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Nature-inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection Debuts from Independent


									                    Nature-inspired Bridal Jewelry Collection
         Debuts from Independent Jewelry Design Studio, Kryzia Kreations

Seminole, Florida (April 28, 2010) . . . Brides are always in search of that special piece of
jewelry that makes them feel positively beautiful and completes their overall look. Now,
brides that adore nature, or are having a nature-themed wedding, need look no further
than the new nature-inspired bridal jewelry collection by independent jewelry artist,
Christina Paluszek, of Kryzia Kreations. In this new nature-inspired jewelry line,
Paluszek has taken her love of nature and transformed it into elegant, wearable pieces of
art by combining finely handcrafted sterling silver flowers, leaves, petals, and vines, with
semi-precious gemstones and pearls, to create a whimsical series of necklaces, bracelets
and earrings.

Whether your wedding day is to be an elegant, black-tie affair, or a more laid-back,
casual ceremony on the beach, Kryzia Kreations’ new nature-inspired bridal jewelry
collection has something for everyone. Brides can adorn themselves, and their bridal
party, with everything from sparkling silver rose bouquets, such as the Winter Rose
Garden Necklace, to more simple, vintage-styled curvaceous flowers and vines in the
Flower Scrollwork Vine Pendant. The flower girl is not forgotten either with a simple
flower vase necklace that holds tiny sterling silver flowers. And for the bride who wants
a romantic, yet non-traditional look, the new nature-inspired bridal jewelry line also
includes a sparkling silver Winter Rose Handflower (more commonly known as a slave
bracelet) that is edgy, yet elegant enough to wear on her wedding day.

Kryzia Kreations, is known for creating beautiful, whimsical jewelry fashioned mainly
from sterling silver combined with various semi-precious gemstones, freshwater pearls,
Swarovski Austrian crystals, and various gold karat accents. Each finely, hand-crafted
design not only entices the wearer to really look at the design and investigate the detailed
work involved, but also to handle it and discover its unique texture, personality and
beauty. The new nature-inspired bridal jewelry collection is for sale on her website at .

Kryzia Kreations was founded in 1999 by self-taught jewelry designer, Christina
Paluszek. Her designs are sold at various high-end art shows around the country as well
as in small boutiques, galleries and on her website at
Her work has also been featured in Wedding Dresses Magazine, FunkyFinds, and
Styleflash. For more information or high-resolution photos, please contact Christina
Paluszek at or phone 727-393-7929.


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