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					World History                                                                       Mr. More
Syllabus                                                                            979-8931 #6412.

Description: This course features a chronological approach to world history. The first two weeks of the
semester will be a review of the four strands of social science, and early development of western
institutions. This course continues to survey World History from the Renaissance through the end of the
Cold War with an emphasis on western European history and its influence on the world. This course will
stress note taking skills and geography. For a complete list of the California State Standards taught,
please visit

Graduation Requirement: Meets CSU/UC “A” Requirement; Prerequisite: None; Grade: 10; 10 Credits

Text: Modern World History, McDougal-Littell

Lesson delivery and assessment: The class will consist of lectures, demonstrations, projects,
presentations, discussions, homework and tests. You will demonstrate you knowledge using a variety of
activities. The grade break down will be as follows: Homework and daily assignments 40%, Tests 50%,
Projects and Class Participation 10%.

Tests: The tests in this class will consist of multiple choice and short answer, essay and graphing
questions. Scantrons will be used so be sure to bring a number two pencil on test days. If for some
reason you are absent for a test or quiz you will need to make it up on the day you return or arrange for a
time with me. If for any reason your absence is unexcused in the Rio Americano attendance system you
will receive a “0” on the exam.

Homework: There will be homework in this class on a regular basis. It is due on the due date; no late
work will be accepted!

90%-100%                 A

80%-89%                  B

70%-79%                  C

60%-69%                  D

59% or less              F

Behavioral Expectations: All students will be respectful of others at all times, will be responsible and will
come to class ready to work every period. Failure to meet these expectations will be followed up with
progressive discipline, including but not limited to, a seat change, afterschool detention, parent contact,
referral to your VP. Your citizenship grade will be lowered as a result of not meeting these expectations.

Tardy Policy: The Rio Americano Tardy Policy will be strictly enforced. There is no reason for you to be
late to my class. You need to be in the classroom, in your seat, to be considered in class, on time. You
receive two warnings and your third tardy is an afterschool detention. Your citizenship grade will go down
with each detention issued for tardies.
Breach of integrity: There will be a zero tolerance policy in my class when it comes to cheating. If you
are caught cheating a zero will be given on the assignment, your citizenship grade will be lowered and an
Integrity report might be filed.

Dress Code: If I feel like you are wearing inappropriate attire to my class, I will ask you to fix the problem.
If it becomes a habitual problem you will be referred to the proper administrator. It is my opinion that high
school is a place that prepared you for a career so you should dress to fit the role.

Citizenship: All students begin with an A in citizenship. Your citizenship grade will go down one letter
every time you earn a detention/referral. You must live up to my behavioral expectations to receive an A
in citizenship.

Materials needed on a daily basis: You must be prepared to learn and be actively engaged in learning
each period. You will need a textbook, 3 ring binders, pens/pencils and a highlighter. You will need other
materials throughout the semester so please pay attention to instructions.

Miscellaneous: All Rio Americano and San Juan Unified School District rules apply in my classroom at
all times. These rules include no iPods or cell phones, dress code, language and behavioral expectations.
If you have any questions please refer to your manual. You may not eat or drink in the classroom with
the exception of bottled water.

Website: My website us updated regularly with current assignments, project due dates, and some
resources/documents you may need. Please visit it to keep current on assignments, especially if you are
absent and need work.

Contact information: If you need to meet with me, I am on campus and available from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30
p.m. Please let me know if you need to schedule a meeting with me.

Jason More

Rio Americano High School

Mr. More's Website

916-971-5360 #6412

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