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									                                                               Job Description

                             HELPDESK SPECIALIST

The Helpdesk Specialist provides outstanding customer service to end users on a variety of
issues, identifying, researching, and resolving technical problems. Responds quickly to telephone
calls, email and other requests from personnel. This support includes, but is not limited to:
desktop hardware, printers, application support, security administration and telephone
administration. The Helpdesk Specialist also participates in special projects as assigned. The
position requires travel to sites in Springfield area and once a week to Boston.

This position is assigned to the End User Services Group and takes day-to-day direction from the
Manager of End User Services.


   •   Work with callers to resolve normal and unusual information system problems, or
       escalates following standard operating procedures
   •   Provide technical support and problem resolution activities
   •   Evaluate equipment requirements for individuals, groups and geographic locations
   •   Install PC's and related hardware; investigate hardware problems and perform minor
   •   Use technical tools and knowledge to meet or exceed performance standards and
   •   Develop a knowledge of CCA’s total computing environment and quality management
       processes and practices
   •   Use best-practice customer service tools and techniques to work with individuals and
       groups in a constructive and collaborative manner
   •   Deploy the application systems needed to deliver services to internal customers
   •   Set priorities, perform triage and know when and how to escalate problems.
   •   Track and monitor service requests to insure timely resolution; keep users informed of
   •   Maintain thorough logs in the IT Help Desk Software to assist the department in
       continuous systems improvement, track workload and resolve recurring problems.
   •   Coach users towards independence on common technical practices and procedures;
       empower users to leverage their technological tools. Work with the Human Resources
       Department to develop, maintain and provide IT training, classes and coaching.
   •   Manage IT systems, component and software license inventories. Deploy hardware, install
       software and work with experts on WAN/LAN infrastructure maintenance and
       installation. Maintain network, email, and application and telephone user accounts.
       Coordinate purchasing for the IT department.
   •   Travel to sites in the Springfield area and once a week to Boston.

  •   BA/BS or equivalent education in computer support with 1-3 experience in Windows
      networking environments.
  •   Knowledge of the telecommunications platform, local telecommunications architecture
      and infrastructure components. [Shortel and Nortel Systems]
  •   Knowledge of approaches, tools and techniques for anticipating, recognizing, and
      resolving technical problems
  •   Experience with desktop and server operating systems, including [Windows Server 2008
      R2, Windows 7, Office 2010 and Office 2007]
  •   Broad application support experience with the aptitude to rapidly learn our core
      applications: CaseNet, Market Prominance, Commence, Provident and Sharepoint.
  •   Experience with Android based devices in an enterprise environment
  •   Knowledge of Asset Tracking methods.
  •   Position requires a valid driver’s license and a reliable automobile to travel to and
      within service territory (all travel in Massachusetts – no overnights).
  •   Ability to work some evenings and weekends.


  •   Understand the organization's culture, philosophy and values
  •   Strong written and oral communication skills to interact productively and efficiently
      computer end users, managers and remote sites. Demonstrate command of language,
      clarity of thought and orderliness of presentation.
  •   Patience with a wide range of user knowledge and skills and the ability to work well
      under pressure.
  •   Manage multiple concurrent objectives or activities, and effectively make judgments in
      prioritizing and time allocation
  •   Gauge and communicate her/his own strengths and limitations
  •   Provide solutions and best practices
  •   Process information with high levels of accuracy
  •   Understand customer needs and expectations, provide excellent direct and indirect service
      and fulfill customer expectations
  •   Maintain strict confidentiality of the firm's internal and personnel affairs.
  •   Offer constructive feedback to and accept direct feedback from others

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