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The following is general legal Information NOT legal advice.
This information and web site has been prepared for general information purposes only. The information on this web site is not legal advice.
Legal advice is applying the law to your specific facts, for this you must consult an attorney in your state. The law varies from state to state, so that some information in this
spreadsheet or website may not be correct for your jurisdiction nor is it guaranteed to be up to date; you are advised to conduct further research or consult a local attorney.
The information contained in this web site cannot replace the advice of competent legal counsel licensed in your state.

      These general websites are a good place to start to find out how to
 represent yourself and possibly find forms. Some states have more specific
        websites that might be useful, some of these are listed below.       Description of website
                                                                             Contains a listing of each state with links to self help sites for the courts and free and low cost legal                   aid.
e                                                                            PROVIDES LINKS TO ALL STATE COURT SELF-HELP WEBSITES
#                                                                            PROVIDES LINKS TO ALL STATE COURT SELF-HELP FORMS        Starting the Case: Initial Court Papers                       Defending Creditor lawsuits                            This site is run by a university and has links to each state, as well as a glossary of terms.
legal-forms/general-collections-of-legal-forms                               legal forms
                                                                             Legal forms. Some of the forms do have a cost to download and buy and ship, however, it is only about $7.00                                                         to $10.00 and you will receive all the forms for that particular legal action.                     Contains a listing of each state with links to self help sites for the courts and free and low cost legal aid.                     Contains a listing of each state with links to self help sites for the courts and free and low cost legal aid.                                                              Contains a listing of each state with links to self help sites for the courts and free and low cost legal aid.                                                     Containes "plain english" definitions of legal terms.                LETTER STATING ALL FUNDS ARE SOCIAL SECURITY (SEND TO FINANCIAL INSTITUTION) to try to
oc                                                                            protect from bank account garnishment/levy/freeze
                                                                              Answers questions about whether a bank account can be garnished if it contains funds "exempt" from                garnishment.

                                                                   STATE SELF HELP WEBSITES AND FORMS
                                                                              This link is to the self service center where you can find court forms, which are for all types of cases as well                                        as a listing on the filing fees.
cfm?page=research                                                             Arizona law about non-wage types of garnishments (bank accounts, etc.)
andA1996.pdf?stateabbrev=/AL/                                              Questions and Answers about Small Claims Court
1/iproblemcodeid/1090200                                                   General Information about Small Claims Court discussing answering a complaint
                                                                           INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING FORM FOR DECLARATION OF EXEMPTIONS TO PROTECT WAGES
ptions.doc Declaration of Exemptions Form to file with Court (List of my property that is exempt from garnishment or
.doc                                                                       other execution)
1/iproblemcodeid/1020400                                                   What is Wage Garnishment and How can you stop it (in certain circumstances)
RequesttoStopGarnishmentofBankAccountFields1008.pdf?stateabbrev=/AL/          Request to Stop Garnishment of Bank Account in Alabama - Court Form
1/iproblemcodeid/1020400                                                      What is an Execution (on property)
1/iproblemcodeid/1020400                                                      Protect your Social Security
 You may contact the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts at                                                       To find the Clerk of Court for the court where your lawsuit was filed:

                                                                              See, Notice OR Stipulation for Dismissal. If a creditor agrees to settle the legal dispute by settling the debt                                                   for a lump sum or payment, you could use this form to dismiss the case.
Alaska                                How to Claim Exemptions (try to stop propery from being seized if a creditor gets a judgment against you)

California                                                      The site shows the filing fees and has a court directory.
                                                                              The site has Californis codes, rules, etc. in the legal research section for all types of cases, as well as                                                  information on filing a response.                                                General self-help information      This is a guide provided by the courts on how to answer a Summons and Complaint. The guide tells you how
each.pdf                                                                      to fill out the Answer-Contract fillable form along with the proof of service form, if it is needed.                        Answer-Contract fillable form provided by the courts
                                                                              Exemption claim form (non-wage garnishments) - Explain why your wages are exempt from                          garnishment

                                                                              The self help center link is on left and has a form for filing a response to the Complaint, the fees for filing,                                                       court rules, legal terms and alternatives to filing a Complaint

Connecticut                                            The self help center has forms for small claims as well as a Question and Answer section and legal terms.
pdf                                                                           Property Execution - Exemption Claim Form (why the property should be exempt from execution)

Florida                      This site containes links to free and low cost legal assistance.
                                                                              If you enter "civil" in the search, it will pull anything with that in the name. There is a link to filing an                                                        answer/response to Complaint.
5%20Filing%20an%20Answer.pdf?stateabbrev=/FL/                                 Information regarding how to answer/respond to a Complaint.

                                                                           There is a Question and Answer section on the legal process, as well as forms for filing an answer/response                                            to the Complaint.                         This site is for Cook county Illinois.
                                                                           The Self-Help Web Center (SHWC) is a help desk located on the 6th floor of the Daley Center. Hours for the
                                                                           Self-Help Web Center are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The SHWC has three internet
                                                                           enabled computer workstations that provide individuals of all technical skill levels access to user friendly web-
                                                                           based tools and legal resources created by Illinois Legal Aid Online. Illinois Legal Aid Online's resources
                                                                           provide visitors with a better understanding of their legal issue and the court's procedural requirements. In
                                                                           addition, students from Chicago-Kent College of Law are available to help visitors utilize the wealth of
                                                                           online legal information available.                                                              Debt Collection
                                                                           Self-Help Desk, Location: 14th Floor, Room 1401, Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington
                                                                           Hours for Desk: 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, Phone: No phone, Languages: Spanish
                                                                           assistance available daily This desk provides legal advice and brief services to pro se defendants in proceedings where
entID=3056                                                                 creditors are attempting to collect on judgments against them.
                                                                           This site is a guide for Cook County Forms on answering a Summons and Complaint and also provides a
                                                                           blank form for you.
                                                                              The link provides information for court forms, court rules and links to specific counties. The separate counties                                                 have low cost self help centers and legal aid.

                                                                              There is a Question and Answer section on what consumers rights are and what assets and income are                                      protected in the state on Maine.

                                                                              The site has links to different self help centers in the state and free services for low income individuals and                                           families.
                                                                              The self help center has a Question and Answer section, law library, and links to self help centers in the state                     for low income individuals and families.

                                                                              Description of Summons and Complaint, both as defendant and plaintiff with directions on how to file and                                     answer/respond to Complaint.            The site has all of the court forms, which are listed in groups by the type of legal action being taken.

Michigan              The site has the forms for filing a response.
                                                                          This site has General information on the process for filing a Complaint as well as responding to the Complaint              and the different steps in a case.
%20Debt%283%29.htm?topic_id=1030300&library=PublicWeb                 Information and forms about representing yourself in court
Minnesota                                      This site is a guide for Answering a Sumons and Complaint
                                                                                   This site has a Question and Answer section as well as forms, a glossary of legal terms and links to low cost                                                         legal aid.

                                                                                   FORMS for Answers, Counterclaim, information about Small Claims from the Consumer Protection Office and
                                                                                   Instructions for Small Claims Actions. Justice Court/Small Claims/District Court all have forms, be sure to find                                the form for your court.
                                                                                   Where Can I Get Legal Help?
                                                                                   These organizations may be able to help you:
                                                                                   • Montana Legal Services Association (MLSA) gives free legal help to low and moderate-income people. To
                                                                                   find out if you qualify for MLSA, call the MLSA HelpLine at 1-800-666-6899.

                                                                                   • The State Bar Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) refers people to Montana lawyers who might
                                                                                   be able to help. The referral is free. Call LRIS at 1-406-449-6577.

                                                                                   • The State Law Library can help you find and use legal resources such as books, forms, and websites. You
                                                                                   can visit the Law Library website at Or you can contact a Reference Librarian at 1-
                                                                                   406-444-3636 or by email at

Nebraska                                             forms for NE courts                                          self help information for various Nebraska courts
Use general websites for information and call clerk of court where your case
is located for referal to self-help resources or forms.
New Mexico                            Information about forms, where to find assistance and the legal process in general.
New Hampshire
                                                                                   If you go to the right side of the screen there is a link to the self help center where you can find forms and
                                                                                   filing fees, alternatives to court, how to find the right court for your type of case and links to free and low cost                                                     legal assitance.

New York
                                                                                   Civil Forms: Answer, Motions, Affidavits, Settlement Forms, etc. Places to seek Self-Help. Educational               website with information about procedures and court system.
                                                                                   Plain-English guide to Defending a Lawsuit in Kings County, NY but generally applicable to most lawsuits.
                                                                                   How to Read a Civil Court Summons, The Basics of Defending Creditor Lawsuits, Common Defenses to
                                                                                   Creditor Lawsuits, Preparing for Your Court Date, Negotiating A Settlement Agreement in Court, Vacating a                             Default Judgment, Frozen Bank Accounts, and Wage Garnishment                                    Exemption Claim Form (property exempt from garnishment)

Use general websites for information and call clerk of court where your case
is located for referal to self-help resources or forms.
                                                                                   The site containes information and definitions of Arbitration, types of conferences, garnishment, etc. Each                                                  county has a different site that has information specific to their court.

Pennsylvania                                           This site will describe the process and explains the need to file an answer/response with the court.                                 This is geared for the Plaintiff, but there is good information about the entire process.
dynamicdoc/ichannelprofileid/12404/idynamicdocid/1545/iorganizationid/1974 Topics such as: "Overwhelmed By Debts?" "What can collection agencies do?" "What happens if I am sued?"
/iChannelID/183/Search/1/searchterm/district%20justice%20courts            information on levies and executions, consumers rights and limits on collectors' ability to recover the debt.

                                                                                   You will need to enter "district justice courts" and it will bring up several links such as, "defending an action at                                                                  the district justice office" which explains the process and need for filing an answer/response to the Complaint.

1/iproblemcodeid/1020100                                                   General informaiton about defending yourself.
                                                                                   This site containes information on the Virginia courts such as, procedures and fees. There are also links to                                                            free and low cost legal aid for low income individuals and families.                                             direct link to forms, there are several links depending on the court

Washington                                                  The site has forms for filing any legal action in Washington.
                                                                                   The site offers help to file documents properly in the courts as well as links to other free or low cost legal                                                          assitance and llink to above forms.
opicid/1/iproblemcodeid/1020100                                            Debtor's Rights in a Lawsuit
ubtopicid/1/iproblemcodeid/1020100#k                                       How to Answer a Lawsuit Includes FORMS for Answer and Declaration of Exempt Assets for State of WA PDF of "How to Answer a Lawsuit"
WA/                                                                WA Answer Form

                                                                         General Information about Resources

Local organizations such as your library, community center or senior citizens
center might also be a good provider of information for free or low cost legal
advice. Your state or county bar association can be another option. They
often provide referrals for fee lawyers who deal with consumer credit issues.

Court staff generally can inform you about court procedures, court rules,
court records, and forms. Court staff must remain neutral and impartial. They
are not allowed to give legal advice. Court staff cannot:
• advise you how statutes and rules apply to your case,
• tell you whether the documents you prepare properly present your case,
• tell you what the best procedures are to accomplish a particular objective,
• interpret laws for you.
If you need help with your case, you should talk to a lawyer.

Links. This web site contains links to other resources on the Internet. Those
links are provided as citations and aids to help you identify and locate other
Internet resources that may be of interest, and are not intended to state or
imply that we sponsor or are affiliated or associated with the persons or
entities who created such sites, nor are the links intended to state or imply
that we are legally authorized to use any trade name, registered trademark,
logo, legal or official seal, or copyrighted symbol that may be reflected in the
links. Links do not imply our endorsement or representation that the link is
suitable for your particular purpose.
                                                                     General Information about Exempt Assets
Partial List of Federal Exemptions - you should also find your own
State's exemptions:
• Social Security (42 U.S.C. § 407)
• Supplemental Security Income (SSI) (42 U.S.C. § 407)
• Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) (42 U.S.C. § 407)
• Veterans’ Benefits (38 U.S.C. § 5301)
• Federal Civil Service Retirement benefits (5 U.S.C. § 8346)
• Federal Civil Service Survivor Annuities (5 U.S.C. § 8346)
• Railroad Retirement Act benefits (45 U.S.C. § 231m)
• Annuities to Survivors of Federal Judges (28 U.S.C. § 376(n))
• Longshore and Harborworkers’ Compensation Act Benefits (33 U.S.C. §
• Seaman’s or Master’s or Fisherman’s wages (46 U.S.C. § 11109)
• Black Lung benefits (30 U.S.C. § 932 & 33 U.S.C. § 916)

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