Merlin clamp installation

All items were successfully installed by the 50 man Lamprell
team seconded to the Limassol based project. The 400t pad eye
designed for the topsides deployment being used for the cantilev-
er load test. The project was completed in 30 days with no LTI’s.

A letter of commendation has been received from Mr. Kevin
                                                                     keep the job on track. A team who accommodated a significant
Mobbs Woodside Petroleum Offshore Coordinator for the Otway
                                                                     amount of changes and additional scope including the introduc-
Project, recognizing the dedication and commitment and support
                                                                     tion of the Technip designed installation aids” stated Mr. Mobbs.
of the Lamprell construction team led by Project Manager Dave
Morris. “A team of dedicated fabrication professionals work-
                                                                     Our hearty congratulations to all on a challenging task once
ing many additional hours and doing what was necessary to
                                                                     again completed successfully.

Gulf Drilling International Gulf 3
                  Since we went to print in the Autumn Edition of the Lamprell

                  Times the modification and conversion of the GDI jack up Gulf 3

                  has come on in leaps and bounds.

                  An additional accommodation level has now been installed and

                  outfitting is well underway with the Rig now featuring an impres-

                  sive galley.

                  Leg strengthening is now complete and coating is ongoing. New

                  and overhauled engines have been re-installed and rewiring is

                  in progress. With the installation of a third mud pump also com-


                  To the hull, sponsons have now been fabricated and installed and

                  the aft slot infill has also been completed with two of three cranes

                  already modified and relocated.

                                                                       The pictures show the installation of the cantilever, substructure

                                                                       and drill floor using the Al Amlaq Crane Barge. This was the first

                                                                       time this Shear Leg barge was used for a cantilever installation.

                                                                       The unusually large eye-catching derrick–a Loadmaster "off-

                                                                       centre bottle type” design was installed later using a large shore


                                                                       The installation of the derrick, guide liner replacements and fifth

                                                                       pinion are scheduled for the year end.

                                                                       This major upgrade is being managed by Jimmy Hyde, Lamprell

                                                                       Project Manager, in co-operation with Mr. Carl Wendenburg of

                                                                       Gulf Drilling, the designated Client Representative.

                                                     GSP Rig Atlas
Following on from the award announced in the Summer Edition            deck and side shells, and accommodation and jack houses cur-
of the Lamprell Times, the Atlas arrived at the Sharjah jetty on the   rently extended scopes on option.
14th December 2005.

                                                                       Architecturally, a third and fourth level of accommodation will be
The Rig recently changed hands from Petromar to Romanian               created via a structural extension, with outfitting and expansion
based GSP (Grup Servicii Petoleire) and is the sister Rig to both      of the existing POB for client office and living space.
the Fortuna and Orizont, both Rigs having undergone extensive

upgrades at the Lamprell facility in 2005.                             The cranes will be changed out for National 1000 series hydrau-

                                                                       lic cranes with and additional National crane to be designed
The Atlas is a slot Rig and will now undergo a conversion to           and installed on the starboard aft jack house.
cantilever as the major scope of work plus a leg extension of an

additional 49ft. The five existing engines will be replaced with       Heli-deck works will include a new plated, zero pollution top
Caterpillar 3512’s.This will also require a new SCR and cabling        deck featuring escape ways on the underside and a new helicop-
to the drill floor. The cabling will be managed in a purpose built,    ter re-fuelling system.
Cavotec supplied drag chain system.

                                                                       Yet to be assessed are the miscellaneous piping systems, HP mud
In conjunction with the engine change out, a new CAT 3512              and cement lines for possible replacement during the installation
emergency generator will be installed, along with a 12 inch            of a new choke and kill manifold.
exhaust system as well as the associate piping for the engine

change out.                                                            Once again GSP are working to a demanding schedule that

                                                                       we are confident we can meet. On completion the Atlas is des-
Other works include the relocation of a Koomey unit and the            tined for its first regional project in Iranian waters in May 2006.
replacement of all stainless steel accumulator piping. Currently       After this GSP will be actively pursuing contract opportunities for
under consideration is the additional painting of the hull, main       the Atlas both in Iran and Saudi markets.

                                                         ENSCO 96

A previously unexpected contract award received from Operator        well test package. This involved the installation of a new 2000
Saudi Aramco resulted in a shortening of the Rigs quayside visit     KVA transformer and MCC, high pressure piping and a well test
and the postponement of two of the major scopes of work sched-       manifold complete with a 600 gallon diesel tank. Also, a new
uled for completion during the fall of 2005.                         choke/kill manifold and fast rescue boat with launch facilities
                                                                     were installed.
That said, the general scope of work on the Ensco 96 increased
from a previous schedule of 36 jobs to a total of 110 jobs all to    As the majority of works took place in and around the cantilever
be completed in double quick time in advance of the Rig mobili-      and drilling package substructure, a huge co-ordination plan
zation to Saudi Arabian waters.                                      was initiated to ensure safety and allow simultaneous works to
                                                                     continue unhindered without any major deviation from the agreed
The main focus now became the installation of a new derrick          schedule. Meticulous planning on the part of Project Manager
and transverse skidding system and the lowering of the BOP trol-     Les Johnston, led to the successful completion of all tasks to be
ley beams by an additional two feet. This would permit a much        undertaken.
easier routing of the mud return line from the rotary table to the
shaker system. Also we installed a new helicopter room.              Les was ably assisted in his efforts by Senior Supervisor Melvin
                                                                     Pararah Electrical Supervisor Tom Nielson and Mechanical
Due to Aramco’s contractual requirements, the scope was revised      Supervisor Craig O’Donnell.
with the installation of two new flare booms complete with a

Following fourteen months of construction the Enfield Column was      “The Column was an extremely difficult assembly to build. The
loaded out on the 9th January, 2006 effectively closing the book      complexity of the structure, the required assembly sequence and
on this hugely successful project. The departure of the Column fol-   the difficulties encountered accessing the tolerances and
lows in the wake of the load out, delivery, and integration of the    interfaces made for a challenging job” stated Fergus Ludden,
Rigid Arm to the vessel in Korea.                                     Lamprell Project Manager who was supported throughout by his
                                                                      two Construction Supervisors, Richard Sharples and Graham
The disconnectable Mooring System constructed by Lamprell,            Dawson.
is one of only five similar systems in the world today and both
sections presented us with construction complexities and unique       Responsibility for the load out fell to Operations Manager Kevin
problems to be solve, the Enfield (Turnet and Vertical Column) is     Alcock and Production Manager, Dave Kennedy and went
reported as being the first system to be 100% per cent completed      according to plan with the operation from yard to quay taking
and fully commissioned, prior to sail away from the construction      less than one hour and proved a show stopping event for the
yard.                                                                 hundreds of onlookers who gathered to witness the process.

The Column was built in ten separate modules, initially working       The Column was lifted from the trailer directly onto to the vessel
in a vertical plane. The sections were laid out in jigs in order to   and seafastened in bespoke sea fastening cradles fabricated by
keep the ovality and the strict dimensional tolerance of the cans.    Lamprell.

The completion of the sub assemblies was followed by a detailed       Within 48 hours the sea fastening operation was complete and
lifting and turning sequence which was developed by Lamprell          the vessel made ready for its onward journey to the Enfield field
Engineering in conjunction with Al Faris Crane Company.               location, offshore Australia.

                       NDC/DNV Joint Seminar On Ageing Rigs
                                                                                       To compliment the topic, Lamprell Energy Ltd where invited
                                                                                       amongst other guest speakers to highlight and overview the
                                                                                       Lamprell experience gained in our 20 years of major Rig refur-
                                                                                       bishment and upgrade activities .

                                                                                       George Jacob, VP Engineering (pictured left) did a sterling job
                                                                                       in presenting the overview to the assembly and an upbeat and
                                                                                       progressive discussion ensued with a positive exchange of ideas
                                                                                       based on the lessons that we have learned.

                                                                                       Lamprell would like to thank Capt. Arun Pushkarna Marine
                                                                                       Specialist and Mr. Jean Normand Asst. Technical Manager both
                                                                                       of NDC and Mr. Bijali of DNV for the invitation and opportunity
Pictured above: Lamprell's V.P. Engineering, George Jacob, addressing the conference
                                                                                       to share our thoughts and findings with the delegates.

The growing number of ageing Rigs was the subject of a techni-                         We are confident that the event will fast become a mainstay in
cal seminar hosted jointly by National Drilling Company Abu                            the regional calendar and we look forward to playing an active
Dhabi and Det Norske Veritas in December 2005.                                         role in the future.

This was the first time such an event has been held in the Middle
East and the industry was well represented with attendance
by the oil majors, International Drilling Contractors and Class

A major theme for the meeting featured the condition assessment
program (CAP) developed by DNV as a base case for "as built
and as is" analysis on older drilling units considered candidates
for upgrade or refurbishment.

 Using the CAP format as a means of measuring the vessels con-
dition above the minimum class requirement, it is felt by DNV
evaluation that a best option base case for Rig conversion and                         Pictured above: Mr Jean Normand, Assistant General Manager Technical National
the suitability can be achieved.                                                       Drilling Company Abu Dhabi, opening the conference.

                                                 Saipem Golfinho
                                                                   Module 33.
                                                                   The manifold module; through which the processed products will
                                                                   be received onto the FPSO.

                                                                   Module 50.
                                                                   This is the power generation and utilities module and will include
                                                                   the gas turbine generators supplied by Solar and the generator
                                                                   itself, a sub supply item from ABB. In addition the module fea-
                                                                   tures a heat recovery system that will feed the heating medium
                                                                   water system for various heat exchange functions onboard the

                                                                   Module 51.
                                                                   The local equipment room (LER) scope includes structural design
                                                                   and layout of the HVAC and CO2 systems, currently ongoing in
                                                                   our Jebel Ali Engineering department.

                                                                   The renamed FPSO Victoria is destined for deployment on the
                                                                   Golfinho field, Campos Basin Brazil in a lease hire operation
                                                                   agreed between Saipem and Petrobas.

                                                                   Actual construction activities commenced at the beginning of
                                                                   October 2005 and are still gaining momentum. Under the direc-
                                                                   tion of Lamprell Project Manager, Fergus Ludden the Project Team
                                                                   are preparing themselves for eight months of unabated fast track

In July 2005, a letter of intent was received from Saipem Milan
for the construction of a total of 5 topsides modules for the
Golfinho FPSO project for Petrobas Brazil.

The topsides are to be constructed on an extremely challenging
and demanding fast track schedule with delivery of the modules
to the Dubai Dry-docks for integration onto the vessel scheduled
for the middle of 2006.

The modules consist of the following:

Module 12.
The injection gas compression module including, the integration
of two 180Te gas compression packages from Nuovo Pignone.

Module 14.
The gas compression static equipment module which includes the
heat exchangers and scrubber units.

            SBM Kashagan Flash Gas Compression Barges
The fabrication and erection of the three Kashagan barges and
topsides are now fully underway at the Jebel Ali yard facility and
by the end of this year we will see the first of the pipe racks lifted
and installed onto the hull of Barge 3.

Currently the main decks of Barges 3 & 4 are being installed to
the side shells and bulkheads to form the basic barge shape in
readiness for the installation of the topsides.

The pipe racks, equipment modules and compressor rooms are
ongoing and on schedule, with equipment and pipe spools cur-
rently being fitted.

Each of the three barges will weigh in excess of 3000 tons at the
time of sail away with approximately 1800 tons constituting the
topsides themselves including:

• Pipe Rack
• Air Coolers
                                                                         Lamprell are contracted to provide the three Flash Gas
• Compressor Room including Gas Turbine Compressor
                                                                         Compression barges to our client SBM and within the Kashagan
• Equipment Module
                                                                         project mix Lamprell is one of the key construction yards and fully
• Local Equipment Room
                                                                         committed to maintain our excellent performance and productiv-
                                                                         ity levels through to eventual handover. The first two barges are
The overall Kashagan project is a massive undertaking world-
                                                                         scheduled for handover to SBM in August 2006 with the third
wide with more than twenty barges currently under construction
                                                                         Barge scheduled for delivery in December 2006.
in various parts of the world.

                Kanfa / Grenland Ku Maloob Zaap Mexico

Lamprell Energy Ltd. (LEL) is pleased to announce yet another       An Amine Fuel Gas treatment package, currently underway in
landmark floating production based project award.                   Texas will be shipped to Dubai for integration once completed.

Confirmed in October 2005, LEL have been awarded the con-           Completion is scheduled for July 2006 at which time the mod-
struction of the topsides for the Bergesen Ku Maloob Zaap (KMZ)     ules will sail away from the Jebel Ali facility for onward transit
FPSO destined for deployment in the Gulf off Mexico for the         to Singapore where they will be integrated into the converted
Mexican National state Oil Company PEMEX.                           tanker, Berge Enterprise ULCC, pictured above.

This multi million dollar award was received from Kanfa /           We are delighted to be associated with the KMZ Development
Grenland, a joint venture company in Norway, retained to            and to host the Norwegian contingent controlling this project
design and engineer the KMZ process facilities for the FPSO pro-    here in the UAE.
vider Bergesen Worldwide.
                                                                    It is the first time that we have been presented to the ultimate end
Within this particular contract, Lamprell will undertake the com-   user as the preferred fabrication source at the earliest stage of
plete fabrication and load out of the Gas Compression and           a development. "We commend Bergesen Worldwide for adopt-
Separation modules as well as the Fuel Gas Treatment and the        ing this pro-active approach", said Doug Benson Vice President
Flare Module.                                                       Lamprell Jebel Ali.

             Clough Panna and Tapti Topsides for BG India

Project – Panna Field Development – Panna and Tapti Platform           we are moving into a period of extensive installation of Electrical
Topsides                                                               and Instrumentation (E&I) works, which are proceeding concur-
Client – Clough Projects International PTY Ltd. for BG Exploration     rently on all three platform.
and Production India Limited.
                                                                       Load-out for sea transportation of the STD and PH / PJ topsides is
Work continues at an upbeat pace on all fronts on this high            currently scheduled for the 28th February and 5th March respec-
visibility project being carried out by Lamprell at our Jebel Ali      tively, with Lamprell Jebel Ali being responsible for transferring
facility. The project consists of two similar decks for the Panna      the topsides to the ocean going barges and carrying out the sea
Field; namely PH and PJ, each weighing around 1,015 tonnes,            fastening works for transportation.
whilst the third deck for the Tapti Field, namely STD, is a slightly
smaller deck weighing around 735 tonnes. The topside modules           The Panna and Tapti fields are situated offshore Mumbai and
comprise two operating decks (Cellar Deck and Main Deck) with          are developed by British Gas Exploration and Production India
process equipment and a helideck for operational access and            Ltd. on behalf of co-venture partners ONGC Ltd. and Reliance
egress from the platform.                                              Industries.

Currently, the Cellar Deck (lower level) and Main Deck (upper
level) of each topside module have been erected, as well as the
helidecks on the PH and PJ topsides. The crane pedestal supports
for PH and PJ are installed and the build / installation of each
crane will commence in early January. The STD crane pedestal
and crane, as well as the helideck structure, will also be erected
during January.

Installation of the specialist process and electrical equipment,
such as the Test Separator skids, Glycol Pots, Manifold Control
Panels etc., as well as all process pipe work is proceeding con-
currently at an enhanced level on all three topsides. In addition,

            Turkmenistan Mobile Offshore Production Unit

Following on from the Turkmenistan (MOPU) article that featured        With multiple enquiries now on the drawing board, we are confi-

in our Summer 05 Edition of the Lamprell Times, we are pleased         dent that we have not seen the last of this type of construction in

to catch up with the unit now undergoing final assembly before         our Jebel Ali fabrication yard.

deployment in the Caspian. The MOPU consists of two barges

independently built to enable passage through the Volga Don            We look forward to the new build challenges that our future

canal and onward into the Caspian Sea.                                 development will surely bring.

Built in a record breaking 9 months, it was critical to the projects

success to load out on schedule in an effort to ensure that the

unit was under way before the weather constraints of the winter

months closed the canal. The unit is effectively a new build

jack up structure and a construction first for Lamprell here in the

Middle East Region.

This has been a hugely successful project and we are delighted

to have been involved in such a major way with our clients

Single Buoy Moorings (SBM).

                                              HSE Jebel Ali Facility
Lamprell Safety Department is proud to announce that the Jebel         • The introduction of the Lamprell specific Safety Observation
Ali yard has now achieved 3.5 million man hours without a              Audit program (SOAP Card).
recordable Lost Time Incident (LTI). Giving the yard a total to date
loss time frequency rate of 0.17 since our doors were opened for       • Competence Assurance Testing and follow up on all HSE train-
business in October 2002.                                              ing conducted.

We are confident this model achievement is attributed to many          • Heightened levels of risk evaluation associated with all site
initiatives developed and implemented over this time including         activities especially in those tasks conducted by specialized sub
but not limited to:                                                    contractors.

• The ongoing commitment of the Lamprell management team               The workforce and Client representatives at site are to be con-
and client’s in the orchestration of pro-active HSE drivers.           gratulated for this achievement, our objective is to maintain our
                                                                       goal of zero LTI through 2006 and into the future.
• The establishment of a fully equipped HSE training centre.

        Lloyd's List Oil & Gas Contractor of the Year 2005
In November 2005 at a glittering Dubai gathering, Lamprell             Mr. Ravi Ruia, Vice Chairman of Essar Energy Ltd. and guest

Energy Ltd were honored to receive the winning nomination for          speaker and International cricket Ace, Mr. Ravi Shastri.

the inaugural Lloyds’s List Oil and Gas Energy Award 2005.

                                                                       "It is a fitting accolade to the continued efforts and commitment

Lamprell were short listed for this prestigious award ahead of stiff   of our dedicated Management Team and workforce without

competition from a selected list of candidates from the Middle         whom this recognition would not have been secured. I am per-

East and Indian Sub Continent, winning the day ahead of run-           sonally very proud of what we have achieved as a company and

ners up Emirates National Oil Company and Gujarat Petroleum            this award reflects that achievement" stated Chairman Steven D.

Company India.                                                         Lamprell"

The selection criteria set out to recognize companies who have

earned their rightful position in the current year in terms of over-

all initiative, service, quality, safety growth and investment.

The independent panel of judges took into account the envi-

able safety record and the successful completion of high profile

projects such as the fast track deliveries of the Enfield Turret and

SBM’s Turkmenistan Mobile Offshore Production Unit (MOPU),

delivered to SBM in a record nine months.

Mr. Peter Whitbread CEO Lamprell Energy Ltd received the

award on behalf of Group Chairman Mr. Steven Lamprell from

                                          Sharjah Book Fair 2005
In December Sharjah Expo Centre was the site for an                   In the words of our Group Chairman Steven D. Lamprell, "It is
International Book Fair wherein exhibitors introduced written and     indeed a great privilege to be associated with this publication
pictorial works with a distinctive cultural, educational and scien-   and in some small way it is fitting testament to the unprecedented
tific theme aimed at a predominantly student readership.              support and encouragement that we at Lamprell continually
                                                                      receive from H.H. Dr. Shaikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qassimi,
Dubai based Motivate Publishing took this opportunity to launch       the Ruler of Sharjah, Government departments and the Sharjah
"Sharjah 2005" a pictorial that effectively showcases the distinc-    Port Authorities, to whom we owe a huge debt of gratitude".
tive architecture and everyday images that can be found in the
Emirate today. The title included photographs taken from a col-       The pictorial is now available from leading bookstores throughout
lection produced by the late Lord Lichfield, Royal Photographer to    the UAE and is proving popular with residents and tourists as a
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.                                          must have collectible.

The collection has captured in a creative and spirited way the        Pictured is Group Chairman, Steven D. Lamprell, with Ian
true essence of the Emirate today, a bustling and vibrant hub of      Fairservice of Motivate Publishing, presenting the inaugural copy
activity, rich in heritage and diverse in culture.                    to His Highness, Dr. Shaikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qassimi
                                                                      who expressed his thanks and approval of the books content.

                     Lamprell Oilfield Engineering Workshop
                                                                       This is a growing portfolio of activity for Lamprell Oilfield
                                                                       Engineering who can now boast an ever increasing client base
                                                                       that includes leading international companies, such as Nabors
                                                                       Drilling, KCA Deutag, Ensign, Dalma Energy, NDSC, Midwesco,
                                                                       Tesco, and NDC, to name but a few.

                                                                       The abilities and services on offer are also attractive to our off-
                                                                       shore clients, who grace the Lamprell Sharjah facility such as
                                                                       Transocean Drilling, who are now dispatching drilling equipment
                                                                       to the Jebel Ali site for overhaul and repair.

                                                                       Field support and inspection services are becoming an ever
                                                                       increasing feature and demand on our business model.
                                                                       Recognizing this we are looking to concentrate our efforts in the
                                                                       future in this vital customer support area by adding more field
                                                                       competence to our team and aligning ourselves with international
Located within the Jebel Ali Free Zone and Operational for
over 12 months now, the Lamprell Oilfield Engineering (LOE)
                                                                       "Our work doesn’t stop at the gate when equipment departs the
Workshop is a key feature to the new site and carries A.P.I. 8C,
                                                                       yard" stated Tim Lamprell, Vice President of LOE. "We are in
4F, 7K, and 2C accreditation.
                                                                       for the long haul and looking to support our clients throughout
                                                                       their drilling campaign as we now recognize that there is a fun-
This has a proven benefit to our customers by satisfying a need
                                                                       damental role for us to play in supporting the land sector of the
for certified, comprehensive and cost effective regional repair
and the provision of refurbishment services, aimed specifically at
rotary drilling equipment and oilfield mechanical plant.
                                                                       Pictured above are current workshop activities and projects in
                                                                       progress that include mud pump, draw works, hook and Swivel,
The facility is headed by Mr. Ziaullah Bons, Mechanical
                                                                       rotary table and top drive repairs.
Superintendent who brings over 25 years continual service with
Lamprell to the facility. Under his watchful eye and supervision
our multi national mechanical support team, are running at full
capacity to the satisfaction of our increasing client list.

The API accreditation formerly held by our Jadaf facility, has now
been officially transferred to the new Jebel Ali site and the trans-
fer of activities to the Free Zone are now fully complete.

"Having all of our activities and the new facility workshop within
the Free Zone will allow us to service our customers overall needs
and Rig up requirements in one spot. This will allow us to co-
ordinate, control and monitor all aspects of the job" stated Gavin
Lekich, Manager of Operations.

In addition to drilling and rotary equipment repairs we continue
with a host of mechanical engine rebuilds whilst continuing in the
major refurbishment and upgrade of multiple land Rig structures.

                                    Lamprell Golf Tournament 2005                                                                                                                                            Lamprell Christmas Party 2005

                                                                                The whole golfing group before Tee-off.

               Lamprell’s very own “Beverage Birds” looking pretty in pink.                                           Steven Lamprell with UK Comedians Bobby Davro and Jim Davidson.

                                                                               LAMPRELL GOLF DAY 2005
                                                   This year’s Golf Day was held at the Montgomerie Golf Club in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The 2005 Lamprell Administration Christmas
                                                    Dubai and was our biggest yet attended by over 150 people.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Party again was held in the Desert.
                                                    This year’s Men’s Champion was Alec Emmerson and 2004
                                                   Champion Colin Jones was delighted to hand over the coveted                                                                                                     500 employees from both facilities traveled in
                                                                         Lamprell Trophy.                                                                                                                          85 Toyota Land Cruisers via the sand dunes to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the Camp.
                                                 Entertainment was compered by our resident British TV comic Jim
                                                 Davidson and included several UK comedians who had the guests
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The evening was packed full of entertainment
                                                                   in fits of laughter for hours.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    including eight dancing girls, a talent show,
                                                   All in all a superb day and special thanks go to Fiona Douglass                                                                                                 crazy competitions all ending off with a spec-
                                                                      who co-ordinated the event.                                                                                                                             tacular fire work display.

Robert Thame offering a helping hand“you
                                                  The emphasis as always was all fun and I think the photograph’s                                                                                                   The evening was thoroughly enjoyed by all
                                                                                                                                                                Mr.& Mrs. Lamprell dancing the night away.
        think that I’m trusting you?”                                      say it all.                                                                                                                                           that attended.

          Gilly Lamprell with her team of Joanne Morin, Jacqui Barry and Jenny Isles.                             Colin Jones and Fiona Douglass presenting Mrs. Dolly Lamprell with a special gift.

                                                                                    The ‘Scratch Band’ performing live.

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