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                         Ankeny Campus                                Academic Standards Commission

Instructor Information
Name                       Erik Gustafson             E-mail            emgustafson@dmacc
                                                      address           .edu
Phone number               N/A                        Fax number        N/A
Office location            N/A                        Office hours      N/A
Course Information
Semester                   Spring                 Year          2011
Course title               Development Psychology
Course number              PSY 121               Credits        3
Section number             C                     CRN number     20300
Days & Time                MWF 12:20-1:15pm      Location       Bldg 2-19
Course description
Course competencies
Important Dates
Textbooks & Materials
Required textbooks         Santrock, J. (2008) Essentials of Life-Span Development,
                           New York: McGraw-Hill.
Required materials
APA Style                  All papers must use APA format

                           1) You may benefit from reviewing the APA pamphlet, An
                           Introduction to Library Research in Psychology. It is found
                           on-line at

                           2) can help you with APA format.
Software notice            “All the software used in this class is copyrighted; therefore,
                           it is not for distribution, copying, or personal use. This
                           software is the property of Des Moines Area Community
Course Policies
Attendance                 Attendance is not required. However, your attendance will be
                           valuable to you for 4 reasons: (1) test questions will come from
                           lecture material as well as from the text (2) in-class assignments
                           cannot be made-up, (3) all extra credit opportunities will be given
                           in class, and (4) I will review test material prior to exams.

Grading criteria      The grading scale is basically:
                      100-90% A
                      89-80% B
                      79-70% C
                      69-60% D
                      59-0% F
Classroom conduct     Refer to the DMACC Student Handbook:
In class activities   In order to encourage class attendance and participation, a total
                      of 10 in-class activities will be given throughout the semester.
                      Only your 8 highest scores on these assignments will count toward
                      your final grade. These activities typically include questions you
                      will discuss and answer in small groups. It will not be announced
                      which days these activities will be given. In-class activities cannot
                      be made up even for excused absences.
Missed exams          You will only be able to make-up 1 missed exam without an official
                      excuse. All missed exams will be made up with instructor
                      permission. Make up exams may involve point penalties at the
                      discretion of the instructor. Make up exams will not be available
                      for the last exam.
Late assignments      Emailed submissions will not be accepted. If an assignment is
                      turned in late, 10% will be taken off of the student’s score for
                      every day that it is late. No test retakes or late assignments will
                      be accepted after 29 April 2011.
Extra credit          Opportunities for extra credit may be given in class throughout
                      the semester
Study expectations    Students will be expected to read the chapters corresponding to
                      the lecture before each class.
                      Please be aware that you are expected to check your DMACC email

Weather policy          “Individual circumstances such as health, childcare, rural
                        roads, distance from the College, etc. can vary greatly among
                        students and staff. It is always DMACC’s goal to provide safe
                        learning conditions, as well as provide the opportunity for
                        students to attend classes when the vast majority is able to
                        safely attend. The final decision to come to College can only
                        be made by the individual student based on their specific
                        extenuating circumstances that may make it unsafe for them
                        to travel. During adverse weather, DMACC faculty is
                        considerate of students who are unable to attend classes due
                        to unique extenuating circumstances. It is the responsibility
                        of each faculty member to notify their students (in addition to
                        their dean or provost) through some predetermined means if
                        they are must postpone or cancel a specific class due to
                        weather or illness.”

                        I will send an email to everyone in the class as soon as I
                        know of a cancellation. You should also sign up for phone
                        alerts from Rave (p .34)
Academic dishonesty     Refer to the DMACC Student Handbook:
DMACC Information Web Sites
DMACC home page      
Instructor home pages
Admissions & registration
Cellular phone use statement
Student handbook     
Add/drop dates       
Refund policy        
Support Services
Accommodations          “It is the policy of DMACC to accommodate students with
                        disabilities. Any student with a documented disability who
                        requires reasonable accommodation should contact the
                        special needs coordinator at 515-964-6850 voice or 515-964-
                        6810 TTY.”
Services for students
with disabilities
                        Contact the special needs coordinator at 515-964-6850V,
                        515-964-6809 TTY or the counseling & advising office on
                        any campus for an Application for Accommodation.
Academic &    
educational advising
Career counseling


                             Building 6, room 3
                               Monday – Thursday 7:30 am to 9:00 pm
                               Friday – 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
                               Saturday – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Academic Achievement

                             Provides academic assistance for students on a drop-in basis.
                             Also serves as a make-up testing center.

                             515-964-6558 or 1-800-362-2127 ext. 6558

                             Building 6, Room 20
                                Monday – Thursday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm
                                Friday – 8:00 am to 2:30 pm
                             NOTE: Summer hours may vary
Computer labs      

                             Building 6
                               Monday – Thursday 7:30 am to 10:00 pm
                               Friday – 7:30 am to 4:00 pm
                               Saturday – 7:30 am to 1:00 pm
  “This syllabus is representative of materials that will be covered in this class; it is
  not a contract between the student and the institution. It is subject to change
  without notice. Any potential exceptions to stated policies and requirements will be
  addressed on an individual basis, and only for reasons that meet specific
  requirements. If you have any problems related to this class, please feel free to
  discuss them with me.”
Nondiscrimination Policy
  Des Moines Area Community College shall not engage in or allow discrimination covered by law. This
  includes harassment based on race, color, national origin, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
  age, and disability. Veteran status in educational programs, activities, employment practices, or
  admission procedures is also included to the extent covered by law. Individuals who believe they have
  been discriminated against may file a complaint through the College Discrimination Complaint
  Procedures. Complaint forms may be obtained from the DMACC Web site, the Ombudsperson, Judicial
  Officer, Human Resources Department, the campus Provost's Offices, and Academic Deans’ Offices.

  Students who wish additional information or assistance may contact the Executive Dean, Student
  Services, Laurie Wolf, Building 1, 515-964-6437 or the EEO/AA Officer, Dr. Sandy Tryon, Human
  Resources, Bldg. 1, 515-964-6301 or they may refer to Student Services procedure 4645 located on
  the DMACC Intranet at Go to Policies & Procedures and choose
  Student Services Procedures. Employees and applicants who wish additional information or assistance
  may contact the EEO/AA Officer, Dr. Sandy Tryon, Human Resources, Bldg. 1, 515-964-6301 or
  refer to HR Procedures 3000, 3005, 3010, 3015, and 3020 at .

  For requests for accommodations, the Accommodation/Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Sharon
  Bittner, can be contacted at 515-964-6857. Students with requests for accommodations should refer
  to the Student Services procedure 4610 located on the DMACC Intranet at . Go to Policies & Procedures and choose Student Services

          Chapter      Test        Quiz Key Dates
 10-Jan                                 Introductions
                      Foundation and Infancy
 12-Jan      1
 14-Jan      1
 17-Jan   No class!
 19-Jan    1&2
 21-Jan                              X
 24-Jan     2&3
 26-Jan     3&4
 28-Jan      4                               Review
 31-Jan                 X
  2-Feb      5
  4-Feb     5&6
  7-Feb                              X
  9-Feb       6
 11-Feb       7
 14-Feb       7
                                             Child Observation
 16-Feb                                      Presentation
 18-Feb   No class!
                                             Child Observation
 21-Feb                                      Presentation
 23-Feb       8
 25-Feb       8                              Review
 28-Feb                 X
   2-Mar       9
   4-Mar   9 & 10                    X
   7-Mar      10
   9-Mar      11
  11-Mar   11 & 12
  14 - 18 Spring
     Mar Break!
 21-Mar                              X
 23-Mar       12
 25-Mar                                      Review
 28-Mar                 X

30-Mar     13
 1-Apr     13
 4-Apr     13                     X
 6-Apr     14
 8-Apr     14
                                          Movie Analysis Due /
11-Apr                                    Presentations
                                          Movie Analysis Due /
13-Apr                                    Presentations
15-Apr     15
18-Apr   15 & 16
20-Apr                            X
22-Apr     16
25-Apr     16
                        Death and Dying
27-Apr     17
                                          Lifespan project due /
29-Apr     17                             Review
 2-May             Final 830 am


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