NO BULLY by ghkgkyyt


									    What is Bullying?                  BULLYING WEBSITES
                                       FOR YOU!
Bullying is when a person keeps        Download this brochure and other
doing or saying something to hurt,     bullying prevention information from

alarm, or embarrass a person or        the Kentucky Center for School
group in order to have power over      Safety website at
                                       Bullying Online:
      Are You A Bully?       

                                       Colorado Anti Bullying Project:
Have you been guilty of bullying
anyone else? Place a check in the
circle next to the bullying action
you have participated in.

    Bullies sometimes:                 Peaceworks:
o Hit, kick, or push to hurt people.
o Use words to call names,             Anti-Bullying Network:
  tease, or scare people     

      Have You Ever?         

o Said or written mean things          Kentucky Center for School Safety
about someone.                         Murray State University
o Grabbed or broken a kid's stuff      1009 Alexander Hall
o Made fun of someone                  Murray, Kentucky 42071                 They're Not So
o Left a kid out of a group on         Phone :270-809-3235
purpose.                                                                      Tough When We
                                       Kentucky Center for School Safety
If you checked more than one           Eastern Kentucky University            Stick Together !
circle, you might be a bully. If you   105 Stratton Building
are a bully, you should go talk to     Richmond, Kentucky 40475
your teacher, parents, or school
You Can Do Something About Bullies!!!!!!
Tell it or Spell it                      Watch OUT online!                         What's With Those
1. Talk to your parents or school
counselor                                In chat rooms, on MySpace orFace-         Bullies?
2. Help others who are being             book, on IM or TXT phones, others
bullied                                  might pretend to be someone they          There are a lot of reasons why
3. Write a letter to your parents or     aren't and ask you to meet them. Tell     some people bully. They may see it
school counselor                         your parents immediatley if one of your   as a way of being popular, or
4. Ask your parents if you can look      online "friends" wants to meet you        making themselves look tough and
up “Bullying” on the internet            face-to-face. You might receive un-       in charge. Some bullies do it to get
5. Talk to your relatives or a trusted   wanted and nasty emails, TXTs, IMS or     attention or things, or to make
neighbor                                 have something posted on a website        other people afraid of them.
6. Ask an older brother or sister for    about you that makes fun of you. If
advice                                   that happens, tell a trusted adult        •Bullies might be jealous of the
7. Draw a picture of someone             immediately...and keep telling until       person they are bullying.
being bullied                            someone listens.
8. Write a poem or a song about          Never give out any identifying            •They may be being bullied
how you feel                             information like stores you frequent or     themselves.
9. Talk to your friends about the        your school's name or mascot,
bully and come up with a plan            Because people can use your personal      •Some bullies may not even
that involves all of you to stop         information to hurt you or those you       understand how wrong their
bullying at school or in your            care about!                                behavior is and how it
Neighborhood.                                                                       makes the person being
                                                                                    bullied feel.

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