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					McAfee Enterprise Mobility Management
Securing Mobile Applications
An overview for MEEC
The User is Evolving

                       July 12, 2011
The User is Evolving

                       July 12, 2011
   IT’s Challenge with Mobile Devices
   Web 2.0, Apps 2.0, Mobility 2.0

                                                       More than half of all
Threats Are 60,000                                     users don’t lock their
New Pieces of                          HR              devices

                               IT              Sales
                                                        80% of IT Users
                                                        Concerned about
                                     Finance            Device Data Loss
Mobile Devices
Predicted to be New
Malware Frontier

   4                                                               July 12, 2011
Requirements for Secure Application Enablement

                         Enterprise and
                           LOB Apps

               Basic                       Customer Facing
              Services                          Apps

          Web and
         Social Media

    • Data Protection
                                          • Security Policy Management
    • Compliance
                                          • Self-Service Provisioning
    • Authentication
                                          • Enterprise App Management

5                                                              July 12, 2011
  Empowering Enterprise Mobility
• Secure
 – Manages native security settings
                                                          iPad       Enterprise Environment
 – Enforces device compliance
 – Extends the security infrastructure          Android
   via ePO                                                                            Applications
 – Integrates with the data center        iPhone
• Easy
 – Simple administration and                                     McAfee
                                        Win 7
   reporting via ePO                 & WinMo                      EMM                     Certificate
 – User self-service provisioning                                                         Services

 – Device personalization for user     BlackBerry
   productivity                                                                       Files

• Scalable                                      webOS
 – Scales to 10s of 1,000s of devices
 – Supports HA and DR                                 Symbian
   configurations                                                 VPN
  6                                                                                      July 12, 2011
The Right Life Cycle for Mobile Device Management

Enterprise Application Management                                                Provisioning
Make apps available in a secure, role-based                                      Define security policies, network connectivity,
way. Offer apps for download, links to third-                                    and resources; users self-service provision for
party app stores, and web links.                                                 automatic device personalization.

                                                    Application   Provisioning

IT Operations Support                                                                        Security and Authentication
Visualize and manage devices                                                                 Enable devices to strongly
centrally through McAfee ePO                                                                 authenticate against Microsoft CA.
integration.                                                                                 Supports two-factor authentication.
                                          IT Operations
                                             Support       ePO
                                                           ePO           Security &

                                                  Compliance        Policy                 Policy Management
Compliance                                                                                 Remotely perform helpdesk tasks
Automatically check devices prior to                                                       and push security policies and
network access.                                                                            configuration updates over-the-air.

    7                                                                                                                   July 12, 2011
Self-Service Provisioning for iPhone

1                 2                  3                   4

    Go to the    Enter Your Email      Agree to         IT Services are
    App Store      Credentials      Corporate Policy   Auto-Provisioned

                Easy, Secure, Automated
                Easy, Secure, Automated

8                                                               July 12, 2011
Self-Service Provisioning for Android

1                   2                  3                  4

     Go to the     Enter Your Email      Agree to         IT Services are
    Marketplace      Credentials      Corporate Policy   Auto-Provisioned

                  Easy, Secure, Automated

9                                                                   July 12, 2011
     Industry Standard PKI for Strong Authentication

     Industry-Standard Security:
     Microsoft Certificate Authority   Benefits:

                                       • Industry-standard security
                                       • Strong authentication for secure
                                         access to communications
                                         services such as Wi-Fi and VPN
                                       • Strong authentication for secure
                                         push email and other applications
                                       • Single sign on for enhanced user
                                       • No impact on battery life

10   10                                                                July 12, 2011
 Enterprise Application Store

• Recommend and make
  applications securely
  available based on
  group, role, or device
      – Custom corporate
      – Third-party
        applications (Apple
        App Store or Android
      – Webclips
• Device application
  inventory, audit, and
  policy management

Centralized Visibility and Control with ePO

                                        Compliance reports are
                                        based on systems we
                                        know about

Centralized Visibility and Control with ePO

                                              What we don’t
                                              manage is where
                                              compliance status is

Centralized Visibility and Control with ePO

               Bringing all
           endpoints into
      compliance status
        view is critical to
      assessing risk and
      prioritizing actions

McAfee WaveSecure for User Device Management

         Lock Your Phone
      Remotely to Prevent
      Unauthorized Access

    Track your Phone’s
      Location and SIM
  Changes in the Phone

Backup and Restore the
   Data on Your Phone

            Remotely Wipe
      Your Phone Data and
             Memory Card

 15                                            July 12, 2011
  All Part of McAfee Security Connected
                                            Security Management
                                   Policy Management        Vulnerability Management
                                   Security Reporting       Risk Management
                                   Mobile Management        Compliance

Network Security
Next Generation Firewall
                                                                                 Content Security
Network Intrusion Prevention                                                     Email Gateway
NAC Gateway                                                                      Web Gateway
Network User Behavior Analysis                                                   Data Loss Prevention
Network Threat Behavior Analysis                                                 Encryption

Network Threat Response

                                              Endpoint Security
  Mac, UNIX/Linux AV       Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware    Desktop Firewall      Email Server AV & Anti-Spam
  Virtual Desktop          Host Intrusion Prevention    Device Control        SharePoint Protection
  Virtual Server           Endpoint Encryption          Policy Auditing       Website Reputation
  Mobile Devices           Application Whitelisting     NAC Endpoint

  16                                                                                                        July 12, 2011
Security Solutions for Consumerization of IT
                                                Consumerization of IT
       Mobile Devices                              Laptops and Desktops                  Virtualized Desktops

                          IT                                           IT
     BYO                                             BYO
                        Issued                                       Issued

                                                  Un-Managed       Managed

             McAfee                                             McAfee MNAC,                       McAfee
      EMM and WaveSecure                                       Suites, Encryption                 MOVE VDI

           Network Access Control:         McAfee NAC Appliance / Network Security Platform

                      Web Applications & DLP:        McAfee Firewall / Web Appliance / Network DLP

                Security Infrastructure:   McAfee ePO, Endpoint, Network, Content, Compliance Portfolio

17                                                                                                           July 12, 2011

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