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									Author                           Title                                   Subtitle           Edition
Michael Hill and Peter L Hupe Implementing Public Policy                                    the Study of Operational Governance
                                                                         An Introduction to Second Edition
Kjell A Eliassen and Nick Sitter Understanding Public Management
Norman Flynn                     Public Sector Management                                   Fifth Edition
Mark Bevir                       Key Concepts in Governance
Jonathan S Davies and David L Theories of Urban Politics                                    Second Edition
                                 Key Concepts in and Donald McNeill
Alan Latham, Derek McCormack, Kim McNamaraUrban Geography
                                  Rennie Short
Tim Hall, Phil Hubbard and JohnThe SAGE Companion to the City
Janice Morphet                   Modern Local Government
Janet Newman and John ClarkePublics, Politics and Power                  Remaking the Public in Public Services
                                 The Politics of Healthcare in Britain
Stephen Harrison and Ruth McDonald
B Guy Peters and Jon Pierre      Handbook of Public Administration       Concise Paperback Edition
B Guy Peters and Jon Pierre      Handbook of Public Administration
B Guy Peters and Jon Pierre      Handbook of Public Policy
Stewart R Clegg and Mark HaugaardSAGE Handbook of Power
                                 Local Economic Development
John P Blair and Michael C Carroll                                                          Second Edition
                                                                         Analysis, Practices, and Globalization
                                 Power and Organizations
Stewart R Clegg, David Courpasson and Nelson Phillips
                                 British Social Miranda                  The Clery
Alison Park, John Curtice, Katarina Thomson, Attitudes Phillips and Elizabeth25th Report
                                 British Social Miranda                  The 24th Report
Alison Park, John Curtice, Katarina Thomson, Attitudes Phillips, Mark C Johnson and Elizabeth Clery
Mark Bevir                       Encyclopedia of Governance                                 Two-Volume Set
Lawrence E Susskind and Larry Multiparty Negotiation                                        Four-Volume Set
Judith Bara and Mark Pennington omparative Politics
                                 Comparing Democracies
Lawrence LeDuc, Richard G Niemi and Pippa Norris                                            Third Edition
Todd Landman and Neil Robinson SAGE Handbook of Comparative Politics
                                 The SAGE Handbook of European Union Politics
Knud Erik Jørgensen, Mark Pollack and Ben Rosamond
Chris Rumford                    The SAGE Handbook of European Studies
                                 Handbook of Party Politics
Richard S Katz and William J Crotty
Dushyantha Mendis                Electoral Processes and Governance in South Asia
Zoya Hasan                       Democracy in Muslim Societies           The Asian Experience
Kenneth F Warren                                                                            Two-Volume Set
                                 Encyclopedia of Campaigns, Elections, and Electoral Behavior
Oliver Daddow                    International Relations Theory
Thomas Diez and David HudsonKey Concepts in International Relations
                                 The and I William Zartman
Jacob Bercovitch, Victor Kremenyuk SAGE Handbook of Conflict Resolution
Ronald B Mitchell                International Environmental Politics
Christopher Daase                International Security
James A Caporaso and Mary Anne Madeira in International Relations
Colin Wight                      International Relations Theory
Ho-Won Jeong                     Understanding Conflict and Conflict Analysis
David P Barash and Charles P Webel and Conflict Studies                                     Second Edition
Peter Wallensteen                Understanding Conflict Resolution                          Second Edition
                                                                         War, Peace and the Global System
Ujjwal Kumar Singh               Human Rights and Peace                  Laws, Institutions and Movements
Paula Banerjee                   Women in Peace Politics
Camilla Orjuela                  The Identity Politics of Peacebuilding Civil Society in War-Torn Sri Lanka
Radha Kumar                                                              A Set of
                                 Negotiating Peace in Deeply Divided Societies Simulations
                                 Key Concepts in Political Mountz and
Carolyn Gallaher, Carl T Dahlman, Mary Gilmartin, Alison Geography Peter Shirlow
Joe Painter and Alex Jeffrey     Political Geography                                        Second Edition
                                 The SAGE Handbook of Political Geography
Kevin R Cox, Murray Low and Jennifer Robinson
                                 Handbook A International Relations
Walter Carlsnaes, Thomas Risse and Beth of Simmons
Navnita Chadha Behera            International Relations in South Asia Search for an Alternative Paradigm
Bob Deacon                       Global Social Policy and Governance
Surendra Munshi                  The Intelligent Person's Guide to Good Governance
Colin Sparks                     Globalization, Development and the Mass Media
George Ritzer                    The McDonaldization of Society                             Fifth Edition
George Ritzer                    The Globalization of Nothing 2
Paul James                       Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism       Bringing Theory Back in
Peter Dicken                     Global Shift                                               Fifth Contours
                                                                         Mapping the Changing Edition of the World Economy
                                Global Glasius, Monroe E                Communicative Power and Democracy
Martin Albrow, Helmut Anheier, Marlies Civil Society 2007/8Price and Mary Kaldor
                                 and Mary Kaldor
Helmut Anheier, Marlies GlasiusGlobal Civil Society Yearbook 2009       Global Civil Society and Poverty Alleviation
                                Raj Isar
Helmut Anheier and Yudhishthir Cultures and Globalization               Conflicts and Tensions
                                Raj Isar
Helmut Anheier and Yudhishthir Cultures and Globalization               The Cultural Economy
Paul James                      Globalization and Violence                                Four-Volume Set
Paul James                      Globalization and Economy                                 Four-Volume Set
Paul James                      Globalization and Culture                                 Four-Volume Set
                                Corporate Governance and Globalization
Thomas Clarke and Marie Dela Rama                                                         Three-Volume Set
                                International Business and Globalization
John D Daniels and Jeffrey A Krug                                                         Three-Volume Set
Philip McMichael                Development and Social Change                             Fourth Edition
                                                                        A Global Perspective
Vandana Desai and Rob Potter Doing Development Research
                                International Development Studies
Andrew Sumner and Michael A Tribe                                       Theories and Methods in Research and Practice
Jan Nederveen Pieterse          Development Theory                                        Second Edition
Susan Buckingham and Mike TurnerUnderstanding Environmental Issues
                                The SAGE Handbook of R Lee, David Orr, Max Pfeffer and Professor Hugh Ward
Jules Pretty, Andy Ball, Ted Benton, Julia Guivant, David Environment and Society
Charles Perrings                Ecological Economics                                      Four-Volume Set
                                 and Gillian Rose
Clive Barnett, Jennifer RobinsonGeographies of Globalisation            A Demanding World
                                 Philip Sarre
Nigel Clark, Doreen Massey andMaterial Geographies                      A World in the Making
                                The SAGE Handbook of Public Opinion Research
Wolfgang Donsbach and Michael W Traugott
Sarah Oates                     Introduction to Media and Politics
John Gastil                     Political Communication and Deliberation
                                Rory Fitzgerald and Cross-Nationally Lessons from the European Social Survey
Roger Jowell, Caroline Roberts, Measuring Attitudes Gillian Eva
                                The SAGE
Lynda Lee Kaid and Christina Holtz-Bacha Handbook of Political Advertising
John Schwarzmantel              Ideology and Politics
Simon Tormey and Jules TownshendThinkers from Critical Theory to Post-Marxism
Michel Wieviorka                Violence                                A New Approach
                                Handbook of Political Theory
Gerald F Gaus and Chandran Kukathas
Amanda Root                     Market Citizenship                      Experiments in Democracy and Globalization
Joanne Sharp                    Geographies of Postcolonialism
Ronald Hamowy                   The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism
Joe Sim                         Punishment and Prisons                  Power and the Carceral State
                                State, Power, Crime
Roy Coleman, Joe Sim, Steve Tombs and David Whyte
Dr Anthony Amatrudo             Criminology and Political Theory
Maggy Lee                       Trafficking and Global Crime Control
Pat O'Malley                    Crime and Risk
Joachim Savelsberg              Crime and Human Rights
Morten Boas and Benedict Bull International Development                                   Four-Volume Set
Judith L Goldstein and Richard H Steinberg Institutions                                   Four-Volume Set
Brendan O'Connor                American Foreign Policy Traditions                        Four-Volume Set
Shaun Breslin and Richard A HiggottInternational Relations of the Asia-Pacific            Four-Volume Set
Stephen Chan and Cerwyn Moore   Approaches to International Relations                     Four-Volume Set
Adam Jones                      Genocide                                                  Four-Volume Set
Rajat Ganguly                   Ethnic Conflict                                           Four-Volume Set
Ronald B Mitchell               International Environmental Politics                      Four-Volume Set
Wyn Rees and Michael Smith International Relations of the European Union                  Four-Volume Set
Beth A Simmons                  International Law                                         Six-Volume Set
James Lutz and Brenda Lutz      Global Terrorism                                          Four-Volume Set
                                International Nesvetailova
Angus Cameron, Ronen Palan and AnastasiaPolitical Economy                                 Five-Volume Set
Michael Cox                                                             Volumes I-IV
                                Twentieth Century International Relations                 Four-Volume Set
Michael Cox                                                             Volumes V-VIII Four-Volume Set
                                Twentieth Century International Relations
Michael Cox                     Twentieth Century International Relations                 Eight-Volume Set
Barry Buzan and Lene Hansen International Security                                        Four-Volume Set
Stephen Chan and Cerwyn Moore   Theories of International Relations                       Four-Volume Set
Daniel Druckman and Paul F DiehlConflict Resolution                                       Five-Volume Set
Paul F Diehl                    War                                                       Six-Volume Set
Christer Jonsson and Richard Langhorne                                                    Three-Volume Set
                                Rational Choice Politics
Keith Dowding, Torun Dewan and Kenneth A Shepsle                                            Four-Volume Set
Alan S. Zuckerman               Comparative Political Science                               Four-Volume Set
Kai Arzheimer and Jocelyn Evans Electoral Behaviour                                         Four-Volume Set
Mark Bevir                      Public Governance                                           Four-Volume Set
B Guy Peters and Jon Pierre     Institutionalism                                            Four-Volume Set
Roger Pierce                    Research Methods in Politics
Lisa Harrison and Jamie Munn Key Research Concepts in Politics and International Relations
                                Doing Research in Political Science
Paul Pennings, Hans Keman and Jan Kleinnijenhuis                                            Comparative Methods and Statistics
                                                                        An Introduction to Second Edition
Helen Simons                    Case Study Research in Practice
William Gibson and Andrew Brown Working with Qualitative Data
Hugh Busher and Nalita James Online Interviewing
Jacqueline Collier              Using SPSS Syntax                       A Beginner's Guide
David E Gray                    Doing Research in the Real World                            Second Edition
David Buchanan and Alan Bryman SAGE Handbook of Organizational Research Methods
                                The SAGE Handbook
Pertti Alasuutari, Leonard Bickman and Julia Brannen of Social Research Methods
Nigel Gilbert                   Researching Social Life                                     Third Edition
Uwe Flick                       An Introduction to Qualitative Research                     Fourth Edition
John W Creswell                 Research Design                                             Third Edition
                                                                        Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches
David Silverman                 Doing Qualitative Research                                  Third Edition
David Silverman                 Interpreting Qualitative Data                               Third Edition
                                                                        Methods for Analyzing Talk, Text and Interaction
Robert K Yin                    Case Study Research                     Design and Methods  Fourth Edition
Andy Field                      Discovering Statistics Using SPSS                           Third Edition
Neil J Salkind                  Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics      Third Edition
Uwe Flick                       The SAGE Qualitative Research Kit
Steinar Kvale                   Doing Interviews
Uwe Flick                       Designing Qualitative Research
Graham R Gibbs                  Analysing Qualitative Data
Rosaline Barbour                Doing Focus Groups
Uwe Flick                       Managing Quality in Qualitative Research
Michael Angrosino               Doing Ethnographic and Observational Research
Tim Rapley                      Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document Analysis
Marcus Banks                    Using Visual Data in Qualitative Research
Tom Burns and Sandra Sinfield Essential Study Skills                                        Second Edition
                                                                        The Complete Guide to Success at University
Peter Redman                    Good Essay Writing                                           Guide
                                                                        A Social SciencesThird Edition
Bob Smale and Julie Fowlie      How to Succeed at University            An Essential Guide to Academic Skills and Personal Devel
Chris Hart                      Doing a Literature Review               Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination
                                The Stress-Free
Gordon Rugg, Sue Gerrard and Susie Hooper Guide to Studying at University
Chris Hart                      Doing Your Masters Dissertation
Paul Oliver                     Writing Your Thesis                                         Second Edition
Alan Pritchard                  Studying and Learning at University     Vital Skills for Success in Your Degree
Gareth Davey                                                            How
                                The International Student's Survival Guide to Get the Most from Studying at a UK University
Gerard Hall and Jo Longman The Postgraduate's Companion
                                A Student's Guide to Presentations
Barbara Chivers and Michael Shoolbred                                   Making your Presentation Count
Mervyn Frost                    International Ethics                                        Four-Volume Set
Mark Bevir                      Interpretive Political Science                              Four-Volume Set
                                Encyclopedia of Political Communication
Lynda Lee Kaid and Christina Holtz-Bacha                                                    Two-Volume Set
Gary L Anderson and Kathryn HerrEncyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice                 Three-Volume Set
David S Clark                   Encyclopedia of Law and Society                             Three-Volume Set
                                                                        American and Global Perspectives
Pamala L Griset and Sue Mahan   Terrorism in Perspective                                    Second Edition
Gus Martin                      Understanding Terrorism                                     Third Edition
                                                                        Challenges, Perspectives, and Issues
Walter Carlsnaes                Foreign Policy Analysis
Margaret Wetherell and TalpadeThe SAGE Handbook of Identities
Paul James                      Globalization and Politics                                  Four-Volume Set
Walter Carlsnaes and Stefano Guzzini Policy Analysis                                        Three-Volume Set
Pub Date Description                       Contents                        Cloth ISBN                Cloth Price
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4798-5               £65.00
   Dec-08 'This is by far the best textbook ever published on the topic of public policy implementation serving several audiences. T
                                           1 Introduction: Structure recent developments internationally which Positioning Implementa
                                                                           the book \ Some matters            £60.00
   Feb-08 'A broad ranging and highly intelligent account of keyof Cl 978-1-4129-0858-0 of definition \ 2.skillfully updates the pu
                                           Introduction: been the publication of choice as a Services \ £75.00
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-2992-9               1: Internationalisation, Globalisa
      2007 `Norman Flynn's excellent book has long Liberalising and Modernising Public core text on public management. The new
                                           PART examination of the Cl 978-1-4129-3569-2 United Kingdom \ Politics and Public Se
                                                                           The Public Sector in the           £60.00
    Jan-09 'A comprehensive, multidisciplinaryONE \ Introduction \ concepts embodied in governance and their wide-ranging applica
                                            successful first edition, \ II.Cl 978-1-4129-2161-9
                                                                             is a Concepts \ Accountability \ £70.00 evaluation of the Cente
                                                                                                                to and
   Nov-08 Expanding and updating theI. What is Governance? this The comprehensive introductionBureaucracy \ Capacity \ theore
                                           Jonathan Davies & David Imbroscio inIntroduction:
                                                                           Cl terms - urban geography both provides conventional PART
   Dec-08 'This extraordinary collage of sophisticated essays on key 978-1-4129-3041-3 Urban Politics in thea21st Century \ basis
                                           Introduction \ I Location anda 978-1-4129-0206-9
                                                                             movement 1.1 Centrality 1.2 £75.00 for scholarly approache
   May-08 'A tour-de-force of contemporary urban studies. At onceCl stocktake,\ showcase and\ springboard \ 1.3 Global Cities \ 1.4
                                           SECTION ONE: reform of local government since Lily Kong - of New Labour in 1997. Mode
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-4374-7               £60.00
      2007 This text provides a systematic review of the HISTORIES AND IDEOLOGIES \the election Power and Prestige \ Keith Li
                                           1 Introduction: Why local the 978-1-4129-4844-9 on sites and practices of The context
                                                                           Cl emergence of debate             £65.00
    Jan-09 Changing Publics, Changing Public Services exploresgovernment? \ The new forms, central-local relations \publicness an
                                           Contesting Publicness: Decline and Proliferation The chapters the Nation: professionalis
                                                                           Cl niche in the market.            £60.00
      2007 `This is an excellent textbook for which there is currently a978-0-7619-4159-0\ Reassembling on rationing,Difference, Div
                                           The Politics of theory and Resources which government Politics of Health Professionalism
      2007 Critically reflecting on the utility of scholarlyHealth Carethe extent toand Rationing \ The practices inform the developmen
                                           PART ONE: PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: OLD AND NEW \ Laurence E. Lynn, Jr. - Public is c
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-7224-2               £90.00
      2003 `Whatever any student and government official wants to know about the theory and practice of public administration Man
                                           PART Pierre provides an invaluable addition to. the literature. It TWO: HUMAN RESOURCE
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-4061-6               £90.00
      2006 'The new handbook by Peters and ONE: PUBLIC MANAGEMENT: OLD AND NEW \ PART offers new scholars and pra
                                           Introduction \ MAKING POLICY \ The Three Action Levels of Governance: Reframing the po
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-3400-8               £90.00
    Jan-09 Power is arguably one of the key concepts within the social sciences. The SAGE Handbook of Power is the first touchst
                                            traditional economic problems and issues are strengthened in this Concepts \ the Three:
                                                                            \ 978-1-4129-6483-8               £43.00
   Sep-08 Comprehensive coverage ofPart One: Framing the fieldClPart Two: Power and Related Analytic textbook by PartrecognitP
                                           Local Economic Development978-0-7619-4391-4
                                                                           Cl in a Global both organizations and power, as well as their inte
      2006 ' Power and Organization s is a marvelous addition to the literature on Market \ Business Location, Expansion, and Rete
                                           surveys' - Institutionalization of Theory and Practice \ Power- and Efficiency \ Body, Soul, an
                                                                           Cl 978-1-84860-639-5
    Jan-09 'The Rolls Royce of opinion Fixing the The Times. ' an important barometer of opinion ' £50.00       The Telegraph. ' invaluable su
                                           John Curtice - of excellence. It has adapted Reactions to devolution \John Appleby and Mir
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4774-9               £50.00
    Jan-08 ' British Social Attitudes remains a beaconIs there an English backlash? to the times providing a rich and textured guide
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-0579-4            £195.00
      2007 The Encyclopedia of Governance provides a one-stop point of reference for the diverse and complex topics surrounding
                                           Key developing but complex field of Governance Environmental Governance \ Informatio
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4812-8            £575.00
    Oct-08 Multiparty negotiation is a rapidlytheme are Cultures \ Theories whose literature\is scattered across a broad range of disc
                                           Volume introduction to the Cl 978-0-7619-4372-3 Two: Organisational and Group Negotiatio
                                                                           study of comparative               £65.00
   Mar-09 This book provides a distinctive newOne: Public Dispute Resolution \ Volumepolitics at undergraduate level. Rich in cas
                                           Judith Bara - Introduction \ Cl 978-1-84787-503-7
                                                                           Democracies represented essential Pennington - 1. Theories, In
   Nov-09 The benchmark first and second editions of Comparing Part 1: Theories and Methods \Mark guides to the global study of
                                           Lawrence Politics presents Cl one volume Norris - Introduction: Challenges to Democratic G
    Apr-09 The SAGE Handbook of Comparative LeDuc, Richard G. Niemi, Pippaan authoritative overview of the theoretical, metho
                                                                           in 978-1-4129-1976-0               £90.00
                                                                           Cl science research on             £90.00
      2007 'The Handbook presents an excellent overview of political 978-1-4129-0875-7 the EU. It finds the right balance between
                                            some of the biggest names in European Studies to INTEGRATION PART TWO: THE EU
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-3395-7               £90.00
   Mar-09 'This volume brings togetherPART ONE: PROCESS: THEORIZING EUROPEANanalyse the most \important trajectories
                                           Chris Rumford parties and Cl 978-0-7619-4314-3 of European Studies \ SECTION 1: CONT
                                                                           party research Terrain             £90.00
      2006 'This thoughtful and wide-ranging review of - Introduction: The Shifting contains contributions from many of the foremost
                                           in the ONE: following independence from British
                                                                           Cl PARTY \ PART TWO: FUNCTIONS OF PARTY \ other THR
      2007 Most South Asian countries PART period DEFINITION OF 978-0-7619-3577-3 rule, at least at one time or thePART and s
                                           Editor's Introduction \ PART ONE: and democratic transition in the Asian Muslim world. It as
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-3566-7               £35.00
      2007 This book explores the character of the political transformation COUNTRY PAPERS \ Bangladesh \ India \ Nepal \ Pakis
                                             to cover political campaigns, 978-1-4129-5489-1
                                                                           Cl elections Introduction \Amena Mohsin and Meghna Guhathak
    Jun-08 This is the first encyclopediaHamid Ansari - Foreword \Zoya Hasan -and the electoral process from a historical and analy
                                                                           Cl International Relations, the demand for clear and accessible
   Feb-09 'With the growing proliferation of approaches to the field of978-1-4129-4742-8                      £60.00
                                           PART the complexities of the major theories of international relations and the debates \ Intr
                                                                           Cl TO YOUR COURSE                  £60.00
    Oct-09 This book guides students through ONE: INTRODUCTION978-1-4129-2847-2 IN IR THEORY \ Introduction to IR that s
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-2192-3               £90.00
   Dec-08 ' The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Resolution demonstrates the range of themes that constitute modern conflict resolutio
                                                                           Cl overview of this Zartman - Introduction: The Nature of Conflic
                                           Jacob Bercovitch, Victor Kremenyuk, I William increasingly important field, outlining the cau
   Sep-09 This book provides graduate students with a sophisticated978-1-4129-1974-6                          £65.00
                                           Introduction \ Causes of ofCl 978-1-4129-4729-9 post-9//11 \ Setting the International En
                                                                            the post-Cold War and             £65.00
   Sep-09 The fundamentally transformed security environmentInternational Environmental Problemsworld is explored in this advan
                                           Security beyond The Evolution of a Discipline \ Security:politics. Technological forces are w
                                                                           Cl politics and even regional Conceptualizing the Domain \ Stru
    Jan-10 International relations has now gone Studies:state-to-state978-1-4129-3492-3                       £70.00
                                           PART ONE: INTRODUCTION978-1-84787-450-4
                                                                           Cl \ PART TWO: GLOBALIZATION \ Theoretical Debates: Stru
    Jan-10 All approaches to the analysis of international and global processes are embedded within theoretical frameworks. This la
                                                                           Cl confrontation within            £65.00
    Apr-08 ' an awesome tour d'horizon of modern war, violence, and 978-1-4129-0308-0 and between nations. Illustrating via just a
                                           PART ONE: Studies aims to respond to current challenges while still retaining the \ Conflic
   Sep-08 The second edition of Peace and ConflictCONCEPTS AND ANALYSIS \ Approaches to Understanding Conflict thorough
                                           Preface \ Part One: The Promise ofresearchthe Problem the world, linking the theory of con
                                                                            classic Peace, from               £75.00
      2006 Understanding Conflict Resolution draws on recent andCl 978-1-4129-2858-8 aroundof War \ The Meanings of Peace \ P
                                           PART ONE: THE PROBLEM AND HOW TO APPROACH IT \ peace, presenting a radically
   Dec-08 Human Rights and Peace: Ideas, Laws, Institutions and Movements redefines the ambit of Understanding Conflict Reso
                                           General Introduction Ujjwal Kumar Singh // I: IDEAS AND VISIONS // Introduction Anupama
    Jun-08 This volume reflects the multiplicity of women's role in peace politics in South Asia through a collection of important artic
                                           Series Note; Preface; SECTION I: peace & IDEOLOGIES; £29.99 of Samir K Das; Shefa
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-3658-9                context
   Sep-08 The Identity Politics of Peace Building looks at civil society andIDEAS movements in theIntroductionthe identity-based ar
                                           Acknowledgements; Map of Sri Lanka; application of simulations -as training exercises in pe
                                                                           Cl 978-8-17-829882-5               £37.50
   Feb-09 Negotiating Peace in Deeply Divided Societies , delineates a novel Introduction; What Can Civil Society Do for Peace?
                                           Introduction I. NORTHERN IRELAND John Doyle and for£65.00
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4671-1                the Guelke Geography sub dis
    Apr-09 This is a new kind of textbook that forms \part of an innovative set of\companion texts Adrian Human - The Belfast (Good
                                             a new edition of a core Concepts of Statecraft \ on Political to Section \ 1 Nation-state \ 2
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-0137-6               £65.00
    Jan-09 Revised and updated, this isIntroduction \ Section 1: undergraduate resource Introduction Geography. Unique in the teacS
                                           Preface to the of Human Geography,to the Second of Political Geography1will provide a hig
                                                                           \ Preface the Handbook
      2007 Political Geography is a core subdiscipline First Edition Cl 978-0-7619-4327-3 Edition \£90.00      Introduction \ Politics, Geogra
           `The most systematic and wide-ranging survey DEVELOPMENT OF POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY \ STATES \ RE-NATUR
Cloth 2002 ; Paper 2004                                                    Cl 978-0-7619-6304-2               £90.00
                                           THE SCOPE AND of the multi-faceted field of International Relations yet produced. It is sur
                                           PART ONE: HISTORICAL,Cl 978-8-17-829870-2
                                                                            PHILOSOPHICAL discusses how constructivism, critical theory,
   Sep-08 International Relations in South Asia: Search for an Alternative Paradigm , AND THEORETICAL ISSUES IN INTERNAT
                                           Navnita Chadha Behera - International Relations in South Asia: improving the \ Sohail Inay
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-0761-3               £70.00
      2007 `[This] is essential reading for advanced students as well as all others seriously interested inState of the Arthuman cond
                                           The International societies adjusting to the Social Policy \ The Social Policy of good govern
   Mar-09 Good governance has become important with and Global Dimensions ofreality of the emerging world. While the World B
                                           and the Mass Media gives a OF GOOD GOVERNANCE \ Organizational Views \ changes
                                                                           Cl 978-0-7619-6161-1               £70.00
      2007 Development, Globalization PART ONE: THE CONCEPTcomprehensive and critical account of the theoretical Critical P
                                           and popular Communicating 978-1-4129-5429-7
                                                                           Cl Modernity \ The Passing of Modernity \ Varieties of Participati
      2007 One of the most noteworthy Introduction \sociology books of all time, The McDonaldization of Society demonstrates the p
                                           An Introduction to McDonaldization \ The Past, Present, and Future reconceptualized volum
                                                                           Cl 978-1-4129-4021-4               £65.00
      2007 The Globalization of Nothing is back in a revised and completely updated Second Edition. In thisof McDonaldization: Fro
                                           Globalization: A New Conceptualization \ Nothing (and Something): Another New communi
                                                                           Cl for understanding               £80.00
      2006 Globalism, Nationalism, Tribalism establishes a new basis978-0-7619-5513-9the changing nature of polity andConceptua
                                           PART ONE: RETURNING TO such a fluent and authoritative way. Not\ just recommended b
                                                                           Cl A THEORY OF SOCIAL FORMATION PART TWO: RETHI
      2007 'No other source gives you the full story on globalization in978-1-4129-2954-7                     £90.00
  2007                                   PART ONE: THE SHIFTING CONTOURS OF to global civil ECONOMY \ participation an
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-4800-5               £70.00
          The annual Global Civil Society Yearbooks provide an indispensable guideTHE GLOBALsociety or civicQuestioning 'Glo
Apr-09                                   PART ONE: CONCEPTS Cl 978-1-84860-014-0
                                                                        Vincent Price - Democracy, civil society or civic participation \
          The annual Global Civil Society Yearbooks provide an \indispensable guide to globalGlobal Publics and World Opinionan
  2007                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-3471-8               £85.00
          The world's cultures and their forms of creation, presentation, and preservation are deeply affected by globalization in w
Sep-08                                   APPROACHES AND DEVELOPMENTS \ Beverly are deeply Globalization and Cultural Co
          The world's cultures and their forms of creation, presentation and preservation Crawford£80.00
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-3473-2                - affected by globalization in wa
  2006                                   THE CULTURAL ECONOMY 978-1-4129-1954-8
                                                                        Cl TODAY \ internationally-renowned Banks and Jason Potts -
          The series editor, Paul James (RMIT, Australia), is joined by sixteenStuart Cunningham, John co-editors from around the
  2007                                                                    at economics broadly            £575.00
          Globalization and Economy is the second set and looksCl 978-1-4129-1952-4 conceived, including global markets, glob
Jun-09                                   Edited in Paul James series 978-1-4129-1953-1
                                                                        Cl engages with the cultural dimensions of globalization. Volume
          The third set in the Central Current by Globalizationand Barry Gills - Volume One: Globalizing Markets and Capitalism \ P
  2006                                   Edited by Paul James and John field. Coherently
                                                                          the Tulloch - VOLUME 1: GLOBALIZING COMMUNICATIONS
          This three-volume set covers the major controversies inCl 978-1-4129-2899-1presenting the arguments through benchm
  2007                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-3530-2              £450.00
          International Business and Globalization is a very diverse and comprehensive collection of readings dealing with globali
Feb-08                                   VOLUME ONE: project, this text traces its contours across three and Marie dela Rama - Int
          Situating development as a world-historical OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL \ Thomas Clarke historical periods: colonial
  2006                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-0284-7               £85.00
          Using clear and uncomplicated language - illustrated with appropriate learning features throughout - the text guides the r
Apr-08                                   Development and Globalization: Framing Issues: What Is the World Coming to? \ The Globa
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-2944-8               £60.00
          'A sure-footed and self-confident book, ambitious in scope, authoritative in execution and practical in its implications' - S
Sep-09                                   The Raison d'etre a Doing range of approaches to \ Doing £60.00
                                                                        Development Research               Fieldwork in not stop at Countri
          'This exciting book is a tour de force, spanningof broad Cl 978-1-4129-4514-1 development. It doesDeveloping critique
May-08                                    issues 'Development'? What is the Purpose of Development about key problems and so
                                                                        Cl 978-0-7619-4235-1               £70.00
          'The arena of environmentalWhat Isis a minefield for \undergraduate students seeking clarityStudies? \ How Can We 'Kn
  2007                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-1843-5               £90.00
          'This is a monumental and timely contribution to scholarship on society and environments. The handbook makes it easy
Dec-08                                   Introduction \ Approaching Cl 978-1-4129-4860-9
                                                                        1980s at the intersection of the£575.00 natural Politics and th
                                                                                                           social and
          The field of ecological economics developed in the late Environmental Issues \ The Rise of Environmental sciences, with
Apr-08                                   PART 1: ENVIRONMENTAL 978-1-84787-470-2
                                                                         of proximity and distance PRESENT \ PART 2: VALUING THE
          Geographies of Globalization explores the geographies Cl THOUGHT: PAST ANDthat shape globalization, and consider
Apr-08                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-468-9               £75.00
          Is the current form of globalization inevitable? Material Geographies shows that the present form of globalization has be
  2007                                   Introduction \ Claiming Connections:in the world have sweatshops? \ Media and Communic
                                                                          experts a distant world          £90.00
          'Some of the most experienced and thoughtful researchCl 978-1-4129-1177-1 ofcontributed to this comprehensive Han
Feb-08                                   Introduction \ Climate Changes: island the media, war world£65.00 Finance, Making you
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-0261-8                \ Making
          '..a lively introduction to media and politics, with timely chapters on life in a volatile and terrorism and the internet. If Worl
Feb-08                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-1627-1               £58.00
          The act of deliberation is the act of reflecting carefully on a matter and weighing the strengths and weaknesses of altern
  2007                                   Introduction The News Production Model \ scientific research .Relations, and Politicsof The d
                                                                          in collaborative Journalists, Public 978-1-84860-496-4 \ the
          Winner of the 2006 The Descartes Prize \ for excellenceCl 978-1-4129-1981-4                 60.00El Written by members
  2006                                   Democracy and Deliberation \ 978-1-4129-1795-7accounted for many the differences Pu
                                                                        Cl Conversation and                 \ Mediated
          Differences in political systems, media systems and cultural constraints have Discussion£95.00 ofDeliberation andamo
Feb-08                                                                  Cl - A Measurement Model for Comparative Surveys \ Rory Fitzg
          'Successfully challenges theRoger Jowell and MaxaKaase 978-1-4129-1972-2 Schwarzmantel searchingly questions the
                                          notion that we live in post-ideological age. John                £65.00
  2006                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-6762-0                evasive
          'Tormey and Townshend have succeeded not only in making accessible the notoriously £80.00 ideas of Post-Marxist
Jan-09                                   Introduction: The a fundamental investigation into Ideology£65.00 \ Concepts and Theories
                                                                        Cl 978-1-84787-545-7                Now?
          'An ambitious book becomes a major, indeed Debate Over Ideology \ Where isthe most cruel social relationship of our tim
  2004                                                                                                  Cornelius Castoriadis: Magmas com
                                         From Critical Theory to Post-Marxism: An to political theory, past and present. It offers aand
          This major new Handbook provides a definitive state-of-the-art review Introduction \90.00El 978-1-84787-126-8
                                                                        Cl 978-0-7619-6787-3
  2007                                   Part material, the author argues Violence and the State \ The 978-1-84860-520-6
                                                                        Cl 978-0-7619-7443-7           social relations: market citizenship. A
          Drawing on exhaustive empirical One: Violence and Conflict \for a new paradigm of 65.00El Emergence of Victims \ Viole
Oct-08                                   PART ONE: a decade, Sharp has delivered an invaluable aid for teaching students about
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-0778-1               £60.00
          'Drawing on a course road tested for overAPPROACHES TO THE STUDY OF POLITICAL THEORY \ Michael Freedent
Sep-08                                    reemergence of libertarian Citizenship \ Markets force, both in the \ PART TWO: Produce
                                                                         thought as a significant          £70.00
          Recent years have seen thePART ONE: Frameworks \ Cl 978-1-4129-6580-4\ Market Citizenship academy and in politic
May-09                                   1 Introduction \ I. Colonialisms978-0-7619-6003-4
                                                                        Cl \ 2 Imagining the world \ 3 Power humanity, Joe Sim strips ne
                                                                                                            and and
          Punishment and Prisons is a scholarly, powerful and inspirational critique. With passion £65.00 knowledge \ 4 Landsca
Nov-09                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-4804-3               £65.00
          This major text offers students a comprehensive understanding of central theories, issues and debates on crime, power
 Jul-09                                  out the relationship between political Politics. \ Law,
                                                                        Cl Penal theory and criminology. It the Penal System 1974-1983
          This clear, concise text sets Continuity and Contestation in978-1-4129-3049-9 Order and critically analyses key theorie
Sep-09                                                                  Crime: Joe Sim, Steve              £65.00
                                         Introduction: State, Power, Cl 978-1-4129-3556-2 Tombs and Dave Whyte \ Part 1: The Sta
Nov-09                                                                   IDEOLOGY \ The Nature of the State \ Economics and Criminal
                                         PART ONE: POWER AND Cl 978-1-84787-350-7
Nov-09                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-924-0               £60.00
 Jul-09                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-021-6              £575.00
          The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classica
Aug-09                                                                   host of non-state. transnational actors. Some of these entities h
          Sovereign nations share the international system with aCl 978-1-84787-898-4                     £575.00
Sep-09                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-271-5              £575.00
          The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classica
Nov-09                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-4783-1              £575.00
          The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classica
Feb-09                                                                  radical and non-Western           £575.00
          approaches to international relations as well as critical, Cl 978-1-84787-405-4 theories of global politics. The set inclu
Dec-08                                   Volume 1 Theorising International Politics \ Volume
                                                                        Cl of classic and contemporary£575.00 genocide sourced from
                                                                                                           works on
          This four-volume set provides a comprehensive collection 978-1-84787-022-3 2 Security \ Volume 3 Political Economy
Jan-09                                                                  Cl 978-1-84787-272-2              £575.00
          Ethnic conflicts in various scales and forms are a feature of the post-Cold War international landscape from which no re
Oct-08                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-3005-5              £575.00
          International environmental politics is an important component of both current scholarship in, and the curricula of, depar
Jun-08                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-4753-4              £575.00
          From its beginnings as a trading organization the European Union (EU) has become an immensely important actor in the
Apr-08                                   Part 1: International Environmental Problems international £825.00 Over the the two deca
          International law is once again becoming an important part of the study of and Their Sources \ Overview ofpast Problems
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-1255-6              relations.
Feb-08                                   Volume very History and Theory \ Volume Two: International Political Economy \ perspecti
                                                                         on terrorism as viewed           £575.00
          Global Terrorism brings together the One: best researchCl 978-1-4129-3603-3 from a global and comparativeVolume Th
  2007                                   Volume has Approaches to the Study of International Law \ Volume Two: International Law
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-3602-6              £695.00
          International political economy (IPE) One:become one of the most innovative and productive areas of international relatio
  2007                                   VOLUME 1 \ is a two part eight-volume AND CAUSES \ A P Schmid - The Response Prob
                                                                        Cl 978-0-7619-4465-2              £575.00
          Twentieth Century International Relations PART ONE: DEFINITIONSset providing comprehensive coverage of the factor
  2007                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-4466-9              £575.00
          With over 80 thematically organized articles selection by Michael Cox, Volumes 5-8 explore what happened following the
  2007                                   Volume I \ The a two part, Cl 978-1-4129-1018-7
                                                                        eight-volume set providing comprehensive \ Bipolar of the US H
          Twentieth Century International Relations isCrisis of International Relations: 1914-1945 \ Volume II coverageOrder: facto
  2007                                   of the main subfields of international relations. This four-volume collection Pacific Century?
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-2139-8              Towards
          International security is one Volume V \ Europe as an International Actor \ Volume VI \ £575.00 a New brings together s
  2005                                   VOLUME I: articles representing the most influential theoretical writings by international rela
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-2009-4              £575.00
          This major reference work comprises 80THE CRISIS OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: 1914-1945 \ VOLUME II: BIP
  2006                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-2187-9              £695.00
          How international conflict might be managed or resolved is a major focal point of a very large and growing body of schol
  2005                                    the first to bring together to world's seminal writings on war. Edited and introduced by Pau
                                                                        Cl 978-1-4129-0373-8              £825.00
          This six-volume collection isVolume One: Approachesthe International Relations: Realism \ Volume Two: Approaches to
  2004                                    is the first to bring togetherClCONCEPTS \ Origins of field to provide a unique R C Snyder
                                                                            978-1-4129-0143-7             £450.00
          This three-volume collectionPART ONE: THEORY ANDthe seminal writings in thethe Field \ R W Mack andreference w
                                           VOLUME ONE: CONCEPTS, 978-1-4129-4502-8
                                                                          Cl MEASUREMENT AND PATTERNS of political science, for e
    Jan-09 The formal modelling techniques of rational choice theory have become central to the disciplineIN THE STUDY OF WAR
                                           VOLUME ONE: THEORY OF DIPLOMACY \anywhere and£575.00
                                                                           political science VOLUME TWO: HISTORYfromDIPLOMACY \
     Jul-08 Comparative politics addresses the central questions ofCl 978-1-4129-4487-8                   everywhere: OF ancient Greec
                                           Volume One: Social Choicethe articles that have
                                                                            and Equilibrium \ Volume most influential in shaping the discipl
    Jun-08 The SAGE Library of Political Science collects together Cl 978-1-4129-4752-7beenTwo: Voting, Elections and Electoral S
                                           Volume One: Research from 978-1-4129-2145-9
                                                                          Cl many Modes of Explanation inVolume
                                                                                                           \ the contemporary social scien
      2007 A vast literature encompassing contributions derivedSchools andof the leading theories£575.00 Two: Macro-Politics: R
                                           VOLUME 1: continue to be, one MODELS Kai Arzheimer and understanding the choices
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-2875-5           £575.00
      2007 Institutional explanations have been, andSOCIAL-POLITICALof the most\ important means of Jocelyn Evans - Introductio
                                           VOLUME ONE: THEORIES for use on an introductory methods course or for - The New G
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-3550-0             £65.00
    Apr-08 Packed with features to promote learning this text is idealOF GOVERNANCE \ 1. General \ R A W Rhodes readers carry
                                           PART ONE: INSTITUTIONALISMS, OLD AND NEW \ Philipinto subject Institutionalism 'Old'
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-1184-9
    Jun-09 The teaching of political research methods, either as a stand alone course or integrated £60.00   Selznick - specific modules, is
                                           PART for students starting Cl \ Introduction \ Power in Armingeon,Ethics, Data Protection a
                                                                          their own research' - Klaus Research, University of Bern. 'Has
      2005 'This is an immensely helpful book ONE: INTRODUCTION978-1-4129-0376-9                           £85.00
                                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-6423-0             £65.00
   Feb-09 'Practical and immensely helpful With its highly readable style, it is well suited to the needs of research students. Throu
                                           Hans Keman - PART and accessible introduction
                                                                           COMPARATIVE METHODOLOGY \ Comparative strategies fo
   May-09 Working with Qualitative Data provides a practicalONE:Cl 978-1-4129-4571-4 to how to£70.00 and applyMethodology
                                           PART ONE: and highly practical introduction to Evolution, £70.00 and Design Planning,
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4531-8             Concept
    Jun-09 Online Interviewing is a short, accessible GETTING STARTED \ Case Study:designing and conducting online \interviews
                                           Theory, Grounded Theory Cl carry out allLiterature
                                                                          to Analysis \ of its commands and Orientations \ Analysis in a
    Jun-10 SPSS syntax is the command language used by SPSSand978-1-4129-2217-3 and Analyticfunctions. Jacqueline Collie
                                           Online Qualitative Research: Epistemological Dimensions \ Engaging with Research Particip
                                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-336-1              readers
   Feb-09 This fully revised and expanded edition of Doing Research in the Real World introduces£75.00 to all the essential aspe
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-3118-2             £90.00
    Apr-09 The Handbook of Organizational Research Methods provides a rich resource for researchers, locating the technical asp
            The SAGE Handbook 2009 Introduction \ Methods is a Cl 978-1-4129-1992-0
                                                                          must for every Research Methodologies It charts the new and e
Cloth February 2008 ; Paper April of Social Research Theoretical Perspectives andsocial science researcher. \ Selecting and Plannin
                                           Part 1 Dilemmas: The shifting978-1-4129-4661-2
                                                                          Cl context of organizational research \ range Agendas: The bro
   Mar-08 The Third Edition of Nigel Gilbert's hugely successful Researching Social Life covers the wholePart 2 of methods from q
                                           Social Research in Changing 978-1-84787-323-1
                                                                           been fully revised, expanded and DIRECTIONS IN SOCIAL Qu
   Feb-09 The new edition of Uwe Flick's bestselling textbook hasCl Social Conditions \ PART ONE: updated. An Introduction toRE
                                           Geoff Cooper - Conceptualizing Social Life \ Nigel Gilbert Research, Theory and Method \
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-6556-9             £53.00
     Jul-08 The Third Edition of the bestselling text Research Design enables readers to compare-three approaches to research - q
                                           PART Doing Qualitative Research, to Edition provides a step-by-step guide and the To D
                                                                          Cl 978-1-84860-033-1             £75.00
   Nov-09 Written in a lively, accessible style,ONE: FRAMEWORK \ Guide 3rdThis Book \ Qualitative Research-Why to allHowques
                                           PREFACE \ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS qualitative methods courses the Third Edition \ 1. S
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-2244-9             £80.00
      2006 Matching the teaching and learning requirements of undergraduate \ PART I. PRELIMINARY CONSIDERATIONSinclude
   Dec-08 The fifth volume in the Applied Social Research Methods series is an extremely successful volume. In this 4th edition, R
                                           PART ONE: THEORY AND versions 16 and 17, is the only £90.00 statistics that Research
                                                                          Cl 978-1-84787-906-6             book on
   Mar-09 This award-winning text, now fully up-to-date with SPSS METHOD IN QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ Beginning you will n
                                                                          Cl students often find           £75.00
      2007 Now in its Third Edition , this bestseller teaches a subject, 978-1-4129-5149-4 intimidating and difficult, in a way that is in
                                            \                             the world of Research
      2007 The SAGE Qualitative Research Kit is a major event in Cl 978-0-7619-4974-9 Methods£140.00      publishing. The kit comprises eig
                                             tool for the Sadistics? It's Up to You \ Means to provides coverage of both \ A theoretical b
   Mar-08 Interviewing is an invaluableStatistics or qualitative researcher. Steinar Kvalean End \ Vive la DiffTrence the Picture Rea
                                           Uwe to devising an effective research design, Uwe Kvale - Doing Interviews \Michael Angr
   Mar-08 Providing a comprehensive guideFlick - Designing Qualitative Research \Steinar Flick discusses each stage of the proce
   Mar-08 Outlining how to select the most appropriate tool for analyzing data, Analysing Qualitative Data also provides the reader
                                           What method for collecting qualitative data in the social sciences. Doing Focus Groups prov
   Mar-08 Focus groups are an ever popular Is Qualitative Research \ From an Idea to a Research Question \ Sampling, Selecting
   Mar-08 The issue of quality in qualitative research is one that is often neglected. In Managing Quality in Qualitative Research at
      2007 Including coverage of the selection of cases, observation and interviewing, recording data, and takes into account ethica
                                           How to Manage, Address and Assess document of Qualitative Research \ Standards, Crite
   Mar-08 Introducing the theory and practice of conversation, discourse and the Quality analysis, this text demonstrates the useful
   Mar-08 Examining the wide range of uses of visual images in qualitative research, Using Visual Data in Qualitative Research inc
                                           Studying on our students was978-1-4129-4584-4 and Recording 'Data' \ The Practicalitie
                                                                          Cl like star dust!" Ethics       £50.00
    Apr-08 Praise for the first edition: "The effect Discourse \ Generating an Archive \ Anne Schofield, Ruskin College, Oxford. Stud
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-2010-0             £45.00
      2005 Good Essay Writing provides answers to the key questions which face students when preparing essays: What do tutors
                                           Background \ Introduction \ personal University \ How universities work \ How to of persona
                                                                           Going to development            £50.00
   Mar-09 This book is a uniquely comprehensive study skills and Cl 978-1-4129-4716-9 guide, incorporating coverageunderstand
                                           Introduction \ What Tutors Look what is often an experiential process Social a literature rev
                                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-5974-8              What
      1998 `This book can provide an excellent framework for bolsteringfor When Marking Essays \ £65.00Is a - doingScience Essay
                                           How to understand yourselfCl 978-1-4129-4492-2 \ How the stress own personal develop
                                                                           and your development             plan your
    Apr-08 Provides a positive and supportive guide to understanding, preventing and managing to £50.00 that can be associated
                                           The Literature Review in preparing \ Reviewing dissertation at Masters level. \ Classifying
                                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-4216-0             £65.00
      2004 A practical and comprehensive guide to researching, Research and writing aand the Research Imagination Key features
                                           Stress and well-being: an overview \ Ways of handling stress are anxiety \ work. Despite an
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4688-9             £60.00
   Mar-08 Praise for the 1st edition: `This book will undoubtedly benefit anyone whatever stage they and with their Leaving home m
                                           PART ONE: ESSENTIAL PREPARATION FOR YOUR to the essential study skills a Master
                                                                           and accessible introduction DISSERTATION \ What Is for first-t
   Mar-08 Studying and Learning at University provides a concise Cl 978-1-4129-2962-2                      £50.00
                                           PART ONE: THE comprehensive guide to studying and The in the UK. It will \ will be inv
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4601-8             £60.00
    Apr-08 The International Student's Survival Guide is aPROCESS OF ACADEMIC WRITING \living Research ThesisbeThe Intelle
                                           How We Learn \ and accessible source of support Note-taking and anyone contemplating
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-3025-3             £65.00
   Sep-08 The Postgraduate's Companion is a practicalReading for Academic Purposes \ and guidance forRecording for Learning
                                           1 Choosing and applying for your course \ 2 of both home and arriving in the UK \ 3 English
                                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-4368-6             £45.00
      2007 This book gives readers a detailed guide to the preparation and delivery Leavingindividual and group presentations. It wi
                                           Introduction and How to Use this Book - Dr Ged Hall and Dr Jo Longman \ What is classica
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-4720-6           £575.00
   Mar-10 The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both a Postgr
   May-10                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-580-8           £575.00
                                           Why do a Presentation? \ What Makes an Effective Presentation? \ Individual Performance
                                           The Moral earliest of States 978-1-4129-1799-5 by Aristotle Actors \ The Ethics modern
                                                                          of \ The Moral Standing        £190.00
   Feb-08 Political communication began with theStandingstudies Cl democratic discourse of Non-stateand Plato. However, of Inter
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-1812-1           £295.00
      2007 The Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice is designed to give understanding to the topics, concepts and ideas wh
                                                                          Cl 978-0-7619-2387-9           £235.00
      2007 The Encyclopedia of Law and Society is the largest comprehensive and international treatment of the law and society fie
      2007 The Second Edition of Terrorism in Perspective offers undergraduate and graduate students a comprehensive overview
                                           Aboriginal and Indigenous exploration of the phenomenon of modern terrorist violence. It is
    Apr-09 This new edition offers a comprehensive and complete Peoples, Treatment of \ Associations, Lawyer \ Bentham, Jeremy
    Jan-10                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-1287-7             £70.00
                                           1: What is Terrorism? \ 2: History of Terrorism \ 3: International Terrorism \ 4: Terrorist Tacti
                                           PART I. interdisciplinary CONCEPTUAL REVIEW \ Terrorism: First Impressions: Opening
                                                                          Cl 978-1-4129-3411-4             £90.00
    Jun-09 Increasingly Identities are the site forTERRORISM: A initiatives and identity research is at the heart of many trans-discip
                                                                          issues of governance,          £575.00
   Sep-09 The fourth and final set turns to 'the political' to explore Cl 978-1-4129-1955-5 political movements, and direct political cr
                                            first major collection on this core substantive policy
                                                                          Cl \ Saurabh Dube - Subaltern and Post-Colonial Approaches \se
    Oct-09 This three-volume set is the PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS 978-1-4129-2144-2 field in£425.00            international political inquiry. It A
Paper ISBN             Paper Price Series           Pages BIC Codes           Subjects
Pa 978-1-4129-4799-2         £21.99                                           Public
                                                          248 JP,JPP,MBNH,JBQ Policy & Public Administration,Social Policy
Pa 978-1-4129-0859-7         £19.99                       208 JPP             Public Policy & Public Administration,Public Manag
Pa 978-1-4129-2993-6         £25.99                                           Public
                                                          328 KFCP,KMHZ,KMHQ Policy & Public Administration,Public & Non
Pa 978-1-4129-3570-8                                      232 JPQ
                             £18.99 SAGE Key Concepts series                  Government & Governance,Public Policy & Public
Pa 978-1-4129-2162-6         £22.99                                           L
                                                          296 RGCM,RG,RGLocal Government,Political Theory & Thought (Gen
Pa 978-1-4129-3042-0                                      240 Geography
                             £19.99 Key Concepts in Human RGL                 Urban Geography,Local Government
Pa 978-1-4129-0207-6         £26.99                       408 RG,RGL,RPC Urban Geography,Urban Planning,Urban Sociology
Pa 978-0-7619-4375-4         £19.99                       200 JPQ             Planning (General),Local Government,Public Polic
Pa 978-1-4129-4845-6         £21.99                                           S
                                                          232 KMHQ,JBV,JPP ocial Policy Theory,Public Management,Public Po
Pa 978-0-7619-4160-6         £19.99                       216 JBQN            Health Sciences (General),Social Policy (General),
Pa 978-1-4129-4539-4         £29.99                       408 JP,JPP          Public Policy & Public Administration
                                                          640 JPP,JP          Public Policy & Public Administration
                                                          528 JP,JPP          Politics & International Relations (General)
                                                          512 KMKH,JP,YJB Organization Studies (General),Politics (General),S
                                                          328 K,GTD           Economics & Development Studies (General),Glob
Pa 978-0-7619-4392-1                                      472 GTS,KMKH series
                             £32.99 Foundations for Organizational Science Culture and Power,Organization Studies (General)
                                                          280 JP,JPP,GRS
                                    British Social Attitudes Survey series British Government and Politics,Social Research M
                                                          408 JP,JBQ,YJB
                                    British Social Attitudes Survey series Social Research Methods,Social Policy (General),P
                                                         1232 JPQ             Government & Governance
                                                         1672 JP,JPA,GTF Politics & International Relations (General),Politica
Pa 978-0-7619-4373-0         £22.99                       304 JPB             Comparative Politics,Research Methods for Politics
Pa 978-1-84787-504-4         £22.99                       272 JPB,JPA,JPVM3   Comparative Politics,Elections & Political Campaig
                                                          504 JP,JPS          Politics & International Relations (General),Internat
                                                          616 JP              European Politics (General)
                                                          680 JP              Sociology (General),Politics & International Relatio
                                                          560 JP              Politics (General)
                                                          480 JPVM3,JPQ Government & Governance,Elections & Political Ca
                                                          272 JP,JPHV         Asian Politics (General),Democracy
                                                         1072 JP,JPVM3        Elections & Political Campaigns,American Governm
Pa 978-1-4129-4743-5                                      288 JPS
                             £16.99 SAGE Course Companions series             International Relations Theory,International Relatio
Pa 978-1-4129-2848-9                                      240 JPS
                             £16.99 SAGE Key Concepts series                  International Relations (General)
                                                          704 JP,GTJ          International Relations (General),Peace Studies/Co
Pa 978-1-4129-1975-3                                       Foundations of International Re
                             £21.99 SAGE Series on the240 JPSL,JPS,GTFEnvironmental Politics,International Environment,P
Pa 978-1-4129-4730-5                                       Foundations        Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Se
                             £21.99 SAGE Series on the272 JP,GTJ of International Re
Pa 978-1-4129-3493-0                                       Foundations of     International
                             £21.99 SAGE Series on the240 GTD,JPS International Re Relations (General),Globalization
Pa 978-1-84787-451-1                                       Foundations        International
                             £21.99 SAGE Series on the272 JPA,JPSof International Re Relations Theory,International Relatio
Pa 978-1-4129-0309-7         £21.99                       280 JPS,JP,GTJ Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Se
Pa 978-1-4129-6120-2         £29.99                       544 JPS,GTJ         Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Se
Pa 978-1-4129-2859-5         £24.99                       320 JP              Politics & International Relations (General),Peace S
Pa 978-8-17-829884-9                                      364 GTJ
                             £14.99 South Asia Peace Studies Series           Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
Pa 978-0-7619-3570-4                                      364 JBFF,GTJ
                             £14.99 South Asian Peace Studies series          Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Women's Studie
                                                          292 GTJ,JPA         Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Political Sociolo
                                                          424 GTJ             Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
Pa 978-1-4129-4672-8                                      412 Geography
                             £21.99 Key Concepts in Human RGCP                Political Geography,International Relations (Genera
Pa 978-1-4129-0138-3         £22.99                       248 RGC,RGCP Political Geography,Human Geography (General),I
                                                          640 RGCP            Political Geography,Environmental Politics
Pa 978-0-7619-6305-9         £32.99                       572 JPS,JP          International Relations (General)
                                                          360 JPS             International Relations (General),South Asian Polit
Pa 978-1-4129-0762-0         £22.99                       240 K,GTF,JP        Global Social Policy,Development Studies (Genera
Pa 978-8-17-829931-0         £14.99                       212 JPQ,JPS         Government & Governance,Research Methods for
Pa 978-0-7619-6162-8         £21.99                       264 GR,GTD          Mass Communication (General),Globalization,New
Pa 978-1-4129-5430-3         £22.99                       320 JBA             Social Theory,Organization Studies (General),Soci
Pa 978-1-4129-4022-1         £20.99                       264 GTD,JBA         Social Theory,Globalization
Pa 978-0-7619-5514-6         £26.99                                           G
                                                          392 GTD,JBKC,GTS lobalization,Nationalism
Pa 978-1-4129-2955-4         £34.99                       624 KMB,KCL,RGCM    Economic Geography,International Business & Ma
Pa 978-1-4129-4801-2     £22.99                        408 RGC,JP,YJB Politics & International Relations (General),Cultura
                                  Global Civil Society - Year Books
Pa 978-1-84860-015-7     £29.99                        396 GTD,JPS,JP International Relations (General),International Soci
                                  Global Civil Society - Year Books
Pa 978-1-4129-3472-5     £30.99                        664 GTS,JB
                                  The Cultures and Globalization Series Cultural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Pea
Pa 978-1-4129-3474-9     £29.99                        688 GTS,GTD
                                  The Cultures and Globalization Series Culture and Power,Sociology of Culture,New Media
                                  Central Currents in 1784 GTD,GTJ,JBA Globalization
                                  Central Currents in 1832 GTD,JPA        Globalization,Political Sociology
                                  Central Currents in 1720 GTD,JPA        Globalization,Political Sociology
                                                      1376 KFFH,JPQ       Government & Governance,Corporate Finance
                                  Contemporary Issues in Business & Globalization
                                                      1288 KMB,GTD        International Business & Management (General),G
                                  Contemporary Issues in Business & Globalization
Pa 978-1-4129-5592-8     £25.99                         Century series
                                  Sociology for a New 376 JP,GTF,YJB Social Change and Modernization,Comparative So
Pa 978-1-4129-0285-4     £25.99                        336 GTF            Research Methods for Development Studies,Intern
Pa 978-1-4129-2945-5     £18.99                        192 GTF            International Development,Development Studies (G
Pa 978-1-4129-4515-8     £19.99                        240 K,GTF,RG       Politics of Developing Countries,Development Stud
Pa 978-0-7619-4236-8     £24.99                        288 RN             Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (Gener
                                                       640 RN,JPSL,YLNA   Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (Gener
                                                      1504 JP,JPSL        Economics & Development Studies (General),Polit
Pa 978-1-84787-471-9     £24.99                        448 RG             University
                                  Published in association with The Open Geography & Environmental Science (General),Glo
Pa 978-1-84787-469-6     £24.99                        432 RG             University
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                                                       640 JPS            Research Methods for Politics & International Rela
Pa 978-1-4129-0262-5     £22.99                        240 GR,JP          Politics (General),Political Communication,Political
Pa 978-1-4129-1628-8     £22.99                        344 GR,JPVM3,JPA   Political Communication,Political Sociology,Politica
                    60                                 288 GTS,JP,GRS Cultural Politics,Politics & International Relations (G
                                                       504 KMPH,JPVM3 Advertising & Promotion
Pa 978-1-4129-1973-9     £21.99                        208 JP,JPA         Political Theory & Thought (General),Political Socio
Pa 978-0-7619-6763-7     £23.99                         series
                                  SAGE Politics Texts240 JBA,JPA          Social Theory,Political Sociology,Political Theory &
Pa 978-1-84787-546-4     £21.99                        192 GTJ,JB         Sociology of Race & Ethnicity,Social Theory,Peace
                    90                                 464 JPA,JP         Contemporary Political Theory
                    65                                 200 JPA,YJB        Political Sociology,Political Theory & Thought (Gen
Pa 978-1-4129-0779-8     £19.99                        176 RG,RGC,RGCM    Developmental Geography,International Developm
                                                       664 JP             Politics & International Relations (General),Politics
Pa 978-0-7619-6004-1     £22.99                        200 JBVM1          Corrections/Penology,Criminology & Criminal Justi
Pa 978-1-4129-4805-0     £21.99                        296 JBV            Criminology (General)
Pa 978-1-4129-3050-5     £20.99                        208 JBV,JPA        Criminology (General),Criminology & Criminal Just
Pa 978-1-4129-3557-9     £19.99                        240
Pa 978-1-84787-351-4              Compact Criminology361
Pa 978-1-84787-925-7     £15.50   Compact Criminology361
                                                      1664 JP,JPSN,GTF
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Politica
                                                      1664 JP,JPSN
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Politica
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations
                                                      1704 JP,JPS
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Politics
                                                      1664 JP,JPA
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Politica
                                                      1760 JP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Socialis
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                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Politica
                                                      1632 JP,JPSN2,JPSPolitics & International Relations (General),EU Poli
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations
                                                      2304 JP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General),Crimino
                                                      1648 JBV
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Politics &
                                                      1984 KCP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Political Economy,International Political Economy
                                                      1647 JPS
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Relations (General)
                                                      1646 JPS
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Relations (General)
                                                      3328 JPS
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Relations (General)
                                                      1760 JP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Security
                                                      1616 JP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General)
                                                      2076 JPS,JDGS5
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Relations (General),Communication a
                                                      2536 JPS
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations International Relations (General)
                                                      1264 JP
                                  SAGE Library of International Relations Politics & International Relations (General)
                                                    1688 Science
                                SAGE Library of Political JP,JPVM3,JPWD Politics (General),Elections & Political Campaigns,
                                                    1664 Science
                                SAGE Library of Political JP,JPA,JPS Politics & International Relations (General),Politics
                                                    1648 Science
                                SAGE Library of Political JP            Politics & International Relations (General)
                                                    1736 Science
                                SAGE Library of Political JPQ           Government & Governance
                                                    1784 Science
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Pa 978-1-4129-3551-7   £21.99                        352 JPS            Research Methods for Politics & International Rela
Pa 978-1-4129-1185-6   £18.99                        250 JPS            Research Methods for Politics & International Rela
Pa 978-1-4129-0377-6   £26.99                        336 JPS,GRS,JP Research Methods for Politics & International Rela
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Pa 978-1-84787-337-8   £24.99                        624 JBB            Social Research Methods
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Pa 978-1-84860-730-9   £29.99                        648 JBB            Social Research Methods
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Pa 978-1-4129-2245-6   £24.99                        448 GRS            Qualitative Research (General)
Pa 978-1-4129-6099-1   £21.00                        240 Methods series
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Pa 978-1-4129-5150-0   £25.99                        432 GRS            Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathem
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Pa 978-0-7619-4977-0   £18.99                        160
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Pa 978-0-7619-4976-3   £18.99                        120
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Pa 978-0-7619-4980-0   £18.99                        176
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Pa 978-0-7619-4978-7   £18.99                        168
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Pa 978-0-7619-4982-4   £18.99                        160
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Pa 978-0-7619-4975-6   £18.99                        128
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Pa 978-0-7619-4981-7   £18.99                        160
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Pa 978-0-7619-4979-4   £18.99                        152
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Pa 978-1-4129-4585-1   £14.99                        344 JDL
                                SAGE Study Skills Series                Study Skills (General)
Pa 978-1-4129-2011-7   £11.99                        132 JDL            University
                                Published in association with The Open Study Skills (General)
Pa 978-1-4129-4717-6   £14.99                        272 JDL
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Pa 978-0-7619-5975-5   £20.99                        230 JDL,YJB,JBS University
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Pa 978-1-4129-4602-5   £17.99                        200 JPS,JDL        Study Skills (General),Study Skills (UG)
Pa 978-1-4129-3026-0   £20.99                        520 JDF,JDL        Postgraduate Study,Study Skills (PG)
Pa 978-0-7619-4369-3   £16.99                        176 JDL,YXL
                                SAGE Essential Study Skills Series      Study Skills (General),Presentation Skills,Presenta
                                SAGE Library of International Relations
                                SAGE Library of Political Science
                                                    1104 GR             Political Communication
                                                    1832 GR,YJB         Sociology (General),Communication and Media Stu
                                                    1808 LB             International Law,Criminal Justice
Pa 978-1-4129-5015-2   £29.99                        448 JBV,JP,JPS Criminology (General),Foreign Policy Analysis
Pa 978-1-4129-7059-4   £29.99                        656 JBV,JP,GTJ International Security,Terrorism,Peace Studies/Con
Pa 978-1-4129-1288-4   £20.99   SAGE Series on the240Foundations of International Re
                                                     592 GTS,JCF,YJB Social Psychology (General)
                                Central Currents in 1664 GTD,JPA        Globalization,Political Sociology
                                                    1248 JPS
                                SAGE Library of International Relations Foreign Policy Analysis
 blic Policy & Public Administration,Social Policy (General),Public & Nonprofit Management (General)
 blic Policy & Public Administration,Public Management
 blic Policy & Public Administration,Public & Nonprofit Management (General)
 vernment & Governance,Public Policy & Public Administration,Public Management
cal Government,Political Theory & Thought (General),Urban Planning,Public Policy & Public Administration,Urban Geography,Urban, Rural and Regional
ban Geography,Local Government
ban Geography,Urban Planning,Urban Sociology,Human Geography (General)
anning (General),Local Government,Public Policy & Public Administration,Government & Governance
 cial Policy Theory,Public Management,Public Policy & Public Administration
 alth Sciences (General),Social Policy (General),Health Policy,Public Policy & Public Administration,Nursing (General)
 blic Policy & Public Administration
 blic Policy & Public Administration
 litics & International Relations (General)
ganization Studies (General),Politics (General),Sociology (General)
 onomics & Development Studies (General),Globalization
 lture and Power,Organization Studies (General),Sociology of Organizations,Politics (General)
 tish Government and Politics,Social Research Methods,Social Policy (General),Public Policy & Public Administration,Sociology (General)
 cial Research Methods,Social Policy (General),Public Policy & Public Administration,Sociology (General),British Government and Politics
 vernment & Governance
 litics & International Relations (General),Political Theory & Thought (General),International Development,Foreign Policy Analysis
 mparative Politics,Research Methods for Politics & International Relations,Politics & International Relations (General)
 mparative Politics,Elections & Political Campaigns,Political Behaviour
 litics & International Relations (General),International Relations (General),Comparative Politics
 ropean Politics (General)
 ciology (General),Politics & International Relations (General),Cultural Studies (General)

  vernment & Governance,Elections & Political Campaigns
 ian Politics (General),Democracy
ections & Political Campaigns,American Government and Politics
 ernational Relations Theory,International Relations (General),Research Methods for Politics & International Relations
 ernational Relations (General)
 ernational Relations (General),Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Politics (General)
 vironmental Politics,International Environment,Political Geography
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Security
 ernational Relations (General),Globalization
 ernational Relations Theory,International Relations (General),Political Theory & Thought (General)
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Security,International Relations (General)
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution,International Security,International Relations (General)
 litics & International Relations (General),Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Women's Studies (General)
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Political Sociology,International Society
 ace Studies/Conflict Resolution
 litical Geography,International Relations (General)
 litical Geography,Human Geography (General),International Relations (General)
 litical Geography,Environmental Politics
 ernational Relations (General)
 ernational Relations (General),South Asian Politics
obal Social Policy,Development Studies (General),International Relations (General)
  vernment & Governance,Research Methods for Politics & International Relations
ass Communication (General),Globalization,New Media and Communication Technology
 cial Theory,Organization Studies (General),Sociology of Organizations
 cial Theory,Globalization
 onomic Geography,International Business & Management (General),International Economics,Globalization
litics & International Relations (General),Cultural Geography,Sociology (General)
ernational Relations (General),International Society,Globalization
ltural Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution
lture and Power,Sociology of Culture,New Media and Communication Technology,Media Economics,Globalization

obalization,Political Sociology
obalization,Political Sociology
 vernment & Governance,Corporate Finance
ernational Business & Management (General),Globalization
cial Change and Modernization,Comparative Sociology,International Development
 search Methods for Development Studies,International Development
ernational Development,Development Studies (General),Research Methods for Development Studies,Developmental Geography
litics of Developing Countries,Development Studies (General),Developmental Geography,Sociology (General)
vironmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Ecological Studies,Environmental Sociology,Geography & Environmental Science (General),Environm
vironmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Environmental Sociology,Environmental Politics
onomics & Development Studies (General),Politics (General),Environmental Politics,Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Social Theory
 ography & Environmental Science (General),Globalization
 ography & Environmental Science (General),Globalization
 search Methods for Politics & International Relations,Survey Research
litics (General),Political Communication,Political Communications
litical Communication,Political Sociology,Political Communications
 ltural Politics,Politics & International Relations (General),Survey Research
vertising & Promotion
litical Theory & Thought (General),Political Sociology
cial Theory,Political Sociology,Political Theory & Thought (General)
ciology of Race & Ethnicity,Social Theory,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution,Mass Communication (General),Culture and Media
 ntemporary Political Theory
litical Sociology,Political Theory & Thought (General)
 velopmental Geography,International Development,Political Geography
litics & International Relations (General),Politics (General)
 rrections/Penology,Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Public Policy & Public Administration

minology (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Political Theory & Thought (General)

litics & International Relations (General),Political Institutions (General),International Development
litics & International Relations (General),Political Institutions (General)

litics & International Relations (General),Politics (General),International Relations (General)
litics & International Relations (General),Political Behaviour
litics & International Relations (General),Socialism,International Society,Ethnic Studies (General)
litics & International Relations (General),Political Theory & Thought (General),International Environment
litics & International Relations (General),EU Politics,International Relations Theory
litics & International Relations (General),Criminology (General)
minology & Criminal Justice (General),Politics & International Relations (General),Crime Prevention,Terrorism
litical Economy,International Political Economy
ernational Relations (General)
ernational Relations (General)
ernational Relations (General)

litics & International Relations (General)
ernational Relations (General),Communication and Conflict Resolution in Education
ernational Relations (General)
litics & International Relations (General)
litics (General),Elections & Political Campaigns,Pressure Groups,Political Theory & Thought (General)
litics & International Relations (General),Politics (General),Political Theory & Thought (General),Research Methods for Politics & International Relations
litics & International Relations (General)
vernment & Governance

search Methods for Politics & International Relations
search Methods for Politics & International Relations,Research Methods (General)
search Methods for Politics & International Relations,Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics (General)
se Study & Narrative Analysis
alitative Research (General)
erviewing,Internet Research
antitative/Statistical Research (General)
cial Research Methods
search Methods for Business & Management (General)
cial Research Methods
search Methods & Evaluation (General),Sociological Research Methods
alitative Research (General)
search Methods & Evaluation (General)
alitative Research (General),Qualitative Techniques for Business & Management Research,Health Research Methods,Research Methods in Psychology
alitative Research (General)
se Study & Narrative Analysis
antitative/Statistical Research (General)
antitative/Statistical Research (General),Mathematics & Statistics (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)
alitative Research (General)

udy Skills (General),Study Skills (UG)

udy Skills (General),Higher/Adult Education (General),Study Skills (PG)
udy Skills (General),Study Skills (UG)
stgraduate Study,Study Skills (PG)
udy Skills (General),Presentation Skills,Presentation Skills (UG),Presentation Skills (Academic)

litical Communication
ciology (General),Communication and Media Studies (General)
ernational Law,Criminal Justice
minology (General),Foreign Policy Analysis
ernational Security,Terrorism,Peace Studies/Conflict Resolution

cial Psychology (General)
obalization,Political Sociology
 tion,Urban Geography,Urban, Rural and Regional Economics

Administration,Sociology (General)
al),British Government and Politics

nt,Foreign Policy Analysis
evelopmental Geography

aphy & Environmental Science (General),Environmental Politics

dies/Physical Geography (General),Social Theory

neral),Culture and Media
ch Methods for Politics & International Relations

matics & Statistics (General)

earch Methods,Research Methods in Psychology

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