Which Email Client is Right For You by wulinqing


									     Which Email Client
     is Right For You?
A comparison and guide to the email clients that
you can use to access your new Oxyconnect email
      Email Systems & Email Clients
                            Email client applications like
                            Outlook, Entourage, and
                            Apple Mail can be set up and
                            used on your computer.

                            A web client such as
A server (such as our       Oxyconnect (which is
Exchange servers,           provided by Google), Yahoo
Google’s servers, and       or Outlook Web Access (our
Yahoo’s servers) is used    old “webmail”) can be used
to run an email system.     on any computer that has an
                            internet browser and access
This email system can       to the internet.
then be accessed using a
variety of email clients.
                            Mobile devices (such as
                            the Blackberry, iPhone,
                            Android phones, and iPads)
                            that can access the internet
                            also have email client
                            applications that you use to
                            access your email on your
                            mobile device.
What do I need to know about email clients?

   Email clients each have a different set of features
   which allow you to interact with and view your
   email in different ways.

   Email clients each have different strengths and

   The email client that will work best for you
   depends on what you are trying to accomplish,
   and your personal preferences.
Using Oxyconnect with an Email           Using the Oxyconnect Web Client
The email client application has to be   The web client can be accessed on
installed and configured on your         any computer by logging in over the
computer                                 web
Polished, professional look & feel       Informal look & feel
Much smaller adjustment than using       Very different from using the old email
the web client                           system
Allows you to view either individual     Shows messages in “conversations”
messages or “conversations”              with no option to ungroup messages
Have to copy a message to mutiple        Can add multiple “labels” to individual
folders if more than one folder applies, messages if more than one label
or remember which folder you put it in applies
Outlook search is very slow, but         Very fast and flexible search
Entourage and Apple Mail both have
quick searches
Allows you to send attachments           Have to save each attachment, and
directly from Word, Excel, Adobe         then attach it to an email
Reader, etc.
Using Oxyconnect with an Email           Using the Oxyconnect Web Client

If you click on an email address on a    In many cases you’ll need to right-click
web page, a new message window           and copy the email address, then
will open with that email address pre-   paste it into a new message
Can be used to easily send mail          The capability to send mail merges
merges                                   exists, but is not currently user-friendly

Can easily print individual messages     Can print individual messages, but it
with one click                           takes several steps

If you also access your email on       You can always work with your email
computers that you don’t own, you will the same way, no matter which
need to learn two ways of working with computer you are using
your email
                                         One-click access to Google Docs and
                                         Sites (if you or your department plan
                                         to use them)
                                         Integrated chat capability (if you or
                                         your department plan to use it)
If you would like to connect your email clients such as Outlook or Entourage, or your mobile
phones, you can find links to instructions here:
http://departments.oxy.edu/ITS/live/Oxyconnect/EmailClientInstructions.html. If you need help
with setting any of these things up, we’ll be happy to help. You can come down to the Helpdesk
with your device, or contact us at helpdesk@oxy.edu or 323-259-2880. You can also set up an
appointment to have someone help you in your office by contacting the Helpdesk.

If you have not used the Gmail before and have not had a chance to come down for our
orientation sessions or open office hours on the Oxyconnect web client, this website has a good
orientation to working in Gmail that can help you get started
http://edutraining.googleapps.com/Training-Home/module-2-mail. We will also send you
information on signing up for a hands-on training session if you would prefer to take a class.

If you have any questions or would like help with any part of this process, please don't hesitate
to contact us. We'll be glad to help. We're in this together.

Your Oxyconnect Transition Team

helpdesk@oxy.edu | 323-259-2880 | http://www.oxy.edu/its

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