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					                            Prime Time Pass
                           Rules & Regulations
                                  Font ARIAL 14 point

Prime Time Pass provides transportation for qualified individuals. An individual that is
qualified to use the ‘Para-Transit’ system through MET, or over 65 years of age, or is
considered having an ‘economic hardship’ as defined by Operation Threshold can use
this service and is assigned a Prime Time Pass number that they must present to use
this service. Prime Time Pass uses accessible vehicles provided by MET.
This is a shared ride transportation service to keep fares low; individuals can expect
other passengers or destinations before their destination. Riders cannot choose their
vehicle or driver.
   The following hours and prices are subject to change by events beyond our

Prime Time Pass hours of operation
                      24 hour advance call in reservation needed
Monday through Saturday
       24 hours with some travel areas and times restrictions
                            Call us for time and travel details
Sunday and holidays
       24 hours with no travel or time restrictions (trips must originate and end within the
city limits of Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and Evansdale or an area designated by MET)

Price to use this service
                        Call us for pricing details
One way trip
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Work related   $ 6.00
Waterloo/Cedar Falls Dialysis        $ 5.00
Waterloo/Cedar Falls non-Work related
(If living on their own)            $ 11.00
(if living in an institution)       $ 21.00
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Non-Authorized (no PTP number)           $ 21.00
Evansdale/Other Communities              $ 21.00
(Please note that someone with a Waterloo/Cedar Falls PTP # will not need to pay
     $21.00 in/out of Evansdale)
Personal Care Attendant                  Free
     One per passenger (this PA must embark and demark with the individual).
Personal Care Attendant                  Free
     One per $6.00/$5.00/$11.00/$21.00 passenger (this PA must embark and debark
                                                            with the individual)
Extra Passenger/Extra Stop               $3.00 ea.
     (extra passenger must embark and debark with the individual)
Children, 12 and under, riding with an eligible adult ride free.
     (This fact must be included in the scheduling information)
Children, 12 and under, who are eligible for this service will pay the full fare but
     must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or PA.

1. Drivers are not allowed to carry packages
Our drivers (because of our insurance) are not allowed to carry packages, do any
sort of lifting of an individual or their wheelchair, escort an individual past the
front or first set of doors, or perform any duties not relating to driving or the
performance of their duties. Any duty by the driver that is asked by an individual that
is not part of the drivers regular duties will be charged a $20.00 fine and this must be
paid before the duties are preformed. A Personal Attendant (PA) can perform these
extra duties and may ride along for free as long as they get on and get off at the same
Heavy packages or multiple trips to the van are the responsibility of the
individual or their Personal Attendant. It is the responsibility of the passenger to
arrange for this assistance. A list of PA’s is available from NEICIL.

2. Extra Stops ( only 1) (Not shopping)
These extra stops cannot interfere with other scheduled ‘pick-ups’.
These will be billed as $3.00 rides and are not for shopping. These extra stops are
limited to no more than 5 minutes. If the driver needs to return for you then full fare of
$11.00 will be needed. This includes a ‘fast-food’ pick-up window.

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3. Service provided from curb to curb
Service is provided from curb to curb. Drivers may provide service to the door if
necessary according to a disability such as walking support or help maneuvering a
wheelchair up a ramp. Drivers are not to enter any private residence or any public
establishment to look for the individual.
Drivers are to wait 5 minutes past a scheduled ‘pick-up’ time
then consider it as a ‘no-show’ and leave

4. Wheelchairs
Passengers using wheelchairs will not be assisted up or down steps. All
wheelchairs are to have fully functional brakes that must be in the locked position when
the van is in motion. The wheelchair will be strapped down in a forward facing position
for transportation.

5. No Hazardous Materials
Passengers carrying hazardous materials such as kerosene, gasoline, fireworks, or
firearms will not be allowed on the van.

6. Service Animals
Service animals such as ‘seeing-eye dogs’ are permitted on the van. All other animals
must be in carriers or containers. No animals are to ride ‘loose’ or on a leash.

7. Passenger Conduct
Prime Time Pass reserves the right to restrict riding privileges of the individual if they
threaten the health or safety of other passengers or the driver. The driver may also
call police to remove an individual if needed. Abusive conduct by the rider may lead to
suspension of ridership privileges.

8. Pre-paid Cards
A 11 prepaid work related ride card ($6.00 trips) for $60.00 or a 11 prepaid dialysis ride
card for $50.00, or a 5 prepaid non-work related ride card ($11.00 trips) for $55.00
may be purchased from the driver or from the office. Single ride cards are also
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9. Checks
Checks must be made payable to ‘Prime Time Pass’ or ‘NEICIL’ and must be in the
amount of the ride or the ‘pre-paid’ card.
$30 will be added to your bill if the bank returns your check for any
reason, this bill must be paid in full and by cash before you can ride

10. Begin & End within City Limits
Scheduled trips must originate and end within the city limits of Cedar Falls, Waterloo,
and Evansdale or an area designated by MET.
Any trips outside these areas but in NE Iowa must be scheduled through the
Iowa Northland Regional Transit Commission at Phone (319) 233-5213 or 1-800-
369-3022 located in Waterloo, IA

11. Unattended Destination
If the destination is locked or unattended and that individual wishes to be returned
‘home’, the driver may do so only at the drivers convenience and not interfere with
other scheduled ‘pick-ups’.

12. To Schedule a Ride
                      The following information will be needed
   Individual’s name.
   Prime Time Pass authorization number
   Home phone, work phone, or contact phone number if needed.
   Number in party including PA’S and children.
   Complete pick-up address.
   Destination or destination’s address.
   Time and date of pick-up.
   Wheelchair or special equipment that will be taken along.

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13. Scheduling Time NO SAME DAY SERVICE
Individuals using this service need to call the Northeast Iowa Center for
Independent Living from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday to schedule
a ride.
A ride will be scheduled at the approximate time they wish but no guarantee shall be

14. Return Trips
A second (return) trip or more may be scheduled but there must be at least 60 minutes
between drop-off and pick-up. A rider may schedule a return trip or multiple rides that
day but at least one hour must be allowed before the pick-up to the next destination.

15. Advanced Scheduling
A ride may be scheduled up to two (2) weeks in advance.

16. No-Shows
A scheduled ride may be cancelled at least 1 HOUR before the pick-up time to
not be considered a ‘no-show’. A scheduled ride cancellation may be called into the
office after hours by leaving a message on the answering machine including the rider’s
name, date and time of the scheduled ride. Time stamp for your cancelation is
automatically entered by the answering machine. Any late cancelations will be
considered as a ‘NO-SHOW’. Any emergency cancellation or change to a scheduled
ride may be called to the driver using the vans cell phone. A ‘no-show’ will be billed at
the full fare to the individual and must be paid within 7 days or rides after that will
be scheduled.
If a driver arrives for that ride you will not be billed as a ‘NO-SHOW’ as long as
your cancel is on the answering machine.

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17. Bad winter trips

Prime Time Pass will decide if roads and streets are unsafe because of snow, blowing
snow, or ice. If local school classes have been cancelled because of bad winter
weather only trips for work and medical will be provided. Information about other trips
can be found out by calling our dispatcher or drivers.
Prime Time Pass driver will have final decision on safety of passenger, themselves,
van when they decide if streets and roads are undriveable. Prime Time Pass and its
drivers will not be held responsible for not providing trips if streets or roads are closed
because of severe winter weather.

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To schedule or cancel a ride call
    Office 8am-4:30pm M-F     291-7755 Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living

    Driver’s cell phone      939-7130 (main night time after office hours)

    Driver’s cell phone      939-7131    (after office hours)

    Driver’s cell phone      939-7132 (after office hours)

    Driver’s cell phone      939-7143 (after office hours)

Prime Time Pass is a transportation service provided with the cooperation of
              Metropolitan Transit Authority (MET)
Any grievances, complaints, or comments should be directed to the…

Executive Director
Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living
PO Box 2275
2800 Falls Ave.
Waterloo, IA 50704-2275
(319) 291-7755

or to

General Manger
Metropolitan Transit Authority
1515 Black Hawk Street
Waterloo, IA 50702
(319) 234-5713

This service funded in part during 2009 by….
Cedar Valley United Way

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                                   Explanation of rates
Rides are $21 each way
Low fare for work, dialysis and non-work are for rider’s co-pay; the remainder of the
cost of the ride is provided by funding and charitable sources.

Institutionalized individuals, or individuals having their transportation needs paid by an
organization are not considered independent and do not qualify for funding as

Individuals not independent or organizations will be billed the full fare of $21.

Institutions are places of residence for people who require constant nursing care or
have difficulties with activities of daily living such as nursing care, extended care, or
assisted living centers.

Group homes are small, residential facilities designed to serve children or adults with
chronic disabilities and the individual is learning to be independent and so is consider

These ‘Rules & Regulations’ are also available in an easy to read format that is
available to the ‘Low-Vision’ and to the Blind.

                   We have this size of Large Print which is ARIAL 14.
    We have this size of Large Print Which is ARIAL 22
We also have Braille and Audio Cassette. All available at our office at

                    Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living
                                    PO Box 2275
                                   2800 Falls Ave.
                               Waterloo, IA 50704-2275
                                   (319) 291-7755

Or you can ask the driver to have us make them available to you.
                  Northeast Iowa Center for Independent Living
     was formerly known as the Black Hawk Center for Independent Living

Revised 08/09/09
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